2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions

I’ve always had present life awareness of the profoundly negative distortions and perversions Team Dark (negative aliens, devils, demons, entities) did to Divine Mother Feminine and her energies long ago, early in the cycle in Duality frequency. I’ve always felt different aspects of it, clairvoyantly Seen parts of it, and been aware of locations on 3D Earth and the underground 2D elemental realm that were extremely saturated in it. Since childhood I’ve had both ancient memories plus present life clairvoyant visions of beastly underground 2D negative elementals and other hideous, distorted creatures perverted into dark monsters by Team Dark long ago. Also, from the 4D astral, from below the surface of the Moon, and other planets in our solar system that were intentionally distorted by Team Dark and made thoroughly negative and dark.

To understand what I’m talking about it’s necessary to have personal knowledge of the basic energetic differences between Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine during the past Great Cycle in Duality frequency. The negative perversions and distortions done to Divine Father Masculine have manifested and been present differently than they have with Divine Mother Feminine.

The negativity, perversions, distortions and profound darkness Team Dark did long ago to Divine Father Masculine has been easier to see because it’s more out in the open, more obvious and greatly highlighted due to the longstanding global patriarchal rule on Earth. The negativity, perversions, distortions and profound darkness Team Dark did long ago to Divine Mother Feminine has been more difficult to see because SHE/IT is much vaster and somewhat less personalized. Divine Mother Feminine is the great, vast black background, whereas Divine Father Masculine has been—during the lengthy period in Duality frequency—obvious and specific because Team Dark aliens are patriarchal creatures.

Even though the Divine Father Masculine has been more easily seen throughout the time spent in Duality frequency, HE/IT too was intentionally severely distorted and perverted by Team Dark. These negative perversions were done to control humanity, human consciousness, and interfere with and block humanity’s natural ability to evolve over the Ages. Humans are not naturally violent, warring, raping, murdering, insane misogynists that believe themselves greater than Divine Mother Feminine, greater than female humans, greater than Mother Earth, greater than Mother Nature. All that came from Team Dark aliens and has played out throughout the past cycle in Duality frequency. But the time in lower frequency Duality with everything that went with it has expired and is being energetically removed, which is why the world and humanity are in the chaotic states they are now.

I’ve said it many times over these ascension years, the more we embody the NEW higher frequency Light energies, Triality templates and codes for ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, the faster and more chaotic and violent the ending of all negative etheric, astral and physical patriarchal alien and human structures and realities becomes.

When anti-human and anti-female humans do or try to do negative things to other humans, you need to recognize that they are anti-human and anti-female people. Their actions, words and beliefs speak for themselves, but it’s up to everyone to instantly recognize the anti-human and anti-female people in this country and all others around the world. We’re deep in this now.

You know when something big happens down here in physicality, that similar things have been happening in higher dimensions and layers well before it shows up down here on physical Earth. One recent example of this was the June 2022 U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. When I saw that news online and on TV, it instantly explained a lot of the negative things I’ve been experiencing for most of 2022. I’ll list some of them by month with the hopes of it helping show how these physical and non-physical events are experienced and purged by some of us and our physical bodies. 2022 has been notably more difficult for those capable of going first into the higher frequency NEW while simultaneously further purging out more of the ancient negativity done to Divine Mother Feminine, Divine Father Masculine, and humanity by negative aliens, entities and negative anti-human, anti-female humans.

January 2022 — I noticed that another level of disconnect with other ascension teachers/writers had automatically happened. What they were saying had gone so far off course to me personally, that I couldn’t relate to them and what they write anymore. Another increased sense of having to continue on and do what I’m energetically capable of doing.

Many First Everythingers have been pushed very hard all year to accomplish specific ascension energy Work because we’ve been on a tighter than usual time frame in 2022. I’ll get to why in a moment. Things are accelerating, not slowing down, not stabilizing yet. They will eventually.

February — Ascension caused body aches and pains continue and get worse for days or weeks at a time each month. The more you Embody your Soul/Higher Self into this physical incarnate you living the Ascension Process, the greater your conscious awareness becomes of the other aspects of YOU and You this you experiences. I’ve been experiencing greater awareness and mind’s eye visuals of many of these other dimensional, other timelines, other aspects of ME across time, space and dimensions. This 2022 purge of the ancient negativity done to Divine Mother Feminine is being experienced by all aspects of ME as it’s a ME/Me/me group effort, and some of this I’ve been Seeing this year in much greater detail. I mention this because I know some of you have been clairvoyantly Seeing mind’s eye images of lots of other people, other beings, other positive alien beings and strangers this year flashing quickly through your Higher Awareness vision. This has always been individual group efforts and not only these physical incarnate aspects of us doing and living this evolutionary Ascension Process Work. Embody more means you’re becoming conscious of being more, much more.

March — Woke up one morning to a constant stream of negative thoughts about all sorts of past personal happenings with other people. It had an artificial, induced feel to it. I’ve been Working on my personal stuff and junk since 1991, so I’m aware of these things and how deeply I’ve already excavated each of them at this point.

Patriarchal males and neighbors acting out in negative, self-absorbed ways has gotten worse this year. They cannot cope with the incoming higher NEW frequencies, not to mention the Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based NEW Earth, NEW Humans template, and they’re getting louder, more aggressive and more unstable. Typical reaction by Team Dark tainted lower consciousness people who’ve not done any personal Inner Work on themselves during this evolutionary Ascension Process. The incoming higher Light energies cause many of them to react negatively in a wide variety of ways and go even further into mental and emotional imbalance and/or insanity.

Having negative dreams about past family and certain people. Self-blaming thoughts about certain people and my and their actions and non-actions and avoidance over personal things that need to be dealt with in these lives. Is this 2022 dream and others like it stemming from my expanding Higher Awareness insights? From greater personal Phase 2 Embodiment Process revelations? From more 2022 energetic purging? From more Team Dark manipulations? Both maybe?

“As Cosmic Mother reclaims her sophianic parts in the Earth, her radiating presence purges out the AI parasites that had been inhabiting in the subatomic spaces of corrupted dark matter and were posing as her energetic imposter. As a result, those sensitive to the planetary grid or gridworkers, may sense some of the most ancient timelines connected to the source origins of primordial evil or the anti-Christ beast machine signatures that are rising from out of the earth firmament to be purged and extracted out in sections.”

— Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022

March 2022 Karen Bishop emailed me for the first time. She said some very kind things which I was deeply grateful to hear from her. We emailed back and forth for a few months, mostly about how severe and physically disabling the energies have been on our physical female bodies.

April — Many low consciousness people and neighbors get worse during incoming high frequency Light energies, Divine Mother Feminine Triality template and more NEW code additions arrive. Just like they make our physical bodies, heads and more hurt in different ways, they cause energetically unprepared people increased instability mentally, emotionally and physically.

I’m needing to sleep more during the daytime this year. Nighttime sleeping in 2022, has felt like it’s changed so dramatically that it cannot be considered old nighttime sleeping at all, and certainly not receiving much restorative healing to our physical bodies while asleep every night. Because of these changes and the constant 2022 purging of negative Divine Mother Feminine Duality distortions, I’m needing more daytime naps this year.

May — Ascension sick and intense physical pains and aches all month. Further HighHeart expansions and greater embodiment into it this month. More negative daytime nap dreams. They’re ongoing and increasing in 2022 because things are quickly building to a larger than usual Separation point at the end of this year. Energy headache continues along with near constant ear ringing or squealing sounds and different tones. Crystalline NEW Humans of Light hear these energy caused tones, sounds and ringing in and around our heads.

Since January 2022 I’ve seen 12-21 and 12-22 repeatedly, indicating we’re energetically and physically rushing towards a culmination and much larger populated CHANGEOVER shift point after the December Solstice 2022. Also been seeing all of the triple numbers nearly every day and night all year. 111, 222, 333, 444 etc. Triality frequency is manifesting more strongly than it could in 2020 and 2021. Stairsteps.

June — Hot flashes have returned with a vengeance. The return of them in 2022 tells me some very big internal negative ancient distortions are steadily being burned away. More severe body pains and a constant energy headache.

A horrible month but a negative energy “glass ceiling” was broken by some Volunteers in June 2022. More negative ancient Team Dark alien etheric perverted, distorted human and reality systems were energetically broken, which is why some of us are feeling so incredibly used and abused again.

Heard again, five fast hard knocks on the outside wall of my house exactly where the head of my bed is on the inside. They’re not always five knocks but this time they were. (In past years and decades, they’ve been nine knocks.) This tells me some negativity is nearby and wanting me to know it.

Suddenly I’m once again experiencing (I cannot believe it at this point!) the negative Alien Love Bite’ phenomena. I really thought I was out of range of this particular Team Dark negativity. Obviously not. Live, pay attention, learn more.

The male person of this ‘Alien Love Bite’ is someone I don’t know and never will, and have never been interested in. He’s a musician I was barely aware of. I’ve never thought of him so to suddenly have a burning romantic fixation on him is utterly ridiculous, yet that is how the so named negative ‘Alien Love Bite’ works. You’re suddenly infected with a love/romantic/sexual fixation on someone—usually a stranger but not always—and the intense emotions you’re feeling are a total con job. They’re not real but a negative emotional hook created and applied etherically on you by some Team Dark alien. You’re being negatively manipulated so you’ll produce specific emotional and sexual energies which that alien/entity syphons off for itself. And you thought you just had a crush on someone! No, you’re being negatively manipulated to produce specific energies and also be emotionally and mentally tortured by the whole thing. Classic Team Dark modus operandi.

I was able to energetically cut this negative ‘Alien Love Bite’ manipulation in three weeks’ time. The last time I experienced an Alien Love Bite was in 2004; it took me a full year to clear it from myself.

I found it telling that it happened again in 2022. When things get negative, dark and problematic, it’s always because more higher frequency NEW Light is being implemented so the negative dark from old Duality frequency does what it/they can to keep you and I and as much of humanity sidetracked and down in that old lower frequency range and not living the Ascension Process and/or doing whatever current energy Work we need to.

“Thus, in those difficult moments, this information may be soothing to the weary female spiritual warrior, that has been forced to do battle with the satanic anti-female mockery because of the inner shining truth of Cosmic Mother being represented through the radiating sacred crystal heart of sophianic divine embodiment. The frequency of sophianic spiritual wisdom poses an existential threat to the continued existence of those who enjoy spinning the dark webs of deception and lies, as the embodiment of the divine Christos-Sophia effectively abolishes female lunar inversions that power up the satanic architecture of Baphomet. Remember that this is the time we came to fulfill the divine and sacred purpose of retrieving divine Sophia’s many sacred spiritual body parts by returning them to the Cosmic Mother. These are the tumultuous days of the final conflict when many of us have gathered to be awakened in order to take part in God’s most sacred spiritual mysteries through the Rise of the Holy Grail, which begins with the anointing of the Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth.”

Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

July — Negative, perverted sexual dream with the Alien Love Bite famous musician guy. Team Dark bastards will do anything to get another drop of parasitic lifeforce out of someone.

A week later, another negative sexual dream. This one took place in what looked like a dark, dank and dense astral negative opium den setting with lots of naked male and female strangers strewn about in a massive sex orgy. I’m viewing (not participating) this negative mass of intoxicated and sexually used humans being energetically drained by negative aliens and demonic entities. They’re easily syphoning off these people’s lifeforce energies via their drug use and non-love-based sexual activities. Those people’s energies are being removed by some Team Dark aliens and stored in clear tubes for feeding upon later. The humans are oblivious to it all and are happy being excessively high and sexual with opposite sex and same sex strangers.

August — Daytime nap nightmare I saw multiple huge 40-footlong negative black insect-like creatures coming out from a ceiling and wall seam opening they’d made and into my living space. (My full consciousness.) It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever experienced. In comparison to all the other things I’ve clairvoyantly Seen and encountered throughout my life, this probably sounds like it wouldn’t cause such an extreme fear reaction in me. It did however because these creatures were ancient negative primordial dark matter perversions from Duality frequency and level and Divine Mother Feminine.

A few times over the decades I’ve experienced negative other-dimensional / extra-dimensional aliens etherically enter my physical space at angle areas where part of the ceiling and a wall are connected. It’s like it is easier for them to come into this physical dimension via 90° angles of rooms in our physical houses. This is certainly not always the case but sometimes it has been.

Two days later while waking from a daytime nap I saw a Grey alien in a black bodysuit walking very close to my house in my backyard. I experienced an instant gut punch of fear seeing this, which is also unusual for me. I’ve seen numerous positive and negative, Service to Others and Service to Self ETs so it surprised me that seeing another Grey in August 2022 caused such an instant fearful gut reaction in me.

It’s been a really rough, nerve rattling, high stress, exhausting year as many of you already personally know. Self-care in these times is mandatory as we, our bodies, consciousness, psyches, CNS, HighHearts and all else continue accelerating through the negative what has been and into higher frequency what is rapidly manifesting.

There’s been a lot of interdimensional physical non-physical co-mingling this year and those of us who have existed in them. The dimensional “Veils” simply haven’t existed for a long time now and this year these bleed-throughs of other negative creatures, aliens, demons, entities etc. has been extra busy and more easily felt, seen and sensed by more people.

I think it was August that Karen Bishop and I were both so physically sick, and at times physically disabled, that we couldn’t produce extra energy to write something even semi-meaningful to each other. If Karen Bishop and I can’t even write short emails to each other, that should tell you how energetically extreme this intense 2022 has been.

The last week of August 2022, I had a second daytime nap nightmare—a napmare!—with the same enormous black insect-looking creatures. This time they were much closer to me in this daytime dream. They were getting closer and coming more fully into my living space which terrified me unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I heard myself screaming over and over in this daytime nightmare like I have NEVER screamed before. I woke myself up and got angry over it and started seriously taking up arms energetically over all this awake and asleep negativity and physical and etheric sexual manipulation and “sexual energy harvesting” attempts that have been happening for much of 2022. The revealing of these negative primordial underground (2D) gargantuan black creatures was what finally did it for me. I’ve not experienced these horrendous negative primordial creatures since they caused me to scream my way into conscious 2022 Lightwarrior Cleaner mode. 

I’ve had awake and lucid dream conversations—which are both the same thing to me—with different demons over the decades. I’ve had close encounters and telepathic conversations with a few different negative Reptilian aliens. I’ve Seen and felt some different Draconian aliens. I’ve had close encounters of the worst kind with profoundly negative, distorted Divine Father Masculine aliens, entities, devils, demons and creatures and none of them scared me like these negative ancient, distorted Divine Mother Feminine Duality cycle insect creatures did.

Ancient primordial dark, dank, distortions and perversions done to Divine Mother Feminine of the past cycle in Duality frequency are infinitely more terrifying. Divine Mother Feminine is the vast black space of Creative Potential. When that is perverted, distorted and manipulated by negative aliens, it feels very different from many of the negative patriarchal anti-human, anti-female aliens and entities. Encountering the numerous different aspects and layers of negative perversions done to Divine Mother Feminine from the time of Duality changes one. There are monsters and then there are monsters so far beyond them that it’s hard to express, and hard for people to comprehend unless they’ve personally experienced some of them. The great myths and legends of the ancient past have nothing on us living these current ascension lives and the end of the cycle in Duality frequency!

“For those Starseeds working on the embodiment pieces for the Triple Solar Goddess sacred sophianic awakening on the Earth, as the authentic Cosmic Mother is anointing her Maji Grail Queen daughters, the month of October tends to deliver the maximum intensity with surreal physical ascension symptoms and abruptly jarring bifurcation events. Returning the true sophianic expression of the Triple Solar Female Christ in her Solar Dragon Queen emanation requires nerves of steel while her consciousness is going into the darkest hell realms and back, as the reclamations required for the embodiment process are inexpressible to those who do not know this experience and thus will not understand.” 

Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

September — Small tornado came through where I live and caused a fire that killed some people, animals and demolished properties and caused much damage in large rural areas here. Temps were between 110–116° here for ten days straight. During this time the overnight temps didn’t get below 90°. The daytime threat of electricity (air conditioners) being turned off by the electric co. was a constant concern. This year temps here reached 100° in April 2022, the earliest in the year we’ve reached 100° in this area ever.

The Queen Mother of England died September 8th. All sorts of Duality frequency and cycle patriarchal mothers are exiting this year. Certain females have been and still are totally patriarchal. There are many hardcore patriarchal females running for political positions here in the US now.

Hot flashes and the bottoms of my feet are wildly hot again. This tells me that in September I am deep into some serious, intense and very large personal and collective energy cleaning and purging, again. I’ve had a constant energy headache for months. I wake up some mornings lately with my eyes crusty and infected looking. Late September I discover a large grape sized lump in my crotch/groin. It’s sore and mildly worrisome because I’ve never had this before.

Some mentally ill homeless male broke into the empty house next door to me and has been squatting there for who knows how long. He’s physically come on to my property more than once. The only way on to my property is climbing over the fence(s). Don’t bother calling the police because they either won’t come or if they do, they tell you they can’t do anything about it. DIY Volunteer Lightworkers. The old expired system and its employees do not work and it isn’t fixable nor should it be. DIY in your own higher ways HighHearts. However, be prepared when negativity happens anyway regardless of what you’ve done energetically protection-wise around yourself and your home and property.

October — I just realized how extra expensive this year has been. Actually since 2020, but much more so this year with this insane inflation. My income hasn’t increased, donations have decreased, and this inflation is harming we the people. Refuse to live on the constant edge of poverty disaster anymore everyone.

The energy headache continues. Back, spine, shoulder, hip pains on left side (old female side of Duality cycle) experiencing increased pains, stiffness and soreness constantly. Eyes still going through more energy changes that cause tearing, crusting and a bruised feeling. My face suddenly broke out in tiny red watery pimples, even into my eyebrows. I’ve never experienced this one before. The 2022 energy purging of ancient Divine Mother Feminine negative perversions have been plainly visible on my face and body this year.

Mid-October I had two more terrible dreams about a couple male exes from decades ago, and about my son. This 2022 theme is undeniable. If you’re a Volunteer Lightworker Energy Transmuter, then besides whatever personal shadow stuff and junk you may have at this point, you’ve also been clearing and purging out more of the massive negativity done to Divine Mother Feminine, dark matter, humanity, elementals and other beings over eons and eons this year.

“Thus, we’ll be focused on who we are and have been intimate with and investigating our attitudes towards sexuality, seeing the places that harmed our soul, and moving towards healing the sexual misery patterns. During this sexual center solar purification process, it can be related to the lunar transfiguration experiences that bring on the phantom death of the ego-personality. When confronting the underworld energies of sexual harvesting entities that are embedded in corrupted dark matter, it can have satanic signatures and feel like the purge of dead creatures from out of female reproductive organs. During the clearing process, it’s likely that you may encounter or sense dark putrid streams, sea like tentacled creatures, and bizarre chimeric entities that are being purged out of the inner female parts. Life on prison planet means that many of us had tentacles placed in our sexual organs which had been connected to the massive shadow archontic beasts the NAA set up, connected to the hive mind Black Queen-Dark Mother network.”

Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

It’s the last days of October 2022 as I write this, and the hot flashes are nearly gone. The red watery pimples on my face are almost completely healed and gone. The lump in my crotch/groin is gone. Eyes are better. The September and October constant energy and purging headache is reduced but still there. My hair still looks and feels lacking in vital lifeforce as is common due to these severe, massive energy transmutations and purging of ancient negativity. The constant loud ear ringing, squealing, single tone and often layered on top of it, two-toned tones have been present all year. Yesterday I felt and clearly recognized that the inside of my physical head is now a NEW crystal crystalline Triality system structure that’s receiving and transmitting NEW template Triality frequencies continuously. This will continue, evolve further, and expand even more over time.

We still have November and December 2022 left to move through. Some of this ancient negative purging Work may continue into those months as well, but it feels like the worst of this specific 2022 theme dark energy purging Work is behind us.

“These collective satanic forces pretended to be the divine feminine principle or Holy Mother, but in actuality were the inverted dark feminine that was perversely created as Baphomet through the insertion of parasitic dark imposters that were existing throughout the artificial dark matter substance. As Cosmic Mother returns to the matter realm, her authentic and organic dark matter parts restore the truth resonance and energetic balance to creation through the corrected sophianic female principle, in which the false, the artificial, the imposters of the sacred feminine cannot co-exist along with her emerging powerful presence.” 

— Lisa Renee, Starry Night Dark Firmament, October 2022 

The reasons why many of us underwent this severe dark internal clearing and purging energy Work of the ancient negative distortions done to Duality frequency and level Divine Mother Feminine in 2022, is because that HAD to be gone by the time we enter January 2023. 

Come January 2023, MANY MORE PEOPLE will begin entering (some knowingly, most unknowingly) the NEW higher frequency Triality-based Divine Mother Feminine template and matching NEW Light, codes and latest additions to these codes of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Translated that means that rather abruptly a lot more “regular” people will suddenly have their consciousness and hearts come online energetically, enough so in January 2023 and afterwards, to physically enter and exist in the higher frequencies of ascending NEW Earth and the Triality-based NEW energies and templates.

This personal and collective negative stuff and junk had to be purged out by us this year in energetic preparation for a much larger group of people entering ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans and the NEW Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based energy template frequency and consciousness with the entrance into January 2023. 

Before that time was reached however, the ancient negativity done to the Duality-based Divine Mother Feminine had to be cleared, purged in the ways we individually have been doing throughout 2022. Hopefully my month-by-month 2022 personal sharing will help in explaining much of the horrors, darkness, sickness, nightmares, body pains, Team Dark attacks, ‘Alien Love Bites’, sexual energy manipulation attempts, nightmares and daytime napmares many of you have probably been experiencing all year, or very condensed in September and October 2022.

I deliberately formatted this article month-by-month because I wanted to show what I’ve personally been experiencing all year in 2022. The last few days of October I checked Lisa Renee’s site because I wanted to see what she had to say about October 2022 specifically. When I read her October article, I knew I had to quote some of it in my article to show how these difficult, multi-leveled energy mission jobs are experienced by those of us that do these negative dark clearing, freeing up, purging energy Work. I hope that by my adding some of Lisa Renee’s October article quotes under my personal 2022 negative monthly experiences shows how her words—strange and surreal as they sometimes sound—are personally lived by many of you reading this.

Said another way, this adding on of greater numbers of people that are ready to evolve up to Triality frequency ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans and Divine Mother Feminine, will very quickly accelerate NEW Earth with its NEW Humans. Just like there were First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave Volunteers that were activated when each of them was pre-coded to do so throughout Phase 1 of the evolutionary Ascension Process (1998–2019), the same will happen with the people capable of being the first group, the second group, and the third group and so on of NEW Humans evolving up to ascending NEW Earth now in Phase 2.

With the start of January 2023, what I’m going to call the First Group of ascending people will enter the higher frequencies of NEW Divine Mother Feminine, HER/ITs Triality-based template, codes, consciousness, HighHeart and more. After them the Second Group of ascending people—many of them will be aware of the Ascension Process but the majority won’t—will energetically arrive and so on. Don’t fixate on dates or years with this but stay in the NOW moment. This will unfold far faster than most would believe which is very good because we First Everythingers need some big energy relief coming in immediately, and it is because of the 2023 people reaching vibrational match to and with Triality and all that goes with it in, on NEW Earth for NEW Humans.

What’s really important about this is that with each ascending Group of people internally matching and therefore coming into NEW Earth Triality frequency, the entire evolution to this higher level and state of being will unfold faster and faster and faster. The more individuals that are capable of and ready for existence in Triality frequencies and matching Divine Mother Feminine NEW template energies and enter them, that automatically accelerates the entire process from each group forward. The First Group starting to arrive in January and February 2023 and beyond will automatically accelerate the manifestation of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Depending on how things go, the Second Group will start arriving late in the year and that will again automatically accelerate more of the manifestation of NEW Earth for NEW Humans and on and on it will unfold, quicker than anyone would believe possible.

And lastly, I want to stress the importance of everyone clearly understanding that Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine are no longer existing in and functioning under past lower Duality frequency and reality. Divine Mother and Divine Father now exist in Triality frequency and ongoing and increasing manifesting internal and external Triality reality. Individually they both are and will continue to become increasingly NEW, more complex, more individually unified, integrated and expanded Beings and Energies. They are no longer the ancient perverted, distorted things that humans were led by Team Dark to believe them both to have been. We’re all in NEW higher territory now, thanks once again to the intense energy purging Work many of you have done this year. Expect the NEW, on all levels and in all ways.

Denise Le Fay

November 1, 2022


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Link to Lisa Renee’s October 2022 article.


When Your Thoughts Aren’t Yours

With Mars entering Gemini August 20, 2022 and it Squaring currently retrograde Neptune in Pisces straightaway, it seems appropriate to briefly cover the subject of when your thoughts aren’t yours (for different negative reasons), but you completely believe they are.

But first, remember that the more you embody the evolutionary Ascension Process Light energies, Triality frequency, and NEW template and codes, the more consciously aware you become that every thought that rolled through your head was not always yours and yours alone. It’s shocking to evolve to a higher frequency state, energy stairstep and level of consciousness and automatically begin realizing that not only has your consciousness been intentionally interfered with, but in many cases, it’s been intentionally manipulated and made to seem like it was your doing, your choice when it absolutely was not.

It has been common to have negative etheric aliens, demons, other negative entities and Portal People deliberately influence, redirect and interfere with you—especially while living the Ascension Process—through some of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical actions and overall awareness of current reality. At the old lower frequency levels, this deliberate negative interference and redirection of people’s consciousness was common and humanity didn’t even know it was repeatedly happening to them in a wide variety of ways. Some of those variations were and still today are for many people:

(1) Sudden impulse, compulsion to do something specific like purchase a house, building, property somewhere you’ve never been and for reasons you’re not completely sure of.

(2) Sudden ideas, strong impulses, taking physical actions that are out of character for you.

(3) Sudden romantic, love, sexual impulse and fixation or obsession.

As humans we’ve experienced all three of these and so much more many times in our lives whether we were consciously aware of who/what was actually behind them or not. I experienced number 3 decades before people were aware of it, accurately discussed it, or had written articles or books about this negative phenomenon. [See Eve Lorgen’s site and her Alien Love Bite information if interested.]

I’ve experienced ‘The Alien Love Bite’ phenomena in more ways than she has written about. Be aware and brutally honest with yourself about everything and everyone, including incredibly strong and persistent impulses, unusual ideas, and physical actions you may suddenly find yourself experiencing and not really knowing why. Master discernment fast and grow your higher awareness to avoid these old negative etheric pitfalls and ascension derailment tactics.

Point is that each of us has had plenty of negative interference and manipulations of our lives, bodies, consciousness, thoughts, ideas, emotions, sleep dreaming, romantic/love/sexual lives, specific chemical/hormonal body and brain secretions deliberately triggered, plus taking certain physical actions than most would believe. All this and more has been “normal” for humanity for a very long time, and people weren’t even aware of anything negative being done to them.

However, due to Phase 1 of the evolutionary Ascension Process, the 2020 start of Phase 2 and global activation of the Divine Cease & Desist Order, the 2021 CHANGEOVER shift, and the important first physical connection made with the Divine Mother Feminine template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans in early 2022, all that and more has been causing tremendous evolutionary changes. Did it change instantly and completely? No, but the Separation of Worlds is now in extreme high gear which is greatly adding to the overall evolutionary intensity. In January 2020, we entered a section of very challenging years where this compressed evolution that’s causing humans, human consciousness, and physical reality to change incredibly fast in all ways, will unrelentingly push everyone like nothing humanity has experienced prior. I’ve waited many years to say that, but with 2.5 years under our evolving belts so far, it’s time to say it loud and clear. No fear, just profound evolutionary induced global and human species changes.


Roy (Jeff Bridges) yells to R.I.P.D. partner Nick (Ryan Reynolds) in a lengthy freefall. 

You’ve been intentionally negatively interfered with and manipulated mentally, emotionally, romantically, sexually, creatively, chemically/hormonally and energetically. Some Team Dark aliens and demons prefer their human energetic food to have very specific charged energy “flavorings” such as fear, sexual, violence, hatred, cruelty, perversions and so on. To get those different energy flavorings out of humans, Team Dark deliberately manipulates people mentally and emotionally to produce and secrete specific chemicals/hormones in their bodies. In other words, humanity has been manipulated into feeling, thinking, believing and behaving in certain ways for negative reasons.

Viruses are both physical and nonphysical. All sorts of “viruses” are etheric and quickly transmitted through the physical human population much the same ways that physical viruses are. Negative etheric Team Dark “viruses”—etherically inserted, implanted, overlaid thoughts in humans—spread through the human populations of unaware, low consciousness, negative ego-based people to cause a variety of negative side effects, negative etheric “food and fuel”, and negative timelines. The only thing different about this lately is that more people are finally able to sense, see and feel the negativity—physical and etheric—and make conscious choices themselves. That is a huge improvement in evolving humanity and much more of it is and will continue from here on out. The occasional uncomfortable part about that is that those of us further along in the Ascension Process and embodying and anchoring NEW Earth are aware of more reality, realities and timelines than most are at this point. The higher you go, the larger your vantage point becomes, and many of us have been adapting to this NEW in ourselves.

Over the decades I have repeatedly experienced and closely observed this etheric level transmission of negative Team Dark alien, demonic and other entity’s different “viruses” being spread in minutes from one physical person to another and back again and so on. Spread and networked. What I mean exactly by etheric viruses in this case are specific thoughts, emotions, physical actions, behaviors and consciousness in humans to produced energies and specific secreted “flavors” in them by Team Dark. These things are also networked by Team Dark. What I mean exactly by networked in this case is that the negatives will often impulse people to do certain physical things because it will connect and increase their negative etheric networks between different people and physical locations, states, houses, buildings, 2D underground mines and caves, and certain old 4D astral locations. The more of these negative multi-dimensional connections that Team Dark can make, the greater their feeding grounds become and the stronger their influences become on more humans in other physical locations. Most people are unknowingly wide open to these negative etheric influences because they’ve not been doing the Inner Work on themselves and their negative egos that the Ascension Process demands of us all. Others however are becoming increasingly aware of when they come under the attempted influence of a negative non-physical creature and/or Portal Person human and pushback against those impulses and attacks etc. and continue to hold the higher ground they’ve reached so far.

When Team Dark can’t achieve the desired result they’re after on you using an “infected” Portal Person human, they’ll change from that person to someone else, and repeatedly if necessary. They do this to continue their attacks on you to get the end result they’re after through the second person, or third, or fourth, and back to the first person etc. I’ve experienced this Team Dark tactic of them using one person (a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker etc.) and then jumping to and manipulating another person (another neighbor etc.) to attack me, derail me, physically and energetically suppress me and so on. They use and switch back and forth between low frequency negative ego-based people to use them to attack you to harm you and/or to get you to secrete specific chemicals/hormones via your emotions, or worse.

For us this is a case of (1) realize such things exist and (2) learn how to deal with it/them and (3) eventually embody enough NEW, higher frequency Light energies that you “ascend” beyond the old lower frequency range altogether. You can and have been doing that, but there’s still a whole lot of negative ego consciousness people on Earth that aren’t at the same higher level(s) of ascension that you are, which is why we still see these negative things happening. Included in this is how many people are not able to deal with the NEW Earth template energies and non-patriarchal, Triality-based higher frequency states. There’s A LOT going on, not just one thing but many and all at the same time. Since 2020, we’ve been existing atop numerous ‘Chaotic Nodes all converging at the same time, and this will continue for a few more years.

“What happens in a cult if the leader is living with a mental illness and transfers their delusions to the group?”

“Psychosis may involve delusional beliefs. A delusion is a fixed, false idiosyncratic belief, which does not change even when presented with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.”  — Wikipedia

To recap, you and I and the rest of humanity have been continually wide open to copious Team Dark anti-human tactics. They’ve been done to our physical and energy bodies, consciousness, emotions, psyche, our lives, loves, sexuality, our asleep dreams, and all else. Then the Ascension Process started on the physical level around 1998–1999, Team Dark went straight for any and all people who were capable of evolving and embodying Light and continuing to embody Light at higher and higher levels. They’ve done their best to end, derail, misinform, mislead, hijack, impulse, control, suppress, redirect and destroy the Ascension Process and all who’ve been living it from the beginning. Nonetheless…

All of that just to get us to this point. Sometimes it helps to take an honest look back over where you’ve come from, what you’ve survived, what you’ve transformed, what you’ve transcended to date to better grasp what’s happening today and why.

I’ve been attempting in multiple articles this year to express the vast and complex fact that your multidimensionality is becoming increasingly conscious in physical, earthly, incarnate you. This is a very big aspect of the evolutionary Ascension Process; knowing more but in wholly NEW and very different ways than you are used to. And that is the key with all this. The fact that we’re knowing more but what we’re knowing is NEW to us, plus HOW we’re knowing it is NEW to us too. Your “head” (intellect) isn’t in your head anymore, it’s a NEW higher system and it’s in your evolved HighHeart Center and is so different that the two aren’t comparable whatsoever. One is a dense, mud-encrusted, knuckle-dragging, egoic jerk caveman while the other is a Crystalline, Light-filled Human Angle existing in a higher dimension on a NEW Earth. Old Piscean Age tools, beliefs and habits will not work in ascended NEW Aquarian Age for NEW Humans.

There are certain things I know that I don’t write about because I know that information would be used negatively, plus wildly misunderstood and spread by many people. Because of this I wait until I know it’s time for me to publicly share something specific that I’ve been sitting on for months, years or decades.

Example: I know that the old two-party system of red Republicans and blue Democrats in the USA was entirely Duality-based. For this and other reasons it cannot and will not survive and enter higher frequency Triality-based ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Pluto transiting Capricorn since 2008, has been disassembling and removing it and all related things in preparation for the EPIC entrance of Pluto into Aquarius (without further retrogrades back into Capricorn) November 20, 2024. When is the next presidential election here in the USA? It’s November 5, 2024.

On the surface, some of the political and other players in this and other countries have, unknowingly, been the ways and means of destroying the very things they desperately want to continue at any cost. They are their own self-fulfilling prophecy — the ones destroying the old patriarchal Duality reality two-party system and so much more in this country and globally.

First there were two parties, then they’ll be only one for a short while, then there will be no parties because enough humans will have evolved beyond that old reality, consciousness and external systems entirely. The rare transit of Pluto in Aquarius will produce this and much more. Pluto in Aquarius is self-governing, self-regulating and leaderless due to individuals having reached personal integrated Triality-based frequency, self-empowerment, self-responsibility, and sovereignty on multiple levels. This is what’s coming, soon, and its why many others are seeing red and the end of their lifestyles and control. When Pluto fully enters Aquarius in November 2024, you will begin to see how radically and quickly human consciousness and external physical reality will change here and in other countries.

Between here and where we’re going, there’s a lotta ugly, infected, sick, unstable, negative ego-based consciousness people, beliefs, systems and old ways of life and living that are exiting this ascending reality. To me and you that’s exciting and the result of lifetimes of dedicated hard spiritual Work toward this current evolutionary Ascension Process. To those other people however it feels, looks, sounds and seems like the absolute worst of the worst that could ever happen. Yet we’ve got to get from here to where we’re going with them lying, fighting and attacking to prevent positive, evolutionary changes and more playing out all around us. ‘RELAX BODY!’  We know where we’re going and that this period is a section where more of the human chaff is removed from the harvested wheat.

It comes down to how good are you at embodying, holding and maintaining the ascending way, while the disappearing and/or descending people fight all this? Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces starting today and lasting for months is going to test us all with this and more. There’s going to be a big increase in more rage-filled people yelling all sorts of escalating delusional things increasingly this year and next. They believe what they believe, while you know what you know, and never shall that Duality meet in our lifetimes.

This evolutionary ascension is a done deal, always has been, but like I said we’ve reached that point in all this where it gets more volatile while we go from here to where we’re going while the unaware patriarchal people carryout Duality realities grand finale. There’s ego level Mars will, and there’s evolved and transcended Divine Will. Which do think will win out?

Be strong, wise, aware, honest and thoroughly committed to getting from here to where we’re going.

Denise Le Fay

August 20, 2022

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