Aim Higher, Embody More Light, Fly Through The Sun

One of the main things I’ve always hated about this Earth world reality, the one that Expired in December 21, 2012, the one you and me and all of humanity has lived our entire lives in up to this point, was that anyone could get in here! Sinners and Saints, geniuses and idiots, heartless and loving, sane and insane, honest and dishonest all incarnate within the same physical 3D Earth world reality together and all seriously rubbing each other the wrong way for eons. It wasn’t fair because the gaps—developmental, consciousness, spiritual, energetic, karmic, soul focus etc.—have been too great between all people causing most everyone huge and constant suffering on Earth.

The great news is however that, due to the Separation of Worlds happening now, this situation is ending because everyone will no longer be allowed to be crammed in together in one big open-school-reality like it has been. Global humanity is queuing up whether they’re conscious of this fact or not, with the frequency and therefore world, reality and timeline that THEY are a vibrational match with now! Not next week, not next year, not two or ten years from now but today, now, in every moment of every hour and day! If nothing else you should seriously slow down and honestly consider this fact for yourself here and now but also for yourself in YOUR near future too. People really need to honestly and fully understand this fact and phase of the Ascension Process because it’s far more important to you, to me, to each of us than most are aware of… and the majority of humanity sadly isn’t aware of it at all.

The other main thing I’ve hated about this Earth world reality all my life is that it was stolen, taken over, ‘jumped’ as Amy Allan calls it when a dead human or nonphysical entity takes over (or tries to) a living physical human, by Team Dark beings (negative parasitic aliens, beings, entities and a vast hierarchy of other negative beings) when Earth and humanity was already down due to the cataclysmic global event of about 10,500–10,600 years ago that caused the 23.5° planetary axial tilt in Earth and near extinction of humanity. While humanity stumbled around in the aftermath of that great planetary catastrophe trying to survive and adapt to the massive changes, Team Dark felt the unimaginable global human pain and suffering radiating outward through space-time and saw it as a great opportunity to swoop in and take over, which they did, and that’s what humanity has dealt with ever since; a global catastrophe followed fairly quickly by a planetary coup by Team Dark alien beings and a huge hierarchy of other negative entities. Until now that is, hence the current queuing of humanity with their matching frequency world and reality for this massive Separation of Worlds. Lisa Renee wrote about this, what I’m calling queuing of humanity, in her February 2017 article Consent which I quoted in full here recently, but she calls this ‘Consciousness Corridors’.

“Over the last several weeks, I have been aware of a large Universal Gate structure coming into view in our Solar System, which appears as a massive wheel with spiral spokes coming out from its center hub. It has become clear that this architecture is related to the Consciousness Corridors. This is how beings will be routed into their placements, or frequency match for the next cycle. What we are in Consent with largely determines which corridor we go through, and which timeline we align with moving forward into the next cycle.There is no better position than to be aware that this movement through trans-time is happening, and be able to consciously participate with it by intending to move into the most positive and highest expression for yourself and others.” — Lisa Renee

I have deliberately used certain images over the past seven-plus years now in an attempt to help readers understand this aspect, this end phase of the Ascension Process and the Separation of Worlds. I’m going to use some of them again here with the hope they make more sense now to more readers in describing this current and totally natural vibrational, frequency queuing and aligning of humanity into these different ‘Consciousness Corridors’.

800x800-redlines-1800x800-pinklines-1 800x677-roads 800x800-tunnelpipes1 mulitroads1

As should be obvious from these different images, they each suggest that there are a variety of different paths, choices, frequencies, rays, ‘Consciousness Corridors’ and so on, and every human alive on Earth is currently vibrationally, energetically aligning with one of these different paths/frequencies based entirely upon the current frequencies they are producing themselves. No one incarnate on Earth now—or elsewhere for that matter—is exempt from this Ascension related Process of aligning with what’s a closest match to them frequency-wise right now. This is the Process of the Separation of Worlds or the Separation of World & Timelines as I’ve also written it over the years. This is it kids, right here, right now, and it’s so, so important and why some Ascension Teachers have repeatedly harped on doing your best to get as much altitude, as much lift, as much Light, as much awareness, as much HighHeart consciousness as you can in every moment of every day because THAT is what’s automatically pulling you/me/we/each person on Earth now towards a frequency match to them individually.

Let me give you a personal example about this Separation of Worlds phase of the Ascension Process and how Team Dark’s working like crazy now to snag, hook, grab and herd as many people as they can to be pulled into all the lower and lowest frequency queues or ‘Consciousness Corridors’ or paths etc. as they can. Why should be obvious at this point; they need humans to feed off to stay what they are. But, they’ve worked long and hard on this aspect for themselves too which I’ll get to in a moment.

After we reached the Expiration Date of the past Great Evolutionary Cycle (225-250 million years long at the very least) on December 21, 2012, we Forerunners entered a NEW Ascension related phase starting January 2013, and we’ve been dealing with and in NEW higher frequency situations, greater personal responsibilities, expanding consciousness, ongoing Embodying of our Higher Selves (energy template), further excavations of our personal “basements” (unconscious) and any residual stuff still in there, existing increasingly outside of linear time and a hundred other related things ever since. We’ve been busy in other words, and there’s nothing new about that. But, so too has Team Dark which I didn’t want to have to deal with post 12-21-12. Did I mention greater personal responsibilities and expanded consciousness? I did, and this is part of that too like it or not.

Oh yeah, the third thing I’ve always hated about this Earth world reality this life and most others is Team Dark.

Nonetheless, since 2014, like many of you reading this, I’ve had one thing after another get more difficult, get worse, get harder to deal with etc. Simultaneously, like many of you reading this, I’ve also had one thing after another get more positive, easier, faster, lighter, brighter, aware and loving etc. Experiencing Duality amplify so profoundly year after year as it has since December 2012, has not been easy to live with, understand, or energetically and psychologically cope with. The pull between these two opposite frequencies — one expanding into more and more higher frequency Light, the other compacting into even greater density and darkness — has been a real test and learning curve with Neutrality and HighHeart Consciousness. This energetic tug-of-war cannot continue of course because it would rip us all to pieces one way or another eventually, and for many Forerunners, it’s felt just like that since 2013. It’s not been easy since the Expiration Date for Forerunners or for the unaware and this brings us all to the actual Separation of Worlds happening now.

Since 2014, I’ve had repeated situations that have been ripe with possibilities to easily drag me down, down, down into lower frequency queues or ‘Consciousness Corridors’ which I fully recognized at the time. What’s taken me more time to learn and get a decent working grip on is that, due to my (and your and each of our) ongoing evolution in these Ascension lives, what I’ve known about Team Dark is expanding too. I was hoping they’d eventually just go away and disappear, and they will eventually, but until that point is reached I’ve got to deal with them and their changing/changed tactics whether I like any of this or not. It just is what it is and eventually I’ll be so bright n’ shiny via Light Love evolution that none of this will matter in the ways they have. Until then however, each one of us needs to know that Team Dark has also prepared for this time within the Ascension Process.

Because I’ve been “psychic” since birth, I’ve always Seen and felt other-dimensional beings and things in a basic set of ways. Thanks to the evolutionary Ascension Process and all it does to us however, what I’m able to perceive now and how I perceive it is very different from forty years ago, from ten years ago, from yesterday. Added to this ongoing developmental situation is the fact that Team Dark (TD) has also changed the majority of their tactics against Forerunners/Starseeds/Indigos/Wayshowers and also mass humanity. Changing with the Ages!

In the past I could easily clairvoyantly See, Feel, Hear etc. TD aliens, beings, entities. But because of this ongoing Ascension Process and an astrological Age change from Pisces (opposite sign Virgo) into Aquarius (opposite sign Leo), TD’s tactics and energies they’re using and stealing from have changed dramatically too and that has taken me some time to figure out, learn, recognize and know as well and as quickly as I did with their old ways.

Because I’m a Seer and TD knows this about all Seers (clairvoyants), they go out of their way now to never show themselves to me. That scare tactic hasn’t worked on me for years now, so TD changed things in a very clever way around 2014, and certainly by 2015. They now remain unseen or “cloaked” as best they can and direct heavy-duty energetic transmissions at me (and other Forerunners) in the hopes of me not recognizing them and allow myself to be fooled by them and carried along into another, always much lower frequency level. And they have been hitting really hard with these unseen, out of sight new tactics of directing specific frequencies at many of us to try to get us to focus on whatever is in their transmissions. I’ve discovered they are now typically very depraved and violent. Sexual, violent, depraved, sick and very lowly and these “transmissions” of theirs are aimed right at Forerunners trying to get us to fall energetically and not do what we’re here to do. Nothing new about this either, only how it’s being done has changed recently.

It’s one thing having some monster show up in your physical and/or nonphysical life and reality and try to beat the hell out of you or any number of other such things. But, it’s a very different story when the monsters deliberately remain hidden and instead attack via directing negative frequencies at you with the intention to get you to think and focus on specific very low-level perversions and such. The contrast between these transmissions and me in my current natural state are huge, but that doesn’t always make deflecting them any easier. It’s been a serious learning curve with these different TD tactics post 2012, with a couple of times coming way too close in my opinion. But, this is how some Forerunners learn, fighting for our very lives, sanity and souls! This happens for multiple reasons, but one important one is so we know it, we recognize it, we can instantly read its energy signature as Lisa Renee mentioned. Once this has been achieved, you don’t need anyone or anything else to define reality for you because you’ve experienced it firsthand, multiple times, and because of this you know all on your own. This is how it’s always been for Forerunners, but since 2013 we’re doing so on a NEW higher level. This will continue as we continue evolving in these bodies and incarnations. Say it with me everyone, bright n’ shiny, bright n’ shiny, bright n’ shiny now!  😉

Some Heading Out, Some Heading In

Throughout my lifetime I’ve had certain things highlighted in my consciousness, one of those things since early childhood was the Sun and its color and the type of Light it radiated. That highlighted awareness would be very helpful when our Sun began changing color due to approaching and eventually entering the Photon Band of Light. Another thing has always been about negative ETs and their creating human/ET hybrids business. There’s always been something much, much larger about this topic pulling at my awareness since the 1970s. A few days ago more huge chunks of awareness about that and related matters fell into place, much like what I described about knowing more about Team Dark because I am, we (Forerunners specifically I mean here) are evolving and have entered a NEW higher phase (2017) and need to know more about everything. Mass humanity is going through this too but at the level they’re capable of at this time. Stair-steps for everyone.

Some Forerunner Volunteers have out-of-body sleep state experiences (Service or Mission Work) where they actually go to physical locations so they can see for themselves what’s been taking place in hidden, secret, covert physical locations by secret, hidden so and so people and beings for decades. This is not remote viewing but actually going to these places on Earth and underground, plus on other planets and moons on both the surface and underground, and locations throughout our Solar System and beyond it while in our nonphysical bodies. Again, this happens so the Forerunner knows from firsthand experience and that information is instantly recorded and transmitted to other Team Light (TL) members in higher dimensions for a variety of reasons. It’s rarely enough for Forerunners to be told something; many of them need to directly experience it, whatever it may be at the time, so they know the truth and are familiar with different things, situations, beings and energy signatures of them all.

You know how Team Dark always flip things, inverts things, 180 degrees things that Divine Source has created for the simple reason that TD cannot create themselves because they chose to separate from Source long ago? Because of that, this is what they must resort to to continue their existence; continued theft of organic things, structures, grids, systems, humans, human bodies, human produced energies etc. and invert and distort them into inorganic things and structures so they can sustain themselves off of them. Think of the five-pointed pentagram symbol that represents human beings. Now think how TD flipped, inverted that symbol and energy upside down into what it’s been for a long time. This is what they do to survive, they steel, distort and pervert.

Back to the negative ETs and their long-term hybrid projects and other related ones.

For a few decades I’ve had this partial awareness that TD has worked like crazy, preparing for something big that was in my near future. I couldn’t see it clearly, only sense it partially, but it has bothered me for decades. The other day I finally got some more clarity about this and, to be honest, it blew my mind. It shouldn’t have but did for a few moments and then it all made perfect sense and I was back in Neutrality again.

In relation to this negative ET business and how they’ve been hustling up hybrids for decades now and plenty of other related projects, I kept thinking about the astrological Age change we’re all living through in these Ascension lifetimes from Pisces (Water) to Aquarius (Air). I know that TD adapts to and uses whatever the current astrological Age energies are, and so, they’ve shifted from the old Piscean, emotional (Water) and Emotional Body energies that have been prevalent to Aquarian energies (Air) with its focus on mental/mind/intellect/consciousness, Mental Body etc. Huge topic just this and I’m not going further into it here but just highlight it so you better understand the current tactics TD is using against humanity now and why.

TD never goes for the highest qualities and characteristics within an astrological Age but the lowest and they’re continuing with this via Aquarian Air energies and the opposite Leo ones too. Point is that there’s been a shift from their old Piscean Age methods to Aquarian Age ones and these are more technical, inorganic, dark and anti-human which I didn’t think was even possible. Silly me.

One branch of negative ETs have been working like crazy for decades building physical hybrids; half human, half whichever ET parts were also used. Other branches of these many negative ETs have focused on a different angle of building ways for them to enter a physical world reality via a physical human host. Other branches of these negative ET groups have worked more exclusively on the AI (Artificial Intelligence) aspect of this and not for just one reason but many.

I’m not writing about this so certain people can obsess over or fixate on all the details of the negative ETs interdimensional plans on getting themselves into the physical dimension and world in whatever ways they’ve come up with. I’m writing about this now ONLY because as you and I and everyone else whose been working for decades and lifetimes to Ascend to a higher dimension, state of being, body, consciousness, and world reality, Team Dark has done what they always do which is take what’s there naturally (organically via Source) and invert it, flip it, distort it for their own purposes. Said simply, as we Forerunners and other humans continue living the Ascension Process and evolving out of the old 3D physical world and reality, Team Dark is doing their best to descend into it and other similar physical Earth or Earth like worlds during this current phase of The Separation Of Worlds.

You can feel the truth of this in your gut and it’s very unpleasant and I’m sorry for that but this is what they’ve been working towards for a very, very long time; getting into physical human bodies in any way they can and/or stepping into physical human hybrids created decades ago for this very reason. Overshadowing isn’t enough for them anymore, nor is possession, or Portal People or any of the other tactics and methods they’ve used during the past Piscean Age or longer. No, they’re coming in, stepping in, moving in, taking up residence, evicting the human tenant from their own organic physical bodies in a number of different ways, many of which Lisa Renee has gone into great detail about over the years.

Recently a young woman wrote a Comment on another article and said, “…evil is on the way out…”. In fact the truth is that evil is on the way in while many of us evolve, ascend out of the lower levels and remaining inorganic TD created timelines. Breath, think about this, discern this information then apply it to every time you or anyone you know has come under some form of attack by TD and/or influence since 2012. Breath, relax, get Neutral but be honest because it makes all this easier to deal with.

multirays1   arrowcircle1  geoburst-4   multipathsman1

A few months ago I Saw some massive something that’s manifested within the outer half of our Solar System. It looked to me at that time like a huge mass of something that didn’t feel negative at all, but was there for a very important reason. I also Saw that some nonphysical Beings and different highly evolved positive ETs had come into that area because they were curious about it and wanted to view it for themselves. What I Saw wasn’t exactly what Lisa Renee recently Saw out there too yet it’s the same thing, the same energetic tool or ‘architecture’  as she recently called it. Its presence has created quite a stir among different ETs and other nonphysical Beings and now that I know what it is, I understand why! This thing, this energetic architecture thing is what is and will assist all of humanity on Earth to their matching frequency location/world/reality to what each of them, us all, are vibrating at now. There has to be a redistribution of every human being incarnate into a matching frequency world and reality. This is another reason why so many people have been dying suddenly post December 21, 2012; they didn’t want to remain in their current physical body for whatever their reasons but will return to a matching frequency world and reality when their Higher Self and Soul believe it best to do so. Talk about musical chairs being played across the Milky Way galaxy and beyond! Talk about an exchange program! Who knew TD was planning on descending into physical bodies and physical reality simultaneously to many of us ascending out of it!

While ascending humans are dealing with all we have and continue to, Team Dark is busy with doing their best to get you, me, anyone they can to get side tracked and sucked down into a lower frequency road, path, queue etc. so we do not ascend but remain at lower levels so they can do more damage and enter our physical bodies so they can much more directly experience the severity and intensity that physical life and reality actually is. This is why certain Ascension Teachers have repeatedly preached about paying attention to what you’re thinking about, what you’re emotionally feeling, what your invested in mentally and emotionally.

No doubt I’ve forgotten some things I’d intended to include in this article, but this is what happens when I start getting fatigued after writing for a while. Much in this article you reader are beyond and I’m aware of that and so glad and proud of you for it. Some others however aren’t and need to know how powerful this time is now and why and that it could affect you today and for the rest of your life and beyond even so everyone needs to be focused on them and their evolutionary Ascension Process to make sure you/me/each of us queues up with the highest Ascension reality and timeline we’re capable of today and tomorrow and every moment. You will dip and slide and fall and climb your way back up again and again, I know this because I’ve been doing it since 2014. There’s still time left to get yourself where YOU want you to be and not where TD wants you to be. Focus and BE what you are now Forerunner, Embodier of Light LOVE Higher Self, Starseed, Indigo. In every Now Moment aim higher, embody more Light and fly through the Sun. ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 19, 2017

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32 thoughts on “Aim Higher, Embody More Light, Fly Through The Sun

  • Denise, I agree with all you wrote, and that Team Dark are trying hard now to get into this world, but when you say here: “Overshadowing isn’t enough for them anymore, nor is possession, or Portal People or any of the other tactics and methods they’ve used during the past Piscean Age or longer. No, they’re coming in, stepping in, moving in, taking up residence, evicting the human tenant from their own organic physical bodies in a number of different ways,” – please can you go into more detail? I have seen people become possessed, and if the dark entity can stay in long enough, they *do* evict the original, rightful ‘tenant’ of that body. Sad, but true.
    So my question is, since they always have got in by taking possession of, and then evicting the owner of, a body, what are they doing now that’s new? (As I said, I agree with you, and I know/sense, they ARE going all-out for this, I’m just puzzled/curious about how. Apart from AI and hybrids, what else have they got up their sleeves?
    Thanks in advance!

    • “So my question is, since they always have got in by taking possession of, and then evicting the owner of, a body, what are they doing now that’s new?


      Full possession is still rather rare, plus the TD being/entity doesn’t evict the human from its physical body. What’s changing is that this too is about the Ascension Process in that as those people naturally evolving/ascending up to a higher frequency range of expression and existence, there are many people that are descending into greater density and negativity for a variety of reasons, the main one being they haven’t “woken up” enough yet to even know that they’re mind controlled etc. etc. The other main reasons are that a lot of people still want to live in and experience violence, killing, fear, and not taking personal responsibility but continue letting others–in this case those others are TD–tell them what to do, when, how and so on.

      All of this, the ascending and the descending is all about individual choice and desire to evolve and get free or not. And because this great evolutionary Separation of Worlds period is happening now, TD has known this and has been preparing to go to the next level of actually getting into a human body fully. Like I said in this article, I’m not going to get caught up in the how’s of all this with TD because I’m ascending and have other things on my HighHeart mind! 😉 You should too. ❤

  • I feel that my amnesia is starting to clear and I was directed to find your post. Are you aware of “The Black League” (note that Black = invisible/absence of color, like a black hole, hearing the cry of innocents and coming to their rescue when called upon) and it’s mission on this planet? Also their countless missions around our galaxy? You could think of them similar to the Jedi Knights of Star Wars. I have recently been shown visions related to this that are quite disturbing, especially related to the tens of thousands + / every year of missing children and those sold / given to TD by world governments on this planet. BTW, such a nice name (TD = Team Dark) for such a vile group of beings which feed off negative energy and most especially the blood of children. There are others like me being activated regarding this, being shown secret locations, etc. and I am reaching out with the hope of finding others with this knowledge. We are one with the Source, and the Source is with Us.

  • I saw an inner vision a while ago that the darks were trying to get any humans on their side that they could at this point. They say all the time this is a free will universe. Not if you are incarnated into limited knowing and ones who aren’t in a limited-knowing matrix can mess with us all they want. Its not free will if those on this planet are not aware of it and yet it is allowed to happen. The matrix itself is the opposite of free will. I have been telling Source all this. And that s/he should rewrite the rules to make things fair. I think Source knows its unfair, that it was done this way to increase light, and all i can think about is when*** is the new earth?? I dont want this bizarre life that does not feel divine. To live daily with fragmented light is becoming ever so lame. I am divine, a divine planet is my true home and my birthright. So hurry up and collapse, lets get on with it, let’s be on the new earth yesterday. I also told Source i am not an ascension machine, s/he agreed, sometimes i can hear her/ him talk back to me.. s/he understands our feelings more than we realize.. but anyway, to the new earth.

    • Hi Christie and All,

      I so agree with this comment. When I realized many years ago that I was a Volunteer and that it was impossible for me to create my own reality while Team Dark was still infesting this Planet, I understood that and agreed to my Starseed role with an open heart and mind, which entailed a lot of ‘within’ work, then physical work on the Grids grounding Light-Love, and almost constant ‘dirty’ work in my dreams, etc., etc., which work still continues in linear time.

      And isn’t it ironic that according to many spiritual types, even if I tried to create my own reality of New Earth, I’m advised that it is so beyond my ability to imagine, I’d fall short. But, like Christie, I remembered my connection to Source, I remembered my birth place in the Stars, and yet, I’m deemed an escapist if I voice that “I want to go home.” How strange. Love, B.

  • Hi Denise and All

    I have read about Separation of Worlds in 2001 from

    In their last message from last October, they said:

    The coming chaos will mask the separating out of the different timelines that are heading toward different destinations and experiences. Everyone and everything that is not part of your timeline will disappear from your sight and be gone from your awareness.

    Denise, do you think these ‘Consciousness Corridors’ are natural structures or deliberately have been created with a purpose from beings with an agenda, seemingly may be benevolent, and yet always there is an agenda…

    I have deep doubts…and it is another trap?

    “They” can create timelines and insert any event or message, that they want to manifest for their agenda, whatever it is.

    Our physical, linear time is fully created and controlling by “them”, so ancient call it “illusion” , but you all know that.

    As Morfeus from the movie “Matrix” said to Neo something like that:
    “Neo, Matrix is all around you”

    • “Denise, do you think these ‘Consciousness Corridors’ are natural structures or deliberately have been created with a purpose from beings with an agenda, seemingly may be benevolent, and yet always there is an agenda…

      I have deep doubts…and it is another trap?”


      I suggest you directly ask your question to the author/channel of that article you left a link to. 🙂

  • Thanks Denise, I really had to say thanks for this and also to say that like many of us, that the consent stuff had me gasping when I listened to it, I couldn’t read it as I went cross eyed and thought my heart was going to blast itself out through my rib cage………… so I’m saying thanks for writing this down, because I could read it, and thanks for being you and managing to make sense of it all on here.

    After this article I don’t know why but I just fell compelled to tell you about my weird experience of life. I had a lot of intestinal surgery in the 1970’s (when I still knew who I was and thought I was going out nice and easy about 1984 for our big homecoming party haha) and it has been triggered again massively through the work I have had to complete on the planet with groups who are still finding their way around all this fog (in the travel business) since 2013. I knew I had some sort of contract to fulfil (whether I agreed to it or not) and decided a while ago I would rather be out there getting on with it half dead than sitting around wondering what was going to smack me one next, so I carried on until I could give in, collapsing as I got off a plane in 2015.

    My surgeons said to me, your body is f……………. but your spirit is so strong we have to do something and they did, sort of…….. (telling me I needed chemotherapy, which I refused, with their support) but my X-rays look like I should be dead and still my gut is still dreadfully impacted by all the energies flying around and within and I have quite often fainted as a result of the intense surges and found myself in the back of an ambulance trying to explain myself to someone, but I’ve honestly reached the stage that I believe that as long as the body survives long enough to get through this it doesn’t matter where it is, horizontal or vertical, because they ain’t gonna win, and I will just love being with whoever is driving me around and giving me a quick drip feed to keep me going (saline of course).

    Now I am getting better (most days) I am still trying to recognise that dark signature you talk about, as I feel it changes so often, but a lot of the sensations are mine anyway so I have to keep trying to understand it and be discerning (who the hell invented that word?) By the way I was great at the emotional work we did over the last two decades, it’s the physical that has floored me completely.

    Anyway I am writing to sincerely thank you for the “don’t take it personally” advice because I STILL forget that all the time and get desperate in private thinking I’m relapsing again. So I must try that first and go bonkers secondly from now on. You never know I may just forget to take any notice of it. If my body has survived this long then I must have a reason for being here so I owe it to my mind to try and understand it all now.

    On a lighter note I am being moved from a “hot spot” energetically into a little house in the woods in March as I have come to the end of a contract I absolutely had to fulfil. So I will simply live in hope and send love to you and all the other long suffering warriors you help so much!
    Linda x

  • Big thank you for this one, Denise, and also thank you to those who have commented as at the time I write this comment. Much of what Denise speaks about I have experienced in ‘fast forward’ since last Fall… timelines collapsing with people who I thought were my friends, and who were my friends as long as I remained at their frequency level, and attacks by TD that I didn’t ‘get’ until I realized that I was actually being attacked by Portal People. They are very subtle, these attacks, because I for one, automatically assumed that it was me who was the problem, it was me who wasn’t ‘loving/lighting’ enough! And I want to add that years ago I wrote a comment at TRANSITIONS words to the effect that as far as I knew I was not being attacked by TD and I wondered why. Denise, bless her, wrote an article in response to that comment, and here I am able to say that, from what I can understand in this Now moment, the reason I wasn’t attacked then and really hadn’t been up until this past Fall is because I was literally being guarded by a Portal Person. That relationship (if you can call it that) got so far out of synch, I had become what I can only describe as a “Stepford Wife” and thank God, I ended that timeline last Fall. It’s not been easy, nor has it been easy for any Forerunner, but as a result, I can now read energy signatures, and so, thank you, Soul and Higher Self, for the LESSON! And a good bit is that a couple of days ago, the Sun, which is usually blocked by clouds or chem trails in my area, finally came out full. I hadn’t seen it for months, and wow, it was massive, I mean massive, almost pure white, and the rays coming from it extended in every direction as far as I could see. I was so excited I almost cried, and those rays reminded me of some of the symbolic designs Denise has posted above. So, yes, indeed, bright and shiny, bright and shiny, bright and shiny! Thanks again, Love, B.

  • Bless you. I think I didn’t want to face the fact that the dark/evil is always the same. I kept hoping it could change into something better.
    Hugs to you

  • Lots of deep breathing! Expel. The more blinders I shed from false misleading spiritual teachings, the more I see. Watching the manipulation of our country, the deliberate attacks on key people under the guise of humanitarian beliefs, mob mentality and no searching out facts, no questioning their beliefs and on and on. People wanting and demanding with no plan in place…. Just Love! And i saw how much i had been a part of it all! I see the overwhelming belief in helplessness and victimization remedied by personal attack and blame, needing to be right,…. But no common sense down to earth plan of action or course to pursue. Fear. Control. Order. Authority. Fix me, fix us. Make it better for me.

    Denise, im just breathing thru your deeper reveal. Wow. Thank u for making it clear this is inner work, effort, and accountability. Thank u for sharing that u r still standing strong. You are walking through it to the other side. Thank you for sharing it isnt pretty or easy but worth it no matter the stair step one is on.

    Hugs. Keep on keeping on! Forward 💖💝😘 All of us.

    • “Fix me, fix us. Make it better for me.”


      Bless your heart for being so honest about all this. Bless your heart for grasping it and DOING IT yourself. Very well done you! ❤

      This ain't no tiny evolutionary leap, but a HUGE one, especially after thousands of years of intentional disempowerment done to humanity by TD. Because of such profound and lengthy negative disempowerment, many humans don't have a clue about how to “make it better or fix it” themselves. It’s heartbreaking and you can only do so much as it always but always boils down to each of us HAVING to face things ourselves and take greater and greater responsibility.

      I’m going to write another article about how the Separation of Worlds aspect of the Ascension Process isn’t a black/white dualized thing like many have believed for a long time. It’s also not a situation of everyone on Earth now ALL evolving to the same exact NEW higher place together, also like many have believed it would be. I’ve said over and over again about how much more complex and amazing things are than what dualized consciousness can even comprehend.

      • Dear Denise,

        I felt compelled to chime in 🙂 Just yesterday while venting to my Mom, I stopped and all of a sudden was hit with a profound sadness, tears. Not pity, not false empathy, profound/deep sadness for the people I know who are caught up in their fear and mask traps. Such sadness because I know (from my experience climbing out of it) that it takes way much more energy to “defend” your fear instead of facing it (in spite of the fear) and surrendering your way through it. I had profound sadness at knowing that anything I had to share in words with that person (those persons) would not be heard/received in the Light that I mean it as. How to communicate? I know that I can’t. I know that it is up to them to reach out, up to them to do the work (to Want to). And still, I stand here (sit actually) and feel profound sadness for those who choose to defend their fear, their masks, in lieu of their Beautiful True Self. I had not felt like this before (as far as my memory tells me) and I know it’s another layer/level of this process. With this neutral empathy, I know that I can get through anything and interact (or not) with anyone. Because it allows me to “See” and “Know” that they are choosing fear lies, and I can still love the Being in spite of the behavior. Am I making sense here? I hope this is not too terribly off topic. It felt really important to share.

        I also really appreciate your own take on things after sharing Lisa’s latest newsletter. I had read it before you shared it. It usually takes me a couple days to get through it because it is long and heavy stuff. I did get it, the importance of it. Because I’ve been through my own sra experiences, I know how it is for the general public. They don’t want to hear anything “too dark” because it can’t “possibly” be true. I have experienced years of that. And so I know the importance of shining a spotlight on these dark, truly uncomfortable things. It’s sort of like you wouldn’t go camping in the wild for a month without doing research of knowing possible things to expect, and learning what you may need to know, safety, health and hygiene, and possible dangerous situations. Well, you certainly wouldn’t just drive to the entrance with just a water bottle and money in your pocket expecting there will be a restaurant close by that you can walk to. That probably doesn’t make sense either. I get it though, and like I said, I do appreciate your views on all these different (and complex) aspects of the Ascension process. ❤

        Much Love,

        • Chrysalis, I totally understand what you mean. I have sat for many years in sadness for my whole “family origin” and now my patients, as a nurse, who seem to be totally unable to see through the darkness. Yet, I also, have empathy for them and am trying very hard to accept the fact that all of us have our own journeys and that I cannot be responsible for the choices of others. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

        • Jodie and Amber… Thank You. These days it’s a challenge for everything I used to be “good at”. Numbers, energy, writing… It’s a lovely confirmation for me to know that what I say (or even how I say it) is understood at deeper levels for others. Even if I’m unsure if I know what I’m trying to convey!

          Amber: That’s another piece of it that I guess I was conveying in the energy behind what I was conveying with my words. That it’s beyond fixing others for me, and now I’m in this space of sadness and empathy (in high heart neutrality). It’s allowing others the choice to “go through this process the hard way”. Goodness knows in my own process I had to just force myself through the fear and keep going and going because there was so much to get through. I wanted to be done with it, I wanted to stop living in fear and panic all the time. I wanted peace. I watch those around me too afraid to do anything except bow to the fear, hold the mask up high. Not in judgement, just knowing how much more challenging the road will be for them… because I know, I’ve been on that road (we all have to some degree). I meant to include that in what I shared, that I’m better now at “allowing” and taking judgement out of my equation. I phrase things as being “a choice” so that it takes “duality” out of it all (right/wrong, left/right). Doing that (using the word choice) helped consciously remind me that it’s not longer about judging myself or any other person. Perhaps that might help you in your struggle to maybe not accept yet, maybe to allow others their choices and feel ok within yourself about that…. to view and think of it as a choice.

          Again, I truly thank you both for your responses.
          Much Love,

  • Denise
    Spot on. Thank you for your honesty. I have been subject to those vile transmissions and really thought I was a crackpot till I realised where they came from. Someone at work who has been emotionally unpleasant in the past has really cracked off over the last two weeks. Another way to try and take me down. My nan has been the same. It took me a little while to figure it but the vibration from both is the same. I have tried in both cases to shine as much as possible and not engage energetically. And yes TD are not appearing as monsters which does make it so hard to whoop their a***e. I thought it was odd especially as I have been feeling so oppressed.
    Bless you and all of us who seek the lighter way. Shine shine shine and keep on shining.
    Love and light
    Magda (poss too many posts this week 😎)

    • “My nan has been the same. It took me a little while to figure it but the vibration from both is the same.”


      And that is exactly how people learn, for themselves not through someone else, how to discern and/or read Energy Signatures. Very well done you! ❤ Soon you'll recognize that frequency, that energy signature with your eyes closed in the dark, in a roomful of strangers, and it is one heck of an important Higher Awareness ability to have.

      • So right on! One of my mothers caregivers is a “problem child” and it has been very difficult for me to not fall into the black pit with her but mom is doing fine and the issues are now being addressed by brother in charge. So I am trying to see her learning and evolving because there is a light side to her and I believe that all have light. Sad that some may never discover it. Thanks everyone, loving all the comments since I have been away for the week. Always nice to connect to the family here 🙂

  • This article really “clicked” with me. I was just telling a friend that I feel that my whole life has been surrounded by family and others who are addicted to one substance or another. I often wondered why I have been able to keep my life and my mind sane in dealing with all of this! In my work as a Hospice nurse I find that now many of the patients I have been assigned to are younger, very self-centered and constantly seeking more and more meds, cigarettes, etc. My own son recently relapsed after over 2 years in recovery. I had the revelation that this how TD is trying to tear me down, but now that I am aware, I am putting on my armor and standing in my the power that has gotten me this far. Any suggestions as to the best way to stay in the light would be appreciated!

    • Bless your heart Amber. ❤ This is why I write about TD — for the people who are aware enough and honest enough to look at how negative things have been on Earth. There are so many people that simply cannot look, will not even consider the possibility that TD exists and has done what they have and why. Closed minds, asleep minds, stubborn unaware minds are super easy targets for TD.

      Yes the negative is and has been escalating simultaneously with the positive and this is now easily seen and felt in everyone around us. The imbalanced are more imbalanced, the greedy more so etc., while those waking up and taking personal responsibility for themselves and their reality are becoming Conscious Creators existing within 5D frequencies.

      I’m so sorry that your son relapsed, and after 2 years. Whatever it was must have been huge to him for him to backslide. But, sometimes it’s those backslides that finally get one out of it for good.

      I’ve mentioned many times that my mom (now 87) had a triple bypass and two weeks later a related stroke in mid 2014. She had dementia prior but it’s gotten worse of course with the stroke. The entire time I’ve had to watch myself with her because of all the moments throughout each day that could cause me to “fall” vibrationally over some terrible thing she does or doesn’t do! One huge test for me to stay in Neutrality and some times I’ve “fallen” badly, other times I’ve amazed myself because I am Neutral with her sicknesses despite how easy it is for unpleasant things to work their ways into that mess.

      Remind yourself repeatedly that the attacks are not “personal” even though they feel like it 1000%! When we believe them to be personal, we’re back in our egos again, way out of Neutrality and sitting ducks for TD to further work us. So, that’s number one; know it’s an attack and it’s focused because you are carrying Light but that’s about as personal as it is to TD. Because you’ve become consciously aware of TD and that it’s them attacking and influencing and manipulating etc., and being a Hospice nurse many of your patients easily become Portal People that TD works through to get you riled up for the reasons already mentioned. The want people carrying Light to “fall” energetically, vibrationally because then there’s one less Lightworker, one less Embodied Light-filled 5D human screwing up their gig. 😉 Knowing all these things makes it easier to remain a Light-filled 5D human doing what we do for self and All. ❤

      • Wow, Denise, thank you for helping me be aware of the ego and taking it personally! On the positive side, I have a few people in my life who are just amazing and continue to be there for me in so many ways! Interesting also about the “Portal People” because there are some patients who just don’t even seem human (as weird as that might sound)!

  • This is a timely article hot on the heels of a weekend of Team Dark trying their hardest to knock me off my current timeline. Family issues, car damage, minor physical injury…it’s all been going on. It was so noticeable and in my face, any lingering skepticism I had of these sorts of tactics vanished after the first day of this crap. I’ve managed to stay calm, centred & with my focus on the bigger picture throughout, rather than having an inner or outer meltdown and falling into victim mode, so I’m really pleased with myself! Yes I’m going to keep shining on, you bet I am!!!

  • Oh wow. After I read this, I had the iPod on random and the lyrics of the song said “life is like a road with many signs, there are many turns, many stops and many paths, it gets tougher but keep moving, keep sailing, keep the faith, because the warrior’s goal is to survive, we thank God another day we alive”.
    Thank your Denise, so much 💖💖💖💖

  • Bright and Shiny! For sure! , I have been surrounding myself with mirrors. When those rascals come peeking/pecking for me they get right back what they are trying to give….
    Work in dream time has been intense lately and ongoing for me for over 30 yrs. I asked 10 or so years ago what was my “job” here this lifetime. I am a recycler of energy. Still I am not sure exactly what that means but believe I am doing a good work, maybe why I have been at a DV shelter for so long.
    Everyone has something to offer in this process and even if we don’t exactly know what or how, just being love, sharing light, learning respect for all even those we don’t understand.

    Denise, thanks so much for this place to share and learn.

  • Namaste..!!
    With deep appreciation for you,Lisa and others Forerunners- Starseeds -Wayshowers and Lightweavers..etctetc
    Thank you…!!

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