And we’ve learned what so far?


Well we just made it through the first month (Libra) after the end of the Nine Month period and how many of you feel like the same person you were before the September 21-22, 2013 Equinox? Does it feel or seem like only one month has elapsed, or more like six or seven months compressed into those intense 30 days? How much have you lived through, felt and realized and therefore changed in yourself in this first month into the NEW?

Were you judgmental of other people during Libra (September 21st through October 21st?) Did you need to do it publicly? Were you or are you still now in Scorpio (October 22nd through November 20th) locked into your current personal spiritual ascension-related beliefs about things, or, were you open and receptive to even more expanded higher awareness? Did you lie to someone or a group of others? Did you feel the need to preserve your current beliefs and publicly disrespect someone else’s? Were you hurtful and disrespectful to someone? Or were you wounded by others during the first month into the NEW? I certainly was and because of it had to do some more Inner Work and letting go of things I needed to during the 30 days of Libra. And I’m fairly certain I wounded a couple of Libran “Others” myself during that time too even though that was not my intention.

Being wounded by some others publicly and privately however forced me to grow and change some more which obviously was needed or I wouldn’t have been emotionally wounded in the first place. It was the public wounding by certain others (who I believed should know better) that caused me to grow and helped me better understand the NEW level we’re in now, and so it was well-worth the emotional pain in the end.

I know not everyone experienced the first month (Libra) anywhere near the same way(s) that I did, but I do know that Libra energies do what they do nonetheless. Because of that, what did you learn through what “Others” did and/or said to you or about you etc? Equally, what did you do and/or say to others and so on during those 30 days that have caused you to grow some more in the NEW?

One of the main things about the NEW that the first month taught me was much more about how anything and everything goes now. The NEW is nothing like the old blueprints and ways and beliefs etc. and everyone is and will be for a long time I’m afraid, struggle to evolve, expand and accept that so much more is now allowed and available in this NEW than ever was in the old lower world. Most people are and will for a while still be applying their old lower beliefs and expectations and habits etc. in the NEW, not yet understanding how they’re limiting themselves, their beliefs, their relationships and pretty much everything else. It will simply take some “time” for more people to honestly, personally, individually realize that the NEW playground is vastly larger and more complex, and because of this, much more is available to express itself through each of us than was the case in the old lower pre-ascension world.

Said another way, lets say that as of today there’s six billion or so people living on this same earth world that I currently am. That means that, within the energetic blueprints of the NEW, there are about six billion possibilities that can manifest for each of those six billion people. In the old lower earth world this level of creativity and expression was not available because we weren’t ready for it. Most still aren’t but we’ll all eventually realize that much more is able to manifest now in this NEW Evolutionary Cycle than the old lower one and — here comes my punch line — because of this everyone is and will be learning that more personal creativity and diverse unique differences of individual focus etc. (within the parameters of these NEW blueprints I mean) is now available and allowed.

We’re all working with and in these NEW energetic blueprints of the NEW and they contain a much larger and higher frequency field of personal creativity and High Heart consciousness and being — all of which are very fifth dimensional in nature — so how about more ‘Live and Let Live’  attitude from everyone now within the NEW?

I remember a couple of years ago listening to one of Steve Rother’s channelings that contained one sentence I thought was really humorous and highly telling. His ‘group’ said how they were looking forward to ‘how all the little gods were going to get along with all the other little gods’ or something to that effect. And here we are in the NEW, all seven billion plus ‘little gods’ learning how to let all the other ‘little gods’ have the room and respect they each deserve to create, experience, and learn in their own unique ways within this vastly more spacious, complex and creative level and time of the NEW.

So my fellow blossoming ‘little gods’, how well are you or are you not allowing greater 5D creativity and space for the many other ‘little gods’ now in the NEW? Do you have the answer to things and feel or believe you have the right to roll your current beliefs and level of awareness over the other ‘little gods’? Or, are you like me, beginning to understand that 5D and the NEW is about more creativity and creative potential in each and every ‘little god’… including yourself and myself and all the many Other Selves?

To be super clear about this, I’m not saying we’re now in some free for all zone and therefore anything goes. I’m saying that because we’ve evolved (are continuing to evolve), we now have more space and conscious ability (and spiritual need) to create on a larger canvas than we did when we existed in the old lower frequency, consciousness, space and Evolutionary Cycle of dense 3D Duality controlled by Team Dark!

Yes we’re still working within a specific set of energetic blueprints of the NEW, but they’re so much larger and more complex, in the same ways that dense Dualized 3D is different from less dense and more Unified 5D. This isn’t difficult information. It is to most of us now only because we’re living it from the inside! It’s not an intellectual only concept we’re speculating about from the outside; we’re now having to live IT from within IT at a very NEW and higher level, and most of us are and will continue to wrestle with adjusting to the NEW in these NEW ways over the months and years ahead. Because of this I ask all of you to make an effort to be more kind, more allowing, more understanding of the Others with their slightly different from your current set of beliefs and awareness’. That’s all… just some real 5D High Heart tolerance and respect of the many Others.

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October 23, 2013

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