Playing the Long Game

In my March 1, 2023 article I talked about Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius this month. Here however, I want to talk exclusively about a deeper and much longer part of the current entrance of Pluto into Aquarius. As previously mentioned, transiting Pluto will be in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years, with no further retrogrades back into Capricorn from November 2024 through January 2044.

Transiting Pluto was in Cancer from 1914 through 1938.

Transiting Pluto was in Leo from 1939 through 1957.

Transiting Pluto was in Virgo from 1957 through 1972.

The Pluto in Leo generation are called ‘Baby Boomers’ because of all the sexual celebrating let’s call it that took place with the Pluto in Cancer WW2 (1939 to 1945) people. I was born December 23, 1951, making me a Baby Boomer and my natal Pluto is in Leo.

Evolving Humanity

“The longest Pluto transit of our lives will also be the most unusual. Nobody has lived through Pluto in Aquarius consciously, as it last happened in 1778, and Pluto was not discovered until 1930.”

Eric Francis Coppolino, Planet Waves, March 2023

This is true as humanity isn’t influenced by a planet until it’s time for them to evolve more, expand their consciousness, and start integrating the energies of a newly discovered planet. Such is the case with transiting Pluto in Aquarius starting March 24, 2023.

In the case of Pluto, humanity wasn’t conscious of Pluto and influenced by its energies until it was physically discovered in 1930. A planet’s discovery is the external physical clue that humanity will, from that point forward, begin becoming conscious of it, work towards integrating its energies and constantly living in its influences. And so, this transit of Pluto in Aquarius from 2023–2044 is a similar situation; it is an entirely NEW conscious energy influence on evolving, ascending global humanity.

What I find interesting about this from the evolutionary Ascension Process perspective is that humanity is going directly into these “new” energies of transiting Pluto in Aquarius from a higher evolutionary level than they would have in old pre-ascension times. As stated, humanity will be experiencing this Pluto in Aquarius transit as evolving NEW Humans, not as pre-ascension lower-level humans of our recent past. That alone is a substantially huge deal for every one of us individually and collectively as we evolve more, and our external physical reality rapidly changes because of it.

Transiting Pluto in Aquarius & the Volunteers with Natal Pluto in Leo
Leo & Aquarius Ages – from A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010), Denise Le Fay

As if that isn’t enough of an evolutionary mindblower for global humanity, I’m going to go one more step with this Pluto in Aquarius transit. I want to talk about something I’ve been perceiving for many ascension years that’s another layer to this 2023–2044 Pluto Aquarius transit. I want to cover its connection back to the beginning of the astrological AGE of Leo.

Leo/Aquarius, Aquarius/Leo are opposite astrological signs and Ages. This is important to keep in heartmind—an accurate keyword for ascending Leo (HighHeart) and Aquarius (high mind, higher consciousness)—as you read this.

One Precession through all of the astrological Ages takes just under 26,000 years. Half of the Precession is about 12,500+ years long. Each individual Age is just over 2,100+ years long. It’s believed by some that only the Ages of Leo and Aquarius take place in a section of space where one of numerous massive 7D Photon Bands of Light exist, while the rest of the Ages all take place outside of this (our) locations band in what’s called the ‘Galactic Night’.


The left image is the Milky Way galaxy, the right image represents the 7D Photon Bands of Light. In your mind’s eye, superimpose the Photon Bands of Light image over the one of the Milky Way galaxy and you’ll have a correct picture. The Photon Bands of 7D Light originate from the black hole Galactic Center of the Milky Way galaxy. They span the entire width of the Milky Way, but the entire galaxy is not constantly in one of these numerous Photon Bands of Light. Lengthy orbits move stars, suns and planets etc. into and out of one of them at different times. Some stars are continuously in one of these many Photon Bands of Light, such as Alcyon in the Pleiades cluster.

Accelerated Ascension: Life On The Cosmic Road

I believe this to be true based on my personal past life memories, one of which was at the very beginning of the Age of Leo about 13,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Some 13,000 years later I write this in this life and time of ascension at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Some of you reading this were also deliberated incarnated in ancient Egypt and other important locations on the planet around 13,000 years ago. What goes around comes around and we’re very much “there” now.

What I just said was linear and based on the past old lower cycles prior to the current evolutionary Ascension Process. For those of us alive today and ready to utilize the present intense cleansing clean slating Aquarian Age 7D Photon Light, are evolving up and out of that lower cycle and on to higher NEW levels. Not everyone is currently ready to do this now however, so the old lower precessional cycle exists for them until they are ready to utilize the two astrological Ages of Leo and Aquarius when our solar system orbits into the Photon Band of Light again. The entire school isn’t obliterated because one graduating class leaves. The graduating class is harvested and evolves, ascends up and out of that frequency range and into a higher next level and state of being. Those that aren’t ready or willing to change and evolve now remain in the lower frequency of the precessional astrological Ages cycle until they are. Or maybe something totally different will take place this time…?

When the great call went out across the dimensions and cosmos for ‘Volunteers’ to incarnate to help with the approaching Universal Ascension Process—which I’ve had conscious memory of my volunteering for since the mid-1980s—many of us that volunteered to incarnate on physical Earth to help, did so through multiple lives, not just this current one. Many of these Volunteers had very deliberate and strategic past lives in different times on Earth in different countries to not only gain a quick grasp of physical human life at those energy levels, but also to do certain ascension energy Work in each of them to assist the version that’s incarnate now living the actual Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds shifts to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Every past life I have conscious memory of have all been to aid this Denise me incarnate now during the physical Ascension Process to bring up the rear, bring it HOME and anchor this massive evolutionary Universal undertaking as best as I can. Think of a relay race and each runner doing their part before handing off the baton to the next runner in their group. The ascension Volunteers are much the same, except non-linearly, and have had different past lives scattered all over physical Earth during different astrological Ages to help themselves and help those of us incarnate now.

In this particular case, some of the Volunteers deliberately had past lives in ancient Egypt and other advanced places on Earth around the beginning of the Age of Leo, 13,000 years ago. Some of those Volunteers are incarnate now and have been living, transmuting, purging, clearing, embodying higher energies, Embodying Soul, and Working with Light energies since the Ascension Process started physically on Earth around 1998–1999. Many of them are currently elder Volunteers, WW2 Baby Boomers (1939–1945) born with their natal Pluto’s in Leo (1939–1957).

What I’ve perceived for years has to do with these now senior Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo and the entrance of transiting Pluto into Aquarius on March 24, 2023. This is no accident or coincidence but a deliberate astrological energy connection we made from Soul level before we incarnated as ascension Volunteers. Many, not all of course but many of the Volunteer elder seniors now in our 60s, 70s, and 80s with natal Pluto in Leo have been Playing the Long Game, Playing the Long Ascension Game from the point in the 26,000-yearlong precession cycle when Earth entered the Photon Band of Light 13,000 years ago at the start of the Age of Leo. From Soul level we made certain to incarnate at the beginning of the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago, and we made certain to incarnate at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius 13,000 years later when the Sun, Earth and rest of our solar system started inching deeper and further into the Photon Band of Light.

[This time at the start of the Age of Aquarius, Earth entered our area’s single Photon Band of Light on Spring Equinox 1987. Harmonic Convergence happened August 1987. Since December 2012 Solstice, Earth has been in the Photon Band of 7D Light continuously. We continue orbiting further into it. This is why the Sun has changed color from yellow-gold to silvery-white.]

Some of the now elder ascension Volunteers intentionally incarnated when Pluto was in Leo (1939–1957) to have that specific energy template natally in their physical bodies, hearts, HighHearts and consciousness to further aid them in Playing the Ascension Long Game, especially when Pluto enters Aquarius March 24, 2023, for the first time consciously in humanity. None of this is by chance but deliberate, highly complex, Soul-level pre-incarnational ascension Volunteer considerations so we’d have what we needed energetically astrologically in each incarnation in the different astrological Ages during the past 26,000-yearlong cycle. And dear fellow senior Volunteers, you thought Retirement Time was close at hand! You certainly can if you want of course, but a great number of us will opt to complete our complex involvements in Playing the Long Ascension Game in our current, and now elderly lives.

Pluto excels at taking each of us—willingly or otherwise—repeatedly down into the “Underworld” of our subconscious. At first, it’s terrifying, but with repeated trips it becomes easier and less traumatic until eventually you find it an exciting challenge to go on another Plutonian deep dive into darkness to excavate, retrieve, clear, transmute and transcend whatever it is. Said slightly differently, Pluto is how each of us have been cleaning out, clearing, transmuting and transcending our personal Underworld subconscious basements of our plentiful stuff (wounds, fears, issues etc.) we’ve tried to ignore all our lives and/or lifetimes throughout this past 26,000-year cycle. It was Pluto that had certain ascension Volunteers cleaning incomprehensibly filthy public bathrooms in dreamtime for years. It was Pluto that had certain other ascension Volunteers going back in time across 26,000 years’ worth of dark human history to transmute the evil, violence, wars, rapes, tortures and murders done by humans to humans for Ages and Ages. It’s been Pluto pushing the ascension Volunteers to see, feel, deal with, heal, transmute and transcend the darkness done throughout the lengthy ‘Galactic Night’ astrological Ages that humanity did to humanity and Earth, and that Team Dark did to humanity and Earth. It’s been Pluto, Lord of the Underworld that’s reinforced those ascension Volunteers capable of doing that awful ascension energy Work to repeatedly go into the residual 26,000-yearlong Dark of 3D physical and 4D astral filth, energetic obscenities, historic crime scenes, global human suffering and etheric entrapments to do ascension LIGHTWORK.

When your natal Pluto is in Leo, which ruled the physical heart in the past lower level but now rules the ascended HighHeart, it’s a bit easier to do such profoundly horrible energy transmuting LIGHTWORK for humanity. Natal Pluto in Leo in ascending, Embodied Soul infused, individually crystal-clear Volunteers provides the HighHeart abilities and psychological strength and endurance to do prolonged negative energy Work and not have it destroy or break you in any way.

We’ve come from Duality frequency, consciousness and external physical reality for far longer than just the past 26,000 precessional years. In Duality reality, ascension Volunteers have needed to energetically Work in a whole hell of a lot of negativity to break it up and incrementally transmute and transcend it. This we’ve done throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (1998 through December 2019). Now in Phase 2, we’re no longer in Duality frequency but healed, integrated and transcended Triality frequency and consciousness. The past Universal Duality-based Team Dark archonic battles have been between Dark and Light, between Service to Self and Service to Others, between ascending and descending people and worlds, between negative nonhumans and certain humans. It’s reached the final Separation of Worlds point now and Pluto continues leading the way along with Saturn in Pisces as of March 7, 2023.

To me, Pluto entering Aquarius now is the absolute cutoff point between those who currently are willing to change and utilize these amazing evolutionary Light energies and those who aren’t. There is no either/or with Pluto, it’s total destruction and total renewal, especially now that we’ve evolved to Triality frequency and ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans.

What may seem to be at odds with what I just said is everything that’s coming for the USA, and rest of the world too. As we already know, there’s a lot of diehard patriarchal Piscean Age crazies that want to continue ruling the world and everyone on it. I’ve already talked about how Saturn in Pisces is the end of Piscean Age patriarchal and Team Dark “Church”, and how Pluto in Aquarius is the end of “State”. These diehards won’t surrender to evolution no matter what, so there’s some ascension years of seriously heavy-duty Plutonian Aquarian and Saturnian Piscean reality steamrolling that’s just begun via these two planets’ sign changes in March 2023. Personally, I don’t care about this after all I’ve already been through as a Lightworker Volunteer, a now elder Volunteer. It’s going to get uglier than it has been for a long time already, but that’s because the Separation of Worlds—the ascending one from the descending one—will unfold quickly now that Saturn’s in Pisces and Pluto’s in Aquarius. For those Volunteers who’ve been on Humanity Shit Detail Work throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, this year and the next couple have absolutely nothing on any of you! Stay in your HighHearts and let the Triality-based Plutonian Aquarian and Saturnian Piscean evolutionary reality steamrolling do what they now will. For those elder Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo, this is when and where you, me, we do the Work of completing our 26,000 and/or 13,000-yearlong personal ascension Long Game contracts in these elder bodies. Our natal Pluto’s in Leo help our Volunteer HighHearts stabilize ascending humanity coming into conscious contact with transiting Pluto in Aquarius and be evolved into NEW Humans of NEW Earth.

If you know some about the old lowly negative possibilities of Pluto in Aquarius, then you know there’s been a strong push to create heartless, mindless, permanently soul disconnected, AI type tech humans during the Age of Aquarius. It’s Team Dark’s Aquarian Age goal to finally be able to completely disconnect humanity from their Source-given Divinity. Nevertheless, that won’t happen to, in, or through humans currently in the process of becoming ascending NEW Humans of NEW Earth. Clean your personal Plutonian Underworld basement to become energetically transparent (free and clear) so you can embody higher, faster, greater frequency Light and currently ascend to a NEW higher level of existence. Or not and go around the 26,000-yearlong cycle again or multiple times. There are some—I’m going to call them “etheric triage rehab facilities”—for people that need greater help with damages incurred during their life/lives lived in the extreme darkness and negativity of the past 26,000-yearlong cycle. Like after wars on physical Earth, there are physical triage centers that help people with their physical and psychological wounds. The same is true etherically, especially so at the end of lengthy cycles like the 26,000-yearlong one and others we’ve gone through in these ascension lives. Many people dying now will spend some etheric time in one or another of these etheric triage rehab centers to receive help with the severe traumas and damages they’ve incurred from the negativity of this past precessional and galactic cycles.

The other aspect of all this is about the elder Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo who’ve been Playing the Long Ascension Game during the entire past 26,000 years and/or during half of it starting at the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago. Either way (and there are more options to this than I’ve gone into here), you’ve been Playing the Ascension Long Game and now find yourselves at the end of your ascension Volunteer Soul contract as Saturn and Pluto change signs at this point in the Universal Ascension Process. For many of us elders, this 20.2-yearlong Pluto in Aquarius transit will be our final years in these ascension Volunteer lives. Complete your mission with a grand HighHeart flare. Do not misunderstand or underestimate your Individual importance in the Pluto Leo ⇔ Pluto Aquarius ascension energies, Ages, past/present lives and timings. Sit and beam Plutonian Leonine HighHeart LOVELight elder Volunteers for ascending humanity now having to consciously embody and live from the NEW Human frequency of NEW Earth that transiting Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces are putting in place.

Also, the potential exists for some elder Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo to, at some point in these next 20.2 years of transiting Pluto in Aquarius and our experiencing transiting Pluto Opposition natal Pluto for the first and only time, transcend and intentionally dematerialize their physical body. Some of us have done this at some point or points in the past 26,000-year cycle in incarnate human male bodies, and some of us are desirous of completing this level for ourselves by doing the same now in our incarnate human female bodies. You shouldn’t need me to fill in the blanks with this one as it’s fairly obvious. That said, keep in HeartMind that it is a potential, a personal choice and not mandatory.

Besides the fact that we Boomers with natal Pluto in Leo are now elders and beyond exhausted from living the Ascension Long Game, many of us will at some point in these 20.2 Pluto in Aquarius transit years be dying. I can already feel the energetic pull to “retire” but I’m going to physically hang in here for as long as I sense I’m needed to assist with the evolutionary Ascension Process. I want to complete my personal Playing the Ascension Long Game Volunteer Soul contract, not that the heavens would explode if I deviated from that. Besides just our physical ages, more of us elder natal Pluto in Leo Volunteers will be dying and exiting during this Pluto in Aquarius transit. How we die and how we exist is up to us as we’re still Working on a larger, longer playing field. Something to keep in HighHeartMind from here on out.

Ascended Aquarian Uranian High Mind, High Consciousness is permanently integrated with the ascended Leo Sun HighHeart. This makes for an evolved NEW Human that functions and perceives from their Individual HighHeart Center and Higher Consciousness and Awareness.

Denise Le Fay

March 15, 2023

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