From Transmuter of Duality to Amplifier of Neutrality

As has become increasingly and painfully obvious over the past few years, the more higher frequency Light Energies that pour down on earth, humanity and all else, the more extreme the differences, tensions, pains, frustrations and growing gap between the old and the NEW.

Prior to this Ascension Process, the Duality of darkness (negativity) was the ‘only game in town’ on planet earth for thousands of years. Because of this, humanity adapted to it and eventually came to believe that all that horrible darkness and negativity was “normal” and “natural” when in fact it was anything but normal and natural. Then the Ascension Process began showing up within the physical dimension and the old Duality world of negativity has been freaking out, and violently lashing out ever since.

533x800 duality 6 Transmuting Negativity in 3D Duality

Since birth I’ve been really good at transmuting negative energies within physicality. I was preincarnationally energetically wired for it, as were many of the Ascension “Volunteers” — Lightworkers, Galactic Family Starseeds, energetic Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc. In years past I’ve often referred to myself as a Cosmic Janitor, indicating this natural energetic ability to transmute dense, negative energies within the physical and astral dimensions.

One example of this natural ability for both your entertainment and edification:

Nearly ten years ago we had new light tan-colored carpeting installed in the house I’m still living in. I’ve always needed to lay on the floor and stretch in the mornings and/or after hours at the computer writing, and I usually did (still do) this in one spot that’s out-of-the-way in the living room. However, that spot where I’ve laid on the carpeting has very noticeably become a much lighter color in exactly the shape of my physical body! In other words, I’ve created my own Shroud of Turin sort of image on my living room carpet and I cannot get it out!

This image on my carpet is not beautiful or sexy or spiritually moving or even artistically inspiring; it’s simply a solid, much lighter colored image on the carpet of my butt cheeks and upper back and the back of my head! My body has literally pulled out (transmuted) the color (man-made chemicals, dirt, dust and whatever else is in carpeting) and turned the carpet there almost white colored.

I moved to other places in the living room to do my floor stretching but discovered I was only creating another of these same lighter colored images of my physical body in those areas too. Instead of having the entire living room carpeting look like some weird repeating pattern of my backside, I decided to restrict the phenomena to only one spot… and blatantly lie to unaware people when asked about what that strange white mark on the carpeting is. Like I’d tell anyone, “Oh that? That’s my butt cheeks, my spine and back and the back of my head! Cool huh?”

nono dielaughing big blinkie grin

This is why some—not all but some—”Volunteers” or Team Light have had vastly more contact and work (as in repeated battles, attacks etc.) with Team Dark. We excel at naturally transmuting dense, negative energies and at times we’ve needed to only radiate Light, and at other times it’s been a real battle.

The farther into that first phase of this Ascension Process work I and many of you went in decades and/or years past, the more I realized that that phase would, thankfully, end some day and that I and the other Transmuters of negativity within Duality would have NEW and very different jobs within the overall Ascension Process. For many of us that time has fully arrived in 2014. We’ve been inching our ways towards it since late 2011, but some of us have fully begun our NEW jobs within this phase of the Ascension Process and it is radically different from that old Cosmic Janitor work.

During phase one of the 3D Ascension Process many of us were Transmuters of negativity in Duality for humanity and beyond. But, with that level of energetic work completed, we’re discovering that we may occasionally be amplifying Duality. WHAT?! Oh dear gawd! I know, I’ve been shocked and dismayed by this myself and it’s taken me some time and real effort to figure this one out, but more importantly to finally evolve/”ascend” beyond it.

silver rays 1 Amplifying Neutrality (Unity) in 5D Neutrality

I’ve been excruciatingly aware of the growing amplification of both sides of Duality since 2011. Many of us have struggled with this, hurting in so many ways because of it and so on. Like I said earlier, the more Divine Cosmic Light Energies that arrive, the more amplified the old Duality extremes become. That is until one finally breaks on through (“ascends”, evolves) to the next level of being and consciousness that exists beyond the Duality frequency range.

Once there you’ll eventually notice that the rules are different, as are the tools. I’ve discovered through repeated failures, that aren’t really “failures” but multiple personal trials and errors, that every time I unintentionally “fell” energetically from my NEW higher frequency of “Unity” within Neutrality, that I was unknowingly and unintentionally AMPLIFYING anything that I focused on!!! Now all this amplifying was fine so long as what I was focused on (emotionally, mentally) was positive, however when I’d be triggered by someone/something negatively (the “test”) I eventually discovered that I was unintentionally Amplifying whatever negativity was being directed at me.

And now we know why we’re not capable of “ascending” until we’re individually able to be fully aware of and responsible for our own thoughts, emotions, intentions, focus, creations etc. and not be derailed by anyone or anything. When one evolves beyond the level of Transmuter of negativity within Duality, one naturally becomes One who Amplifies energy… as in any and ALL energies!

yellow shock ninja power meditation move

Finally escaping (evolving) beyond the energetic gravitational pull so to speak of Duality frequency automatically lands one in a NEW higher frequency (5D and beyond) range which is Neutral or “Unified”, not Dualized or polarized (3D). Once this level is reached—such as many of us are doing right now—we’re quickly learning that we must remain within, embody, hold and maintain that higher 5D frequency of Neutrality and not let ourselves be manipulated to “fall” like “fallen Angels” back down into old 3D Duality reality. Nor I might add, indulge the sometimes great temptation to occasionally glance back over our shoulder at the current Sodom and Gomorrah world with its still vast population because some of those unaware natives are hurtling rocks, insults or whatever else at those of us evolving first and paving the way for them to evolve in the future.

It’s almost incomprehensible to me at times that these two great, great extremes can be so physically close to each other and one half of that extreme (unaware humanity still within Duality) is completely unaware that the other half even exists and is literally Ascending/Evolving before their very eyes and/or right next door to them etc. But how many “normal” folks ever notice when someone is going through the trials and errors and great tribulations of spiritual ascension and perceives or feels anything for them? This just is what it is and it’s a highly personal affair for those of us living it.

I’ve learned the hard way that every time I’ve allowed myself to be lured, pulled, distracted, derailed or hustled out of 5D Neutrality by someone in 3D Duality, that all I did (since 2011) was Amplify that old Duality which they greatly enjoyed but which caused me tremendous pain, suffering and frustration. That old saying about how you can’t go back is true in this case and who’d want to anyway!

I suspect that all the April 2014 Energy events will amplify this situation for many and that’s the main reason I wrote about this now. April 11, 2014 was a profoundly important day for me personally. It was one of those rare, glorious, life-altering days when you suddenly know something because you just lived it cell by cell, heartbeat by heartbeat and you’ll never be the same again because of it thank goodness! Thank you Divine April 2014 for everything and more. Use April well my friends and spiritual co-workers and let go of, release and bend in these winds of rapid and sweeping spiritual change and growth.

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April 13, 2014

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