Messages From A Dead Spiritual Teacher

Many years ago I discovered a very unique old man who was a talented astrologer, gemologist, numerologist, tantrist, occultist, and all around really cool Elder Teacher dude. I took my first astrology classes from him in 1974, but we remained friends for many years until his death. We remained friends well after his physical death too, and that’s what this story is about.

Like I said, I learned how to erect natal charts (by hand, around the campfire, drawing in the dirt with sticks and using little rocks for the planets…) by hand waaaay back in 1974 from this wonderful old man named Louie. This was way before computers, so I learned how to do this old school which was cool actually. He taught his astrology students how to do the math, make the time changes and all that, but he would not interpret our charts for us. He insisted that we each learn how to do that for ourselves. He taught the basics but expected you, if you really were serious about learning natal astrology, to do the majority of learning on your own. I respect Louie tremendously for that.

One day after I’d gotten my natal chart finished, I asked him a typical neophyte astrology question: “What is the most important part of my chart?” He answered my question by tapping the very center of my natal chart where there was NOTHING! He replied, “That, right there in the center, that’s the most important area of everyone’s natal chart.”

There are lots n’ lots of other really interesting “Louie” stories I could share, but this one has to do with how he got some astrological information to me many years after he had died. I’d wanted to do my mom’s natal chart for a long time, but because she was born at home in 1929, no one paid any attention to the exact birth time. So, I was stuck and stuck for many years over her natal chart.

One night about eight years or so after Louie had died, I had a dream where I only heard his distinctive voice. He told me in this dream that my mom’s ASC or Rising sign was either 12° Virgo or 26° Virgo. In this dream I replied, “Thanks so much Louie and it is really great hearing from you.”

A few days later I got my astrology books, charts, graphs and time conversions tools out and tried creating mom’s natal by hand using both of these degrees and ASC. Amazingly, well not really, the only two times that Virgo was rising on the month, day, year and location she was born was either 12° Virgo or 26° Virgo.

With little difficulty I was able to discern which of these two ASC degrees was moms, and now I have her natal chart.

Now, going back in time to about two weeks after Louie’s physical death.

My sister knew and loved Louie too, and at the time of his death, she was living in another state and I hadn’t called her at that point to tell her Louie had left his body. Louie and I had been living in the same town and state at his physical death, and my sister was living out-of-state.

One afternoon I got a phone call from my sister, and she was very concerned and shook up. She’d been taking a nap and had a lucid dream and Louie was in it. In this dream Louie had given her a bloodstone (gemstone) and told her that she needed to wear it to help her with physical problems she’d been having at that time. So after the two of them chatted in her dream, and she thanked him for the gemstone gift, she woke up. She got up and did some things and then went back to sleep a second time about a half-hour later.

In this second event, she had another quick lucid dream with Louie. She told me that in this dream he was suddenly there again and he said to her, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I died and am not in my physical body any longer.” End of second dream and my sister wakes up extremely upset and calls me on the phone to tell me about her two weird Louie dreams.

After listening to her tell me about these two dream experiences over the phone, of course I had to tell her that indeed, Louie had died a couple of weeks earlier. She took it well and was very glad that he’d stopped by to personally give her that bloodstone gift (message) and then to remember to come back a second time, just to tell her that he’d died. But that was Louie through and through. A wise old Elder Teacher who had many students who loved him very much.

Denise Le Fay

October 22, 2008

Copyright Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS & HighHeartLife, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Messages From A Dead Spiritual Teacher

  • Thank you for the explanation, Lapis. I’ve attempted these calculations myself, so I know what you’re talking about. I’m impressed that Louie had Ascendant degrees in his charts; the only ones I’ve seen contain the Sun, Moon, and other planets.

    Someone on the AW forums once suggested that I use a pendulum to determine the exact degree of my Ascendant, but I can’t imagine going through every degree of the zodiac! That is amazing.

    Will the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition be close to your Ascendant degree or your mother’s Ascendant degree? Did anything significant happen to either of you during the Saturn-Uranus conjunction of 1988 in the late degrees of Sagittarius, or the Saturn-Uranus square of 1976 (6 Leo/Scorpio) or 2000 (16 Taurus/Aquarius)? I seem to recall you mentioning that your Ascension process began around the year 2000…

    Interestingly, the sign positions of Saturn and Uranus in the last opposition are the reversal of the sign positions they will ocupy in November; Saturn was in Pisces in 1965 and 1966, and Uranus was in Virgo. This seems to be a recurring pattern with the Saturn-Uranus cycle.

    I hope this provides a bit of insight for you and your mother.

    Balsamic Moon

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