New Earth Angels are the Water Bearers

Aquarius waters indigoI’ve remembered a male past life in Egypt of 12,600 B.C. with three Starbeings from 8D Orion, 6D Sirius, and the 5D Pleiades which I’ve written about here already. I haven’t talked about some of the intense emotional feelings and knowings I’ve had that are directly connected between that life and time, and this current life and time now.

I know how wild it might sound hearing someone say that a time halfway around the precessional wheel 12,500–12,600 years ago at the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo could be directly connected to us here now and what’s currently happening. This is however what I’ve felt and been shown in numerous different ways since I incarnated in this current Denise life. Little clues, big memories, and numerous subtle reminders were with me constantly consciously throughout this life from the age of five. I’ve trusted my strange past life memories from this ancient life in Egypt despite how utterly bizarre many of those memories were back in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. I didn’t care and still don’t if my personal memories were at complete odds with the current day “educated professionals” for the simple reason that I knew they were working within a minuscule box of awareness in comparison to what humanity actually was so long ago. We’re brute, heartless, unaware “cave men” today in comparison to what we were prior to this planetary axial tilting disaster. Thankfully, the great cosmic wheel(s) turns and this past horror and planetary trauma has been transmuted. What we fear has already happened long ago.

Here’s a short list of some things I’ve remembered from this particular past life in Egypt of 12,600 B.C. at the beginning of the Age of Leo:

  1. The planet was NOT tilted but perfectly straight or in alignment.
  2. Because of this there were NO radical changes in weather because there were NO seasons.
  3. Because of this reality/life/consciousness on Earth was profoundly different then, than what it became after the axial tilt or planetary disaster.
  4. That whole life and time period was in some unusual super brilliant silver-white Light. Decades later I discovered from reading B.H. Clow’s The Pleiadian Agenda that that vastly higher frequency Light was called the Photon Band or Photonic Light.
  5. Because of this 7D Photonic Light permeating everything back then, all life carried this higher Light within themselves, their consciousness, and every cell in their bodies. We literally sparked when we walked or moved quickly but it was a painless thing, unlike getting zapped today via a static electric charge.
  6. The Sun/Solar light was altered by the higher frequency Photon Light, transforming in into Stellar silver-white Light rather than lower frequency warm golden colored Solar light.

Since about 1999, I’ve been physically watching this same change in the Sun and Solar light happening here now at the cusp of the Age of Aquarius, exactly opposite the Age of Leo on the great 26,000 yearlong precession of Ages. We’ve reentered this area in space where this higher dimensional 7D Photon Light exists and this happens only during the two Ages of Leo and Aquarius.

This isn’t about these particular things, as rare and amazing as they are, but about something else. Something very emotional, hierarchical, time-coded, astrological, cosmic, and how those ancient Starbeings knew exactly what they were doing way back then and how it would play out in our lives and time here now via the whole ascension process and entering the Age of Aquarius and much more. In previous blog posts about this topic with these same Starbeings in Egypt, I’ve used the term Starseeds and Starseeded to describe those of us who were the deliberate creations of those particular three Starbeings and three Star systems/dimensions. That is one of the many things they did in 12,600 b.c., they seeded many thousands of us in Egypt and elsewhere. The interesting aspect of all this to me is why, and it’s taken much of this life and my own ongoing Ascension Process to connect the many multidimensional dots scattered across time on Earth through past/present incarnations and other dimensions as well.

Since early childhood I’ve had this DEEP emotional issue about the higher Ones leaving me behind here. I suspect many of us do as it’s a common symptom and/or confusion for “Wanderers” or “Starseeds”. I suspect many of us also have layers of guilt, homesickness, a great sense of alienation, abandonment, isolation, responsibility, a long-standing sense of preparing and waiting for something profoundly important for everyone and everything everywhere. These are just a few common symptoms and emotions of being one who was “seeded” very long ago by other aspects, seemingly higher wiser aspects, or extraterrestrial aspects of our own multidimensional Selves. Not weird “aliens”, but other larger aspects of our Selves, like older and wiser big brothers and sisters.

12,600 some years ago or halfway through the 26,000 yearlong precessional cycle we entered the Age of Leo prior to the planetary disaster and axial tilt. Many other Stellar (non-physical) beings evidently knew or sensed that a long and horrible dark phase was coming for humanity and all life on Earth and so, they came with some plans and assistance or anchors. They seeded many of us at that time because, after they did all that, they wanted to do and build on Earth in preparation, they left and went back Home. We were left here to do what we were designed to do from that Age to this. One of the reasons for this was that we Starseeds were to pick up where they left off so to speak, half a precessional cycle later or at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the end of the Mayan calendar.

What I’m attempting to express in as monotone a voice as I can, is that everyone, on all levels, is and has been involved with this cosmic Ascension Process. Those wondrous beings of past Ages who were our guides, our angelics, our Family from the Stars, our great and dear Master Teachers from past Ages and cycles and they too have ascended or moved on to other hierarchical levels of being just as the Starseeds and Lightworkers have been doing since 1998-1999 on Earth. Many of us who were seeded by ancient Starbeings from numerous different other dimensional non-physical dimensions, systems and star systems are currently taking our newly ascended roles as the new guides, the new teachers and helpers to the coming new world and humanity but within a higher dimension and NEW energetic Age and world.

12,500–12,600 years ago was an astrological Age change (Virgo into Leo) and also entry into the higher Photonic Light. But this time there is a lot more going on! There are numerous different cycles all ending at the same time; an astrological Age change (from Pisces into Aquarius), and also reentering the higher energies of the Photon Light, but also a great completion or graduation of all past cycles (Mayan calendar) around the same time (2011–2012). This is not just an astrological Age change, it’s not just reentering the Photon Band of Light again, it is a completion of ALL cycles within a massive and lengthy complex system of learning and creativity. We’re still in the process of TRANSITIONS out of the old lower system and reality and getting familiar with the new higher rung we’ve ascended or evolved into.

By “we” I mean the old Volunteer Starseed Lightworkers who’ve been living the Ascension Process for a number of years already. We are becoming the NEW Guides and Teachers for a NEW Earth at a completely different level than before. There are many grades in school but eventually, grade after grade must graduate and leave that school for a totally new place of continued learning and creativity. This is what we’re doing, this is what we’re living and experiencing now. So for those of you who’ve been experiencing your past, much beloved non-physical Guides, Star beings, Teachers and Angelics leaving you over the past few months or years, know that it’s because we’ve all shifted or graduated within the energetic hierarchy because of this ascension process/Age change/dimensional shift/new world-new consciousness. We are now the new Water Bearers for the ascending NEW Earth. What an amazing time it is for All.

Denise Le Fay

January 14, 2009

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS & HighHeartLife, 2009. All Rights Reserved. 

3 thoughts on “New Earth Angels are the Water Bearers

  • Hi, Denise. I’m still reading posts in chronological order as I feel drawn to do it. I always find something significant.

    I have said that I have no memory of being a Starseed. A dream/incident that I had in mid December that I describe below may be as close as I have come to discovering more about that. But consciously, no, I don’t have much more than this. Like many others, though, I’m beginning to wake up.

    It was based in Egypt and I was shown a larger than life statue of a female “cornerpost” that had something to do with me, which makes me think that maybe I was a priestess. My job was sort of to act like a sentry to maybe protect the Earth. This is also when the term “anchor” came into my consciousness. This was also more of a lucid dream.

    Because time plays out simultaneously, what I was being shown had bearing on that very moment (when I was having that dream) in my current lifetime. I had to agree to be a sentry/anchor at my current moment in time for that “past” moment in time, that they would somehow be linked.

    I agreed. Then there was a roar in my ears, and my whole body felt electrified — but it was more like a vibration than electricity, and it was not painful. And I said in my head, “Now wait a minute! I gotta go right now?!” Apparently so. And I said, “OK.” And then I began to worry that it was a trick. So I added, “Only if I am working on the side of the Light.” Then, woooshh, another road in my head, and all-over “electricity.” And then it was over, although the higher vibrations in my body took a couple of minutes to completely subside.

  • balsamicmoon,

    Hi Beth and great question. Actually, because it’s such a large, important, and current topic, I think I’ll answer your questions in another blog post and quote from Barbara Hand Clow’s CATASTROPHOBIA – The Truth Behind Earth Changes In The Coming Age Of Light 2001 book.

    I’ve remembered for many years that I was NOT incarnate on Earth when this particular catastrophe happened. I had been however shortly before in my male Egyptian past life. It, and those three ET beings (Orion, Sirius, Pleiades), came when they did because they and others knew humanity and earth was getting ready to enter the highly dramatic and theatrical 😉 Age of Leo period. They knew they had to quickly get some things set in-place first to help humanity/earth through something difficult that was coming. I suspect it was this planetary disaster and the following long DARK period, but keep in mind that everything I’m saying here is based upon my personal past life memories of that time and location. I’ve also had a couple fully conscious clairvoyant/telepathic communications or meetings with this particular Pleiadian being and the male “me” I’d been in that past life, with me/Denise in this time and life. (I totally trust them but you and others need to discern for yourselves about what I remember.)

    I know, I know…but I’ve had too many of these type of fully conscious experiences to doubt that we really are multidimensional beings functioning in multiple places/times/worlds/dimensions simultaneously. In this particular meeting I’m referring to, the male past life Egyptian “me” was with the Pleiadian being in 12,600 b.c. Egypt, and the Pleiadian wanted to introduce him to me/Denise here in my time and location for “Lightworker” reasons. (This is a blog post in itself!)

    Anyway, no, there was not a war between Lemuria and Atlantis that caused this planetary catastrophe. At that point in time (beginning of Age of Leo) Lemuria was practically gone or certainly not what it had originally been.

    I’ll quote some information from Clow’s book about this as I completely trust her abilities to connect with ancient memories and stellar (Pleiadian) beings too.


  • I wish to comment further on this post, but before I do, I need clarification of one point:

    What disaster caused the planetary axial tilting? Was it the result of the war between Atlantis and Lemuria, or perhaps of the destruction of Marduk?

    Thank you.


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