Important RECAP & End of Nine Month Period

In January 2013 when I first noticed that the end of the Nine Months period happens on 9-22-13, those numbers really struck me and instantly triggered a series of higher awareness understandings about past/present/future events and the upcoming Separation of Worlds & Timelines. I apologize for the length of this article, but I believe it will be worth the time to read through it and connect some more Ascension dots.

I’ve mentioned in past articles, and covered in A Lightworker’s Mission, that my Ascension Process started in January 1991, with the start of my Uranus Opposition (age 39). Next, in February 1999 at age 47, I entered the brutal start of the physical level, biological body Ascension Process. If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission, you know what I went through from 1999 and why. But something happened in 2001 that I intentionally left out of the book (and blog articles) because it wasn’t the time for me to say much of anything about it publicly — it is now however.

In the book I detail the profoundly horrible period I, my mother, and even our pets went through because of two brothers that rented a house next door to us in April 2000. Long story short, they were owned and operated by a (a lifelong attachment due to childhood sexual molestation) single demonic entity and were intentionally manipulated by It, Team Dark, to move in next door to us Elder Forerunner Lightworkers in an attempt to stop/kill/drive mad/destroy/derail me and what I was doing energetically in any way Team Dark (4D nonhuman and 3D human) could. Did I know any of this at that time? Unfortunately, not because I was so profoundly sick from the Ascension Process for a year before this even started. The situation (both physical and etheric attacks) with those possessed neighbors only made my already miserable and profoundly difficult Ascension Process vastly worse of course. When a Team Light Starseed/Wanderer/Lightworker is down and struggling with transmuting density duality, Team Dark typically takes advantage and rushes in and tries to finish you off!

So here were these two (slightly younger than myself) males that are some of the lowest of the low who are completely controlled by this 4D demon and I’m profoundly sick and weakened due to the intensity and amount of energetic transmuting I was doing then via the physical body Ascension Process. These neighbors hated us, and we them, and it was an impossibly difficult time that lasted for years.

Early one morning (remember I live in southern California) these Team Dark neighbors deliberately opened their front door and turned their TV up really loud because they very much wanted us to hear it. They had never done anything like this with their TV before so I knew something else was up. After about fifteen minutes of listening to their damned TV intentionally blaring away early in the morning at us out their front door, I realized they desperately wanted me and mom to know that something was unfolding on TV. I gave in and turned on my TV to see what it was that they so obviously wanted us to be aware of. There, live in the moment as it was happening was what’s become known as the 9-11 event.

Team Dark very much wanted us of Team Light to see and feel this live event unfold in physicality and our Portal People neighbors were manipulated to let me and my mom know about it. (Normally we wouldn’t have turned our TVs on until early evening Pacific time.) I knew instantly that day that the event I was watching unfold on TV was a multidimensional Team Dark creation and was so much more than was claimed and believed to be at the time it happened and for these 12 years. 12 is a number frequency that has represented 3D physicality; 12 hours in a day/night, 12 zodiac signs, 12 ancient Tribes etc. 13 is a number frequency that represents everything beyond the 12 of 3D physicality of old. It represents Christ or 5D High Heart Consciousness and being etc. This is why Team Dark did its best to convince humanity that 13 was/is evil, dangerous, suspect etc. and to be left alone; they don’t want you escaping the old lower frequency and systems and evolving/ascending to the higher frequencies represented by 13.

Let me backtrack a bit more. Many weeks before this date I had clairaudiently heard and felt the most hateful, evil, nonhuman voice talking about how it was ‘time for the white man to pay, time for justice to be had…’ and other intensely hateful rants. What struck me when I heard this weeks before the date mentioned above, was that the voice I heard was a nonhuman voice and not only some vengeful human male(s) from the Middle East. There have long been unseen nonhuman Team Dark 4D Astral puppet masters orchestrating, manipulating and directing certain 3D human puppets to get more humans to carry out whatever 4D Astral Team Dark wants to happen in 3D earth physicality.

I knew from clairaudiently hearing this voice and the incomprehensible amount of hatred and darkness in it that it was a 4D Astral Team Dark being talking to other 4D Astral Team Dark beings who were working from that dimension to intentionally create, affect, manipulate, direct and finally impact the physical 3D earth and humanity physically in some big way for some big reasons. A few weeks after I head this voice, Team Dark’s 4D Astral plans manifested in the 3D physical earth world on 9-11-01.

numbers cropped


Keywords–Completion, completion of a cycle of events, end/beginning, accomplishment, attainment, influence over situations, influence in circumstances.

–Master Number, visionary, “treachery and betrayal from secret enemies”, psychic awareness, awakening, multidimensional creativity, portals open and portals close.

gold zero –Void, unmanifest, potential, unlimited, nothing/everything, transformational change, intensity, eternal.

–Strong will, power, visionary, new beginnings, new adventures, exert one’s intent, creator, actions.

–Combine the keywords from 0 zero and 1 and you can easily see and sense the ripe potential that year held to create. (Yes I know I’ve ignored the number 2 in 2001 but even if you add in the 2 to the 0 and 1 you get 3 which is still intense manifestation within 3D physicality!) The unmanifest potential contained in 0 combined with the sheer power and drive to manifest something in the energies of number 1 provided a LOT of energy and force to create whatever a group of someone’s wanted to create…so they did.

Team Dark intentionally used the powerful combination of energies available from 9, 11, zero and 1 — 9-11-01 — to create an offshoot earth world and timeline where they would stay in total control over that world and those who exist on it. What Team Dark intentionally created utilizing the energies available on 9-11-01 was to deliberately create a huge emotional and psychic fracture in much of humanity; a horrific trauma that left people in shock making them even easier to control and herd in another direction, plus implement some new laws of the land to better control the masses then and in the future.

4D Astral Team Dark (Negative Orion/Reptilian/Draconian Alien beings etc.) intentionally created and carried out the 9-11-01 event (and much more) because they could See that in the near future the earth world that you and I incarnated on was headed for devastating natural disasters and the extinction of human life on earth around 2012. Because Team Dark did not want to lose their control and energetic food and fuel source, which has always been humanity and earth, they intentionally created a trauma to humanity massive enough to use energetically to fuel their creation of an offshoot earth world where they would continue to control humans and activities on that earth world. That physical offshoot earth world that Team Dark intentionally created through their multidimensional actions we call “9-11” — that earth world is called Planet B.

4D Team Dark did what they’ve always done and manipulated the 3D humans they could to carry out their desires and plans in 3D physical earth reality to benefit themselves. Just like when some intense trauma or shock impacts a human, oftentimes that human will fracture their personality because they’re so traumatized by whatever it was that happened and couldn’t cope with and remain intact through it all. Team Dark has intentionally and repeatedly done this same thing to mass humanity from the 4D Astral to induce global trauma and shock in as many 3D humans as they could. This they did very well with their carefully crafted event that happened in physical 3D on 9-11-01. 

4D Team Dark created this 3D physical event to use the dark emotional and psychic energies from the shock, trauma, fear, chaos, physical/emotional/mental/psychic pain, turmoil and growing hatred that event created in global humanity to deliberately induce so much trauma and fear that they could create a fracture in the human psyche which gave them the energetic fuel they needed to create and manifest an offshoot earth world and timeline that they do continue to control and use.

Do not misunderstand what I’m saying and believe that 4D and 3D Team Dark are “All Powerful” or that I believe they are because I do not. I want it clearly understood that Team Dark was allowed to do this by Divine Source so there would continue to be a physical earth world where darkness and negativity rule and that it would be even worse, even darker, even more violent and horrific than the dark negative earth world you and I were born on. Why allowed and why even darker and more negative? For those people/souls who haven’t figured it out yet! Divine Source allowed this creation by Team Dark — it did NOT happen because 4D and 3D Team Dark were “All Powerful”. They still believe they are of course, but Divine Source has given them more time to hopefully learn and grow and figure a few things out too.

Team Dark has always known more about certain things than the most conscious of incarnate Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers Volunteers have because they’ve always been able to “See” past/present/future timelines and alternate worlds and probable realities from the 4D Astral. They had this tremendous advantage up until the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, but from that point forward, 4D Astral nonhuman and 3D Physical human Team Dark members have NOT had the “Sight” and extremely valuable information it’s always given them. This is why a lot of human Remote Viewers could not and cannot See past the 12-21-12 Expiration Date. This is also why some of the ultra-sensitive Team Light Forerunners have been increasingly aware in 2013 that the 4D Astral is feeling like, sounding like, looking like and been acting like everyone’s hair is on fire there! The 4D Astral and 3D human Team Dark members lost their tremendous advantage over this earth world and humanity on it at the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and have ever since been hustling to adapt to endings, separations, and major limitations as their old habitual reality, negative abilities and other tools and ways have been severely restricted and highly isolated finally. The 12-21-12 Expiration Date was exactly that and a total black out and lock out to 4D and 3D Team Dark activated then preventing them from being able to continue Seeing multiple future timelines and world realities and manipulating them to their advantage. Welcome to the NEW dark, Dark.


What’s happened in the timeline after 9-11-01 is equally interesting when viewed from Higher Awareness. In a nutshell, 4D Team Dark did what they did to create their offshoot earth world 12 years ago — what’s become known as Earth B. Before, during, and after that date and event TEAM LIGHT has continuously worked very hard to create a higher frequency offshoot earth world themselves — what we call the Earth A. We Team Light incarnate Volunteers on physical earth came to transmute the density, the negativity, the duality of the old world we incarnated on to cause it to ascend in density, vibration, frequency, Light, Heart and Consciousness to the point that a NEW physical earth world and timeline was manifested — Earth A/B.

In another timeline the original earth world (if it can be called that) we elders incarnated on continued towards escalating “Earth Changes” — catastrophic global natural disasters — to the point that humanity could no longer exit on it. This is the earth world some people were clairvoyantly Seeing twenty, twenty-five or more years ago and drawing maps of that looked nothing like where the current continents are located. This is the same earth world that many incarnate human Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers were reminded repeatedly about and shown terrible images of by certain ETs over the decades either telepathically while awake; while asleep and out-of-body; and/or while out-of-body and on their UFO craft with them, that humanity was headed towards IF they did not change themselves, their consciousness, their beliefs and ways very fast.

I clairvoyantly saw that original earth world almost constantly from the mid to late 1990s. What I repeatedly saw clairvoyantly was a horrific sight to See and feel and was a powerful reminder and constant motivator that I was on earth for very specific reasons and to not waste time jerking around trying to be a “regular human” when I was a Starseed/Wanderer/Lightworker here on a VERY specific mission playing out on a VERY precise timeline. I know many of you reading this got the same messages and reminders in the ways you did and/or now are.

Team Dark has done things from the 4D Astral into the 3D Physical to make sure they will continue to have a physical earth world (and other offshoot ones of it too) where they are still in control and continue to parasite off humans even more severely than before if you can comprehend that. The Light gets lighter and larger and the Dark places get much darker and more compressed so that people/souls eventually figure out Duality and individually decide to head themselves back towards the Light/Home/Unity.

Simultaneously to all this TEAM LIGHT worked obsessively transmuting density duality across 3D earth and time (and in the 2D Elemental and 4D Astral and more) to help create a NEW higher frequency offshoot earth world and timeline where physicality and duality can still be experienced when needed for overall Soul growth, but, minus all Team Dark. This NEW earth world — Earth A/Bis a Stair-step world for the rest of humanity able to reach it to continue their Ascension Process on a physical earth world with Duality but without Team Dark and Team Dark influences like we had in the old lower earth world and timeline. This will make it tremendously easier and faster for humanity on Earth A/B to continue integrating duality in themselves individually and collectively and eventually evolve/ascend beyond this vastly improved NEW balanced and sane Stair Step world and level and reach full 5D.

Know that just because I’m talking about these things now does NOT mean that you or I will directly experience Planet B or any Planet B scenarios. You and I will continue to exist where we have for a couple of years already — the NEW balanced and Light-filled but still dualized but sane Earth A/B. Others will continue existing on this dualized Earth A/B but with growing 5D consciousness and abilities. Most others will continue on it but from lower Stair-steps of development and awareness and will continue their ongoing Ascension Process which, at this level is, polarity/duality integration and eventual full resolution. Others will fully ascend to nonphysical 5D Earth A or elsewhere and so on. However, all this does NOT cancel out the FACT that descending Earth B and numerous other offshoot worlds of it will exist as other needed worlds and timelines for the people/souls who want, need, desire or are unaware enough to be drawn, sidetracked, or manipulated into it.

You will not experience Earth B or any of its offshoots unless you or I get really stupid or careless and fall or let ourselves be manipulated etc. back down vibrationally into a lower dense band of awareness and negative emotional focus, which we won’t because we’re not stupid after all we’ve been through. Bu, for some “fluffy” people to outright deny the existence of these other worlds and levels of reality and ongoing soul education and the many people/souls that want and/or need these unpleasant dark experiences just because you cannot yet grasp larger, more complex truths is egoic, deluded, and shows great disrespect towards everyone. It’s grow up time which means it’s time to know much more about much more, and obviously Duality.

numbers cropped


Keywords–Completion, completion of an Evolutionary Cycle, personal completion, collective completion, Shifting to the NEW levels and timelines, Endings and simultaneous NEW Beginnings.

–Master Number, Spiritual Master in Form, Master Builder, birth of the NEW physically, highest manifestations, unlimited, evolution, Universal transformation, Universal Love, creation, global implementation of the higher frequency NEW.

–Divine Mother Feminine, Return of the “Goddess” aspect of Source, Christ plus 12 disciples=13, Unity, the fifth dimension, Ascension, Enlightenment, evolution of consciousness back into the Light, purity, incorruptible, transcendence of matter, levels above/beyond the old 3D physical realm and consciousness, Divinity, High Heart being and consciousness.


1) Winter/summer Solstice December 21, 2012 was the first Expiration Date or cutoff point of the old Evolutionary Cycle and all that went with it which includes 4D and 3D Team Dark running the entire patriarchal earth and humanity.

2) Next energetic Stair Step was the very important transitional Nine Month period from 12-21-12 to 9-22-13, and even it was broken into Three Trimesters (more of those energetic Stair Steps for everyone). The Nine Months period has been extreme, intense, difficult, painful emotionally and physically, exhausting, highly frustrating at times, yet profoundly progressive and expansive simultaneously just under the surface of all that other intense stuff!

3) The next Stair Step is the fall/spring Equinox September 22, 2013, which is the second Expiration Date and cutoff point and is the activation within the physical of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. This date is more meaningful to me personally than all the other important ones that came before it because 9-22-13 is the last and absolute energetic cutoff point from the old Evolutionary Cycle, world, and those Negatives who ran planet earth and limited and controlled humanity for thousands of years. This cosmic spiritual Milestone surpasses all the great ones before it to me because it’s the start of the NEW across the board.

Will this 9-22-13 Shift point alter everything physically, magically, instantly overnight? Yes and no, but just like 12-21-12 was the Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle, this date is an absolute ending/beginning point and the NEW begins fully on the physical which entails the separation between the different worlds and timelines. We enter a totally NEW phase of this huge Process on 9-22-13 which will be easier and faster than what we’ve already been through. Added to this 9-22-13 Expiration Date is the entrance into increasingly higher levels of individual Higher Awareness which will make everything vastly easier to deal with! Change like what will start physically after we complete the Nine Month period will have its difficult moments for sure, but that doesn’t mean that you personally will or have to experience them. Keep that in your Higher Heartmind and intentions as the NEW begins and obliterates the old lower everything. This too is a transitional time as the old lower collapses and disappears and the NEW higher and much better in every way replaces it all. Remember the Uranus/Pluto Squares happening from 2012 through 2015? They HAVE to unfold and do the dismantling that they will in the physical world so there’s an important clue about how long these intense and possibly difficult changes may take. More about this major physical transitional phase in other articles. No fear.


From what I’ve seen clairvoyantly and perceived from Higher Awareness so far, there are many more worlds and Earth-like worlds than just these Primary three. For example and very briefly, there are different offshoot worlds of Earth B so that all types of different dark/darker/darkest experiences can be experienced. One of these offshoot Earth B worlds is one where humans and machines are the main focus, desire, and intention. It’s a completely heartless, scientific, left brained intellectual world where humans have willingly given up their humanity, their power, their spirituality etc. to become strictly left brained technological flesh machines.

There is another Earth B offshoot world where war is taken to the end extreme and all human life is eventually obliterated from the insane desire and bloodlust to endlessly war against others. This world is so ravaged by human warring and bombings etc. that it becomes non-life sustaining.

Another descending offshoot world is where the human Team Dark “elite” totally control the planet and enslave humankind far worse than the 3D Earth world we incarnated into. It’s a totally fear-based and utterly controlled world minus all Team Light where the absolute worst of the worst and most imbalanced and insane “elite” control all of humanity and the planet. This particular Planet B offshoot Earth world is the one that’s directly connected to their old 9-11-01 event.

I won’t focus much on the Earth A/B because it’s a primary stair-step world for the people/souls that still need and/or desire a physical world schoolroom to continue their polarity integration journey and education towards eventual full ascension to nonphysical 5D. This NEW balanced and sane Earth A/B Earth world has its timeline and is coded to function for a certain number of years to help humans focus on making the transition from Duality to Triality or Unity Consciousness, frequency, and being.

I have seen and perceived many different versions of the NEW Earth A which is just wonderful. There is a primary Earth-like world but there’s so much variety to it due to the 5D High Heart Conscious Creativity of its inhabitants that’s it’s impossible to talk about them all. What I’ve perceived so far of it is beyond beautiful; it’s stellar-like, crystalline-like, highly creative and diverse, full of Light and High Heart and contains only people/souls of Light and other Light Beings and is much like “Home” to Starseeds/Wanderers/Lightworkers.

In other words, if let’s say there’s 500 humans that have fully ascended to this Earth A today, then there’s 500 unique individual versions of this fully ascended Earth A all existing within this same space and frequency range. Think of this like different neighborhoods or different towns in one big country. They all exist within the same place but there are slight differences from one house to another house, from one neighborhood to another neighborhood, from one town to another town and so on.

So old lower Earth B of 9-11 separates and goes its way, for a while; NEW Earth A/B of 9-22 separates and goes its way and so on with them all. Obviously from this last Expiration Date and cutoff point of 9-22-13, everything changes everywhere. This article felt to me like a much-needed recap and overview of what we’ve already been through and why and how it all has been part of the massive ongoing Ascension Process in every way. In a few short weeks we’ll go further into the reality-altering changes that Earth A/B is and will be going through for the next few years. Yes all this could happen faster if all of humanity was more evolved, collectively aware, and all functioning within a closer range than they currently are. Because they’re not it’s simply going to take some “time” in physicality for the old patriarchy and their systems to completely fall and be replaced with the higher frequency NEW and run entirely by those of the Light. Having said all that, this transition will happen very quickly all things considered! Thanks for wading through this long article and know that your Donations are always greatly appreciated.

Denise Le Fay

September 1, 2013

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  • I want to remind everyone that it’s 17 DAYS until the Fall/Spring 2013 Equinox and end of the Nine Months period. Do what you wish with this very valuable, rare and important time. Comments however are now closed on this article.


  • Hi Denise, Jeff, and everybody! I can hardly wait to share today. I am feeling so much better and the thing is that I don’t know if I am the one that shifted or the energies coming down or whatever.

    What I want to share is that I think I found a way to work with the informational tools provided by you, Denise, and Lisa such as the 12D shield, etc. I find myself intimidated by the depth of exacting visualization and what seem like requirements and abilities in these instructions, the “how to”. Especially as I don’t see or sense like you both can. I read Lisa’s latest blog which is where I got the info about all The Stuff being dislodged, etc… and she gives more tools. My response was, “yeah RIGHT!” Inject levels of sarcasm. But then I decided to play with it and do it MY WAY which was rather half assed just speaking and intending, yet I felt some difference. Then an idea popped into my head about my use of the Golden Light (which I use everyday) and to simply speak and know what I want from it or how I want to use it dimension by dimension. I had never given serious thought beyond my stating I am golden light, I never thought about being specific. I supposed I had it “covered”. Also I had never given thought that I could create a scared space, that I myself have the right and deserve to be a sacred space as well as where I dwell, etc….

    So I spoke my word beginning with the first dimension. I noticed the oddest thing that made the whole thing more “real” to me because when I got above 6 I found it harder, literally difficult to think and speak!!! Later on in the evening I spoke it again and came across the same difficult areas. Also I add other things like the I AM mantra given by CA and so on.

    Today I woke up feeling so much better, my eyes or sinus/forehead area so much lighter. I no longer felt bogged down by the sadness nor quite so fatigued. I don’t feel terrific, but I sure appreciate how I felt and feel today. I don’t think I sleep so good though these days. I also re used my creation throughout my day.

    I really appreciate Jeff’s input too. I find I relate to it a lot…. the part about giving the body time to digest the most recent download and the changes and fluctuations in our moods and perceptions.

    Hugs : )

  • Dearest Denise and All,

    Just wanted to say, Denise, whenever you sign off with the phrase “Group Hug”, I feel it and it feels so very good. And Jeff, you may not be having sex, but you are without a doubt making love! B.

    • Barbara,

      Thanks for saying that because when I say it, I mean it from my High Heart and I intend everyone else to feel it and get familiar with what 5D feels like in these bodies. 😉

      Individual & Collective Hug,

  • Denise,
    I am having the strangest thing going on in my dreams–they are not dreams, but actually walking through various astral worlds as I feel maybe this is something else I get to do to get to the other side! Oh Joy–NOT. But truly I am in these scenes that seemingly do not feel connected to me at all, nor is there any heavy emotion involved, and I am interacting with people I do not know like it is a movie and some of these astral worlds are not horrible like those really dark places where we’ve all accidentally taken a wrong turn. Do you think that in addition to all of our processing,changing, releasing, merging and intending that we are also actually sort of “physically traveling to get there” in a wierded out astral journey like a band of refugees who actually have to walk thru it all–all the worlds/zones? I know energywise we are moving because I can feel it and live it, but unlike those cool moments when we can just “bing” up into a higher up zone–this is different. It is like I am in a new land almost every night lately and am sort of astounded in the morning, saying “again??” I don’t really know what is going on at all.

    • morphqueen,

      The 4D Astral has been and still current is going through tons and tons of changes. Our dreams lately have been showing these big changes in that dimension.

      Anyway, here a link to an old article about the Ascension-related Stair Steps we’ve been working in/on/through for many years.

      There are other aspects of ourselves – both “morphqueen” aspects and also other Selves entirely — that have been and still are doing Cosmic Janitor Lightwork (transmuting and clearing out of) stuff in the 4D Astral. There are other aspects of you and me “Denise” etc. that did not necessarily incarnate into the 3D physical dimension as we did, but they’re spiritual kin, family who work with us and we with them on multiple dimensions simultaneously. Some of the beautiful, nonphysical, higher dimensional “Starbeings” or positive “ETs” etc. are simply other aspects of you, of me, of us that remained nonphysical in those higher dimensions to help us down here in the dirt doing the dirty work in 3D. 😉

      So some of these other people/beings that you’re becoming increasingly aware of consciously could in fact be some (not all of them of course) other aspects of your greater Soul Group Self. So it’s both that we as “morphqueen” and as “Denise” in 3D physicality have been and very much still are deep within our Ascension journey trekking through the 4D Astral, AND it’s also a case of us having other aspects of greater Soul Group Selves in other dimensions working on this Ascension Process too but from the NON-physical dimensions that they exist within. We are very much multidimensional Beings and we very much have been working together with many different Team Light members to accomplish what we have, what we are. ♥


      • Thank you so much Denise. I re-read the article and I really could see that yes there are compatriots and other Selves in these places/times I go to, friends in these other seemingly foreign places and it is not all about cleaning out my basement but some is about visiting old friends and other selves and family and comparing notes! I think I am getting it… you have such an intuitive way of zooming in on what your readers are mentally grappling with. I won’t even attempt to explain the visit I took last night, but they did have some non-earth human customs–talk about comedy ensuing over dinner parties, foods that we don’t eat, strange customs/greetings etc. 🙂

  • Denise,

    Do you think that in planet A/B we will see things like Lyme disease eradicated? I worry that the explosion in cases of Lyme has been a push by TD to keep us afraid of connecting with nature. I live in a high Lyme area, and have just started my super-sensitive daughter at a new school that has a strong nature component because I think it will help her with her anxiety. They take care of large outdoor animals as well as chickens and indoor animals along with nature hikes and Montessori-style learning. I thought it was the perfect answer for her and sent her to summer camp there. She got a bite with a bullseye rash, and I have been spending so much time researching this topic to prevent this from happening again, etc. (The Lyme bacteria apparently is very tricky and has protection mechanisms to keep it from being killed by antibiotics, and then can come out years later.) I just feel this heaviness around the whole topic, and I know that it isn’t healthy to spend so much time on this (like what you told someone else about the Monarch programming information,) but I feel that I have to be informed to help my daughter prevent future bites, and to know the symptoms and hopefully find some natural cures. I feel derailed from spending time focusing on the timeline and what I want my future to look like, to being stuck in this lower-vibration whirlpool of information. (The same thing happened to me last year when my mom got breast cancer.)

    Another thing that is happening in our area is an amoeba that is in the lakes that gets into your nose while swimming and travels to the brain. It is called N. Fowleri. Two kids have died from it in the past two years in our town. (The water temperature has to be 80 degrees or higher.) I remember as a child, swimming in the spring-fed lake we would go to was so healing. I loved it, and want my kids to experience that, but they are young and swim in the shallow area which is 80 degrees or higher for much of the summer. (And in the winter, the lakes freeze in our area so there is really only a three month swimming time span.)

    It makes me feel that the whole thing is at least very convenient to TD to keep us from connecting with nature and our authentic selves, and at worst, a deliberate creation on their part. I am hoping that on planet A/B, these things will no longer be around and/or we will vibrate at such a level that it won’t affect us. I know that we can heal ourselves, so possibly in the future we will not even think about things like this because we will be so in tune with ourselves that self-healing will be automatic(?) I feel strongly that there is a part of me that knows how to heal myself, but I haven’t consciously remembered how to do that yet.

    In the meantime, I have to make a conscious decision to stop researching and put my energy on focusing on the timeline I want for me and my family.


    • “…I am hoping that on planet A/B, these things will no longer be around and/or we will vibrate at such a level that it won’t affect us. I know that we can heal ourselves, so possibly in the future we will not even think about things like this because we will be so in tune with ourselves that self-healing will be automatic(?) I feel strongly that there is a part of me that knows how to heal myself, but I haven’t consciously remembered how to do that yet.”

      Mary L.,

      I thought this was a lost cause until I got to that part in your Comment. See, you do already know the answers to your questions and fears.

      The whole thing/lesson that each one of us, myself included, has been and still is having to discover, learn and eventually master is the old lower Team Dark stuff of being a “victim” or being a “victimizer”. It’s Duality at it’s worst.

      Stair Steps: eventually each one of us discovers that the “Monsters” do indeed exist, then we have to learn about them and how they work and exist etc., and then we reach the stage where we have to evolve beyond that lower level of energy, of consciousness, of reality, of being which in this case has been the old lower 3D world we all incarnated into. To reach this third and very important step in this we have to acknowledge that the “Monsters” do indeed exist but then we have to continue on ignoring them and their actions and so on and literally evolve beyond that frequency and level. The way we’re doing that now is evolving up into the High Heart which is a fifth dimensional frequency and level of consciousness, reality and being etc. Once we make that transition, which is HUGE, those “Monsters” be they Team Dark, be they ticks and Lyme disease, be they toxic chemicals in our foods and water etc. etc., be they other people, animals or whatever, have NO POWER OVER US because we’ve chosen to become empowered individually, and we’ve worked very hard to regain that natural God-given/Source-given Divine Right once again.

      Planet A/B is a world where Duality still exists but nothing like how it was before the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds. It’s a Stair Step world where humanity learns to become empowered individually — which will be incredibly easier for them with Team Dark no longer connected to that world and timeline at all. In other words, the spiritual lessons of evolving beyond “victim/victimizer” level and evolving into increasing self-empowerment, self-responsibility, self connected and aware of it to Source/God/Divinity etc., will automatically remove all of those things, beings, bugs, toxins etc. that in the old lower levels of consciousness and frequency could kill us because we believe they can.

      So you see this is really about US changing and not that the NEW Planet A/B will be a perfect and safe world. It will become a “perfect and safe world” for US but that will happen because WE, individually and collectively, are empowered and know that we are! WE, you, me, each of us are the ones that are and will continue to make Planet A/B a safe sane world to exist within.

      For now I’d suggest you teach your daughter how to Consciously Create and Intend and visualize protective Light around her and her body (like her Aura) constantly. Teach her that SHE and YOU too can Consciously Intend and Create a place where ticks and anything else you don’t want around you and her to literally not be there. I’ve done this with bugs for years because I just don’t like them much so I intentionally visualize that my Aura repels bugs (and other things and people too 😉 ) like an invisible bug shield. I demand this; I intend this; I Consciously Create this for myself and it works. Now think of all the other things that you and your daughter can repel right out of your very world reality all because YOU and SHE picked up your power and chose to use it? This is how the world and reality changes, improves because we intend it to do so now. 🙂

      You’re either a helpless victim to the world, people, beings, bugs and environment etc. or your not because you know yourself to be an empowered Being (aspect of Source/God/Divinity) with Divine Spiritual Rights & Responsibilities to consciously create what YOU want to experience and not experience. This is the current lesson people living the Ascension Process are having to learn and master.

      Empowering Hugs,

      • Thank you , Denise!

        I honestly felt like a “lost cause” for a few days, too! This is what I needed to hear. You are so right. I didn’t realize that I was feeding into a victim/victimizer role, but when you say it, I can see that now.

        I didn’t realize it before, but I think I have been consciously intending for myself in some ways. For example, when everyone around me gets a cold, I tell myself that I am NOT going to get sick, that I am healthy, and it becomes reality. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold, it has been years.

        I am going to teach my daughter how to create a shield around her, and make sure to intend that it repels bugs.

        Thank you so much. I hope you can feel my gratitude!

        • Mary L.,

          I was a “lost cause” this morning myself and we all go through these phases where it gets really hard. We ALL are so used to being in, living in, perceiving from Team Dark’s old “victim/victimizer” negative distortions that many people never ever wake up enough to even realize that this is what they’re doing. What’s important is for each of us to catch when we slip back into it out of sheer habit. I still fight with this one myself and have to repeatedly remind myself to take that “Reality Check” and get myself back into empowerment and stay there! Soon that will be the NEW normal for all of us and it will be grand! ♥

          Very well done you, very well done.
          ♥ Hugs back at ya,

  • I am going to share an Experience that I am going thru in the current time period in that it may help someone who may be having a similar experience. This experience seems to be happening around twice a week at this time and lasting for about a 12 to 18 hour period. I will speak of the most recent one that occurred yesterday afternoon. In these past weeks, and more and more in each succeeding week, I been holding a nice Balance emotionally, a kind of “No Worries” attitude which is quite a change of pace. All of a sudden yesterday afternoon a densely oppressive energy came into me and I thought, once again, This Does Not Belong To Me! When I laid quietly as I was going to sleep, after all what else am I going to do as I am not Making Love and having Good Sex lol, I tapped within into why this deeply oppressive energy is transpiring. I received from within that prior to that oppressive energy I had received, continuing solar(Soul) encodings are received which continue to allow myself to spend more and more time within the New Reality(Planet A/B)! My body can only hold so much of that solar energy at one time so during the in-between period’s until the next set of encoding’s, sometime’s I will fall into a “default mode”, which presently will somewhat return me to the old reality(Planet B) and then I will fully perceive all the nastiness, once again, that still and will continue to exist in this old reality. Hence, the heavy emotional state that I fall into.
    Also, today I feel much Lighter once again and feel the “Wired and Tired” energy in my body which tells me I am once again receiving the Solar Encodings. So the continuing “See Saw” effect, but also, different in that it is shorter lived and it has a different melding effect, not as drastic as in the past.

  • Hi Denise. I don’t know what my reasons are but I am right behind you in calling it a night and getting to bed after I finish my comment. Basically my comment is that my eyelids feel heavy and sleepy all the time lately. My forehead feels heavy too. One can drive one’s self crazy attempting to figure it out; is it this or that or the other thing, or a combination???!!!

    I think I had a major hot flash while sleeping last night. During some interesting dreams the feeling of heat began to pervade my senses because I suddenly was dreaming I was walking in the middle of no where Texas!!! No shade to be found. I had a companion and I so envied the fact that she wore a big floppy straw hat shielding her from the pure intensity of the sun. It felt so “real”. The bummer was we HAD to keep walking and it wasn’t short, in my opinion!

    I also had a dream that something entered me and I was afraid. I was feeling and saw it at the same time. I felt something pour through my body and it scared me. I sat up and felt I had to invoke Christ to protect me. It was so hard to find my voice. The thing is that since I have a tendency to fear the unknown that I don’t know if this was a genuine cause for fear. Later I removed some rubbery feeling invisible substance from the side of my face/head. I was told what “it” was, but I wasn’t afraid of it! It did need to be removed though. Then my dreams went over the top in so many ways.

    I have had to fight sadness for days. I have read that lots of “stuff” is floundering about and possibly adhering to us more than usual just now.

    And has anyone else been aware of the recent good sized quakes recently? Six and Sevens?

    Well, I fight calling it a night but I suppose I must as it is not easy to stay awake and then it is not easy to wake up and get going in the morning.

    Denise I appreciate your site and all the comments. Even the oops ones teach me something by giving me questions to ask myself and to learn. It is so easy to be disrespectful! As a recluse rejoining the world I have had huge cause to realize me and my own big mouth going where it did not need to go! And was quite clueless about it too until I caused problems! 🙂 God I hope I am improving!

    Love and hugs to all 🙂 See you in the morning. Denise, you will probably be popping out with something new to post. Hope you have a much better day in every way.

    • Hi Edith,
      Your comment that “lots of stuff is floundering about” hit me as I fell into that energetic yesterday. The astral realm is so chaotic, they are struggling to survive and acting out worse then ever. Denise just mentioned about the “shit storm”(I like that as I seem to be able to literally smell that shit at times lol) increasing. Between old planet B and the astral realm it is a giant cesspool, stinks like hell, I can really smell it when I am deep in it! I also think that when we speak from Our Truth it isn’t disrespectful. I also have had to hone my social skills once again. We do our best, do we not!

  • Dearest Denise,

    A brilliant summary, thank you. My goal remains Planet A though I am unsure as to the exact combination of magic and mechanics that will get me there other than visualizing same in a Star Trek kind of way. But your description of the crystalline, stellar-like, Unity in Creative Diversity of 5D is so close to my own, I am encouraged. I am also convinced that it is indeed “Home” to Starseeds, where we are reunited with our galactic heritage and never forget it again, unless of course we volunteer for another adventure. If that happens, I hope they show me videos of this Gaian adventure, and as someone commented here at TRANSITIONS, slap me hard if I even consider doing anything like it again! More than anything I would like to sit on a galactic council and be a mediator (always liked the idea of mediation over meditation or medication) for those who may request it from Planet A/B. My heart is glad that there are so many who comment here who want to stay with the Planet A/B timelines, but I’m about done. If the ascension symptoms continue as they have for the past six months, I won’t be capable of enjoying any timeline of Planet A/B, anyway! And thank you, too, for your references to 13. This Friday, the 13th, will be a beauty. Love to you, thank you, Denise, for helping us to know that it’s all worth it, gratitude hugs for all you’ve gone through so that you could help us, and love to all here. B.

  • I have been with you for a while but never commented. I would like to make clear about the different planets (A – A/B – B – as you call it here).The planet A is not 5D nonphysical. The whole concept about nonphysical 5D planet Earth as a final goal for the planetary ascension is false (it is the N.A.A. – negative alien agenda), like Lisa Renee mentioned many times……………..


    PS: Dear Denise, I really did not mean to offend anybody in any way. I know it is hard sometimes to wrap our minds around the whole ascension thing, it is very complex and can be very confusing. Thank you very much for everything you have done, thank you for your time and space share! And sorry for my English, it is not my language.

    • Martina & All,

      EVERYONE, I deleted the majority of Martina’s Comment because it was insulting and disrespectful to me personally because I’m the author of the article she Commented on, and her Comments were incorrect on more than one point and overall disrespectful to many.

      If you Martina have more things you want or need to ‘make clear’, then I suggest you create yourself a blog to say whatever you want to. I don’t believe for a minute that you did NOT mean to ‘offend anybody’ with your Comment, and your English is very good.


      • I applaud you for your decision Denise. We don’t need this kind of shit here at Transitions where someone blatantly comes out and say’s that some statement made “is false”, totally disrespectful to yourself. I hang out here at Transitions at this time as I have had enough of the bickering and blatant egoic disrespect dished out at the other blogs.Whenever I comment I am always sure to say that this is “My” situation that I am speaking of and would never say that another’s Truth is false. It may not be my truth at that given time but to me that could have to do with those stairsteps that we always speak of. Something that I just shared recently has been different than I have heard anyone speak of at this time, but once again, this would be My Truth that I am receiving from within. To me it immediately show’s a vastly different stairstep that they would occupy when they make such a blatant statement that feels to be totally disrespectful and I don’t want to be anywhere near that stairstep. Once again, enough of that shit at this time, Grow the Fuck Up! These times are difficult enough for ALL of us, so show some Respect and if I personally ever came across like this in a comment, I Humbly Apologize as that is not my intention or what I am about! I remember a saying, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” meaning Show Some Respect. Jeez, no wonder this whole process has been so difficult. Many of us came here to be “comrade’s in arms”! Again, if you came here to be of Assistance then it is more then time to Spiritually Grow the Fuck Up! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stirred up my Inner Warrior who I always have to keep an eye on so that it remains in balance but I feel totally done with all dramatic bullshit!

        • Jeff,

          Another reader said that I’d most likely attract the Consciousness Police with this article and it’s happened with a couple of people. I received an email from another woman who just HAD to correct me because her thing is being the Numerology Police. I’ve felt like utter shit for the past three weeks all the while running my senior ass ragged doing twenty things while at the same time writing articles and Comments and emails and more. I’m so fucking tired (and sick feeling) and the energies are changing like never before and some people are still unaware &^%$#@ *&$#2 egoic clueless &%$%#wits who just HAVE to inform me about what I got wrong.

          People can say what they think, what they believe, but I won’t tolerate people coming into TRANSITIONS with the egoic need to correct me and/or preach to me and/or to my readers and people who Comment and read the Comments. I’ve said it many times; if you don’t believe what I’m saying or don’t agree with it, that is your right and I respect that. I however do not and never would come into other people’s cyber places and publicly tell them that they are wrong and then proceed to correct them! It’s unbelievable to me but this is how a lot of people are… and it’s escalating, again, since 8-28-13.

          And while I’m in this mood… 🙄 there’s reasons why I no longer myself share or allow other people to share certain links in Comments to certain other people’s websites/blogs At this moment I’d enjoy going into great detail why, but I’ll refrain and leave it to people to figure things out for themselves.

          Thanks Jeff, I’m calling it a night. 😡

          Gratitude Hug,

        • Dearest Denise,

          Heart Hugs to you! Please take care of yourself as best you are able to. I love you for all the work you have done helping to guide others through this process. I won’t say I understand what you’re going through because we, all of us, have our own strengths and weaknesses in this journey. However, I will say that I admire your tenacity and clear and concise way that you communicate what you intuit for those of us who are on the path with you.

          It’s so annoying to have to put up with the very people that we’re actually trying to “help” out of this 3D prison… and probably most of them won’t know anything about it until they pass on from this lifetime (or more!). Is it my imagination or these past few days, haven’t they been more “Grrr!”? Ever since Saturday I’ve been so ticked off. That is SO unlike me. I’m sitting here with a broiling anger inside that I have to put up with my neighbor upstairs who can’t be bothered to pick up his feet (he stomps around all day and night); that I had to put up with subwoofer/”music” turned up too loud next door… after having over a year of blissful peace and quiet. I was so MAD at him today, like “what the heck? you know when you signed the lease to NOT play your junk loud, and now TODAY you’re messing with me?” For hours. Then he left. Then he tore in the driveway when he came home and proceeded to turn up the volume inside. That was it; I rang the bell and told him it was too loud, to turn it down. And he did BUT it was still too loud for me… but then he left about 30 minutes later and is still gone. I kept thinking today, “what’s going on? I haven’t had this problem for a long time; I thought I was done with this junk? And why am I so ANGRY?” And it’s not quite anger either. Hmm, maybe this is my Power, my inner masculine side… because like I said, this “grr” just isn’t “me”. Maybe it is me… just the other part of me 🙂

          Much Love and Light (and Hugs for you),
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • Hey Jeff so funny you mentioned you inner warrior as I too have a strong warrior energy. And yes like you have learned to keep it in silent mode most of the time. Before checking here I was reading something a friend sent me from a channel I have never heard of but it was mostly about political stuff. Anyway one of the comments was to use the warrior to bring peace. I am not quite sure about exactly how to go about that but it sounded good.

        • Hi Sunny,
          The comment “Using the warrior to bring Peace” equates to for myself, “Speaking and Acting from the Fullness of My Real Truth and believe me that isn’t always going to look “Fluffy” but it sure will be Real! It’s all this New Age False Fluffy shit that has made such a mess of things. The Angels, the mantra’s, my main pet peeve of channeled entities,etc. etc. etc.! If they are so friggin wonderful why the hell are they not here in human form, right here in the trenches where the mantra’s are not all that wonderful. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm, My Ass! LOL See, there Be that Inner Warrior who is tired of all the continuig bullshit! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm! LOL LOL LOL

  • Hi Denise and everyone!

    Well… I must say I’m starting to believe you write my thoughts lol. Thank you thank you for this post again. I took your suggestion into consideration in stopping my research in monarch programming and all the ugly jazz. I unfortunately am one of those persons that before discerning and truly listening to that voice that says “stop, move forward you, NOT NOW, NOT THIS, NOT YOU” (quoted from Michael beckwith) I usually fall into the spiral of negative mental prison and it’s takes me a while to get my one call out… Does thi makes sense? I hope so lol

    Denise, I went to get a reading this past week and the reader did my numerology I suppose and said I was 11 (lately I’ve been thinking about dying and not being part of this world, my wishful visual of wanting to RSVP to planet A, I feel old in this body and I’m just about ready) so she says you are dying soon you have so much more… Brother did I leave unhappy lol something about the ready just didn’t sit well I suppose. So I started to think about numbers and what they meant to me. So I played soccer when I was younger, used the #12, I dated a boy who’s bday was 5-12, it’s taken me almost 12 years to understand some what motherhood anyways 12 seems to be the root of some major distractions in my life, I meet my fiancé back in 07 and he’s everything 13 I’m thinking all the angelic thoughts because he came right when I needed saving I was an alcoholic amongst so many other worldy titles and was in dodo land… His number is 9 and well, he’s such an unattached person to worldy “stuff” but seems to hold on to past memories and/or past lives that I see he wants to move forward but TD is always in the works leaving him in the dark, how can I help? Any suggestions?

    Now, I turned away from that monarch stuff, right. I’m wondering a few things here with timelines and the different planets and all.

    My daughter is stuck because she wants to help people mostly her dad and all which is my ex husband and well she also wants to be a citizen of planet A. What is there to ease her down? She’s starting to get depressed and scared. With being part of this ascension, and all the responsibilities of “life” well I must admit I’m not knowing what I can do for her?!? I keep thinking she has to learn, its her experience, then I think there has to be something!

    I’m not sure if I have asked this before, anyone familiar with dr. Michael beckwith at agape church?

    I hope my post on this the comment section here has made sense lol.

    Also, what material can I share with my fiancée and 14 yr old? After me reading them the post from Rainbow Phoenix & an article I found regarding Planet A/B they are ready to learn more, but I don’t know what to share with them.

    Love to all!

  • I just wanted to share something beautiful–and, I believe, meaningful–that I experienced with the community, something that ties in with the theme of “hope” we’ve discussed. I have attempted to cultivate a garden for years, with little outward success. Each year, I would buy seedlings and plant them, research into how frequently each should be watered, the amount and duration of direct sunlight each prefers, etc. I followed this pattern a bit less intensely this year, and perhaps this was the missing key all along, for today I realized: I have two vegetable plants that I did not intentionally plant growing and thriving in my garden! I have maintained a compost pile for years, but this year, two seeds–pepper and squash–must have taken root because I did not plant them! I laughed and cried that maybe, finally, we won’t have to be so exact and diligent about providing essentials such as food for ourselves; mother nature can provide, with only a little help from us! This has been my dream for the New Earth and here, in tangible form, are the seedlings!

  • Denise, thank you so much for your commitment to this website and to all who walk this path along with you. Your words and the comments of your readers have given me just enough strength to make it through this intensely brutal summer. Thankfully this has been a mostly mild summer in terms of heat here, as high temperatures only exacerbate my level of discomfort.

    This is my first time posting here, and I am at a bit of a loss as to where to start, but I might as well start by writing that I just got done crying for about an hour. My brains have been getting fried, and my entire body has been feeling electrocuted for a long time now, and I have been processing so much negative thought and emotion ever since April. I have had not one moment of peace for months now, and dealing with the simultaneous feeling of being exhausted and wired has left me in a hellish condition where there is no place to relax.

    The many decisions I made to get me here have played over and over in my head countless times, going back many years to when I was a kid, and now I feel the horrible tension of not being able to stand where I am currently, but completely lacking any faith in myself or God to make a decision to help myself and my family. I hate what I have become, and although I have no faith in my efforts to change anything for the better at this point, I still can’t stop trying.

    I have forced myself to run and garden and do physical things, as the only relief I get now is in being as grounded as I possibly can be. I have been to several doctors and healers, have been pounding herbs and supplements, and all my efforts have seemed totally futile. My body has been a prison for my soul for a long while, but this summer I had more terrifying doubts than ever before about the salvation of my soul, and thus the need to stay in my body to be more purified. Many days however I thought my body was going to die, many nights I thought I would fall asleep and not wake back up in the morning. The electricity was so intense that I was certain that my heart could not take much more of it. As I write this now on Monday afternoon, my body is getting slammed.

    It seems to be a strong probability that this September we will begin to see things ease up and shift, athough I know not to expect anything just to be handed over to me. The expectation and the subsequent letdown of such thinking can be devastating. However painful things have been does not guarantee that pain is close to being over, yet the total incineration of my being and the incapacitation of my mind and body sure makes it seem that we are on the verge of a new experience, one with far less pain and struggle.

    I see this world evolving into millions of little villages, each with its own style and flavor, where everyone is welcome and everyone is free to leave as they choose. A world where much more than 5% of our brains are used so that we each can do many different jobs every day and are no longer competing for a scant few good jobs. A world where the pain of one person is unacceptable, and until that one person is healed, there will be no other concern (but how could it last for long if it were such a world?) A world where we fall asleep and wake up with big smiles on our faces, knowing that we will be happy no matter what we do during the day. A world without competition, only loving support. A world without even the thought of scarcity, only abundance. A world where there is FLOW!

    As our beings expand, it is harder to accept such a pathetic and limiting condition that we currently live in. I see the development of communities to be vital now in order so that we can live lives where we are using our potential and we free ourselves from the intense isolation many of us are now experiencing. I have felt very alone on this path for a long time now, and this summer I felt so damned alone and isolated even when in the company of the most supportive people I currently have. I am so homesick I can hardly stand being here, yet it looks like this body will continue to tick a little longer. I sincerely hope that we find ways to support one another in greater capacities than we have been in this new world.

    I don’t mean to rant or take up too much space, but I am long overdue in posting. As time has crawled forward this year, this website has shone itself to be the only one I know of where people have expressed the truth of how hard this ascension process has been, and without knowing that others have been on this road with me, I believe my heart would have literally broken. I thank you all for your honesty, and I thank you Denise, for having the courage and perseverance to stick with it. Your words and the space you have created have been incredibly helpful. I truly hope that I meet some of you soon.

    • Hi Adam,
      The first thing I thought when I read your comments and noticed your name was that you carry the “Adam Archetype”, First Man of Creation and I thought, poor guy, explain’s a lot of what you are enduring. So much of what you have shared parallel’s much of what I also have been going thru!
      Your brain being fried, body feeling electrocuted, total incineration of your being, feeling your body was going to die so correlates to what many of us have been sharing here at Transitions. These type of symptoms began for me a year ago. At that time I noticed that these symptoms had a different flavor then the normal Ascension symptoms. For myself, this was the beginning of starting to receive New Solar Codes from the Sun which where of an extremely Pure Energetic, actually originating from our Pure Organic Soul Essence which exists outside of our totality of Experience. Since these codes are so pure, hence they are extremely taxing on our physical bodies like nothing up to this point in time had been, made normal Ascension symptoms seem like a piece of cake. I also have been there in the past year regarding the medical issues; doctor, emergency room visits, medication(hadn’t been involved in the medical industry for 20 years prior, so my reaction to any type of medication was Yikes, but I temporarily needed a helper),supplements. The body feeling electrocuted led to a period of extreme heart palpitations which then led to my first visit to Emergency where my heart checked out to be fine after a series of all those damnable medical tests. Brain being fried for myself, once again that electrocution causing brain synapses, this I intuited, brain was misfiring for a period of time. Then that total incineration, the burning away of all that no longer serves us. Also, I can’t tell you how many times I thought my body was going to give out on me, I just thought it couldn’t take much more and that I would physically die.
      Also you mentioning lacking faith and hardly being able to be here, how many times have I been there, done that, too many to count.
      What I can share with you on the upside is that much has started to change for myself as of around 6 weeks ago. What had been up to that point extreme inner shaking which lead to outer body trembling has now settled into a low vibrational buzzing throughout my body. It seems like the solar codes have now settled into a balanced calibration with only occasional intensity. I have much Faith and Trust in the upcoming Birth of a New Reality, my confirmation comes from within contained within those solar codes. We all go thru our personal energetics in Divine Accord predilected by our Soul!
      Also, you mentioned that you felt that this Transitions website to be the only site you know of where people have expressed their Truth of the harshness of the Process that we all have been in. Earlier in the day I had received within, and I received this info with neutrality, that the Transitions site is of the highest vibrational resonance of Truth matching the New Reality that we are birthing into. I thought, Wow, kuddos to Denise as creator and moderator and also kuddos to all of us through our ongoing communication through comments which is part of the Creation of the New. Hang in there Adam, better day’s are coming! This is what the Solar Codes are telling me! I also feel your visions of a much better world will bear fruition and much quicker then we may think. I always hear that much will happen in an exponential manner once the ball is rolling.
      Oops, I took up a lot of space too! It’s good there is no charge by the word! lol

      • Dear Adam and Jeff,
        I just wanted to express my gratitude for your sharing of the Divine Masculine in this forum. It is an aspect which is sorely needed in the world we are creating here. Keep up the good work! Love, Cay

      • Wow! Jeff- I would never have guessed you went through all that. Reading your comments through the months- they have been so inspiring and you’ve kept so upbeat…….kudos to you!!! I know everyone’s ascension process is unique but had wondered through the years if those in male bodies were having an extra hard time ( as Denise so clearly elaborated on in the previous newsletter.) ( hahaha- as I write this I am watching Russia Today ( which I’m still surprised we get access to in the U.S.) and the Israeli missile launch and shaking my head at the obvious masculine posing therein- and, gee, there’s Gordon Duff from the Veteran’s Today website saying many U.S. military folks don’t want war. Things like this help me believe new energies are MUCH stronger this year. Sigh of relief. )

        Aaah- sorry, I got off-topic. ( but really maybe not? ) Anyway- my handle is lewisrooney for humorous reasons I won’t go into here- but my legal documents say I am Carol. Born in 1954 I knew when very young I was both male and female inside. Something kids today don’t blink an eye at- but as much as I loved myself as is – the outside world said otherwise. I made it through that to find the big city ( when I’da rather stayed in the country) and other “gay”folk ( I sure hate labels) only to find that being “different” and all that could entail ( going deeper? finding your own spirituality?) wasn’t necessarily so. I ended up working in one of the City and County of Denver’s enforcement areas which was pretty hilarious as I am heart centered-not control minded. But the city had many openminded folks as compared to many other employment workplaces where I had been harrassed. ( Plus my mate told me she was sure I was there to just Hold the Light.)

        2 and 1/2 weeks before 911, I dreamed of a beautiful eastern sky at dawn. I saw 2 billboards with one slightly in front of the other and both plastered with ads up in the sky. One had a big AA to it’s upper left hand corner. Next thing I knew I was sitting up in bed screaming in my head ” HITLER’S GUNBOATS ARE COMING, HITLER’S GUNBOATS ARE COMING!” And I’m not one to scream- but I sure was that morning! I never understood why I was screaming Hitler instead of Osama until I made enforcement friends in 2004 who were former military who began educating me about some of the bad things going on in the military…..and so my “darkside” education began. And 8 years later began some of my experiences which I mentioned last year in the “Why Some Starseeds Experience Team Dark and Others Don’t.” (Thanks again to Denise and all those who helped me through that time…..altho I knew the 3d dark stuff- I DIDN’T know much about 4D, etc.) ( I also, as many commenters here, when presented with an opportunity, attempted to help my repub, conservative friends understand being gay didn’t equate with “always evil” and how we were all being played against each other. And vice versa with my liberal friends about conservatives. hahahaha- we are ALL Jesus Jr.s- but folks either get it or don’t, eh?)

        So sorry for the autobiography but the ending does tie in with what I started this essay with. That is- I had worked most of my “personal” stuff out except for one thing. I always felt more male than female and always wondered why I chose a female body for this lifetime. Then I read Jeff’s comment and thought- “Bingo! – I must’ve been looking down before my entrance into my mother’s womb and said to myself- I’m NOT going through THAT brain rewiring when ascension time comes.” Whoa- wish the reason had been something noble and gallant…oh well.

        Geez- I can breathe again. I thought long and hard about writing all this or not. I really just wanted to say I love you all and I choose Planets A & A/B also. But I felt maybe my story might help someone out there who is timid about being his or her or his/her real self. 🙂
        Denise- you can knock out whole paragraphs if you want. If it means anything- now you and the wonderful folks here know more about me than my family. And I love my family. ( And Team Dark already knows all my weak points. Thank you Team Dark for helping me be a stronger person, etc., etc. yada, yada………bye, bye!)


        • Hi lewisrooney/Carol,
          Thank You so much for all of your sharing. I am glad that you did decide to write all of it as you inspired myself to continuing my sharing with Adam. Isn’t it amazing as Adam’s sharing has started such a beautiful and wonderful thread of continuing sharing. Thank You Adam!
          I luved so much in your various comments. How you holding the Gay Archetype and being in a certain period of time where you felt that you had to explain to those around you that “being gay didn’t equate to being evil”, seems so bizarre in these current days. Now, decades later, look at that current Archetype and how it is just no big deal to be Gay for the younger folk, after all they are just Being Themselves. Also, stating that you never liked “labels”, it seems that the younger folk really despise them. If anyone has an issue with being Gay in this day and age, all I can say is “what stairstep are you on”, those steps are quite old and decrepit,watch out because you will fall even farther off of them then you already have, another descent.
          Thank You for saying that my comments have been inspiring and that I have been staying upbeat, I always try to maintain a Balance. It has been a big final step for myself to Fully Speak My Truth. Sometimes I feel a tad paranoid that I am not coming across concisely and clearly enough and always want to maintain that I am sharing My Individual Truth, which of course could never negate another’s Truth! Being disrespectful to another is a different story for me, in that I hold no tolerance at this time and the warrior will come out to play and will show itself in no uncertain terms and I say, Beware! lol
          Isn’t it wonderful that some military personnel are stating that they don’t want war. Hooray to the New Energetics that we are part of anchoring in. On this I definitely Raise My Glass! Who the hell, and it would be more of a hell then we have been in all these eons, could want a war in these continuing energetic days of a New Reality.
          Just your Being the Unique Human Being that you are has made you Noble and Gallant and also playing the role of Forerunner/Wayshower in more than one archetypal way. I Raise My Glass To You and say that I Love You! Yes, our individual stories are so important to be sharing at this time, we never know how our comments may assist another on their journey.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you so much for your courage, honesty, and bravery in expressing what you are going through. Your post touched me & I’m holding you tightly in my heart. I hope you are feeling better today. No matter what, please know that we are right there in the trenches with you. You are definitely not alone. Though I completely understand how lonely & isolating this process can be. I echo your comment that, “without knowing that others have been on this road with me, I believe my heart would have literally broken.” Mine too, brother, mine too. I’m really not sure why or how mine is still beating… But I will definitely give credit & endless thanks to Denise for holding this sacred space for us all to meet.

      When you mentioned that your body has been a prison for your soul, it reminded me of a story that George Harrison’s (the “quiet Beatle”) widow shared. George was a spiritually evolved old-soul (a man well before his time). From what I understand, he had had it with the bullshit down here and he was done. He did as much spiritual preparation as he could to ensure that he would NOT have to come back down here. In addition, he was also very concerned about how he was going to leave his body. When he finally did pass away, Olivia shared the following comment in an interview: “There was a profound experience that happened when he left his body. It was – visible. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t need to light the room if you were trying to film it…You know, he just lit the room…”
      Hang in there Adam, I have a feeling that if I got you out of your body – I wouldn’t have to light a room either. The light would be absolutely blinding 🙂 And this goes for everyone here at Transitions.
      Like you, I also dream of intentional communities. Hold tight to your dream – these visions are finally coming to fruition. More & more people are finally jumping on board. I’ve even heard of ex-pat, lightworker communities that are sprouting up in places like Ecuador.
      One of the few things that have kept me going over the past 2 years is this organization – Hope for Paws: these little videos have kept my heart beating in the darkest of hours. You may have already seen them, but if not – I hope this brings you some joy, hope, and comfort : (I hope it’s ok if I post this link Denise, I want to remain respectful of your site):
      Lots of love to you,

      • “…I hope it’s ok if I post this link Denise, I want to remain respectful of your site):…”


        Thank you for that. ♥ Yes it’s very okay because it’s High Heart and High Heart intended by you and that is the 5D difference. ♥ 🙂

        Gratitude Hug,

      • Oh Boy Stephanie, that video, now you have really made me cry and I Thank You for that. Look at how through Love that dog changed throughout that video, that is why I started to sob harder and harder and I don’t cry often enough. This is what we are all about, Change! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I Love You Stephanie, you are such a Beautiful Bright Light. My comrade in arms that I speak of, we have walked side by side these past years on a mutual Journey, is also name Stephanie. She has an archetype of energy very similar to yours so I consider myself blessed to have met another Stephanie. Thank You so much for your heartfelt sharing’s with Adam and for the video!

    • Hi Adam,
      I realized that in my comments to yourself that I hadn’t finished sharing what I wanted to say to you, actually what is of the most importance. This was realized by myself by comments that lewisrooney had made within this thread and also Denise speaking of the difficulty of these transitional times for those holding the male archetype.
      I want to say to you Adam that I Love You for being a Wayshower/Comrade in Arms on this journey that we have embarked upon. I Love You for sharing that you cried for an hours time as I also felt those tears as mine for all those time’s that I cannot cry. I Love You for the Strength that you show in maintaining physical movement to maintain physical grounding. I Love You for acknowledging the supportive people you have in your life but at the same time feeling so alone and isolated. I Love You for your vision of the World that you have and the Selflessness and Beauty of that vision. I Love You for your continuing Fortitude. I Love You for your Honesty. I Love You for Your Truth! I also acknowledge that as I Love You for all these energetics stated above that I Am Loving Myself. Also, Loving all the other Male Wayshower’s/Comrade in Arms, I Love You All acknowledging that the Male Archetype has had it own unique difficulties to overcome as we have moved away form the old patriarchal system!

      • Dearest Jeff,

        Thank you for giving this opening for me to talk about something. It’s something (in general, this is not directed AT you) that has warmed my heart and annoyed me at the same time. For example: last night I was watching a show where the one man teared up, cried and said he loved the other man, that he was grateful for all the help and support he gave him; and in response the second guy goes “I’m not going to cry…. I love you too, BUDDY”. I LOVE how the first man expressed himself without filters; the second man truly annoyed me because when are we going to get over this whole thing of men crying openly? The first man did and it was truly a beautiful thing. He wasn’t embarrassed and you could tell it was heartfelt. The second thing that annoys me is how some guys (like the second guy) feel like they have to add “Dude” or “Buddy” or “Man” at the end of “I love you”, as if to somehow make it more “manly” and not “sissy” or something. I’m realizing this is part of the Stair Steps, and yet seeing men (like the first one in the above example) genuinely express themselves just makes the “Dude/Man” ones more annoying to me.

        All this being said, I LOVE how you expressed yourself to Adam; truly from the heart, from the High Heart, and acknowledging as well that by saying these things you also Love yourself. Thank you for sharing in this way so as to open this conversation more. I chime in with all the other female voices in that it’s lovely to see some male Lightworkers/Wayshowers here. Thank you 🙂

        With Much Love, Light, and Heart Hugs,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        PS: I also wanted to say that in your other comment you cracked me up “Ommmmm, my a**” LOL! Thank you for the laugh!

        • Chrysalis & All,

          Bottom line is the one male’s High Heart chakra and consciousness is activating in him; the second egoic macho old school patriarchal male jerk is still functioning from the lower levels of frequency and consciousness that comes from/through his bottom three chakras — primarily his Solar Plexus. Recognizing this HUGE GAP and difference in people today is profoundly easy, and this will only become more so for those people who are existing at higher levels of Awareness and Being. The vast majority of humanity (males and females) are STILL functioning from, are ONLY conscious of, the egoic center of the Solar Plexus and bottom two chakras and the world that went with it etc. These people are absolutely incapable of understanding or relating to anyone — male or female — that has evolved beyond their Solar Plexus. It’s that simple, and that painful to those of us who have moved up into the High Heart with it’s 5D frequency and consciousness.

          Group Hug,

        • Chrysalis,
          Thank you so much for your sharing in the first paragraph. I had to stop myself from saying “Bro”(lol) to Adam as in the past I would have thought that adding that would have made both him and I feel more comfortable. The bottom line is that I don’t know Adam as a Bro as we don’t know one another, so it just would seem silly to say that to make either of us more comfortable. Also, the term Dude, hell, i don’t know if Adam is a Dude! lol Adam, I bet you never thought of the thread that would transpire from your commenting on Transitions, but a good thread it is! Thank You for your kind words Chrysalis and I always try to lighten things up whenever I can, we have to be able to laugh at ourselves at times. Don’t think that I wasn’t an O’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm guy at one time, so in essence I am making light of it and laughing at myself. Nothing wrong with a little mantra here and there!

      • Hi Jeff,

        Thank you so much for reaching out. Through your words I see both how fantastic it feels to be appreciated and loved, but how there is also a terror of accepting love as I have felt such a low sense of self-worth for a long time. As I was taking a walk yesterday evening, I was feeling better than I had in a very long time, and even began laughing at something that happened a long time ago. You are absolutely right that we can have a great impact on one another by sharing our stories. I can tell by your most recent posts that you have made some big leaps lately and are now capable of anchoring and sharing your light with everyone you contact and even think about. Use your gifts, brother, and have fun lightening up this dark corner of the universe.

        In my body I can sense now that there is a possibility of a ‘flip’ where the dark and chaotic energy can reformulate into a lighter state of joy. It is big that I can feel that possibility (or inevitability) even if it is not manifest yet. The feeling is in my body, and the body does not lie.

        Yesterday I had a second conversation with a visionary man who is ready to start some intentional communities, and I began having fun thinking about what it could be like. (for example, monkey bars for adults for fun and exercise!) Connecting with people of higher consciousness is all that keeps me going now. The doctor whom I saw yesterday is a benevolent and gentle soul, and as he approached me I felt a wave of light energy pass through me just from being next to him. We are so powerful, and the speed that this new world will come into being will be in direct proportion to the ‘thirsty’ (my word for those who want the truth the most) coming together. This website is a great big step, or stair case, in coming together.

        One more thing. Those of us who have been through some fire are not interested in arguments any more, only lovingly supporting one another, as we have experienced ‘how fragile we are’ to such a great extreme. I support Denise in her decision to edit comments that are on a low level of vibration that only seek to divide further, despite their being cloaked with auspicious intentions.

        Thank you again Jeff, for reaching out to me, and thank you Denise, Stephanie, and Chrysalis for your comments too. They all have had a positive impact on me, and have given me a renewed faith in the power of supporting and praying for one another. I love you all for being who you are. As a dear old lady in a beautiful church nearby often says to me, ‘you pray for me, I’ll pray for you.’

        Time for a run in the sun.

        • Hi Adam,
          Your comments were much appreciated by myself today as I had fallen a tad emotionally, that once or twice a week occurrence that I had spoken of in a comment. Adam, your low sense of self worth that you speak of did not come across at all in your comments for myself as your radiate Beauty of Spirit and Love and truthfully, I thought your first post here on Transitions was very Beautiful also. You are a Beautiful Being of Light in Human Form. I have been waiting a long time to meet another of male form such as yourself as you inspire me as we are both in the archetypal form of a male. I do feel that archetype of your name, Adam, First Man,contained within you. I think we tend to be our own worst critics but we are managing to leave that old archetype behind. That terror of accepting love, so predominant in the male form, is there from eons of time where males were bred to be fighting warriors where only the side that they were on mattered and it didn’t matter the amount of pillage, plunder and maiming which they thrust out to the opposing side. Also, the relationship to the feminine was more brutalistic then loving as it was another form of conquering for them. The male form still has held these encodings and that is one of the energetics that we have needed to clear.
          You have a wonderful fun loving Spirit, monkey bars for kids, how great even though some of us might wrap ourselves around those bars and have hell of a time unwrapping our bodies, i can see that in my minds eye and it is quite comical. Yes, we need to maintain an incredible “thirst” for the New reality, want it with every fiber of our being. Once again, I especially Thank You for this part of your sharing concerning the “Thirst” for the New as I had temporarily fallen into a neutral state, like “whatever”! This tied into the two derogatory and egotistical comments that were made to Denise and as Denise’s beliefs were the same as my own, the attack was also made on me. I needed to let the Warrior come forward and I also have processing that needs to be done with how the Warrior Energy conducts itself. Usually after the Warrior is finished, I am left feeling somewhat deflated, flat and downright weary as i don’t want to play in that arena anymore but will allow the Warrior’s Truth to be Spoken until such time that it can be set free, once and for all. I am now more then ready for the Connection of People with Higher Consciousness to be one of meeting “face to face” rather then computer to computer. I have had enough years of that. So let’s all continue with that insatiable thirst for the New!

  • Denise, sorry to bother you with this question but I am perplexed. Everyone is concerned with which planet they will go to. However, as multidimentional beings, we have several selves. My understanding is that when more evolved we will be aware of, and engaged with, these other selves consciously. Our various selves could go to various planets; and, we would be aware of and engaged with the lives on these various planets. Or, do all of our selves go to the same planet? I am so confused. Does this make sense? Help.


    • Gerry,

      I understand what you’re saying. Very briefly… I and the other talking about where WE are going or want to go are talking about these current versions of us; the Denise, the Jeff, the Chrysalis etc., not other versions. Really all you and I need to focus on, work on now has been and still is us, our current selves/lives/bodies/beliefs/consciousness etc. All the rest of it will benefit tremendously by what growth YOU and I and each of US makes right now. YOU and I and each of US are the ones in this timeline living the Ascension Process so that is very important and valuable to each of us and to all the other aspects in other places, dimensions, timelines etc. Work on, focus on YOU and the rest will benefit in more ways than we can comprehend yet. 😉


      • I am going to add my personal piece to this Denise. As of October 2011(Calleman’s End of Mayan Calender Date), ALL of my Multidimensional Aspects fully integrated into this human form of Jeff. The whole process had begun in August 2008! Why did this happen, so that I would fully start to focus only on Jeff because for myself, this was a brand new Start as the old was ending! Was this difficult, yes, difficult as Fuck! I had learned to rely on these other Aspects to lead me rather then lead myself. Also, I always had been very Piscean, luved to give my power over to others as it just was easier. In the current phase of the Cosmic Experience, the Macro(Cosmos) is being wrapped up by the Micro(Human’s on Planet Earth), “As Above, So Below”. At this point in time we are the only ones that matter so we can truly finish this! It has been fully placed into our hands to finish! This is also why I have a strong aversion to any channeled material at this time as it is coming from outside of the Earth Plane and dimensionally removed from our dimension and I feel not to be trusted because of TD interference. Also, out there Cosmically things were just as screwed up, if not more so then on the Earth Plane! Some of my multidimensional lives were really and totally fucked up. So for myself, there are no other selves to engage with multidimensionally and no other planets to go to. Beginning with this New Cycle, for me it will only be about the New Planet Earth, all the rest has just ceased to exist as it’s function had been served! Poof and it was Gone! Just as on Planet Earth, the Cosmos are drastically being recalibrated but as Denise stated, we only need to focus on this human form that we are in. The rest will take care of itself in Divine Accord!

  • Very interesting Denise! I love reading your insights and value you as such a fearless and transparent lightworker! Yes, I (like most of us) had been following the Mayan Calendar teaching since Jose introduced them in the early 90’s and I knew about the 12/21/12 “transition” date. Funny back then he suggested that it was the “end of time” not the end of the world and I understood it to be a societal/evolutionary break from being trapped in exclusively left brain functions. But when 9/11 happened (and for months prior to it I had been receiving emails from a friend who had been high up in black/stealth military projects and who was preparing me for this event. It was totally constructed on every level, not just the 4D level) I remember just realizing how much fear we now were going to have to process and how tempting it would be for everyone to jump more deeply into the structures created from our immersion in the left brain processes to try and address our collective fear and I thought “Wow, it’s going to be a really long 10 years”. It had not been the original plan. I am sure of that.
    I still had hope however, since the only way to really get over your fears is to be afraid for so flipping long that you just cannot be afraid anymore. (either that or go ahead and have everything you are most afraid of happen, that also works a treat! LOL) But I can tell you that since then I have had to process out not only my own dark night of the soul, but also I have had to process it, in some cases, for the collective. And THAT is what ended for me on 12/21/12. I no longer had to process anything for the collective. In my world, everyone is on their own, even those I love most deeply. And it has taken me all this time to process my grief around this. I chose to incarnate here to assist with this transition and bring the higher mind awareness of all possibilities into manifest form. I have spent lots of time manifesting and “resolving” the impossible. Too much time in fact and I suspect that was because of the 9/11 timeline shift. I don’t think I was energetically prepared to process what was drug up from the bottom, especially since it is sort of never ending since it is not real.
    It is my experience that there is such a thing as our collective emotional trauma and it can be resolved and healed, and once that is done personally or collectively we get to move onto Planet A/B or A as a soul wishes given that souls desire or directive. (I personally do not see these as evolutionary stages, I see them as preferences) But when the mind is engaged and controlled by the Dark energies, which happens when we don’t want to take responsibility for our own power so we continue to give it away to something else, this triggers ongoing emotional trauma which is not really the collective trauma so it cannot be healed. And there you sit. Dense and traumatized. And I can see that some people, places, institutions, etc (even those I love) have decided to sit right there. I find it helpful to bless and honor their choice. That is not the same as pretending it doesn’t exist, or pretending that the Dark does not exist, it is a firm belief in the fact that all is Divine and all serves the Divine. As will Planet B in all it’s forms. And I am not capable of understanding the Full Universal Plan. So I have to rely on Trust in the Universe and sort of “Do as I am told” by honoring what I know to be true inside and accept what I do not understand outside.

    • Wow Bryn, what a comment. You summed that up nicely. What you said about fear…

      “I still had hope however, since the only way to really get over your fears is to be afraid for so flipping long that you just cannot be afraid anymore. (either that or go ahead and have everything you are most afraid of happen, that also works a treat! LOL)”

      That really nailed it for me as I have had most of my fears realized. There really is nothing left to fear for me. Fear will fall upon me fleetingly now and again but I quickly reclaim my space and power, then it leaves. Once you get fear out the way, clearing and healing and ascending are much easier.
      I too grieve for my loved ones who have decided to just “sit” where they are. But after all we are on our own “soul” journey.
      Thank you Denise for this wonderful article. It really cleared up some confusion I was having with the different timelines. I am so over Team Dark. I refuse to let them in my space. They are done in my book. I am so greatful to have found your site. It has helped me through this 9 month period. YOU have helped me and so many others. You are a blessing. xoxo Julie

  • Thank you so much Denise! This message was so incredibly comforting, encouraging, and valuable. I cannot express enough gratitude for your dedication to this mission, and incredible service to those of us in the trenches with you by being a seer and messenger. You’re a lighthouse for the lighthouses!!!!!

    This is so encouraging because I can vacillate between holding the higher energies for a time, but then get knocked on my rear by getting pulled back into some external event. The lessons keep coming one after the other that my power Source is within and not EXTERNAL. Home is within. I have lost so much over the last 10 years, and all my 3D illusions have been shredded to pieces. I am going through EXACTLY what Edith is going through. Some days, I really think it was just a stupid idea for me to incarnate and take this on! There are hours where I can be overcome by almost suicidal feelings (though would NEVER act on it-want to stick around for my two young kiddos) like I feel trapped in a world I hate. These feeling pass, and then I’ll cycle back eventually into holding higher energies and feel like I’m flying above it all in the glorious Light.

    Your words are so comforting that after September things should get Lighter and easier for us in A/B. This resonates SO much with how I’ve been releasing at breakneck speed lately, and swinging between extreme Light and, at times, oppressive Dark.

    Thank you thank you thank you Denise!!!! I found your site just when I so needed it!!!

    • Colleen I have felt exactly as you do so many times! Wondering what the f**k kind of place did I choose to incarnate into and why would I put myself thru decades of horrible shit. And yet, I too have not topped myself so that my kids would not be left alone in this world without protection. Especially my 9 year old daughter who inherited my psychic vision and skills. I am glad we all chose to hang around and see things thru! Heres to wonderful inspiring lives ahead! Blessings, Meadow.

      P.S I LOVE your words that Denise is a “lighthouse for the lighthouses!!!!!”. So Very true. I am SO grateful for her guidance. Denise has brought me much comfort during the lowest and harshest times. Namaste!

      • Meadow, going back through the comments in the last couple of weeks, it seems a number of us have felt these amped up “just want to end it” and “my god, what have I gotten myself into” feeling trapped here thoughts! We’ve made it this far…..:-)

        This has been such an astounding journey, and hard as hell at times, but so much magic along the way. So much healing.

        I too want to stay here to protect my kids, and help guide them out of the dark of 3D as much as possible. They need their mamas to stick around for the long haul!

        Cyberhugs XXXXX

  • Hello Denise

    I found your website a few months ago and joined your emailing list. I look forward and love reading your posts.

    I’ve been on my path since the late 80s and battling the TD. What’s great about the internet is that we have a place to connect and share.

    In this article you talk about 9/11.. I felt the same that day as you.. I could see dark faces in the smoke – am sure lots of Lightworkers saw them too.. It felt like something big was happening on the etheric levels – thanks for your explanation about the Earth split.. it resonates with me completely.

    I feel excited about the end of this month – a building excitement. In the 90s, I once had a vision in meditation where I was transported along a different timeline – it seemed like the Earth 600 years ahead.. it was just covered in greenery – not a tall building or city in sight! I was walking in a forest or jungle and came across a wounded lion – his paw had a cut in it.. I led him into a brown dome shaped place, like an earth mound .. there was some kind of technological things in there – but they were not technology as we know it now.. and I healed the lion’s paw.. he then went on his way.. It felt like a beautiful communion between us.. no fear at all… Ahhhh.. I think I’d like to be there now.. 🙂 whichever version of planet earth that is.. where animals and humans can be as one.. as well as with each other of course.. and where Nature is the norm .. not concrete.

    Anyway, Denise, just wanted to say, thanks for putting your PayPal button at the top – I didn’t know I could donate.. so happily done so today.. 🙂 )

    Love Light and Big Fat Angel Blessings

    PS.. sorry, in the 4th paragraph.. I meant that humans can be as one too.. just wanted to clarify that bit.. 🙂

  • Thank you Denise, at long last I have found another soul who knows (not that I need confirmation) that on 11.9.2001 A TIMELINE WAS ‘BLOWN’ ….I have known since ‘the event’ that we were diverted, and blown off course, and much later on I intuited that ‘the train had been switched to another track’ so to speak. When I saw the ‘event’ happening on tv, I knew with all my being exactly what had happened, and I shut down emotionally to the whole thing. It sounds sort of cold and hard hearted, but I know that I disconnected from the intended impact it was designed to fuel.

    It was at that same time that I began to get very ill, I wondered if I had somehow been ‘got at’ by ‘the nasties’, and then my long dark night of the Soul was underway, and for the next twelve years (up to now) I have struggled with the physical onslaught. It truly was not until I was guided to Denise’s pages, that I realised that my ‘illness’ never was………I am 62 years old, and along with many other volunteers, I was merely going through Ascensionitis. OMG, can you imagine what relief I felt to read about Denise’s journey and physical symptoms, my ‘radar’ brought me here to show me the full truth of my situation. Thank God for you Denise, you gave me HOPE 💞

    • Hope,

      And you give me Hope too, thank you for that great Comment. ♥ It has been something hasn’t it? But, we’re doing exactly what we came here to do and the positive results, positive changes to all that Ascension Work / ‘Ascensionitis’ pains and struggles etc. etc. will start really becoming increasingly obvious to us all after the second Expiration Date of 9-22-13.

      Thank you dearest and Rock On Elder Forerunners! 😀 😉
      ♥ Hugs,

    • Wow Hope, when you stated that you shut down emotionally to the whole 9/11 thing, I had done the same thing at the time and kind of thought, what is wrong with me, this seems a tad cold. I later realized that on another level I was just so friggin pissed off about the derailment that had been caused by this event and how it would effect us Forerunners! I am just a few years younger then yourself and luv your term Ascensionitis. seems like a term for us Elders! lol I have been saying to my comrade in arms of the last years that why is it that it seems like us Elder Forerunners are the ones being hit the hardest energetically, meaning carrying the heaviest energetic load. The wear and tear on these elder(notice I am not saying older lol, as Densise so eloquently referred to us Mid Lifer’s as Elders) bodies has been phenomenal, I’m surprised some of us are still functioning as even exercising could be too much to even think of as we had to be constantly heading back to the nice comfy, cozy bed! lol Also, luv your name as for around 6 weeks now I have been saying that I have finally, once again found renewed Hope!

      • Jeff & Hope & All,

        No, Higher Awareness is NOT, I repeat, NOT emotional or egoic or emotional egoic Drama Queen/King like at all, just the opposite actually. Higher Awareness knows and knows why etc. in an instant and there is zero emotion involved. This doesn’t mean Higher Awareness is heartless, unfeeling or anything like that. It means that when functioning from Higher Awareness one knows and knows why from a higher spiritual level and not a lower human emotional one.

        And Jeff, another thing that everyone should be conscious of is that us Baby Boomers were the first generation born into a chemical world. Our parents and grandparents did not have ANY of the man-made toxic chemicals in foods, water, air, clothing, furniture, housing every freaking thing that the Baby Boomer generation and all after them have been born into. From the first Boomers on, WE ALL have been carrying an insane and crushing, deadly toxic load in our physical bodies and our energy bodies too and most people don’t take this into consideration with the Ascension Process. Just more patriarchal Team Dark poisons that we of Team Light have had to transmute in ourselves, our bodies, the environment etc. etc.

        Group Hug,

        • An Aha moment Denise! I never thought about us being the first generation being born into a chemical world. I started out as a child with allergies that caused extreme eczema on my entire body and when that cleared up extreme sinus issues for the rest of my life. I just thought I was a Freak! lol This info allows me to have an even higher level of self Love for myself and I now feel that much prouder of what has been achieved. Yes Denise, I agree about Higher Awareness not being emotional, egoic etc.. I have grown quite a bit since 2001 and believe me when I say this, at this point I hold no guilt, blame or shame for anything as I am sure many could attest to in some of my more “right to the point” comments concerning my individual Truth! Time to “Say It As It Is” always remembering the point is not to offend anyone purposely, after all it is My Individual Truth that is being shared. This is why I sent a prior comment concerning lack of male comments on Transitions, not to offend any male reader just am curious and interested in any input.

      • “that it seems like us Elder Forerunners are the ones being hit the hardest energetically, meaning carrying the heaviest energetic load.”

        Jeff and Denise and All,

        This is a subject I have discussed at length with a friend, we also realized that the chemicals were involved, but our discussion also led to the following …….. that we elders incarnated very quickly after WW11 and were born to parents that were traumatized by that war, the cells of their bodies carrying the shock, fear, anger etc., In turn they were born into families carrying those same traumas from WW1. We had the trauma of two recent world wars imprinted into the cells of our families bodies, and we have had to TRANSMUTE all that damage. Our children have had less of that crap in their cells, and our grandchildren carry a much lighter load.

    • Dear Hope….ditto! When the towers were hit, I was beside myself, trying to make others listen, knowing it was all a lie, as to who was to blame. I am so grateful to have been led to this site. I am just now able to accept losing so many out of my life, and not really understanding what was happening, or why. Even walking away from certain situations and people, and then questioning myself, not then realizing it was best, that I was led away….and then to realize how it was better for me to turn my back….I didn’t need to be in the presence of some who saw me as “crazy,” “apostate” “weird” even like a traitor! The hardest part was wanting so desperately to take my beloveds with me, but now, I am able to accept that we ALL choose to be where we are, and I’m better able to “let go and let God.”

      And the ascension symptoms…oh wow…hospital stays, CT brain scans, xrays, severe vertigo, headaches from hell, (still having those) and that’s what it was all the time!

      Let’s all hold onto the affirmation that we will only continue to look forward, and stand firm in the truth! I feel such an excitement!
      Love and hugs

    • Dearest Hope,

      “Ascensionitis”: OMG! Thank you for that belly laugh! I am looking forward to when we no longer have any “-itis’s” anywhere. When we can each return ourselves back to the normal/natural state of health and wellness. I’m working at it!

      Much Love, Light, and Laughter,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • I was not drawn in emotionally to the 9/11 attacks, and always intuitively felt that it was being way overblown. What shocked me was how people reacted to it, not just in the US, but all around the world.

      I can understand that there would be SOME people who would go into that level of fear, but I never dreamed SO MANY would do it. That they could so easily be turned into a bunch of bleating sheep, willing to be herded around and do whatever they were told, give up their rights, their freedoms — and ask no questions about it. I mean, wtf? They did it gladly, and patriotically, all for the promise of being kept safe. “Give us your freedom and we’ll keep you safe.” To me, that remains the real shock of what happened, not the attack itself, but HOW EASY IT WAS to manipulate so many people into giving their freedom away to authority figures who promised to keep them safe if they did so. One attack, and freedom and democracy are thrown out the window.


      How could it be that easy?

      And yet it was.

      • Exactly how I saw things, Carolyn, and I’m running around trying to make people see what they couldn’t, and I’m so weary at this point and have stopped trying to help anyone see anything. My own hubby, my kids, family…can’t see what, to me anyhow, is so plainly there. Yes, TD knew the masses would run scared and cry “protect me!” I have to work very hard and constant in effort to heal this anger which I find still comes up like hot lava. I do find much solace, in that now, so many have found their way through the maze, so to speak, and thanks to Denise and so many others like her who have given so much of themselves, and I am ever grateful that these dedicated souls, unlike this weary one here, daily strive to help others see…listen…
        What you say here about how no one asked questions. I have to chuckle, through my own tears…that some were born to ask questions, and we who were born that way? Well…I’m soon to be 69, and I used to say “what’s all this wisdom for, that I have accumulated through a lifetime of asking questions, if I can’t get anyone to listen?” But nowadays, it’s all okay. I just remind myself that maybe it was just all for me…it’s my truth….it was my choice to find the truth, and I can’t go on carrying it around like a heavy burden that I must pass around so some others can share the load. And the only reason it became so heavy was because it came with so much anger, hurt, disappointment, like literal PTSD big time!…..and like, how could they do this?!!! Simply and candidly put, I was in a state of pissed off!! I was a devout Christian, until I saw organized religion was set up to control the masses….all fear based. Then when I dug deeper…oh my…there was TD everywhere I looked. It took me 15 years to get over the shock and dig myself out from under it all through agonizing unbrainwashing that was ingrained deep in me. And what Denise says in this article about how she knew she couldn’t just go around trying to be a “regular human” when she knew she was a light worker/way shower….I so loved that! I can proudly say now, that in all my craziness and weirdness (as most see me…LOL) I am not a regular human! So we can let others be regular humans and make their choices. It’s all about spiritual evolving, and at least we can fully trust that “system.” It’s all good. 🙂

        • Yes Dolly, it is tough to let go. But I can say now that I’ve finally realized at the deepest level that it is none of my business where anyone else chooses to go, if it is Planet B, then that is what is best for that person. It’s their business, and only they can possibly really know what is the best choice for them. I have family members whom I don’t really know where they will finally end up. I can see it going either way for them, and I’m fine with it. Again, it’s none of my business. It took a while to get there, but I’m there. (And that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel a little tug sometimes when it comes to someone I love, but I know they must choose for themselves, and so I respect that fact and let them be.)

      • Hello, everyone,

        I didn’t know if I should mention this or not, but here goes. I was in Asia at the time of 9/11 and the reaction there was not fear at all. It was laughter and joy that the Americans had been brought down to size. Sorry if that’s hurtful for people to hear. I was never caught up in the fear aspect because I was so far away at the time and I looked at the level of fearsomeness from afar as an odd reaction to the circumstances. I have never been one to let myself be ruled by fear, so I could never understand it.


        • Hi Cat:
          I live in Canada and the reaction there was also not one of fear but of helping out in the immediate situation and that is all. The US-centric bias is total mind control. Nobody else in the world shared this view. Think about it–3000 people were murdered but many many thousands have been murdered by your own governments. I say this not to cause a problem but just to relay a little of how people in other countries think–things that you do not see due to the blackout and bias, and fear-mongering on your news media.Of course all countries have their own versions of fear mongering geared to what will work best on the local populations –it is world wide,but please know nobody else experienced the Americans’ fear levels after that event.

        • Hi, morphqueen,

          I’m Canadian, too. I’m not sure if your comments were directed at me or a previous commenter, but they don’t apply here. I did see the movie about the people in the Maritimes that took people caught on diverted flights in, so I got a sense of what went on here. And we agree, the sense of fear was not played out in Asia like you say it wasn’t in Canada.
          By the way, are you one of the people on here who is in the West?


        • Hi Cat:

          Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply I was at odds with your opinion, but was rather attempting to support it! I guess it didn’t come out too clearly–I live in Ontario, just wanted to support your opinion and let others know that it was such a bizarro time but much easier to see from outside the fishbowl, and that I felt it was a psychological testing/attack, “code red” every day a different colour code in the headlines to throw those people off balance. Was in NYC 1 month later for a whole life expo and was doing clearing/healing for people there who were obviously very traumatized and feeling guilty over feeling angry.

          Big hug!

        • No worries, morphqueen. So glad that we’re on the same page. And I’m understanding your passion on the subject being in New York so soon after it happened. One of those syncronicities– your healing ability was sorely needed there at the time, although you went for an expo!

          Big Hugs,

        • It was a huge moment for me because I was so grateful to be of service there on that anniversary. As soon as the plane landed I felt the morgue-like atmosphere, saw the soldiers, people crying in the streets, and I stuck a US flag pin on my shirt right away so I wouldn’t get lynched 😦 (it was that heavy feeling!, WAR or what’s wrong with you?), and then I got to my incognito work 🙂 Thanks Denise/Cat for letting me share that.

        • Hi, again, morphqueen,

          I’m so glad you were able to be of service to the people that met you there. You just brought to mind the multiple homicide that happened a very few blocks from my home. I was there within hours, transmuting and checking that people were okay. Things changed quickly there and it felt better in a couple of weeks and the sole survivor has made a miraculous recovery. I’m also thinking of my old apartment and the horrible energy that was there that I could barely cope with, but, when I go by that place now, it feels like absolute hell. We do make a difference, standing there quietly holding the light and transmuting the dark.

          Your dreams sound somewhat similar to mine– peopled with people I don’t know and very complicated scenarios that seem to have nothing to do with me. But sometimes there are rich feelings with them, which is interesting.

          Extra Big Hugs,

    • Hello Hope and same here for me as I watched the second plane hit. It was just not part of me and I did not buy into the drama that followed. I dreamed of being there and running from the smoke to hide in a building/restaurant. When I heard about a memorial, I actually got angry that they were building it. It is difficult for me to put into words how I feel but the memorials to destructive events have always bothered me.

  • Just a Really good article! Explains and recaps so much. I’m feeling safe again – I feel and know that I’m heading towards A/B, continuing polarity integration and working alongside others who are at this stage and are just starting!

    Personal note about how I’ve felt just lately: Crazy. Sort of like my personality, wants, desires and just who I am seems to change every half-day. I’m finding more and more emotional/mental issues arising at rapid pace. All previous attachments and concepts I believed in, brought up powerfully, released. Etc.

    I spoke to a friend who visited and I quickly saw ‘what was happening’, not only to him but to the old acquaintances he mentioned about – basically people are started to attract attention of those ‘at their soul level’, and are also starting to manifest what they really want.

    My own personal wishes are for my own ascension, learning of lessons and just working towards completing this deal.

    I’m really looking forward to watch how our world plays out , I can’t imagine the future exactly – but from visions I’ve had – I’m working towards a balanced, harmonized earth-world which is ruled by light – A/B seems to fit in the bill.

    I believe that I wanted to ‘fully experience 3D->5D ascension while in physical body’, so this is what’s planned for me!

    Peace, everyone.


  • Denise thank you so much for this profound article. I really enjoyed reading it. It just made me feel so excited that TEAM LIGHT is getting stronger, and that things will get easier for those that have been on the frontlines for decades! Thank God/dess! I know the frustration of having met so called light workers in complete denial about td and who know nothing about the ascension process, but then have had the balls to give me advice about my process and put me down because I don’t heal or be positive all the time like them. Argh! Such deluded individuals. I too have released everyone from my life bar two people, and it feels good. Sometimes lately the feeling that my frequency of vibration is changing so rapidly that I feel people just can’t reach me in some way, and that family members feel edgy around me, and can only bare to talk for short periods. It suits me fine! I am so very proud of all Forerunners for the commitment and dedication they have shown to their mission on earth at this crucial time in humanities ascension. So very grateful to you Denise for transitions site, and the tenacity and generosity you have modeled for all of us. Its an honour to know you. I wish you and all my fellow ascension initiates the very best of everything:their hearts desires and divine grace, as we continue on into the next phase of development. Light and blessings, Meadow X

    • Hi Meadow,
      Beautiful sharing’s in your comment’s. It seems like many of us are beginning the “celebratory phase” for a job well done and showing our appreciation and admiration for one another. In line with your comment: “I am so very proud of all Forerunners…”, today is Labor Day in the U.S.! I think that we should all honor ourselves and give ourselves a big hug of appreciation for the “Fruits of our Labor”as Forerunners! It was our task to achieve a “tipping point” and I say “Job Well Done”! I am so happy to constantly be “Raising My Glass” to All of You at this time!
      Also, you stating: “that my frequency of vibration is changing so rapidly…”, I can now literally feel when my vibration is shifting and changing as a low level vibration felt throughout my entire body. I agree, much is happening at a rapid pace these days which is also a Blessing for those last negative dregs in their final removal and hooray to that!

      • Meadow and Jeff….I didn’t know what was happening to me….I had several real huge “charges” that vibrated me so through and through …one afternoon, it was so strong that I wondered if I would go melting into my chair! The other times are when I am just retiring for the night, and usually just after or during prayer….and I SO enjoy it, and just accepted and allowed and with so much gratitude! Now, as you mention it, Jeff, I am beginning to feel this fine vibration most all the time. All that Denise has revealed in this article, as to the different worlds…I just find it all very comforting to have this understanding that there will be a place for everyone, a place of individual choosing. So all is right and good, but the best news is that the greater influx of Light has brought so many closer to the truth of our BEing, where many have fallen away from TD’s “ole time religion” and know in their hearts that it is okay to ask questions, and even wipe the slate clean on everything they “thought they knew,” being ready to relearn. I am ever grateful to the internet where we have sisters and brothers who spread the good news, who have the insight, the gifts of discernment, with “have eyes to see and ears to hear” and Denise is so THERE!
        Oh yes! TD is losing hold fast, and they know it! And they crawl and grovel now in the corners of their own selfish filth! And as you both point out, we celebrate this occasion….this wonderful, breathtaking moment we ALL share that comes with being released from the chains of lies and deceptions and are lifted up in the arms of truth.
        Something wonderful is happening. 🙂

        • oh my goodness! I think a lot of these symptoms began for me back around 2003. I have had so many of these things happen to me, Denise. So many! And the Buddha belly…oh my…not so much now but at one time a couple yrs ago I looked like I must be nearly ready to deliver! Burning feet and legs, so bad I couldn’t sleep and was constantly getting up and putting lotion on them just to cool them…not so bad now,…a lot of the symptoms came and went already. So many! I’ve been in hospital several times with the vertigo and what seemed to be heart problems, but nothing found wrong! The most recent…3 weeks of very severe chest pains even waking me in the night. I never sleep soundly or without waking constantly. I’ve grown used to the ringing in my ears and clicking sounds. The headaches now…the worst. And the emotional stuff. Just looking at a beautiful sunset can bring me to tears…and I cry a lot and I get real angry a lot but that is easier now since I am more able to accept that loved ones aren’t “there” yet. I’m no longer declaring that I refuse to go anywhere without them. It is only recently that I finally learned that since I am aware and awake it doesn’t mean it’s my responsibility to wake everyone else up, and I couldn’t ‘anyhow, cause they can’t “hear.” And I was just getting to be a bother to them. As long as I raise my own frequency, I’m doing my part. right? And my dermatologist…too funny. “Yes, I am sure there isn’t something crawling around under your skin!” And the hair falling out, and my natural curl going straight! And smelling the incense…and the vibrations which I so enjoy btw…and getting shocked touching things and people…and I am dealing with a feeling of hunger when I shouldn’t be , and for something, but don’t know what it is I’m craving. I’m sure I’m eating far too much chocolate. oh I could go on and on!
          But…I don’t think I’m doing things in the order you give. And I haven’t had the hot flashes and sweats in a long time….and no hot feelings in different areas of the body. Does this mean something is amiss? And I don’t have altzheimers? (I used to be able to spell that!)
          Thank you, Denise. I love you. ❤

        • Hi Dolly
          I so resonate with your post. I love what you said about us being “lifted into the arms of truth”. Yes, something wonderful is happening. Lets enjoy! Light blessings to you, Meadow

        • Hi Dolly,
          I so agree with you that as long as we are raising our own frequency, that is all that is required. I stopped proselytizing quite some years ago. The saying I always think of is “Healer Heal Thyself”! Also, “When It Is Cleared Within, It Will Be Shown Without and then when that frequency is mingled out there in the world it will do it’s thing in Divine Accord! Also, I understand that chocolate thing, after all we need something enjoyable, do we not. And yes, A bit of a buddha belly here also but I wear it as a Badge of Honor! I earned it after all! LOL

      • Thanks for your comment Jeff. I always enjoy reading your posts! Yes, lets celebrate the wonder of lightworkers, and the miracle that we have all made it this far! Lots of beautiful, brave souls contributing here. Its so nice to see and be a part of everyones journey. To help when we can. To bare witness to the realities of our experience. It is indeed a precious gift when we have toiled in the dirt for SO LONG! I am sure we have all learnt and grown so much as people through our ascension process. Lesson I am sure will help us enjoy and deeply appreciate the ease and flow that is on its way. May we all be showered with abundant blessings and ever expanding joy. Heart hug, love Meadow

  • I am glad you shared how to donate since I never saw the box below the calendar.
    Thank you for your efforts to share what you know. I have not read about timelines
    anywhere in the way you are explaining it. I feel personally that I am here to teach
    and this year all I have been doing is writing/creating classes that I will be teaching
    at some point. I love to learn, create displays and put together classes. Although I taught
    children in public schools, instead of teaching just adults Reiki, EFT, etc I have recently
    decided to create childrens classes too, Reiki, crystals, chakras, etc. I feel purposeful
    and am enjoying my days suddenly, even though physical pain has been intense. I dont
    know if all this is a cover for emotional issues not yet released or if I am actually releasing
    somehow during sleep time if that is possible. Sometimes I wake up happy, and other times
    I wake up and am disapointed that I am still here.However, I do look forward to being here
    and making a difference.

    • “I am glad you shared how to donate since I never saw the box below the calendar.”

      janis & All,

      😮 Oh good lord… I’m moving my PayPal Donation button up higher or to the top of the Sidebar where hopefully it’ll be seen by more people! 😯


  • Dear Denise thank you for your latest article always ready to read your information when it comes online!!!
    Just wanted to say I have a painting of an energy portal painted by my daughter who is an artist and when I got it – I found myself standing in an energy portal of silver violet light. Now I am seeing an ancient Crone Goddess looking at me which made me think of the Sephirah Binah in the Qabalah which is the Sephirah of the Great Mother in the Supernal Triad who is the infinite womb, the mother of all life/form/matter.
    Crone Goddess represents death/rebirth to me.
    Which brings me to the Tibetan
    I Quote –
    7th Initiation The Resurrection
    Head Centre –
    The Eternal Pilgrim
    2nd Ray Love/Wisdom
    Plenty of heart chakra/head centre activity going on
    Also energy downloads off the scale – so no doubt in my mind about 22nd Sept.
    The words ‘lift off here we come sprang to mind’ Maureen

  • Denise,

    This morning I “accidentally”opened up a few of your articles from the year 2010, and then I read repeated references to the year 2010 from another unrelated source. I knew the numbers were important somehow, but I suppose my question is: how was/is the year 2010 related to the year 2001?

    I also became momentarily confused today; I thought I had written a comment or a message or had communicated with you in some way when physically, I had not. As I was struggling to remember what I physically did and did not do today, I received the impression that I communicated with you from across time–from the year 2010. I tried to justify that I only “felt” that I had communicated with you from this year because I had read comments you had written during that year, but the experience felt more substantial than that–only that I can’t consciously remember communicating with you at all! I know this sounds crazy. It’s disorienting, certainty. This begets yet another question: How will we keep track of our “place” in “time”in the Planet A/B scenario, if this is the world/timeline we resonate with, or will “time” cease to exist there?


  • Hello, Denise and Everybody,

    Thank you, Denise, for this timely article and for giving us more of the details that we need at this time.  I have chosen Planet A/B, because I am really excited about watching the development of everything and playing my small part in it.  As I said in the comments for the last article, I'm feeling that I'm already entering Planet A/B and my role there is one with animals and teaching.  To support what I said in that comment, there have been just a ton of birds around my place today, singing to me and playing hide and seek in the tree by my house.  (I live in the trees and it has given me such access to the birds in their habitat.)  I just feel in love with birds today!

    I also loved your comment about the “fluffies”! They have been our nemesis for so long and it’s time they had an accounting taken of how they have treated others. I am imagining how I will live and I don’t even worry about money, because it so hasn’t been a part of my life for some time. In “real life” that has led to some apparently foolish spending, but I know that it will all balance out if I don’t get too wrapped up in it.

    These are truly exciting times!

    Love and big hugs to all!

    • ‘Thank you, Denise, for this timely article and for giving us more of the details that we need at this time. I have chosen Planet A/B, because I am really excited about watching the development of everything and playing my small part in it.’

      Exactly same for me!


  • Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Denise. I am as always awed and grateful for your ability to narrow the maelstrom of information aavailable on other levels both currently and in the past, into reasonable bites that people can understand.
    I grew up with both the prophecies (7th sun etc) and the inner awareness i f the Earth changes as a necessary part of the natural cycle. I felt that helping more people come back into spiritual and physical alignment with the Earth and respectful ways of living with all living beings was an important part of my task so that humanity could, as in earlier transitions, be renewed as functional parts of the Mother’s natural systems both physical and spiritual. (Rather than be extirminated by the effects of the colonized way of living).
    I plan to meditate for a while on what Denise has shared as I am having some difficulty perceiving how everything “fits” together. Usually sych difficulty precedes an “aha!” moment of integration of multiple levels of awareness. There truly is nothing to fear all is flowing just as it should even tho team dark’s pt barnum methods may make it seem worse in any given moment.

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for such a wonderful article.

    I just want to get rid of some technicalities first: For those who have trouble seeing Transitions, you are probably using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8 (and 9 to some extent) do not render the website properly (I’ve checked it out). I recommend switching to a modern browser: either Opera, Firefox or Chrome. WordPress on which Denise’s blog is running is using the latest Web technologies and if you don’t have a modern browser, you’ll have trouble viewing it.

    Denise, thanks again. This article is so revealing and so in sync with many other spiritual/ascension blogs that I’m following. I can see the planet A/B as my choice of world reality through two things: the really amazing speed at which my thoughts are beginning to manifest and how so many people are redescovering their true spiritual nature. And the crumbling away of old Team Dark structures (Monsanto’s stock is being dumped, McDonalds quit Bolivia, Pepsi got inundated with lawsuits because of their GMO stuff etc…). I am very happy to be living in these times, which is wonderful because just months ago I was in agony and wishing to quit the Earth as soon as possible. I am happy to be living in the A/B world now. So many beautiful things. Yes, I know, there will be many more changes and work to do, but everything seems so much easier now.

    I have a question for you: the people who won’t stay/choose the planet A and A/B world realities, how will they leave? Will we notice it? I have noticed that there are a lot more deadly traffic accidents lately, people getting terminal sicknesses, suicides, etc. Is this going to speed up or will some natural events be the cause of their leaving the A/B reality? Or will we all be oblivious to them being gone, simply have them fade away from our existence? Because there are a lot of people who are not even near the higher vibration needed to live in their hearts. This makes me wonder about how will they leave.

    Thank you.

    • “I just want to get rid of some technicalities first: For those who have trouble seeing Transitions, you are probably using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8 (and 9 to some extent) do not render the website properly (I’ve checked it out). I recommend switching to a modern browser: either Opera, Firefox or Chrome. WordPress on which Denise’s blog is running is using the latest Web technologies and if you don’t have a modern browser, you’ll have trouble viewing it.”


      Thank you very much for that information. I know that when I try to use IE (Internet Explorer) browser it’s never worked with websites, forums, blogs etc. so I use Firefox browser and have no problems at all. It’s really easy people to get free Firefox or Google Chrome to use instead of IE and you’ll not have these sorts of problems. Thanks again iceblue for spelling this out so much better than I did. (I’m having a hard time today with the CME energies and much of what balsamicmoon was talking about too.)

      A lot of people will continue to exit physical life via physical death, especially now that we’re so close to the end of the Nine Months period. Have you noticed that over the past two or three years a lot of things, companies, stores, products etc. have disappeared for their different reasons? We notice but life goes on. I think all of the things you mentioned will happen and be noticed by those who remain but again, life goes on and we’re all going to be so busy with the big changes unfolding. How many people, loved ones, friends etc. have you separated from over the past 25 Ascension years? I’ve separated from nearly everyone I’d known before and this is “normal” for these changes everyone has been, is, and will be going through with this Process.


  • Dear Denise,
    Your recent post hit me square between the eyes in the discernment arena. Now I understand how team dark has manipulated everyone in my family (including my dogs and cats) through depression/ suicide, drug addiction ,co-dependency, and physical pain over the past 12 years. Thank you for this gift which could not have come at a better time. May it enable me (and others) to close the door on all the physical and emotional pain from TD’s endeavors in the past. Much love, Cay

  • Dearest Denise,

    Much Gratitude and Love to you for all your hard work and efforts to help guide us through these “growing pains/times”.

    The first thing that stood out to me, that I had to make a note of was your sub-title: “NINE MONTHS COMPLETES ON 9-22-13 & SEPARATION OF WORLDS BEGINS”. This thing is happening for me recently where a certain word will STAND OUT and basically blast me with energetic information. Like you see a word, have read it for years and years, when all of a sudden you read it and “BAM!” the Universe opens up and slams into your heartmind! Well, that’s what it feels like for me. So back to the word…. “BEGINS”. I believe I’ve come to a place in this process where I’m understanding that it is a “process”. So the separation of worlds BEGINS… and my next thought then became “but when does it “complete”?” Because I know enough now in this “process”, that we won’t wake up tomorrow and “BAM!” we’re in this fully developed NEW Earth. Many people need a further “adjustment period”, as far as a linear observance of where a LOT of people “disappeared ” to (thus natural disasters etc). My other thought about this is, is there a certain point when there will be enough of a Separation of the Worlds where there won’t be that bumping up against each other feeling… a certain point where TeamDark can no longer hook in the “unaware” people? As you can see, I’ve been shoved up the stairs a LOT lately with this sort of awareness/thinking/processing!

    I absolutely LOVED how you described Planet A (or at least one version of it!). It completely made sense and thus “chunked” in my mind (oy my head!!). I really resonate with the crystalline-like part, that and a misty/rainbowed place with crystal trees that have jeweled leaves, etc. This may be another place/dimension that I’ve already been to; maybe why I resonate with it.

    I know that I was one of those who was traumatized by that date in Planet B history; and I also know that I was one of the few voices that did NOT want to respond with violence and was confused and appalled that others did want to. Even then, within the confines of my own ptsd before the event, I can now fully see that I was doing Light Work then. What an amazing revelation!

    I truly look forward to all the thoughts and questions and flurry of Higher Energies in this discussion on Comments! Thank you for allowing this opportunity!

    With Much Love, Light, Gratitude and Heart Hugs,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • As I have been thinking on your different stair step level’s that we will occupy within New Planet A/B, I receive within that as of now, in this transition phase(and how long will that entail, decades, centuries, I say to self lol), I will continue in a roll of Assistance(Ee-gads)! lol My concern is that by the end of this month, what will my financial structure look like, will it possibly take a turn for the better. For me to continue to survive here in this world, and I am sure this will not change overnight, I need for my financial structure to improve in that it is, and has been for a few years, non-existent. I don’t mind continuing to be of Assistance but this aspect has to change. Just as I stated yesterday that I surely haven’t taken a Vow of Chastity, I am certain I haven’t taken a Vow of Poverty, maybe in a past life(been there, done that, don’t want to repeat that) but not in this one, in which one truly needs finances to survive. Denise, any words of Divine Wisdom that you so beautifully encompass would be appreciated, of course, when time permits because I am sure the comments are going to roll in concerning this new well done article.

    • The reason I am always so touched by your comments is that I have so been there so many times, in that place that you are sharing in your comments. So I feel much compassion. I would recommend Sarah Varcas, I have just been introduced to her recently by a comment someone posted here on Transitions. I really enjoy her daily astrological musings(Astro Blog) so I can only imagine her individual reading’s would be wonderful. She has wonderful intuition and an eloquent writing style and knows how to get to the crux of matters. This is her website:

  • Denise….Thank you thank you thank you for this article that I have been waiting for with so much excitement! I have had a bit of trouble understanding about timelines, and will reread this over and over! I keep seeing how many people have been aware of this ongoing ascension process from so many years back!….far longer than I was aware of since I’m a late comer! I AM so grateful to have found you and your website here and especially your ability (knowledge and understanding of what you “see” and “hear”) to walk with us and show us the way. I’m still unclear on timelines, but I don’t doubt that they exist, and so I’m comfortable with knowing it doesn’t matter so much if I don’t completely get it, as long as I’m striving to stay “on board!” Anything others here might say by way of helping me to further understand would be most welcome! I totally thrive on all the feedback from everyone here! Learning about the process of ascension with all it’s symptoms has been a huge relief, since I was sure I had developed dementia in my old age (I’ll be 69 in November) because of the really serious memory problems! Of course, I am hoping to find myself on planet A, however, at this point in time I can also see how I may still need the learning experience provided by planet A/B. If that’s the case, does this mean I’ll be incarnating in and out of A/B for the duration? (possible 3000 to 3600 yrs) Or can it be that through “accelerated learning” on A/B, one may “graduate” and enter 5D? I was late hearing about the physical ascension reality, however, I have been awake and aware for many many years as far as Team Dark, all the lies, human slavery…the works!

    Thank again, so much, and meanwhile I hold you all with deepest heart love, and that this next big whammy finds everyone sailing on far smoother waters!

    Love and hugs

    • Hi Dolly,
      Concerning Timelines, they are very confusing to myself also. I stated in a previous comment that in the future I know myself to be a Timelord who maneuvers through timelines, so I would understand the complexities at the point of my future self. As far as know, it confuses the shit out of me, so complex and very muli layered and dimensional. So, as you said, as long as your striving to stay on board, I feel that is all that matters. Hang tightly to that surfboard Dolly, as it is one hell of a ride. I’m right there by your side, maybe we can help hold one another up! lol

      • Thank you so much, Jeff, and bless your heart! Sure does feel better (since finding Transitions) to know I’m not alone, and especially that others here may not altogether grasp the reality of timelines. I am also deeply gratefully relieved to understand how Team Dark is no longer able to see past the 12/21/12 Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle…. like the proverbial wrench is thrown into their nefarious works! Now were about to enter into 9-22-13, (magical numbers!) and the separation of the worlds begins, and all I can say is, OH WOW, now we’ll see what were really made of! Hopefully, it’s ALL LIGHT! And talk about a ride….in all my seeking for answers most of my life, and finding my belief system was never even close to the truth….well, nothing could be worse than that ride! After that, as the truth set me free, I’ve been in awe ever since. I just feel like no matter what, everything else is a breeze! NO FEAR!
        September countdown…day one…and off we go! Wheeeeee! 🙂

  • OMG Denise, Fluffies, I so luv that term! I had to quote the following sentences as what I have always luved about you is that “You Speak What Needs To Be Said”! Hey, after all, many of us are deciding what stair-step level of Timeline we want to occupy within that New Planet A/B as Denise spoke of!
    “But, for some people (“fluffies”) to outright deny the existence of these other worlds and levels of reality and ongoing soul education and the many people/souls that want and/or need these (to us) unpleasant dark experiences just because you cannot yet grasp larger, more complex truths is egoic, deluded, and shows great disrespect towards everyone. It’s grow up time which means it’s time to know much more about much more, and obviously Duality!”

    • “But, for some people (“fluffies”) to outright deny the existence of these other worlds and levels of reality and ongoing soul education and the many people/souls that want and/or need these (to us) unpleasant dark experiences just because you cannot yet grasp larger, more complex truths is egoic, deluded, and shows great disrespect towards everyone. It’s grow up time which means it’s time to know much more about much more, and obviously Duality!”

      There are even some very well-known channellers who have continued post 12/21 to say things like “no one will be left behind” and “we’re all going together.” Many people are so attached to the childish need to believe this that they become blind to what is right in front of them. One does not even need special abilities like Denise has to see that people are, and have been for some time, separating into two camps. The Rainbows and Cotton Candy Crowd does not want to see it or know about it, but that doesn’t change it.

      Jeff, I agree that things like “The Secret” have added to the problem, making people believe all they have to do is deny the negative and it will cease to exist, all the while not seeing that denying the negative is itself rooted in and thus reinforces duality.

      Denise, this latest article is an important piece, with a lot meat in it. Unfortunately, it’s probably also going to bring in the Consciousness Police, lights flashing, sirens blaring, and swinging their billy clubs at you! But you can, of course, handle it.

      • “…Denise, this latest article is an important piece, with a lot meat in it…”


        Thank you for that. ♥

        And yes, Team Dark has long presented Itself to many as the Light and everyone that couldn’t/cannot discern for themselves have bought TD’s false light BS stories like crazy for the past 25 years. It’s been very discouraging but the real Team Light Forerunners have had to just keep plowing away and hope that more people wake up and learn to think, feel, and discern for themselves.


      • Hello all (: This is my first comment here, I’ve been lurking in the “shadows” reading along for the past couple of months deepening my understanding of the dynamics of light/dark here, duality, and its relation to higher Oneness/Unity Consciousness that characterizes the realms outside of this one. Denise, thank you for all that you do and your dedication to the Truth, no matter how unpleasant it is. This is the greater learning for us all and your insights are very valuable to anyone who is so focused on their ascension and the highest Truth. I, too, have been noticing, sometimes painfully, how deluded and misled so many humans have become, particularly within the “new age” crowd. Most people do not have the capacity for discernment let alone the higher gnosis about what has really been taking place in this sector of creation so spiritual oversight is very rare in these times making truth and liberation all the more elusive. As you have wonderfully said, Denise, evolution requires us to KNOW more, including all that we would rather not pay attention to. False memes that suggest that “negativity”or “dark forces” aren’t real, that all is “love and light”, spread like viruses and humans gobble them right up and retain these beliefs in their consciousness failing to see the bigger picture. However, given the current situation of humanity, I understand. Still, it is very refreshing to see more and more people speaking up about these things. I have been sensing a major “something” coming, which seems to be coinciding with this upcoming “separation”…it will be interesting to see what manifests. Anyway, you are all wonderful, thank you for being here ❤

  • Hi Denise. I have whined a lot about being alone…. understatement. The fruits of a life alone is the ongoing detachment process. I am not certain how clean it is and by that I mean I don’t know if I have really let go or am I not seeing wounded areas. The longer I go on the less I care about so much here. The thing that freaks me is the level of indifference. I do know I am resisting joy. I am resisting the total realization that it is up to me and my own personal connection that is ALL. It has come to my attention that everything that I like or makes me feel better is from outside of me. Such as the love from a puppy! I’m not saying that I think there is anything wrong with those kind of outside inputs in our lives, but something is making the point that I need to really GET IT that I AM the only true connection. I resist it like I resist cleaning my house. The juxtaposition is because I longed to be normal like everybody else for such a long time when I did not understand in any way what was going on here or myself. I think I feel “cheated” somehow : ) And then later on it more or less came to me what you wrote above about the sheer necessity to keep focused and if I had had my way, my little dreams come true, it would not have fostered the desired over all outcome of which you speak, but fed the delusions about life. I have seen how much my liking life depends on what I CONSUME. It scares me. Jolts me. Of course I don’t mean just eating! I am shown how I still live life backwards.

    So the pissy part that didn’t get what she wanted and hurt so much drags her feet because “this” doesn’t fit her picture. Also I am not sure how to go about it except to keep letting go and watch what happens. Dive into it and experiment. It’s like I have my arms folded and with a frown saying, “alright, I’ll do it, but I don’t have to like it!”


    • Hi Edith,
      Your comments always touch my heart. Edith, it feels to me that you are so ready for some Tender Loving Care and as we are moving thru these final stair steps to a New Birthing for us all, I feel that you will soon find what you so desire. If you desire Ascension, I am sure you would finally encompass all that you desire whence you arrive there. I feel whatever you choose, there are Loving Open Arms waiting to embrace you and finally fulfill all your deep desires. I Hope for this for You! Bless You Edith!
      P.S. – I hop I didn’t sound like too much of a “fluffie”! LOL

      • Hi Jeff. I appreciate your comments. I have to find the strength to set aside the poor me litany. I know it, you know it, everybody who reads me knows it! : ) LOL Yet I truly do believe there is a divine reason for this stringent life or I am one mighty powerful being along just “one” line of manifestation! : ) Actually I think I am once again inspired to seek an astrology reading via Chiron, except this time to pay attention to the dynamics I chose that embodies “me” here (the recipe) and what is the challenge. Can anyone recommend such an astrologer? I will take a look online.

        And thank you for reminding me that I too cracked up with Denise’s FLUFFIES comment! I really needed it too : )

    • Edith,
      You speak my soul’s cry! I, too have been feeling utterly alone, purposeless, and ready to use my “get out of jail free” card. Something very small and quiet keeps whispering to me to “hang on”. I want to ignore it, but I can’t. I want to run from it, but I can’t. So I ran to the ocean, my place of solace and I realized that good, bad or indifferent I CHOSE to be here at this place and time, and as much as my human self is pissed, I freely chose this. Not being one to shirk responsibilities, I’m keeping up my end, like it or not. It helps knowing that even though I feel alone, I”M NOT!!!!
      Blessings of love and light to my fellow “choosen” ones…(lol)

  • Hey Denise

    Superb recap my dear angel buddy 🙂

    After the 22nd of Sept, I would like to work in planet A & at the same time help my friends & family in planet A/B to evolve higher. I want this outcome more than anything.

    Love & hugs,


    • Denise, Stubeing, and all. That is my goal as well. Except for the work part. I plan to BE on Planet A being whatever is my bliss in any certain moment-if that includes helping another plant, animal, being, then that would be the equivalent of work in 3d I guess. i see myself living and being w the animals. But I will still have capacity to visit Planet A/B. Perfect.

  • Denise,
    Excellent, excellent, excellent as I knew this article would be. I was chatting with a friend, who I only connect with every few month’s and as a result of these pivotal times we wound up chatting for 4-1/2 hours which is unheard of for me, and we spoke of many points which you just covered. I so agree with your feeling that the New Planet A/B scenario will play out in around a few thousand year time period. I still am blown away that I chose to stay with the Planet A/B scenario instead of Planet A (Full Ascension), I made this decision in the beginning of summer when I knew I just wasn’t read to leave “form” for “formlessness”! With all that I have had to endure, along with the rest of you, I decided to sign up for another cycle in human form and all that it will entail. I agree with you Denise, it will become better and better(Planet A/B) but will take time, will not happen overnight BUT there still will be much “Magic” that will transpire unlike anything we have seen up to this time and WILL NOT BE that “false magic” that was created by the “negative agenda”, which just existed within the “illusory bubble”, think “The Secret”, etc. which was just used to the negative’s agenda. Denise covered how they do this quite well in the beginning of her article. Prior to the 12-21-12 date it was ALL manipulation with manipulation continuing past then, but for those able to see, it was being blatantly exposed.
    Also, as knowing myself as a Timelord from the Future where my job was maneuvering thru timelines, I receive within that many have already moved to Planet A(Ascension) and the reason I am not aware of it is that a type of “mind wipe” transpires, in essence I have no memory of anyone that I would have known that has Ascended to that Timeline. The whole Timeline thing is so freaky to my mind at this time, can only comprehend so much as it is really a “farout there” concept as the understanding still is in my future Timelord timeline. I can only “feel into it within” and then my mind cannot fully encompass all of it at this juncture in time. Hoping I will be able to comprehend more and more as I continue forward.
    Also, I was just thinking earlier how much I appreciate you maintaining this site on a donation basis as many are switching to a fee basis, which I don’t judge because we all need to survive. It is just that still, at this time, some of us have no financing to contribute but I will remember you when I can in the not too distant future! Thank You from My Heart To Yours!

  • Denise – Blessings to you, my dear soul sister! Where is the DONATE link on your website?! I looked and looked and looked for it (albeit in a big-time, brain-damaged, Ascension symptoms state), but could not find it! Please make it easy for folks to support you, my dear! (I know, surely websites are going the way of the dodo-bird in a few weeks, right? So not worth the trouble right now?) At least send me a link so that I can send you some money, OK?

    Thx, bows & blessings – 😀 “Rev. Russ”

    • Deborah,

      Thank you and there’s a permanent PayPal Donation Button in the sidebar area all the time. If I was clever and had full brain function myself, 🙄 😆 … then I’d add a PayPal Donation button link thingy in every article, but I haven’t figured out how to do that. 😕 BUT please see the always there Donation button in the sidebar area beneath the calendar. Thank you for even asking about this. ♥


      • Dear Denise
        Thank you for putting the Pay Pal Donation on your site – it makes it sooo . . . very easy to be able to give to you back what I can when you give sooo . . . much to me. Thank you and may many others also bless you in this manner.
        Hugs back

  • Hi

    I am looking forward to reading this post…unfortunanely, due to the colors of the intense background and the light print…I cannot make it out at all. Please help. Thanks ..Irene 🙂

    • Irene S,

      I just got rid of the decorative patterned background and changed the colors of the theme in hopes of solving this problem some readers are having. Why this happens to some and not others I don’t understand. Let me know if you can now easily see and read the text in the article okay? My computer has always shown a solid white background where the text goes so I’ve always seen this how it should be and not messed up with the patterned background under text!


  • Hi Denise………I love reading your articles and channelings……..however, the last 2 have been printed on a very dark background and I cannot read them.  Is there a way you can change the background so that the printed words are more visible?  Isabella Sage

    • Isabella,

      I’ve had other people inform me of this same situation. I would never use a WordPress theme and/or background that did anything to interfere with my words! Every WP theme I use has a plain white or colored, non-patterned background where the text goes in each article. The dark colored patterned background is, should be ONLY visible at the sides of the solid white or colored area where the text is. I do not know why, for some people, the normal solid white background for the text area disappears?! It’s not like that on my computer and never has been so I’m not sure what to tell you. You might try updating your computer and internet??? Does anyone else know why this is happening for some readers? If we can’t get this figured out, I’ll have to not use any patterned backgrounds at all in hopes that my text clearly and easily shows up for everyone to read. I work hard on what I write and I certainly want everyone to easily see it all!


    • Hello
      I solved the problem with diffuculty to read the text because of the grey background. Mark the whole text and right click and push the copy button.
      Paste the text into a world dokument. Everything was OK.
      Best regards Lill

      • Lill,

        Thanks for your help with this problem and confusion on my part. I changed the colors and got rid of the decorative background so I hope Isabella and others can see the text clearly now. If not, then we’ll use your method.

        Gratitude Hug,

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