Feeling Surges from Different Timelines

Expiration Date & Paradigm Shift
Expiration Date & Paradigm Shift


“How close are we, in any given moment, to any of these timelines? I suppose what I mean is, is it normal now to feel the effects of one timeline if one is not currently on track to experience it, or is “feeling” this timeline an indication that one will indeed experience it? I’m not sure if I’m resonating with the Severe Earth Changes timeline at the moment, but I keep experiencing bouts of intense fear and panic about some big catastrophic event like a magnetic pole reversal, although I’m doing my darnedest not to focus upon it. It seems to pop up randomly, and I become paralyzed for an hour or two, until I latch onto something else–reading and connecting with the energy of The Temple Master Hotei, for example. :) And then it is as if I never experienced such debilitating fear, until it rears its ugly head unexpectedly a few days later. This all feels bigger than me somehow. Is something happening now, in another timeline, at this moment? I suppose everything is happening Now, but is something big and horrible “close” to us at the moment, perhaps that stunt the Powers are attempting to pull?”


This was in Comments under another article but because it’s such an important question I wanted to give it the focus and individual space it deserves. Thanks balsamicmoon for asking it. And thanks too Beth for the positive nod to The Temple of Master Hotei .  ❤

Because I’ve known balsamicmoon – Beth online for about ten years now, I’m familiar with why she’s sensing, perceiving and emotionally reacting to a future timeline where there are dramatic Earth Changes. In my 2013 revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei  I talked in the Introduction about this and other related life/death/ascension lives and timelines and us here now living the Ascension Process. This alone is a multi-layered topic and one I plan on writing much more about from here on out.

Balsamicmoon had a male “past” life in late Atlantis and was alive when the great physical disaster–the Downfall of Atlantis–happened. That male “past” life “self” of hers felt tremendous personal guilt and responsibility for what other Atlanteans did that helped cause the physical disasters that destroyed their lands and much else. Her “past” life male self died from the horrific destruction that took place in Atlantis and the surrounding areas at that time. This traumatic “past” life event and its death has bled through into this current life and timeline, and balsamicmoon has struggled for years to untangle this particular past life energy knot. This is why she now feels and often responds to other Earth worlds that do experience escalating and serious Earth Changes.

In other words, balsamicmoon in this timeline resonates unusually well with other timelines and Earth world realities that do experience more severe physical Earth Changes due to her “past” life in Atlantis when it went below the sea and that past life male self died because of it. Balsamicmoon resonates with the other timeline(s) where much larger and more severe Earth Changes DO happen, primarily because of her Atlantian male “past” life death and lingering guilt and huge sense of responsibility in her current life and this Ascension timeline.

Many of us are experiencing very similar sorts of past life bleed-throughs into our current lives in this timeline because of the Ascension Process and how we’ve been pressured–especially over the past 25 years–to finally deal with, feel and heal any and all “past lives” unresolved, not yet integrated stuff. Why? Because the Ascension Process and the ending of the entire massively long Evolutionary Cycle requires that we transmute and clear-out our past karma which is unresolved energies that are typically stuck emotional energies from both this current life and certain “past” lives as well.

Back To Multiple Timelines

Balsamicmoon asked how close we are at any point to these other timelines, and can we feel them, can we be affected by them and so on. Because this happened very recently, it’s still fresh in my mind so I’m going to use it as an example of this.

On August 1st and 2nd, 2013 I felt a large global push and attempt by the human Team Dark members to Bait & Hook as much of the masses around the world as they possibly could. This of course isn’t anything new at all, quite the contrary! However, in 2013 these old tried and true Team Dark tactics of Bait & Hook, and/or Lisa Renee’s great term ‘Smash & Grab on humanity are NOT working like they always have before the Expiration Date—12-21-12. There are very important reasons for this which is the primary message behind this article.

I reused my image above in this article as a reminder of where we are now within this Process of compression before, during and for the Nine Months after the Expiration Date. Many timelines with their very different realities and Earth-like worlds have been squeezed together, compressed closer to each other than usual due to the Ascension Process and this great transitional period.

We’ve been in the most intense phase of this great transition for a while now but certainly during these Nine Months in 2013! We’ve literally been in the bottleneck area of this ‘Hourglass’ where multiple timelines and worlds have been and still are today all squeezed in close together as we all move through this bottleneck space. For anyone that’s sensitive, empathic, clairvoyant, able to consciously shift from one timeline to another and another and another etc., this current period of us all squeezed together trying to move ourselves and our worlds and timelines through this Nine Month bottleneck area have been able to much more readily feel, sense, See, and be affected by some of those other worlds and timelines all packed in around us and vice versa.

Because of this unusual close proximity of many very different worlds, Earth-like worlds, non-Earth worlds each with their different timelines ALL compressed in close to each other now, some of us are feeling, sensing, seeing, hearing, smelling etc. some of those OTHER worlds and timelines from our world and timeline. This is what I felt and saw attempted on August 1st and 2nd 2013 when Team Dark tried to Bait & Hook people with a new fear about familiar “bad guys” on the “other side of the planet” getting ready to do more “terror” type activities to some humans.

These old patriarchal Team Dark jerks tried, I repeat tried to Bait & Hook the global masses with what they did and said on and around those days I mentioned, but, and here’s the really great difference and point to all this — it didn’t work because it couldn’t hook into anything or enough people to anchor into this world and timeline which was exactly what they were trying to accomplish for their own reasons.  Why didn’t it work this time in 2013 when it always has before? Because there’s so much Light in this timeline we’re in now that the Dark could not hook into and anchor on to this Earth world and timeline. They tried, people panicked briefly, then it all fell flat and continues to disintegrate. This type of old familiar Team Dark tactics are not and will not be able to work anymore in this Earth world and timeline. It will in another or other timelines but not this one for the reasons mentioned. The shoe is finally on the other foot and it feels great!

The next thing I want to share that’s related to this topic of multiple timelines was something that I’ve been extremely aware of because I’ve clairvoyantly seen it, felt it, been aware of it for many years already. It too is one of many timelines still trying to bleed-through and Bait & Hook into this particular Earth world reality and timeline but won’t and for the same reasons — there’s so much Light here now that it cannot hook into and anchor on to this timeline. It has however succeeded fully in another timeline(s) as a primary or core belief system and absolute “reality” there. “IT” is humans greatly desiring to have more and more machines put into their physical bodies.

A few days ago, I watched a 2013 TV show talking about this and there were many (primarily males) people talking about how they cannot wait to be able to have machines replace certain physical body parts! This subject is one that’s already well-developed in another Earth world and timeline that, in my opinion, is very Dark because those people can’t wait to shed more of their humanity and become more heartless, less humanly conscious and aware, less human generally and more machine-like.

This potential reality has been crammed down humanity’s throats and minds for decades via TV shows and big screen movies about bionic body parts, computerized brains, nanobots and so on. This is Team Dark doing everything possible to remove more of humanity from humans and Nature from the Earth world. It’s a very dark, very negative, totally controlled Earth-like world and timeline and it has broken my heart for many years… but to each his own.

So we have other Earth-like worlds in their timelines that, during these Nine Months after the Expiration Date (12-21-12) are all squeezed in near each other with some of them trying very hard to bleed into this world and timeline and take over or derail it. Those who are more sensitive to these other worlds and timelines that are compressed in around us now are feeling, seeing, sensing some of them and no doubt being rather confused by it all.

What I want those of you that are perceiving, feeling, clairvoyantly seeing one or more of these other worlds and timelines to keep in heartmind now is that you have the ability, the responsibility, the personal power and awareness to exist within which ever Earth world and timeline you want to exist within now and tomorrow and next week and next month! This is another learning aspect of the Nine Month extension period we’ve all been given; to realize that what we focus on mentally and emotionally is what we’re naturally and energetically drawn to and vice versa. If you want or don’t want machine parts in your physical body and that’s what you’re focused on knowingly or unknowingly, you’d better become conscious of your consciousness and what it’s focused or fixated on because that’s the “reality” and timeline you’re attracting via your very mental and emotional focus.

I do not want anything to do with any reality that worships machines over evolving human consciousness and spirituality and so, even though I’ve long seen and been aware that this other world very strongly exists in another timeline, I do not focus on it and let it go its own way. By doing this I’ve acknowledged that it exists and am not suppressing or denying anything but am consciously choosing to NOT be involved in any way with that world or any others like it. I intentionally focus elsewhere and on what I DO want to be involved with.

What I do is focus on and intentionally direct my imagination towards is the NEW Earth world with its timeline that I see is totally free, balanced, sane, and run by wise empowered spiritual individuals with HighHeart as the core reality and all humans and animals are treated with respect and all is shared equally with all. None go without anything. This is the NEW ‘Planet A/B’.

I also focus on the NEW ‘Planet A which is a nonphysical 5D Earth-like world reality. I also occasionally focus on a much higher level of being that exists far beyond Planet A but I know I’ve got more work to do here first.

Just like 12-21-12 was a cutoff point and Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle, the upcoming 9-22-13 date is another cutoff point and end to the Nine Month period. At one level of awareness both dates seem and/or look like nothing at all happened physically. However, the deeper level truth is that both of these dates—12-21-12 and 9-22-13—are very much cutoff points, major Shift points for all of humanity and Earth and life on many, many other timelines on other worlds.

Many of you may not be able to perceive, see, feel, sense or know this immediately (and some of you have and will) but you will increasingly over time. You’ll find yourself seeing and feeling how much has already and continues to change for the better here on this Earth world and timeline and that’s when you’ll know for yourself that these two dates were in fact major Shift points. I’ve talked before about how important it is in physicality for these major changes to unfold slowly over time so that we don’t break under the intensity of it all, but even with time these huge positive changes are happening faster now than I’ve EVER seen in this incarnation and that is great news.

Denise Le Fay

August 9, 2013


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158 thoughts on “Feeling Surges from Different Timelines

  • Hi Dearest Denise,

    This is off topic so maybe you want to keep it separate from Transitions?

    I just want to let you know I will be finishing up putting your book review (Lightworker’s Misson) today or tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it and to write another for “Master of…”

    Sorry its taken so long. I didn’t forget. Just dealing with the usual Ascension stuff (feel like I’m experienceing alot of Activations, vibrating, pain lately, Intergrating, etc). I suppose all positive but Very Intense. A lot seems to be in full force and happening all at once!! Needless to say at the same time, all kinds of nonsense, distractions and interuptions going on here with energies from all directions being thrown at me as well.

    Also I’m sure you’l relate to this…My 85 yr old mom lives in a Senior assisted Living building but now it seems she’s declining a bit (beginning Alzhiemers, Diabetes) so I really need to keep an eye on things there. Been doing my best to bring her to my home for a day or 2 during week. Sometimes feel its easier if I could just have her live here with me but no room, as I’m also raising my 13 yr old (grand daughter). Then 2 days ago my aunt (mom’s sister) passed. So I brought her to may apt to tell her and spend the night and couple days here with me to process it. She seems to be having a health issue popping up too now. So, I’ll need to speak with her Dr today when I return her home and check on whats going on? Really got to keep on top of these “Bananna’s” Docs! I must monitor everything they do and give to her. Sometimes I go in there on a War Path. He starts sweating when he sees me, ha ha because he knows he can’t away with the shit they pull to make their lives easier.

    Anyway…Again I just wanted to let you know that I havent forgotten you, and in fact I’m Sooo looking forward to some creative writing time and finally be able to start reading your new book too!!!! So excited!! I’m sure you made that story quite interesting too…and I’m prepared to enjoy quite a few chuckles as well!!

    PS- Would you like me to send directly here @ Transitions. Or a private e mail?

    Love You, Blessings and Hugs!! XX OO


    • Sandra,

      I can so relate to what all you’re dealing with and my Heart to your Heart for being so strong. ♥ Be sure to get enough rest yourself as it’s super important.

      The past couple of months I was running around too with my mom’s health problems — Urgent Care, then primary Dr., then back to Urgent Care, then back to primary Dr., then eye Dr, then back two times to pick up new glasses and on and on. She’s got another Dr. appt. in a couple days and then, hopefully I’ll have a month or two that’s more quiet so I can live through, deal with, write about all the things I need to RIGHT NOW!!! Amazing…

      If you hover your mouse over each of my Book Titles at the top of the page, sub-headers appear under each of them; one of those sub-headers is Book Reviews and where you and anyone else who wishes to can write you own Book Review/Reviews. 🙂 Thanks for doing this and I know very well how hard it is to find the time, the energy, and the brain function and focus to write anything so I very much appreciate you doing this. ♥

      Gratitude Hugs,

  • Hello Denise, and all you others. I AM so glad that I found your site, it usually either resonates with, explains or validates much of what I experience, and can see that it is true for all these other people also. So, there are very much more of us than I actually get to meet myself out there in the wilds of my current experience. It is good to know you guys are out there. I learn a lot from what you write Denise and I have a question, If you have already explained it previously then I apologise I must have missed it. My question is how do the worlds separate? How do the planets A/B, A and B pull away from each other and how will it manifest in our experience. Do we wake up one morning and realise that a large portion of people places and structures that we have known are no longer in the same world as we find ourselves in, that is, the world that we have resonated with and so have separated with?

    By the way, I like the film Avatar, and the greeting ” I see you” meaning, ” I REALLY see you, who you are and respect and honour you”.

    It is much like Namaste which I take to mean, “the God in me, sees the God in you”.

    look forward to some answers. Sending love out and “I see you”. Namaste. Michaela.

  • Oh Denise, I just loved the booster rocket vision! I can so see it now…sitting strapped in the rocket seat with my back to the next stop in space hence not being able to see with my physical eyes where we are going yet and looking down at this earth plane with excitement and smiling and waving at all those waiting their turn for a lift in the rocket! Thank you for this explanation!

  • Hi Denise and All,

    I have been profoundly affected by the comments with respect to loneliness and if it helps, here’s my take on it. For years I was lonely as one after another, relationships ended, friendships faded, family disappointed, and often I was depressed and in tears about what I felt was my inability to ‘fit in’. The more I tried, the more miserable were the results. Suffice to say I was finding solitude was my answer, yet I still didn’t know why. Then as the expression goes, it hit me, and the only line that came out of my mouth was, “I’m lonely for God!” I had been searching and searching for someone/something to fill a void that was in me because when I came to this dense Planet, I left and forgot my connection to Source. Behind the veils of 3D, I could not understand why people were so cruel to each other and to their animals. I didn’t get domestic fighting, religious differences, wars, duality in any form, and so I finally started going within. The more I went within, the more solitude I required, and yes, bouts of loneliness persisted, but nothing compared to my younger years when I needed so badly to have contact. When, through my reading and discovering websites like TRANSITIONS, everything started to come together as to why I was here, that the job I had taken on was to learn to unconditionally love, and that as a result of my efforts I was being reconnected to Source, everything lightened up! I may not have explained this very well, but it’s my belief that our loneliness is a sure and wonderful sign that we are going home, especially when that loneliness is not assuaged by anything outside of us. The Dark has done an incredibly effective job of disconnecting us from Source, but it is you/me/us who are breaking through that and as a result, my ‘job’ as a Star Seed/Light Worker et al, to get Gaia reconnected to Source has become much more important than anything I have ever attempted in my life to date. So, here’s to us and please don’t beat yourself up if you’re lonely. It’s a good thing in my books! Reconnection here we come! Love, B.

    • Barbara,

      You said that just perfectly and exactly like a Starseed/Wanderer. ♥

      Yes to everyone feeling this loneliness and ongoing isolation; fill up with 5D High Heart and this lower feeling goes away…maybe not permanently, and you have to teach yourself how to remain in, maintain that 5D High Heart state of being/feeling etc., but this is you/me/each of us learning how to embody in these physical bodies 5D and higher energies from “Home”.


      • Barbara and Denise,
        Well said, both of you and Denise I agree, we are learning how to stay in that 5D High Heart state of being. So yes, we now see that the loneliness and isolation which many of us experienced was for a very good reason and as you said Barbara, Here’s to Reconnection!

    • Oh Barbara! This is so wonderfully expressed, & i just wanted to let you know it really helped & yes, this perspective does lighten things up! Bravo & thank you,

  • Hello Edith

    I read your comment and it touched me so and the day after reading it the name Edith came up in my meditation so i decided to contact you with information i received in my meditation. I didn’t know how to do it except to leave my email address here that you might contact me(tobispirit123@gmail.com) and we can speak directly. Please know Denise that i have been a reader here for several years though i do not comment anymore at any site just read mostly now. Thank you for work and long efforts to help us all in this BIG struggle to be free finally!


    • Hi tobispirit. Thank you so much for reaching out. Wow! I appreciate any and all insights. My email will have the words “divine she” in it, so you will recognize me.

      Thank you Denise for allowing this 🙂

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