Summer of 2009 Crop Circles, ETs & Reentering Universal Society

August 10, 2009 I went to bed and within a few minutes saw a bright flash of white-blue light and immediately felt (did not clairvoyantly see) a positive ET group presence. I’m mentioning this only because of something Stu shared with me a couple of days ago. He’d found a story about a UK husband/wife who’d had a very close encounter while inside a crop circle as it was being built by what they believed was an ET device in the middle of the night.

Near the end of their experience, the husband claimed that a new crop circle formation will appear on August 13th, 2009 and that “…it will be of importance.” I believe all crop formations are, but  this statement coupled with what I experienced the night of Aug. 10th, 2009, makes me suspect that we have changed/evolved/ascended enough energetically now (especially after Summer Solstice June 2009 and the three potent Eclipses after it, the last one was on Aug. 5th, 2009) to be a closer vibrational match to many of the nonphysical, positive ETs.

Barbara Hand Clow, and no doubt others, have talked about our reentering “Universal Society” and that the ending of the Mayan Calender (Dec. 2012) represents us making this huge leap vibrationally/consciousness/heart-wise back into the Cosmic Fold so to speak. I absolutely believe this will happen, and already is with many people. It’s simply a natural side-effect of our having lived the ongoing ascension/evolving/shifting process for years now. We’re energetically, vibrationally, evolving back up into a higher state of being, and that state and matching dimension is an energetic match to many nonphysical ETs and Angelics.

We’ve done the hard, painful, dirty work of resolving our own polarity and integrating it and transmuting it etc., and because of that we’re now (during this Summer period) close to many of us perceiving, face to etheric face, different higher ET beings! They are not coming down vibrationally to where we’ve existed in the past. We’ve ascended or evolved vibrationally so we’re now up where they’ve always been. So ET is NOT coming to “save or rescue us” because we’ve ascended/evolved enough to be within a similar higher energy and consciousness frequency that’s close to many of them.

We’ll wait to see what new crop circle formation manifests on August 13, 2009 like that man said and we’ll see if it represents our reentering Universal Society now and/or over the next few years to December 2012.


August 11, 2009

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6 thoughts on “Summer of 2009 Crop Circles, ETs & Reentering Universal Society

  • Denise,
    I encountered your picture of “light beings” whilst looking for a picture for my latest FB posting I would like to affirm that, at about the same time you report, I had an experience of seeing such beings. I was sitting in a group of people when all of a sudden I was seeing, as if through my eyes, but not through my eyes, a group of suchlike beings gathered facing into a circle. As they formed this circle they began to glow with an increased intensity. That was all. There were some slight differances between my beings and the ones pictured. The ones I saw were more translucent with what might be described as a “tube” of deep blue running up the middle of their forms. It was this blue that increased as they stood together.
    I do not know how long this “seeing” lasted; perhaps, only a few seconds.
    This was not, however, to be the end of it.
    Perhaps a week later, as I was sitting with the same group again (unrelated), I was suddenly caught up in a similar experience. This time I was present within this form. It contained me. It was my form beyond space and time. More than anything, I got to experience my “beyond” nature. I too had that “tube” of blue light and was different in no way from those beings I had “seen” earlier.
    These two events, some three years ago, have not been repeated. They did not need to be. They have continued to be informing on every level.
    In all things Love,

    • Avatar,

      We are indeed multidimensional Beings and we exist in many different places/dimensions/timelines in many different forms simultaneously. Great experience you had. 🙂


  • Dear Denise
    In past two months I have also experienced two such incidents which I would like you to validate that whether it was ET contact or something else.
    1. on the night of 28th may 2009 at around 11.15 pm, i was listening to an Indian sage discourse while lying on the bed on my left side and gradually found myself dissolving into trance like state as only sage’s voice was audible to me while I was totally sleepy oblivious of my surroundings. In this state my lower body waist downwards till feet was like lifted up by some unseen forces and i was handed over a heavy stony object in my astral hands as my physical hands I felt was lying in resting position on bed. My astral hands laid over stony object to check what was it, perhaps statue of a deity,i guessed in trance state. I was not able to move physically. I did not know how but gradually i came back into my physical body and checked the time. it was 12:12 am, Still feeling the after effects of how my astralbody was lifted a couple of feet.
    2. Second occurance was more pronounced on 18th June 2009, in broad daylight and me fully awakened. It was 9:30 am. I was quite disturbed and emotionally upset due to my current state of some sort of helplesness. After crying for a good 10-15 minutes in my kitchen, i came out of kitchedn and suddenly i was like pulled inside my bedroom and there i saw a huge globule/blob of PINK energy near the roof over my cupboard. Several zigzag energy pockets in the form of a loosely formed traingle were swirling through this pink blob. I was mesmerised and kept looking at this unusual occurence. After a minute or two, the pink blob changed its color into bluish one and then gradualy disappeared. What was it? Was it an object from a different dimension?
    please help me know about this .

    • Algen,

      I’m going to comment on the second experience because it spoke to me immediately. However, as always, this is only my sense of YOUR experience so you’ve got to discern for yourself.

      Whatever it was that was making you so emotionally upset and crying was what triggered the visual message. I think the pink color might be connected to your emotional state at that time…your heart etc. Possibly the moving energy shapes that formed a loose triangular shape where speaking to “Triality” consciousness; to the fact that there’s a third state beyond polarity yes/no, good/bad, positive/negative etc. That third point in the triangle represents our new closer conscious awareness of our our Higher Selves. When it turned from pink to blue it may have been another symbol of moving from your emotional heart (the pink color) up higher into your higher vision, your higher awareness (the blue color) to understand whatever it was that you were crying about in the first place. I think it was trying to get you to realize that you’ve got more than ONLY two choices and points of view to the situation.

      ETs and our own Higher Selves and even Guides etc., often communicate with us using only symbols and shapes and colors like what you’ve described. These things are Universal Multidimensional Language tools and we’re learning how to speak and read them from our (ascended/ascending) expanded or “Triality” or “Quantum” awareness and being.

      Again, discern for yourself about my interpretation please.

      The first experience sounded to my like you left your body and remained conscious.


      • Thanks Denise, It feels great to receive valuable insights from you about paranormal and ET phenomenon no matter be it universal or personal.

  • Hi Denise,

    I can’t tell you happy and excited I am, finally, yippee!!! 🙂 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


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