Crossing the Ascension Demarcation Line

I’ve been extra chatty lately, writing articles one right after another, because we’re in such profound change that I feel it might be helpful to some to hear more from me during this major Shift phase. The expected and unexpected, the weird and super weird, the strange and unusual, the quantum nonlinear and so much more is here now but there’s nothing to fear, only understand better from a personal level for each of us.

I published my previous article on Saturday, August 19, 2017, because I HAD to for a lot of different reasons. When I woke up Sunday morning August 20, 2017, it was semi-dark outside and I instantly knew I wasn’t in linear time again and to just roll with it, whatever “it” was or will become. I knew I was in the Solar eclipse near full totality, which was “impossible” because 1) I live in Southern California below Los Angles and above San Diego and inland a bit. I knew what I was experiencing wasn’t “normal” but there’s very little that is “normal” anymore, and thankfully after a lifetime of Team Dark stunts and attacks etc., not much scares me so this was just a new adventure to me. [I’m sharing all this because everyone is or will be having their own unique adventures too, both in linear time and in nonlinear quantum time and in multiple dimensions also.] And 2) because the Solar eclipse wasn’t going to happen until the next day, Monday, August 21, 2017!

I got up and went about my physical chores as usual, but as the hours past on Sunday the 20th, the semi-darkness caused by the Solar eclipse that was happening the next day, Monday, didn’t increase or decrease but stayed the same all day! I knew I wasn’t in linear time and space but was in some quantum nonlinear Now Moment and to pay attention, Feel, learn, See whatever was available to See from Higher Awareness and so on and just ride this thing out for as long as it lasted, and it lasted all day until the Sun went down. I shouldn’t need to say that it made for a very unusual day that gave me plenty of “time” to move about in, pay attention to, create within, look into quantum No Time.

A few hours into this on Sunday, August 20th, I Saw something out in space. It was both out in physical space, and it was in higher dimensions too, so for me to say it was “here” and nowhere else simultaneously is incorrect. This is what it’s like trying to linearly write/talk about nonlinear, quantum, multidimensional things, experiences, visions, educations, creations and such; rather difficult at best and still often limited unfortunately.

While my personal nonlinear Solar eclipse was happening for me a day before the actual physical Solar eclipse, I Saw an image of something huge, massive out in physical space that looked to me much like these two images above. The color of this wall of energy, this energetic veil, this clearly visible energy demarcation line out in space was somewhat similar to the color of the dusty gray purple image. Should have been more on the mauve side than purple but whatever, that’s just the way I perceived it at that No Time time. There weren’t stars or anything in or on it, it was opaque and you could see black space below it and above it unlike the image above. It looked like a huge very slowly undulating energy curtain much like the second pale pink image above. As I viewed this energy veil or curtain in space, I knew it was what Sandra Walter had recently mentioned in one of her articles that she called a ‘wall’. (I’ll add a link to her article where she mentions this outside of my copyright at the bottom if interested in reading it.)

Energy veil, energy curtain, energy wall, we’re talking about the same thing, and based on what I’ve experienced so far, we’re ALL passing through it at some point within the rest of the month of August 2017.

The August 21, 2017 Solar eclipse across the USA wiped away, erased everything that was of the old lower Earth world reality/realities and codes etc. which was necessary preparation for everyone to reboot and ascend/evolve through this Separation of Worlds energy curtain, veil or ‘wall’ where only the NEW much higher frequency Light codes etc. were simultaneously installed. Again, this Ascension Process energy demarcation event happened to me when and how I experienced and perceived IT, but how and when (which day, which hour, which moment in No Time nonlinear quantum-ness) each person experiences and perceives IT will be uniquely theirs. It is however happening continuously from just before the August 21, 2017 eclipse, through the rest of August as best I’m perceiving to date. If I can experience the Solar eclipse a day before it physically happens, and experience it with greater Solar darkness than where I physically live would produce, and experience it from sunup to sundown, then anything is possible from here on out so just roll with the quantum “anomalies” and enjoy the ride(s).

As I viewed this energy demarcation line, or curtain, veil, or ‘wall’ out in space, I did so from the approach side of it. The Earth was behind me by quiet a bit as I viewed it, and before I forget to mention this, the Earth was minuscule in size next to this massive energy curtain/veil/wall. A few moments later the vision changed and I and Earth now were on the departure side of this energy curtain or veil or ‘wall’. The crossing through it happened in the twinkling of an eye and I felt nothing physically from having passed through it. I was in the Zero Point, No Time throughout this entire experience that, from one perspective lasted from sunup to sundown on Sunday, August 20th. From another perspective it lasted a split second, and from another perspective it didn’t even happen, and from another it happened over a couple of linear hours and so on. Welcome to conscious multidimensional being and also to getting familiar, once again, with existing within quantum No Time or Zero Point while at those many other levels of being and reality/realities. Duality reality was juggling two balls, this is juggling dozens and dozens and more beyond linear time space reality life.

The rest of Sunday, August 20th continued to be ultra strange and timeless which feels pretty comfy everyone because everything and everyone else isn’t there! Nice and quiet and expansive for farther than one can imagine… I remember going to bed that night but nothing after that point.

When I woke up the next day—just saying that feels increasingly weird and wrong but we need to continue this language until we don’t—Monday, August 21, 2017 the physical day of the Solar eclipse, I went about my usual morning routines then went outside in my backyard to bask in the physical Solar eclipse and do some Work from higher levels. A few hours after this I felt Lisa Transcendence Brown had something important to say, to share, so I checked out her blog area and discovered she’d made a new video on August 20, 2017. (I’ll add a link to it too at the end of my article if interested. I suggest you watch it and read Sandra Walter’s article(s) because we’re all talking about this Separation of Worlds that’s happened, the Solar eclipse energies, and the biggie — crossing this energy curtain, veil, wall, space now and throughout the rest of August.

I’ll end this here because we’re all still in IT, in this unusual but wonderful passing through this energy curtain, veil, wall and Zero Point space and energies so things are still and will continue to feel and behave rather strangely. It’s all the ongoing Ascension Process however, it’s just that we’ve reached the really exciting point finally where things are and will continue to get increasingly easy and beautiful, magical and divine, self-empowered and creative so be willing to let go of EVERYTHING (yes I just yelled that word!) so that you can more comfortably, quickly and easily ascend/evolve into the NEW higher everything. We’re not in linearity anymore so expect the unexpected and Divine.

My deepest Gratitude to All for doing what only each of you can do for us All. ❤ ❤ ❤


August 22, 2017

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Lisa Transcendence Brown’s latest video –


Sandra Walter’s latest article –

34 thoughts on “Crossing the Ascension Demarcation Line

    • Edith & All,

      I left for a few days because I HAD to due to all the August/Eclipse/energy curtain passage etc. energies. I didn’t physically go anywhere, didn’t leave physically, but I certainly left energetically and emotionally and you obviously felt my doing this Edith. I’m certain many people felt me not here the past few days. When I feel better I’ll probably write some about this but I’m not there yet. Man this one was/is huge (as we knew it would be) and the body and much more has been through the cosmic ringer this month.

      Know I’m okay, just in a very NEW place and that my physical body and emotions have been and still are dealing with and readjusting to these latest massive changes. ❤

  • yes folks the masses are acting out, so hard to see that they are still in a blind trance, not aware of their actions and the effects on others, I see this all the time for decades, so its nothing new to me, its what keeps me feeling in an open prison, because people do not hear your words, they cannot receive they only transmit…..its like we are already half way in the world of the next dimensions regardless of Ascension if you are already an empathy ..its a path of fire for many, this new world is what we truly deserve , we have been the warriors, taking on so much crap, totally unfair, we are told many things like we chose this, says who, ?? who has the proof of that? so many statements are made as if they are fact, until I find out myself, I withhold my belief or judgements…we can only rely on our own experiences, however also we can look at any information and see if it resonates that is the best we can do:) and of course like most people here, I would suggest are all doing their best and are good people by nature of the fact that they read these messages:) I truly pray for our release on this current paradigm to the NEW EARTH, but please, it has to be forever, do not all this to happen again, to my mind NOTHING can ever justify the terrible suffering for humans and animals NOTHING.

  • Years ago, when mom was recovering from cancer, I went on a journey with her higher self. We walked through the woods below her house. Deep in we came upon a stone fountain with golden water. I encouraged mom to get in but she has always been scared of water. She put her hands in. Next time she jumped in splashing around. I knew she would recover completely. She was ill again this year and she took me there and fountain many time larger, she seemed to be like a fish going round and round and coming out the top over and over. Couple weeks ago I tried to get there but the edge of the woods was like a curtain, liquid and shimmering. Not allowed through at this time. A Shaman friend was able too meet with mom in her as she called it “in between place” She was cold there. While falling asleep maybe a week (or 100 yrs 🙂 later) I was there just a moment and put a red blanket on her bed. She was surprised said she did not know I could be there. I reminded her of the fountain and asked when we could go there again. She said not until after the solstice. This feels the same as what you saw only personal, yours universal.

    I have been slam dunked out of it since Monday. Lay in my medicine wheel to watch our 85%. got pin pricks all over. Just today starting to be in body somewhat again. So much for me thinking my job here would be over after the eclipse,,,,,,, hahahahaha!

  • Hi Denise. I had been pondering my relationship to Self/Life, looking at my issues, looking at how I define my life, my habits, my behavior, and what needs to change. I couldnt satisfactorily encapsulate it all. And then I happened upon Lisa Renee’s latest blog. Omg, Denise, perfect for me. There are deeper levels to digest as well, so i need to read in bits. It speaks to so many issues this solar eclipse and all the rest brought up for me, even my question about failing in my earlier comment.
    Of course this comment isnt directly related to your article, tho.

    Hugs 🤓💖

  • Hi, Denise, I don’t usually comment on internet postings, but this one was too synchronous NOT to. To make my story short, a few days before the Eclipse my higher guidance suggested that I re-watch a movie ON the day of the Eclipse that I had seen many years ago: “Star Trek: Generations.” So I went and found that DVD at a nearby library, and watched it the night of 8/21. In the movie is a large pink “ribbon” of energy that travels through space, and when people pass through it, it acts as a gateway that puts them into the “Nexus” — which is a completely different timeline/reality than the one they were in. The timeline each person lands in is their own personal version of a perfect/heavenly life. You may want to watch that movie to see if it’s similar to what you saw on Sunday.

    • I saw that movie years ago D.G. but didn’t think of it in relation to this Solar eclipse and Shift event. Yep, we’ve exited the old matrix and are still in the process of moving into a vastly higher NEW space and all else. Thanks for sharing about this movie as it’s a great teaching aid in many ways for what’s going on now. ❤

  • I was pondering this post when I went to sleep last night, wondering “where I am” in the process. In my dream, there were two PLANES. I left my baggage (probably symbolizes “emotional baggage/limiting beliefs”) on the “old” plane and walked under an overpass to arrive at a “new” plane, where there was room for me. The plane was quickly filling up and was about to TAKE OFF. Then I realized that I forgot my passport.

    I rushed back to the OLD plane, where I found my passport in a drawer, then hurried back to catch my plane. This seems to indicate that ATTACHMENT to my human roles/identity (represented by the passport) takes me back to the 3D matrix. I need to fully embrace my non-human multidimensional Self and let the perceptions of “who I am” expand. Easier said than done???

  • Thank you Denise, yes AT LONG LAST……the thing is the people just starting to be really pushed by the light, one also needs to have the recognition happen its about us, not about out there, so from my own personal experience I had to suffer deeply very badly to wake up, and realise I had low self esteem, that was the beginning for me at age 30, and its been a heck of a long journey ..still have some of the old issues but being an empathy is not something one is cured of!! so we have to be aware what is ours and what is not and clear…..which of course you know 🙂 self analysis is not something easily done by the masses, so it can be hard on us who have been walking the road for a long time, to now have to deal with the children waking up, because they have to now grow up, just hope it does not take too long I am done with people who look like adults trying to get attention like children, and of course they find the energy of empaths hypnotic!! Sometimes you cannot believe how unconscious humans can be……..but apart from that lets get this party started:)

  • Hi Denise
    For the last ten days I have been in a lot of pain with my sinuses. I ended up being off work one day as I couldn’t see properly out of my right eye from the pressure. It felt to me like something was clearing even with all the congestion. And it seemed to be related to my third eye. Every time I thought of my heart centre I just saw the blackness of the total eclipse. And when I looked at pictures of the eclipse online after isn’t happened my third eye really ached and felt linked in somehow. I don’t think this is making much sense so bear with me. It felt to me in some way I had gone into the darkness. But not a bad dark just peace. I have yet to come out of there I think.
    Anyway I drew a picture last night of the eclipse with the sun/moon as earth with flower petals coming off it. Again I had the third eye link in feeling.
    Thank you for all you do

    • Hello Magda,
      Lee Harris on Spirit Library speaks of this connection of the 3rd eye and heart in his latest video post.

      hey Denise if this is not acceptable, no problem. Thanks and love you lots!

  • Hi Denise,

    I made a comment about this not a while ago, that I felt like something huge had passed within me. That something
    had past for all of us, and now I feel like I can breathe more easily. I’m wondering if it’s this wall, veil that I was sensing.
    I didn’t see it through visions, or sense it in the same way as you. I’m not at that level, I’m near by floating around but I think that might be what I was picking up on.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, I myself saw my own unusual experiences yesterday around my area. I was
    on Psychic Overload yesterday for a good few hours. Hearing strange loud banging’s from underneath the ground, the yelling, screaming, shouting, seeing TD monsters swirling upwards. Evictions, of the grandest kind. Strange times. I need a serious nap.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  • Hello Denise,
    I had a similar experience to what you described, which is what prompts me to write.

    I live in southern Oregon along the Coast. We had a fire that was started by a lightning strike August 12, the same day as Charlottesville. The air has been terrible since then and will continue for the remainder of the week.

    On the day before the Eclipse, the air was the color yellow and the sun was red. It was dark all day, as if it were night. I remarked to friends, because it didn’t look like the Eclipse would be viewable the next day, that August 20 was really the eclipse for me.

    The day had the feeling of a Twilight Zone, so I read with interest what you wrote.
    It didn’t feel like linear time either, it felt strange, and I knew something was afoot, besides what the fire was causing, because, after all, there is fire, and there is fire.

    I appreciate the courage of people who post and talk about these things.
    Barbara J. Genovese

  • Hi Denise. For a couple of weeks right up thru Monday I was feeling Anger issues. Extremely aggressive. Lots of releasing, debating, and reigning in the desire to act out in a pushy angry aggressive manner over dumb stuff like how people drive in parking lots. I had listened to Trancendence, Lisa, abou nothing being real, to stay in the heart. I could not. I’d turn away from one trigger to be sucked into another.

    Earlier, Sunday night i had a dream about a reset. A long involved dream beginning with a wave, an unavoidable wave of bugs headed my way, then the reset where I saw the wave coming, sighed, braced, and then watched them ignore me and continue on their path.

    Denise, i wonder if my feeling and getting caught up in the angry thoughts caused me to be a failure.i experience a stronger desire to speak up about issues, but not certain if higher or lower part of me.

    By the time i showed up for work at 5pm i began to calm a lot. By 10 i felt drugged, calm and difficult to keep awake. I have slept a lot during all of this.

    A few days ago I had invoked a removal of anything hindering higher purpose and will thru me as me.


  • THANK YOU, Denise!!! I am so grateful for your visions. I was wondering if anything happened. I felt a kind of dimness/cloudiness descend on the 21st (in the quality of light) but didn’t actually SEE anything. Maybe not all of us WILL see the veil as you did?

    If this is the Separation of Worlds, does this mean that those who REMAIN in our world after the end of August are also “on the other side of the Veil”?

    I find it confusing because I still hear the same insanity on the news, and everything looks the same, except I am regularly seeing double digits now, like 12:12, 38:38 or 39:39, which seems to indicate that I am at zero point. Could I be seeing both worlds right now? (I just want to get the **hell** out of the descending world at this point.)

  • Thank you SO much for making clear and funny and wild and real, what can be at times tricky to wrap my mind (and heart) around. Of course this ascension process is so far beyond mind-comprehension, but you always have a way of putting things, with the best examples, so that I understand _so much more_. I view you, Lisa T.B., and Sandra W. as the 3 most awesome wayshoweres out there. You each behold a spinning universe of such vast richness and complexity, and each bring a different perspective, so that when I read/see you all, what an amazing magical tapestry. 🙂 And hey I know this is a statement from my lingering ego-categorizing mind 🙂 but you are my #1 favorite ascension writer out there, for your irreverence and humor, all the while you are stating with clarity and from the heart and mystical places. No one like you. 🙂

  • So many interesting things that have happened the last few days. I have a friend who was driving to the Grand Canyon on Saturday the 19th. He said there was a truck pulling a camp trailer he needed to pass because they were driving slowly on a two lane highway. After he passed them, in a split second when he looked in the rearview mirror the truck and trailer were gone. He could not see it anywhere in his rearview mirror. Now a car he hadn’t noticed before was behind him. My first thought was he jumped timelines. I also have a co-worker who’s 8 year old daughter has been talking about the separation of the world, or black earth and light earth as she described it to her mother, for a year or so now. But brought it up again over the weekend saying its happening soon/now. As for me…. I was able to watch the eclipse where I live while at work. It was 91% totality. The energy I felt the minute I walked outside was incredible. I had goosebumps going up and down my arms. The atmosphere felt electric. I felt a surge of energy, amped up, when earlier that day I was so tired I could hardly function. My other friend from Lao told me today he had so much energy all the rest of the day after the eclipse, Outside today during my lunch the sky was full of clouds that looks like angels. Several angel clouds with flowing wings. Beautiful thing to see. I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto. 🙂

    • Yep, the gut area bloating has been severe with me too the past two weeks about now, but I’m also swollen all over my whole body which makes everything more uncomfortable. We’re all bloated and swollen up because it’s not always easy giving birth to some more of the NEW in and through our physical bodies and Selves! Rest, discern what to eat and drink, nap and self-care much through all this everyone. ❤

      • Thanks Denise, a tortoise bit my bum in a dream last night and when I woke up my tummy had gone down a bit….my partner who’s been in spirit since 2013 is showing me his toy rabbit he called Hartley the hare, sounds bonkers but I think we may be on the last leg now, either that or I’m going to explode…..past caring, still love you all though, and appreciate every message xxx

  • Bless you Denise, SO much Higher Heart Love to you!

    I concur, about seeing (SEEING) a Lot of Inner Children from people around me loud(ly) and clear(ly)! I feel like I’m the parent to many around me, sternly putting up boundaries and sternly letting them know it’s Time to step Up… to Stop perpetuating their fear habit, and Start encouraging their Love habit 🙂

    I wanted to share that yesterday (after standing outside, face up to the sky, and high heart wide open to the Universe), I Felt a LOT of space around me. It all felt sparkly and New and almost at times I felt giddy about all that New around me. I could see and sense geometric energy/light glittery and soft colored what I imagine are codes and blueprints. I could sense a Huge difference, like a Big jump for myself because of just feeling all of that. I still do. I can sense what you’ve been describing, about the old and lower just not being there.

    Thank you for your love and gratitude for each of our unique skills and love that we bring to this entire process for all.
    Much Love,

    • Hi Chrysalis

      Interesting, and spot on that you mention Inner Child issues that you see arising in others, as I just finished watching a video on YouTube that speaks of why that might be, and gives a fairly clear dissertation on what to expect between the new moon eclipse until the next new moon later in September.

      So personal/collective matters dealing with one’s Inner Child, in combination with there being an uprising and revealing of truths that HAVE to come up now, whether we personally/collectively feel comfortable with the implications of that or not will be the name of the game for the next 4 weeks— so more yuck to clear & witness. 🤢👹💩 haha.

      Here’s the link for anyone interested:

      Video is entitled:

      Lunar September 2017 Crystal Ally Card Reading with Naisha Ahsian

      Please do not be dissuaded by the card reading part, as this is not the typical video that one usually sees detailing the week ahead through the use of tarot cards, but a much more in depth synopsis in how current energies are effecting the planet and the collective as a whole.

  • Thanks Denise. I too felt it more intensely on the 20th, I kept reminding myself that the eclipse wasn’t until the next day. I spent the 20th on a plane from Singapore to London which added another layer of weirdness to the whole thing. I had a massive dose of cold shakes and ‘energy vomiting’ coming into London. The 21st by comparison was non eventful.

  • I would just like to ask if the current energies are pushing up people/s patterns more than ever before? or am I noticing stuff more easily, I am seeing people’s inner child coming out big time…also my own patterns coming up again feel like I need an exorcism!

    • jane,

      Absolutely, to everyone who still has whatever in their ego aspect. Those people who haven’t been doing this AP related Inner Work (personal transformations, Alchemical inner work on themselves etc. etc.) are really being pressurized by all of the NEW Light energies and NEW codes. There is no more old lower, it’s all NEW everything now and the unaware are being hit and hit hard by these NEW vastly higher frequency Light Energies and more so they’re going to be big pains in the ass for a while as they go through what we’ve gone through over the past decade or two and more.

      The old lower cannot co-exist within the NEW higher Light frequencies and, because there’s nowhere to run to now to get away from the Light, from the NEW energies, everyone everywhere is increasingly feeling and being affected by them. No more BS time; just DO IT time for all. 😀

      Just let the old crap up and out and don’t feel bad about any of it and keep moving/ascending because we’re really in it now and everything is changed greatly because of it. At long last…! ❤

      • Oh my word. A HUGE thank you to Jane for her comment and Denise for answering.

        My boss tore into me for a mistake (that I made when I first started a year ago) the day after the eclipse. She wouldn’t accept any blame for not training me, nor would she allow me any credit for things I have done right since (if I defended myself she knocked those down and she wouldn’t stop drilling into me even after I apologized 4-5 times). Completely ego driven.

        And yesterday the neighbor I had to call the cops on for playing loud music in his garage last year (so loud it drowns out my TV across the street and with my windows closed) started back up with the music after a year of quiet. He is testing boundaries like children might do.

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