Followup to “Covert Light Ops”

800x800 tunnelpipes I thought some might find a couple of things that happened to me after my December 31, 2013 Covert Light Ops Mission through certain countries in the Middle East interesting, informative, or if nothing else entertaining. [See original article here ]

Throughout most of December 2013, I had the most excruciating physical pains in my head and eyes. Every time I blinked my eyes vastly worse pains shot super-fast from my eyes up over the top of my head/skull/scalp and down into the right and left neck muscles on either side of the spine at the neck and out into those big right and left neck-into-shoulder muscles. It was mind-boggling abnormal pain every time I blinked my eyes and was like being stabbed or zapped with electricity. (Only during the Ascension Process could someone say “abnormal pain” and have others understand!) I’d experienced this same exact pain for a few days in 2012, but this last bout of it for most of December 2013 was absolutely brutal and I sensed something other than normal Ascension pains was going on than I fully understood at the time.

etheric attachment 1-3-14 Then my lucid dream Covert Light Ops Mission to certain countries in the Middle East happened in the early morning hours of 12-31-13–New Year’s Eve. Three days later–January 3, 2014– I woke up in the morning as usual, and while making my bed spotted some strange black thing laying dead and lifeless on my pillow, mere inches away from where my head had been moments before. It was about 5–6 inches tall by about 5 inches wide and was flat like a leaf. The bottom edge of it was semi-rounded and the sides and top had long, jagged, finger-like extensions. It was a very dark brown-black color and was definitely dead. I scribbled out the drawing above of it to give you a basic idea of what I saw.

The first moment I saw this dead thing laying on my pillow my “rational mind” screamed, “SPIDER! OMFG BIGGEST SPIDER EVER…ON PILLOW…NEXT TO HEAD…*&%$#!” Thankfully however, as is always the case, my Higher Awareness takes over in the next moment and it knew it wasn’t a physical spider at all but a Team Dark etheric parasitic attachment that had died and fallen off me at some point during the night. euw I was simultaneously overjoyed and so fucking angry I cannot even tell you! As I stared at this dead non-physical monstrosity laying on my pillow while being bombarded by momentary physical spider repulsions plus Higher Awareness insights that covered months and years even, the hideous thing blinked out and was permanently gone. Obviously it was important that I actually saw that particular dead parasitic attachment while awake, plus know that it had died and the reasons why it had attached to me in December 2013.

I knew in that moment of Higher Awareness that the severe head/eye pain that amplified every time I blinked throughout most of December 2013, was caused by this negative etheric parasite. I also knew this etheric parasite was related to my non-physical December 31, 2013 Covert Light Ops Mission to the Middle East to energetically embed some NEW Light Codes/Blueprints in those areas at that important time. Throughout December 2013 I wasn’t consciously aware that the December 31, 2013 Covert Light Ops Mission lay ahead of me, however, Team Dark obviously did and attempted to disable or weaken me as much as possible throughout December before that Mission. I also knew that all this and more was directly connected to and timed with the Sun completing its magnetic pole reversal during the latter part of December 2013.

In that January 3, 2014 8:00 AM moment staring at the horrible etheric Team Dark attachment carcass on my pillow, I understood that the instant the Sun completed its pole flip, the absolute across-the-board NEW Evolutionary Cycles’ energies (Light Codes/Blueprints etc.) would be fully embedded and activated physically. That meant/means that any remaining Team Dark beings and their parasitic tools, attachments, devices and other entities etc. used on and against humanity would die and/or be ineffectual on evolving humanity and the NEW Earth.

When the Sun completed flipping its magnetic poles at the end of December 2013, it would then be fully transmitting the NEW Light Codes/blueprints of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle starting January 1, 2014 and beyond (hence why every moment of January 2014 has been so intense, different, strange, yet so positive despite some weirdness here n’ there), and Team Dark and their old past Evolutionary Cycle distortions, tools, attachments and beings etc. simply cannot exist nor co-exist within the NEW higher energies. As of 1-1-14 they now must either evolve, risk death, or go elsewhere to stay within the old lower frequency level. And so, dead etheric parasitic attachments–among other negative things–could be discovered on one’s pillow or elsewhere and the severe pain(s) it caused instantly and wholly gone for good.

Now that the Sun has completely reversed its magnetic poles it isfully embodying and transmitting the NEW Evolutionary Cycle energy blueprints or ‘Light Codes’ into the physical dimensions because it has cast-off the previous Evolutionary Cycle’s energy blueprints or Light Codes that very much included Team Dark.Because of the Suns pole flip at this time within the Ascension Process at the start of 2014, expect to see, feel, hear, sense and know that continuous positive changes have begun in ways that simply could not happen physically before the Sun cast-off the old energy blueprints and embodied the NEW energy blueprints of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle. Now that this change has arrived within the physical dimensions, big, BIG changes and improvements will unfold and rapidly.

Also, watch for occasional falling dead etheric bodies, body parts, parasitic attachments, weird etheric tools etc. of stubborn Team Dark. (By falling I mean manifesting within your field of awareness and perception. But who knows? 😉 )

I’ve worked very hard for a long time to finally see and experience firsthand this Shift of Great Evolutionary Cycles and Astrological Age Shift into Aquarian energies that’s happening in physicality now. Many of us have. These January 2014 changes are indicators of how much positive change has already begun and is fully embedded and flowing within the physical dimension now. There’s a NEW boss in town–Team Light–accompanying, embodying, embedding into physicality the NEW spiritual Evolutionary Cycle curriculum the Sun is now transmitting. Because of this we’re all going to live these exciting and occasionally dramatic and volatile times knowing that only positive improvements are in the works for all of humanity on the NEW Earth. Always be consciously aware of what you are Consciously Creating by your mental and emotional focus. This NEW higher responsibility is now more important to always be aware of than ever before so Consciously Create wisely.

Denise Le Fay

January 30, 2014

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