Re-Post of “Ancient Feathered Friends”

I’ve been strongly impulsed the past week to re-post a few of my old articles right now for different reasons. When I get hit with these types of feelings and impressions, or as I love to call them—coinky dinks—I KNOW multiple energies and Starbeings/ETs on multiple dimensions are at work and that I need to trust and follow my heart with whatever it all is that’s trying to become more connected and conscious. I’m not talking about within me, but within other people and me and also some different Starbeings. So, this old post is another in a current ET and 5D Pleiadian unfolding and connecting or triggering process across multiple dimensions right now.

This particular post is most definitely for you Robin, but I also sense there are many, many more of you out there that I do not know yet that also will be affected, triggered, encourage by this old post of mine. I also now understand a lot more about my new, soon-to-be released book. It is all about this topic and our current need to remember more and reconnect with like-others now. It also has full-page portraits of some of these Starbeings/ETs. It is another aspect of our ascension process and our “new world”, and our getting very close now to having personal and direct contact and experiences within higher dimensions where so many of these very ancient ETs are waiting—excitedly at this point—for more and more of us to realize where we now are.


November 15, 2009


When I was about 7 years old my Mom bought me my first bird pet, a beautiful blue parakeet named Johnny. That was the first time I’d ever touched and smelled a bird and it was instant love! Johnny let me rub my face all over his chest and wings and smell his wonderful bird scent. I let Johnny eat my food so it was a mutual thing between us.  From that point on I’ve always loved the unique scent of birds and their feathers.

Throughout my adult life I’ve repeatedly psychically smelled (clairgustiance) the scent of birds and bird feathers usually in different areas of my house. I’ve not had any pet parakeets or any other birds since Johnny however. I’ve also psychically heard (clairaudience) the sounds of huge bird wings flying and pushing through the air up above me numerous times throughout my adult life. Both of these phenomena are connected of course and indicate some very specific beings and energies in my opinion.

This morning my Mom suddenly claimed she was strongly smelling birds around her. She’s never had this experience before and this is really why I’ve even remembered to talk about this subject. After she said that, I went over to where she was sitting and sniffed the air and I too smelled that wonderful scent of musty bird/birds feathers. I also felt a very strong energy in that whole area of our house and a couple of seconds later saw a large round light blue colored ball of light a few feet away.

Because the month of May (Sun in Taurus) the Sun transits (reaches a conjunction, aligns with) the star system of the Pleiades from around May 15th through 21st, these types of contacts and many others will be commonplace for the Starseeded and/or sensitive. So no matter in which way the 5D Pleaidians may come through to you and yours, pay attention this month to your dreams, your psychic impressions, visions, telepathic messages, inner ear Morse Code-like clicking (this also sounds like hummingbird clicking and/or dolphin clicking),  and any and all unusual manifestations. Tis the season for contacts and downloads from the 5D Pleiades so stay sharp because they often communicate using many different voices…and sometimes manifest smells like wonderful birds feathers! I’ll leave it up to you to connect the many cosmic and planetary dots about some of our ancient ET feathered friends and the Pleiadian star system.


December 10, 2007

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2007. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this article  so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

5 thoughts on “Re-Post of “Ancient Feathered Friends”

  • Denise:
    The moment I read about you smelling the odor of your parakeet, the scent of my old parakeet, Rowdy, (whom I also had as a child) came to mind. And, the funny thing is, I have been around a lot of birds since, (household pets like canaries and finches, as well as chickens and turkeys, hawks, etc. and more parakeets–my daughter and I both love birds) and when I think about it, none of them quite smell the same as a parakeet–odd isn’t it?

    Also, you had mentioned in an earlier post about the ascention stuff, twings, woozy, smells, and growth (feeling of expansion) which leads me to ask, has anyone had the experience of getting taller–not physically–but the feeling of viewing other people from a space about 6-8 inches taller than you really are? I had this for about two days and it wasn’t the usual third eye kind of stuff–it was like my own “two” eyes were viewing from the standpoint of someone about 6’2″ or 4″ but when I would pass the person, we were visably shoulder to shoulder–odd feeling.


    • Theocacao,

      About the seeing things (temporarily) from above normal head-level…

      I had this off and on over the past many years and it only happened when I would enter an expanded, altered, higher state of consciousness. When we do this, our perspective literally shifts and we’re viewing things from above our physical heads. The way I could always tell when I’d entered a higher state of awareness like this, was that the floor would like about three feet lower or farther away than usual. Plus, my hearing would change, and my own voice sounded strange to me. (This also happened when I would be channeling my own Higher Self. I don’t channel anyone other than my Higher Self.) I’m sure you are entering an expanded, higher state of consciousness now, so pay attention to whatever new things, info, beings, visions etc. that will most likely come along with this. The energies have been really, really intense in a very high, wonderful and ET sort of way for the past couple weeks which is connected to this I feel.

      Happy Higher travels. 🙂


      • Thanks, Denise! And, you just jogged my memory about the voice being weird as well. Tooo funny! I thought maybe I was just getting above myself–or maybe just full of myself–lol

        • You are “…getting above yourself…” and be proud because it’s a great sign. 🙂


  • Denise

    Thanks much for reposting this.

    I didn’t really think about it until I read this, and I think I’ve also been encountering the bird scent here at home recently. It’s sort of musty, but not moldy, if that makes any sense.

    Also — and I forgot to mention before, I officially became the proud Mom of a 6 wk old baby parakeet, whom we adopted several weeks ago and I am totally in love with!


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