Aries 2015 New Moon Strange

It’s felt to me like everyone has disappeared again since the Aries New Moon on Saturday April 18, 2015, and it still feels this way almost a week later. Sunday the 19th was horrible but Monday the 20th was even worse from my personal perspective. I certainly hope yours has been better than mine but this change feels global in its weirdness and change and not something that just a few of us are feeling this time.

It’s felt dreamlike, disconnected from other people like we’ve entered an empty zone or space for a while again, and it feels like everyone is feeling this particular change very personally, like no one is not being affected by these latest changes. It feels like the tide is way, way, way out and everyone went out with it too and when the tide comes back in again, things will be greatly changed…once again.

And then there’s the dreams. Some of them feel like they aren’t even mine which only adds to the overall feeling of weirdness and scattered disconnect since the Aries New Moon. And of course there’s the occasional rouge dark negativity floating past, smaller than I’ve ever seen before which is great but gads, enough already! This has been the strangest feeling Aries New Moon and solar shift into Taurus I’ve ever felt. That’s probably a very positive sign but it sure feels different, NEW, with more changes coming and in ways most of us aren’t expecting. Deep inside the Earth is squirming with change this year and that too feels like it’s growing and radiating out towards the surface and beyond in great, rippling waves.


And, I’ve waited to mention this topic for a while now but I’ve been sensing more changes and expansions in regards to ETs and humanity and human consciousness and understanding about ET beings. This topic has felt to me lately like it’s about to greatly expand up multiple Stair-steps in human consciousness which is very positive. I strongly sense that our human sense of “self” and personal identity is about to include our ET aspects, if one has them, in increasingly obvious ways. It’s felt to me this spring 2015 especially like the entire belief system about ETs is about to explode into a whole NEW level of Universal Society within mass humanity.

Some humans will finally be known publicly as both human and Extraterrestrial and everyone else will more easily than ever before accept this as okay and normal. Some will ‘come out’ as more than just physical humans because it’s time for human consciousness to evolve and include other lifeforms such as multidimensional ETs for starters. Something huge is in the works this 2015 spring quarter indicating that more and more big, positive and exciting changes are coming. What’s interesting about this is that it may start right here on Earth with certain humans and not from ETs coming from other dimensions. Humans must evolve and expand themselves and their consciousness into Universal Society and that just may begin right here on the NEW Earth. 😉

More about this topic as we continue to blaze NEW trails into greater higher consciousness which naturally includes Universal Society.


April 23, 2015

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