The Disappearing Darkness Part 2

“Denise, of all of the ‘Ascension Teachers’ that I have come across, you are by far the most real. Thank you for being open, honest, and for speaking about the nitty gritty parts others completely disregard. I cannot jive with those who speak only about rainbow bridges and 9D photon light. There is so much more to this than that. It’s an absolute shit show personally and collectively that we are here to clean up and you do a great job of covering it all. Thank you again!” – Michelle

“Denise, thank you so much for this! I am one who has been reluctant to embrace the idea of “Team Dark” – placing it into the category of wounded human beings living out their fears. But like you, I have had physical and visceral encounters with PURE EVIL which goes beyond mere human woundedness. I’ve seen both – humans who are wounded and therefore vulnerable to “team dark” energies. And I’ve seen pure evil…” – Lauri

“Yes in my opinion dark entities do attack ius from a 3d perspective and I have the scars to prove it. But my interpretation is a bit different than has been expressed here. In my opinion the dark entities are really aspects of ourselves. The darkness that is being bought up because of the higher vibrations entering our bodies. These aspects are fighting for their very survival because they won’t ascend with us.” – Richard

“The plastic surgeon explains why serial killers get aroused. My question is this is not a human thing, we don’t do that right? We’ve been indoctrinated and our DNA manipulated with reptilian stuff, is that why some humans are this psychopathic, why there is pedophilia and why humans began to eat animals/blood/flesh? I don’t remember humans naturally being this depraved in other planets, only in those controlled by reptiles (from my past lives).” – Lana

“I have been on a spiritual path for 20 years and about 15 years ago I experienced the first download of Divine energy/force. I was completely unprepared and floundered not knowing quite what was happening. It was compounded by two other things going on at the same time, one being the veils were lifted and I was experiencing all sorts of psychic phenomenon. The other I was being attacked by the dark forces at every opportunity. Sri Aurobindo calls them the adverse forces they try to stop the seeker progressing on the path. They are very real as you can attest to but are also useful to the seeker to experience as to know light from dark energies….” – Maureen 

The above quotes were from Comments written by readers under my previous article, The Disappearing Darkness. I also want to mention an email I received recently from Lily who referred to my writings as ‘ascension all inclusive’, which I very much appreciated because that is exactly how I’ve always written about the Ascension Process; the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. We are Source, Light and Dark, joy and pain, horrors and profundity and all because Source is LOVE and LOVE is the eternal need to Create.

I want to thank Lauri for being honest about her not believing that Team Dark as I’ve called all negative aliens, beings, entities, devils and demons and human Portal People even existed. I’ve always known that for most people, like Richard, they’ve never known that negative aliens, entities, devils and demons etc. have even existed let alone done all they have to humanity, human consciousness, human DNA, physical 3D Earth, this solar system, the 4D Astral and more. It’s too much for many people to cope with psychologically and emotionally. It’s easier for them to believe the inversions, distortions and lies that negative aliens intentionally placed in human consciousness, the two main world religions and global history that all negativity is within humans. The denial of Team Dark’s existence and negative actions doesn’t make them magically disappear however, evolution does, which is exactly what’s been happening to us and everything everywhere.

Maureen touched on this in her Comment. I’ve written repeatedly about this exact topic at TRANSITIONS since 2007. I’ve written many articles there, some here, plus countless private emails to people from around the world who’ve written me since 2003 in deep pain and confusion because they were suddenly being attacked by unseen negative things and didn’t know why or how to stop it or protect themselves and their loved ones. As I’ve said many times over these ongoing ascension years, the moment a human is activated by the evolutionary Ascension Process energies, Team Dark instantly recognizes that a person has been energetically triggered to evolve beyond their frequency range, control tactics and etheric devices which include etheric AI devices, so they immediately begin trying to derail your evolution or stop it altogether if they can, and/or exhaust you from their repeated attacks so that you drop back down energetically into their frequency range where they continue feeding off of you. Frequency fences around humans and Earth and elsewhere have been very real both physically and etherically. It has been instantly known by Team Dark when a human is activated by natural evolutionary Light energies etc. and they react to that almost instantly and do their best to prevent any Light from entering what has been their hijacked territory and humanity for a very long time.

Lana’s Comment reflects these inversions and distortions done by negative aliens to humanity and Earth long ago. I too have had conscious memories since childhood of how Earth and humanity was BEFORE Team Dark arrived and did all they have to humans and it. Humans were and are naturally positive, empathic, honest creatures that want the best and greatest good for all of humanity, animals, Earth and all else. However, thanks to certain negative aliens believing themselves to be greater than Source God All That Is, they intentionally separated themselves from Source which meant they also separated themselves from the natural life-sustaining energies of Source. That mega egoic belief and action meant they’ve had to parasite off other Source connected beings, like humanity, to feed themselves, fuel their negative devices and agendas, and literally continue their existence. This was the reason Earth was quarantined for thousands of years. It’s been well-known far and wide what happened to Earth and humanity and to prevent that from spreading any further a quarantine was placed until the natural evolutionary Ascension Process began and humans started evolving out of that negativity. Humans are naturally NOT like how they’ve been for thousands of years but were intentionally distorted in multiple ways—genetically and other ways—by negative aliens into greatly reduced beings than what they were originally. Much of humanities DNA was deliberately disconnected by these negative aliens to prevent humanity from escaping Team Dark’s frequency range and influences. Their actions were to protect their only food and fuel sources—humanity. Humans were deliberately diminished into warring, insane, misogynist, greedy, violent, unthinking and unfeeling human monsters by alien monsters and their actions and control mechanisms, the two largest being global “church” and “state”. All of this is being torn apart in 2019 however and will be permanently gone by 2020. This is also why the Volunteers (Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, Bluerays, Pathpavers etc.) have needed to be the first to embody the NEW Crystalline (Christ frequency) rainbow DNA and have them connect and active in our physical bodies first. We have been and still are Fore-running this too for the rest of humanity to evolve into.

The past Evolutionary Cycle was about Duality on all levels of expression, and Duality includes both the Light and the Dark and all of the beings, aliens, entities and humans that have existed and expressed in them both. The NEW Evolutionary Cycle we’ve evolved into exists at a higher, vastly more complex and larger frequency and level than what we’ve come from and it is about Unity, not Duality. This colossal heroic evolutionary ascent some of us have made, many are still making and many more have only recently begun, has to do with resolving their Duality on a personal, individual level and evolving out of that frequency and range, consciousness and external reality into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle that’s about Unity and every individual and therefore consciousness and reality having re-unified the “biggies” within themselves individually. What are the “biggies”? YOU, You and you—Higher Selves and higher dimensional Yous and incarnate you unifying on a conscious level within the physical body aspect of you here now and living the Ascension Process. Another is the re-unifying of the YOU, You and you with Source/God/All That Is on a conscious level—aka becoming sovereign energetically and in all other ways. No more “separation” and you “here” and Source God way out “there” somewhere etc. You and Source are ONE as is every other individual being and human etc. Another is the re-unification of the Divine Mother/Feminine and the Divine Father/Masculine within yourself no matter which sex body you were born with. This is one big reason why there’s been such an increase in many adults and even some children feeling and believing that they’re in the wrong sex body and then obsess over doing everything they can to have their current physical body surgically and chemically changed into the opposite sex from what it is. This aspect of evolving into greater and higher frequency Unity after hundreds of millions of years in profound Duality is extremely confusing and difficult for many people now. Separation was hard when it happened and now the process of starting to re-unify with all that has been separated is equally hard and downright terrifying to many humans, beings and aliens.

The quotes below are from Lisa Renee’s February 2019 monthly article. I quoted the first paragraph because it clearly describes the difference between Satanism and Luciferianism and how it’s been manifest on the physical Earth plane and in humanity for a very long time. Get past the emotional knee-jerk reactions, a desire to turn away from that knowledge, and any religious distorted beliefs you may still hold, plus those you’re not even aware of, and feel into the glaring and difficult truth about how profoundly distorted and inverted the Great Divine Mother Feminine and Great Divine Father Masculine energies have been in this past cycle. Duality at its deepest and inverted worst. Wonder why the Ascension Process has been so difficult, extensive and painful?

“…What makes it easy to confuse the two distinct and separate consciousness forces of Satanism and Luciferianism, is that they are comprised of female-male gender reversals that are both based in the Service to Self ideology. Satanism is without light, and is made up of black subtle forces conjured from the lowest female principle dimensions and black magic grids, while Luciferianism is the false light source conjured from the higher male principle dimensions, attempting to mimic and steal enlightenment from the Solar Consciousness of Christos-Sophia. We could think of a classic Satanist locked in the lower three layers of the negative ego, focused on the instinctual drives, while the Luciferian is attempting to gain higher knowledge through opening his third eye, by passing his heart center.”

This second paragraph below by Lisa Renee is something I’ve been consciously aware of since birth but never came right out and said it online for different reasons. I’ve hinted at it many times but knew it was not the time for me to say certain things outright about “the church” and religions. Now in 2019 it is however.

My 89-year-old mother consciously knew from early childhood that the “church” and what it preached was deeply distorted and evil. Most all Ascension Volunteers incarnated with this knowing about both “church” and “state” but many of them didn’t keep that knowing at a conscious level for a variety of personal and collective energetic reasons. My mother did. I did, not because she shared her beliefs and awareness’ with me as a five-year-old but because I consciously knew from that age that the two main world religions were horrendous intentional distortions created by Team Dark to both limit and more easily control global humanity. This is the primary reason many Volunteer children were so terrified when they consciously realized they were physically incarnate on hell Earth. We’d intentionally incarnated into the enemy’s camp and knew we needed to fly below the radar and tread very carefully until it was time to radiate and anchor Light in all the planetary Darkness and deal with the negative blow-back from our doing that.

“…One may draw comparisons observing many Christian sects, that may identify with the Bible or Jesus’ teachings, yet have many different ranges of interpretations and belief systems in what is thought to be God’s divine will for humanity. People that identity with being Christian and yet subscribe to the blood sacrifice of Jesus nailed to a cross as God’s plan for humanity, have no idea that blood sacrifice is purely Satanic and has absolutely nothing to do with true Christianity. In this state of mental confusion, there are many people with inverted belief systems, identifying as a Christian, and yet they are really practicing and connecting with Satanic forces that are pretending to be Christian. Satanic and Luciferian forces are the great Imposter Spirits, they are the ultimate deceivers and liars that enjoy confusing and mocking people. As an example, the Catholic Church is plagued with pedophilia and sodomy of children committed by clergy, which are the main tenets of the high-powered Satanists in their rituals for gaining power and control over others. With the knowledge of the Satanic agenda and their practices and belief systems, it becomes crystal clear who has been really running the Catholic Church and Vatican City. Satanic forces mock the Christians by pretending to be representatives of goodness, God and Christ.” – Lisa Renee, Mainstreaming Satanism & Luciferianism, February 2019


If you can honestly think about the past many thousands of years on Earth from an awareness that Satanism and Luciferianism has been about the distortions crafted and inserted by Team Dark intentionally reversing, inverting and distorting original Source organic female and male energies from the highest levels of what we call Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine, then most of the aspects within this topic make a lot more sense.

The next layer to understand is that this current Ascension Process, and for many of us the Embodiment Process, has been about the Volunteers literally transmuting, removing, overriding, clearing and replacing all of these ancient negative Team Dark inverted distortions done to humanity and Earth and more by embodying and Embodying the NEW organic Source generated evolutionary energies, Light, Crystalline (Christ frequency) energies, consciousness and DNA etc. into their physical and energetic bodies, hearts, HighHearts and anchored into and on Earth so they’re available on NEW ascended Earth for humanity to naturally evolve into. It’s never been enough to transmute and get rid of these ancient negative distortions and inversions, the Volunteers have also and simultaneously needed to replace all that with the NEW and it had to happen in and through them and their physical bodies. We are the Gates and the Grids, the NEW Solar Flashing Light, the NEW Crystalline rainbow DNA and the NEW codes received and Embodied on the physical Earth in our physical bodies restoring organic Source created and intended energies and blueprints for humanity now and in the future.

There’s been another push by the disappearing Team Dark since 2019 started but as usual it’s because a nearly constant stream of NEW codes, DNA and blueprints for NEW Earth, NEW humanity has been pouring in. Many of you are Seeing and feeling the NEW Crystalline DNA increasingly activating in your physical body month after month. Many of you have been Seeing and feeling the NEW blueprints and codes for the higher Evolutionary Cycle activating in yourself, your body, the Earth, the Elements, your personal life and reality and in 2019 in the external world reality. 2019 won’t be boring in the least as these separations culminate, fall away and more NEW is activated at the same time. This year is when each of us does our best to hold the higher NEW while everything of the old global patriarchal world quickly comes undone and disappears for good. Hold steady all year everyone and pay attention to our magnificent and very dramatic evolution out of Duality and darkness into Unity and Light. What an honor it is to be incarnate on Earth during this brief moment in cosmic evolution.


February 27, 2019

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62 thoughts on “The Disappearing Darkness Part 2

  • My head and body have been walloped for 10 days plus just going back and rereading your last three posts. I grew up Catholic, you know that. I remember things that happened. Bad things. I remember many good things, too. I remember a dream I had where I was shown that my mother and her difficult personality actually protected me from sexual predation by a doctor. I never forgot it. I’ve witnessed people give their power up most commonly to priests and doctors in our western culture. I don’t experience that making organizations 100% evil, I just experience and witness that it is easy to take advantage of those who give away power. I know what it costs to live afraid. It is so advantageous to evil. Victims are easy to take. Thank God that day is over for me and many. The dark elements you know of Denise remind me that I’ve only ever and always will see you as a general on the front lines of this battle.

  • Awesome follow up article Denise and thank you! I wish I could say more but these energies are next level and the brain is offline. I just tried to use my washing machine and looked at it like I had never seen one before and didn’t know how it worked. Take care ❤️

    • It’s been an extra pain filled day for me today, and at one point I was sure my entire house had done a slow roll-over and literally fell of the Earth! Welcome to 2019! 🍸

      I’ve been working on an article and hope to feel better tomorrow so I can work more on it.

      Isn’t it amazing to suddenly look at something you’ve used your entire life and not know what it is or how to put it on your body or feet or open it etc. etc.? I had a momentary awareness glitch the other day with my computer and could not figure out how to do something with it I do every day. Just another day in mega evolution. ❤

      • About the brain being off-line, so true! Yesterday I went to the store to get some new bags for my vacuum cleaner and was asked if I also wanted some new filters. Had completely forgotten that it needed changing (or that I even had a filter)! I find even the simplest of tasks needs a lot of focus. Screwing in a light bulb needs to be figured out to turn it the right way. And I forget I’ve done something a second after it’s done.

        Thankfully I’m not experiencing the pains many of you are, and I’m hoping they ease off soon.

        • Thelma & All,

          Our evolving and expanding from linear consciousness and reality to nonlinear quantum consciousness and reality is one heck of an evolutionary jump! And we’re all still using or trying to us the old pre-ascension tools of both perception and external doing of things when we’ve outgrown them and continue embodying more NEW ones so superior.

          This has and still is effecting how I write because it often just doesn’t even work when I’m all in my head trying to express or explain something. My “head”, our “heads” are now our entire body and being and they exist and function in nonlinear time space reality consciousness.

          Soon we just may intend and visualize the light bulb or anything else that needs to be repaired or replaced in our Higher Awareness instead of believing that the only way is physically.

          Yesterday I could not figure out how to put my bra on. Seriously. It was ridiculous. I kept getting up/down and in/out confused with it so I was forced to slow down and back engineer how to put it on. I got the job done finally but good lord! 😐

      • And to challenge the thinking mind even further, Mercury is in retrograde until the end of the month ☹

        • Kathy & All,

          I was born with Mercury retrograde and it’s conjunct my MC so it’s an amplified point for me. Because of this I’m going to say that it’s most likely why I’ve had mild dyslexia but it’s also why it’s been far more easy for me (in this life) to NOT be as locked in to linear time and consciousness.

          I very much believe, more so now due to the Ascension Process and our evolving beyond linear time, consciousness and frequency, that when Mercury is retrograde it’s helping more people to get comfortable with being and functioning within nonlinear or quantum time, space, consciousness and realities. Direct motion, especially with Mercury, has had the tendency to keep people anchored in linear time space consciousness whereas now with our evolution into Triality, Unity, quantum consciousness and reality we’re finding it much easier to move forward, backward, sideways, inward, outward and all the rest of it and more! Mercury retrograde periods are becoming, for humanity at this NEW higher level of being, a time when the old limits and lane dividers are disappearing. Why be stuck in one lane, one time, one level of awareness and reality when we’re evolving into being able to perceive and function within multiple ones simultaneously? 😉

      • Thank you Thelma and Kathy for sharing and for Denise’s reply. My brain being off-line has been amplified too this week. Yet, I see/SEE the importance of it and embrace it now with the comments here. Denise, your explanation makes total sense (of course), especially with the Mercury retrograde comment. Absolutely! Thank you compadres! Love you all.

  • Dear Denise, thinking of yr 2 articles, and becoming more aware of team dark, in my life. I then thought of all times, been supported by our light team. I dont think we would have made it through, without them……. So 2 days, of strong light code geometric, and waves, in all shades of blue, aqua. Then 2 days sort light aqua, duck egg blue.(I felt it the sirian, pleiadean energys, that came in earlier.) Felt fab. So 3rd, march, amazing day, body healing….AND, released, all the times, something, external, had, negative… Power Over that, POWER OVER!!!!! me. Drs teachers, the systym, (i chose poverty rather than the gravy train, so i could do spiritual work…) WAS RELEASED. Amazed, at last i feel soverign.
    Only divine creator,s power love wisdom, has authority with me….. first time i understood you, when you say about being soverign…(spelling????).
    Whats more, i think this release, is due to yr articles, bring it up to my awareness.
    So many many thanks to you yr comments, and my light team.
    From comments you know how much, you are loved, and appreciated for yr straight talking…THANK YOU

  • The needles? Oh, yes! I’d like to call it quantum acupuncture, but then I tried regular 3D acupuncture once and had to stop after a few needles were inserted. According to the doc, I was not supposed to feel the needles being inserted! These quantum ones I definitely feel. Mm, perhaps another anomaly of being a Volunteer? Regular doctor stuff doesn’t work. Yes, also to the feel-good days of February 27th through March 1st… but big crash here yesterday. Woke up angry this morning! But then that’s all part of the scene. So glad this year is the finale. Love, B.

  • Thank you so much Denise, I seriously check your comment section every morning after the first initial reading of your posted’s my morning coffee wake up and ground yourself coffee mocha moment💖 Every night when I sleep I am doing astral work no doubt..I have had family members make fun of me of how I am when I wake up from sleep..they have never understood the astral work we do in dreamtime too so It’s all good no matter their perspective 😊 Thank you and everyone else here for helping me see I am much better off without certain ones in my life of this lifetime..I have tried telling them things I’ve seen..even auras..and got called devils work..etc..others call it paranormal..I call it..I’ve seen it..I mostly saw negative team dark beings on a few occasions during 2010-2012 ..I havent seen those negative beings since then..they tested my inner power though nonetheless. Humans and animals are so much easier to deal with though once you’ve encountered these dark beings I have to you Denise and so many others we can say not anything can scare us into fear factor shit yes? 😊 Can’t dim our light just because you can’t recognize your own light🌟✨🌞 I could write a novel but I won’t..just feel gratitude ..can’t talk about things yet feel at home here..thank you Denise bless you always

  • Dear Denise and All,
    Every day I am thankful to be further along the path We are traveling, so overjoyed to be away from TD, if only partially and at times. It’s like I caught the last fast bus outta town. Such a wonderful relief!
    Over my lifetime I watched as TD coerced and seduced those around me, they seemed to become possessed at times, doing things against their nature and better judgement and then seemingly falling into intense enjoyment or some inner approval of their thoughts and actions when under possession so they became husks of their former selves. Believe me, satanism does exist, for I lived among it. Right now, my hands are sweating; there is an automatic fear when I think of the peril I lived with on a daily basis. I took a number of trips to the “other side” due to the actions of those TD people around me. I was healed then by a being of light who always gave me a choice to stay or go back, because I had “work” to do. I would tearfully choose to come back, always with new fortitude and direction, my connection to the light sharpened and strengthened. My actual life plan seemed to be under constant revision in concern for my greater safety.
    I understand my vision of an abandoned Earth in a new way now. It’s like those tented houses that you occasionally see, being fumigated for invasive pests; Earth has to be abandoned so that TD has no opportunity for return, gone forever.
    So I find myself here on this new precipice, hopeful and light filled. Whatever happens is so much of an improvement on what was. And it is thanks to all the hard “work” of all light-bearers; I thank you all from my heart 💜, and thank you, Denise for comments.
    Love and Light,

  • Dear Denise
    Quote from Sri Aurobindo

    “The Seeker has to conquer not only his own egoistic falsehood and disorder but to conquer them as representatives of the same adverse and inexhaustible forces in the world. The Seeker does not do this for themselves alone but you do it for everybody.” He also says about the adverse forces “They have a thousand ways of attacking us, for indeed it is an attack, and the more determined we are, the more relentlessly they pursue” this may seem to be an exaggeration, but only those who have never tried to progress can doubt; so long as one goes with the common herd life is relatively easy.”

    Thank goodness the light is now so powerful the highest expression of the energy and light of the Divine Mother shines down on all of us including the Dark forces, I doubt they will be able to withstand the diamond white light indefinitely. Much love to everyone walking the razor edged path of enlightment. Maureen

    • Just making sure Maureen that you are aware that the information you’ve quoted here and in other Comments is EXACTLY what I’ve been writing about online for 16 years because I’ve been living it and dealing with Team Dark beings and their attacks etc. I use different terms like Forerunners, Lightwarriors, Team Dark, negative aliens etc. but this person is talking about the evolutionary Ascension Process and the struggles of extracting ourselves up and out of lower frequencies and consciousness where these negatives have existed for a very long time.

      • Dear Denise I follow you and have done for a very long time because what you write about is spot on. Also you write in an easy and understandable style and what you write verifies what I know to be true. This why I posted Sri Aurobindo he says the same as you. He died in December 1950 and spent 40 years doing the same work as we are now. Maureen

        • Thank you for that Maureen. I was born in December 1951. The exit/entrance has been very tight for those who’ve done all they could to prepare humanity for the mass arrival of the Volunteers and what they’d be transmuting, embodying and anchoring here.

          Thanks again Maureen and I just needed to know that you were consciously aware of this. ❤

    • Maureen,

      Thanks for sharing the Sri Aurobindo quote. Humanity has no idea what they have been subject to and most are still in a hypnotic trance. But those of us embodying the Light know what these words mean.

      I know we were chosen to incarnate for this lifetime because it was hoped we would have the fortitude and insight not to succumb to these attacks (including technology/AI used to keep the masses in a low vibration).

      I too wonder at what point the Dark forces will no longer be able to withstand the in-pouring diamond white light. I imagine an energetic field with cheesecloth holes that grow bigger as more Light pours in. Let’s all open to this new Light and feel it radiate around us.

      Love to you and to Denise, Light Warrior extraordinaire!

  • Something shifted for me today. An uplifting. A certain freedom of sorts. Can’t make out what it is. Even now at this moment… I feel great change. Anyone else?

    • Linda Cosari,

      I felt it yesterday or was it the day before? 😕 I felt a strong positive shift the day what’s his name testified publicly. I slept most of the day yesterday and “time” was extra…stretchy and nonlinear again. It all felt like we’ve shifted out of where we have been into another level of accelerated positive change. Much more of this to come I’m sure.

      • Linda Cosari & All,

        I don’t know why I didn’t include this in my first reply but most of February 27 or 28th, the day I was knocked out most of the day, I felt sudden pains internally in my body all over like I was being stabbed by a foot-long needle. While that was happening I kept Seeing beautiful faceted diamonds up close and also crystal triangles. The diamonds represented the Diamond Light we’re embodying more of again, and the crystal triangles (any triangles) always represent Triality (Unity) showing that we’re no longer in lower frequency Duality range and so on. Some more NEW codes being installed in us, our physical bodies, consciousness and external physical reality in other words.

        When I get knocked out like I did the other day and then had some weird pains and saw different images it always indicates we’re deep in another level of tremendous embodying more NEW energies/codes/blueprints/patterns etc. This has greatly increased in 2019 both internally and externally.

        • I can say Thursday was a difficult day at work and left an hour early. It was like walking under water and my hearing seemed to be blocked as if under water. Friday I felt like a needle poked me in the eye. Then the feeling of walking out of it all into another place was just there even though the same things around me were still there.

        • “Friday I felt like a needle poked me in the eye.”

          I had that needle eye(s) stabbing multiple times in February too Linda C. — amazingly painful but thankfully only lasts a couple of seconds. Throughout the inner body as well and still having it off and on. We’re in another NEW stage and level of Embodiment and obviously some NEW side effects come with it all!

    • Yes, I felt it Thursday. Such hope, joy, excitement. I remember walking out towards my garden later in the day, looking up at the sky and saying “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Totally NEW energy. A very positive shift indeed.

      • Hi Karina, I felt that yesterday morning. 3:30 am drinking my coffee I stepped out in my yard and it was as if my mind was so alert and still. I marveled at the feeling.

  • Something I’d like to share. Apart from the negative aliens that have for the most part hidden themselves in 4D, the majority of people are unaware that there’s also a parasitic energy field in the lower frequencies that can infiltrate the human mind. I believe negative aliens became infected by this mind parasite themselves.

    I became aware of it many years ago when I was overwhelmed with self-doubt and a sense of failure. Suddenly my feelings were magnified, like a dark cloud had descended over me. At the time I was reading about the “collective pain body” (described as a separate entity by Eckhart Tolle). I prayed to my higher levels to remove these thoughts and feelings if they weren’t organically mine … and they instantly disappeared. Afterwards, I felt much lighter and freer.

    Many human minds have become distorted and twisted by this parasite, which acts to increase phobias and fears if allowed and feeds on energetic “loosh.” Problem is, it mimics the voice in people’s heads so they identify with it and think it’s THEM. It grows most easily in the minds of those with addictions or very limiting beliefs and preys on the lower ego.

    I also had an undeniable encounter with a negative alien/demon who was trying to take possession of my body in 1999. That being could read all my thoughts but wasn’t IN my mind.

    I call ALL this “Team Dark.” As Denise so rightly put it, “the denial of Team Dark’s existence and negative actions doesn’t make them magically disappear.” Nothing to fear. They’re just what we’ve had to deal with in the lower dimensions, especially those of us embodying more Light. And we’ve got this now. LOVE to everyone here.

  • Hi Denise. Again🤗 I’ve just become aware of a darkness in me that shocked me. I’ve been sitting with the experience looking at it and asking myself questions. I think its always been here but I never witnessed the truth… Never saw the truth of my anger. Over the years the false layers of the false Edith have been peeling away i.e “spiritually GOOD Edith”, people pleasing doormat Edith/manipulative Edith. Frightened Edith. Codependent Edith. And up to a point, Angry Edith (resentful/victim/powerless/give my power away/ psychic attack). In childhood I instinctively somehow learned to use psychic attack. It was a game I played to Get Even at someone hurting me. I was in 5th or 6th grade. I would focus on the person (I only did this with this one mean asshole) and I’d pour all my anger into or at the person. I’d win the game if the person suddenly made me leave the room. Again I don’t know where this idea for this “game” came from. It would be years and years b4 I’d learn I had been attacking the person. Fast forward to yesterday and the years of peeling away false Edith. I was waiting for an appt. I hadn’t been at this place for over a year. Sitting there I noticed some changes had taken place. And its right here that something got triggered. I felt threatened that I wouldn’t get what I came for. So I got up and walked to the desk and asked about what I was noticing. And here is what I saw in me that has freaked me out. I felt this anger roll up from deep down and come up to my eyes and aimed at the desk person. The intention was to intimidate ( all I can say is there was also paranoia, a deep lack of trust, and I needed to SHOW U I AM AWARE, I DONT TRUST U RIGHT NOW! And if U cheat me then Im leaving!). All THAT crap triggered from a change in procedure and completely created in my own mind AND using attack energy! And Im sitting here now with guilt and shame. Fear. Remorse. Shock. I know I need to SEE the hidden Edith crap in order to clear it. And yes, I need to clear the reaction punishment too. Writing this out helps me process my experience. Thank you.💙

    • Edith,

      Just get to your core issue(s) and you’ll solve all these others that are caused by it. People expend so much energy and time trying to avoid their core issues, wounds, fears, hates etc. throughout their lifetimes, but thanks to the Ascension Process that doesn’t work in these lives. Get to your core stuff, honestly, and then recognize how just about everything was built up by you to protect yourself because of that core wound(s). And then the hardest part is honestly discovering it/them and FULLY letting all of them go. Typically we all need to do that in layers, one after another after another after another over many years. That’s why we have “old issues” come back up repeatedly because the original core issue/wound/stuff was so huge and life-consuming to us personally that it takes multiple times digging deeper and deeper to excavate more of that main issue. How many of us have been amazed when we suddenly find ourselves having to AGAIN deal with some old issue that we’ve Worked so long and hard on over a decade or two only to have another layer of it come up to be seen, felt, recognized and released?

    • Edith, bless you and thank you for your honesty, I think that many of us learned to choke back our fear and anger from babyhood and early childhood so that it has just sat there in our energy field until that specific energy frequency gets triggered once again and bubbles to the surface. I think we all have had to work through this “stuff” all our lives but now because of the rising consciousness and the energy frequencies flowing through us the process is happening far quicker than it would have done maybe even 5 or 10 years ago. It’s all popping to the surface like a cork and bringing a lot of emotions and feelings right up in our faces so to speak. Absolutely everyone has to go through this before we can really be free and move on. The Psychic attack thing is a type of survival response that arises from fear and anger when we feel it is the only way to protect ourselves and sometimes it is, especially as a child. I think our wounded inner child is finally trying to integrate itself into the grown up we have now become and we are feeling and reliving that expression within ourselves so that we can acknowledge it’s presence and then let it go.

      No honest and descent person likes to be lied to or deceived by another and so sometimes if that happens to us then that is the catalyst for us to draw the line in the sand and say NO I will not let you do that and confront it and them on the spot. It’s all good really because it is setting us free but oh boy is it hard sometimes. Your not alone.

  • Yes, I’ve seen the frequency fence – around Earth, and humans each have their own personal fence. I’m sure a lot of people think the term is just a figure of speech, no, it’s very real!

  • Greetings Denise,

    I just wanted to echo the gratitude that I and so many others here feel for you and the other-worldly wisdom that you bring to all of us at this juncture in Earth’s and humanity’s evolutionary trajectory. I feel so privileged to be here and read the comments and your observations on the nuances of our AP/EP journey. Mostly, I feel the LOVE of everyone here wanting to “get everything right” and close one’s circles and clearing everything up before entering our next (and ongoing) phase/phases of our development. For me, what so clearly comes through your writing is that whatever “quarantines” may have existed around Earth and other locations that prevented the evolutionary forces from having Earth re-enter the cosmic family, are now being lifted in great part because of the work of all of US, and I again I feel so much LOVE for this process. Of course, I’ve had/am having my experiences, and although I feel that they pale in comparison to so many of those here, I know and trust that they are “perfect” for what I’m wanting to purify as I move forward. Many thanks and LOVE to you, Denise, and all of those here who truly are your devoted family.

  • Dear Denise,

    Great account of what we’ve been up against … I like especially the part about how, before Team Dark’s arrival, “humans were and are naturally positive, empathic, honest creatures …” I read somewhere that the negative aliens gave us THEIR own minds (aggressive, war-like, greedy, egoic) when they conditioned and programmed ours. So many people lose heart when they see depravity and corruption surfacing all around them and mistakenly believe “it’s human nature.”

    Hopefully we will see more and more evidence of the tide turning this year.

    Wonderful to see all the honest sharing here among resonant Souls. LOVE to all.

    • “I read somewhere that the negative aliens gave us THEIR own minds (aggressive, war-like, greedy, egoic) when they conditioned and programmed ours.”

      Humanity created in “gods” image, except which “god” was that exactly is the big question. This is the point I was trying to get across to some others that believe all that darkness and aggression, blood-lust and greed are normal for humans and that it came from Source God All That Is when it did not. Thanks Thelma. ❤

  • Hi Denise. I had been avidly watching the congressional hearing. Observing. I have determined I MUST drop it. Now that I SEE I can’t unsee. (In all areas of government and personal life). I see manipulation everywhere. Gullible people turned into mass bullies. I don’t observe ANY genuine ethical or integrity from anyone. I see the need to control and legislate every area of our personal lives. There is NOTHING “OUT THERE” BUT DESPERATELY FIGHTING DUALITY. There is no written report or story not slanted or misleading. Back in the beginning I thought it was cool to be able to voice my opinion. What I learned was u (statement or opinion) will b jumped by 20 dark entities. You can feel it. I now realize its a micro of what you have experienced every time you print an article.

    In another aspect online I watched an open defenseless woman confront a man over something he had done. Other men were drawn to the scene. About 5. They began enmass to belittle her and take control. They overpowered her by bullying her and deriding her issue, and she should have been over it 5 minutes ago. She was dismissed. The utter indifference was palpable! Denise I’m digesting that there is no “out there”. There is no purpose in holding a belief. Not even common sense. I see there is at this time the need to focus on truth. Balance. Within. The thing is that with the internet I find its addicting like an old serial soap opera. Its fine if u can observe and stay neutral. And in terms of awareness I see my hidden beliefs that feel threatened. I can do the inner clearing with that. Now I have a guilty pleasure involved as well. Seeing privileged people who formerly “got away with it” be held accountable and have to answer. But the same catch is involved if I’m coming from a judgemental attitude….and I am. A childhood victim stance. So work in regards to this as well. And Im grateful and endlessly fascinated to learn the biggger deeper pic about what’s happening and going on beneath.

    • Edith M.,

      I’m so glad you’ve discovered that angels–or anything else–are not going to be rising up out of the dank pool known as our government to save the day. Humanity is evolving beyond “governments” and all those past systems and structures and 2019 this will be more obvious than ever before.

      I understand what all you’re saying and feeling but you also know what you, me, each of us has to do and that is to live the Ascension Process every second from within ourselves and HOLD that higher frequency while all the old lower insanity eats itself into oblivion. Like you I and many of us over 60, some of us need to witness some of the collapse of the patriarchy and “justice” finally happening publicly. As you’ve discovered, we and anyone else can witness these things but it’s up to us individually to NOT do so from old ego self, vengeance, hatred, violence, victim-hood etc. but more for those of us who’ve lived longer under the negative patriarchal rule (in female bodies) to see the end of it in our lifetimes from a state of honest emotional neutrality.

      Keep up the Great Work Edith and know that you’re doing really, really well. ❤

  • Thank you Denise for this very timely post. This has been a tonic to my soul, for, the past 2 weeks have been particularly hard for me. I really feel at home with all the wonderful people and kindred spirits who share here on this healing space. Blessings to all, from Megan x 🙂

  • I have noticed for some time now that the street that I live in has changed considerably. When I moved here some 30+ years ago it was a beautiful place and everyone looked after their properties and gardens. Now however, it is a mess! Litter everywhere, driveways turning to rubble, children who are rude, badly behaved and vandalizing, overgrown gardens and very loud and inconsiderate neighbors.

    My question: is this also due to the separation of worlds that is manifesting in the physical around us? People are detached and just don’t care about their surroundings anymore. I have litter picked a few times only to find that it is just as bad again within a few days. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

    • “I have noticed for some time now that the street that I live in has changed considerably. When I moved here some 30+ years ago it was a beautiful place and everyone looked after their properties and gardens. Now however, it is a mess! Litter everywhere, driveways turning to rubble, children who are rude, badly behaved and vandalizing, overgrown gardens and very loud and inconsiderate neighbors.

      My question: is this also due to the separation of worlds that is manifesting in the physical around us? People are detached and just don’t care about their surroundings anymore. I have litter picked a few times only to find that it is just as bad again within a few days. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?”

      Great insight and question Megan. Short answer is yes, it’s do to the Separation of Worlds and the fact that the energies and support etc. that went to the old 3D patriarchal Earth and world we all incarnated into is no longer available. That world and everything that went with it, including Team Dark, has Expired. Its time and energetic support– the old energy codes and blueprints, energy patterns etc.– are all done and gone and that fact has been increasingly obvious physically to more and more people. Edith’s latest Comment clearly reflects this.

      ⭐ I’m going to share something I’ve never written about online or in my book(s) about this, and I do so as a Volunteer, Forerunner, Lightworker etc. so my experiences are a bit different.

      Since 1991 when my personal etheric level Ascension Process preparation Work began, I’ve lived in three houses in two different towns. The first house was the one I talked about in A Lightworker’s Mission. The second house was the one we escaped to in 2004 to physically get away from those possessed neighbors. The third house (January 2016) is where I’m living today.

      I first noticed at house #1 that the physical human trash in the neighborhood would always end up in my front yard. I didn’t think much of this at that time and would just pick up everyone else’s physical trash that seemed to get blown and thrown into in my front yard. But, after a couple of years in house #2 and the same thing kept happening there I began wondering if something else was actually going on. At that house I was always picking up other people’s trash that had somehow gotten into my yard. When I moved into house #3 in January 2016 and immediately noticed that this phenomena was even worse here I got angry about everyone else’s trash ending up in my front yard/yards for the past twenty years. In 2016 I had myself a good bitch n’ complain Pity Party over how “the trash” always ends up in my yard and if I want my space clean and looking nice then I have to pick up everyone else’s trash that’s gotten blown in my yard. Everyone should know what I’m talking about concerning this “phenomena”. It’s almost funny except it isn’t.

      During the Ascension Process Transmuters — those of us who excel at transmuting density, aka “trash” in physicality — have had it literally come to us like the wind has blown it into our personal lives, yards and spaces. It’s like it’s been trying to cover up the Light or frustrate us with it continuing throughout these Ascension years. I’ve stood outside looking at everyone else’s yards to see if they had physical trash in them like I did and never have at these three different locations/neighborhoods. Once I understood this from many different angles, I finally gave myself permission four months ago to hire gardeners to come in once a week and leaf-blow everything that’s on my property out and throw it away for me. This sounds so simple and obvious but it was a big deal for me and for me to stop doing that type of “trash work” and pay someone else to do it physically. Now I’m really grateful to have someone else do this for me. ❤

      You may remember my Sears experience earlier this month or last, well I had to go into JCPennys the other day (which is in the same mall as Sears is) and was dismayed by how rundown, dirty and unkept it was. Honestly it looked like it shouldn't be open to the public and like it's been abandoned years ago. Half of the overhead lights were off to reduce their electricity costs, there were boxes stacked up all over in the different departments, the entire place hadn't been cleaned or vacuumed in god knows how long. I've been in this building (and Sears) since they were built and they both are circling the drain and look and function like they’re about to close for good.

      Everything of the old 3D physical patriarchal world has run out of energetic “gas” and is rapidly decaying and disappearing. This is the death of that world and all that went with it and it’s very eerie going into buildings that you’re familiar with for 30-40 years and see it dying right in front of you! Humanity is watching this same thing happening now with our government and politics and all that has gone with that. Next up is the UK with their Brexit, and also for everyone worldwide is Uranus entering Taurus on March 6, 2019 for seven years and how that’s going to quickly manifest financially everywhere.

      P.S. Want to throw out that as the hearings and sentences and investigations etc. etc. continue in 2019 PUBLICLY, there’s going to be an incredibly fast domino effect and the entire old patriarchal systems and rulers, leaders, officials etc. will fall faster than anyone would believe. Watch it fall but do not fall yourself because of it everyone. ❤

      • I have challenges, physically and financially, keeping my property nice. But u have hit on an awareness I let bother me is the endless trash/garbage tossed out of cars from the fast food place that shares the strip mall where I work. It still makes my jaw drop at times.

        And I found a dark hole hiding at my local dmv. A very dark nasty hole managed by people who are not held accountable for their behavior. Fellow seniors, listen up! The written test as we knew it no longer exists. There is now a computer touch screen. My letter stated I did not need to take the test. In person I was told I had to take the test. Not knowing what Im telling u now, I thought ok, if I fail I will be able to review. No one explained the changes or what to expect at today’s dmv. I took the test and failed. I stood there thinking I need to jot down the topics I missed. As I did so a floor monitor accused me of wrong doing. I asked how can writing down from memory notes be wrong doing. She walked over to the counter and reported my crime to a man. I felt angry and I challenged him: You show me in writing thats its wrong for me to write notes from my own memory!! His response? At the top of his lungs he YELLED, “I DON’T HAVE TO!” He then ordered /yelled at me to stand in line till a supervisor came out. I wanted this also. In the end, the female didn’t address the man’s behavior, nor answer my questions. She coukd only tell me that writing in the touch screen area is forbidden. Later on I took all avenues to get this issue addressed but it all is unanswered. I even discovered tgere is a senior Ombudsman dmv rep. She was the only person to talk to me and address my questions. Lastly, the closest thing to an answer is the dmv doesn’t want u to know your failed questions “because they are random and probably won’t come up next time.” ??? They came up next time for me! How does this make any sense?

      • Denise, from the bottom of my heart thank you! Your reply has really resonated with me and mirrors my own experiences for a very long time now. “The old 3D patriarchal physical world is running out of energetic gas and is rapidly decaying and disappearing”. That sums it up exactly! It is staggering just how this process is progressing at warp speed now. I have also noticed the colours of the old system have become very dull and almost crude in that they lack substance or vibrancy, they are fading away too. The wildlife creatures however are really beautiful in contrast and are coming right alongside of us in our stair-steps to freedom! Wishing everyone Happiness and peace and some physical relief for a wee while, hugs from Megan x 🙂

  • So shines a good deed in a weary world-Willy Wonka.

    Denise, thank you. You’ve put the puzzle pieces together again anew. I fully resonate with the dark being aspects of oneness, scared and scrambling. I can see from their perspective why they choose to attack. I can feel that pain. And I’m choosing to forgive them because love is the only answer. Besides, in doing so, I vibrate right out of their space. And I leave the brightest violet fire to transmute them back home if they so choose. I’ve come more and more to speak to the dark from my heart like a mother who loves her willful and belligerent child; I remind them we are one. They cannot escape it and more love washes over and thru me. I offer them to follow the light back to source who can make them whole again if they can but let go of their painful choices.

    I acknowledge it feels terrible to be attacked. I acknowledge the suffering and discomfort I feel and can know in my heart this pain is my “own darks” constant state. Oh! The agony.

    All this to say, thank you for letting me see more in another way. I feel like the pieces of the puzzle fit in any way we choose to assemble. Each of us puts the puzzle together differently. And we each learn so much from the different ways our puzzles come together.

    So, let them try, I would in their shoes; all they do is serve one more by increasing the refining fire energies, and as Maya Angelou says, “I rise.” Together, we rise; as one, we rise. It is done.

    • “I fully resonate with the darkness being aspects of oneness” Thank you Lisa for expressing so well what I was trying to express in an earlier comment that Denise misunderstood what I was trying to convey. And thank you Denise for another wonderful article.

      • “Yes in my opinion dark entities do attack ius from a 3d perspective and I have the scars to prove it. But my interpretation is a bit different than has been expressed here. In my opinion the dark entities ate really aspects of ourselves. The darkness that is being bought up because of the higher vibrations entering our bodies. These aspects are fighting for their very survival because they won’t ascend with us.”

        I didn’t misunderstand you Richard, the point I’ve been trying to make for years is that this situation has been far more complex than this dualized type of consciousness.

        Which came first? Human inner darkness or Team Dark? Were humans originally filled with darkness because Source got something wrong, or long ago was humanity intentionally interfered with which caused them to then have inner darkness? Or is this a case of both and even more?

        Bottom line is we’re evolving beyond all of this ancient stuff and we can nitpick and play word games over who did what to whom and when or how messed up humanity has been and still is or each of us can get on with our personal Ascension Process.

        I’ve NEVER said that Team Dark wasn’t from Source God All That Is because they were. I have said that THEY believed themselves to be greater than Source God All That Is and based on that belief THEY intentionally disconnected themselves from Source God All That Is. We’ve ALL paid mightily because of that.

  • Morning Denise

    It is an honour indeed to still be here. Still in this process when so many are falling by the wayside or unable to grab the light and begin the process.

    Bless you and everyone here. The sun has been shining a lot the last week which is unusual for the uk in February. But that light is purer and “lighter” than it was last year. I can’t put it any better than that

    💖💖 magda

  • Dear Denise

    AWESOME report. All of it so true. One glorified body, one victorious body for the earth and humanity! Maureen

  • Thank you Denise! For several days now I have been seeing flashes again and hearing the song “Final Countdown” playing over repeatedly in my awareness. I’m ready! Deep gratitude and Love to you.

    • Karina, I have awoken during the night singing this song! I have also woken myself during the night talking about the ascension process as well as talking to/teaching people about this process and why we are experiencing what is playing out on the world stage. Twice in the last two weeks I have been accused and attacked by unaware people who are being used by team dark to try and undermine me as a person and to try to make me afraid of their imagined “authority”. I have stood/stand my ground which they really don’t like and they resort to more intense efforts to try and force me to submit to their will which I will never do. I notice that others who are negative and like to try to cause trouble get away with it unscathed continually, but those who are peaceful decent human beings are being harassed and attacked at every opportunity. Maybe its our refusal to be manipulated and controlled that is really pressing their buttons! They really hate that we can see right through their deceptions and lies and efforts to thwart our progress.

      • Hi Megan, How cool you are hearing/singing this song too. It’s a fun song but when it kept showing up in my awareness, I paid attention. Thanks for sharing and I agree, this space is healing and soothing for all of us kindred souls.

  • Denise, this post is literally freaking me out….in a GOOD WAY! As I read your post, specifically about the Catholic Church, it strikes me that this is EXACTLY what I have been transforming – not just in the 54 years of this human life, but across many lifetimes. I knew it, but now I REALLY KNOW IT! Thank you for giving validation for the hard as hell work I have been doing to transmute the damage done by “Team Dark” to Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s original message of love, thereby restoring the original intention of love. Thank you.

    • Thanks Lauri and I’m glad these deeper level connections are being made by more and more Volunteers and others. If interested, Lisa Renee has written extensively about this and specifically what you mentioned.

      What was intentionally distorted and “crucified” by Team Dark long ago was humanity and their natural ability to reach Crystalline (Christ) frequency themselves by themselves.

  • My ears won’t stop ringing. I knowledge them. Tonight it was like nothing. Then as soon as I thought it. It came back. Other than that. I have been so great. What am I missing? I have been on this journey with Denise since?

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