Telepathic Horse Talk

I’ve always loved horses and horseback riding. Ever since I was a big enough to walk I wanted a horse. I did eventually get to be a horse owner for a few special years when I was in my early twenties. A few years later, I trained for a year at a local thoroughbred ranch to be a jockey. Ever since I saw my first horse race I wanted to be a jockey. It never dawned on me that being a girl might be a problem! But I did get to experience the hard and dangerous work that being an exercise “girl” was really about for a year and I was very happy for just that experience and training.

When I was five years old my parents took me to some place where they had pony rides for the really young kids. I begged and pleaded and they stopped so I could ride around in a circle on a pony. It was divine! Full sized horses, ponies, old dusty cowboy men in chaps and cowboy boots, horse and pony poop everywhere, dust, flies, and all of it was simply wonderful to me even at the age of 5. A true horse lover obviously.

At this pony ride, it was set up with ponies attached to each other in a small, center ring for really little kids or kids that were a bit afraid to ride. There was also a second, larger ring outside this one, where the ponies were not attached to each other but they only walked very slowly in a circle.

So there I was, in the second outer ring going around and around in a circle, watching the poor, board, tired ponies following the pony butt in front of its nose. After two laps I was board and thought the whole thing was rather silly. These pony rings were set-up out in the middle of some large field where they were far enough away from the road and cars and such. Off to my right was a huge, flat, wide-open field with nothing in it. I wanted to ride the pony as fast as he could go, right across that open field. My desire to do this increased and I saw in my mind’s eye, the pony I was riding in the little ring, jump the low fence that keep the ponies walking in a circle and run like the wind across that open field. I saw it clearly, I felt it deeply in my heart and I wanted it REAL BAD…and the pony heard and felt me!

The little pony came to life, jumped the low fence ring, and galloped his wee little short pony legs as fast as he was capable of right out into and across that beautiful open field; I was in absolute 7th Heaven!!! Far behind us I heard men screaming at each other, adults freaking out, some little kids crying, but hell-fire damn-nation, my pony and I were FREE and running like spirits on the wind… For me it was 5-year-old pure freedom pony bliss.

After a while my pony got tired and slowed to a walk again but he and I both felt ever so much better for breaking free and running across that whole field all on our own. Eventually one of the elderly cowboy’s came running and panting up to us, and I could tell from the energies pouring off him, that he was honestly scared. He asked me if I was OK and I grinned  real big and nodded my head yes at him. He then led my pony and I back to the little pony enslavement ring with the other ponies walking in circles all day.

My Mom could tell I was fine, that I was really happy actually, and she wondered why my pony suddenly broke free, jumped the little fence, and tore off across the field? By my huge smile, mom wondered. I said nothing about any of it of course.

As an adult this horse telepathy ability came in handy and many people wanted to hire me to train their horses because I could get them to do things no one else could. Again, I never said anything to anyone about what I was really doing with the horses. This is the story of my life; keeping quiet and not telling my full truth for the obvious reasons…but no longer thankfully. People now have to make adjustments and adapt to my (and many, many other people’s) different ESP abilities, instead of me hiding them to protect their narrow beliefs and limited understandings and/or being shamed by them because of my abilities.

Animals primarily talk in pictures. They talk in psychic images and because of this, if you the human can tune into that and talk back to them via mental images (not physical speech) along with the corresponding emotions, then you’ll be doing Animal Talk the way they naturally do. And they really enjoy when the humans finally figure this one out!


October 4, 2008

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3 thoughts on “Telepathic Horse Talk

  • My friend and I have been talking about this, speaking to animals through images. Do you know of any books written on this subject. I think there is one about horses, but can’t find it!


    thanks, Carol

    • Carol,

      I’m not familiar with any books on this subject but try a Google search on it to see what and who comes up.

      What I can tell you is that animals – and most all higher consciousness, higher frequency Beings – communicate through images that also contain emotions and/or emotional information in them. In other words, whole chunks of information is conveyed in a split-second via clairvoyant images plus certain emotions and other related information in those mind’s eye visuals. If you want to talk to animals and also hear them, then get used to sending and receiving/perceiving mind’s eye (clairvoyant Brow chakra) pictures with emotions and intentions in those images.

      Have fur fun, 🙂

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