All That Glitters Certainly Isn’t Gold

I hope everyone survived the holidays intact. From my perspective they were worse than usual but that shouldn’t surprise any of us at this point. There’s no doubt left anymore about who’s currently ascending, who’s descending, who’s waffling, who’s come unglued mentally/emotionally, and who are unknowingly fighting the entire evolutionary Ascension Process. At any rate, I hope you’ve easily cleared whatever family wounds, disappoints, frustrations and insults you probably were subjected to during the holidays. Our learning to stay in our lanes is really important for First Everythingers to discover and finally master.

I’ve delayed talking about these particular things for many years because I don’t like focusing on the negative to write about them, probably any more than many people like reading about them. Nonetheless, I’m finally getting into this because I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing some of “them” again in December 2022 into January 2023.

I’ve clairvoyantly Seen some of them since the Ascension Process started over two decades ago, as have some of you reading this, but like the old saying goes, All that glitters is not gold’ is an important fact, and one that needs to be known during the current ascension evolution. I’ve always known how much more popular and safer it’s been to discuss only the positive aspects of the Ascension Process and not the negative. However, because we’re evolving out of low frequency Duality reality and consciousness, both sides should be consciously known, quickly recognized, and instantly energetically discerned so as to not be deceived by some Team Dark creation simply because it “glitters” with light and/or colors. Like it or not, this is another very important aspect of our ongoing spiritual maturing and consciousness expansion. Don’t you want to honestly be able to instantly know for yourself what’s what and who’s who when you perceive something supernatural physically and ethereally?

As humans with our lengthy and very recent history in dense Duality frequency, consciousness and reality, we have a tendency to automatically and instantly think and believe that if something is light and not dark, is brightly colored and not dingy, is lit up with what looks to us like capital “L” Light energies, then it MUST be positive Source Light. The unfortunate truth of the matter however is that this is not the case at all, which is why many that can perceive but not yet discern, get tricked by some of the various Team Dark aliens and their inorganic creations. I’ve always been able to clairvoyantly See and perceive, but I’ve had to diligently continue to educate myself (usually through trial and error) about the many new-to-me etheric things I’ve seen since the Ascension Process began on the physical level. I’ve personally lived this since 1999 and have learned a lot about these Team Dark—negative aliens, negative extradimensionals, numerous negative alien created etheric Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices, creatures, demons, devils, entities—creations and other things none of us really wants to focus on and talk about. Evolution and our ongoing spiritual maturing and evolving Higher Awareness demands it of us all.

There are physical parasites AND there are etheric parasites. There are physical viruses and there are etheric viruses. There are physical diseases and etheric diseases and so on. I’m not saying this to cause fear, paranoia or anxiety, but humans need to realize it’s been this way during the past Great Cycle within lower dense Duality frequency. The good news is that due to the current evolutionary Ascension Process, we’ve been inching our ways up and out of that negative etheric filth, influence, and overall negativity. But, oh you know that with me there’s almost always a but following certain Light information, the greater and higher yet NEW organic Source Light templates and codes we embody during this Ascension Process, those old negative etheric parasites, viruses, AI devices and other Team Dark creations have been and continue to be pushed up and out of our physical and etheric bodies, consciousness, and external physical personal and collective world reality.

No fear, just consciously knowing what’s always been there for many thousands of years. It seems like a big dramatic issue now only because more people have been and currently are waking up to the fact that this negativity has ALWAYS been there, just below humanities ability to realize that this level has always existed at that lower frequency range we all were born into before the Ascension Process began. Because we’re evolving, ascending to a higher level of being, experience and existence now, more people are increasingly and suddenly becoming aware of what I call Team Dark and human Portal People.

One of the first negative etheric things I’ve clairvoyantly seen repeatedly since 2000, was a single periwinkle colored sphere. The only changes it’s ever made that I’ve been aware of was its size. It could shrink down to a small sphere the size of a typical “orb”, or it could expand itself to the size of a physical basketball. It was always periwinkle colored, opaque, singular and 3D spherical. It gave off no easily readable energies and felt neither positive nor negative to me. And that was where I got had by it — not being able to discern or read it energetically well enough to instantly know which team it batted for!

After many years of not clairvoyantly Seeing this single periwinkle sphere, it suddenly showed up again in October 2022. If you re-read 2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions you’ll see I mentioned getting tiny watery pimples??? in certain areas of my face, including some other things I’d never had before. In December 2022, two of those tiny face pimple whatever they were things got seriously infected and forced me to an Urgent Care facility on my birthday to get antibiotics. The sudden return of this etheric periwinkle colored sphere I was repeatedly Seeing again, along with everything I’ve experienced from October 2022 through January 2023, are connected.

You physically see, clairvoyantly See and/or dream or lucid dream and perceive some strange etheric something, and around the same time suddenly become sick in some way, disabled in some way, oppressed in some way or ways, then you need to quickly put two-and-two together and perceive the larger, more complex multidimensional picture of what you’re experiencing and why as best you can at the time. Easier said than done oftentimes I definitely understand however.

I don’t know the things I know because I read them somewhere. I know them from having lived them multiple times throughout my 71 years and counting. Firsthand experience coupled with lifelong clairvoyance, claircognizance, decent multidimensional awareness, honestly knowing Team Light and Team Dark, grasping the past Great Cycle spent in Duality, and being able to retain accurate awareness of my multidimensional experiences is why I know what I do. I continue to write about these things to hopefully help educate people about their being multi-dimensional Beings that are currently quickly evolving through monumental amounts of ancient and current density and negativity internally and externally. 2023 will reflect this fact to far more people as they (we all) reel from these rapid evolutionary pressures and changes happening within their bodies and around them worldwide. During 2023, very old negativity intentionally done to humanity and their DNA to suppress them, is and will continue to be rapidly brought to the surface to be physically and etherically purged. I’m not talking about the Volunteer First Everythingers and Starseed individuals because we’ve already been doing this in our bodies. I’m talking about unaware humans, people who don’t know about this compressed evolutionary Ascension Process taking place in their lifetimes. People that don’t know about NEW Earth or NEW Humans. I’m talking about them, which means it’s going to be a wild 2023 ride for all of us as we work through this “event” on ascending Earth. It also means that even more people will choose to quickly die and exit their bodies for personal reasons this year than the past five years. It also means far more people will come undone mentally and emotionally due to the severe energetic, physical and psychological stresses and pressures of living during rapid and extensive evolution.

Back to the deceptive camouflage tactics of Team Dark’s etheric devices, tools, inorganic AI creatures and creations deliberately made to look to humans as “glittery” and like they’re true Source Light.

In the early years of the physical level Ascension Process when I first started clairvoyantly Seeing this etheric periwinkle colored sphere, I made the mistake of naively thinking that because it was periwinkle colored—what I believed was a higher frequency color—it therefore must be something positive, something good. Aah, and the hard-earned, dangerous firsthand learning begins yet again! Stupidly, it never dawned on me that I was under demonic attack at that time, which goes a long way in showing how gullible, susceptible and woefully unaware we of the Light have been. We’re familiar with the Light, but it’s too often been hard for us to comprehend the full extent of Team Dark’s negativity, parasitic methods, global influence and dark madness. Because of that, we’ve been attacked in lower Duality frequency by some Team Dark aliens, a variety of negative etheric alien AI devices, demon(s), and other bewildering extradimensional beings and creatures.

Also, if the opposition knows that some of us are clairvoyant and clairaudient etc. and can indeed See, Hear, Feel and perceive them, they camouflage themselves and their etheric tools and devices in old classic earth human forms they know we’ll believe is the Light, is an Ascended Master, is a positive ET or group of ETs, is Jesus, is Angelic and so on. They know some humans will indeed See, Hear and/or perceive some part, some message(s), some aspects of them and their tools but not be able to energetically discern them so they disguise themselves to trick the incarnate human ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, and anyone else that can See, Hear and/or perceive them.

Over the decades I’ve experienced numerous intentionally crafted Disinformation Dreams I’m going to call them, put together and astrally broadcast by negative aliens & co. for the purpose of deceiving as many incarnate human clairvoyants and sensitives as possible. They knew some of us would retain the memory of these dreams and would share what we experienced in them with other people and online. There has been intentional negative physical disinformation tactics AND there’s been intentional negative etheric disinformation tactics done to humanity.

And FYI, the majority of but not all of those Team Dark created worldwide Disinformation Dreams broadcast astrally to influence as many people, their consciousness and emotions as they could, were about fleets of thousands upon thousands of UFOs filling the Earth sky from horizon to horizon and all of them “positive” when they were not. That’s how fast and easy it’s been for Team Dark aliens to influence humans into believing that massive numbers of positive aliens are coming to help humanity.

[I wonder how many months it’ll take for this personal experience and Higher Awareness of mine to be plagiarized and show up on one of the popular TV aliens and/or paranormal shows? I’m not kidding or being snarky because it’s happened before.]

Most people are totally unaware of when they’re being used and/or deceived by Team Dark and that includes people like me that are Volunteers, Seers, Knowers, Empaths, Sensitives and Lightworkers that embody and Work with true Divine Light in and through their physical, etheric and energy bodies. Learn to honestly and accurately recognize the negative, their tactics, physical and etheric tools, characteristics, mental and emotional behaviors including the plentiful and worsening psychopathic anti-human humans. Know when you’ve been played and learn from it. Use the negative abuses—alien and Portal People human—to know more as you continue evolving in this profoundly important and rare lifetime of ascension evolution. 2023 is going to force this one all year on evolving, ascending humanity.

Another layer of this is what’s been called the ‘false light’. If you cannot honestly, accurately, and instantly discern for yourself what is true Divine Light and what is inorganic, intentionally created negative false light, then when you see and/or See negative false light you’re going to misinterpret it and what you think and believe it is and everything else about it. Team Dark created inorganic ‘false light’ looks much like manmade florescent light. It’s dull, flat, lifeless, empty feeling and lacks true Source lifeforce.

Another etheric AI Team Dark alien device I’ve clairvoyantly Seen repeatedly for many years is what looks much like this photo of a physical LED flashlight or LED stage light.

What I’ve Seen with this has always been white colored false light coming from small round shaped circles in this larger circular pattern. There is no container surrounding these round lights as they are the device. It is an etheric inorganic Artificial Intelligence AI monitoring device. What does it monitor? Incarnate humans living the Ascension Process to increase the frequency rate of Earth for humanity.

I knew the first time I clairvoyantly Saw this etheric item manifest in the air near me that it was a Team Dark alien creation. What it did however took me much longer to discern. Every time I Saw it, I paid close attention to what I was sensing, feeling, intuiting and perceiving about it. Over time I discovered it was an etheric AI monitoring device, not a weapon, as some others have been. It watched me, it kept track of me, not my physical location but my living the Ascension Process and how that was changing me, my physical and energy bodies, consciousness and higher abilities. That was what it was monitoring.

Many Team Dark alien creations are an inorganic entity of sorts with AI. Think of all the tech and AI devices and tools that exist in our physical lives. Now think of those types of tech tools and AI devices having been created by Team Dark negative aliens etherically. There’s physical human “Big Brother” and then there’s this shit, this Team Dark alien etheric shit. There’s physical alien implants and etheric alien implants. There’s “the Matrix” as most humans think of it and then there’s the interdimensional levels of it. I should say, there has been this shit. Some of it/them are still around etherically in early 2023, and some have recently been popping up again in our lives but it’s why it’s happening now that’s the point of this article.

The next item I want to cover is something that looked to me like not only false light but had layers and layers of inorganic camouflage around it resembling a multi-ringed mandala of sorts. It was anything but a mandala, it was a Team Dark etheric parasite entity. It was not AI; it was a parasitic entity.

The pink and white image above doesn’t look anything like it but it’s as close a replica I could find. I clairvoyantly Saw this etheric parasite creature only once and for a few seconds in the middle of the night while going through a rigorous liver and gall bladder stones flush a couple years ago. This etheric parasite entity looked like it was Light but it was not. It looked like a round lit mandala with numerous layers of rings of pale false light, each a slightly different shade of pallid false light in very washed-out colors. I got the sense that the layers and layers of round false light rings were its camouflage, its protective disguise. It was the very tiny center of this thing that was the actual etheric parasite creature. That small center point was half black and half white colored and somewhat reminded me of the old ying yang Duality symbol. The black and white halves resembled small bubbles or fish eggs and felt to me to be ancient, sickly, parasitic, anemic, half dead and eternally ravenous. It was repulsive, on top of that it HATED me with an inorganic parasitic vengeance!

As some of you may remember, I loved chocolate candies and ate way too much of them over these ascension years. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, my addiction was chocolate candy. Eventually my gall bladder rebelled to the point where I had to do a rigorous liver and gall bladder stone 6-day cleanse and 7th day flush.

During the flushing out phase of this process, while seated on the toilet most of the night purging physical liver and gallstones, something etheric connected to them was also purged. An etheric parasite entity manifested right in front of me at eye level. I cannot express what an outlandish and horrid face-to-face meeting this was. I stared at it, and it stared at me for a few seconds before vanishing. What I realized in those brief moments staring at it and it at me was significant and revelatory. It HATED me. I repeat, it HATED me in the way Team Dark HATES humans, and females even more. It had been etherically energetically feeding off me throughout my ascension chocolate candy addiction years.

Now here comes the really interesting, insightful and educational part to all this. For many years before this night of liver and gallstone purging, I had a NEED to eat a lot of chocolate candy. But from the day after this flush, that craving, that need and addiction to ingesting chocolate candy completely vanished. So which came first? The chocolate candy addiction or the negative etheric parasite entity attachment? The answer was obvious because my chocolate addiction abruptly ended the moment the etheric parasite entity was unattached from me via the physical liver and gall bladder cleanse and purge. Turned out my chocolate addiction—and the damage and pain it caused—was something spawned and maintained by this ravenous etheric parasite entity. Hungry-hungry monsters.

We think we know; we believe we know what’s what but often we discover that reality is far more complex and complicated than we’d ever have believed. We are multidimensional Beings physically, etherically and energetically living and Working, fighting and purging, embodying and evolving our ways through the most negative physical and etheric shit filth with its variety of parasitic inhabitants that one could imagine, and much more we can’t.

Things have changed however because we’ve recently entered Triality frequency, the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template, and more NEW codes for NEW Humans on NEW Earth. Because of these changes that have unfolded very intensely each year since the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, today in January 2023, the rest of the world has entered the higher Triality frequencies, the Divine Mother Feminine energy template for ascending humanity and Earth during this next Great Cycle in higher Triality, New Age, and all the rest of it. All that was hidden in plain sight during our lengthy time in Duality and the old Ages, is being purged up and out into the Light for all to see and know and want nothing to do with any of it/them ever again.

The reason why some have been experiencing a seeming increase in Team Dark attacks and/or experiencing some of these monitoring AI devices again is because of this major shift of humanity now existing in Triality frequency on ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans in 2023. Because this happened globally at the entrance into 2023, all of humanity is and will continue to now being much more affected by these compressed evolutionary Ascension Process energies. On the one hand, this is a big milestone for humanity. On the other hand this big milestone is going to be a really rough go for many people worldwide. Humans don’t like or do well with big change and this is bigger than they can comprehend.

Even though it may look and feel like Team Dark is still running the Earth show and humanity, know they no longer are. Because of this 2023 shift for global humanity into the higher NEW, more of the old lower negative stuff, etheric devices, tools, parasites and all else is being ousted and purged from our physical and etheric bodies and our world reality. I shouldn’t need to say how big a deal this is, or how rough it’s going to sometimes be for many humans, and nonhumans. And it’s no coincidence that the USA government and its systems are reflecting these big changes. This will only increase this year and in 2024. In March 2023 when Saturn enters Pisces and Pluto enters Aquarius (it retrogrades back into Capricorn in 2023), the old global patriarchy will feel the deep, ongoing sting of compressed evolution on multiple fronts. Patriarchal Church and State being the two (Duality) main ones worldwide. Saturn in Pisces in 2023 and these NEW energy templates, frequencies and codes will end the patriarchal negativity and distortions in all world religions. Pluto in Aquarius will do the same for the same reasons to all patriarchal governments, politics, and control systems worldwide. More about these particular astrological sign changes in an upcoming article. For now, know mega changes are coming and very soon. Translated that means great and difficult and tumultuous at the same time for most humans.

On another related note, remember in the early years of the Ascension Process I talked about feeling what I called the sudden ice pick like pains? Back in the early days of incoming NEW crystalline Light, we often felt the Light literally pierce into our bones which hurt like holy hell! Thankfully that pain would only last for one or two seconds because any longer would cause us to pass out from the severity of it. Infusing our old carbon-based template bones with higher frequency NEW crystalline Light energies was no physical walk in the park, but we’ve embodied much NEW Light into them nonetheless.

This particular ongoing Ascension Process symptom is currently being felt by more people lately as happening in their skin, just under the skin, and on the surface of the skin. What first started deep in our bones many ascension years ago, is now being felt in and on our skin. This is how filled up with NEW crystalline Light energies we’ve become over these difficult ascension years. I mention this because feeling the NEW higher crystalline Light energies in and on your skin often feels like numerous tiny needles going into your skin and/or radiating out of your skin. It hurts only slightly in comparison to having our bones infused with crystalline Light, but it’s common for it to feel like it’s stinging, stabbing and irritating our skin in different areas at times. I’ve sometimes felt this briefly in one or both eyes, especially when the brain glands were being evolved into higher NEW Human Triality systems.

Know too that the recent heavy rains and snowfall is part of everything I’ve talked about here. These NEW crystalline, Triality-based Light energies and codes of and for NEW Earth and NEW Humans are easily held in water; water in our cells and bodies and in Earth/Gaia’s cells and body. All these late 2022 into January 2023 energy elevations and expansions is why the big increase lately in earthquakes and volcanic activity. It’s all related to the January 2023 shift of global humanity having entered Triality frequency of ascending NEW Earth.

Denise Le Fay

January 17, 2023

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