December 2022: Continued Purging Old Limitations & Embodying Higher NEW

October 8, 2010, I wrote something at TRANSITIONS I want to pull out of the past and share at HighHeartLife for perspective. The 10-10-10 of October 10, 2010, was twelve years ago, as was the Living Three Days Life Review of December 21, 22 and 23, 2012. Twelve years ago. It’s felt like multiple lifetimes, very difficult and dangerous lifetimes played out, still playing out in our current lives of rare compressed evolutionary ascension. Here’s the October 2010 article.


In typical Denise fashion I perceive, receive higher complex information and large concepts in almost embarrassingly simplified ways. This is why I write the way I do; I cut to the chase and go for the bottom-line because I usually don’t perceive/receive all the detailed filler information such as names, sub-zones, levels and such. It isn’t all that important to me in all honesty. Once I have perceived some main aspects of certain Bigger Pictures, I don’t need all the names and complex finer details. I perceive/receive the overall gist and feel of what’s happening, why and when.


I’ve decided to write this exactly as I perceived/received this information and not do as much interpreting, explaining and defining as I usually try to do. We’re all needing to evolve to where we don’t depend on certain people and/or systems and/or only our left-brained intellect to define reality for us. After thousands of years of deliberate dark BS, lies and distortions from lower frequency people and global systems, we’ve reached spiritual adulthood now and need to start defining reality for ourselves. The Body and Brain Rewiring will enable us to do this and much more.

I’d like you to see in your mind’s eye exactly what I’ve seen, felt and know about the 09-09-09 (September 9, 2009) through 12-21-12 (December 21, 2012) transitions because I believe it’s how more of us are going to be perceiving/receiving higher Light information/knowledge now; decreased linear words (telepathic and physically written/spoken), with increased visual symbols as large chunks of complex Light information. Below are two highly simplified symbolic visual information concepts about the 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010) energy Stair-step transition that I perceived/received a while ago. Actually, it is not only the triple tens of October 10, 2010. Another level or phase within the ongoing Ascension Process was activated via the 09-09-09 of September 9, 2009 and will continue to unfold quickly and dramatically now through the 10-10-10, and the 11-11-11, and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 remaining important energy transitions. See, feel and know these two symbolic visuals and interpret this phase of The Process for yourself.


In your mind’s eye envision a massive dense rain forest from overhead as if you were in an airplane looking down on it. There is absolutely nothing down there but dense trees and other thick vegetation. No cleared areas whatsoever, no roads, absolutely nothing but thick, dark, dense, scary and impenetrable rain forest. Do you see it? Can you hear the airplane’s little engine running far up above? Can you see the vast and dense rain forest below you? See it, hear it, feel it and hold it in your inner mind’s eye and heart as you keep reading, feeling and knowing.

The pilot of this small plane has one very important passenger on-board who desires to land in that dense Earth forest. Problem is, there’s absolutely no place to land the plane and this very important passenger must land and step off on to the ground. This passenger will not parachute but must land and touch the ground in this precise way. So, the pilot and his very important passenger continue flying in large slow circles overhead, searching, waiting, searching far and wide, hoping to find a small landing strip somewhere below in the massive denseness.


You have a burning, unrelenting cosmic soul NEED to carve out a landing strip in the middle of a dense, dark, dangerous rain forest by yourself. WTF! Really? Do you realize how insanely difficult and dangerous that’s going to be? Are you aware that you may not be able to complete the landing strip in time for the small airplane to land? Shit… Hum… No, I can do it. It is what I do and do very well so cheerio, fuck-it-all, I’m carving out a damned landing strip in the middle of a massive dense, dark rain forest alone and by-hand and I absolutely will not stop until it is completed.

Amazingly you’ve succeeded in carving out a large, magnificent landing strip in the middle of a dense rain forest. You are however all cut up, bruised, bloody, beat to hell, unimaginably exhausted, and you just want to sit down and have a good long hard cry and little Pity Party for yourself. Go ahead, you’ve earned it for god sake. You carved out a freaking landing strip in the middle of a dense dark jungle where angels fear to tread! Have that hard-earned, gut-wrenching, snot-flying, deep soul-sobbing cry and be proud because you did it despite the enormous difficulties and dangers involved. (This fellow Lightworkers, Forerunners, Pathpavers represents Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, which I’m sure you recognize.)

So, there you are in all your Starseed, Lightworker, Pathpaver dirty, bloody and beat-up glory sitting exhausted and crying on your mighty fine looking landing strip in the middle of a dense—but now oh so much brighter open and cleared—rain forest. You wait, and wait, and wait there for months, then years, but no one comes. Insert more intense and dejected crying, confusion and anger along with short periods of real self-doubt here.

Then one day you hear it, the ever so faint sound of a small airplane flying overhead far in the distance. OMG, could it be? Is The Great Day finally here? You bet your sweet Forerunner, Lightworker, tired Old Soul ass it is finally here!

‘Da plane, da plane!’  your weary and nearly broken mind excitedly sings like a spiritual joke from that old TV show Fantasy Island. You hear the small plane finally approaching and you know it’s going to land on your beloved landing strip. Deep inside you also know that the real fun will start now. You glance at your watch to check the date and time and sure enough, it’s 10-10-10. Oh man, here it finally comes after all these brutal, isolated, painful and dangerous years of intense preparation Work.


See this next symbolic scenario in your mind’s eye and High Heart too for you already know all this but maybe haven’t put all the puzzle pieces together yet.

You’ve got very special company coming to visit you soon, so you start the massive house cleaning, yard cleaning, window washing, buffing and polishing, washing and everything cleaning in preparation. This is so exciting and rare, but it is going to take plenty of time and serious energy-consuming cleaning and clearing Work to get your house, yard, and yourself ready for the arrival of your very special company.

You start the massive cleaning, clearing and trash removal Work on your house—inside and out—and in your yard too. You’ve got plenty of time to get it all done before your company arrives, however, you know your back is going to hurt like all hell doing it all, that you’re going to become profoundly tired and in a lot of extra pain and stress trying to do so much work, so much cleaning, so much polishing and prep Work for this special company that’s coming. It doesn’t matter, you dive into all your cleaning and clearing work despite the extra aches, pains and fatigue that it causes your physical body and everything else. You rest when you can and get back to the intense cleaning and clearing work day after exhausting day. On top of all this however, you still have your daily “regular life’s work and chores” that need to be done too but you somehow manage to get it all done.

It’s slow going and there’s far more dirt, junk and mess than you initially realized was there, but you keep at it because you’re so excited to have this particular company coming. It makes the long and difficult cleaning and trash removal Work worth it when you think about how much fun it’s going to be once this particular company arrives.

Finally, you take a long careful look around your house both inside and out and check the yard to make sure it is clean and beautiful. Most all the cleaning Work is done now, and despite your being absolutely exhausted after endless months of cleaning and prep Work, your house, yard and everything else is looking and feeling exceptionally nice, clean, tidy and ready for your very special company. You glance at your calendar one more time to check the date to see how long before your company arrives, and you discover it’s only a few days now. 10-10-10 is right around the corner and your very special company will begin arriving then. 


You smile in anticipation and joy over having succeeded in carving out the difficult landing strip in the middle of the dense and nearly impenetrable rain forest on time. You smile in anticipation and joy over having succeeded in cleaning and clearing your entire house, yard, and everything else in preparation of the arrival of your special out-of-town company. And importantly, you finally understand WHO the special passenger is in the small plane that’s getting ready to land now; you understand WHO your special out-of-town company is that’s arriving with the 10-10-10 energies. You finally understand WHY you were so obsessed about carving a landing strip in the middle of a dense, dangerous rain forest by yourself (the old physical 3D dense world of Duality). You finally understand WHY you were so obsessed about cleaning and clearing your entire house and yard (the transmuting and resolving of polarity, karma, and all lower frequency energies within yourself, mind, heart and bodies that was Phase 1 of the Ascension Process). All of this long, painful and incredibly difficult prep Work was absolutely necessary so that higher aspects of YOU could even “land” and then start to merge with, be embodied by you physically.

10-10-10 is the start of this intense phase of us embodying, continuously and increasingly housing within our physical bodies more of what has always existed at higher dimensions. You know why this can finally happen because you’ve done all the insanely difficult and painful prep Work, cleaning and clearing for over a decade. Since 09-09-09, we’ve been inching our ways towards finally having these next particular transitions happen. The 10-10-10, 11-11-11, and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 Stair-steps or portals or gates are the last three important Ascension Process transitions we have to journey through. There’s more than just these three but they are huge in what and why.

The plane is finally landing, your special company is finally arriving via these remaining 10-10-10 and beyond incremental energy Stair-steps. Guess how amazing and easily creative it’s going to be to literally embody so much more of YOU—the pilot, his special passenger, your very special company, plus you who did all the cleaning and landing strip prep Work—in your physical body on the new 5D Earth from here on out? Hey, that sounds like your doorbell ringing, you had better get it.  ❤

Denise Le Fay

October 8, 2010

Some of you may remember me mentioning that I started seeing the numbers 12-21 in January 2022, which I’d never experienced before, not from the very start of another year that is. I interpreted that persistent message to mean that the December 21, 2022 Solstice was highlighted energetically and indicating another big change Shift was coming with our reaching 12-21-2022 and moving into January 2023. 

In fact, multiple really big energy change Shifts are lined up for us to live through as the energy stairsteps they always are. March 2023 is packed with extremely important astrological sign changes, but they will happen in NEW higher energetic Triality levels, which humanity has never before experienced. They will be, quite literally, consciousness and reality changing.

So, what at first looks like a little plane trying to land in a dense jungle; what at first looks like special company is coming to visit you; what at first looks like Jupiter entering Aries on the December 2022 Solstice (it takes Jupiter twelve years to transit the entire zodiac); what at first just looks like a lot of different things is actually numerous big changes into more of our NEW Human lives on ascending NEW Earth, and much more. 

The point I want to stress is for each of you to honestly take a good look and feel into how much you—current incarnate you—has changed to date since whenever it was that you and your physical body began the evolutionary Ascension Process. Said another way, it’s a good time now to take honest inventory of your evolving, ascending self. Some of you don’t need to do this because you are well aware of how much more of YOU—the passenger in the little plane looking for that landing strip that physical you Worked so long and hard to create for many years, the special company coming to visit physical you have Embodied and embodied to date. You can feel Soul YOU and how much more it and incarnate physical you reading this have merged, have become “One” physically and consciously and are evolving into a true NEW Human.

The simplest way I can think of at this moment to accurately describe what this feels like to physical incarnate Denise me, is that I no longer miss higher Home. I no longer miss Home because the little airplane passenger and I have merged. I no longer miss Home because that special company arrived years ago, and I’ve been Working mightily ever since to continuously merge with it. I no longer miss Home because my Embodying more of ME automatically creates Home right where physical incarnate me is, constantly. Right where physical you are, constantly. 

Another simple way of describing this at this point and level, is that I honestly feel how I AM a physicalized, incarnate aspect of Divine Source and Divine Self now. This is absolutely not intellectual, not nirvana-like blissful, not supernatural otherworldly, but is amazingly physicalized in my physical body and incarnate self. I am the I AM that I am, and I know it because enough of this process has happened within me so far. Please notice I said so far. More is coming however for all who are, capital “E”, Embodying their Soul within incarnate physical self. This ascension option is available to all of ascending humanity, however most won’t choose it now. For most, reaching Triality frequency and individual HighHeart will be such a mystical evolutionary change Shift that they’ll celebrate life, consciousness, and reality from this level of ascended NEW Human and be deeply satisfied with it for a very long while. 

Because humans are coming from heavy density and negativity within what was total Duality frequency, consciousness and reality, many continue laying that old lower consciousness template on to the evolutionary Ascension Process and what is happening to us and our bodies. They believe and expect that everything will suddenly go from the extreme density, negativity and Duality of our recent pre-ascension past into instantaneous complete Light Love and all else. It doesn’t work that way. When ascending while remaining in your physical body, you must incrementally transcend, evolve, ascend Duality frequency to actually and safely embody and move into higher Triality frequency, which is why all this is seemingly taking so long to those of us living it in body. Truth is that it’s been happening incredibly fast and is unfolding even faster now that we’re in Phase 2 (2020 on).

Evolutionary Multitasking 

2022 has been energetically and physically intense, oftentimes more physically painful than ascension usual, more stressful, unremittingly personal, timeless, highly focused, a hodgepodge of yearlong weird dreams, periods of rapid mental and emotional run-through onslaughts like you’re feeling, purging and moving through epic amounts of both past personal and past human collective experiences. Much of the entire past lower Duality reality template cycle’s debris wreckage rubble has been floating around us, and if you’re sensitive, you’ve felt it many, many times. There’s been a lot more than just physical viruses wafting around throughout 2022. There’s been ancient and super ancient negative alien and human etheric and emotional debris rubble floating around us because we’re exiting that time/level/template/space.

Have you ever felt and been aware of how dramatically the energy in the house or apartment you’ve lived in changes while you’re packing your belongings to move out? As you withdraw your energies, focus, and emotions from that house or apartment and location during the packing and moving out period, numerous etheric parasitic lifeforms get sucked into the building you’re leaving, like a vacuum of sorts. This is a combination of the parasitic nonphysical entities trying to remain attached energetically to you, plus your energetic, emotional and mental disconnect and physical withdrawal from that building and space creates a temporary suction type side effect for a brief while. As you’re physically moving out of your old living quarters, the temperature noticeably drops inside that house/apartment, and these etheric parasitic creatures brazenly rush into the empty space close behind you. 

Now imagine that happening on a planetary, dimensional, cosmic scale!

Maybe now some of the constant weird 2021 and 2022 dreams and awake periods of abrupt emotional and mental “drive by shooting” cluster onslaughts make a bit more sense. We’ve moved out of old Duality frequency patriarchal Earth, but some old lower residual debris wreckage is temporarily trying to surf our grand exit waves, doing their best to remain attached to us or pull us down. This phase will pass but there’s a couple more years of it to get through before it all falls away permanently. This is after all, a permanent planetary and cosmic dimensional move we’re making! The parasites and other negatives don’t want this, so they cling and claw at us on our way out. This is an aspect of the ascension move to NEW Earth from what we came from; this is an aspect of the ascension move to becoming a NEW Human from what we were before. Trust the evolutionary Ascension and Embodiment Processes, all the panicked ravenous angry monsters will die off and disappear. 

The more incarnate evolving Denise me and Divine Soul ME unifies internally, the more this higher NEW Human version insists on the external world being an immediate match. The one thing must have the other thing; the one thing automatically produces the other thing; the one thing automatically causes the (in this case) physical manifestation of the other thing via its transfigured NEW Human HighHeart physical existence.

I now view the world I exist in with more innate higher frequency power and strength than I could have imagined prior to this level of my ongoing Embodiment Process. It obviously changes everything both internally and externally. My physical presence in the physical world further evolves it, and more quickly than before I reached this 2022 level of my ongoing Embodiment Process. We’re NEW Humans and we need a matching like-frequency world to exist in immediately. This is hard to express, this ferocious determination and colossal must-have matching higher frequency Earth world, people, life and reality as quickly as possible. There is nothing else but this for me at this point within the evolutionary Ascension Process and my personal Embodiment Process, the freeing of humanity from the low negative past. 

As incredible as all that is and feels within me, my physical body, and my expanding higher consciousness and awareness, I’ve been simultaneously going through a difficult and at time increased physically painful process of purging old negative intentional DNA alterations, limitations and restrictions from my physical body. So have many of you reading this. 

I’ve been aware of this phase and level of this being extremely focused and intense since the start of October and continuing into November and December 2022. The last quarter of every of these ascension years are always jampacked with yearend energetic embodying more NEW, while simultaneously purging more old lower at the time that MUST be removed before we enter the next higher yet frequency year. 

I wrote about one aspect of this in my November 1, 2022 article, 2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions. This and more has continued into December 2022, which is why many of us are still experiencing some very strange body purging symptoms and more severe body pains and weakness than usual. Higher and lower frequencies cannot co-exist in the same space, and that includes the physical human body. So, this accelerated purge of ancient negative—in this case Reptilian that I’m aware of but is probably more—intentional human DNA alterations and restrictions have been in the process of being permanently removed from our DNA and physical bodies these past few months. More Embodied Soul and physical Denise me can no longer have these negative DNA alterations done to humanity long ago in me so this accelerated purging has been unfolding in our DNA, bodies and consciousness very intensely since October 2022, in preparation for our entrance into January 2023 and the higher, larger NEW Triality frequencies that 2023 contain. 

Have you also noticed and/or been personally experiencing a sudden increase of some of the old negative patriarchal systems doing their best to pull you back into those systems and that insane fray since October 2022? I have, and I know more of it is coming next year. Remember what I said about feeling the absolute need to have a matching frequency world to exist in that’s a match to the Divine NEW and personal inner changes I’ve been going through? Remember what I said about our moving out of our old houses, apartments, homes and what happens because of that? These negative attempts to pull us back down, contain us in, and sidetrack us with a barrage of old patriarchal system controlling hoop jumping demands and tactics have increased since October 2022, which are responses to these latest DNA purging freedom changes and our embodying more NEW Triality level DNA. Negative blowback in other words, and this blowback will continue into and for most if not all of 2023. Don’t think with Duality consciousness, but with Triality, and you’ll more easily understand these final hanging on struggles and such taking place now internally and externally. These negative reinsertion and control attempts won’t matter but they’re trying hard nonetheless.

Sometime soon you will honestly realize and understand to what degree and extent you were a true First Everythinger. You’ll accurately see how much of an evolutionary Pioneer and Pathpaver you’ve really been, even while you weren’t aware that you were personally carving out a private landing strip in the dense negativity for your Soul to land fully in the physical so the two of you/YOU could become “One” in your current physical body. Sometime soon enough ascension “moving dust” will settle so that you, we, will KNOW who we really are and what we helped actually get accomplished down here, where it’s been incorrectly said that Angels fear to tread.’  😉 Have an exceptional December 2022 everyone. 

Denise Le Fay

December 17, 2022

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