Accelerated & Larger Magnetic Deconstruction

A short note about the latest extra-large magnetic chunk that fell away Saturday, February 4, 2023. This wasn’t new or the first time this has happened as it’s been happening for many ascension years. However, what I felt around 5:00 PM PST was the biggest and most obvious I’ve ever felt, which is why I’m sharing this. I would have done so sooner, but like everyone else, I’m living these things too and this one took me a couple days to recuperate from.

Again, this isn’t new news, just news about how big of a chunk it was this time. We know how magnetics, magnetic fields HOLD energy templates —aka realities and their specific energy patterns together. Magnetic fields are, in their own way, “energy templates” because they literally HOLD, maintain an energy template of a world reality in place. There are multiple layers to energy templates and magnetics and magnetic fields are one layer of them.

The old past Great Cycle within Duality frequency had its energy template and magnetic fields that HELD it in place. Slowly, throughout these evolutionary Ascension Process years we’ve been living, that entire energy template and the magnetics that held it together have been in a natural evolutionary process of being deconstructed. Its time has expired, so those energy layers have been in an ongoing process of deconstruction because we’re “ascending” to, evolving to a higher rung on the great spiral. Old out, NEW in. It’s that simple and that incredible to live through!

What I felt at sunset on Saturday, February 4, 2023 and for six acute hours afterwards, was the largest of these numerous magnetic field deconstruction drop-offs that I’ve been aware of to date. This latest phase of this process has been unfolding much more intensely and quickly that I’ve been aware of since about October 2022. There’s been a steady increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity which is always a sign that more of the old energy template and its magnetic systems and fields are falling away under our physical feet and under our hearts too. There’s also been a steady increase in more humans becoming seriously unstable mentally and emotionally due to this escalating magnetic deconstruction falling away process. This will continue and get worse in 2023 and 2024 but will stabilize throughout and after as humanity and Earth acclimate to existence in a higher NEW energy template with its accompanying NEW magnetic field structures and frequencies.

Some common symptoms of this energy template CHANGEOVER and magnetic structural deconstruction and falling away process are:

  • Physical body aches and pains, the “ascension flu”. Saturnian physical human skeletal bone structure magnetic field deconstruction pains and aches.
  • Sudden emotional overwhelm that causes unanticipated weeping. This type of abrupt weeping is caused by more of the old previous magnetic structure externally in our world and internally within our very bones and cells being deconstructed and purged. This usually is brief but certainly memorable!
  • Increase in seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing great movements of energies, old energy template pieces, other tidbits of magnetic structures, and etheric lifeforms being blown about by the latest deconstruction drop-off. With every one of these big magnetic field, magnetic structural deconstruction blasts, a lot of old energy debris and etheric carcasses and other such multidimensional things are literally wafting about in the aftermath of these epic energy template transitions. Many of us see them, hear them, and most of us feel them in our space temporarily.
  • Heart pressures, physical aches and pains around the entire front, sides and back of the upper HighHeart area. Heart palpitations, thumps, movement sensations in the upper HighHeart chest area. And often accompanying these symptoms is the emotional overwhelm sensation and sudden weeping. This weeping is a sort of involuntary side effect in us due to much more of the old lower magnetics and field structure being removed, being purged in and through our physical and energy bodies.

There’s more but most of you reading this are intimately familiar with these symptoms because you’ve been living them for many years or decades already. And as I mentioned already, I’m only sharing this now because since late 2022 we’ve been in a much more rigorous and rapid level of deconstruction of the old magnetics that HELD the old energy template in place. 2023 is this but much stronger and faster than what we’ve been experiencing since 1998–1999. There’s A LOT of old past crap that has to go very quickly and it will in preparation of the epic astrological energy changes that March 2023 will bring, but it’s going to be a bit of a chaotic and temporarily unstable time because of it. No fear, just knowing more about the profound evolutionary changes we, our physical and energy bodies, consciousness and hearts, and Earth Gaia are going through together.

Greater self-care and Higher Awareness are needed now under these multiple increased and rapid energetic changes. Live from your HighHeart Center because it’s your NEW Human Homebase. We’ve got this even though it may not feel like it at times. HighHeart your way through 2023 fellow ascension co-Workers. HOLD the higher NEW for all.

Denise Le Fay

February 7, 2023

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