Saturn & Pluto Change Signs March 2023

There are some extremely important astrological sign changes—astrological energy templates—happening in March 2023 I want to talk about from the Ascension Process NEW Earth NEW Human level. Please keep that in heartmind as you read this. We no longer exist in the old lower Duality frequencies so astrology in general needs to be understood from this higher octave of growing human consciousness and existence. Astrology is changing because humanity is evolving. And believe me, Saturn entering PISCES and Pluto entering AQUARIUS in March 2023, at this high frequency level and Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process, will prompt global humanity to come to terms with this fact one way or another.

•December 21, 2022 Jupiter entered 0°Aries on the Winter Solstice initiating the start of a new higher frequency 12-yearlong cycle around the zodiac.

•March 7, 2023 Saturn enters Pisces

•March 20, 2023 Sun enters 0°Aries Vernal Equinox

•March 21, 2023 New Moon at 0°Aries 50′

•March 24, 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius

•March 26, 2023 Mars enters Cancer

It is the Saturn and Pluto sign change transits I’m primarily focused on. And I’m focusing on them for the same reason I focused on the January 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn Conjunction that kicked off Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, activated the Divine Cease & Desist Order that’s still in effect, and everything else that began unfolding in January 2020. In 2023, it continues to be Saturn and Pluto working together to eradicate the lower frequency patriarchal everything and bring about the higher NEW energy templates and cycles for ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

The Saturn in Pisces transit will end old global patriarchal “Church” and the Pluto in Aquarius transit will end old global patriarchal “State”. 

March 2023 two heavyweight planets change signs. The first is Saturn into Pisces on March 7, 2023. The second is Pluto into Aquarius two weeks later. Saturn does NOT retrograde back into Aquarius but remains in Pisces from March 7, 2023 through February 2026. It takes Saturn 2½–3 years to transit one zodiacal sign. Because Saturn doesn’t retrograde back into Aquarius early in this sign change, the energy influences of Saturn in Pisces—in the higher NEW Human, NEW Earth energy template and matching frequencies and codes—will hit hard right from the start. This is good, very good despite the challenging reality side effects it will cause globally.

My first sense about transiting Saturn in Pisces for these next 2½–3 ascension years was — here comes the long-awaited end of the profound negativity done globally throughout the 2,100+ yearlong astrological Age of Pisces. This is going to hurt some much more than others. This is what you get when you believe your God is the only true God but don’t have the conscious wherewithal and spiritual maturity to discern if that’s even true or who your “God” actually is plus believe you have carte blanche to terrorize, control, murder, subject and force others around the world to accept your religious zealotry for 2,100-plus years.

The Patriarchal Duality Fish are dead, long live the free Triality Waves.

From March 2023–February 2026, transiting Saturn in Pisces demands each of us take full personal responsibility (Saturn) for our personal spirituality (Pisces). The Christian get out of jail free card of the past Piscean Age no longer exists, it never did, which humanity will now coldly discover. People can no longer “sin”, lie, steal, cheat, rape, war, kill, brutalize, suppress and abuse females, vandalize etc. then go to church and have religious patriarchal males absolve you of your responsibility. This negativity has made it disastrously easy for people to not learn and grow but continue doing what they have or worse throughout their lives. Sounds exactly like what “God” would want humans to do, right?

A person has to learn to honestly deal with physical reality Saturn energies and repeatedly face the varied responsibilities it brings each of us. Once a person has honestly accomplished that, they gain much more conscious and direct energetic access to the “outer planets” beyond physical reality Saturn — Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. The “outer planets” frequencies carry higher levels of consciousness, awareness, conscious access to other realities and dimensions and to have interactions and experiences with them. Now, who and what would want humanity to be prevented from accessing higher levels of consciousness, personal empowerment, higher frequency energies and abilities? It sure isn’t “God”, but Team Dark who’ve duped humanity into believing they were God and gods. Now go to church, get on your Capricorn Saturnian knees and be absolved of your responsibilities, of Saturn and your personal ability to access the outer planets frequencies and levels and much more. I’ll go one more step with this and ask you, which of the planets in our solar system was intentionally inverted and portrayed as satanic during the Age of Pisces? It was Saturn.

Transiting Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 through February 2026 will permanently end the past 2,100+years of deliberate inversion distortions done to humanity and human consciousness throughout the Age of Pisces via the main three patriarchal world religions. The human religious contortions from this evolutionary change will be something to witness, as will the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

Piscean Age main world religions and global governments, political and dictatorship controls over humanity have expired. These two planets’ transits in Pisces and Aquarius, in these higher frequencies, will rapidly remove the old thoroughly corrupted patriarchal Piscean Age Neptune and opposite sign Virgo the Virgin consciousness and systems globally. Remember in January 2020 when Saturn and Pluto made that single Conjunction in Capricorn? Look at what all has happened and changed since that Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction! Saturn and Pluto changing signs in March 2023 are a higher-level continuation of this rapid evolutionary Ascension Process and global clean slating of the past Age of Pisces Neptune and all that went with it over the past 2,100+ years.

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Transiting Saturn in Pisces will force humanity to become consciously aware that they can no longer use Neptune—ruler of the sign Pisces and the Age of Pisces—to “escape” through drink, drugs, religious inversions, religious zealotry, emotional body manipulations, delusions, deceptions, self-deception, spiritual delusions of grandeur, power over others delusions of grandeur, energy and financial parasitism, patriarchal elitism, the horrors of global negativity and greed done to other humans and females, animals, Earth’s water and air and its surface and underground.

From Piscean Age Big Pharma pharmaceuticals to opposite sign Virgo the Virgin foods and grains, Big Oil and all else who’ve greedily used and abused, controlled and become incomprehensibly wealthy and powerful during the Age of Pisces Neptune energies will now experience the end of those systems and control over global humanity. Religious, spiritual, new age, ascension and disclosure frauds, cons and self-deluded individuals with delusions of spiritual grandeur will no longer be able to dupe evolving humanity. The three-yearlong Saturn in Pisces transit will reveal these people, one after another, for all to finally realize they are not what they’ve claimed and/or believed themselves to be. Understand, this is more about you than them so learn, discern and grow through this extremely important transit.

Some negative patriarchal people have known that it won’t be the Age of Pisces forever (many others don’t know this) and because they’ve known, have been sinking their greedy controlling claws into the new Age of Aquarius Uranus energies for the past many decades. Things like Big Media, Big Tech, Big Communications, creators of mental body control devices like virtual realities, AI, Big Medical Tech transhumanism factories, negative internet, social media, virtual violence gaming and more. Same old negativity and greed, just in the hurried process of changing external Age costumes these past 50-some years to utilize the incoming new astrological Age energy changes. However, what most of them don’t know is that this Age change from Neptunian Pisces to Uranian Aquarius is taking place at a higher frequency and level, which means they and their old tactics won’t pan out or last as they did in the old lower frequencies and consciousness of our all to recent pasts.

The time of giving all your personal power, abilities, consciousness, emotional needs, blindly accepting force-fed patriarchal reality definitions, your ability to directly commune with Source/God/Mother God/Father God/Nature over to other people, governments, religions, political and religious leaders, systems and ETs unknowingly or knowingly is over. The evolving NEW Humans of NEW Earth are like kids who’ve just turned 21 and are having to learn how to be an adult, an adult in Earth society and an adult in Universal society.

All the things that humanity has refused to take personal responsibility (Saturn) for in themselves for whatever the reasons throughout the Age of Pisces now have to. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius starting in March 2023, are going to seriously and continuously pressure every human alive to rapidly mature into ascending NEW Human “young adulthood” to become vibrationally compatible with and capable of existence on ascending NEW Earth. This includes always being personally responsible, honestly aware of Self and all others, energetically sovereign, Duality and negative ego transcended, energetically embodied, empowered in evolved ways, and aware that Self is an individuated aspect of Divine Source and existing as such. Own it because you now must, we all now must because it’s the next evolutionary step for evolving, ascending humans.

There are plenty of other personal things about transiting Saturn in Pisces and there are many excellent astrologers and sites to get more personal information about this transit. But as I said at the top, I’m talking about the Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius transits from the Ascension Process and evolving NEW Human, NEW Earth perspective.

The second heavyweight energy template pattern sign change is Pluto entering Aquarius March 24, 2023. Unlike Saturn that moves through one zodiacal sign in 2½–3 years’ time, Pluto takes approximately 20.2 years in one zodiacal sign. 284+ years around the zodiacal wheel. Twenty years in one sign is a whole generation of incarnating souls born with Pluto in the same sign, same energies, in this case, Aquarius. More personally for those of us here already, we’re looking at life for the next 20.2 years with transiting Pluto in Aquarius. In my case and many of the other ascension elders, we’ll most likely spend the rest of our lives with transiting Pluto in Aquarius.

As mentioned above, transiting Saturn in Pisces does NOT retrograde back into Aquarius but remains in Pisces from March 7th. This is not the case with Pluto however as it DOES retrograde back into Capricorn for months in 2023 and 2024. It isn’t until November 19, 2024, that Pluto remains in Aquarius through 2044. (The next USA presidential election happens November 5, 2024, is sworn in on January 20, 2024, the day the Sun enters Aquarius.)

The approaching Pluto in Aquarius energies have already been causing humanity to excavate, externalize and express long suppressed Plutonian Underworld (subconscious) feelings and issues and finally give voice to them in this higher Light. These feelings and issues have always been there, it’s now time for humanity to consciously purge them and feel heal deal and most importantly, release them.

For many years I’ve stressed how humanity is currently evolving out of mind control unthinking groupthink up to self-empowered, individually responsible, energetically sovereign, consciously and directly energetically connected with Source and Soul in their current physical bodies, HighHearts and consciousness. I’ve repeatedly stressed this because many believe the Uranian Age of Aquarius is about a higher groupthink Group situation when it is not. Yes, there’s a NEW club, the NEW Humans of NEW Earth frequency club, but entry into it requires each Individual be a specific elevated internal frequency rate and opposite sign Leo Sun HighHeart level to enter and exist on ascending NEW Earth. In the past pre-ascension times, anyone could join some group/tribe/clan/pack/gang and be absorbed into it and parasited by it. NEW Humans however must be self-responsible, high frequency Individuals for the NEW Aquarian Age Group to work at its highest and most pure. When each Individual is whole and “ONE” themselves, the Group becomes something else entirely. This is what the ascended high frequency Age of Aquarius Uranus / Leo Sun is all about.

Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years is about global humanity learning how to be leaderless, self-governing, self-regulating, empowered NEW Humans on an ascending high frequency planet I’ve been calling NEW Earth. Pluto in Aquarius is the end of anti-human humans’ controls over humanity.

As humanity quickly learns to take back their personal powers, responsibilities and consciousness, they’ll repeatedly find themselves directly facing their Plutonian Underworld stuff and junk they’ve long stored away in their subconscious basements. Humanity is going to be doing prodigious amounts of Plutonian deep sea diving expeditions into their subconscious basements to face fears and other unpleasant personal Dorian Gray type negativity they’ve avoided all their lives, usually because of certain religious beliefs, general fears, weaknesses and tenacious negative ego determined to keep its power and control no matter what.

The mandatory reasons for this rapid compressed global human maturing is because each person now has to excavate their Pluto subconscious basements to get themselves honestly free and clear. This is deep, direct ego transcending Pluto Work, and starting March 2023 when Pluto first enters Aquarius, global humanity will begin this mandatory process to continue evolving and become energetically, psychologically and emotionally capable of such vibrationally elevated existence on ascending NEW Earth.

To be leaderless, self-governing, self-regulating, empowered, ego transcended and honestly free and clear NEW Human Individuals, all residual dark subconscious Pluto stuff and junk in each of us must be removed by each of us. Not by someone you’ve paid and/or plan on paying to do energy work in you for you. Those expensive “new age” circumvent sidestep attempts don’t work with the evolutionary Ascension Process. What does work is you doing The Work on, in and through yourself, your body, your subconscious Pluto basement and everywhere else that must be cleared by you and you alone.

Just like you couldn’t buy your way into old Piscean Age heaven, neither can you pay someone to do Aquarian Age ascension energy work on you to reach NEW Human frequency.
To become a NEW Human you have to do the internal Work yourself because it is Energetically Alchemical and how you are actually transformed from a lower slower frequency to a higher faster one. That absolutely cannot be purchased. That absolutely cannot be done to you by someone else. It must be lived.

“We the people” will become something completely different and profoundly better during these 20.2 Pluto in Aquarius transit years worldwide. As good as that is, understand that this shift, this CHANGEOVER, this “event”—and it certainly is an event—won’t always be safe or comfortable a lot of the time. It hasn’t been for the past decade already. Many don’t want what’s happening and what’s coming to ever happen, but it will despite all of their efforts.

I went outside February 17, 2023, while the X-2 solar flare was frying everything some more and saw human aircraft laying more chemtrails directly overhead. I laughed out loud at the 2023 sight of this longstanding patriarchal tactic of trying to deflect and shunt what the Sun is and has been transmitting energetically to evolve humanity and Earth by manually chemically scent marking the skies with patriarchal anti-evolution sunscreen. And the past patriarchal human attempts to control and direct the physical weather has also been ended recently.

With Saturn transiting Pisces and Pluto transiting Aquarius starting March 2023, the negative old Duality reality planetary elite Team Dark shitshow comes to a permanent end on ascending NEW Earth. This is what we’ve been Working towards for so long, and now that it’s here, we have to live through it.

I know it’s more popular to forecast happiness and bliss but there’s more ascension Work to be done. The ascension Volunteers didn’t volunteer to incarnate now so we could live in physical earthly bliss. We volunteered to incarnate on Earth now to do the heavy lifting to help humanity and all life on Earth break out of the Team Dark control inversions and distortions; evolve out of low limiting Duality into higher Triality frequency; help humanity through the energy template change shift out of the Age of Pisces Neptune and its opposite Virgo sign energies into the Age of Aquarius Uranus and its opposite Leo Sun sign energies; evolve vibrationally high enough to enter a higher dimensional frequency range, plus CHANGEOVER to the next higher level of the Great Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral.

With Saturn (physical reality structure, responsibility, discipline, realism, maturity) and Pluto (birth, life, death, transformation, evolution, renewal, upheaval, ego death) entering the signs they are in days, bliss and happiness will for the most part, be found within each of us and not so much out there in the radical severity of these profound evolutionary reality changes. This is one more reason why we need to do greater daily self-care, be alone when you need, be in Nature when needed, if you can’t get out to Nature then do your best to create Nature in your home and yard no matter its size. Buy some plants, pot some plants, get a hammock or patio lounger, an indoor and/or outdoor water fountain, put out a birdbath, birdseed, get a windchime etc. Make your current residence, property and space look, sound and feel how you want and need it to now to help you remain in as much calm Nature comfort and peace as you can during these extreme shift years.

For the most part we Volunteers are used to creating our personal transition cubbyhole spaces to be our protective higher frequency sanctuaries, our private little renewal shrine nooks out of ascending necessity, and we’ve gotten really good at doing this for ourselves during these Ascension Process years. However, we’ve reached the point in the evolutionary Ascension Process where the rest of humanity has fully entered it PHYSICALLY. We’re familiar with and very good at changing entire reality energy pattern templates, jumping timelines, moving forward and back in time repeatedly to energetically Work on this period of compressed evolution. Mass humanity isn’t so good at change, even small change, yet everyone is now in epic ongoing planet-wide physical reality and consciousness change across the board. Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years will evolve global humanity worldwide to become self-empowered, self-governing, self-regulating, self-directed and leaderless. Yes, leaderless. Absolutely every evolutionary change that ascending humanity is now having to live through is not just a little bit of change, but a complete 180° change, plus massive evolutionary frequency increases from how it has been and that puts a tremendous amount of stress and strain on people, their consciousness, bodies, CNS, psyche and all else.

I want to stress how huge and reality-altering these two particular upcoming astrological sign changes and transits are. Again, think back to January 2020 —the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process— when the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happened and review how much and how quickly all of our lives and realities were changed by that single astrological aspect. Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 will make their January 2020 Capricorn conjunction seem small in comparison! I could not be more serious about this. It’s going to get even more wild and radical for a few years as global humanity goes through this mega shift change internally and externally, physically and energetically. We Volunteers, First Everythingers, Angelic NEW Humans are the physical level energetic counterweights to this evolutionary global upheaval.

Those of us knowledgeable about the Ascension Process because we’ve been living it for over two decades already, will continue to do our HighHeart parts to make this global transition as gentle and stable for all as possible. There are many nonphysical Others that will continue helping us do exactly this for all life on Earth. The Volunteers have cleaned, cleared, purged and embodied nonstop since 1998–1999, but now we’re needed to energetically help unaware ascending humanity cope with these profound continuous and rapid global reality and consciousness changes. I’m not saying you need to say or teach anything, unless asked by someone to do so, or do anything physically for humanity. I’m saying your embodied physical presence as a high frequency Volunteer NEW Human does much to get this transition accomplished with less fear and trauma to humans and all life on Earth. You’re needed to help this epic frequency relocation resettlement of people currently willing to change and grow to the higher NEW, by being Triality-based, embodied, HighHeart-based, free and clear you/You/YOU. Your high frequency, HighHeart, embodied physical presence helps stabilize much in this next huge phase of the evolutionary Ascension Process. Don’t feel or think that your invisibility and silence means you’re not doing anything helpful. You absolutely are. You’re holding the higher NEW Earth and all that goes with it in your physical body, Embodied Soul and Self as a physical Angelic NEW Human for the rest of humanity.

Denise Le Fay

March 1, 2023

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