Ascension & Smelling Nonphysical Scents

I’ve smelled different nonphysically generated scents like flowers, mixed flowers, roses, burning incense, burning pipe tobacco, cinnamon, or perfumed scents or combinations of some of these scents when higher nonphysical Starbeings/ETs and other beings were nearby. It was a normal calling card for when higher vibrating, other-dimensional beings or individuals were etherically close to me (or you), and/or if they were focused on me (or you) and wanting me to be aware of an inter-dimensional connection to them. I’ve had this happen so many times over past decades that it was a very easy way for me to tell when some nonphysical Starbeing/ET or small group of them were close by and wanting to communicate with me.  Oftentimes I would only smell these scents and not even clairvoyantly see them but we’d nonetheless have telepathic conversations and other anomalies who manifest. (Much of this information is in my new book.) It was a familiar method of letting me know, if I didn’t clairvoyantly see them that is, that I had ET company that wanted to chat.

However, due to the energy Stair Steps of the ongoing Ascension Process, not only do we move up vibrationally, but so do all the higher vibrating nonphysical beings that were ahead of us on those frequency stair steps long before our ascension process began. Not better or worse or higher or lower—just different stages with us all please remember. Heck, many of them way ahead of us here are other aspects of us helping us! So, hold in your mind’s eye the image of a massive escalator moving up with all of Them, us, and all the people below us on different steps or phases with their ongoing ascension process. That’s how this massive event has been symbolically shown to me by my Higher Self; all of us are in this process together, just each of us are standing on different Stair Steps on the upward  moving escalator and it’s all perfect because no one stair step is better than another. It’s all about individually walking through the steps, phases, levels and layers of one huge ongoing ascension or highly compressed evolutionary process and dimensional ascension.

Because I had already been very familiar with smelling these different scents when one or more of my positive higher dimensional ET friends was nearby and ready to communicate, when I started smelling very strong burning incense and/or smoke smells almost constantly in November 2008, I assumed it was them again. However, after weeks of nearly choking on this strong burning smokey incense smell around me day and night—to the point of it making my throat sore and getting seriously annoying and not having any Starbeings or higher dimensional beings show up in any way—I finally realized what I was smelling was me! It wasn’t them anymore but was now me and something I’m going through via the Ascension Process.

Once I made those connections I started paying closer attention to when I would smell the smokey burning incense smell, how long, and how it possibly coincided with the current ascension cycles and changes etc. After a few more months I did discover that my smelling this burning incense smell coincided with the latest ascension shifts. Whenever there would be another shift forward vibrationally, my burning incense smell would instantly return again. When the ascension energies eased up a bit or when we were in the adjust and adapt phase of this ongoing process, my smelling the smokey burning incense smell would dissipate. So, after months of paying attention to this on-again off-again smelling smoke that only I can smell—I discovered that I (and you) are now vibrationally much like how the ETs, Angelics, and Guides of our 3D past were to us when we were back down in the old lower reality and world.

I realized that, like our peripherally seeing our own higher vibrating Light flashes and Lightbodies and/or becoming increasingly invisible to non-ascended humans, that we too would start expressing and emanating some of these 5D (and higher) characteristics that our old beloved ETs/Starbeings, Guides, and Angelics did when we perceived or encountered them prior to the start of our biological Ascension Process.

Algen also asked me if I thought other people could currently smell these scents we’re now giving-off ourselves due to our housing more Light via the ascension process and dimensional shift. I would expect they would when they’re open enough to be able to perceive, sense, see, feel, hear and/or smell us just like we did when higher nonphysical beings/entities were near us.  I don’t think they’re able to now, but hopefully in the near future they will.

Denise Le Fay

August 25, 2009

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7 thoughts on “Ascension & Smelling Nonphysical Scents

  • Hi Denise!

    For the past several weeks I have been smelling scents of all kinds! Other people couldn’t smell them and when I was by myself I too couldn’t figure out where the scent was coming from. Now I understand as I have been feeling the dimensional shift in my life for quite some time. I think I am vibrating on a higher frequency as of lately.

    I have also been experiencing a spirit or presence as of lately too. I think it is my grandfather as it is near the anniversary of his death. He has communicated in the past, but stopped for quite some time only to begin again. My mother has seen him above her bed during the night, I have heard weird scratching noises in my home office and a door in our house has been closed twice mysteriously and no one had closed it. I have acknowledged the presence and whether it is my grandfather or not, I know I am safe. I’d like to find out what the entity is trying to communicate to me about though. Any suggestions? I practice divination with a pendulum, perhaps that may work?

    It was also coincidental that my cousin and me discovered this evening that she too has been smelling mysterious scents since she was a child (she is now in her late 30’s). I also used to see raindrops falling from doorways as a child and teenager. Strange!? Any explanation on that?

    Thanks! I appreciate your sharing 🙂



    Also an interesting coincidence is that your original posting is from August 25th, the date of my birthday

    • Vanessa,

      That is the first time I’ve ever heard about someone seeing rain falling in a doorway. Very interesting! The first thing that came to mind about it is that it possibly could have been a symbol for a doorway or portal or area in between; a veil or energy divider of sorts possibly.

      Ask the entity or presence that you’re feeling what it wants or has to say to you. I talk to empty rooms all the time and it’s amazing how often you’ll get some form of phenomena in response. Give it a try and then pay close attention to everything – even your thoughts and emotions.


  • Dear denise
    i feel honored and grateful to you that you imediately wrote an entire blog on my question. I cannot thank you enough and all those whose links you have provided on this blog for not letting us lost in extremely strange ways, paths and roads of ascension and for not letting us feel panicked because of utterly strange unusual symptoms of ascension. Now I strongly believe that my/our higher self keeps guiding us to such sites, or blogs of the people who have genuine and first hand experiences of the most uncommon ascension symptoms. It is equally fascinating that without any prior read knowledge, I myself first start feeling those unusual occurences on a regular basis and then on searching or sometimes even without searching consciously I am guided to the authentic and most resonating source which answers most of my pressing issues at that moment and keep s me at ease. I thinks these are the ways of higher self to keep us move upward on ascension ladder.
    Further I agree with you when I used to ask other people around me about the peculiar smell which I just smelt, everyone whoever I ask would invaraibly deny of smelling something like which I did, because I used to think earlier if the source of this smell was an external physical source, then everybody would have felt it. But now I have realized that the source is a non physical one and that too a nonphysical version of my being.
    THANKS SO MUCH for providing a great insight.

    • Algen,

      You are most welcome. 🙂

      I know exactly what you’re talking about and it is our Higher Selves that we’re feeling, sensing, and learning to following so we can connect with new higher information we need right at that particular moment. It’s great you know to trust this in yourself because it is YOU talking to you and you are hearing it better than ever before. We all are thanks to our ongoing ascensions.

      Hugs and ESPAVO,

  • Denise,

    I love the timing of this blog my friend. My wife was only saying a few hours ago she could smell a strong perfume scent! She knew it was strange as she couldn’t find where it was coming from……. 😉

    I just sat there and said ‘don’t know’! I am so pleased this has happened to her 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


  • Denise:
    That is so interesting and thanks to Algen for asking! That explains a coppery smell that I suddenly (about a month ago) realized was me–lol. I also had a guide that would poke me in the ribs when they wanted my attention. At first it was almost like the “ice pick” you had mentioned earlier but it was just a means of them getting me to notice. Had to ask them to tone it down and now it is a gentle poke. Others leave scents like you mentioned–mostly roses and tobacco but also had one send me Pierre Cardin when there was no one around (think they know that is a favorite of mine–lol).

    • theocacao,

      😆 Pierre Cardin? You’ve got some kinda posh Guides and higher Helpers! That was so great. 🙂


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