Late May 2013 Update

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I found this recently and wanted to share it, by Carl Gustav Jung:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 

Isn’t that the truth! And by god don’t we know it now from having lived it for these many Ascension months and years.

Polarity or Duality resolution does not happen by denying that the Dark exists (or has existed and has done so at unseen levels of frequency in other dimensions etc.). It disappears from one’s self, one’s environment, one’s space and one’s focus once one has discovered it and acknowledged that it even exists, then begins to work on integrating it, transmuting it, taking all the nasty, punch, sting and power out of it and return “it” back to a natural state of pure energy or energetic neutrality. Remember Carlos Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan teaching him about ‘Petty Tyrants’ ? That’s what all this level of personal and collective and other dimensional inner Dark stuff is; varying levels of developed ‘Petty Tyrants’.

The “Darkness/Negativity” can be some old emotional wound any of us received (or gave) that we haven’t as yet dealt with and so, it grows in power over the years or decades or lives, increasingly demanding that we finally see it, dealt with it, and eventually transmute that wee tiny inner Petty Tyrant. Or it can be a larger, more well-developed chunk of personal inner stuff and junk that we haven’t dealt with yet. Or, it can be much larger, more well-developed energetic situation(s) in a family member(s) or other loved ones or friends or neighbors or co-workers etc. and it’s actually their stuff and junk but it’s partly your problem too because of the multiple leveled connections. Or, it could be a big honkin’ huge external being like a negative Reptilian or Draconian or demon or numerous other nonphysical beings and/or entities. Doesn’t matter really — they’re all just ‘Petty Tyrants’ of varying levels of development and potency and at this point does it even matter if it’s “yours” or not? It doesn’t matter to me and hasn’t for the past difficult but highly transformative and empowering fourteen Ascension years. It’s either a baby Petty Tyrant, or a mid-sized Petty Tyrant, or a full-blown, giant-sized monster from the freakin’ astral pit of hell Petty Tyrant, but in the end it’s all just unresolved stuff and junk that’s gotta go if one truly wants to continue evolving and utilizing these potent cosmic and galactic energies to do exactly that.

Moving right along…

So here we all are, halfway through the glorious extension period called the Nine Months — from 12-21-12 Winter Solstice and Great Expiration Date, through to the September 2013 Equinox. How many personal and/or bloodline and/or other people’s and/or other dimensional ‘Petty Tyrants’ have you transmuted just since 12-21-12? For those of us (Ascension-related Lightworkers) who excel at transmuting the collective septic tank stuff and junk for humanity in general, it’s been fairly interesting since 12-21-12. All kinds of homeless, displaced and very hungry astral critters floating around looking for either an escape route away from all this LIGHT or some lower frequency human to latch on to again to use parasitically to feed off energetically. And on top of all this continuing multidimensional shifting around business, we’ve been incrementally embodying increasing amounts of our higher frequency Selves into these physical bodies and personalities and awareness. I want to say something either brilliant or funny right here but I’m just as stunned by all this high magnificence and lowly misery and BS as the rest of you! Whatever let’s just keep moving forward my friends and fellow Ascension journeyers.

I sense the coming start of the Third Trimester — beginning on the June 2013 Solstice and running through to the September 2013 Equinox — will bring in with it some more very important “tools” for each of us in this amazing Process. Tools such as further embodying, which naturally gives us more and more Higher Awareness of things and from multiple perspectives or as I’ve called this in the past, Spherical Consciousness or Awareness. Or tools such as increased clairvoyance and other higher awareness tools of perception. And/or tools such as slipping out of linear time more and more until it feels “normal” to you. Or any number of other exciting new tools of perception and being. Due to those Stair Steps, which of these new “tools” you receive or have been receiving depends upon which Stair Step your currently on. What you’re experiencing and aware of today won’t be the same next week or next month because you are evolving and changing that quickly now so expect new and different tools to continue coming to you as you progress up those energy and consciousness Stair Steps.

Because it’s been a while since I last wrote anything, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m still around and breathing, haven’t been thrown in jail for anything, am not existing on Pluto,  nor have I died! It’s just been really hard for me for multiple reasons since April 1st, 2013 (which I’ll explain about more in another article) but as of May 16th, 2013, the higher Energies have anchored into this physical dimension (in a very positive way I mean) and there are lots of great things unfolding that are just out of sight for a while longer but will be fully visible within this dimension very soon now. Promise.

Denise Le Fay

May 20, 2013

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  • I keep trying to leave comments here but there never posted and I don’t know why. I haven’t been saying anything mean or rude or negative just that I experienced the same thing but my comments keep getting deleted. Did I do something wrong?

  • Also leaving comment here related to ‘new tools’, …….. Over the past few months I have been seeing flashes of white light, almost like lightening, occuring in broad daylight both inside and outside my home. I am used to seeing lights of all kinds, but this is a new phenomena and I don’t know what it is. I saw a phrase recently that described it well, …. “Like a bolt of lightening on a sunny day”.

  • Denise HAD to reply here as yr latest post is sadly, due to the trolls, closed for comment. You have accurately explained the visual ascension tool I’ve had on 3 occasions over the last few years. First one in 2008 I think. Seen exactly in the same way. Different looking ‘object’ every time but glowing, almost alive, black & white & seen with eyes open or closed. Thank you so much for sharing this. I knew it was ascension related but not sure what! Much love, Lise xx

  • Hi- a lurker here. I never comment, and now in the last 24 hours I have twice in different places. I guess my gag order has expired! I just wanted to share the strangest/ unusual dream that I had a few nights ago. For me to define a dream a STRANGE at this point, well that’s saying A LOT right! Ha. But since there has been some talk here lately about Lions/cats it seemed relevant. I should add that of all the volumes of esoterica, different ascension viewpoints, galactics and such that I have been aware of “Lionbeings” was not one of them.
    So the dream. Okay, I was “called” on the phone to come over to a vacant house that someone wanted to buy/rent. The “space” was perfect for them but they felt that they couldn’t live there because there was a dark something in the space- could I come over and check it out? (As in dreams- I have no idea why someone would call me about this problem but it seemed logical in the dream).
    I arrived at the house/space and me, the person interested and the realtor approached the door. It was a great living space so I was going in to check it out with a bit of trepidation that I kept to myself. As the door opened I saw a dark something laying on the floor like a bear skin rug except that it was black and shaped more like a manta ray. The moment that it became aware of us it floated up to break big and bad. At that moment as my foot started to cross the threshold and I became aware of its movement and we fleeting eyed each other much to MY SURPRISE my mouth opened and I roared.
    It was the most shocking experience that I have had in a dream. The sound was like nothing I have ever experienced- it was more like a place or a whole reality. I am not doing it justice here, sorry. I was shocked even in the dream, I remember feeling my own eyesbrows going up like what? I entity was clearly a startled as I was from the POWER. I remember being able to see myself and there was the slightest outline and overlay of a LION- WHAT? around my own head as the sound erupted. And the sound was intelligent. The entity immediately backed up in shock and fled. Disappeared! The only impression that I got that was humanish was right when my mouth opened to roar I was aware of the thought “not anymore”. I guess the dark isn’t welcome here anymore and the Gatekeepers are really serious about it?
    Sorry this post was so long. Thanks for listening.

    • Dearest Xphile2012,

      Let me first say welcome in joining the conversation! I love to hear about people’s dreams, especially now with all the changes going on. Your dream makes perfect sense to me. If this doesn’t ring true for you, take it with a grain of salt 😀

      Usually a House in dreams is referring to the Self, and more to the point (it just occurred as I’m typing here) the physical self. Your attention was called to look “inward” (inside the house). A darkness was found (either personal or universal stuff to be neutralized or an ankle biter). Your Middle and Higher Selves called out this darkness, no longer accepting that it take residence in your physical temple/body. And I find it interesting how in the beginning of your comment you said that:

      “I guess my gag order has expired!”

      So you found your true voice, in more ways than one: within yourself, and outside of yourself… in your dream/energy state, and within physicality. As surprising as it feels, I’m sure it feels completely natural at the same time. Personally, a couple years ago I was mute for a number of months (emotional stuff). And I had to find my regular voice again. Not only did I do that, I began to allow my true Self and Voice flow out of me. I now speak up where I would’ve made myself small and kept quiet. It’s a pretty powerful experience to have… and it’s still not over yet!

      Welcome, once again.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hi All,

        Blimey, I do love a bit of synchronicity! Crysalis your reply to Xphile 2012 couldn’t have been timelier for me.

        Two days ago, whilst doing yoga, a voice popped in my head saying: ‘It’s time to free your voice,’ or words to that effect. I then remembered buying a book many years ago called: ‘Freeing the Natural Voice’, which I had attempted to read on a few occasions over the years. But as the first chapter was of a rather technical nature, I never got further than that. Anyway, yesterday, I decided to hunt this book down and the first cupboard I looked in, there it was waving at me. As a vocal exercise (and my first step in freeing my voice) I decided to read the book out loud. The first chapter came and went without much relevance then, in the second, the juicy stuff was revealed. In short: it explained how our natural voice has been suppressed by a society that has not allowed us to speak our truth or show our true emotions, which in turn has led us to having blocked emotions, and this is the fundamental obstacle to a free voice.

        I have got so used to not ‘verbally’ talking about ‘what is really going on’ to others that I’m no longer sure how to (eeeek!), but I’m kind of thinking it’s time to start. So Crysalis, your comment is further confirmation that it is now time for me to free the true voice and let my inner-lion ROAAAAARRR! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Thank you Crystal and Xphile2012 for your comments. And thanks Denise for all your fabulous posts and comments.

        • Hello everyone
          I am about to celebrate the full moon here in SA. I must say I feel very happy and joyful tonight. I have been reading all the messages about The Lion Guardians as protection. And because of all the strange behaviour in my house I decided the other night to try this protection method out. I must admit I did not really feel anything at all and I just left it at that and did not think much of it. Last night when falling asleep, (this is normally my time I receive visions or messages from my guide) I closed my eyes and as usual the wolves came and sat next to my bed on my right side. These I have been told are my animal guides of protection. I have a pack that protects me – 7 of them, male and female. I am used to there presence so I fell asleep. I was woken up by footsteps but not those of a person , an animal. There was a large, I mean really large lion standing on my husbands side of the bed watching him. I got quite a fright that I woke my husband up. When he asked what was wrong I told him there was a very large lion standing next to him. He said as long as that was there to protect him he was happy because he needs it right now (he cant see or sense anything! So whether or not my prayers were answered or he called for them subconsciously I dont know. But it was rather a strange feeling last night sleeping knowing I had 7 wolves on my right and a large lion of my left.
          I guess sometimes I have to see the humorous side to my rather strange life and I am sure there are a few of you here that would agree. Its not always easy explaining yourself and life to the normal average person…definatly not for the faint hearted! lol….

          Peace and Love to all this Full Moon

    • Hi xphile2012

      I’m one of the people here who is fascinated by the Lion Beings. Almost two decades ago I met one of my soul mates, we used to have frequent dreams of being with lions, there was often the two of us accompanied by two lions. We would both experience almost identical dreams on the same night, and this lasted a number of years.

      Around that time, a friend of mine was reading a book which had a face on the front cover, it was half woman, half lion. The book was called The Changeling, by Murry Hope, and it was this book (I think) that introduced me to the Paschats (Lion Beings), from Sirius.

      I found my way to this lovely place a short while ago, via Rainbow-Phoenix, and was thrilled when I read Denise’s story of her experience with the Lion People, they keep cropping up in various posts, so I am sure that there is purpose and synchronicity in this.

  • Hi Denise,

    Thanks so much for your insights and humor. It is much needed in these turbulent times.

    I’m finding this series of solar flares and astrological alignments to be very challenging physically. I experience the ‘symptoms’ mainly as moderate to severe headaches/migraines. I thought I had gotten through the worst of that last year, culminating with 12/21/12 (which was a whopper!). But here I am again feeling like either my brain wants to explode out of my skull or like something is trying to bore it’s way in (like an ice pick). I’ve also had the waves of nausea followed by what I call the woo-hoos (something like sea sickness with blurred vision).

    I find it interesting how much variation there is for people and how they experience the energies. None of my spiritual friends seems to experience it quite like I do. I’m overall VERY sensitive to changes in the barometer, strong chemicals and scents, and changes in Earth energy. But I sometimes feel like a freak of nature, as the affects just seem more extreme for me.

    I’m curious if anyone here has similar experiences and or any feedback on why some people feel it more one way or another?

    I’m also trying to figure out if there is something I could be doing to release the energy or something. I do healing work with crystals/stones and I’m well aware of the need to ground and I take a ton of salt/epsom baths etc…I’m conscious of what I’m working on for the most part. But I feel like there is something about the headaches I’m not ‘getting’ or something.

    Or maybe I need to just surrender and deal with it? It just makes working/functioning in the everyday world so much more challenging!

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and keep up the Great Work!


    • Dearest Mary,

      I’ve had various sensitivities over the years, and they’ve changed. My hearing is so sensitive I can hear a pin drop… so imagine hearing sirens or bass music… not pleasant. I’ve also been extremely light sensitive. That comes and goes. Smells yes. And recently, I’ve also been sensitive to the solar flares and incoming energies these past couple weeks. I relate to the pushing outwards pressures, and there’s a lot of heat involved as well. Then afterwards I feel parched and a bit like I have the Ascension Flu.

      I’ve been going to a community acupuncture for another physical issue lately. However, when I’ve had the head pressures (as I do at this moment actually, and I’m going to another appt here soon), I’ll let her know that. She helps pull the energy downwards so that at the end of my treatment, my head feels better. This may not work for you… as Denise has mentioned (somewhere) old modalities may or may not work for certain people anymore. Since I haven’t tried this modality since just 2 months ago, so far it seems to help me. I’m also listening to my body wisdom. It hasn’t steered me wrong. It’s say I need to also look at massage next month along with acupuncture, so I will when I’m guided to go to a certain place or person. What is your body telling you would be helpful right now?

      Hang in there. You’re in good company here where the symptoms are concerned that’s for sure!

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Hi Mary,

      I am so glad that you wrote what you did. Although I understand ascension symptoms and have really been rather down with them for years, it is still a little disconcerting that no one that I know really experiences them like I do either. People here on this site do- but thats about it. Just the years of needing to sleep so much that I felt the need to hide it from people- exhaustion beyond the reasonable for YEARS, yikes.
      Thank goodness since last June-August that has shifted for me. Now more often than not I can’t sleep and never the deep deep sleep of years past. What has also happened for me or maybe I am just more aware of it is the sensitivity to space weather. Strangely about 24 hours before a solar flare I begin to feel like my blood pressure is bottoming out. It makes me nasuated and lightheaded. I don’t have the top of the head stuff lately not since a rather traumatic experience of the top of my head feeling like it was being ripped open and having a telephone pole on fire shoved in it. It lasted for hours one night. I actually called out loud “if you guys are doing something could you please hurry up” and I actually got a reply of “we can’t go any faster because this body can’t stand anymore than this”- which I am in agreement that I probably hallucinated the response- but it comforted me none the less.
      So for years I have been coming to this site every time I experience a new or bad bout of symptoms and blessedly everyone is doing the same. At least we are in together. 🙂

      • “Strangely about 24 hours before a solar flare I begin to feel like my blood pressure is bottoming out” Not strange at all… You are being affected by these energies IMMEDIATELY when they happen, rather or also when the electromagnetic effects arrive to Earth. You can verify this by checking with as you start to experience the effects of a solar flare or CME.

        This instantaneous effect is NOT defying the laws of physics, just a short-sighted and incomplete list of “laws of physics” that some pompous scientists postulate as the final truth of the matter. Please forgive them, they know not what they postulate.

        Love and Blessings,

        • “…Please forgive them, they know not what they postulate…”


          😆 Very true indeed. I suggest that everyone reads these 3D, left brained, patriarchal “professionals” words just to see how close or far off they are based on your/my/each of our own ability to discern and interpret “reality” for ourselves! 😉 THAT is what humanity is now looking at having to learn — RE-learn — with everything. No easy task after so many thousands of years of utter and complete DIS-empowerment of humanity.


        • So, so true it is. To me that is probably one of the biggest challenges; to think with my heart instead of my head when I’m so used to analyzing everything right down to the least significant digit. I must mention one great help in all this though because the program of daily invocations has made a difference in strengthening my heart to head broadband connection hugely, majorly. It is “Ancient Knowledge for Modern Times” the Parable of Christ Consciousness
          And boy did I need that leg-up! It’s another one of those great tools carefully placed alongside our path to make things more wonderful for us on our journey Home.
          In Lak’ech, my friend

        • Dearest Theflashron,

          “Please forgive them, they know not what they postulate.”

          LOL! That just cracked me up! Thank you for the laugh 😀

          Just the other day, I got into a heated debate with a friend who is very “black-and-white” and into “facts” and “statistics”. After I calmed down a bit, I said to him, “Look, not long ago it was a FACT that the Earth was flat. But we evolved and so did our science. Now we know that that fact is no longer true. Facts are hardly ever “True” because they evolve and change and grow as we do as people, society and as spiritual beings.” He was able to finally see what I was getting at and capitulated that facts are not absolute truths. Hopefully it will help him think his way out of the “black-and-white” thinking.

          It’s interesting that as I was having this debate, I had a lot of energy building in my chest mainly. I wasn’t experiencing anger. I’m usually an extremely patient person, so I could probably say that I was experiencing impatience. However, I also realize (after the fact) that the excess energy was this release for all those times in the past when it would’ve been in my best interest to speak up and use my voice. The fact that I was not only using my voice with my friend, that I was using it in a non-attacking and in a solidly truthful manner I think help to release all those past moments when I remained silent out of fear for one reason or another.

          With Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Thanks for this article! For some reason some points of it really hit me and triggered me to understand more fully the concept of what was going on during healing and ascending energies (along with what light-workers are doing). I understood that you and other people high up in the evolution process (energy masters/healers) have energy bodies capable of not only transmuting their own inner darkness up into a more harmonized energy, but it’s possible to absorb negative energy blockages (on the physical, emotional, mental levels) and literally transmute them into light.

    It’s like an energy power plant which locates darkness, blocked or corrupt energy, sucks it in and converts it back to it’s origin (unity light).
    It reminds me of a powerful message I got months ago which hinted that I had some role to play (maybe a small role) in transmuting peoples energies. I’m certainly working on my own inner darkness! This has to be done first.

    What you mentioned about as we get higher we need different ‘tools’ also applies to me too, some of my old methods have been dropped, intuition has kicked in and is clearly guiding me towards ‘whatever I need’ to progress (which is promising).
    I can’t wait till the future when I eventually get a high-heart opening!

  • Hello everyone. Love to you all!

    I have not been commenting much myself, but I have been coming here very frequently to refresh and rejuvenate through reading Denise’s posts and comments. I also drop in to ensure there are good energies incoming to this space! 🙂

    I, too, am feeling the Energy Amplification — a perfect term for it as I have been feeling it. It is impacted not only by the astrological motions and alignments and events, but also by the space weather, which has been pretty wild (and also NOT as earth-facing flares are quieted). It is interesting to me how this electric energy goes so far as to influence our weather in the lower realms as we saw yesterday in Oklahoma. Peace be with those families who have lost much.

    There are some unique circumstances that have been opening for me since April 15, and with each new energy influx, there is more and more that seems to come to the forefront to deal with. I’m tired, like everyone who has been doing this for any amount of time, but things have also sped up so much that the resolution comes faster and faster, too. And oh yes, great positives and strange and dark negatives! Finding center is a chore.

    I am most ready for a little peace and quiet. It’s going to be a while before that occurs, I do think. Meanwhile, I just keep holding on to my hat, bringing out my defenses against the dark arts ninja skills (lol), and proceeding forthwith, trying to stay centered and calm as much as possible. Easier said than done some days, but at least I am becoming an old pro at trying. 😉

    It was my birthday on the 19th, too, and a year from some of the most major events of this process for me. Can’t believe a year has passed… But here we are. End of May, 2013.


    With love,

  • SOS- That has been my experience for that past few weeks. I am a part of a triality. Me – my hubby- 20 daughter. I have been so seasick with the fluctuations between the two of them. If it’s not him constantly telling me “why do you have to be so far out” Or my child, draining my bank account with repetative mistakes.. My body feels indifferent, & forbodding/ forlorn ? Yet my Heart feels Joy- But it has to be held quiet, because if you tell – Nobody wants to hear it.. I feel like there is NO fight/ will/ drive for the only 2 people around me. If I change- Maybe we change! WTF- I am hoping for some grace in June- But realize I will be spitting nails and inners until the end. Love to ALL

  • Hi everyone and Denise
    I hope my this is on topic a bit. But in relation to to our clear visions and intuition been stomped on by dark forces, I have had alot of this lately. Sudden anger and feeling of anxiety filling up my household. Even my 7 year old daughter suddenly feeling anxious and worried has concerned me. My son having tantrums and then suddenly happy again. Its almost as if there is this unseen war going on around us between light and dark. I clearly sense these forces daily now and they are very strong at the moment. So my days have been spent at home quietly trying to just stay focused and mentally intact.
    My guide clearly showed me yesterday thousands of souls and angels waiting for the full moon so they can descend to earth to be born and walk amongst us. They will be here to help us to finish this process and bring on peace. Those who wont be born again will walk amongst us and guide our thoughts and actions and protect us from the dark forces that still linger. It was a beautiful feeling and something worth waiting for. So for now I am trying to keep my focus and battle through these last few days (not sure how many ) of transformation. And as the full moon grows closer I feel happier and more content, almost like a countdown to the beginning of the end of this whole process.

    I also wanted to thank you Denise and everyone here at Transitions that have helped me through this process. I joined your blog last year in sheer desperation looking for answers. Now I am quite happy living with my new skills and helping others around me. I never knew that 10 years ago when my sudden aches and pains started what it was all leading up to, but now it all makes sense. For the first time in my life I dont feel like something is missing in life and I am doing what comes natural to me. I am not afraid to tell people any more that I see and hear things others don’t. I no longer think I am going crazy and lost my noggin. lol…but yes as the days go by I release bad memories and ‘stuff and junk’ and each time this happens the channels open up more. Every day I find myself acquiring skills I never had. Just when I get used to dealing with my days I suddenly have another strange thing happening that I have to deal with. And I am sure that all those critters floating around are just waiting for a moment to just catch us at the wrong moment when we are distracted. It is very frustrating. For me this is my children they are latching on to ( I think so )… So I think we all need to have a big party when all this stuff and junk is gone! I know I will!


    • “…Its almost as if there is this unseen war going on around us between light and dark. I clearly sense these forces daily now and they are very strong at the moment. So my days have been spent at home quietly trying to just stay focused and mentally intact…”

      Christine & All,

      This is exactly what’s been happening! The old totally Negative world of Duality is amplifying, right along with the manifesting NEW world of Duality that’s balanced but with Positive running the planetary show… and many others too. One of the many things that the current Nine Months extension period is doing is amplifying both polarities–Negative and Positive. I said that wrong. It’s Energy amplification that’s happening, but at this level where Duality is for those who want or need or desire to experience living in it, it’s amplifying the energies to where the Duality is more extreme than it was prior to the Ascension Process! This is building and we’re all feeling the pressures of this process and eventually all this will manifest as the Separation of Worlds where many, many new worlds will exist within different timelines and even dimensions than this current transitional one we’re all mixed together in now. Hence why there will be (already are) the NEW Planet A/B where Duality still exists but is balanced and leaning towards the Positive; and Planet B that is all Negative for those who want to experience even more extreme negativity etc.; and Planet A which will is fifth dimensional and duality/polarity doesn’t exist there for those who’ve integrated and resolved polarity/duality within themselves.

      Hang in there with your family members that don’t understand what’s happening and keep your Heart up High. 😉 ♥


    • Hi Christine,
      I am so there with your sharing in the beginning section of your response. I live with a roommate and a cat and their constant anxiety seem to be sending my energy thru the roof at this time. I have dealt with this fine in the past but at this time, as Denise stated in response to you, duality is so amplified. The last 24 hours have felt unbearable in a very different way then the usual unbearable. lol I live in the northeast of the U.S. and today it is a summer like day and I find that typical summer “fire energy” unbearable as I have not acclimated to it as it has been a really cool Spring. Once again, that typical extreme of polarity. I removed myself to a private area of the house today just to give the energy a chance to hopefully pass. As you stated, just trying my hardest to maintain some mental balance, is that even possible anymore???? What is Balance these days! A good stiff drink or 10 would have worked in the distant past, but not Thanks for sharing Christine as I could so relate and I so hope those souls you were shown are soon coming in to walk amongst us, we sure could use some fresh recruits! Hoping that those Souls bring some magic with them when they arrive as it is so needed by everyone!

  • Hi Denise, things have been interesting for me too. Just want to let you know how grateful I am for you. A couple weeks ago, you posted an article from James Gilliland called, “5D Incoming and Relationships”.

    The article was fascinating – and the healing technique (prayer) included really grabbed my attention. Within this healing technique, an individual calls upon the “7th Dimensional Lion beings” to clear out lower energies, etc… This hit me like a hammer, because the Lion has been a constant image in this life (yes, I’m a Leo – but was born with Saturn in Leo & Scorpio rising – so it’s been an extremely heavy energy to carry around). I’m an old-school warrior like you – and now I spend most of the day in my pyjamas…

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for posting this article from James. It is probably one of the most powerful prayers/healing techniques that I’ve ever come into contact with. I started by using the technique on my home & family & my sister’s in-laws. I prayed for the Highest Possible Outcome to the prayer/technique. When I was done saying the prayer, I heard a pop – I felt a physical change like something was being ripped off of me (a grid perhaps), or a chord was being ripped off of me, and the energy of my home & family changed immediately, everything changed in an instant. It was so powerful, I’m still reeling… The Angels & Unseens threw a party (this blew me away) – they said that this changed the “Matrix” – and when I was driving that night, a car with the license plate “Matrix” drove in front of me. I’ve always used energy clearings in the past – but nothing has worked like this. Nothing. Things aren’t perfect, and I don’t feel like I’m out of the woods yet – but things are definitely better and different…
    This technique also connected me to a past life in Egypt – where I was killed for some reason…

    I’m just barely scratching the surface here, but I wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Denise, I feel like this healing technique saved my life – the 7th Dimensional Lion Beings really know how to take care of business. When it comes to energy clearing, Archangel Michael & Angels are helpful. However, Angels have to respect free will – so they can only do so much… These Lion Beings apparently have a totally different code of ethics – they don’t have to tolerate ANY B.S. or darkness. This technique/prayer from James Gilliland has definitely benefited humanity… I’m going to use it again today & take it to the next level – as far as I can take it… knock-on wood, we’ll see what happens.

    Lots of love to you Denise and everyone here.

    • Stephanie,

      You may find this old article interesting if you hadn’t already discovered it. The Lion Beings are old, old friends and distant relatives to me and many, many of us.

      I too have many times seen/heard/felt some of my Unseen, higher dimensional kinsfolk ‘throw a party’ when I made another important step forward. They’d get so happy, so relieved that I’d gotten their message and/or made some connection etc. because we DO alter the “Matrix” and the timeline and much more every time we take a few more big Stair Steps in this Process. 🙂

      Also, understand that as you/me/each of us grows spiritually and consciously and energetically etc., the “tools” that used to work for us (tools like old Guides, old energy tools like gemstones, meditations, prayers or whatever it may be), we outgrow and must let go of as we move up those Stair Steps. New, more appropriate and better matching frequency tools and “guides” etc. will come in — if we still need them that is — to help us continue growing towards the point where we don’t need them at all. 🙂 But, until then, we’ve all got to be ready and willing to release our old and much loved “guides” and other spiritual and metaphysical tools as we outgrow them and evolve to new levels of learning.

      The Lion Beings are super, super, super ancient Elder Beings which makes sense that they’d not take a pinch of shit (see how evolved I can be when needed? 😆 ) from Team Dark at this point. They, and others like them but in different forms/bodies, know VERY well what’s going on now and how hard we’ve worked down here to help anchor the Ascension Process in physicality and unseat this world from the Negatives. Because of all this and more no doubt, the Lion Beings don’t mind escorting these Negative idiots right out of here and elsewhere where we no longer have to suffer them. Lion hugs of High Heart Gratitude! ♥

      I knew when I first read that article by James Gilliland that I HAD to quote it because it was so good and so accurate and undistorted. So I’m very glad that you and anyone else has benefited from his great article. This is 5D networking at it’s best. 🙂 ♥

      Lion Heart Hugs,

      • Oh, I’m lovin this, here come the Lions again 🐆 …………. I just luv this place, it’s so full of synchronicity, even the pyjamas 😆😆😆

      • Hi Denise,

        Thank you for sharing the 2007 article on your meeting with the Lion Beings. I’m still so new to your site & I’ve got a lot of catching up to do 🙂 Your Lion meeting sounded & felt so beautiful – that must have been so incredible. I could feel the loving energy coming from the article itself. You know, I’m so blown away by the wealth of knowledge that you have. I’ve only met a couple of Starseeds in this lifetime – and I’ve found that you are all such amazing “Cosmic/Psychic reporters and investigators”.

        After spending 13 years clearing a Vortex of negative energy, I was laid-off in August of last year. Since that time, I’ve started to turn what little energy I have left toward my family. And much to my horror, I’ve truly realized that there has been an epic battle for souls (and deep dark manipulations) going on… I’ve always known that my father is a dark soul (he actually telepathically told me a couple months ago to “f**K the light”). The angels explained matter of factly that he has “no concept of Spirit” – but he does embrace the Archon values of greed & money.
        My father has always emotionally attacked me – or tried to hurt me in some way. He has his good moments, but they just don’t last. In recent years, I’ve called in Archangel Michael to stand guard & protect me (as best he can). However, it has still been hell to deal with him. To make a long story short, I was walking past my father about two months ago – and I saw a black beast hanging off his back. Now, I’m not typically “Clairvisual” – so when I do see something, it’s a BIG fricking deal. Black Serpents & Black Beasts really get my attention. This scared the living shit out of me – and Archangel Michael scared the beast off & stood guard. However, I was pretty freaked-out because I knew that something Really Big & Evil was going on – and NOTHING I did was getting rid of these a-holes. The Angels were sending love to these creatures & trying to scare them away – but it just wasn’t cleaning house. To add to this dilemma, my father (& mother) have built up a huge Karmic debt in this life due to how they’ve treated me – and the Angels have been really struggling to get them to pay it off monetarily. That’s when your article on the Lion Beings showed up.

        This Lion Crew came in and cleaned house. They are also working on the karmic debt issue as well (we’ll see how that works out)… You’re so right, they don’t take a “pinch of shit”. They are so loving & badass that it just rocked my world. I still don’t feel like I’m out of the woods yet – it’s still one day at a time… I’m also trying this technique on every part of the World (& Universe) that I can think of. So we’ll see how that goes… Anyway – I don’t want to wear you out here, but thank you for allowing me to share this. And thank you again for all that you do. Huge Lion Heart hugs to you too:

        • Hello, Stephanie,

          Your comment really spoke to me.  I have a similar (but different) situation with my mother as you have with your father.  Instead of greed, however, it's attention and pity for my mother, the ultimate and consummate martyr.  She can easily and seamlessly make anyone look like a monster and no one has ever questioned it.  She usually takes the worst thing that was said in a conversation, repeats three words of it to someone, and they run with it and attack.  And, in spite of me being a strong empath, I have never been able to feel her heart.  With me, she has constantly rejected me throughout my life and yet I am blamed for any problems-- in fact, in the whole family.  Now she is finishing her life on this earth and I tried for a moment to go to her Higher Self to communicate with her (because, as you can imagine, the rest of the family is pretty hostile to me which makes it very tenuous to visit her) and I felt darkness and ugliness.  It shocked me so much that I instantly withdrew.  

          Your comment came at such an opportune time for me. So, last night, I connected to the Lion Beings. My eyes were closed and I got a flash of light as I connected. Then I asked them to go to work on my family, including me. I felt such a surge of power, it was amazing. The process went on for some time and then I fell asleep. But today I am more centered and peaceful, whereas the last couple of days, with bullying from my family at the instigation of my mom, I was thrown off balance. Yesterday, I felt my mother’s distress and anxiety over me not coming to visit her and the family’s shock and anger– I thought at first that it was my own feelings (which have been all over the place the last few days and weeks, until I realized it was them).
          Anyway, the story continues here, but I am doing my best to transmute the darkness in my family, now with the help of the Lion Beings, and I, like you, wait to see the result.
          And, by the way, there was a documentary about white lions on TV last night! Perfect timing!

          Big Lion Hugs to you, too,

        • Hi Cat,

          Sorry for the belated reply to your post. This last eclipse nearly wiped me out (and I’m barely hanging on right now). I hope you’re hanging in there. My heart goes out to you – Big Time. Your mother sounds so much like my father (especially with the martyrdom & attacking for no reason). It’s surreal – and I’m just baffled at how they get away with this behavior. As an empath & lightworker, it just makes your heart cry to come up against that energy. Huge heart hug to you.

          Well, so far I’ve had a good experience working with the Lion Beings – the energy was peaceful & everyone was behaving. Then a HUGE emotional BOMB went off in the family over Memorial Day weekend. Team Dark planted a land mine. I had an intense meeting with God/the Divine Mother/& Archangel Michael and ALL the powers that be. Not sure what’s going to happen at this point. Had to call my long, lost Aunt for help (and that is dicey). Not sure how this is all going to pan out, but Archangel Michael says that they are taking care of it & protecting me.

          Lots of love to you Cat. Take care & hang in there. Here’s a hug for you:

    • Stephanie,

      thanks for the pointer to James Gilliland’s article, I shall take a look :))

      • Hi Hope,

        Good luck & big hugs to you – I sure hope it works for you. Everyone has to experiment with what works for them, but this really has been amazing.
        The day before Denise posted this article, I was sitting in my room & I was totally frustrated with the horrific crap down here. So I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Please help me Understand what is going on down here, what in the hell is going on?!??” And within hours, Denise posted the prayer utilizing the Lion Beings. When I saw it, I just felt like I had been handed something BIG.

        Boy, I wish I consciously knew about these “Lion beings” years ago. Now, thanks to Denise & James – I’m remembering that they are supremely loving protectors from home. Now I know why the Bible & nearly every culture makes such a big deal about Lions (I seriously “get it” now). Their energy is so peaceful, majestic, and loving – like nothing I’ve ever experienced. If you do try this (& you are up to it) please, let me know how you feel. Tons of love to you.

        • Thanks Stephanie, I’ll let you know how it goes, haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure I will soon. This is all very synchronistic. We all probably know each other very well on a higher frequency. Should be easy to recognise each other in our pyjamas 😆😆😆

  • I was wondering where you had been. Scrolled thru my email yesterday to make sure I didn’t miss a post. Yay, thank you. A great birthday present! 🙂

    • Brenda! Right after reading the previous post about recognizing each other in the higher realms in our pajamas and there you are ~ How cool! Just found out about this place yesterday and man, I say that this place is too cool for school! I am blown away about how much Love and synchronicity are happening now. Anyway I know that I am forgiven for being just slightly off topic as it is for the highest good for all concerned.
      Love and Blessings to All

  • Dearest Denise,

    I’m certainly no stranger of the dark. I’ve had to face it head on over and over for almost 2 decades. In past times running from it first, whereas now I stand my ground face it and ask it for tea 😀 Just this morning on my way to acupuncture, there was an Angry man at the bus stop. He was rightfully angry about a lot of things, however he was over-the-edge Angry. And cross what he said just one iota (because he was Right), then he’d turn his Anger on you. At first I was a “nice” lady, then I “obviously didn’t ride the bus and therefore didn’t know what I was talking about b/c…. blah blah blah”. Well, this was the first time I put up a shield, didn’t even think about it just did it, and blessed him with Light. He didn’t need to ruin my day. The ankle biters didn’t need to be pushing him over the edge. So soft waves of Light shined upon him until he left my sight and my mind and my space.

    Things really felt strange out there today! The sky for once had no trace of chem trails (they’ve been streaking everywhere almost everyday lately), beautiful puffy real clouds; a huge brightly colored butterfly flew past me; and then here’s this Angry man. Not to mention I’ve been losing track lately. I missed my bus stop last week, but luckily it was stopping for someone to get ON so I could hop off. Like you said though, things are developing rather quickly. I was amazed that I wasn’t drained by my encounter, that I knew somehow to raise a shield (and actually do it on the fly), and to calmly send Light to highlight the darkness and then go in to my appt. But then my appt was uncomfortable…. the chair, the music was too loud, I was too cold LOL! It helped relieve the rest of the Ascension Flu that hit me over the weekend though which was great.

    I know you’ve been extremely busy, and dealing with the up/down energies as well. I appreciate all that you do, and then come here and reach out to us at Transitions through it all! By the way, I love all the new background changes that you make! They seem to come at just the right “time”.

    Sending you Heart Hugs, Light and Love,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • thank you for your comments it helps me deal with some the challenges higher lightworkers deal with daily for the love of humanity, blessings, Jollean

  • Hello, Denise and everyone,

    This has been a really amazing last little while for me. I have been feeling steadily more and more uplifted spattered with some intense ascension symptoms. For example, last week, I had massive, volcanic headaches that eventually made me throw up massively– volcanically? Ew. Then, two days later, I had the most peaceful day– I did a little shopping and met some very nice, helpful people and had some good chats– not so common here– and missed my bus so sat on a bench for half an hour in the sunshine and there were no motorcycles or loud music on that busy street in that time and I met the most wonderful beagle that just came up to me to be totally and completely LOVED! I love that dog. She didn’t want to leave. And I’m having such amazing interactions with the birds around my place– the crow babies from last year keep their distance but let me know they’re around, I had an amazing interaction for several days with a robin, singing back and forth, and magpies sit and look at me when I talk to them or come walking up to me. So cool. I’ve always been good with animals, but this is just beyond anything I’ve known. And there are more birds here this year than last– I feel like the birds have been talking about me amongst themselves! lol

    Back to the volcano– I’ve been taking Denise’s advice and have started to transmute some very heavy stuff from my family. This is very different from my previous role of being a victim or just avoiding them entirely. It’s delving into the muck (and there is some real muck there) and it’s time to do it, because of upcoming and previous deaths that aren’t being dealt with at all. It’s very empowering because, instead of letting them whollop me with hate and negativity, I’m taking a stance and a role in alleviating the pain. And they’ll never know I did it. My father, who died several years ago, was a very powerful spirit and made his presence known after his death with a great sense of humor, so I’m a little wary of my mother’s upcoming death (she’s the heart of the negativity in the family), but, on the other hand, I know I can handle it if she comes a-calling. This situation is feeling very good now.

    Ah, yes, and integration of ourselves… I’ve been feeling this gradually happen over several years. I see things spacially and several years ago, my higher self was way up above me in the distance, a small Boddhisattva in a golden frame. Over the years, s/he has come down (and I have risen up) to meet somewhere in the middle and, although I don’t interact with my Higher Self in words, I can feel him/her approaching and becoming part of me. Also, other aspects of me which are different than that one, a winged one and another one and other incarnations of my human self have come closer and closer to me as well. It’s an amazing process to experience. On a side note, I often have discernment through my wings– they start to flutter when something resonates. Very cool.

    Well, I’m glad I have something other than the same old, same old to report. I do feel like I’m actually getting somewhere with this process this last while. I can’t wait until we meet consciously on the astral or in person.

    Love to all,

  • Dear Denise you may have missed your calling. I want to know when you are going to hang your shingle outside your door and start excepting clients. I want the first seat on your couch at the group psych meeting. 😉 You explain everything so well and blunt and to the point. Thanks for your cheerleading here. I am sure we all can use it after going through all this muck and transmuting of our own stuff and others. It has been hell as you so well know.
    I have been looking forward to your writings on the new energies. I had received some info from a dream regarding energy from Alcion being used to transmute the dead energy layers still here in places. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to living on a planet that is filled with light from within and that shines from everything living on it! Much gratitude to you! And much love to everyone!

  • Thank you Denise….I am giving a workshop for gay men tonight and tomorrow and your post has come as a great blessing especially the quote from Jung…..thank you again

  • Can’t wait for all the shit to clear out … and faster. I didn’t know about the event on the 16th, though, although I have been feeling remarkably better and more upbeat since then. Like a giant ass weight just got lifted from my shoulders. Ahhhhh. I hope this sensation stays with me “-)

  • Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I love the perspective Denise brings to the changes we are all experiencing! Like the ancient Druids who kept rulers in line by mocking the awful (and the stupid) Denise always manages to poke great big humorous holes in the Dark Scary facade of Team Dark (like by calling them that 😉 and all their tools and tricks. It is really difficult to be scared and amused at the same time, so being able to laugh at monsters, horrors and all the suffering they try to foist on us is a truly beautiful tool.

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