2013 Vernal Equinox

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Happy 2013 Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the first Equinox after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point, and because of this it is very important because it’s delivering the start of some NEW higher frequency blueprint energies into this dimension, which obviously means much of humanities consciousness. These NEW energies are ones that have not been present on the old lower frequency Earth world and reality we all incarnated into so this is a great and grand improvement that’s finally beginning in this dimension on March 20, 2013.

I wrote those last few words in bold because I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying that on and only on March 20, 2013 Earth and humanity is going to come into full, complete and total contact with ALL of these NEW higher frequency energies and then that’s it… done, finished. It’s necessary to add these explanations because most people are still perceiving through the old Duality consciousness tool of perception, causing them to think things are all one way and then suddenly all the other way with no transitions, no Stair-Steps, no safe and more comfortable incremental easement out of the old lower and into the NEW higher frequencies in this dimension in physical bodies. Mass humanity is not that individually integrated and advanced yet to be able to make such profound instantaneous changes internally/externally so the many Stair Steps are provided for all to incrementally move up safely, one after another and another and another, with less trauma and drama.

However, with the start of these NEW higher frequency blueprint energies arriving in this dimension via the March 20, 2013 Equinox, it’s going to increasingly become easier for humanity to perceive beyond lower frequency Duality consciousness. What’s energetically now going to be available within this dimension and world finally is what’s been called “Unity” consciousness, or High Heart or “Triality” consciousness (the NEW blueprint energies) instead of Duality consciousness blueprint energies. Again, this is an ongoing Shift Process that everyone will individually live and learn about at their own pace. Some will make this massive energetic shift of everything much more quickly and easily than other people and that too is normal and there’s zero judgement involved either way. Spiritual growth is spiritual growth and it’s all good’ as they say. We each do what we’re ready and able to do exactly when we are and that is perfect and perfectly wonderful.


12-21-12 was the Expiration Date of the massive old Evolutionary Cycle and its matching energy blueprints; the Expiration of the old roles that the old players played for everyone; the Expiration of the old Collective agreements about “reality” during that old Evolutionary Cycle. It all ended because it had reached its full Expiration Date. (Actually, it’s far more complex than this due to the multitude of different timelines, dimensions, levels of individual focus and development etc. Those other worlds are not my focus now but know that much more exists… much more always exists!)

Now here comes the confusing part because, of course, all this happened/happens/is happening at a quantum level in the Eternal Now Moment yet these aspects of us — you, me, each of us in these bodies in this dimension and timeline — are perceiving, experiencing and living it at a more dense and slower rate of frequency so to these aspects of “us” all of this hasn’t happened yet. It has however at less dense and faster rates of frequency. This is why there are those Stair Steps, especially at this level or dimension and density, because we need them to make the unfolding linear step-by-step changes out of one Evolutionary Cycle, state, level, frequency and energy blueprints etc. and ease our ways into the next Cycle, state, level, frequency and blueprints etc. (Being able to consciously and intentionally move between these different levels of being, consciousness and frequency or density is what many call “Time Travel”.)

So, 12-21-12 was the Expiration Date of the past Evolutionary Cycle and all that went with it, and during the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — everyone everywhere had their Life Review with/before Divine Consciousness. In other words, at some point within those Three Days we did what we normally do when we physically die and leave our physical bodies and the third dimension and go to a higher frequency state and level where we experience a Life Review with/before Divine Consciousness. But, due to the Ascension Process, we remained in our physical bodies and went through this same after physical death Life Review process that usually requires physical death, but we did it while we were incarnate and in-body. Big and profoundly important difference wouldn’t you agree? There’s much more because we’re not done with this Process yet so breath, relax, and expand your sense of self/Self/SELF and your awareness into what all is unfolding since 12-21-12.

As we all went through this Life Review process while we remained in our present physical bodies, we simultaneously crossed the Expiration Date and entered the “First Trimester” or the winter quarter or winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. (And we all went through this Life Review process during the “Three Days of Darkness” whether you consciously remember having done it or not. I only consciously remember small parts of what I personally experienced during those “Three Days” but I know I went through it and I know every other soul did too.)

The First Trimester was rough for me for a number of reasons and I suspect many of you have had a challenging time too since 12-21-12. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that’s why we were given it; time to reevaluate whatever it was that each of us has needed to realize within ourselves after our Life Review.

Also the First Trimester has been much like my actual physical pregnancy with my only child decades ago; it was really miserable and I vomited constantly. Because I’ve always been a “sensitive”, “psychic”, “seer” I could tell throughout my nine-month physical pregnancy when my son — his nonphysical energetic Self — was nearby me. Never, ever throughout my full nine months of pregnancy was this nonphysical aspect of my son ever In utero physically. Being a sensitive/clairvoyant/empath/psychic etc. I could always energetically sense and emotionally feel when the nonphysical higher frequency aspect of what would later become “my son” would occasionally come into the environment I was physically existing in at that time. When this sporadically happened throughout my pregnancy, I was very aware that it was a Descending Stair Step Process for the incoming aspect of Soul (my son) of acclimatizing and preparing Itself for entrance into the dense, physical third dimension at the moment when I gave birth physically. (And even then “he” did not remain in his new physical infant body 24/7 either. He came in and he went right back out of it repeatedly for a long time and all of this is perfectly normal and how physical pregnancies, actual birth, and newborn life for the first physical year (and longer) is for the incoming aspect of Soul — aka the new “baby”.

I’m sharing this information about my own long ago physical pregnancy and higher, multidimensional awareness of it and the energetics and systematic procedure that the incoming aspect of Soul (the baby/person/personality etc.) takes to prepare for entry into 3D only because they accurately parallel what I/you/many of us are currently living through after the 12-21-12 Life Review and during these “Nine Months” of spiritual pregnancy and eventual “birth”.

(Let me add here that not everyone on Earth is now spiritually pregnant and experiencing this Ascending/Descending/Sacred Union and eventual birthing Process. Why? Because everyone on Earth is not ready or wants to do this now and all remaining issues and options were thoroughly reviewed by every individual during their Life Review chat with Divine Consciousness on 12-21-12 or at some point within the Three Days. These many millions, billions, trillions of different levels of focus and development is why the upcoming Separation of Worlds and Timelines commencing at the end of these “Nine Months” (September 22, 2013 Equinox) needs to happen. A variety of appropriate frequency classrooms — different worlds, dimensions and timelines — are absolutely necessary for all aspects of all Souls to continue learning and awakening within; not just one… not just two… not even three but many.

A spirit, an aspect of one’s High Self would never and does not Descend into the mother’s physical womb at conception, nor does it remain there throughout the nine months of physical pregnancy. As spiritual beings we have much more that we carry out during those nine physical gestation months. Nesting cramped inside Mommies womb waiting for physical birth is not what the incoming aspect of Soul does; it is preparing itself — with a lot of help from many other nonphysical beings — for entrance into dense 3D and that requires a lot of prep work on a lot of levels! Taking a nap inside Mommies tummy is not what happens during those important transitional nine months.


I and my physical body have been incrementally and repeatedly (those Stair Steps) transmuting and Ascending vibrationally these past fourteen biological Ascension years (all that transmuting ballast cutting work). Now that we’ve past the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, Shift Point, and Life Review, this higher aspect of my Self/Soul is in the process of Descending and at the end of these “Nine Months” the two of us will fully merge, unite, wed, coalesce and become a NEW individual unified ONE.

This is the Alchemical Ascension phase of reuniting the aspects of self with greater Self and Higher SELF which naturally produces a very different individual that is Unified within his/her self and is the Mother (1), the Father (2) and the Sacred Child (3). Individual Triality (3 ▲) happens first which naturally and eventually produces a world(s) of similarly developed, like-frequency individuals that are each individually and equally integrated and unified; put these unified individuals (Leo) together and you have the start of a fifth dimensional “Group” (Aquarius) which is evolved Aquarian/Leo Age energetics. All of us living this Ascending/Descending integration Process now will give birth to this NEW aspect of our Ascended Selves at the end of the Nine Months period later this year. How’s that for a whopper of an Alchemical Process all done while remaining in-body and on planet?!

Another reason why I sense the First Trimester was difficult and confusing for many of us was because what we’re actually pregnant with isn’t yet developed and individuated enough for us to perceive that developing being/awareness that we’re growing inside us and towards. I strongly sense that we will begin to increasingly sense It, feel It, and remember It with the start of the Second Trimester — the March 20, 2013 Equinox. Again, allow this sacred Alchemical Ascension pregnancy the linear time all aspects of it needs to develop and fully embody and merge. Give the Sacred Process time and try to enjoy and learn from each Trimester because each will be very different from the previous one. Happy March 20, 2013 Equinox everyone and welcome to the Second Trimester.

Denise Le Fay

March 19, 2013


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  • OMG! Reading this article gave me goosebumps!! I’ve been playing around and learning about astrology recently On a very rookie level.
    I was born with my sun in Cancer on the 12th house and also my ascendent in Cancer; but what is CRAZY to me after reading this article, I went and did a progressed chart for Sept 22, 2013 and it shows my ascendant at 0 (zero) degrees LEO!! AND my sun has also progressed into LEO!!!! BOTH in my 1st house of course!!!
    Talk about giving birth to NEW SELF!! Wowwwww
    Thank you for posting this wonderful article!
    Happy Easter! May the Love and Light of the Christ Consciousness shine bright upon u and awaken/resurrect the Christ in YOU!🙏😘

  • Hello, Denise and everyone,

    First of all, I too was worried about kat333, so I'm so glad to hear that there are people near her that are able to help.  I'm going to watch this process unfold with fascination as I can feel something at work behind it.  It's going to be okay, Katerina.  Things are coming together in a way that is going to help you.  And you know we all love you here.  We're all thinking of you.  So many of us are one small step away from being in the same shoes.
    I've had a couple of incidences the last while which have brought some of the remaining negativity out of me (I feel there is still a lot).  My brother, who I haven't talked to in years, suddenly started to call me, drunk out of his mind and slurring, rambling and incoherent at times.  Talk about living in the dark-- his mind is a twisted, convoluted mess and it was painful to listen to him recount his carefully kept miseries.  And then he decided somewhere in his excessively sick mind that I was rich and asked me for a substantial sum of money.  Ah, yes, money, which I don't really believe in any more.  I won't be talking to him again soon.  
    Then last night, for the upteenth time, the downstairs neighbors were up really late talking and wailing right below my bed so I couldn't get to sleep.  I tried to deal with it through a kind of patrol system we have here, but they didn't answer, so I dealt with it myself.  And not at all graciously.  Yeah, screaming at them on the steps in the middle of the night.  Just more of the same-- never thinking or caring how their actions will affect their neighbors.  I'm seeing the vicious circle of it-- they are consistently disrespectful, which makes their neighbors not care if they disrupt them.  I'm guilty of it now too.  I didn't sleep last night I was so angry and I've got so much to do today that I'll likely be up all night tonight.  I know, nothing like the other problems here, but just more of the dark bullshit that's trying to disrupt us these days.  It hasn't been around me that much lately, but it's finding its ways to get through.  And succeeding-- but only temporarily.  Once I get a good night's sleep, it'll all seem much better.

    Which reminded me that last night I was imagining Katerina in a big soft bed with fluffy white covers and a cat snuggled up next to her legs. Good rest.

    Love to you all,

  • I agree with Elila. For some reason, the anxiety, depression and general malaise hit around the 22nd or 23rd for me and has been noticably increasing since. I thought I was more balanced at this point post-2012, but all these major issues that were introduced in small measure over the past year, are starting to increase in intensity as if to say, ‘now you have to really face me.’ You could say they are my personal repeating ‘core’ issues: self-worth, human relationships and sexuality. I’m not really sure what to do with ‘all this.’ I felt like I was having a mini life review again as well around Equinox time. I’m trying very hard to stay calm and out of the way of others (the last thing I want to do is let loose my venom and toxicity on them) so I tell myself, ‘this feeling of dis-ease is all you and self-fabricated’ but it doesn’t seem to help much. Any tips any of you can offer on remedies that have worked for you during these challenging transitional days?

    • I think it’s a bit easier for me because my sensory ability is going up. But basically what happened was I thought ‘Right OK I definitely have such-and-such an issue to work through…but I don’t know exactly how to resolve it’, so I did all kinds of activities and it was just sitting inside ‘eating me’. The way I started to resolve a particular issue was by lying down in bed…very still and just sort of ‘listening’ to see what came out in my mind. Then I sensed these spirit beings sending me hints or messages about it which triggered me to start working it out. So I got some visions which were metaphors about my troubles…and helped.

      Then some darker spirits started to mind control me and I realized that every time this happens I need to command them to go away, and then they leave, but I had to notice when I was being manipulated! After this I felt a strong feeling of victory.

      What I’m trying to say is my tip with any problem (especially if you know the general area of the problem) is to go into a meditative state or just lie down and let the answers ‘surface’ to your mind, while trying to work through it. I hope this helps!

      I genuinely feel like this is an all-or-nothing deal, and that I need to work through Every internal problem! It’s intense right?

    • Hi!
      I have been totally knocked down too. Lisa Renee wrote something very interesting about this in her blog which strongly resonates with me: http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/blog-timeline-shift-2/2194-refuse-the-poisoned-cup
      The article is Lisa Renee at her most cryptical style, but it is worthwhile to read it till the end!

      My experience is that the hardship is about at least partly cleansing your energy field from the “viruses” inherited via bloodline, upbringing and culture. It is perhaps only your own laundry you are washing. Understanding the emotions you have to go through helps and hopefully gets you out of it. One good tool that works for me is journalling, as Dana Mrkich calls it. Here she describes how the method works: http://danamrkich.blogspot.fi/2013/03/checking-your-emails-from-your-self.html

      Another excellent method is the Fear processing exercise that Inelia Benz recommends: http://ascension101.com/en/fear-processing-excercise.html
      Instead of fear you can examine any emotion or thought you are dealing with.

      One thing that enhances my emotional load is, that contrary to all advice NOT to get involved with other peoples drama I feel the strong calling to involve physical reality and stand for myself. This is new – a first trimester pain – and just today I realized it has to do with what I think of myself and how I discern material and behavior which is not respecting my integrity. The reaction model is inherited from both of my parents!

      Love to everyone, thank you for hanging in there! I really love this website and this community. ❤ Thank you ❤
      – Aya

      oh, I wanted to say “it is perhaps NOT only your own laundry. -sorry-

  • Dearest Denise & all,
    I just want to say, these days since the equinox have been pretty agonizing. The depression, sleeplessness & just wanting to give it all up, & having a hard time remembering what the point of it all is, and an even harder time remembering those few moments since 12-12-12 where i could briefly (oh, too too briefly) feel hope and that everything was truly going to be OK…..well, without all of you, my Transitions family, I don’t know where i would be (and Karen Bishop too). Reading about Kat333, Ohnwentsya, Pat, and all the rest who are struggling so much to survive long enough to see things get better–its breaking my heart and i feel so helpless…..well i just wanted to say that if I won the lottery I’d buy an enormous building and create a halfway/safe house for all of us who have lost so much through this process. As it is I am forced to sleep/live in a small room in my mothers attic (and she is NOT happy about it–nor am I!) and trade chores for food. Never in a million years did I see this coming– Lord I am too old for this s**t!!! But thank GOD for Denise, and all of you here, I value each one of you, for at least in this space we have a “virtual” safehouse to connect in and support one another. But dangit, i can’t help but wish that i had my old apartment back, and Kat333
    would be warmly welcomed to use my sofabed……sigh. Hang in there all, the tide cannot stay out forever.
    With great love and gratitude, Elila

    PS. No rainbow butterfly sparkly farts here either….just more HazMat….LOL

    • wow, it sounds like all hell is breaking loose! I really don’t have any complaints when compared to the tough living conditions you and others are going through (although saying that I’m on the poor side).

      I just wanted to update that everything feels chaotic. I’m going through major polarity changes everyday, from seeing darkness in everything and being swamped in negativity, to feeling peaceful, light and getting an internal vision of ‘a blissful cloudless sky stretching out to infinity’.

      I’ve had glowing white energies beaming down on me periodically since march 20/21 or around, which I feel are working on purifying me at rapid pace.

      I’m having to face a strong attachment which I know I need to get rid of. Major coincidences kept occurring to trigger me to face up to it. Just today I got mental cravings and voices…telling me I’m not in control and that I need to cave in.

      Then I started to sense a lot of ethereal ‘activity’ around me, like a black/dark world overlaying this one…and then felt these dark beings watching me. After I command them to leave, the ‘internal voices’ stopped but they’re continuing to ‘watch me’.

      I realized there and then that I’ve fallen victim to dark attack MUCH more than I thought, and that many of my wants or feelings were being manipulated by dark. Of course dark things would want me to remain in low-consciousness and stop my spiritual growth. So the best trick of all they can do is to make you think they don’t exist and it’s all just ‘you’ being silly.

      So yeah, everything feels mental and I’m switching from thinking life is a dark negative chaos, to feeling peaceful and clear-minded.

      You should read the cosmic-awareness link denise posted, it’s really on the ball with what’s been happening lately.

      Thanks for reading.


  • hi denise – I live in the UK – actually I was born in Glastonbury – and now live in dorset which is next county on – if I can help Kat in anyway please give her my e mail address – love susie

  • Just to say again, the cosmic awareness channeling made a LOT of sense, it fits in closely with what you say to us. It also fits in so much with my own situation – I now know where I stand (and probably most people who visits this blog), that we’ve all chosen to face our inner darkness, go through struggle and change and then start to progress into expanded awareness! So good luck to everyone who reads this, we have to keep pushing through the troubles.

    The message also says those who choose not to go down this route will ‘exit’ from physicality sometime in the future, so good luck to them too, wherever they end up.

  • Thanks, I’m reading these two links. A particular message jumped at me

    ‘That this gift of the nine-month period of development is exactly that, a gift from the Divine for those who are not quite far enough along, for those who had understanding and awareness but had not yet completed inner work or inner process.’

    I feel I totally fit that bill, someone who is developing but has remaining inner conflict/darkness. A lot of what is written here fits exactly whats going on to me, I do wonder how many of us on earth are going through this on a personal level. The cosmic message says that if we remain in negativity, we start to create that as our reality so I better work hard to manifest what I want!

    PS: I’m going to change my name to my nickname, so it’ll be starlight instead of Jamie.

  • Chrysalis
    Thank you so much for sharing that story. You are right. It’s determination and it’s stating your intentions clearly. I’m in appreciation for your words. We all just have to hang in there and exercise our ‘self empowerment muscles’. Big Hugs….Pat

    • Dearest Pat,

      You’re quite welcome, I was happy to share. I have complete faith that your needs are already being provided for in the way that it needs to have happen. I have faith in your ability to manifest in the beautiful NOW. =) Hugs back to you…

      Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Wow, Karen’s latest message is right on target for me…except I’m not experiencing any of those swoops of peace or joy. I’ve honestly wondered if I’ve lost the thread somewhere. How the heck are we supposed to manifest these equinox intentions if we feel so wretched? And how can we know if we’re high vibration or low? I feel so empty, so flat. How can this be “on course”?

    • “…How can this be “on course”?”


      Because this is the final “Nine Months” period and the pressure is on big-time! If all you/me/each of us can do some hours on some days is to rest and find some inner peace, no matter how small, than that will have to do for the moment. But, know that this too will fade away and be increasingly replaced with growing inner improvements. No one has or is doing anything “wrong” now, this is just a very intense final phase of building polarities within people leading up to the unavoidable Separation of Worlds and timelines in six months.

      Hang in there and know you are doing really well with all this despite the way we all feel right now. 😉

      ♥ Hugs,

    • I agree about Karen’s message. I have been feeling the same way, balsamicmoon. A few days ago, the literal message I got from my guides was “Don’t give up.” Last night, I had a dream that I came upon an unkempt patch brush that I discovered had been a garden, and there were some flowers beginning to spring up out of the ground. The flowers were white fall mums! I began to weed the garden by pulling out the long tendrils of poison ivy growing there, too.

    • Since March 5th I have been without a home and have been travelling around by train and staying at B@B’s in places I feel I might find some connection to, only to move on either the same day or after several days, completely in the dark, exhausted and not knowing where to go next. It’s unbelievable that I am going through something which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me and I don’t know whether there is an end to me having to drag my self around the town every day, trying to get a sense as to what this is all about. The strength this has required of me is incommunicable and I have had to continuously trust in life, when there appears to absolutely nothing except the now. II am doing everything I can to look after myself and to protect my Self and my personal energy field, whilst trying to connect in some way and appear normal when talking to those who cross my path. I have arrived in Glastonbury in the UK and have been here for 3 days and and have found a B@B which has the Tor right in front of my bedroom window(!) but where to go from here and not knowing whether I will survive what seems to be escalating madness, has gone and is beyond challenging! There is nothing leftJ Just want to go home. Its that simple…….Katerina

      • Katerina -kat333 & ALL,

        I’ve been wondering about you these past few weeks. Oh god dearest… this is terrible beyond belief. Isn’t there anyone out there that you could temporarily live with until you find a place of your own? Is there anyone who lives where kat333 lives that could help her out right now? If there is please let us know here in a Comment and if needed we’ll share email addresses with each other so people can connect with like-others during serious times such as what Katerina is experiencing. This shit just breaks my heart and I’m afraid that, for a while, this sort of thing is going to become more common for a lot of people as the jobs/money unravels a bit more and a bit more and a bit more…

        We all here at TRANSITIONS will send you LoveLight assistance Katerina, plus sending out a call for assistance so you can physically settle somewhere SAFE and rest and sleep decently.

        You are Loved and this will not last much longer and So It Is.
        ♥ Hugs,
        Denise & Co.

        • Dearest Kat, I have been so worried about you and when I saw you had commented, my heart melted. And yes, our powers are being beseiged right now, but know this, we will emerge triumphant. We will see the good results of the work we have done and are doing and I agree completely with Denise, Karen and CA that we are back and forth between the worlds now. As everyone does here, I send you huge waves of love and high energy that you are empowered and at ease. You are solidly in my heart and I have missed you something awful. Stay strong and in your High Heart and please ask for assistance from your invisible friends — actually, don’t just ask, “demand it”. Love, B.

        • OH Katerina !!! If you lived here in NY I’d come and get you! Even if I’m in hard times right now too ! Yikes! My heart goes out to you ! Hang on. Please ! Denise is right; this won’t/can’t last much longer ! Stay strong……..sending you love…..Pat

      • Hi Kat333,

        My heart goes out to you – and I’m sending you a huge wave of compassion. I’m going to ask the Divine Mother Azna to help you right now. If you can get in touch with us again soon, please let us know how you are doing. Sigh… just know that you are not alone.
        Last year, I was laid off, had to file bankruptcy, am living with my parents, and just went through painful oral surgery. While I don’t know your story or personal circumstances, know that you are truly not alone (and you’re not doing anything wrong). So many of us here are survivors – and I’m praying and affirming that this b.s. ends now.

        Lots of love to you & hope to hear from you soon.

      • Dear Katerina,

        Firstly, I’d like to welcome you to Glastonbury. My name is Morgana West and I am the manager at Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre. Someone in this magical town reads this blog and the whisper went out. That’s the kind of community you have arrived at.

        Secondly, I’d like to tell you a little bit about ‘A Glastonbury Experience’ if you can bear with me for a little while? I know it’s a bit long because really, books can be written about this.

        For millennia, many have journeyed to Glastonbury, understanding it to be a very sacred place that offers understanding and healing. Many of them deliberately choose to come, planned the journey, arrived, experienced, learned and left. This process is a ‘pilgrimage’. It’s not always a happy process though; it can be deeply painful but in that, there can be equally deep healing. Many feel a very strong call to come and the journey of life has thrown up some quite challenging stages in order for them to feel, hear and get them to answer that ‘call’.

        Some folks though wind up here, not quite sure how and why. But the journey that has brought them to Glastonbury has often been wrought with trials and very testing times. But no matter how bad things seem to have been in the past, suddenly it all seems to get so much worse and we reach a stage when it feels incredibly desperate and we find ourselves alone, lost in a very ‘dark forest’.
        This journey has often been referred to as ‘The Hero/ine’s Journey – hereabouts we call it a Glastonbury Experience.
        It sounds to me as if you are in one of the stages known as ‘A Dark Night of the Soul’.
        I’m going to directly cut and paste a paper the Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre wrote for a workshop we did on the process itself. It was written with a focus towards those that have moved to live here, but from your message, I feel you might be able to identify.

        >>>>A Dark Night of the Soul

        “You cannot find the Light unless you enter the Darkness”
        An ancient mystical saying.

        Dark night of the soul, holy madness, spiritual emergency, spiritual crisis, spiritual madness, and spiritual emergence are various phrases that have been used to describe a unique experience – a profound test of beliefs, endurance, inner purification, ego and surrender. Typical ‘dark night’ events might include a serious life crisis such as career failure, relationship breakdown, a health problem, financial collapse, a near death experience, etc. or any combination of such events. The crisis usually jump-starts the search for deeper awareness and each new insight we discover, brings on the death of old worn out patterns and beliefs. This is all part of the process of Spiritual Transformation.

        Prior to our arrival in Glastonbury, it is very likely that we had already experienced a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. This kick-started us into making the changes that brought about our eventual moving into the town. Deep inside we had become bored and frustrated with our every day lives and were yearning for something greater. We had awakened to the possibility of growth into new levels of psychological and spiritual maturity and in doing so had opened ourselves up to hear the ‘Call’ to Glastonbury. However, the process doesn’t stop there.
        Now that we have arrived and settled and experienced the fun of the arrival, it is time for the lessons to continue. Not only is it about learning, but also about the testing to see if we are up to the job of the real reason we were called and during this time it is important that we keep reminding ourselves that we are being guided and steered by a Higher Power, even if it doesn’t feel like it.
        Soon we might find that yet again we are in a period of deep crisis. Sometimes the problems and situations feel insurmountable and once more we are plunged into the Dark Night. We might have a serious questioning of faith, a complete collapse of our sense of self worth and during this time, we will also be brought face to face with our own darker side and, possibly for the first time in our lives, we will begin to look deeply at our own personality and character in both its strengths and its weaknesses. It will take us into the hidden areas of our nature and bring to the surface many of our ego-based imprints and imperfections and old ‘baggage’ from the past that affects how we negatively interact with the world around us might surface. This can be a painful time and being brought face to face with one’s own weaknesses can be a very humbling process, sometimes again ‘bringing us to our knees’ in despair and anguish. Emotions surrounding past negative experiences might be being released and re-experienced in order to reassess them and accept and understand the value of their lessons allowing them to no longer have control over us.
        The Dark Night’ is part of the spiritual journey and can be very demanding and may leave us in a state of emotional drain and helplessness. Functioning normally in everyday life can become difficult and challenging. Some of the symptoms reported are:
        • Experiencing a roller-coaster of feelings from profound experiences of oneness, bliss and love to intense painful feelings of alienation, separation and sometimes deep hatred, paranoia or fear.
        • Physical symptoms such as rushes of energy, heat, spontaneous movements, feeling ‘spaced out’, forgetting to eat, insomnia.
        • Perceptual changes – seeing visions, ghosts, angels, u.f.o’s, auras etc.
        • Hearing voices, receiving ‘guidance’, becoming extremely sensitive to noise, finding other voices speaking through you, speaking ‘in tongues’ etc.
        These symptoms can be disturbing and frightening if we haven’t experienced them before or if they become very intense. We might feel like we are going crazy and it may become very hard to ‘trust the process’.
        Whilst going through ‘a Glastonbury Experience’ on the inner emotional levels, it can also be reflected on the outer physical level too. Financial worries, housing, relationships cause deep anxieties and worries and sometimes it can feel as if the universe has hit us with everything it can and we might come to feel that we have become cut off from the deeper self and the higher power. The result can be the most devastating kind of loneliness, a total and complete alienation that penetrates our entire being. These feelings of alienation and desperation can last as long as is necessary for us to let the old self die and for our ego to begin to loosen its influence over us so that we might move forwards with humility and understanding and at some point, we might come to realise that Spirit is asking us, “are you capable of believing in a higher power, even when all seems hopeless”. If we answer yes, our faith returns and with it comes the understanding of our lessons. >>>>
        Does reading that trigger anything for you? If so, understanding that we are part of a process can be very liberating. Whilst a process that is NOT unique to Glastonbury and can happen anywhere in the world, this healing and sacred place does have a tendency to magnify experiences and emotions; it’s not called the Isle of Glass for nothing! However, a conscious awareness that we are part of a process and the fact that so many others in this remarkable place have felt the same and, despite your experience being very unique to you as the process is ‘fitted’ to the individual, understand exactly where you are at. This in itself sometimes helps to ease things and also in a perverse kind of way, it can comfort.

        To summarise:

        This is a difficult and painful time, often referred to as Spiritual Crisis / Spiritual Emergence/ A dark Night of the Soul.

        It is a time of profound testing of beliefs, endurance, inner purification, ego and surrender.

        We might undergo a serious crisis of faith

        We are brought face to face with our own weaknesses and imperfections.It is important to remember that we are being guided and that this is a test from a higher power to see if we have the understanding and the humility to carry out task/s that we have been called here to do.

        This is not the end stage of the journey. This is the middle and it is very challenging indeed. If you are able to accept the challenge, despite being in such a place of having every physical and emotional part of you stripped to the bare bones yet accept the challenge and rise to it, a new and glorious YOU will, like a butterfly, emerge.

        Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre can be found at 10b High Street. Here is our website that will give you the opening hours. Our volunteers all understand the process.

        With gentle blessings to you Katerina and may they carry a little bit of Glastonbury light into your life and help you to find your way.
        Morgana West

        • Dearest Morgana, I want to thank you for your comment and to all of those here who have commented and showered me with so much love and light. Morgana, I did visit the Pilgrim Reception Centre a few days ago and spoke to a wonderful lady who I believe is one of your volunteers. The purpose of my visit was to see if those at the centre were able to connect with me as a forerunner, living in Glastonbury and who may be in a position to help me out ito find someone who may be able to help me out on a very practical level.as I am not able to continue to live in B@B’s for that much longer.. I have no other choice to put my trust in love, because that is all I have now. I popped in today to see if you were there. God willing, I will connect with you in someway. Thank you for welcoming me..Its’s really a survival matter now on all levels. In gratitude. Katerina

        • Dearest Morgana. I would like to say thank you to you or your comment and to those who have showered me with their love and light. I visited the Pilgrim Reception Centre a few days ago and spoke to a wonderful lady who I believe is one of your volunteers. The purpose of my visit was to see if I could find a connection with people like your Self and who may be in a position to help me out., so that I do not have to continue living in B@B’s. It is really a matter of survival now on all levels. Thank you so much and for welcoming me. Katerina .

      • I am forwarding me e-mail address which is katerina.3@fsmail.net, if anyone can help me out in way which will help me on a very real/practical level as I have to accept that I cannot do this on my own. If anyone can help me secure my own place, that would be what would help me the most now. In gratitude and humility. Katerina

        Bless our family of Light. Thank you for being there for me. I pray that I will find a safe place, where can finally rest in my own bed. I love you all.

      • Kat, I think it was you that offered me a home about a year ago when the shtf and I was left w/out a home. But I am in US – where are you? I have a small one bedroom but you are welcome if you can get here. I have one cat and dog. Let me know if interested, Denise knows my email so she can give it to you…If not I’ll send it to Denise. I ended up with family that I didn’t think would help; but even then, they didn’t understand – could not even comprehend that I literally had no $ for food or gas to even get to a babysitting job that was offered. Where are you? Love, Morgean

        • Morgean & ALL,

          I think kat333 – Katerina had been in Ireland but due to these 12-21-12 Life Review changes it sounds like she’s now in Glastonbury. I get the feeling she was supposed to move to some place that’s a better energy match to her now and it sounds like that’s exactly what’s happened/happening. It also sounds like some wonderful High Heart TRANSITIONS reader(s) that live in Glastonbury read that Katerina is in great need of help right now and as Morgana West said in her Comment — “someone in this magical town reads this blog and the whisper went out…” ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank You to each and every person seen and unseen, known and unknown who has tried to/is helping Katerina. My High Heart Thanks goes directly to each of you. ♥

          Group ♥ Hug 🙂

  • Group hug, for sure! OMG the energies are bending me over, straightening me out, tuning up my heart, vibrating my body, and showing me one Earth and then another every time I look out the window. One moment, the sky is hazed over with chemtrails and the next moment, it is clear, deep blue with a white Sun like I’ve never seen before. And as Karen asks, how much more can we take? I keep telling myself this work is not for me, this is for Gaia, this is for humanity, this is what I volunteered for, and then, yes, the peaceful moments arrive, the very sure feeling that all is well and we’ll do this. We have to now. We’re too far into it. No going back, and as we accept the challenges, the stairscase seems to disappear behind us! And so the answer to Karen’s question is — we will take as much as it takes to get the job done. I am so glad be with everyone here at TRANSITIONS, thank you. Love, B.

    • Barbara,

      Thank you for saying that about the chemtrails and the changing sky. I came here tonight to write a comment about that, and I see that you already have done so! Today I had the strangest experience and it happened twice. I was sitting in my car both times, the first time in the grocery store parking lot, and the second time a couple of hours later in the carpool line at my daughter’s school. I was looking up in the sky and saw a plane with a chemtrail behind. In my mind, I said to the pilot, “Have you no shame? You and your family have to breath this air, too! Think about what you are doing to the earth.” Both times I glanced down at my phone for just a matter of seconds, and when I looked back up the chemtrail and the plane were both gone! There were no big clouds for them to have disappeared behind, either! I searched the sky all over both times, and I couldn’t see a trace of it. (I even thought to myself that I had never wanted to see a chemtrail before!) I started to think about the time anomalies that Denise has written about in other articles, and then I read Karen Bishop’s article about the bleed-throughs, and wondered if one of those things might be the explanation for what happened.

      I love it when I have a question or comment that other people have, too. It makes me realize how connected we all are!

      Mary L.

      • Mary L.,

        “…and when I looked back up the chemtrail and the plane were both gone!”

        That was YOU Consciously Creating that negative crap (people blindly spraying chem-trails to collect a paycheck) simply stop and stop now!. 😀 This is the current lesson we’re all having to realize and learn; we can now, almost instantly, Consciously Create and Co-Create what you/me/we want and to hell with what the others are doing or continuing to do or trying to do etc. We just override them and that old negative stuff by Consciously Creating, intending, visualizing, EXPECTING what you/me/we want now.

        Very well done you! Keep it up. 🙂 ♥

    • Oh Barbara you are such a beautiful soul. So true that the staircase seems to disappear. Even if we wanted to; there really is no way of going back. We just have to put one foot in front of the other. I also want to say that I’m remiss in thanking you for your words on another post I made. Sorry…and thank you. I’m in a brain fog lately.
      Stay strong. Love and Hugs…..P

  • Oh my word ! I’m speechless! Between your great words (reply) to me; Karen’s blog; and Cosmic Awareness’s audio….this is perfect ‘synchronicity’ ! I’ve been wrestling with (as you can imagine) the fact that I’m not manifesting what’s needed. Fear rears it’s ugly head again and CA reminds me we still are in 3-D with that ‘time lag’ thing still going on. And yes….I’m going to see myself (as you suggested) receiving what I need. Thank you !!! Big Big Hugs ! and Squeezes ! Thank You !

  • Not sure if this is relevant but I did experience something profound a couple of days ago and will try to explain.

    After I felt this purified ‘white light’ descending down or showering down on my body, I suddenly heard in my mind all these voices/messages. It was as if the messages were thoughts coming from a group of spirits which lived inside my body! It felt as if they were a ‘part’ of my physical body, either organ spirits or spirits in the lower chakras.

    So After I was suddenly aware of these spirits messages – the messages were dirty, a lot of sexual messages but also drug related hedonism, basically ‘cravings’. Then I spoke to the spirits which I perceived to be in my lower body/lower chakras and requested them to merge into the (descending) light because that’s what my heart is trying to do so they should join me. Within a minute I could feel the spirits glowing in a purified white light, so after that every day when I lie down to sleep, I have trouble sleeping. The feeling in my torso feels glowing white.

    (I visit this page to read the comments and the post several times because I feel such intense white light coming from the blog, it’s as if truth and light is radiating out of the computer screen.)

    I am kept awake for many hours a night by a blindingly powerful white energy which glows in my body the past 3 days. It is like some type of high frequency light is beaming down, working on purifying me. It feels safe and protective but also intense.

    Is this a normal experience, does anyone else feel it, or am I going mad?

    I wanted to post it in case someone else felt a similar kind of light energy.


    • Hi Jamie ( and no you aren’t going mad)… and everyone.

      I just wanted to say that there are no words to describe how I feel about this blog; Denise and all of you. I come here every day and like most of you; feel comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in this process; just about everything all of you share here; I seem to be going through the same things. I missed the feelings of being pregnant; but everything else most of you are sharing; I am going through the same exact things.

      I go from being attacked to feeling protected; from laughing to crying; from some nasty messages to uplifting messages; from freezing cold to feeling hot flashes. I wake up at 2 am and can’t fall back to sleep and then I’m a zombie for the rest of the day; or I sleep deep and bounce out of bed with so much energy. It’s all ‘extremes’ lately… no balance or middle of the road. Deep depression; elation; fear; trust. Gauud ! What a wild ride! I think someone even said it just recently; that it’s like a ‘roller coaster ride’…. spot on !

      It doesn’t help that my entire external world is falling apart again. It’s like the rug was pulled out from underneath me. I’m one step away from eviction. In a matter of 6 weeks all my financials just fell apart. It’s not like I was rich; but I had things to fall back on but due to extremely weird and unforseen circumstances; my back ups got lost. Lost job; lost investments that went south; and now my ex has stopped paying me the money he (by law) is supposed to be paying me. I’m walking around in a daze scratching my head. I honest to God don’t know how this all happened and in such a short amount of time. I’m also in a position that I have no family to fall back on either. I felt a ‘presence’ in my room the other evening that was peaceful and calm; but all I could do was cry and tell it how utterly humanly alone I am.

      I really thought all this ‘dismantling’ of old lives was over and done with a few years back…..(when I got divorced; and had to sell my house and start all over again).
      I thought we had now entered a period of rebuilding. Boy was I wrong. Well at least for me personally I was wrong. I hope others have reached a place where they are able to rebuild now. Sorry to be such a downer here; but you all do help me. Please keep sharing; it’s a comfort for me to know I’m not alone in this multi-level process (spirit, mind, heart; body and yes physical life experience). Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Much Love and Many blessings to all.

      • Pat & All,

        “…I really thought all this ‘dismantling’ of old lives was over and done with a few years back…..(when I got divorced; and had to sell my house and start all over again).
        I thought we had now entered a period of rebuilding. Boy was I wrong. Well at least for me personally I was wrong…”

        Stair steps remember? Layers and levels to all of this ongoing Process. The thing that’s really weird to me is how the ‘dismanteling’ of the old patriarchal world with all of its systems and old elite rulers etc. is going on simultaneously as the NEW blueprints are coming in since the March 2013 Equinox. I sense that this growing polarization, these growing extremes out in the external world (but of course within us and our bodies too), will build and build every minute of every day/night throughout these “Nine Months” and then, finally with the September 2013 Fall Equinox, the extremes will have reached The Breaking Point and the Separation of Worlds and timeline will begin on this dimension (and all other involved). That’s also the time when many of us will ‘birth our NEW selves’. Building extremes on one level and major integrating, sacred embodying happening to many others on a very different level… but we’re all doing this now in the same location/space/timeline and I so want that to finally Separate from all of the many others.

        1) First the Expiration Date — 12-21-12 — had to be reached. (Obviously there was all of the really hard ascension work that took place for fourteen, twenty-five years before we even reached the Expiration Date!)
        2) Next the Life Review with Divine Consciousness happened at some point during the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 for everyone.
        3) Next we entered the “Nine Months” phase and the First Trimester of it and the growing extremes and pressures of the coming Separation of Worlds within the physical dimension also began.
        4) Next we entered the Second Trimester phase on the Vernal March 2013 Equinox… and I feel slightly better and slightly worse physically simultaneously! 😐
        5) We are now increasingly feeling, seeing, sensing the building pressures of polarization between people, groups of people, people’s belief systems and/or level of awareness and consciousness, the ‘dismanteling’ of the old patriarchal world from the slowly birthing, slowly emerging START of the NEW “Planet A/B” away from the old we all incarnated on to in these lives. Often at night while laying in my bed in the dark I hear repeated nearby gunfire while simultaneously being aware of very positive other dimensional Starbeings or ET and Lightbeings existing nearby too just waiting for the coming Separation of Worlds to begin in this dimension. The extremes are, to me and I know many of you reading this, nearly unbearable. My god we all so need matching frequency worlds to exist within instead of this insane free-for-all world! Once we reach September 2013 Equinox, this building presser of extremes will break apart from each other and go their own ways finally. Can’t wait!
        6) Next will be the always intense June 2013 Solstice and when we enter the final Third Trimester of this phase of the Ascension Process.

        And on and on it goes with these many, many, Stair Steps within the Process. But, just as finally reaching the Expiration Date of 12-21-12 was such a HUGE Shift Point, so too will be the equally HUGE and important Shift Point of the physical start of the Separation of Worlds at 9-22-13. I think we’ll see even more rapid ‘dismantling’ of the old elite patriarchy consciousness/beliefs/rules/laws/ways/systems etc. once we reach the September 2013 Equinox. Hang in there everyone and take good care of yourselves… meaning, LoveLight yourselves at least once a day. ♥ 🙂


        • Thank you so much for sharing all this Denise and for reminding me about the ‘stair steps’. I guess the fear of my husband not sending the much needed money he owes me in time; has thrown me into ‘fear’ of being evicted/alone and homeless. Something I never ever saw as being an option ever ! For me or as being a circumstance/situation in my life.

          The dichotomy between the messages I’ve received during this stair climbing (for a few years now) and what is manifested around me is daunting and polar opposites.
          Honestly; this is what freaked me out in 2008…and caused me to seek out that awful Reader. I was second guessing all my own messages because nothing matched in the outer world (and still doesn’t).

          Where you helped me big time was by explaining the “A, B, and A/B” worlds and the separation. I hadn’t heard that before; but when I first read about this in your blog I had a big Ah-Ah moment and then all my messages just suddenly clicked into place. They were/are telling me about this “new world”… and that’s why I’m not seeing it all around me here and now. This is the old world crumbling ! They’re talking about and showing me the “new world”…which I think is “A/B World”.

          And Oh ! how telling and interesting; that …. that woman/reader is telling people once this world crumbles; there is only ‘fade to black’. Nothing more. That’s not what I’ve been told or shown! As someone said here in one of their replies; there is a light on this blog and truth here as well.

          I can’t tell you what a relief it was to read what you were saying about the “Worlds”. Of course my messages aren’t exactly the same… but they sure resemble A/B World almost to a ‘Tee’ (as I read your explanation of it) . I’m just hoping I can get passed this personal financial hump…pay the bills and stay connected to the net and your blog (and a few others)…and weather out the next phase till the separation of worlds; in a safe place and in one piece.

          As always in much appreciation and heart felt gratitude…..thank you Denise.
          Love to all……

        • Pat,

          ♥ Hugs right back at you my friend. ♥ 🙂

          I want you to Intend, Consciously Create, Envision from your High Heart –not from a place of fear– that you will receive the monies that you need to survive comfortably, and then some. Don’t hope for this; don’t ask for this; don’t pray for this but Consciously Create and intend and EXPECT that that IS the reality you experience. Period. This too is a spiritual and energetic lesson that we all have been, are, and will continue to be learning how to master individually. It is up to us to learn to start consciously, intentionally, and with and from our High Hearts Consciously Create what we want and need now. No doubts, no fears, no second guessing ourselves and reality, just the absolute inner knowing that you will receive the monies or whatever it is that you/me/each of us honestly needs now. Expect it. 🙂


        • First I want to thank Denise and all of you for your wonderful comments, sharing and understanding. I’ve been way o too ill and overwhelmed with 3d busywork dealing with the identity theft thing to get back and reply to people, but I am going to reply to everyone who wrote to me as soon as I am able. You all make such a huge difference it is hard to express!

          Second, Denise wrote-

          I want you to Intend, Consciously Create, Envision from your High Heart –not from a place of fear– that you will receive the monies that you need to survive comfortably, and then some. Don’t hope for this; don’t ask for this; don’t pray for this but Consciously Create and intend and EXPECT that that IS the reality you experience. Period. This too is a spiritual and energetic lesson that we all have been, are, and will continue to be learning how to master individually. It is up to us to learn to start consciously, intentionally, and with and from our High Hearts Consciously Create what we want and need now. No doubts, no fears, no second guessing ourselves and reality, just the absolute inner knowing

          and I want to ask is this also the same process and lesson for other types of things? I think I understand it as it related to having what we need, as that can come from anywhere but I received a message from my own higher self that the tree that is being attacked and poisoned that is so beloved by me, WILL be ok .

          I want very much to believe that by accepting this and knowing it deeply I can progress and transcend the 3d dramas these team dark folks are trying so hard to create with me-but at the same time I get tripped up by the whole free will, you can’t control other people etc and become all tangled up in my own confusion and lose my path toward getting to the deep knowing and letting go of all the fear and nonsense.

          I dealt with them directly today while the one was about to pour a gallon of poison onto the tree(a few inches from my fence so also killing lots of other plants) and discussed it with him how that was unacceptable because it is illegal and not necessary-and got lots of nastiness, yelling, screaming, name calling, threats etc(and poison sprayed at me, on my fence the trees etc) and when that one started to settle down(Since I kept calm and refused to engage in drama, was polite but firm) then the one who tells him what to do showed up and started the whole screaming and nastiness fest over again ;-/

          I felt stressed and frustrated from dealing with the nastiness, the drama, the actual poison, and knowing that whenever I speak to them they go out of their way to find some new horrible thing to do-but at the same time I also feel kind of detached from it and calm and even in a way I never did before when dealing with these persistently unpleasantly psycho individuals.

          I am also getting the feeling many here have mentioned that things WILL be ok, that the process is not going to be derailed no matter how awful team dark tries to make it for some of us.

          I have always been a complete sucker for their tricks tho-especially the harming the innocent tricks, and the leading me to believe that I have to do something to make things ok, or safe for another or myself, what my husband calls them “making you chase the ball”.

          it seems easier to get confused when I am SO exhausted and ill (the poison got into my fruit on my trees from so much being on the roots I guess and not knowing this I ate LOTS of the fruit since I kind of live on it anyway)

          I guess to be a bit more clear than my aspie rambling makes it ;-/ Is the lesson of believing the good thing you need at a deep level without fear or questioning the lesson even when it involves the actions of another “free will” human?

          i can hear my higher self laughing at me now, so I guess it IS the lesson but I am going to post this anyway since I used so much energy writing it;-) and maybe someone else has a similar question but is too shy to ask.

          thank you all, especially Denise for creating this magical space of clarity away from the crumbling 3D confusion.

        • Thanks for replying above. Yep, I’m feeling inside very much like your and other peoples comments tell, to list a few: feeling out of place in the current world, feeling like I don’t ‘click/match’ with anyone…the huge polarity going on of disasters of shocks alternating with periods of peace and a feeling ‘everything will be great soon’. I have an overwhelming feeling inside that everything is going to radically change for me in the next couple of years. Friendships breaking apart (mostly because I just don’t fit anymore).

          As far as the actual energetics go, I’ve done a lot of work on the emotional body using healing methods for the past 3 years, and had kundalini activate around 2 years ago. Since then it’s worked through my physical body and ended up in my brain, causing pressure on the brow and crown (I know this is still low-level, but I’m working on it).

          Assuming we had this life review on the three dates denise said, I was eager to progress, since then the Universe is trying to help me progress rapidly by throwing situations at me to ‘shine light on my remaining darkness’, I’m sure it’s happening to a lot of you guys too. I’m learning important life lessons. I’ve had the most extreme coincidences. Enough for me to 100% KNOW that the universe’s intelligence is in control of my life, and can tweak any part of it it wishes in order to test me, guide me or teach me. So my life has become about learning spiritual lessons and me trying to raise my frequency up.

          I’ve had messages from my unconscious letting me know to keep going…that I need to resolve all remaining ‘human’ 3D issues and lessons so all that is being increased for me to deal with.

          I’m posting a bit more on here because frankly – I don’t fit in anywhere else! Not even on the big wide internet. It’s hard, and sometimes lonely, because I just don’t feel in-sync with anyone I come across. It’s profoundly strong a feeling.

          My opinion of ‘the world’ flips out from either feeling ‘just fed up’ of it, to feeling optimistic about a strong light for the future.



        • Dearest Pat,

          I wanted to chime in here too with Denise, in that she’s absolutely right!

          As an example: Don’t ask me how long ago this is, because I can’t remember linear time well these days =) Anyway, my smoke detector started beeping… which meant a new battery. I called for maintenance to come and put in a new battery… and was told that I was responsible for replacing it and that why don’t I just go walk to wal-mart for one. After being slightly miffed about that (I’ve been dealing with a disc issue, and the last time I walked that far, I was in so much pain when I wasn’t even 1/2 of the way back home that I didn’t think I’d make it), I thought for a moment. I realized there was a gas station not too far away and they usually sell them. So I went there, they had batteries, but not the size I needed. As I left there, I repeated to myself, “I am NOT going all the way to wal-mart. There has GOT to be somewhere else I can get this battery. I REFUSE to go all the way to wal-mart.” Over and over I repeated it. I looked up and across the street and saw an Auto Zone… and I kid you not, I heard that “Ahhh!!!” sort of angelic sound effect you sometimes hear on commercials, signifying you’ve found something. It was noon time, and yet the road was completely empty so that I could cross safely right in the middle instead of walking to the intersection (saving me more walking time so I wouldn’t be so exhausted!). I got there, found the batteries, and… there was ONE left in the size I needed! The manager that checked me out said to me, “You know, it’s strange. One of the other locations called and asked me to send over all of my 9V sizes, but for some reason, I felt like I had to hold onto one of them.” I smiled and said to him, “That’s because I needed it. Thank you!”

          It may sound a bit silly, and yet it’s a perfect example of how to manifest what you need. I didn’t need to walk all the way to wal-mart and physically wear myself out (I don’t own a car and didn’t have anyone available to drive me at that time of day… and I couldn’t spend hours waiting with that thing beeping at me). If you clearly state what it is you need, and expect that it will happen how you need, it will happen!

          Hope this inspires you in how to manifest funds to take care of your needs =)

          With Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • Thanks for sharing this story Chrysalis – it’s great to hear more & more of these experiences from people. I’ve had a few of these synchronistic manifestation scenarios too – but have to admit that it’s still hit or miss for me. I’m hoping that this will improve and become more consistent for all of us – soon 🙂

        • Dearest Stephanie,

          I’m happy to share. In the past (the old way of being), I would put off sharing what I knew to be helpful things with others… because I was afraid of speaking up, afraid of being in the spotlight. Now, I’m able to share more freely in places I can tell it would be well received (discernment). It’s a snowball effect; the more of us share our “small and large” experiences in this state of flux/transition, the more it becomes the “new norm”. My Mom even had a “small” manifestation that I had to bring to her attention. She’s so focused on wanting a “HUGE miraculous moment” that she’s missing that even the smallest is a miracle too =)

          Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • Hi Denise,

          Thank you so much for your feedback – it just blows me away. The timelines you’ve provided are totally in sync with the journey I’ve been on too (especially the last 14 years – uuughh).

          I was wondering what you think about the eclipses that will be occuring between April and November of this year? I’m feeling that they will be like “contractions” for many people – or “doors” that will be opening & closing. They will be utilized by the Universe to really move us along rapidly to where we need to go this year (more than ever). Out of curiosity I looked up the eclipses in April/May – and was shocked to find out that the April eclipse hits four major areas of my birth chart (yikes – this never happens) – and the one in May hits my rising sign (gaaah). Eclipses are always pretty powerful – but I’m feeling a lot of energy around the eclipses this year. Any thoughts?

          Big hugs to everyone here – I’m feeling & experiencing all of the intensity and craziness that everyone else is.

        • Bless you, Denise,

          On some level I can sense some of the points you lay out for us to see clearly. It’s so wonderful to have your clarity in these times of chaos/calm, back/forth.

          I hear the “old” bass (rap) blasting from a car idling in a parking lot across the street… I send light and a moment later they leave. One moment I’m seeing everything around me through a slight white haze, and don’t feel completely here… the next moment I’m dealing with physical pain I’ve been having for quite some time and am really tired. The old powers that were are either going away, acquiesce, give up… and at the same time there are other ones screeching and shrieking the “same old tune” even louder so that it sounds ridiculous and whiny. It’s amazing, this space of widening duality… and in the spaces between, the triality pushing its way through.

          I’m dealing with the head pressures at the moment. I started feeling those about two weeks ago or so off and on. Just recognizing that it’s to do with the re-wiring process allows me to go with the flow and accept it, instead of groaning and being negative about it.

          I’m having so many situations present themselves to show me how far I’ve come, that I still have nothing to fear, that the last area that held the most fear is now almost in completion. I smile and laugh at it a bit, not in a sarcastic or in a funny way, just “Wow, this is pretty cool, I can’t believe I finally got past this in this life, and wow, what can I actually do now in my life!!!”

          Thank you for being our “soft place to land” in this world(s) or extreme flux (at the moment). I truly appreciate your guidance and Light.

          With Much Love, Light, and Hugs,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Dear Jamie,

      I feel waves of heat. First I thought my car’s ac had gone broken, then I thought I must be menopausal but now I think this belongs to this ascension thing 😉 This has been going on for about two weeks or so. Maybe it is a little bit like what you experience at the moment.

      • If you feel the heat for no reason, that sounds like kundalini has activated. Perhaps you’re now on a very long transmutation process! I hope it goes well. For me it was rising up the spine first, then going into the organs or up the body.



    We get to the eye and the coaster stops for a bit and then off we go again, what a ride it has been and is still. My eyes get so blurred that it’s hard to read sometimes but whoever posted about the back pain related to preganacy thanks, makes sense, I have never been but sure have had those back aches and all over body tingling/pulling. And my head OMG! and yes, I too wanted and thought about just checking out, can’t take it anymore but then I would miss the creation coming into place that I/we have suffered so long to bring forth.


  • Wonderful post and comments. The first part of this process I was so tired all I could do was sleep which is not like me at all. At the beginning of March I felt that the last few weeks of it were going to be a bumpy ride and so it has been for me as well. No sparkles, flowers and rainbows here either. Those closest to me have been giving me the most grief. I will try to deal with these issues and people with love, but I believe these relationships will change greatly or end as I am once again laying down boundaries. Yes, the life review process has been an on going one for me. Wish I could wave a wand and be done now. Where is that fairy godmother?! ;). As to the information from readings and other beings I strongly agree with you Denise that we must be careful what we take in and always listen to the little bird on our own shoulder (our own intuition) regarding all things. Thank you Denise for your strong leadership and much love to everyone here.

  • First, my heart/love is with those who are doing what just might be the last cleanse, clearing, releasing, letting go of the old duality frequencies so that there is space for the new triality vibrations. I was going to comment a couple of days ago and say that my modus operandi is usually only to comment when I’m feeling strong, and then without warning, I was hit with a panic attack, an in-my-face “Who do you think you are?” type of thing and I couldn’t type! The wind was taken out of my sails and down I went, but this time I tackled it and made a conscious choice not to “go there”, not to allow my fear to overome everything I have worked so hard to feel and accomplish. I took myself by the horns so to speak and banished that panicky, self-worth denigrating feeling and consciously walked/talked myself through it. Getting outside and grounding into Mother Earth helped, and since then, though who knows how long this will last, I am feeling, as Denise describes so wonderfully in this post, that my Soul is hovering around. That there is a very loving, wise, and powerful heart thing happening in the frequencies now and sometimes it’s scary, but most of the time it’s a heart-catching feeling that freedom is close, the unity of Soul and physical self is available and “hanging around” for want of a better expression. I can’t describe this in words and thank Denise for the closest I can get to it, as a Soul doing it’s back-and-forth checking in, somehow like “another me” who is excited and experiencing stage fright all at the same time. Sorry, can’t really find the words here, but wondered if anyone else is experiencing this. My nerves are actually tingling as I write this comment. Maybe it’s like a pregnancy. Is the baby okay? Is it safe, am I giving this baby the spiritual nutrition it needs, am I prepared? And here comes the nausea! Arghh. So much heart love and gratitude to All Here. B.

    • Hi Denise and Barbara!

      My first trimester has been very much like what you, Denise, described as the Soul being present at times and away at other times and what you, Barbara, are experiencing.

      When the connection is off, I am deadly tired, grumpy and very much the worst version of me (I thought I really was done with most of that). It feels really heavy to be alive with not having that strong presence. At the same time I am aware that this huge variation with how I feel comes from me changing. My perspective has changed as I read energies more and more easily.

      When the connection is good things go smoothly and I can manifest small dream-come-true -miracles! And I am very much aware of the energetic meaning and basis of things happening in my life.

      It’s funny how poorly I remember the old things. I vaguely remember something like what you, Denise, described like processing the issues at death around the 21st Dec. but I don’t remember the details anymore. But I certainly remember having dealt with something like that at the time.

      I can’t wait until 22nd September. I really hope separation of worlds means we don’t have to meddle with the densest stuff anymore. Or that we would somehow achieve some sort of immunity to it :)))

      Thank you for this excellent article and comments.

      • Dearest Aya,

        I completely relate to the hard time remembering things. It’s gotten to the point where when people ask me, “How was your week?” I say “Well, I guess it was good, so let’s go with that”. Most of my life was lived with fear, panic, and anxiety (years of it), until it was removed by my Higher Self at the end of last year. Now, I just cannot remember what that felt like. I understand in my brain that it’s been a profound change for me, and for the life of me, I just cannot remember how it felt.

        I feel my personal experiences in life have prepared me for this. I’ve always been “outside of the box”; picking and choosing things from different spirituality followings, and put them together in a way that made sense to me instead of picking “one way”; also, being a part of a multiple system (mpd), I personally have no memory prior to about 2008. I just accepted this, and allowed people around me to acclimate to this change. It also taught them to accept me and themselves (and others) in “this present moment”, because for me, not having prior memories and experiences with them, “now” is all I had, and “now” is all that was important to me.

        I’ve been writing down a lot of what’s been happening in this Ascension process. I know if I don’t, I’ll forget and it’ll pass me by. I imagine it’s a lot like the growing up process; I’m sure our physical bodies had growing pains, and emotionally there’s always growing pains for teenagers, yet I don’t know if anyone really remembers what it felt like. I don’t feel like I have to cling to memories, and I feel like this process is very important. Journaling really helps fill this gap. I can write down what I’m experiencing, and just let it go. If I need it later, it’s there, and in the meantime I can go on just experiencing all these changes.

        Just wanted to chime in and share with you. Hugs (if you wish).

        With Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Hi Denise. Having a tough week. Lots of fatigue. The fun parts are when I invoke the Mother Principal and the “Christ” and all the glorious energy ‘at that moment’ and then comes all the processing, clearing and transmuting fun….NOT. Bless us all, and thank you all who share Denise’s site so we know we are not alone in this venture.

  • I find it interesting how often I’ve seen the people compared the ascension process to the process of carrying a child. Thus far I’ve been more comfortable thinking of the transformation process as being a mutation into another speices (I’m still trying not entirely sure where I got the idea that a person could mutate into another speices without some amount of discomfort, you’d think after watching a certain amount of sci-fi I’d have figured out that was pretty unlikely lol), and with that mutation comes understandably massive changes to who and what we are or at the very least aspects of who and what we are (I don’t know what that might say about my likely hood of acheiving sucessful ascension within 2013).

    Either way about an hour or so before the equinox starting I started seeing some good signs about the way things are going in my life, they were minor but they were there. Finally I was able to sucessfully heal at least part of a deblitating physical problem, the last few days (even before the equinox) I’ve been feeling something happen in my limbs that I can only discribe as rubber band that feels alot like the same thing used by medical proffesionals to restrict blood flow when they take blood only on the inside of my body being broken by the blood flow it was trying to restrict, and on and off for awhile I’ve felt alot of what I’m not sure I can describe better than to call it fluttering under the skin mostly in my limbs but the last few days I’m pretty sure I’ve felt an increase amount of it. It did cross my mind that this could be a co-incidence or that I might be reading to much into it, or maybe I’m just noticing it more, but co-incidence is never the whole story of anything. I’m still relearning how to keep from disregaruding things like my intuition.

    In any case thanks for this article it certainly gave me alot to think about.

    • esp,

      You might get further insights from reading my old articles about the Rewiring process. The Body Rewiring and the Brain Rewiring because it caused us to literally vibrate energetically at a much faster, higher frequency rate. This is indeed humanity literally ‘mutating into another species’, evolving into less dense and more Light filled beings who’ve integrated Duality within themselves to the degree that they are actually becoming something very different — Light-filled humans with High Heart Triality (unity) frequency (5D frequency range) and consciousness. That is indeed very much a new species and it is VERY good! 😀 ♥


  • As always, Thank you Denise for giving some clarity, focus and structure to the swirling waves of energy that we are swimming thru.

    I am so grateful to you, and to all of you who are commenting and sharing your experiences. My experience of this first trimester has been really odd and not “fitting” any pattern like anyone else describes, or even my own “slow sine wave” pattern of down down down up! down down down down down up! of the previous year.

    I kept thinking I was working on things but not really feeling or getting clear what was going on with me, then some of the weird out of the blue down bits that i’ve learned to let flow thru and release, and then a few days of actual even keel clear headedness.

    But interspersed thru the whole time were increasing team dark attacks, learning (i thought!) more how to deal with that and now when I was expecting to feel better its like the incoming good energies hit me like a ton of bricks and all the negative stuff that team dark was thus far failing to derail me with is getting to me.

    I’ve spent decades working on myself, ballast cutting releasing etc, and learning to focus on the positive and live in gratitude and love and acceptance. I thought I was getting the hang of it being able to be even keel and happy while bedridden in lots of pain, buried in clutter, mess and actual health threatening stuff, while dealing with tree and garden poisoning attacks, house robbing and other special friend requests from team dark until last night.

    I hope this is just the effects of processing so much new energy at once, it has in the past hit me somewhat like this on the 11-11, 12-12 etc days when everyone predicted joy and euphoria I was buried in pain and waves of apparently random despair-that don’t respond to any logical, psychological or spiritual method or trick I have learned.

    Today I keep thinking about what you focus on you get, and whether I am not focusing on the good stuff, gratitude etc properly, or well enough? or if just having the attacks and such happening so often just living thru it leaves too much focus on the negative for the positive focus to work?

    My best friend tells me that people who are making bad choices and living low vibration dualistic trips just resent people like me and so that makes me an automatic target for them, that I just have to get thru it and go on. It sounds logical but I still feel awful.

    I’m used to the physical pain and random symptoms that never seem to end, and for some reason I can cope with them-even after 30 years of it non-stop but the emotional overwhelm is not my best skill I guess.

    having an 8 year old kid help rob my house and then mock me with it, has seemingly short circuited me. I feel so bad for the child, and yet my feelings are hurt and it all just makes zero sense. (she is a neighbor who used to play with the child who lived behind me, and chat with me and get fruit from my trees)

    Worse the breakins went on for months because being autistic it took me so long to realize my stuff was really gone, the girl was really wearing my stuff when she was mocking me etc

    I only really got it this week while searching for paperwork i need to renew my license-and realizing that it really is not here. And the person who robbed my house I guess got tired of me not noticing so she came by in person to mock me (the child did it months ago).

    With my birth certificate and ss card she can easily escape the prison sentence she just earned, since she is out on bail and I don’t even know where to start on what to do (obviously call the police but being autistic stress makes it worse so it is really hard to speak, and not sure I will be able to explain it to them)

    Even after she started robbing me(and I suspected but didn’t think it was real) I was praying for her, and her family because she is a neighbor, and she has a drug problem.

    she has lots of guns and even after robbing multiple neighbors houses, at least one at gun point and many with witnesses she is still free and has guns- (she only robbed me because she for some reason hates me, i’m a destitute dumpster diver, nothing here worth selling-my friend said she used my house to teach the child, and they did mostly steal sentimental stuff from when I was a kid, and colorful stuff a kid would notice)

    not sure if im making any sense at all, im feeling so overwhelmed and all of you here who are wise, caring, and understand the multiple levels, and energies going on in general now are the only ones I thought might understand.

    I thought I was getting it on the spiritual lessons, stair steps etc that I was on track, at least on my own track even if not keeping up with anyone else-but now I feel really lost.

    Is that the stair step when right when you feel like you’ve learned one thing and are feeling clear and good then the next lesson hits you like a hurricane and seeming beyond your current awareness and abilities?

    or am I missing something obvious again and falling for a team dark trick? i feel terrible for even asking this-like i am the sole lightworker keeping them around by my own lost ineptitude;-/

    Up until last night I had a really good feeling about the equinox, and the overall changes and even my own place and pace in them. I apologize for rambling, I just thought maybe some of you might see some sense that I am missing and be able to help me understand. (please delete this if it is inappropriate or troublesome!)
    Love and Blessings,

    • Dearest Ohnwentsya,

      First of all, I want to make it abundantly clear for you: you are NOT inept in any way! I know I’ve had back and forth conversations with you here at Transitions these past months, and I have appreciated what you’ve had to share with all of us.

      We, all of us, have our own challenges that our Higher Self has wanted to learn through in this life. Some of our Higher Selves must have wanted more challenges because we knew we could handle it. There were times through the years that I never thought I’d ever live without fear and panic and anxiety. I believed I was destined to manage fear for the rest of my life… it’s literally held me back from really being a part of the world. I’ve come to see, now that my fear has been removed from my Higher Self, that the overwhelming fear forced me away from the world, and gave me the chance to truly deal with my internal issues. It allowed me the opportunity to “ballast cut” without knowing what I was ultimately preparing myself for… the energies of Ascension.

      I don’t experience everything that is mentioned by Denise. I’m not able to understand or haven’t experienced certain parts of it personally. I don’t claim I know everything either, because I don’t. What I can share and offer to you is that the best gift you can give yourself right now is Love. If you can love yourself without judging anything about yourself, that’s a true gift. Every challenge we go through (I believe) is a lesson we either haven’t learned, or it’s there to help show us that we’ve learned this lesson with ease. And sometimes, it’s Team Dark being petty because they’re not getting their way anymore. Your Light is as beautiful as anyones is here.

      As far as the person stealing from you… For a long time it was traumatic for me to even call the police for help for a neighbor. I found that a lot of times it’s easier for me if I can hand someone a letter, or have notes in front of me so I won’t forget what I want to say to someone when I’ve been afraid. And it’s ok to stand up for you, to say, “This is not right. You do NOT have permission to take anything from me.” I’m not saying you say this to their face. Just having the intention of this, while making actions that say this (like reporting them to the police) reinforces it. This ultimately gives you back your true power. If you say and show that you will not tolerate anyone to just take from you, then no one can. It’s not an easy thing to do. Not too long ago I didn’t speak up or use my voice because I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. I’ve learned though, that it’s not about hurting feelings. It’s showing people that I respect me enough to tell someone no, and if I can do that, they can do that for themselves too. I find more people respecting me, and the ones who try to invade my space give up trying because I ignore them or they realize they can’t.

      I hope this helps ease your heart. We’re here to help one another. I thank Denise immensely for this opportunity for us to support each other through these new sensations and situations.

      With Love, Light, and a Hug (if you wish),
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Thank you Chrysalis! I so much appreciate your perspective and understanding. I agree very much that Denise giving us this space to support one another is such a blessing and I too am very grateful. Realizing we are not alone in what we are experiencing is so helpful. Once it is a pattern, and it makes some sense it becomes so much less confusing and scary.

        Thank you for reminding me to love and accept myself-the main game team dark has always played with me is to get me to doubt myself, to dislike or be disappointed in myself-to keep me constantly running and working to be make things ok, to be good enough, to prevent harm to those they attacked just to distress me etc. (thus making it my fault for failing the loved ones)

        Just tonight as I began trying to reply to everyrone(Ive been soo ill and overwhelmed with both the document thefts and the crazy poison guy that I could not even try to reply til tonight) that what you said is an integral part of what I am learning.

        They try to create drama to wear me(and us) out, to keep us “chasing the ball” as my husband says, instead of staying grounded, centered and clear.

        the more I can love and accept myself, the less I will feel driven to chase the ball-the less I will be trapped in pointless drama that wears me out.

        I am glad to read that you have recovered from the anxiety, i have experienced it and it can be so awful. Your comment below on recovering and living so fully in the moment is amazing and beautiful and I am going to meditate on it a lot, I feel.

        Thank you for your kindness in sharing with me and being supportive. It makes a huge difference-even tho I was unable to reply right away, I was grateful right away!;-)

        • Dearest Ohnwentsya,

          I was hoping you were able to at least read all the supportive comments during this time. I knew that you weren’t able to respond immediately, and I’m glad you were able to at least read and feel our support.

          I wanted to point out something you mentioned when you responded to Denise’s post. When that person was spraying your tree and screaming and all that, you mentioned how you were somewhat calm and detached and that this was a new experience. This “observer” mode is something we all need to strive for in this process, to step outside the drama, and to know that you don’t have to engage in it at all. This helps in turn to see a different solution or to move on quicker in your day than if you were acting a role in the drama. Does this make sense? So I just wanted to congratulate you on being able to notice this difference of remaining somewhat calm and detached =) It’s each person’s choice of whether to fully engage in ego drama, or to detach from it and realize that our True Selves are these incredibly multi-dimensional beings that we’re only just starting to reconnect with. And once you can hold onto that awareness of our True Selves, I found for myself that it’s easier to look at everything that ever happened to me as a tool or lesson for my soul to expand in its overall growth. The details are fading away for me, things that used to cause me pain and anxiety, and I see them now as tools for my overall True Self to grow spiritually. In that light, I realize there was no “right” or “wrong” choice I made, that everything in this 3D existence was an experience.

          I hope this made sense. Some of these concepts that I try to explain to others either come out jumbled, or they come out not in the exact way I want to convey.

          We can all remind one another to Love ourselves and accept ourselves as we go through this process. That is what will lead us through the storms, through the tricks the dark still tries to pull over on others. To know that we have our own best answers, we are strong in Love and Light. And if we stumble, we can know that there will be a friend from the Light that will lend us a helping hand. Hugs.

          With Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • Thank you Chrysalis! I had gotten the observer thing down pat-I thought-until this particular set of service to self humans and their non-physical mates showed up;-/ I can get it for brief periods with them, but the nonstop attacks, and the fact that they are attacking innocent beings I can’t seem to protect is really hard.

          Its a lot like being in a war to me-even tho I know most humans do not perceive trees and plants as equal to humans or something a being incarnated as a human would have relationships with, but for me they are often more real, loving and present than the humans.

          I very much appreciate your wisdom, and will keep reminding myself of the importance of the overall journey-tho I may lose the battle, and many beloved comrades, the war will be won and so many living beings rise out of oppression, suffering and harm like this in the long run.

          I am so weary and my heart hurts, my head feels spinny from trying to come up with some solution, some way to keep myself centered and grounded enough not to be thrown off and derailed by the violence but I am so grateful for you, Denise and everyone here and the kindness, support and love in this space.

          I appreciate being reminded that it is intense, and it can be horrible and painful and just plain wrong at times but we are doing this together and we are going thru what we are for more than just ourselves. If we were not having a positive effect, they would not put so very much effort into derailing and attacking us!

          It is a lot easier to think of, or decide to set an intention and believe in it with no doubts or fear than it is to hold that while being attacked directly and that exact intention being attacked and opposed in very physical, tangible ways. I know Denise is right about what to do, she has always had a very clear perception and wonderful way of conveying it so we can understand it-I am just not as confident in my ability to DO it as I was when I wrote the last comment.

          If I understand correctly I am not stopping the negative human’s free will or actions, I am simply choosing a track for myself that lands me in the timeline where the positive outcomes arrive, the trees and plants live, the nutty folks leave me alone etc.

          After another attack today, the best I can do so far is repeat to myself(and really believe) that Gaia is in charge and I trust in Gaia, I trust the Mother to be in charge and I trust the best outcomes are in Her hands, My intent is there but my emotions are not nearly as “clear” as they “should” be when I am so exhausted and ill.;-/

          Thank you again for replying to me Chrysalis, I feel very isolated in this and knowing that someone cares is a real blessing!
          Love and Blessings,

    • I can relate to all you have experienced and still do. Felt I was targeted because ‘I know too much’ and spread the info which would not have pleased the dark lot. I am an astrologer and many reasons for one’s life experiences can be seen in the birth chart also can past life unresolved issues I am in a lot of pain as I write,and this does distract from following one’s life path. I feel.
      Best wishes

      • Thank you Kay! You are probably right, and you are not the only one-but I’ve been told it is a compliment when the dark targets us as it means we must be effective;-) I will add you to my distance reiki list if you like, sometimes it helps with pain. It does distract and confuse me too. I am working to understand my birth chart and how it relates to what i am experiencing/learning-sometimes I get it and it makes things so much more sensible. Thank you for your kindness in taking time to reply to me!

    • Ohnwentsya —

      You are not the only one. On the 3/11 portal the ending of my third marriage, the one to my “alleged” twin flame (and I realize he likely is my TF due to the catalyst the relationship has been in his and my life), became definitive. The past 11 days have been awful as I start to incorporate the understanding of what is really happening.

      The relationship with him was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. But now I am having to “cut ballast” with even him, and it is truly awful-feeling (my other divorces were bad enough — this one carries with it so much more meaning that it is unlike anything I have been through. I’m having to reorient my entire story of the past several years in my mind, to reframe what is happening with the understanding I have now of what is before me).

      The past 11 days have felt awful, and honestly carries much resonance of a miscarriage I experienced at 17 weeks of pregnancy, 5 weeks into the second trimester, 23 years ago.

      But I refuse to let Team Dark get the better of me in this situation. The attacks on my psyche have been awful, and I even have had one dream where I began to be physically assaulted by a being (thankfully he only grabbed at my foot and held it, and then I realized what was happening and woke up, immediately putting into perspective what was going on).

      I am not yet farting rainbows and butterflies is what I am getting at, and whatever this latest assault of energies is — that’s a kind of brutal word, but I feel it is a total onslaught — it is hard, HARD work to hold on and hold fast to a vision of a better tomorrow. I’m NOT feeling the positive momentum just yet, but more of the same: spiritual transformation and transmutation of dark matter.

      I had a vision/metaphor of what this is like for me the other day: I have been given platefuls of things I would rather not eat, but have to sit at the bench and eat it. Gruel, or slop or some other icky thing (spinach that has been cooked to death — that’s a good one! It’s good for ya, but GACK, try to eat an entire 10-inch plate of overcooked spinach!) — I have had to eat it all, digest it, and poop it out, then flush it away where it is composted into enriched soil for the planet. Yup. That’s what I am doing right now.

      So, I’m happy for all the people who are feeling happy and relieved like the second trimester starting is the end of their morning sickness, but I must have Hyperemesis gravidarum and I’m still having to deal with being terribly ill into this second trimester. I truly just feel like I would love to die. (And no, I will not take action to do that. I did that once in my life, and I have vowed I never will again. Spirit and Source have sent a little Lightworker in the form of my nephew, an Indigo, to keep me afloat in this. I am blessed by his presence. But if a bus came and ran me over? OH SWEET RELIEF! I am so sick of this planet right now, I can barely take it…)

      Staying connected here, to the Oracle Report, Aisha North, and Karen Bishop as well as Gaia Portal are the five places I have narrowed in to get my information about the influx of energy so I can understand what is happening. March 11 and my breakup were not a surprise to me because of the information from these places and the people who gather there. Energetically, I do not trust any other sources than these five right now (and that is subject to change, although Karen B and Denise here have been around the longest of all, and I rely on their finger on the pulse to see what is happening).

      I’m sorry this is so long — I have been checking in here often on all posts to read everyone’s comments as they are so valuable along with Denise’s words. But I have not been in a place of commenting myself for a long while.

      This too shall pass.
      With love,
      Calliope the Muse/Karin

      • “The relationship with him was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. But now I am having to “cut ballast” with even him, and it is truly awful-feeling…”

        Calliope the Muse / Karin,

        Oh dearest, dearest, I am so very sorry that your current pain is so extreme. Know that you are Loved across the board. Period. End of story. ♥

        Many people come into our lives for a relatively short period because they (and/or we) are simply spiritual kinsfolk, individuals from the same Soul Group who prior to incarnation, both (and/or all) agreed upon playing certain “rolls” for each other to active or trigger or jump-start something in us (and in each other etc.) and in our lives etc. Once they have done that it’s time for all parties to go their individual ways and continue their spiritual growth and so on. These types of relationships are so important to us all because they ARE our spiritual energetic kinsfolk and we all feel that to some degree, but that doesn’t mean we’re all supposed to spend our whole lives together. That has been rare actually.

        On or during the 12-21-12 “Three Days” Expiration Date and Paradigm Shift Point and Life Review, I have no doubt that you and the Divine discussed all this and more and that is why this is happening now. Time is short during these Nine Months (that are now Six Months!) Point is… I feel that during your Life Review you and the Divine Consciousness had a Review and you agreed to make whatever changes you did at that Divine moment for the best and highest growth, learning and progress possible for yourself and all else now in this timeline. Now, as you already know that is one HUGE and WONDERFUL — although typically difficult and painful — choice to make and it was the right one to make because no one is able to make any mistakes when having one of these face-to-face chitchats with the Divine Consciousness! None whatsoever. So right now is painful because of all the releasing, all of the letting go of and all of the sense of self dying and or being lost or disappearing etc. This is part of The Process as you already know from having lived it many times already with other situations and people.

        But, to make matters seemingly worse — and everyone experiences increases in negativity and attacks, attempted derailments and major INTERFERENCE from Team Dark when they chose to remain on The Path (spiritual growth etc.) and keep going forward. The two things unfortunately go together. We want to continue evolving, ascending, learning and creating etc. and typically Team Dark feels when each of us does this and so they swoop in in an attempt to stop the very things we’re trying to do for ourselves and humanity; they try to prevent it in any way(s) they can! That’s the unseen formula over and over and over, until we each reach a certain level of frequency that is where these tactics by Team Dark don’t work so well anymore and eventually they cannot even reach us energetically at all because we’ve vibrationally “ascended” or evolved beyond them and their reach/influence etc.

        I have spent years and years and years in the place you’re at right now so I know exactly how miserable, painful, oppressive and hopeless it feels and seems. However, we both know that it is NOT a permanent state or situation but just one of transmuting and positive change, despite it being so horrible! Run this Gauntlet and get through it as smoothly and quickly as you can so you’re in a NEW and higher frequency place and state of being. It will happen so much faster now than it ever could before, but I also know it feels 10,000 times more intense than it ever did before too but that simply is the nature of the times we live in now… especially during these final Nine Months. You’re doing great and it will be fine once again, actually it will be better 😉 so hang in there and never ever forget that the highest aspect of You wanted this now (we all made our individual choices like this during the Life Review) so that you could continue growing/ascending/evolving at record speeds. 🙂

        I Love you sweetie, we all do, so wrap your Soul Self up in that knowing ♥
        Denise & Co.

        • Thank you, thank you, Denise. You wrote very much what with my spiritual being I understand already (the other parts of me are always playing catch up, though!) AND you gave me new insight about why this and why now, and it helps tremendously to view things with that lens. Thank you for giving me that view.

          Also, Elila

          Thank you, too. The most wonderful thing about this blog is that there are so many that are able to write, “Me too! Me too” to these awful-feeling sorts of things, but also to give the perspective that it is a part of our path now, and we are nearly there, and it is going to be okay.

          We’ll make it.

          I really feel that in this moment and I am grateful.

          With love,

      • Oh Calliope/Karin!
        First let me say my heart reaches out to you & my arms embrace you in a warm comforting hug! I know how painful & awful the ballast cutting can get. And i want to THANK you, so much, for saying this out loud:

        “So, I’m happy for all the people who are feeling happy and relieved like the second trimester starting is the end of their morning sickness, but I must have Hyperemesis gravidarum and I’m still having to deal with being terribly ill into this second trimester. I truly just feel like I would love to die. (And no, I will not take action to do that. I did that once in my life, and I have vowed I never will again. Spirit and Source have sent a little Lightworker in the form of my nephew, an Indigo, to keep me afloat in this. I am blessed by his presence. But if a bus came and ran me over? OH SWEET RELIEF! I am so sick of this planet right now, I can barely take it…)”

        because I feel EXACTLY the same way, & while I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone it is comforting to know that I’m not alone. And I would just like for YOU to know that you are not alone either. Also i LOVE your analogy of the overcooked spinach scenario–soooooooo true!
        Here’s hoping that your current pain processes through with an all new speed and gentleness,
        Love & comfort, Elila

      • Just to let you know I have been reading some of the comments here and see how much you and other people are suffering. So I’m sorry to hear it and absolutely hope there is an end in sight when most of the issues have been ‘transmuted’.

        A lot of snippets of info denise puts up ‘hit me’ and I think ‘ah I can relate that’. The cutting of ballast or letting go of attachments/emotional problems, I’ve realized only now that life has been getting me to do this non-stop for the past 3 years or so…

        Although I think my situation is a lot easier right now than some of you guys, I’ve definitely had to deal with some really harsh ‘shocks’, like the universe giving me periodic ‘slaps’ to wake up and see the remaining darkness within…Oh it’s still there, some of it I haven’t dealt with, but a huge portion is let go.

        The ‘team dark’ attacks haven’t been as bad as what else I read here, but has certainly been obvious and substantial. I remember when I tried to write a blog on my meditation and basically got attacked via a man (who I now believe was possessed by a dark entity), I senses his ‘aura’ which was CREEPY and DARK fly into my room to watch me, then I noticed it wasn’t his aura but what was possessing him! Anyway that lesson has been understood now so I’m making progress.

        The truth is never easy to face, but I hope all of you keep at it and accomplish what you planned to do (and same for me).

        This is just a post from me to let you know I’m reading and feeling for your problems, times are difficult!

        Cannot wait to get into higher frequency zones!


      • Thank you Calliope! I am so sorry you are going thru all that, divorce seems to me one of the hardest things to experience-having sewn two hearts together the seam ripper tears much more than the thread to undo it.

        I am very grateful that you made the effort in spite of your own overwhelming experience right now to share with me and be supportive, it feels to me like our heart connections are healing us even as we feel too awful to experience it yet.

        My own experience of divorce was like being a zombie for years, having it compressed and intensified by the energies of late must be far too much to get into words;-/

        I hope that the love and support here, and the love and support you are sending out will comfort and heal you, and make the journey more bearable.

        I love your analogy of farting rainbows and butterflies-I agree it is often hard to hold on to the positive vision but humour like that makes it easier;-) My Mom used to tell me that was why every ndn I knew was so damn funny-she said if we didn’t laugh we’d all go insane.

        I have no idea if my experience is similar or useful to yours, but I have a feeling that I should share with you that at least for me, when twin flames separate physically, it is all about the learning and growing both are doing-they are never separated at that other level, and when the time and energy in you are right for it, you can tap into that level to calm, and comfort your miserable physical/emotional experience.

        I had a heart attack and with no one to help me, I just spent several months crawling to the bathroom and not much else. Unable to distract myself I’d often cry myself to sleep and sometimes he would be there, holding me all night in my dreams and I’d wake up able to go on a bit more than before.

        even tho at the day to day physical level everything was totally screwed up, the fundamental deeper truth of caring never changed-even when it was totally not visible in “the real world”.

        I hope that wasn’t wrong to share, my intuition wouldnt let me close the message without adding it;-/

    • Dear Ohnwentsya,

      You are not alone, a sentiment already beautifully and lovingly expressed by others here at Denise’s safe haven of information, insight, sanity and light.

      Sadly, I believe the nasties that comprise team dark will continue to throw the icky contents of their very loaded diapers at ALL lightworkers in a vain attempt to derail us or at least sidetrack our efforts as we continue to persevere on our quest during these final 3-D months.

      Please continue to be the courageous, loving and gracious person that you are and perhaps touch base with this organization:http://www.autism-society.org/about-us/contact-us.html; having the support of a group that understands your challenges and has the ability to help you communicate your needs would be fantastic for you!

      Much love, light and gratitude to ALL here.


      • Thank you Alexis! That is a wonderful idea and I will look into it as soon as I can. I also agree about the team dark and their loaded diapers(i love the humor in dealing with them-they want to be so scary and you all are just mocking them, its beautiful! 🙂

        It is so good to be reminded that they are doing that to all of us, because we are on the path-not because we have wandered off it and are lost. (which is what they seem to want me to think!)

        I second your ending too-in my own way love,light, blessings and gratitude to all here. I feel such a sense of protection, healing and peace in these conversations. It really does seem we are stronger when supporting one another than we were alone.

  • My experience has been the opposite of being pregnant — mine was of the one being born. On the eve of the equinox (pre-dawn hours of March 19) I awoke gasping for air after having a dream of being unable to breathe and being caught in a white membrane. When I finally broke through the membrane I woke up. I felt so depleted of oxygen that it took me about an hour of deep breaths to recover back to normal. It didn’t hurt to breath; it was just that my body craved more and more oxygen. I keep my bedroom warm, but each breath I took felt fresh and cool and new.

  • Hello, Denise and everyone,

    Happy Equinox! Last night while laying in bed, I was vibrating so much that it felt like the swirling that you have been describing in your head, Denise. The energy was just rotating around me– it was intense but happy. I’m so glad it wasn’t in my head like poor you!
    I, too, have been having pregnancy type dreams. One was a birthing of something bloody and ugly (or a getting rid of, I suppose) and another was of a newborn baby crow all covered in gook that imprinted on me as its mother and then I had to feed it! I didn’t see that as a pregnancy dream until now. And yesterday there was a crow on my right shoulder (I could feel it, I mean– a spirit crow). It’s my baby, I guess. Baby birds lately (in real life) have been opening their mouths to be fed when I talk to them. That’s very strange, but I guess it fits in with the mother imagery here. I guess I’m birthing birds!
    And, Eileen, oddly enough, I’ve been including a lotus for me to stand on when I’m doing the 12D shield the last few weeks. Interesting.
    I can also feel my other selves, my other lives, approaching closer and closer. They are integrating more and more with me. My Higher Self is also getting closer and closer as well and I’m including imagery of that in the 12D shield as well. Thanks for this, Denise. This process is beyond fascinating!

    Love and big hugs to all,

    • Hi Cat
      I just read your comment about standing on the lotus' and now my hairs arestanding on end!’
      This Equinox I realised that since 2009 we have had a small statue of Kuan Yin with us …I was given this statue …and liked it but had absolutely no idea about it really. Kuan Yin’s energy has been around very strongly over this last week …
      It was strange as last week ( on 13/03/13) I felt really pushed to have a reading with someone ( something I have never done before ) and Kuan Yin was a major feature in the reading.
      Anyway … ( there is a point in this I promise 😉 ) … the other night I turned around and saw' the tiny wee face of this statue which we have had with us for these last several years and recognised Kuan Yin.
      I looked up
      Bronze statue of Kuan Yin’ and found that the tiny one which we have is a replica of a HUGE Kuan Yin statue which is in Macau.
      AND …. here is the point to this story connecting with your lotus flower – the Statue in Macau depicts Kuan Yin standing on a lotus flower.
      If you want to check out the photos ( I hope you do not mind Denise … )
      Maybe you have a connection to Kuan Yin too Cat…. and then also Denise places lotus flowers on her blog at this time as well.
      The reading which I received was so surprising and shocking … if it comes to fruition it would be nothing short of a miracle.
      These days and this process is beyond fascinating – I agree Cat.
      Thank you Denise for bringing us all together and sharing your wisdom and your Light.♥

      Oooh … and also Kuan Yin is said to be the jewel of the lotus flower ‘
      The mantra Om Mani Padme Hum – which means
      jewel in the lotus’ is her mantra…. so it is very interesting that you have these lotus flowers on your site now Denise.
      ( Sorry for all the comments this morning … publish if you feel relevant … I found this intriguing however I completely understand if you feel that it is rambling and off topic)

      • Hi, Eileen,

        Actually, a lot of the gods and goddesses in Asia sit on or hold lotus blossoms. Also, in Qi Gong exercises, we would open up our lotus and stand on it (or sit on it) and that’s what gave me the idea. Anyway, I do have a connection to Kwan Yin since the first time I saw her in a temple by the sea in China– I think she has something to do with protection and the sea– and I have a painting of her here right above my desk! It’s a very nice connection– to her and to you, too!

        Love and hugs,

        • Hi Cat
          I guess they do don’t they … and also we sit in the lotus position when we practice yoga ( or rather we can when and if our bodies co-operate 😉 )
          Forgive me for getting so excited! However …I am simply so amazed to have finally recognised Kuan Yin in an instant after years of having this wee statue and not having giving it a thought… or realising. It was one of those having eyes to see' moments ... and then the synchronicity of you mentioning standing on the lotus along with Denise's gorgeous new lotus - look on her site ... I am feeling like the lotus myself ... much opening and rising above the murky waters.
          Like Denise says the lotus
          felt right for this equinox’ … I am feeling this too.
          Great to connect with you too.

        • My small Kwan Yin statue is holding a baby… I believe she also helps with birth and children… Just realised the significance from your posts!!! She has certainly been around me through all these shifts with her divine energy … Helping us birth the new. Blessings xx

    • “please stop sending this e-ma”

      Gabriele Tiedemann,

      Then you please click on the unsubscribe button in the email notification.


  • Wow, Denise, I don’t know where to begin. Thank you from my heart for explaining your own pregnancy process and the back-and-forth prep work of the Soul aspect who is to take 3D form. This alone is huge as I’ve never been pregnant and have wondered many times about the “feelings”, not of the physical discomfort/changes, but about the actual feeling of knowing one is about to give birth to a Souled physical being.

    Next, I am definitely on the same wavelength with respect to your heart-opening statement:

    “All of us living this Ascending/Descending integration Process now will give birth to this NEW aspect of our Ascended Selves at the end of the Nine Months period later this year. “

    For some time I’ve been thinking “descending” along with “ascending”, a meet-me-in-the-middle scenario, a unification that will be felt by me and with ME, if I can put it that way. And I remember your mentioning Barbara Marciniak’s P’s statement, “You are the Standard Bearer of your Soul.”

    Incredibly exciting, while so comforting at the same time. No wonder we need Stair Steps! I’ll re-read and re-read this amazingly wonderful post and thank you. Wow, I’m thunder-struck and lightning-hit all in one = experiencing a Trinity of a storm! Love to you and All Here. B.

    • Barbara,

      Thank you dearest, it was a work from my High Heart because I knew it was a very important article/post at a very important moment of incoming NEW blueprint energies. We paddled fast n’ hard to catch this first NEW Equinox Energy Wave and stand up on our multidimensional surf boards and ride this puppy all the way to the NEW shore.

      I have to share with you and everyone something that I’m feeling, sensing, knowing in my typical visual symbolic way. What I’m seeing clairvoyantly and feeling emotionally TODAY — the day of the first Equinox after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date Shift Point and start of the First Trimester is this:

      I see and hear a 1940s type of young boy running excitedly through the streets of a big city holding newspapers in his hand over his head wildly yelling, “WAR IS OVER! WAR IS OVER! THE WAR IS FINALLY OVER…!”

      Yes, it’s true, the old “war” (battle with Team Dark/the human patriarchy/the elite etc.) is indeed over and the NEW energetic blueprints have arrived in this dimension today. There’s more but this alone should let everyone know how big, how important, and how utterly POSITIVE this Shift/change really is. We’ve worked towards this for so long and my god, it’s finally here in this dimension and world. You wouldn’t believe what I’m aware of that’s happening in higher dimensions with those beings! There is tremendous joy and celebrations up there as of today. 🙂 We’ll get increasingly happy down here as the hours, days, weeks and months pass and more people realize for themselves that everything has indeed changed and for the better.

      ♥ Group Hug,


      And, I’m ever so happy and grateful to share this too. ♥ 🙂 http://rainbow-phoenix.com/blog/

      • Dearest Denise,

        I got chills all over my body and my eyes teared up when I read what you saw in the “new language”. My heart thanks you for sharing that with us.

        I was up really late last night visiting with my neighbors (something I don’t usually do). They’re really interested in my experiences with all the changing energies, and I was more than happy to explain them in the best way I could. One of them asked me to read their energy, which I haven’t done in a LONG time, much less post-Ascension. One piece of this I wanted to share is that I saw/perceived misty/pale-colored rainbows. Within the “new language”, where a lot of information gets clumped into your being, one piece I got is that this rainbow part is of a network showing people who are at these mid to upper stair steps in the process. I didn’t say this to him at the time, I felt is was more something for me to see/understand and to share here. Something to do with crystalline energy… which would make sense with seeing rainbows.

        I also had an interesting dream. There were people scattered around, actual blocks, as well as buildings all haphazard and dark. There was one point where they blocks were all clogged, which caused a woman to start to lose her grip on reality. A man went to his home, took out an eyeglass case with his “old” glasses, because he knew that it would help restore her sanity (they did). Meanwhile, there was movement, and the clogged blocks started to push upwards and things started to flow freely and easily once more. It spoke to me of all those years back when we were connected, then went through this schizoid experience of disconnect, and I had to chuckle at this “blocks” symbolism… “Building Blocks/Blueprints”.

        I had a LOT of incoming stuff in my thymus very early this morning (I was up visiting until almost 3am!), as well as shifting head pressures. That still seems to be the case. I’m going with the flow though!

        With Much Love and Light and HUGS!
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Dearest Denise: Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Yes, “War is over!” Last night I took those words to bed and felt the excitement, the joy, and then such a peace came over me. I felt the tension drain out of my body and for the first time in ages I fell very quickly into a sound and rejuvenating sleep. I don’t remember much of my dreams except that they were very colourful in pastels and that in itself is unusual for me. I had no iea that my body was so keyed up until I realized in my heart that the “War is over.” And as there are no coincidences, yesterday evening we watched the third movie in the Matrix trilogy and one of the scenes near the end of the movie is of a boy running to tell the people, who have taken their last stand in their temple, that “The War is over!” I know this is so big and yet it must filter down to us from the higher dimensions until we fully get it, but my calmness, peacefulness continues today and I thank you for sharing your beautiful and profound vision with us. And thank you, too, for your very kind and knowledgeable response to Mike. I am grateful for you and for all here. Indeed,”War is over.” Love, B.

  • Hello All, I write this for anyone it might help.
    Brutal night, birthday,equinox…Last night I felt like my body was beaten senseless, when I woke I dragged myself from one place to another. I understood this process to be one of breaking down physcial, emotional, and mind consciouness. Breaking down the known systems that have kept me prisoner, most of my life and others.
    Not easy but I’m still moving….
    Then a friend called and said Tom Keynon had just put out a message and sound healing for breaking patterns in the body as well as mind…I definelty will check it out.
    So glad to not be doing this alone, I thank all of you and Denise for the promise of Sept 21st.
    Love, Cheri


    I’m not going crazy and I’m not going to call to make an appointment with the gyno!

    Everything makes sense now, Denise.

    I’m 2 years past menopause and have been getting the “pregnancy twangs” on and off for a few weeks now. Every time, I fully expect to see some spotting after a trip to the ladies room (dr. said to call if this ever happens). This morning I started with that back cramp feeling like I’m going to be getting my period any day. WAIT — this is also how I felt when I was pregnant….

    Who-Hoo!! I made it through that scary 1st trimester!!!

    Now, if team dark would just stop spraying our skies with those chemtrails, these new higher frequency energies might get through a little quicker?
    (sorry – I’ve been fighting this assault from the air for a while now — I think it’s paying off — more and more folks are looking up and waking up)

    Keep on keeping on!

  • Denise,

    Um, I don’t remember any life review for myself during December. You sure of that? I’m pretty well-connected with my spirits and they haven’t said anything to me about it.

    I’m not trying to antagonize you, but I haven’t heard about the life review from anyone except you. It seems reasonable that more than one spiritually connected individual would know about such an important event.

    I have sources from the angelic realms and to be quite honest, they say this whole shindig ain’t going very well.

    Many, many things were supposed to have happened by now but haven’t.

    I’m sincerely hoping this spring equinox brings some change.


    • Dear MV,

      Alot of us don’t remember the life review. I didn’t, then all of a sudden yesterday as I was daydreaming to get out of my pain I remembered a flash “sittin down with some bodiless folk” and them tellin me that I was not to jump on the New Age Bandwagon.
      That true spirituality is so profound and deep within our cells, our Heart that it is to be found in everyone….it won’t be found in gorgeous saviors from angelic kingdoms and distant civilizations….although I’m sure there are some of those authentic ones. But the dark has a way of masquerading as the Light. The True Light is Within. I believe in Universal Redemption….somehow everyone will return to Light and Love….even the creepy ones…can’t wrap my mind around that…but my Heart is open to it. Thumbs up to you, Man. Keep on seeing the Beauty unfold even when you are swearing at the dumb-ass crap illusions that are so real happening around us.


    • “Denise,

      Um, I don’t remember any life review for myself during December. You sure of that? I’m pretty well-connected with my spirits and they haven’t said anything to me about it.

      I’m not trying to antagonize you, but I haven’t heard about the life review from anyone except you. It seems reasonable that more than one spiritually connected individual would know about such an important event.

      I have sources from the angelic realms and to be quite honest, they say this whole shindig ain’t going very well.

      Many, many things were supposed to have happened by now but haven’t.

      I’m sincerely hoping this spring equinox brings some change.


      Mike – MV,

      I don’t mean to antagonize you either 🙂 but I am correct about the 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 Life Review process that every single human on earth went through at that time. And there is one other that I’m aware of whose talked about this too and that is Cosmic Awareness channeled through Will Berlinghof and assisted by his wife Callista. http://rainbow-phoenix.com/blog/ There may be more incarnate Starseeds besides myself and Will and Callista who have also perceived this same information about the Life Review and other related subjects, but I’m not consciously aware of them. That however does not mean the information is incorrect. My spiritual “job” now is to pass along certain higher frequency awareness and information — aka Light — that I am able to perceive and consciously remember and write about it here and let the readers discern for themselves if it resonates with them or not. I’m not selling anything; only presenting what I’m able to.

      This next thing I’m about to say to you is NOT, NOT, NOT meant to hurt or wound or insult you in any way… but I realize it might nonetheless and I am sorry if it does.

      I know that positive nonphysical Beings would never, ever, say anything remotely like what you claim that your ‘sources from the angelic realms’ have told you about ‘this whole shindig ain’t going very well.’ I also know that the Negatives, Team Dark would say something like that to derail, to undermine, to wound, to dis-empower etc. etc. you and other people that you share that message and belief with. That tactic by the Negatives won’t work here because I know Team Dark/the Negatives as well as I know Team Light. Honestly. I say this ONLY in an attempt to help you by telling you that you must learn to discern whose who and what’s what with these types of nonphysical Beings and their messages. You have no idea how easy it is for the Negatives to claim they are Team Light and/or from the Galactic Federation or whatever and people instantly buy it all without question. Doing so is a very, VERY dangerous thing to do to oneself.

      I want you to honestly ask yourself why in the cosmos would ‘angelic’ beings give you such a huge downer like that? Aren’t the Beings of Team Light/Love suppose to help, teach, uplift and inspire etc.? Or, does this information you received sound more like a negative claim and something that took the spiritual wind out of your sails? A negative that dis-empowered you? Team Light would never, ever, for any reason whatsoever say anything even close to what you’ve been told.

      On 12-21-12 I was acutely aware of a tremendous influx, a blast of very negative energies being directed at all of humanity on earth from the Negatives/Team Dark. Why? Because they were doing their best to derail, confuse, depress, distract as many humans as they possible could in that moment for the obvious reasons. I was very aware of this happening on 12-21-12 and I had to work hard to not be affected by that great and deliberate increase of negative energies directed at humanity from Team Dark on that very important day (12-21-12). But… I weathered that huge planetary and species-wide energy storm and negative attack and kept going, and later that night and into the early AM hours of 12-22-12, I had my Life Review. Spiritual work such as what we all have been going though is real work and it’s often very dangerous and a real “battle” and one must want to get themselves free from the Negatives and their lies and control more than anything else to break through their BS and tactics such as these. It can and is being done.

      This Equinox HAS and still IS ‘brings some change’ and it’s hugely positive but, as with all things, you’ve got to choose where you are going to allow your focus, your mental and emotional focus to be. If you/me/any of us focuses on Team Dark/the Negatives and what BS and negativity they are spewing then that is the “reality” we will automatically and energetically be drawn to. Yeah, it’s responsibility time for each and every person now! Or, you/me/each of us can choose to emotionally and mentally focus on the positive and on the positive things we want to experience in our lives now and into the future and that is what we will automatically and energetically be drawn to. The choice is yours, mine, each of ours and I strongly suggest that everyone is very aware of their choices and where they let their focus wander to. It’s more important than you’d guess right now.

      I honestly hope this will help you in some way and not offend you. It was not meant to offend, only help.


      • May I please throw my 2 cents in here?
        Denise is 1,000% right and said it way more eloquently than I can.
        I shared on another blog how team dark attacked me with a very dark reading back in 2008 to derail me. It was through a reader/see’er. I won’t go into all she said but her horrid parting words at the end of a very hopeless reading was “and your soul is crying out for help and no help is coming”. That’s after she gave me a complete character assassination prior. Now, I take full responsibility for this because I sought her out for the reading. I didn’t know she was so dark at the time; but the fact remains that I should have gone within myself and trusted the guidance that I was getting from within myself; and not seconded guessed it and gone off to run after some ‘psychic’. I have subsequently found out that she’s telling others; that it’s all going to fade to black….that’s it for all of us. Program over. She advises people that no matter how much they want to change they won’t…because they can’t. She is getting her information from so called spirit guides and “Angels”. Do these spirit guides/angels sound like they are from the light ? If a person’s soul really is crying out for help? Why would help be withheld from them? Denied them? Doesn’t make sense.

        I’m one of those people who does remember the life review of 12/21/12. This horrible reading was one thing that came back up for me to review. Anyone or thing who tells you all is hopeless; this process of ascending isn’t happening; isn’t from the light.

        Once I got passed that one…. I received a call from someone who showed my picture to her neighbor who is a so called ‘reader’….now this was unsolicited by me. I don’t know why she did this except to say she knows I’m in a tight bind financially and maybe she wanted to help me? Maybe she trusts this woman’s insight?

        But you know that old line about the “best of intentions”. Anyway. The neighbor told her that I was going to commit suicide.

        This just happened the other day. Right after I had resolved all the things that had come up (that were very intense) from the past during my “life review”. Team Dark is relentless….and maybe?….just maybe things aren’t going too well for Team Dark and you know that old saying too…..how misery loves company. They love to twist truth around and they love to tell flat out lies and when they put it all together? It confuses us and they love that most of all. Denise is 100% right… angelic beings of the true light ‘uplift’ us and ‘give us hope’ and they “inspire” us. And…. since 2008 I have received much help from out of the blue too…exactly when I needed it…without even asking for it ! So…so much for the ‘and no help is coming”….lie !

        I don’t want to hurt your feelings either, but I would seriously question who is talking to you and ask where their information is coming from. And again Denise is right.
        We are like magnets. What we think; believe; feel….is all that we attract and is drawn to us. I refuse to give credence to my committing suicide or that God doesn’t love me enough to hear my soul and send some assistance to me. I have proof that Spirit does hear and does listen and does send help. That’s what I’m intending to focus on and to draw to me (magnetize to me) Hope; Love; help when I need it and shifting into 5-D. I won’t allow myself to be “derailed”.

        Many blessings to you Mike and much clarity with…..peace.

        • Wow, Pat. Well-said. I remember one time I sought out a psychic and boy it was a mixed reading: some was positive…like my grandma would be reborn as my grandchild soon and she saw my parents together and happy in the after life but then it got real
          dark when she read about my relationship life with a possible significant other. It sounded vampiric so I tossed that out in the proverbial trash. Got to watch out for that Team Dark infiltration. Egads!

  • Really great post! I felt so elevated while reading it. So that is pretty much the end goal of all this internal alchemy. I am assuming all humans who are ready and willing will gradually start to follow this process automatically in future when they personally are ready? What a world change this would be. I can’t properly imagine it. Will you still be around to give us advice after September?

    • “Really great post! I felt so elevated while reading it. So that is pretty much the end goal of all this internal alchemy. I am assuming all humans who are ready and willing will gradually start to follow this process automatically in future when they personally are ready? What a world change this would be. I can’t properly imagine it. Will you still be around to give us advice after September?”


      Thanks and I’m very glad that this article/post covered all of the aspects I intended it to. What I want to say and what I’m able to get out through the super slow motion of writing are two very different things unfortunately. Higher awareness happens in a split-second and physical writing takes days!

      Yes, we’re the Forerunners group and even within it there are smaller numbers of people who embody these changes and new energies before the others do. Stair Steps… But yes, eventually all of humanity will go through what we are. ♥

      I’ll be around after September 2013 in one form or another. 😉 Many of us will so no worries. 🙂

      Gratitude Hug,

      • Thankyou for your reply. I came back today to re-read this post because I felt it was important. I also didn’t fully explain how I felt yesterday while reading it. I basically felt (and feel again today) huge amounts of light energy beaming down at me. Yesterday it was as if a giant pure white light of union was just above my head – sending some energy down into me! The energy coming off this particular post you have written is FAR stronger than anything I have felt from any other post!!!

        As a quick note on how I’m doing, I’m noticing increased heart-awareness and a personal battle between my lower ego and heart-awareness. I know that my heart-awareness is going to win out eventually but it feels like a struggle for my lower ego to suddenly let go of everything desire-based (so I’m taking steps to do this gradually). I also learnt a knew life lesson which was that I got offended when people attacked my views only because I had low faith/self confidence and looked externally for verification. When I started to focus on my heart/center and stop leaning on others for support, I realized this is what I have to do to improve myself.

        A further curious thing is that my family goes to see a health kinesiology healer who is very helpful, and she said some rather interesting things a few days ago. She said that she is focusing on ‘soul-families’ and that all 4 members of my own family are a part of the same soul group or the same ‘higher self’, and when mom asked how many human lives she’s had, our healer told her ‘about 120’ and that she was Very near the end of her human lives (perhaps this is her last life or maybe one more life). I immediately thought about the information on your blog and how maybe some of us are really starting to be drawn to ‘union’ quite soon! I certainly feel this about myself. As I said, I feel a huge downpour of pure white energy which is coming from above my head while reading this post! It’s an amazing feeling of purity, love and union.

        I’ve started to really ‘lose interest’ in things like jobs and some other physical roles the past few months because I feel like I am ‘waiting to move on’, I feel that within a year or two my life will be so different, impossibly different from how it is right now.

        Thanks for writing this particular post as I will come back to re-read it when I need to!


  • Hello everyone!
    Wow, do I love this piece Denise. Like you, I have found this first trimester to be grueling. Actually had the feeling of devolving and that I had to start over again in one way or another. But at a certain moment I asked my guides what was going on with me and they said : “you are “seeing” with humanity and this is coming to an end. You wil start “seeing” with your higher self. This gave me a hopefull feeling.
    Like others, just last week I had dayvision/dream. I had died and was reborn again, and I was conscious that I was reborn, first I cried like mad that I had to be on this earth again, I couldn’t believe it! My new mother was holding me and she saw my sorrow and kept telling me that everything was allright, and I saw the love in her eyes! She meant it, and I knew she loved me, she wasn’t even surprised that I could speak and that I was conscious. Then my father popped in and looked at me and I could see that he was happy to see me, and loved me too.
    To get a feel of this year, yesterday I picked 4 osho zen cards. One for each quarter of the year. the cards in this order: 1st – past lives, 2nd – the creator, 3rd – letting go, and 4th – the rebel. Felt right to me.
    Also, I would like to share two symbolic drawings I have made, 1st one dealing with the 12/12/12 period and the second I finished last week:


    Thanks Denise for the post!

  • I am beginning to see the divine grow and light up more and more people and I feel so not alone. This pregnancy is a grand orchestration…no words.

  • hello everyone and happy new day
    this morning I dreamed of giving birth. someone was with me but not believing that it was really happening. It took a little time but what came out was round and black and looked kind like a balloon and then deflated some. I sense this is me relieving myself of dark energies. I also found out yesterday that i have a kidney infection and perhaps this has something to do with it.
    at my job we are moving to a new way of working with victims of DV, we are to change, being less rules oriented and focus more on needs, I think about time as it has been difficult for me (having lived with an abusive controlling man and my father as well with me and my mother) to be so tough on things that did not seem as importnat as helping woman become empowered in themselves.
    as always, I thank you Denise and everyone here for this safe place to be able to say who and what we are without judgement

  • Hi Denise and everyone,

    I loved this post Denise – you write so beautifully. I can report I have been having many dreams and feelings of being pregnant over the last few weeks of this trimester. I am 37 and as yet haven’t had kids so it has been a beautiful experience. Interestingly my last dream was of protecting the baby in my womb from outside dark individuals and I felt particularly strong, connected and determined to make the birth happen. Then I started to have labour pains and woke up holding my stomach… wow it is quite amazing and I am really hoping that an actual physical birth of a new soul is possible (as well as spiritual rebirth) in the near future for me when that illusive “right” soul mate appears on my path! I am starting to understand why this hasn’t been in the picture for me yet in my life as I feel I am being prepared to bring in some pretty high vibrational new souls….

    much blessings for this equinox (autumn here although I must say it feels like spring for some reason!) xxx

  • Dearest Denise, Many blessing for all you share and give so kindly. The comment Cheri Evans made brought tears and more tears. Being alone and having those we love killed and being helpless. Loosing those we love to such an false desease as cancer. And finally the pride/tribe comes.
    Much love to all and much gratitude.

  • Dear Denise,

    WOW. I can’t tell you how much sense this post made to me & how CLEAR it made everything look from where I stand….& how comforting that is! Before I found this site, I knew I was going through a massive transformation, but it was scary, confusing, & often angst-ridden from the sheer isolation & “I don’t know” of it all. Now, your descriptions & explanations are so effective that I have calmed WAY down & flow with it all SO much easier–to the point where it feels kind of old hat, like yup, more ascension, okey doke, no big deal. So much of the unnecessary stress has evaporated because of the environment & dynamic here, being able to talk with & hear about others experiencing the same things–its made a dramatic difference in my life. Just sayin.
    More gratitude hugs, Elila

  • Thanks as always Denise. I was sitting in the living room last night at 4:00am, along with my beloved cat who stays by my side.
    I am shaking and vibrating so fast I feel like I am going to fly out of my skin or body 😉
    I’m thinking oh lord is it going to be like this the next 3 months.
    I run to read your last writings….
    Just in the last week perhaps I have been thinking what will I do for work when this is over…will I even be here.
    I have one other friend who is going through this at this level, she asked this morning how have you done this for 3 years, I said I stayed connected to Denise’s column.
    I am in more of a surrender state since 12/21/12.

    One more thing on 12/21/12 I saw an animal program about a Lion who lived alone, that had cubs. Her transition through 3 stages, rage when buffalo stomped one of her cubs and broke her back, the immense despair of walking away from this baby animal…The crying, pain, and angst in her wailing.. The rage that caused her to want to attack the 100’s buffalo’s who where trying to kill the other cub. Finally looking out of the corner of her eye.and seeing a pride come and stand with her, the leader being a female lion blinded in one eye.
    The lion who had fought her long ago when she tried to fight for a place in the tribe.
    The other mother’s surrounding her other cub.
    This was the story of my life, being driven out of any sense of belonging. Alone always looking for home or some place to belong.Then finally not being able to fight anymore (the dogma of the world) and those that wished me dead.
    Then finally out of the corner of my eye seeing others standing with me(tears falling)
    These 3 lions stayed with me for 3 days, baby with the broken back, the mother in tremdous pain, and the lion who that stood in to help her.
    (tears again) I knew there names and spoke with them (during those 3 days) often…seeing the only way I could survive was in the warrior mode but now that had come to an end.
    My one prayer to God was that I would cry…

    Thank you all so much,

  • Dearest Denise,

    Once again you have so eloquently put forth this beautiful becoming in words for us all. I have so much gratitude for how you explain your observations on this process!

    I was trying to put into words today how it’s hard for me to remember, or actually experience the same way, how I used to react with fear/anxiety, how my life used to come to a halt during this season every year. I said it was like using words from the “old english” to describe airplanes and computers of today. In reading your words, I literally heard inside me this click that that’s what I was trying to describe: “phase of reuniting the aspects of self with greater Self and Higher SELF which naturally produces a very different individual that is Unified”. All the parts of me (as a multiple) have been suspended in this “Light” place during these past few months. The “old” inside world where they used to be all these years has gone. They have gone through their own process of shedding the old; I see them as Light Beings, their essence, now as opposed to distinct and different people. They, like me, have been waiting to merge in this new co-existence. I’m already fundamentally changed; and I continue to stretch (hehe, “pregnancy”) and grow as I learn and re-member about my true multi-dimensional nature/Self.

    The First Trimester was sort of like a peek-a-boo experience for me. I’d get a glimpse here, a glimpse there, make adjustments, keep open to new ideas, go with the flow of things, learn how to discern. I’m ready to know and learn more; ready to have a more solid direction in my life, and I’m also reminding myself of these new tools: listen to your body, listen to your own wisdom, call in the Light for direction, and love and be patient with yourself. I’m ready for another piece of the puzzle to give me a more solid direction of how to use my life to help others, for joy and love to be in abundance.

    I’m still processing your words within me, and I know there’ll be more that I’ll add to the conversation. For now, this is where I am =)

    With Much Love, Light, Gratitude,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Denise,
    You did an excellent job explaining what is going on. From where I am standing on the staircase this is exactly what I’m seeing also. Way to go!

  • Beautiful picture; I got lost in it ! Great update. I’m feeling as though something really heavy just suddenly lifted off of me today ( maybe Mercury moving forward again? and Mars is finally out of Pisces). I’m just feeling a lightness all of sudden in the energies.
    Hoping that this next trimester is a little easier; but then again aren’t we all.
    In total agreement with offcameherhead …thanks for all you do !

  • denise, are you and/or others here having symptoms of actually feeling pregnant?
    large tummy, needing rest, vibrations in body, etc.etc…? thanks in advance for any comments….THANK YOU DEAR!!!!!

  • Cool. Well I’m as ready for the next stage as I was when I was coming out of my first trimester– it’s been a very hard 3 months for me– almost unbearable at times and I’ve been so weak I wasn’t sure how I’d push through… which made me consider that perhaps the 3 days of darkness are also reflected in the 3 months between solstice and equinox… another thing that made me consider that was the intermittent and incredibly vivid memories that would come out of nowhere since Dec 21– very early childhood memories and events that had no current context were so real I could see, hear, taste and smell them… made me think of what you discuss regarding the life review.

    thanks for your blog- it has brought me a lot of comfort to know that I’m not the only one going through these intense changes.


  • Hi Denise
    The Vesica Pisces has been strongly making itself known throughout these last few months and this fits which the merging that you mentioned. The lotus flower petals which you have here on your site are this shape … and it also fits in with the birthing analogy as this is the yoni shape which represents the divine passage
    …. just throwing that out there. 😉
    Great and really interesting post – Thank you.
    Much Love

    • Thanks offcameherhead. I really like the pink/grey lotus blossoms of this WP background. It felt right for this Equinox. 😉


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