Latest Downloads into the Crystalline LIGHT CODE Containers


It was only twenty minutes after I hit the publish button on my January 29, 2017 article about the Crystalline Light Codes I’d recently Seen, that I got hit hard by the latest Solar transmission downloads. My first thought was, ‘Oh my gawd I feel sick…’ followed immediately by, ‘Thank goodness I just got that article published!’ I can’t tell you how many times it’s the other way around; I’m suddenly incapacitated by the latest incoming Light Energies and can’t write or focus or do much of anything while going through another round of reality rattling compressed evolution. And if the “brain fog” side effect is involved, then it’s nearly impossible for me to write anything, anything that makes sense and has a beginning, middle and intelligible end and is all connected that is.

It’s frustrated me many times over the years that the most important information there is now—the current evolutionary Ascension Process—is oftentimes nearly impossible to write about because 1) one is living it themselves body and soul and 2) because of this one is typically in some level of physical pain and varied mental disarray and couldn’t spell one’s own name let alone write about this extraordinary process! For over ten years, every time I’d start to write an article and/or book material the surrounding neighbors would be manipulated by Team Dark (TD) to go outside and be abnormally loud for as long as possible. It was unbelievable realizing that Portal People were being deliberately used by TD to interfere with me and my ability to write about this topic. Like everything else wasn’t enough, there was deliberate negative interference every time I wrote anything from 2003 on. Just thought I’d share that tidbit of Ascension related joy with everyone. This is however almost nonexistent now so I have no excuses other than occasionally suffering the latest intense energy downloads too. This is our lives, and this is us living them in these amazing times.

On Sunday, January 29th minutes after I’d published my last article, I was hit by the good old Ascension Flu aches and pains, those ice pick-like stabbing, shooting pains that goes all the way down into bones and joints and takes your breath away for two or three seconds, the blurry dry eyes business, the inner ear ringing, the spine and general skeletal structure stiffness and pain and so on. Nothing new about any of this for probably everyone reading this as we’ve gone through this and much more since forever it seems. But, while I was hobbling to the nearest recliner chair on the 29th with my Ascension blankie in hand and quickly downed two Tylenol for the pain, I settled in to experience, feel and view these latest NEW 2017 Light Energies being added to empty facets of those complex Crystalline Light Codes via the recent solar flares, huge coronal hole and coronal winds of the past week.


Like I said in my other article, the black/white geometric image above was the closest I could find to what I’d Seen in January of these  Crystalline Light Codes or packages. They were not square such as this image suggests, but three dimensional—had height, width and depth—and were Crystals, were Crystalline and were Light themselves.

What I didn’t mention in that first article about them was that every facet in every one of them and there were many millions, was a plane/space that can contain and hold NEW Light energies when they come in. When you use the above image to help you visualize all this, you see that there’s a lot of sections, angles and faces within it for more and more and more NEW Light Energies to be stored in and imprinted on to and this is what’s happening with these NEW 2017 solar transmission downloads.

My physical body has always responded to any and all solar energies in very specific ways with very specific aches and pains so I know when the Sun has done anything energy related because my physical body instantly hurts in highly specific ways. Now the scientists claim that when the Sun produces a flare, a CME, a coronal hole, solar winds escaping from coronal holes etc., that those energies take about three linear physical days before they even physically reach Earth. That’s what the professionals say, but if you’re a sensitive, and most Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/First Embodiers are, then you FEEL all solar energies (and galactic and beyond) the split second they happen because you exist within the quantum, timeless Now Moment and can feel and perceive things outside linear space-time and have conscious awareness of all this. And, this is just one aspect of being conscious of being a multidimensional Being. Much more to come with all this.

As I laid there feeling beat up and sore from this latest round of incoming solar energies—solar flares and a giant coronal hole expelling solar winds all Earth-facing this past week—I felt and perceived more NEW 2017 Light Codes being added to and stored within these more complex Photonic Crystalline Light Codes that look somewhat like millions of  crystal “snowflakes” of living Light geometry. Based on what I perceived on January 29, 2017, and the next day and a couple more times this week, there were I believe four more facets/faces within these Crystalline Light Codes (packages or containers) that have been embedded with NEW Codes coming from these latest solar transmissions. These Crystalline Light Codes can receive NEW evolutionary Codes/blueprints from our local Sun but also from the Milky Way GC (galactic center), from the Great Central Sun and other locations. This heavy and back-to-back downloading business will continue almost nonstop throughout 2017, because we’ve reached that point where we’re (humanity and Earth) going through tremendous “shifts” and evolutionary changes now that we’ve reached the exit side of the lengthy transit through Galactic Alignment.

In Comments on that first article about these geometric Light Codes, Juliana said she’s also Seen Photon Light looking like vertical falling ‘light rain’ that has changed into looking like ‘shards of crystalline sparkle’. The way I first Saw Photon Light particles also looked, to me at that time, like white colored, same-sized rain falling in the same direction and in unison. I Saw the Photon Light particles like this for many years but it has changed the deeper into it we’ve (Earth, our Solar System and humanity) traveled so far. To me this white colored Photon Light “rainfall” was simply what it looked like at the very outer edges of our entrance into it. But, as we’ve continued being evolved and dramatically changed by the Ascension Process, this Photon Light has become vastly more complex—what now looks to me (and some others) to resemble multiple millions of Crystalline geometric Light Code containers instead of “rain drops” of Light.

The NEW complex geometric crystalline somewhat snowflake-like shapes of these Photon Light particles is caused from our further travel into the Photon Band of Light via this Ascension Process and from our ongoing evolution during this process. The one thing furthers the other thing(s) and vice versa in this complex dance of NEW evolution and NEW creations. What was just Photon Light (I’m embarrassed that I said just !) before has now been made vastly more complex in its structure because it’s being encoded, being imprinted upon, being “labeled” and literally etched by higher frequency Light patterns and LOVE with NEW blueprints of and for this great NEW Evolutionary Cycle. Because of this, these Photon Light particles now look to some of us like stunning crystalline geometric shapes, shards of Light crystals, and Light sparkles enough to cause one to swoon in wonder and amazement. And, I sense, this is just (there, I did it again! just) this particular level and phase of this process and that it will evolve some more the deeper we go into not only the Photon Light Band but also into our own evolution. I sense these Crystalline Light Codes, these container packages of the NEW blueprints that we feel cut into and through us flesh, blood, bone and DNA deep will only evolve into even greater complexities and therefore abilities and potential creations.

Having said all that I can deal with some pain and aching body parts, dry eyes, mental non-functioning, heart thumping and other discombobulations from time to time to get to the level where we’ve fully embodied and adapted to these NEW Crystalline Photon Light Codes of our evolution. Grab your Ascension blankie, your favorite personal self-care tools, your comfiest nesting spot and just let these magnificent millions of crystal shards of increasingly Coded Light cut through you and your body and become a little more of the NEW and greater You. ❤


February 2, 2017

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29 thoughts on “Latest Downloads into the Crystalline LIGHT CODE Containers

  • Hi Denise and all!
    Probably I saw the same light codes at the same day/time as Denise.
    So, I was watching TV and suddenly with a peripheral sight a saw something shimmering, yellow, bright.
    I turn on my head and it was there. Simply in the space of the room, hang clear of the ground.
    But it wasn’t like snowflakes, neither like drops of rain.

    It was like segments from a fan, but with very sharp ends. Probably there was 3-5 of such segments.

    Then I turned on the head from the left to the right and I saw same bright, yellow segments shimmering in front of window’s curtain.

    The first thought that came to my mind was “O, my God, what is this, probably an invisible reality converge with the the physical word”.

    I observed these segments from fan like hypnotised probably for 2-3 minutes and then they just disappeared, dissolved by themselves.

    Thank you Denise and all for sharing all the symptoms of AP.
    The same here.
    All of them.
    From many,many years.
    Part of me is here and part of me is there,simultaneously,like someone said.
    Very confusing,isn’t it?

  • Denise, thanks a lot for taking the time again to post this article on the intense energies right now! You’re one of the few people (as some of the people commenting here) writing on the internet about experiencing the same intense body symptoms I have for some years now, with 2016 up until now as the most extreme. The intense electricity through my head, spine and body, feels like everything/all my cells are vibrating/shaking. Mayor muscle pains and pain/pressure inside my lower back , tiredness, digestion issues, anxiety/tension and the other ongoing earringing, fuzzy eyes etc.
    Most people I follow on Facebook and the respondents have all this in much lighter versions or only two days and then they feel positive energy again. But not for me, it’s an almost continuous struggle and since end of 2015 I really turned into a hermit. So I’m always grateful to have some recognition here! I don’t have any of the light or other spiritual experiences but I guess that’s not part of my journey (yet).
    As for the solar flares and coronal holes I agree with you on feeling it almost right away, but it does add another extra push when the geomagnetic storms really hit earth like the past two days. I have been under my blanket for the whole week, resting and trying to keep myself calm and positive.

    Wishing you and everyone here lots of strength, rest and trust that this will lead to feeling the promised love and joy breakthroughs soon.

    X, Annemiek

    • ‘Denise, thanks a lot for taking the time again to post this article on the intense energies right now! You’re one of the few people (as some of the people commenting here) writing on the internet about experiencing the same intense body symptoms I have for some years now, with 2016 up until now as the most extreme.'</em


      There’s always been some that felt it necessary to shame, disrespect, insult and demean the Forerunners who’ve felt Ascension related symptoms and side effects the strongest and/or simply felt them at all! I won’t get into why this has been the case as it’s obvious if you’re actually living (and Embodying) the Process first. Discern and trust yourself and what YOU are going through and don’t slow down one little bit for anyone else. We’re called Pathpavers and Forerunners for the obvious reasons! 😉

      Eventually we won’t feel these things like we have and that will be a big clue that that level of our Embodying Mission Work is done and we’re going to move on to NEW Mission Work. Until then, just do what you’re great at doing which is Embodying and Anchoring for mass humanity and future humanity.

      ‘Most people I follow on Facebook and the respondents have all this in much lighter versions or only two days and then they feel positive energy again. But not for me, it’s an almost continuous struggle and since end of 2015 I really turned into a hermit. So I’m always grateful to have some recognition here!’

      Continuing with this, a lot of people still have that old lower 3D patriarchal belief that if you’re sick or in pain etc. then there’s something wrong with you. This and living the Ascension Process (AP) don’t go together so this is just one more thing every person living the AP, especially as a Forerunner Embodier, must be conscious of and override that old negative belief and the people still perpetuating it in a variety of ways.

      I’ll go one more step with this and say that there’s A LOT of people who honestly believe they’re doing things they are not and never have. Then there’s the people that outright lie about it online because if the reader can’t discern energies, people and information etc., then how can one tell when people are lying about anything? The frequency gap has gotten so large now that it’s easy seeing, feeling and knowing whose who and what’s what instantly.

      Some of the First Wave Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpaver/Embodiers I’ve known and communicated with (online) are the ones still getting hammered today by these energies! We go first and pave the way literally so that everyone else can more easily, quickly and painlessly step on to the Ascension Process path and evolve. Give yourself credit where credit is due Annemiek and don’t believe everything you read. 😉 Discern, discern, and discern some more. ❤

  • Apologys pressed buton b4 correcting.. love the idea, that this is 6th dimension, coming through, with the geometric, light encodements. When i was first on ascension path, i was a bit naieve, thought we would just go on and up, from 5d, to 6d 7d,8d 9d and beyond, and now we are learning 5d, and anchoring to assist gaia, lovely mother earth, Ist it a fabulous job, and we so grateful, to understand why we never fitted into, “the madness, side of humanity”. We have found our place on, earth, and in cosmos….1st feb is called imbolc, st bridgits day, in our celtic tradition, 1st day of spring, and freeing of the water. As isaid, think the melting ice will release the light codes… So happy 1st day of spring. This yr promises to be very strong, as we learn to navigate the new. Thank you higher team, and denise

    • everyone wants to skip 4D but i’ve been getting that earth and humanity are in 4D now in the ascension process, so things are hemorraging (sp?) into the Light with you-know-who as the demonic catalyst. i’m still working in the underworld and there’s lot to do there too. religious ghosts having more control over those of us in bodies than anyone would ever want to know. lots to do … so worn out, torn to pieces, thrashed constantly but this is just a body and we are of the Infinite. thank you denise and everyone who posts. love, karina

  • Hi Denise, I have not seen or experienced any of the things you talk about here, but I do read your posts and have a question. Do you have any thoughts or understanding of why there are so many people, especially young people, addicted to opiates now? Many parents are suffering because of their children going through this and we often say, “What did we do wrong or do to deserve what feels like torture from them?” I would so appreciate any insights from you or others who might read this.

    • Denise, please publish this comment only if you think it is appropriate. Amber, all throughout the history of Earth, there have been young and old addicted to opiates, or any substance or activity that would take them out of the reality that they, upon arriving here, found themselves in. Modern science would have us believe that it is peer pressure or the parents did something wrong and have somehow failed their children. We live in a pressure-packed reality that asks us to choose how we will handle it. Many cannot, because quite simply stated, it is a brutal reality and regardless of age, we deal with it as best we can. There is a reason why so many spiritual elders retreated and lived in caves or on high mountains and advocated detachment, and, in my opinion, this biological version of Light is the toughest experiment we will ever have volunteered to be a part of, and as I watch, with attachment I might add, because this ‘time’ around, we are not meant to be detached, otherwise we can’t change it, the unfolding of this experiment, it is obvious to me that it is becoming harder and harder for young people to express themselves in ways that make sense to those who are still caught in believing that the experiment is real. Trust the young people. They are here for many reasons, and one of the main ones is to show that addictions… otherwise known as detachment…. is not for these times. The young ones will either get that and overcome their addictions, or, and I wish I didn’t have to say this, they will repeat this time loop until they do. None of it is wrong, it is a choice, and it is the way this version of Planet Earth operates, and those who are conducting this experiment are becoming more and more aware that it is an experiment that is fast fading in contributing anything to the All That Is, and while we here continue to suffer for those we love, it will end. If there is abuse that comes with someone you love who is addicted, you need not take it. Tough Love, I think it was called. I so hope that helps. Love, B.

    • Amber,

      I’m sorry I got busy with 900 other things and forgot your question… until Barbara responded to you. Thanks Barbara.

      Unfortunately I know much about having loved ones that are addicts. It’s been an epidemic for many decades.

      Barbara covered this very well in her Comment to you. I’ll just say that thanks to Big Pharma and it’s desire to “help” as many people as they can (BS for just make as much money as possible) have easy access through their doctors (legal drug dealers) to opiates and other multidimensionally dangerous drugs. Team Dark has always wanted humans to not take personal responsibility for anything, not feel anything, not think about anything except what TD wants human consciousness focused on etc. etc. Besides the obvious money aspect with Big Pharma, there’s the almost instant addiction to legal drugs that are so easy to get thru doctors, but there’s also the etheric, Astral aspects too which I’ve dealt with since the start of the 1970s.

      When someone is on street and/or legal drugs to get “high”, to not feel, to escape physical and/or emotional pains and so on, they literally open their energy field (aura) and lower frequency beings, entities, devils, demons etc. effortlessly step in through that energetic opening and this is how direct trans-dimensional manipulation, possessions and overshadowing happens. It also happens in a number of other ways too like negative human emotions such as fear, hate, jealousy, mental and emotional illness, fractured personalities, violence done and experienced etc.

      The other thing with the kids now is that most of them don’t know or understand what’s happening with the world (the Ascension Process and the dying of the patriarchy and its reign on Earth) and they see and believe that there’s nothing for them, no future for them so why even bother trying when everything is so horrible and corrupt etc. The other thing that TD has and is utilizing is the new astrological Age energies of Aquarius and its opposite sign Leo. The lowest, negative aspects of Leo are profound egotism, self-absorbed, self-focus, selfishness, greed, addiction to power over others and so on. TD knows all this and this is one big reason why “reality TV” shows have become so popular over the past decade or so. It caters to people’s egos and desire to be wealthy and famous despite their not having any real talent or creativity. Many young people see this crap on TV and videos etc. and honestly believe that they too can be famous and wealthy and when this self-delusion doesn’t produce, they too become depressed, rebellious, angry at life and everyone/everything and so on. It’s all one big intentional trap set by TD to pull in more people and it’s been working very well with far too many people. How do some of these people then cope with all this? They go to their doctors and are given opiates and/or other drugs to “help” them with their physical and emotional pains. It’s all one big connected con and it’s been working like a charm for over a decade with the younger people and kids.

      Solution? If you know about the evolutionary Ascension Process talk to or have them read information about it so, hopefully, they’ll start to realize that the future that’s being force-fed to them by TD isn’t mandatory, isn’t the ONLY option available to them, to all of us. Waking up is hard and usually painful but like Barbara said, it’s something every human alive now MUST do to continue evolving and really “escape” the lower frequency range world and consciousness. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. This has been very painful for me to watch my son go through this because I know he is just as sensitive as me, but has chosen a different way of dealing with that. Although, I must say that at times, I can be drawn in so much because of my heart pain that the dark seems to just take over! Much love and gratitude!

        • Amber,

          “Although, I must say that at times, I can be drawn in so much because of my heart pain that the dark seems to just take over!”

          And that Amber, is exactly what Team Dark is counting on; to lower (“fall”) the energy field of the loved ones connected to the addict and have THEM produce lower emotions like fear, constant emotional pain, anger, frustration etc. Too many people make the mistake in believing that it’s the Portal Person that’s TDs main target when in fact they’re just the portal they use to get at other people.

          I’ve experienced this with my son, my sister that died last month who had been a heroin addict (and everything else too) long ago, boyfriends from long ago, all of whom were drug addicts. What the other people connected to these loved ones that have become addicted is, that once that opening is established, TD uses it like a door, a portal (Portal People) to then go after the biggest energy yield person/people in the vicinity, and that’s usually Mom, Dad, siblings, husband, wife, lover etc. So you see there’s much more actually going on than just the obvious… on the physical level. Because of all this YOU and the other people that love this addicted Portal Person have to learn to protect yourselves both physically and energetically from TD that are the unseen puppet masters.

          This next sentence is important for everyone to keep in your Higher Awareness toolbox.

          You know how negative ETs have been abducting certain humans and using them to create hybrid beings? Long story short, this is one of many ways that certain nonphysical negative TD beings, ETs etc. use to step into these hybrids and then directly interact with the physical for a variety of reasons. The same sort of thing happens when they use addicts as portals to work through to more directly interact with other humans in the physical. There’s old fashion “possession”, but there’s all sorts of alternatives like this that TD uses (transhumanism is a biggie for them) to more directly insert themselves into a physical world reality, and also feel.

          Point is that no matter how hard it is for you Mom to not get pulled down emotionally, mentally, etherically and energetically due to what your son is doing, you have to protect yourself and not let that happen. I know it’s not easy but this is why I’m sharing this information publicly; people need to know what’s really going on multidimensionally with situations like this. Your Ascension is at stake, as is everyone else in these types of Team Dark ‘Smash & Grab’ tactics. Be strong and you’ll be fine. ❤

  • This in reply to yr 2 amazing articles, been to wiped out to reply earlier…. Higher team, through winter, have been fascinated by frozen water. (They love water). Ice and snow flakes, getting me to look at snowflakes, formomg, on you tube, and how the light is facited, in them, and the purity, of them, and quiet silence of snow….. i got the crystal shower, coming like snowflakes from all directions, into my body…(we sort of bodybath, the vibes, the sun, the moonlight, the star, planet etc, into the body with the light codes… What i find has changed, is, one got a download ,very clear instructions, and acompanning bliss, and ecstacy, these days much quieter, gentler, hard to explain… one thing i think, i ask for more purity, like the snow, to allow them.. i also beleive as the snow melts on earth, the codes, will come through, earth. Thank you for yr article. It hard to grssp as we move into the new, we are so blessed by yr updates, helping us. So grateful, for the wonderful journey

  • I have had a deeply healing week this week. My anxiety levels have been sky high, which is unusual for me. I thought I was carrying the anxiety for my son, who is currently sitting exams for secondary school, but the situation was triggering something much deeper which shifted last night. It was guilt and shame for being demanding of life, and it started in utero. My son’s school exams coincide with some big moves my husband, son and I are making on a number of levels, and I felt as if an invisible force was thwarting it. Of course it was a decision my embryonic self made long ago, that I couldn’t demand great things from life, and that I had to settle for mediocrity. My body made several readjustments during meditation, and now I am flowing freely again. I remember crying out during meditation, “Denise, please write an article soon!” Et voila! It was waiting for me when I woke up this morning. This has helped to further consolidate the shift that occurred yesterday. Now I more ready than ever to move forward! Thank you, Denise.

    • Bless your HighHeart Lori. ❤

      I've been saying that with our entrance into 2017's NEW 1 energies at a higher rung on the spiral, plus the return of the Divine Feminine, there’s all sorts of big changes taking place in each of us and our Mission Work as Forerunners/Starseeds, and within humanity and the planetary collective etc. The return of the Divine Feminine is automatically causing all the ancient residual stuff & junk to be pushed up and out permanently. This goes all the way back to the start of Earth life with the Matriarchal Lemurians and much later the separation from Source and Unity Consciousness etc. continued further by a split-off into what became the Patriarchal Atlantians. Female/Male, Feminine/Masculine, Heart/Mind, Right brain/Left brain and so on… until now that is!

      The return of the Divine Feminine now is automatically bringing up the process of final and total clearing and full release of all the past negative everything connected to Atlantis and everyone whose had a past life in Atlantis at any time during its long patriarchal reign on Earth up to today. This is being displayed by the current governments and politicians etc. etc. in this country and others. Lots going on now because the “shift” is truly underway in each of us and externally too so hang in there as all our hard work is starting to finally show up in multiple ways.

      Very well done you and keep on keeping on Lori. ❤

      • Oh my goodness! That explains why I was an infant, but I didn’t recognise the “baby” as me. It was me from another lifetime. Thank you for that explanation. It is amazing that I have fought that fight all my life and now I’m free of it! Thank you so much! xo

  • I have a question. I am having some of the same symptoms though nowhere near the complexity, but sometimes I’ll see books and the pages flipping really fast but I think I’m taking it all in…Or I’ll just see symbol after symbol flip in front of me. I have seen geometric shapes kinda like a kaleidoscope changing shape in the ceiling. it seems like this is a lot of information, whole books, hundreds of symbols etc. Then there’s your experience which sounds like exponentially more info. My question is, with so very much info coming through why does it seem that the daily change is so subtle? I do have new understanding of many things but it just seems like it could be more noticeable. Can you share your thoughts on this? Thanks!

    • sahelm,

      As I mentioned, typically higher frequency information (Light) and other things and Beings are perceived incredibly fast because we’re viewing, perceiving that frequency range functioning at it’s normal “speed” let’s call it. Higher and higher things vibrate faster and faster AND YET, the interesting part about this is that, eventually each of us evolves to the point where we are no longer entirely anchored within only one lower frequency range (such as the old lower 3D Earth world etc.) but able to function within the quantum Now Moment which is timeless, constant and feels like there’s no “speed” at all. Some of us are at this level now but more and more people are quickly evolving into this next level throughout this year and beyond.

      But until that level is reached, we typically will clairvoyantly See, perceive and feel etc. higher frequency and higher dimensional things in super fast clusters like you’ve described. And the kaleidoscopic rapid-firing off of images and/or geometric shapes is something I’ve Seen too along with other things. At other levels of our Higher Awareness and Being you understand 6D (sixth dimensional) geometric shaped code talk; at this level we usually don’t but it doesn’t matter much because we did “get it” at another level. This is us re-learning how to be conscious on multiple dimensions simultaneously, but NEW twist, while in physical bodies.

      To your question about why all this isn’t producing bigger, more obvious external proof yet. It is actually but this brings us back to our increasingly becoming more consciously aware of being Multidimensional Beings right here, right now. Because we’re not all there yet, nor are we all back down there either, we’re in this strange and oftentimes frustrating place of half here and half up there if you get what I’m saying. We’re in 5D now, but because the rest of the human masses doesn’t have a clue about the Ascension Process or anything about any of this, they’re still doing their damnedest to continue reproducing the old lower 3D patriarchal world reality they’re all familiar with. The great news is however that no matter how hard they do this, that time and timeline has Expired and is over. What we’re seeing now in the world is that old timeline and consciousness that went with it just devouring itself. This is part of The Process and it will run its course and finally be no more in our NEW higher frequency range, reality, consciousness and timeline. We’re just still in this awkward and weird “end times” for the old lower and NEW beginnings of the higher frequency NEW.

      This is why it’s extra important now for all of us with Higher Awareness about the Ascension Process and what’s happening and why etc. to continue doing what we’ve been doing all along; holding the higher space and frequencies and HighHeart Consciousness because this is what’s replacing all the old lower negative stuff and who else is capable of doing this than us? 😉 Great question and thanks for it. ❤

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  • Thank you Denise and All of You……Gratitude and Thankfulness for sharing…
    I am not alone ,neither are you…..Understanding the “symptoms” make it easier to continue helping ourselves and others .
    Light and Love to all

  • Thank you so much Denise, 🦁

    Really appreciate your work and insights all these many years, you’ve been for me a faithful Rock and ANKH-or during these gateways of massive shift and change.

    I’m struck with the dovetailing of your work with Sandra Walter and especially Lisa Transcendence Brown of late, I even end up accessing your respective postings within minutes of each other.

    She specifically addressed these “diamond razor” frequencies you speak of, and I can also attest to the absolute necessity of quiet, self- care, and evolution “hermit time” to collapse the old timelines and programmings.

    How strange life is becoming, maybe even more so for those of us coming in earlier (I entered in 1962) and volunteering to plow through the La Brea tar pit energetic sludge for the collective!

    My hat is off to you dear lady, Blessings and love from Big Sur, Daphné/ Kachinabluestar🌐🎼🎹🦁

  • Although it’s exhausting and painful to the extreme, it’s a happening thing! From my understanding of Photonic Light, it seems that the information packets leave from the Galactic Centre and they start out as Waves, and as they traverse through our Sun and reach Earth, much like the ‘double slit’ experiment, they condense from Waves into Particles. The very interesting thing, at least to me, who is a sometimes very frustrated lay scientist, these Photonic Light Particles are in two places at the same time. This is not like a laser that produces the hologram. There is, for example, in the holographic effect, the original apple, but the hologram produced, although it looks like the apple, is not real. These Photonic Light packages that we’re seeing are composed of two identical Original geometrical sets of identical particles, (in Wave form in higher vibrating dimensions) and both sets are real, and each is participating with conscious awareness of the other in two very different locations. So, it’s quite possible humans are being updated to experience two very different dimensional locations, fully conscious of both, i.e. the 3rd and the 5th. That was a tough one for me to explain, and so I end with “Or something like that!” Thanks, Denise, great info. Love, B.

  • Dearest Denise — Again, you did an excellent job of capturing the types of Ascension experiences coming up this week. Off and on I’ve been virtually comatose since Sunday morning (the 29th). This state of numbness, brain vacancy doesn’t work very well when I have to go to work. Strangely, though being at work seems to focus my mind enough that I can overcome the lethargy and pain, at least for a few hours — much as I’d like to be curled up in my favorite chair with my own Ascension blankie. Predominant sensations have been a heavy “pressure” on the top of my head — I described it as Jabba the Hutt sitting on my head — and periodically I have panic attacks, with my mind racing wildly with anxiety and fear. One of my self-care techniques is to call on the Angels for comfort and calm. This one really works for me! … I haven’t seen the “crystal rain” as you describe. What I’ve been seeing/knowing for several weeks is that the incoming Light/Love is filling in cells in my crystalline Christ-body (in 5-D), and causing codes to be released and properties/qualities to be unfolded/manifested in that crystalline context. Not really sure what these are except I keep expanding my consciousness of What Is. In any case I keep giving THANKS! And, a big thanks to you for hanging in and communicating with the rest of us as you experience and unfold your understanding of the latest steps. … Gratefully yours, Kristin

    • Hi there, shizandra berry and ashwaganda supplements worked miracles for my anxiety and fear. Just a thought if you haven’t already tried them. Good luck!

  • Yes Denise!! All kinds of yes, bless you!

    ‘To me this white coloured Photon Light “rainfall” was simply what it looked like at the very outer edges of our entrance into it’

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing because when I first saw the Photonic Light (22nd Dec 2012) the ONLY info my higher team gave me was that the vertical strands were CRYSTALLINE DOORWAYS…each and every one of them…wow.

    I kept asking, “doorways into what?” and pleading to understand more. I communicated with the Light and humbly asked to understand it. I sensed it contained lots of information that I wanted to share for the benefit of humanity.

    I got a very clear response. I didn’t need to understand the Photonic Light. It had to UNDERSTAND ME! I was to make myself completely ‘readable’ to the information contained in the Light by being pure Love frequency….

    Not always easy as you know dear Denise…The side effects for me have been all in the gut 😝 with lots of nausea, but wow, I wish with all my heart that all people on earth could see this miraculous Light show, because the swoon factor keeps you going for sure!

    I find it fascinating we’re at other ends of the Earth and seeing the same thing, it really does penetrate everywhere…

    Thank you so so much!
    Big love and comforting hugs,
    Juliana xxx

  • Thanks Denise! I am dying over here too…Out of nowhere feels like I got slammed near the goal line by a two ton linebacker…Ouch…Patience is wearing super thin…Thanks for the updates…Take care too…e*

  • Denise, thank you so much for this newest info. I resonated with what you said about feeling the solar releases before they actually hit the earth. I always thought that what I was feeling in my body couldn’t be from solar winds because they hadn’t hit earth yet. Now I know better.

    You might be interested in Judy Satori’s info on the new energies that arrived on Jan. 15th from the heart of a diamond shaped cluster of 22 galaxies now (and for many years into the future) sending energies we’ve never experienced before to support our evolutionary process. Thanks again & many blessings.

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