Oops Dang

I had no intention of hitting the publish button on an already published article from TRANSITIONS dated, September 24, 2017, An Ascension Kundalini Process Story. My apologies but it’s been energetically, and at the moment energetically visually rather intense lately.

The moment I first got online this morning to write donation Thank You emails, I got hit by that energy anomaly of suddenly seeing a moving light pattern line in one eye that interferers with your physical vision.

At any rate between the solar energies of late, the occasional online computer light pattern interference strip seen for a while, the tremendous negative energies awash in this country now (and many others), my being busier than usual the past few weeks, I’m not surprised this accidental publishing just happened. Sorry about that everyone.

Reality is changing dramatically —I am not exaggerating or being overly dramatic about this—and because of this, one often needs to be EXTRA careful with pretty much all activities during intense, unstable and volatile times like these. I was going to get on a ladder to do some work today but after yesterday’s energy vertigo and body pains, and today’s online eye interference, I’m staying on terra firma (as best I can) until I know it’s safe. Truly, reality is changing dramatically now and fully in the physical level so keep this in heartmind Sensitives from here on out.

I want to mention that I recently deleted my first site TRANSITIONS (2007–2023). I exported many of my old articles from TRANSITIONS to HighHeartLife (2013), which is seen by their original publish dates. It was time for me to do this. It’s also time for everyone to know that my online copyright Intellectual Property is written by me for HighHeartLife.com. My writings are meant for my site only, not anyone else’s to use only to profit from themselves. Parasite time is over, including all that goes with it.

Be wise, honest, aware and safe. It’s going to continue being EXTRA energetically and physically unstable because everything is finally in full GO Mode on ascending NEW Earth. If and when needed, I suggest you re-read my recent article about Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius. ❤

Denise Le Fay

April 8, 2023


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