Reversed Worlds

I wish I had been paying better attention to this than I have but I’ve been noticing new changes—both pleasant and unpleasant—over the past maybe three weeks now. To be expected with our recent entry into Night Six and the triple 11’s of November 11, 2009. I’ve also been feeling physical symptoms (chills like from a fever in wave after wave) like I’ve always gotten whenever the Sun was transmitting higher cosmic energies via solar flares and other solar activities.  I don’t know if the Sun is currently doing anything externally that the scientific community would call “solar flares” etc., but I know that for almost eleven years now my physical body reacts to anything that the Sun is doing and when higher cosmic and galactic energies are being transmitted to earth/humanity through the Sun.

I’ve also been having a new physical sensation recently too. It feels like when you get the shivers because you’ve felt or psychically sensed some unseen higher energy or being. I’m also having a new anomaly or energy symptom across my scalp. Strange, or maybe not. Maybe this symptom has to do with the Pineal and Pituitary glands and the Crown and Brow chakras. I can actually clairvoyantly see energy lines of Light coming into my head from two different directions and where they intersect is where my Pineal and/or Pituitary glands are located. It looks just like seeing light energy crosshairs coming in from some higher level and locking into one or more of our endocrine brain glands. I sense this too is normal and natural for what we ascending people are currently going through after the triple 9’s lower world separation back in September 9, 2009.

I also have been having—as I know many of you reading this have been too—new ET/Starbeings connections and interactions. I strongly sense this will only continue and increase as we become more familiar with our new lives and abilities in 5D. These many different beings, ETs, Starbeings, Lightbeings are our new higher dimensional neighbors, and they are waiting for us to settle in and get used to the new us and our new higher abilities and consciousness. This is just the beginning of this particular aspect of our ascensions, and we’ll discover what’s going on and how to interact with some of the numerous other 5D and higher interdimensional beings.

Another thing I have recently become more aware of is how connected the old lower world’s “falling” is connected to our new higher frequency world/reality manifesting. This one was a bit strange to me last year, but I’m understanding it a bit better now. From what I’ve noticed, when there is a great “falling” of something within the lower world—we will simultaneously experience a great increase or jump forward within our higher frequency world/reality. When there is a great loss or seeming disaster in the lower “falling” 3D world, there will simultaneously be a great gain and new stabilization within our higher vibrating 5D world/reality. It seems this business is on one tight and perfect timeline of lower world “falling” and new world birthing or manifesting. This strange process seems to be intimately interconnected, like mirror images of each other. As one world and its planetary systems fall, break apart and comes totally undone (The Downfall of Atlantis Part Two as I’ve called it), our new higher world/reality is slowly and increasingly manifesting in place of it.

Because we know that Night Six (Nov. 8, 2009–Nov. 2, 2010) is for compressed planetary “falling” of the old world and its global patriarchal systems, I sense that Night Six will simultaneously be a phase of compressed growth and higher manifestations for those of us already existing vibrationally within the new higher world/reality. It will be interesting to live through and witness Night Six unfold through most of 2010 on these two levels, these two worlds. Be mindful of this strange mirroring business of the old, lower dying at the same time the new higher is birthing. (I’m not saying this whole ascension process is this polarized. I’ve always felt that much more will be created out of the death of the patriarchal planetary systems than just, out with the old and in with the new! I know that we—as great creative beings—are far more complex and creative than that type of old polarized or absolute either/or business.)

Denise Le Fay

November 20, 2009

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7 thoughts on “Reversed Worlds

  • Very nice article. This reminds me of how I spontaneously activate my third eye chakra while sleeping. 🙂 I see ALL in that dream. And it is simple, but not easy… 🙂

  • Hello Denise! Your thoughts are very interesting. I must say that I haven’t encountered a lot of people with psychic abilities (except for my wife and a few friends) and with the kind of ability that you have. Hence, I’m quite excited to read the stuff you have here on your blog. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that the experience you seem to write about is related to the consciousness phenomenon most people are witnessing for the past few decades. Unfortunately, I was not gifted with the kind of insight you have, but that doesn’t stop me from being interested in the subject and seeking out people who do possess such a fascinating connection with the deeper levels of the psyche. Your blog is awesome. I hope you can continue to write more stuff. =) Peace and respect. – Ryhen

    • Ryhen,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. I’m glad you’re finding the place interesting. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. 🙂

      It doesn’t matter at all that you haven’t been psychic. I strongly believe that numerous people who’ve never been psychic or clairvoyant/empathic/clairaudient etc. prior, are or soon will begin to experience these abilities and much, much more. It is I sense, the natural and automatic outcome of humans living through the ongoing evolutionary ascension process now; expanded consciousness.

      If you’re finding my blog posts interesting, then you will most certainly enjoy my new book! I cover a lot of topics, interdimensional experiences and phenomena that I haven’t written about on TRANSITIONS. Plus…it has 25 illustrations of nonphysical, other-dimensional beings, entities, ETs, a demon, and other energies that I have seen clairvoyantly over the decades. I’m very excited to finally be able to share this information, and the illustrations of many nonphysical beings. (It should be on the market in January 2010.) Thanks for letting me plug my new book at you. 😉

      Thank you again for your wonderful Comment and I’m very glad you’ve joined us all here.


  • Hi Denise,

    No worries my friend, time is running away!….. 😉

    It was very cool getting a communication that we both caught 🙂
    Thinking back, I’ve had this a number of times in the past as well. I will have to try and remember what I was thinking about as it happens, easier said when all you are thinking is ‘wow’! 😉

    Love and hugs,


  • Hi Denise,

    I know what you mean with new ET interactions, had many things darting around me!….

    Also, had a nice event while Olan was over at the weekend. We were chatting about multidimensionality and being quantum when we both noticed a flash in the corner of the room, it looked like some sort of sparkly object which was dark as well, and this I know sounds confusing!

    I am looking forward to more, but of a slower nature! 😉

    Love and hugs,


    • Stu,

      Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. Yep, it has been busy energetically and inter-dimensionally lately.

      I’m glad you and Olan (Hi Olan 🙂 ) were able to get together finally. I’ve experienced what you two did many times over the past years. Because I was usually alone, I would have to back-track to remember what it was that I had been thinking and/or emotionally feeling a few moments before I saw the lights or flashes of light or strange shaped balls of light or unusual patterned light thing. I’ve discovered that many (not all but many) of these unusual lights and shapes we see are sometimes other lifeforms. They flash or do tiny super nova type of brilliant flash and then wink out. In some strange way, it’s like a new form of attempted communications between us now vibrating at a much higher/faster/less dense level and seeing some of these lights. If you pay attention, like you and Olan did, you’ll discover there is some level of interconnectedness between you and your thoughts/emotions and the timing of seeing these certain lights and sudden flashing lights etc. Cool stuff huh?


  • Hi Denise,

    sigh I just hope and pray that I’ll be more empowered and having lots of fun with the changes that really need to take place… seeing that I’m experiencing the Void that Lauren C. Gorgo is talking about during this November month. I feel that I really need to align myself for these upcoming 2010 events that I know for sure is coming around the corner very very soon. It’s a lot of waiting… lot of surrendering… lots of dying… o yeah… a lot of not wanting to do anything. I can’t stand tomorrow… it’s too much to even plan or think about. I’m just hanging in there…

    Love and Hugs,
    Lou Ann

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