Negative ET Abductions From the 4D Astral

I’ve briefly mentioned this before on a few forums I used to post on. It’s about the phenomena of being abducted by negative aliens but, having this happen from the sleep state. Astral Abductions. Years ago, I experienced these many times and they’re not pleasant. I wasn’t always aware of negative ETs either, sometimes yes, other times no. But after a few times of this happening, I learned the hard way what was what and how this phenomenon typically works. Please remember that what I’ve experienced is not what everyone else who may experience Astral Abductions will encounter. I do know there’s certain tell-tale signs in both the sleep/dreaming state, and the awake, fully conscious state. It’s these common signs that I’d like to share so people know what to pay attention to. And of course, I’m talking about only some negative alien ETs and not about all negative ETs. Not all negative ETs have a desire to snatch sleeping humans from their dreams or sleep state and etheric bodies and place them in crazy, ridiculous, frightening, emotionally and psychologically intense soap opera type dream scenarios. Some do however, and it seemed it’s to primarily educate themselves about human emotions and to measure my, your, our emotional reactions to their different artificial crafted dream scenarios.

Here’s a brief list of common signs that this is happening.

  • Suddenly your dream morphs into an epic staged Soap Opera-type ridiculous thing, usually dark
  • Your dream has real friends, family, loved ones in it but they don’t exactly look or act like them
  • Your dream feels contrived and manipulated only to induce specific emotions in you
  • Certain characters in your dream are posing for you, again to induce specific emotions in you
  • Your dream turns really frightening and just keeps going and going like it’s trying to keep you in a state of intense fear
  • You make yourself wake up from the dream only to be pulled back into it as if you’ve been drugged and cannot remain awake and conscious
  • You wake yourself up because the dream became a nightmare, physically get up out of bed, move around the house a bit, then go back to bed only to feel that pull and going unconscious sensation again, meaning they’re still there and are pulling you, abducting you back into the astral

These are some of the common and repeated factors I experienced with this particular phenomena when I went through it in the past. As I mentioned, they, the negative alien ETs, seemed mainly interested in creating and directing fearful emotions in me in those manufactured dreams and then they tried to increase and direct the fear, frustrations, repulsions, horror, anger, confusion etc. for as long as they possibly could.

Some of you may be wondering how I would know that some of my dreams were created by negative ETs. I know because I’m honestly familiar with how the fear within the deeper aspects of me really functions. I know pretty well how my subconscious feels and functions and how my personal fears, worries, unresolved emotional issues and energies typically manifest in MY own created dreams. I’ve learned how to tell the different types of dreams I have and where they’re coming from. I also can feel negativity anywhere. It’s a highly recognizable energy signature and I can easily sense it from other energy signatures.

It was fairly easy for me, after a couple experiences with this, to become lucid in my dream when I realized it wasn’t MY dream after all. I sensed I was being controlled, directed, manipulated and imprisoned within the dream state for some negative alien Others to take notes from my personal reactions and behaviors to negative dream situations. It was actually rather silly and immature in my opinion, once I got myself out of the emotional drama. Once I realized the dream was staged I became angry and just got myself out as fast as possible. What did surprise me however was that in some cases, despite my waking up and physically getting up out of bed to try to break the connection, they waited for me to get back into bed and go to sleep again! That did surprise and freak me out. It taught me a lot about how to read energies both while in-body and out of my physical body and how to discern dreams and break free and escape when I wanted or needed to and then maintain that break. That for me was the hardest part of all this; learning how to not get pulled back and Astrally abducted again after I’d intentionally escaped a negative dream scenario. These situations are very real battles and tactics that span the physical and astral dimensions and more. Learn to discern and read energies, read energy signatures so you’ll KNOW who is of the dark and who is of the Light. This too is part of our ongoing spiritual and consciousness maturing during the evolutionary Ascension Process.

Denise Le Fay

October 1, 2008

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  • I had same episode happen to me, the same exact way you feel about it. Sometimes it takes a while to get of of the dream, when falling asleep they try to get you and you start pulling out of it trying to wake up and it’s hard. Sep 28, 2011 #afraidfeelingandyouknowit.

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