Two Lightbeings Helping Two Starseeds

 If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution then you’re aware that I and my Mom both have had numerous multidimensional interactions with positive Starbeings/Lightbeings/ETs etc. And if you’ve read it and my blog over the years, then you’re also aware that we’ve both had numerous negative interactions (attacks) from Team Dark also. Especially as a Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower here now on this Ascension Mission transmuting and integrating duality and many other things, it simply means that you’ve been dealing with both extremes and taking a lot from Team Dark because of it which hasn’t been easy to say the least!

I mention this because some new readers will think that the story I’m about to share is a first-time event for me when in fact it’s only one more of many I and my Mom both have experienced throughout our lives, especially during our twenty-one Ascension years living and working together. And because it’s one more of many such experiences, it’s the differences in it that are important and telling to me as an Elder Starseed Lightworker and the real reason behind why I’m sharing it.

Even though this event happened on October 15, 2012 — the New Moon at 22° Libra 32′ which I sensed beforehand would be unique in some way — we both have felt different pressures and probabilities building throughout 2012. One of those building probabilities was the possible, I repeat possible death of my soon-to-be 83-year-old Mother. (Her 83rd Sagittarius birthday is a couple of weeks before December 21, 2012, and my 61st Capricorn birthday is two days after it.)

To be very clear about what I’m saying here, I’ve been acutely aware over the past thirteen Ascension years of the different times when my own possible, potential, probable physical death was nearby IF that’s what I wanted to do at those times. Every time I felt it present as a probable reality I consciously chose to remain in-body and physically complete my Starseed Lightworker ascension work. All of us have these different probable or possible exit points (times when we could physically die very easily and quickly IF we wanted to) come and go throughout our Ascension Process, however, most Starseeds/Lightworkers choose to stay in-body and finish their Contracts on Earth in physicality. When I’ve felt strong potential, probable, possible exit points come and go for myself over these past thirteen Ascension years, it was easy for me to decide to stay and finish what I volunteered to come to 3D Earth now to do. I’ve put way too much into all of this to exit my physical body at this late date! The same has been true with my Mom over these past intense thirteen Ascension years…up until the start of 2012 that is.

Neither of us talked with each other about it this year even though we both were consciously aware of it as an increasingly strong probable or possible reality for her in 2012. Because of this subtle building possibility she and I have been aware of this year — but not talked about with each other which is unusual for us — I’ve been extremely aware of how reality could so easily and quickly change dramatically for her and for me because we’ve lived and worked the very difficult biological phase of the Ascension Process under the same roof since the end of October 1991. [See A Lightworker’s Mission] All of this and more has been our pre-incarnational Soul Contracts we each made for our current lives to embody and live the Ascension Process through our physical bodies on 3D physical Earth; to have each others backs while we did it; combine our individually small finances by living together so we could live and function more easily during the very intense and difficult ascension work we agreed to do.

We both were consciously aware that a possible, potential, probable exit point — physical death — for my Mom was presenting itself this year, but like me, she too has decided to stay in-body and complete her Soul Contract this way. The problem with this however was that Team Dark evidently was aware of this potential exit point too and moved on it in an attempt to separate her from her physical body…and the two of us for the obvious reasons. For my Mom to die now would immediately throw my Ascension work and life into a serious mess because my income would stop which is exactly what Team Dark was after. Divide and conquer is one of their main tactics and always has been. Said another way, many of us older First Wavers who are also having to take care of and/or help our elder parent(s) have experienced this tactic as another attempt to slow us down from doing our spiritual Ascension work during 2012. Team Dark does not care how or who or what; they only care about stopping, preventing, derailing or destroying the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and if they can do that by attacking or killing a family member and/or beloved pet, then that’s what they try to do and why.

The way Team Dark tried to make my Mom sick was to interfere with her remembering to take one prescription she takes at 2:00 PM every day. (Amongst other things she has acute Chronic Bronchitis — COPD.) I help her with all of her other medications, but this one she could easily take every day by herself. But, she suddenly began forgetting to take this one particular breathing med back in early September 2012. Normally I would be at my computer writing and would always know it was 2 PM because I’d hear her inhale this med every day like clockwork. However, in early September I was profoundly exhausted and weak myself and was falling asleep nearly every afternoon, and because of this wasn’t aware for weeks that she was being helped to forget to take this particular medication every day.

Of course it didn’t take long at all of her missing a few days of this medication in the first-half of September to start her coughing again, plus she was suddenly having really serious pains in her chest area. Not her heart, but her whole chest and lungs into her back. Very quickly she became more frail and weak, was running a low fever and loosing some more weight. (Imagine what it must be like being in your seventies and eighties and living the Ascension Process as a Starseed Lightworker! Now imagine coming under repeated attacks from Team Dark/the Negatives because you are from Team Light. Imagine how exhausted and weak you might feel if you were that age in 2012 and being interfered with like this to cause you to become sick or sick enough to possibly die.


Instead of immediately going to Urgent Care we both thought it best to try a few other things first so that’s what we did. Her debilitating coughing only continued, plus she started having a fever too which I knew meant her lungs were infected. It was around this time that she confessed she’d been forgetting to take her 2PM medication in September. I also remembered that I’d forgotten for like the fifth time during August and September to go to the pharmacy and replace another of her inhaler devices (a plastic tube to inhale meds through) because it was old and not working as it should have been. Can we say interference?! But, it was too late, she was sick by this point and getting both of her breathing meds in her correctly wasn’t enough to solve the problem so off to Urgent Care we went in early October.

Long story short, Mom’s female doctor works at this Urgent Care office also (hence the only reason we go to it) so she was already familiar with my Mom, her COPD, her meds etc. Problem was that the doctor didn’t attack her lung infection and coughing really hard like she has in years past when this has happened, but this time gave Mom a lower dosage antibiotic and other lung medication. Translated this simply meant that after taking both of those meds given at Urgent Care for her Chronic Bronchitis in early October, they weren’t strong enough so they only made things slightly better. Frustrations galore and I’m realizing that we’re being interfered with again and need to amp-up our defenses against these Team Dark tactics. Gawd they are tenacious and determined.

During the week that Mom’s on the antibiotics and prednazone I knew it wasn’t going to completely cure her lung infection and coughing so I told her that the day she took the last two pills we were going straight back to Urgent Care again if I heard her cough once! We talked about all of this and what had gone on with her forgetting to take her 2PM breathing medication and my passing out at that time so I’d not be aware that she’d forgotten to take it. We got up-to-speed in other words and realized that we both we being interfered with and that we both needed to go into Light Warrior mode yet again despite the sickness, despite the exhaustion, despite the mental interference.


Mom finished her two prescriptions but was still coughing so the next Monday morning we were at Urgent Care again for a second round of stronger antibiotics and prednazone. Now here’s where Team Dark shows up more physically and through a stranger(s) which I’ve experienced innumerable times.

Because there were plenty of younger adults and young kids in Urgent Care the week prior and they all were sick with highly contagious flu viruses or colds, I was concerned about both of us being stuck in the waiting room with those contagious strangers. (1.) Mom catching some virus like that could make her very sick and weak enough to end up in the hospital and/or kill her. (2.) I have no insurance and pay cash when I need to go to the dentist or Urgent Care…which is extremely rare because I absolutely abhor those places/systems and all other patriarchal ones like them! Because of these reasons I was concerned about Mom and I being trapped in the Urgent Care waiting room with a bunch of highly contagious adults and children. Mom’s Chronic Bronchitis isn’t contagious so that wasn’t an issue.

Whenever we leave our house I make sure we both have done Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield, and when needed I also expand the Light field when we have to go into especially energetically unpleasant and/or physically contagious places such as Urgent Care to further protect us both on multiple levels. This second trip to Urgent Care I wanted to get there a few minutes before they opened so we wouldn’t have to sit there with other contagious people for too long. As I drove into the parking lot there was one car ahead of us trying to get there first. I parked next to it and the woman in that car saw my weak, frail, coughing 82-year-old Mother and rushed to get herself and her teenage daughter in line ahead of us.

We’re standing in line outside the Urgent Care entrance waiting for it to open and this truly repulsive low-frequency woman and her teenage daughter are in front of Mom and I, which is where I’d rather they were instead of behind us actually. These two people are of the lower frequency and consciousness group and are very easy and receptive human puppets that non-physical Team Dark manipulate to affect other people and situations etc. In cases such as this, no one needs to say a word or physically do anything because the extreme differences in Light/Dark energies and the immediate irritations and repulsion they cause are energetically reverberating like invisible bombs exploding in the space around us all; higher and lower frequencies and consciousness clashing and greatly irritating each other while trapped within the same physical space together.

Urgent Care opens after about fifteen minutes and everyone signs in and sits down to wait to be seen. I seat Mom by the open door so she’s got fresh air and is as close to our car as I could get. The lower frequency Mother and daughter sit down in chairs directly opposite us…of course. While waiting I found an empty spot on the floor to stare at so I could telepath to the doctor, whoever it was that day, to hurry up and arrive. I clairvoyantly located the doctor who was in his car on the way there. He was another of the doctors that works at that medical group and Urgent Care office and he’s treated my Mom before for this same problem. While I was having my telepathic remote viewing conversation with the doctor in his car, the repulsive woman and her daughter were both mentally in their mobile phones distracting themselves that way.

In the midst of my private telepathic conversation with this male doctor I suddenly felt a wave of negativity directed at me from the repulsive woman (Mother) seated across from us. I quickly finished my telepathic chat with the male doctor, lifted my eyes from the small empty spot on the floor I’d found so I could view and have this conversation as privately as possible in a room full of people, and shifted my physical gaze directly at the repulsive woman and made deliberate potent eye contact with her. By this intentional action I let her know that I heard and felt her and I was confronting her about what she was doing energetically to me. She immediately made a facial gesture of utter hatred and disgust and shook her head right and left in a gesture of “No”. I couldn’t believe how blatantly she was being used by Team Dark to try and get at me while we were all waiting in Urgent Care.

I’ve experienced this exact thing dozens of times over the past thirteen Ascension years and I should be used to it by now, but I confess, it blows my mind every time it happens. If humanity only knew how easily and often they are intentionally used and manipulated by the unseen Negatives to cause problems, pain, misery, injury etc. in other people they’d be horrified beyond belief. Well many of them would be, some would think it a great way to harm others.

Unlike many other people who might have only smiled politely at this woman and enabled her to continue this negative crap, I telepathed at her to “Get back in your phone and be quiet!” The repulsive woman dropped her attitude gaze from me, lifted her cell phone back up again and mentally focused on it and remained there until they called her and her daughter in to see the doctor. (My personal decision to do or not do this sort of thing is a complex and lengthy article all by itself, but I’ve learned after years of confusion over situations with many people like this that I’m here to carry Light, not enable the Dark to further use people to harm me and mine or each other.)

We were called next, saw the male doctor, got two stronger prescriptions for Mom, and made our escape from Urgent Care as quickly as we could. The prior Friday I’d talked with Mom about our possibly going to the grocery store after our second trip to Urgent Care ONLY if she honestly felt strong enough to do so. We talked about it and I questioned her repeatedly over the weekend about it and how she was feeling, and then again Monday morning before we left for Urgent Care and again in the car as we left. She said she felt strong enough to go grocery shopping so off we went to do some much-needed grocery hunting and gathering.


As I drove into the grocery store parking lot I located a handicapped parking space close to the entrance/exit door which I was grateful for because I knew that Mom and I would each have a shopping cart full of stuff when done and that we’d both be tired. Off we headed into the grocery store to buy what we each needed.

The last section we go to is the produce section and as Mom and I arrived there we both immediately headed towards the bananas because they were very clearly lit from above with bright white Light and highlighted as if by unseen Angels! Seriously, we both looked at each other with goofy, wide-eyed grins and then back at the showcased bananas and couldn’t believe how utterly perfect every single banana looked under the brilliant white Light. Not one of them had a single bruise or was slightly green and I’ve never seen that, ever! We immediately collected a bunch of these illuminated sheer perfection magic bananas while grinning at each other and repeatedly checking out the white Light mysteriously highlighting them all. We didn’t physically say anything about what we both saw and felt, but unquestioningly bought a big bunch of those beautiful bananas and finished in the produce section and headed for the checkout. Now here’s where Team Dark maneuvers into position, again.

We get to the checkout and Mom is behind me which was my first mistake. I should have, and always will now when she’s able to go shopping with me, have her go first so I’m behind her blocking any interference and attempts to redirect her away and separate us while out in the world. I had about half of my groceries loaded on to the checkout conveyor belt when another store employee grabbed my Mom and, trying to help her checkout faster, pulled her off to another checkout lane. I knew this female cashier was only trying to help, but, I also knew it was the old Team Dark divide and conquer maneuver they use on everyone, but certainly on Starseeds/Lightworkers.

I’m loading my groceries as fast as I can while repeatedly glancing over my shoulder trying to find where the cashier took my Mom. I know what’s coming and I know who’s behind separating us at the end of the shopping trip when Mom is totally spent and exhausted and too weak to unload her unusually full shopping cart after being so sick for September and half of October. My mind is racing, “Hurry, find her, hurry, this is not good, hurry…”

Finally I get my groceries paid for and can see where my Mom is and she’s gone all white and gaunt and I know she’s at the edge of passing out right there in the grocery store. I speed myself and my cart full of paid groceries over to where she is and tell her to just hang on to the edge and not move. She barely hears me and can’t even move. And, of course, all the baggers (employees who bag your groceries after they’ve been scanned) have mysteriously disappeared so I start frantically bagging Mom’s groceries as fast as I can while watching her to see if she starts sinking to the floor because she’s passing out. Unbelievable how quickly and completely she got hit with utter exhaustion as she literally ran out of energy.

Somehow I got all of her groceries bagged and in her shopping cart and paid for while I’m watching her looking like she’s going into shock. I attached her hands to her shopping cart and told her to not let go of it. I got us and our two full shopping carts out-of-the-way so that other people could get around us and exit the store. I was trying to get Mom’s cash (change) back into her wallet and her wallet back into her purse and her purse zipped closed so we could finally get outside and get her seated in the car. As long as she was in the car everything would be okay, but how I was going to get her in her condition and two full shopping carts to the car was another story!

Mom is clutching her shopping cart and looks like death warmed-over and it’s clearly obvious that she’s in serious trouble and on the brink of passing out. I don’t know how she’s still standing actually and she’s not responding to anything I’m saying and she isn’t turning her head to look at me or anything…because she can’t. She’s gone but still standing somehow. “Get her in the car, get her in the car, get her in the car…” my mind is screaming at me.

I got both of our shopping carts steered out the exit/entrance door about five feet and then stopped us. I looked at her in a semi trance-like, shock-like half-in and half-out of her body state and knew we were in real trouble. In the next moment I sensed a tremendous urge to “GO!” which my rational mind thought was utter folly, yet, I instantly followed this powerful higher suggestion to make a run for the car. Just before I took off under this strange and powerful “GO!” impulse I looked at the car across the parking lot and saw a large area between us and it of bright and dense white Light. It was about fifty feet wide and about ten foot tall and looked and felt like a field of white Light had suddenly been manifested to help us get Mom and our groceries to the car without any interference from any human or Team Dark. This area of dense white Light began at the very spot where I had stopped us which was about five feet outside the exit/entrance door to the grocery store, and extended all the way across the parking lot and about five feet beyond our car. This white Light area was amazing looking yet seemed perfectly normal to me in that moment.

As I push-off hard and fast across the parking lot without my Mom at my side — which I simply could not believe I was doing knowing she could barely stand on her own right then — I thankfully simultaneously clairvoyantly saw and felt two slender tubular shaped and extremely tall Lightbeings behind me flanking Mom at her right and left elbows. The two Lightbeings had levitated Mom about 2.5 inches off the physical ground at her elbows with their Light radiating fingertips and were literally steering her and her shopping cart across the parking lot and eventually to the back of our car next to me. They literally were levitating my Mom and her full shopping cart — levitating as in NOT touching the ground physically from what I clairvoyantly saw, felt and heard — across the parking lot and to the passenger side of the back of our car where I could then physically take hold of her and finally get her seated in the car.

Yes, unbelievably, I rushed out ahead of my completely incapacitated 82-year-old Mother pushing only my shopping cart because I had to even though I couldn’t believe I’d knowingly left her in such a vulnerable condition unconsciously clutching her shopping cart and unable to move, speak, focus, see the car or get to the car! That lower rational part of my mind was thinking “WTF!” as I physically launched myself and my shopping cart across the parking lot, but the reason I did so was because that “GO!” message I’d felt was from the two Lightbeings. Some part of me knew this before I even clairvoyantly saw them and was only seeing the large section of white Light I’d just stepped into. As all this is happening in that wonderful No Time place/state, I’m acutely aware that I and my Mom have transitioned from lower linear time space frequency range and reality into a higher quantum frequency range due to the two Lightbeings and the protected white Light passageway they created for us. I’ve experienced this state many times before and it’s always so wonderful, freeing and so natural feeling. Linear time simply doesn’t exit beyond the narrow frequency range where it does exist, and getting out of it always feels so natural and great.

When in a higher, faster quantum frequency range the physical world and people in it either looks and feels significantly slowed and very distant, or like its been put on pause, or it completely disappears from your range of perception. To the people back in “normal” linear time space Earth frequency, nothing is happening out of the ordinary because they’re not seeing, feeling, hearing or perceiving these other higher frequency ranges and vast spaces and Beings that exist within many of them. But from a slightly higher and faster No Time place/state frequency it looks like where I’ve just exited from (physical Earth reality) has disappeared from my view…and from my concern for those all too brief moments. That’s what happened again in this experience from my perspective — and as I found out later when my Mom was strong enough to talk about what she experienced — from her perspective too. We both experienced exiting physical 3D Earth reality and it all disappearing from our view; everything except the white Light area and the two tall Lightbeings.

Because this was an Emergency Assist Event it was different from previous multidimensional experiences I and my Mom both have had with other Starbeings and Lightbeings. This was us being aided by two Lightbeings because we weren’t going to make it to the car without some form of higher assistance. Because it was an emergency help event, there were no great insights or lessons to be learned or teachings to be exchanged from Angelic Lightbeing to incarnate Starseed Lightworker. There wasn’t time for it then, it was just what it was in that moment; help from a much higher frequency. Because this was emergency help and not a more typical lengthy higher dimensional educational event or meeting, I knew while I was in the white Light racing towards my car and once there frantically opening the passenger side door and hatchback to load the groceries, that the two Lightbeings wouldn’t allow any other human into that white Light space because it would have harmed them. I knew that these two Lightbeings had created this higher frequency Light space field to help get Mom to the car, give me time to get her seated in the car, let me unload the groceries as quickly as I could while they protected her, get myself into the car, and finally get Mom inside the house.

Once the two Lightbeings arrived with Mom and her shopping cart up behind me and to the passenger side of the back of the car, I took her by her arms and directed her into the car. She was amazingly light and abnormally easy for me to move so this told me the two Lightbeings were still helping us both. I could feel the two Lightbeings in the space directly above me and I could still see the dense white Light, but now with faint images of bits of other cars and people in the parking lot showing through somewhat. No 3D physical earthly sounds at all yet, just brief glimpses of bits of old 3D slowly coming back into partial view through the dense white Light we were in. I knew the other people were being kept busy, distracted, slowed down, or outright paused by the two Lightbeings to prevent them from walking or driving into the white Light space so I was doing everything as quickly as I could, both for Mom’s sake, but also for the two Lightbeings and the other people driving and walking in the parking lot.

While I was frantically throwing the groceries into the back of the car I knew Mom needed something to eat and that it would help her regain some strength. So while unloading both of our shopping carts into the car, my mind was racing trying to discern what I should grab out of all those groceries to give her to eat in the car. I couldn’t find anything except — are you ready? — the bunch of bananas. (It was as if I was being blocked to find anything other than the bananas in those moments which told me the Lightbeings were directing me with that also.)

Yes, the perfection bananas magically lit with white Light from above suddenly made sense so I grabbed one of them and raced around to the passenger side of the car, shoved it into Mom’s lap and told her to eat it immediately. I rushed back to finish loading the groceries and get the two shopping carts out-of-the-way. I checked Mom again because her car door was open this whole time and she literally had one foot dangling out and one hand hung limp down at the edge of the car. I lifted her foot into the car, moved her hand in and helped her get her seat-belt on and finally closed her car door.

By this point I could more easily see through the white Light and saw three people walking slowly towards us so I knew No Time was running out and that the Light Field was about to disappear and that we were going to impact back into physical linear time space reality again. Bummer, big bummer after having these few No Time moments — even though they were stressful and frantic — of not being IN 3D density and having to endure all the matching people, crap, noise, pollution of every type and other frequency stuff that goes along with it. I was about to be impacted from dropping out of higher frequency space and No Time back down into slow motion density and consciousness insanity again and it was going to hurt and frustrate me because it always does when I have to reenter the Snake Pit again. The contrast between just these two levels is almost too much to endure emotionally, and physically too, but mostly emotionally at this point.

As soon as I’m in the car, closed my door and started the engine, in that instant we were completely back in 3D density and linear time space again and “reality” came screaming, roaring, rushing back in all around me/us in that split second and it was horrible. Truly horrible. Imagine going from a protected space of nothing but white Light and two amazing Lightbeings, zero sounds, zero interference, zero humans and human interference of any type such as thoughts, energies, emotions etc.,  zero Team Dark interference, zero crap of all kinds and then in an instant you’re back into it all again. Like I said, the contrast was horrible and nearly overwhelming to me in October 2012.

But, we’re in the car as are our groceries and we’re heading home. Mom and I both are sort of in shock or in some weird traumatic state and she wasn’t talking or moving much so I knew it wasn’t done yet. During the drive home I did not notice that she hadn’t eaten the banana or that she couldn’t move much and was still in a very weakened condition. I was not seeing some of these things because there were things going to happen that were for Mom and not me and so I was purposefully not seeing certain things at this point.

We get home, I parked the car and got Mom out of the car and up the steps into the house. Again she feels abnormally light and easy to maneuver which told me the two Lightbeings were still overhead somehow even though I wasn’t seeing any white Light or them at this point. I could feel them nearby and knew they were helping me get Mom up the steps and into the house safely. I led her to her bedroom and sat her in her recliner chair, got her some water and noticed the uneaten banana in her hand. I told her to not get out of the chair and that I had to unload the car and that I’d do that as quickly as I could and then return. It was while I was doing this that she had some much-needed insights from the two Lightbeings.


Incomprehensibly to me, it didn’t even dawn on me, and it normally would have, that Mom was so weak that she couldn’t even open the damned illuminated white Light perfection banana! So while I’m rushing like crazy again to unload all the groceries from the car and up the steps and into the house, it hasn’t entered my awareness that Mom hasn’t eaten the banana yet and that she needed help to open it and peel it! Like I said, normally this is something that I would have automatically known and done for her but didn’t even realize this time. So while I’m bringing the groceries in Mom is struggling to open the banana and can barely get one hand up to hold onto it. She told me later that it took her nearly the whole time I was unloading the groceries just to get the banana opened and peeled. But, once she got about three bits of the banana into her, she said she started feeling better and stronger very quickly.

She also told me later that once she’d finished all the banana she had enough strength to lift the peel and place it on the nightstand next to her. She said she could still see the white Light radiating off the peel on the nightstand while she sat there regaining some strength and sipping water.

During this time I briefly checked her and saw that she was getting a bit stronger so I went back and finished putting all the groceries and frozen food away. When finished I went to Mom’s bedroom and got her shoes off, got her more food etc., and then we just sat and talked about what we’d each experienced. This next part is what she told me she’d seen and felt during the white Light and two Lightbeings parking lot event.

She told me that when I stopped us just outside of the exit/entrance door at the grocery store when we were leaving, she knew she was half out of her body and in a very bad way and was worried she’d pass-out and someone would call an ambulance and haul her off to the hospital. She told me that when I stopped us at that point she suddenly saw the white Light field appear exactly as I saw it and described it already. At the physical point where I stepped into it ahead of her, was the same physical spot where she did and it was also where and when she felt that her feet and her shopping cart were no longer touching the ground. She said she couldn’t see me, the car, or anything else except the dense white Light from the same physical spot just outside the entrance/exit door to the grocery store all the way across the parking lot — which was about 50 feet — and the two Lightbeings levitating her and her shopping cart up to where they lowered her back down to the ground next to me at the rear passenger side of our car.

While listening to her describe what she experienced, it was wonderful because I’d seen and felt it too while rushing across the parking lot with her and the two Lightbeings a few steps behind me. In that moment of ultra weirdness where I saw these two Lightbeings levitating my Mom and her shopping cart and literally carry her across a public parking lot in broad daylight, I suddenly remembered a funny pet video I’d seen a couple of years ago of a woman holding her small dog over a bathtub full of water and the dog’s little legs were dog-paddling in the air above the bath water! That was the hilarious thought I had while dashing across the parking lot and clairvoyantly seeing my Mom being levitated by two Lightbeings but her two physical feet still walking…dog-paddling about 2.5 inches above ground in the air just like the little dog in that funny pet video!

From Mom’s perspective all she saw while levitating/walking/dog-paddling across the parking lot was the dense white Light field and the two Lightbeings. She told me she knew her legs and feet were walking yet not touching the ground and that her shopping cart was also easily moving along not touching the ground. I and the car came back into her range of vision once the Lightbeings deposited her and her shopping cart next to me at the back of the car. She said she could then see and hear me but not much of anything else.

She also told me that she felt the two Lightbeings were with us all the way home and also helped us get her up the stairs and into the house. Once she was safely in the house and seated in her bedroom and had eaten the glowing white Light banana, she said she was aware the two Lightbeings were slowly retreating.

It took us a couple of days to process this whole event and make all the connections and insights and thoroughly share what we each had seen and felt with each other. These types of larger physical shifts out of linear time space (such as this one that happened, again, while out in public!) into other areas and then back again typically takes days to fully process, digest, and get the larger overview of what and why it happened. More about the larger reasons why the two Lightbeings showed up in October 2012 to help us near the end of this very long article.


This experience with the two Lightbeings (not Starbeings as we’ve both experienced many times in years and decades past but Lightbeings) happened on Monday, October 15, 2012. This next experience happened on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. They are of course connected.

So early Wednesday morning I’m getting ready to go shopping alone and as I walk past Mom’s bedroom I noticed something dark colored on her carpet. She was out in the livingroom and hadn’t seen this when she woke up, and who knows, it may have not even been there when she did get up! But as I’m ready to leave the house to shop, I see this dark something on her carpet in her bedroom so I went in to see what it was. In those moments while I’m looking at these three small very dark spots of something on her carpet, my brain is straining to figure out what in the hell they are. I turned the overhead light on to get a better look and got down on my hands and knees and then I saw that the three dark spots where diarrhea. YES, they were shit spots! Sorry, but they were three small pools of diarrhea in a location in her bedroom that would have been very difficult for a human to produce…even at a run for the bathroom!

Mom hears my crushing and questioning and comes in to see what I’m carrying on about. She looks at them and said they weren’t there when she woke up about an hour earlier. But, because I have to cover all bases, I asked her if she had any accidents that could have caused the three spots and I actually checked her pajamas, her shoes, the rest of the carpet etc. Nope, Mom was not the guilt party, so I next went to the cat and then the cat box in search of signs of diarrhea and I found nothing there either. This cat has never, ever had diarrhea in his life so I know it didn’t come from him. And I knew I didn’t wander into my Mom’s bedroom and dribble diarrhea in there so, that leaves…Team Dark as the most likely source of it.

In case you think I’ve lost my mind entirely understand that in this pre-Ascension world run by Team Dark, it’s not uncommon to have really wonderful and extraordinary experiences as we had with the two Lightbeings followed with some unpleasant shitty something happening afterwards as a way for Team Dark to leave their mark to let you know how they feel about The Light and those of The Light. Said another way, finding some shit on Mom’s carpet two days after such a wonderful connection with those Lightbeings didn’t surprise me that much but it did tell me that that’s about all they’re capable of at this point with Mom and I. That is very positive and telling news.


Let’s wrap this lengthy story up with the deeper level implications it carries for many of us in October and now November 2012. And, sorry it’s taken me so long to write this but it’s been super intense and exhausting and I expect it will be for the rest of  2012 and maybe a bit beyond too.

After thinking about the fact that it was Angelic-like Lightbeings that showed up to help us in the parking lot and not the more familiar higher dimensional humanoid Starbeings, I understood that this was a message in itself to me (which I knew I was to pass on to you reading this) about how far I and my Mom and many of us actually are on The Bridge out of the old duality patriarchal Earth and into the new ascended Earth world right now. It was also a message from those Lightbeings to me that I was to pass on to all of you who now need a personal, wide awake, fully conscious, direct living picture and/or explanation about what it feels like, what it looks like, how fast it actually happens etc. when you exit out of linear 3D time and space with your physical body and enter into another higher frequency level/dimension/location etc. that’s quantum or within No Time or the eternal Now Moment.

Many people have talked about how certain Starbeings/ETs/”Galactic Federation” etc. are going to come and “save” them or “rescue” them or “lift them off the planet’s surface when things get bad” etc. but that’s not the case in my opinion and I’ve said so many times over the years. Ascension is an individual thing that’s earned energetically, Alchemically by each person because it must be this way. Like attracts like and this is why we each will find ourselves drawn towards a matching external frequency Earth world or other place, location/dimension etc. as the 12-21-12 Expiration Date comes and goes.

In other words, this experience with these two Lightbeings in mid-Oct. 2012 was to help Mom and I, and you reading this, better understand how suddenly, how quickly, how easily and effortless it can be for us now to take just one step out of the old negative 3D duality world and dimension frequency range we all incarnated into in this life with these physical bodies, and instantly find ourselves existing elsewhere with these physical bodies. This experience helped me better see and understand that this grand shift, this final transition out of the dense negative world we incarnated into decades ago, this stepping off of the transitional Bridge on to the new 5D Ascended Earth will be like everything else within the Ascension Process; it will unfold in many Stair Steps so that we don’t kill our physical bodies or blow our minds or central nervous systems or rip our psyches to shreds in the process!

November and December of 2012 is going to be super compressed for many of us with these final Stair Steps energetically preparing us for transition and existence in either the new 5D Ascended Earth world, or another Earth world where duality will exist for all who desire it but Team Dark will NOT be there at all, ever. So expect to have more experiences and awareness of new things, Beings, places, multiple dimensions, probabilities, different timelines etc. for the rest of 2012 and certainly into the new that 2013 will bring.

Denise Le Fay

November 6, 2012

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82 thoughts on “Two Lightbeings Helping Two Starseeds

  • I was so glad to read about the dirty toilet dreams, because I have had them off an on for years, as well. Always a public bathroom that is very busy, very little if any privacy, and dirty overflowing toilets full of feces. I never actually clean them in my dreams, though. But last night I had a different twist. I was in a busy public bathroom that only had flimsy curtains for doors. I finally got to go into one, and it was overflowing, but it had (sorry for this,) blood all over it, like someone had their period, and just left blood all over.

    Does anyone have an idea if this means anything different from the past dreams about feces? I have been asking my higher self the past few nights to give me a message in my dreams. I am not sure what to make of this one.

    Thanks for everyone being so open in this community. It really helps me in my journey!

    • “I was so glad to read about the dirty toilet dreams, because I have had them off an on for years, as well. Always a public bathroom that is very busy, very little if any privacy, and dirty overflowing toilets full of feces. I never actually clean them in my dreams, though. But last night I had a different twist. I was in a busy public bathroom that only had flimsy curtains for doors. I finally got to go into one, and it was overflowing, but it had (sorry for this,) blood all over it, like someone had their period, and just left blood all over.

      Does anyone have an idea if this means anything different from the past dreams about feces? I have been asking my higher self the past few nights to give me a message in my dreams. I am not sure what to make of this one.

      Thanks for everyone being so open in this community. It really helps me in my journey!”


      It’s all related stuff — blood, guts, vomit, body parts, dead stuff, feces etc. etc. — to the transmuting and neutralizing of all lower frequency dense duality stuff/junk/residual energies.

      For years I compared what I was doing as a Starseed Lightworker to what septic tank clears do; they literally pump out all of the feces, waste, ick etc. that’s drained into the septic tank at each house they’re called to. The blood in there is just more of the same and speaks to me about how, because of that shit n’ mess, there’s often blood loss cased by those lower frequency dense duality energies we’ve been transmuting and clearing.


  • A BIG GREAT THANK YOU Denise for sharing your experiences as real life, real on, as always. I have never taken the time to THANK YOU and am finally doing this now. Thank you for posting your Transitions. thank you for sharing your knowledge and spreading hope along with Light! It is so truly amazing what you go through and exhausting as well. I know. I am there too. I can feel your difficulties and frustrations with the poor manipulated 3D zombies and how they are beinig used to manipulate us and sometimes divert our attention from important spiritual work. In particular I loved the whole article, but the shit part was fabulous. Really all they can do is to shit. That is all they can do. Soon they will not be able to even shit. They will have to take the crap with them. Lots of love and light from Sweden along with strength and patience and support. Very grateful for taking such a big amount of your time sharing all your experiences. Take real good care of you and your dear Mom. Best wishes for every day being filled with magic nutritious bananas and assisting angelic beings in a timeless, non littered by lower junk dimension. And we are heading there, closer every day. And so it is!

  • Two nights ago, I TOO had a “toilet” dream! I was in a public washroom and all the toilets were dirty, close to overflowing. I refused to sit on any of them. Once I found a fairly clean one and sat down to do my thing, I expelled a slime-covered pair of dainty high heels!

    I believe this is the “romantic fantasy” program in the collective consciousness that I swallowed for the longest time, believing I was on a search for my soul mate. And now it’s expelled for all time. Good riddance!

    I DO believe in love and real caring — romance can be more of a game in which no one really wins.

    Blessings to all,


  • OK. I just have to chime in about the toilet dreams. The past year or so, I have found myself having numerous toilet dreams! Sometimes I wake up and I have to really go to the bathroom but most times these dreams involve backed up toilets, trying to find them whilst having to go really bad, other people around/no privacy or it is their waste I have to navigate through. Also, there are ones where the toilet unit itself is just some weird, dysfunctional thing, like cushions stacked up high with a small bowl under them. Crazy, I know.

    Until reading others’ experiences about these dreams, I did not think of it as cleaning up the negative! Thanks so much again. I really look forward to Denise’s blog posts and everyone’s comments because there is so much craziness out there and I feel like you guys are right on with how I’m feeling/doing most of the time.

    I also feel like these last weeks until 12/21/12 are just a waiting period for me. I hope this is coming from my intuitive self and not a depressed ego. I have to force myself to go to work (this has been going on a long time) and I feel like cocooning at home even more so lately. Going out is so difficult and painful. I just would like to know if there is anyone else out there who feels like it is just about waiting for the next several weeks to pass before being able to really make any plans or motivate in one direction or the other.

    • Hello, moeZytheoWI and everyone,

      Three nights ago I, too, had a toilet dream.  It was one where I had no privacy and where the toilet kept on changing locations.  I've had them before where they are in really weird places in an old run-down place where I was afraid I would be walked in on because the toilet was in the middle of the room on a pedestal.  I'm getting it now-- a really run-down and busted up place, like Earth.  It's so funny that so many of us have had similar dreams about toilets.  

      I’m also feeling that we’re in a holding pattern for the next while. I’m looking forward to the next phase, whatever it may be. Hopefully, no toilets there!

      Love and hugs,

  • Chrysalis,
    Thank-you for your comment about my dreams. I kind of felt the same that the pooping was a kind of releasing of junk/old stuff but since I have been feeling yucky, maybe I was just making room to suck down some more crap to help move things along. I have always known that was my mission and yes it becomes very old. My whole body has been achey and I even had a massage on monday which usually helps but nooooo not this time. I think it’s the holidays coming up because each year I feel the negative, what I call the herd mentality of the shopping, get more have more. today my eyes have been blurry and burning.
    Last night I dreamed of being in a very large unfurnished house, One room on the right was light pink looking tile like walls. across from that what I think/felt was the kitchen and that was a glowing warmer pink. Two “people” were there one showing me around. We were going somewhere, I was ready but waiting for others to be. Oh and there were doors that opened automatic when I was in front of them but they were old looking wooden doors. One was an elevator and the other, we have a theme here, bathroom.
    Sorry you are not remembering your dreams. I find it most exciting to wake to a remembered dreamtime. More so though it has been some time since, the ones that have come true. I have dreamed almost a dozen children before they were born. Thanks again.

    • Interesting, Sunny. The color pink figured into a dream I had overnight, too.

      During the dream I saw a bunch of birds flying in the shadows of an old rickety metal shed. A bird that was two-toned (pink and white) caught my eye, and I think there were some peacocks in there, too. So I went down to get a closer look, knowing that they’d probably all scatter when I got close. They sort of hesitated as I neared the open end of the shed because the only means of escape was past me. They start flying out, and the two-toned one starts to fly out, but instead it lands directly in front of me on my hand and has turned into a white dove. I get the feeling that I have things to do so that I can’t stay there petting it. There is a metal pole in the ground about waist high (think about 4 inches in diameter and filled with concrete). I put the dove on that. The bird turns into a beautiful and soft brown-tabby cat that jumps down and runs out with the rest of the animals that are milling around outside in the yard now.

    For years in my dream travels I have used all kinds of places ( don’t know a word to describe) to go pee. On the night of the 11th, I was in a race of sorts, in the finals. There were ‘others’ milling around getting ready for the race which was 1 and half times around this rectangle area. We had to eat as we were going. I saw what one was fixing and was very glad my meal was much lighter. So here I need to go pee, ok not a problem, lots of ‘others’ doing the same no one really paying attention. I go back to my waiting area. Then I have to go poop and lots of interest and watching as I was doing so. I did not feel unconfortable just got on with it and felt good because it would make the race go better for me. Then I have to pee again so I have to get my physical body up so I did not get to finish my dream time. I have tried many times to get back to dreams after getting up but only once was I able to.
    My thoughts on this. I have not experienced the kind of attacks that many describe here and have always felt protected and not needed to do any “shield” or other things like that. My thinking after considering the dream was that for many years, I have been “marking” my space kind of like a dog or other wild animals do and this has somehow kept me from being attacked. Somehow the pooping seems really big, I just have not got a handle on what it means. Kind of feels like I jumped to the other side of that bridge.

    I also remembered a dream from 20 or so years ago. I found myself outside an area I knew I was not supposed to be at. There was a white wall as far as I could see above and around. I could see figures moving around behind the wall and could hear voices but not understand what was being said. I was hiding behind some kind of container as to not be seen. I heard someone coming out so I have to find a place to hide better so I jump in the container which is filled with a fluffy white substance. I hear the voices going by and want to look but remain hidden. I remember the very strong longing I felt at wanting to be able to stay there and get inside.

    Love and peace to all here and thanksgiving for all the support and messages. As always my grateful respect to Denise for this safe place.

    • Sunny,

      I wanted to offer to you my observation about the first dream you wrote about, if that’s ok. It sounds exactly right, that symbolic “marking your territory” so that “the Dark” wouldn’t harm you while you’ve done your own Light work. My sense is that the pooping this time has to do with getting rid of all the dark transmuted energy that you’ve had in your body/the “old way of transmuting stuff”, to make way for your new way of “creating places filled of Light”. I think it’s pretty marvelous when we have dreams like that!

      And the dream from years ago. It sounds like at that time (before we arrived at this wonderful journey to 5D and beyond), the dream was speaking of your longing to be where we are today. You had a taste of that comfort in that “fluffiness” and didn’t want to leave, even though you weren’t completely there yet. Time had to catch up with the longing. Anyway, that’s my observations and if they don’t resonate with you, then that’s ok =)

      Dreams are such precious gems. I can’t remember mine these days as I think I’m tired from my physical body being worn out, and the changes being made on an energetic level.

      Thank you for sharing with us.

      Love and Light,

  • Hi Denise:

    I just wanted to thank you for writing this latest post. Very inspiring to know we really are getting the help we need. I myself have seen light beings many times in my life, and yet I still think I am plodding along alone–which is nonsense, but such is my ego that I am still battling into submission, but more and more now by just listening and then releasing. Releasing my whole life, the good and the negative, everything I thought I knew and believed and just making space.

    I have also read a few other articles very recently about the bridge process and other names for it, and how it feels to other people, and how we are the portals -that it is of course occurring within us but it looks like it is outside–with all the visual effects, sounds etc. One new symptom that is continual now for me is the spinning feeling that I can’t ground no matter what, I am wondering if this is the merkaba because I had a vision of one. A being–I think it was a higher future self of some kind, and she was so loving and filled with so much light and bliss, she felt like a goddess to me and I just wanted to bow my head in her presence–she was in front of me and held it out in her hands–all sparkling and platinum/irridescent. It was the day of the hurricane and I was walking to the store for emergency supplies and I saw her while I was walking to the store. Once I got there, the energy in the store was so horrible, chaotic I just wanted to throw up on the spot, but got what I needed and left-all while I was in this altered state. I am feeling so connected to the weather and especially to the wind, it feels like it is inside of me and I just want to do whatever I can to support the earth and nature beings in cleansing the dross, but it is so painful as well, more than I ever imagined, and I can only pray that we all are living in 5D full time very soon. I am still working, but from home, and it takes all I’ve got just to do the minimal–if you know what I mean, I can barely do it anymore.

    So good to hear the support and loving intent on this site, one of the very few sites that I view now, a site without arguments, posturing, blah, blah–cause we all GET IT.

    Love to you all,

    • ” One new symptom that is continual now for me is the spinning feeling that I can’t ground no matter what…”


      I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing since the start of 2012, the old 3D energetic structures, blueprints, templates, operating system for Earth and Humanity disintegrating rapidly and being replaced with the NEW “ascended” 5D High Heart operating systems, blueprints, templates, energetic structures etc. etc. All year I’ve been watching these incredible changes — make that dramatic improvements! — unfolding with really big transitions every few months. Since June, July and August 2012, literally the old 3D and 2D Elements/Elementals and 1D Earth’s Core dimensions that were “normal” for the old 3D duality structures we all lived in no longer exist in the ways we’re used to. Because of this dramatic change (that’s still unfolding very quickly now), it is nearly impossible at this point to “ground” into the 3D Earth, into the 2D Elements/Elementals, into 1D Earth’s Core like I was used to because they no longer exist in this same old lower frequency way.

      Since August 2012 every day when I clairvoyantly view the space beneath my feet down into 2D and 1D, all I’m seeing now is vast white Light everywhere! The old lower levels are gone to those of us moving forward via the Ascension Process, and certainly to those crossing the Bridge now. Because more of us are feeling this major Shift, it’s really hard to “ground” in those old ways we’re used to. I’m learning that to “ground” NOW means ground into more Light, and ground daily into the 12D Shield, and ground into my High Heart. This is the new 5D “grounding” we’re all having to adapt to. 🙂

      Just make a few minor adjustments like this and you’ll find yourself “grounded” in 5D Light instead of the old 3D spaces and other dimensions/systems etc. that simply aren’t there any more! That old saying (that some people threw around like they actually knew what it meant, but didn’t) — “we are all One” is currently turning into something very different because of our ascending/evolving into 5D UNITY or High Heart Consciousness, which just means we’re becoming much more consciously aware of the fact that we are all connected and can FEEL each other…and that includes Earth and the elements/weather, animals, plants, rocks, other people, other beings etc.

      I’m glad you’re safe from Sandy and all the rest of it. It sounds however like you’ve got some very high ♥ Ascension Guides nearby you. ♥

      • Oh, my gosh, is my instant reaction to this wonderful comment and response, thank you, Morphqueen and Denise. For ages now I’ve been off-balance, grabbing onto the fridge handle when I work in the kitchen, feeling for the corners of the walls as I walk around the house, and when outside, planting each foot very carefully as I’m never sure when I’m going to stagger like a drunk. And grounding into 1D through 3D, even 4D, has become something that no longer fulfills. Just don’t get the same feeling, like nothing is there anymore, simply spaces no longer needing to be filled with love/light. I remember you wrote about the old 2D no longer existing and now filled with Light, Denise, I just didn’t connect until this comment. Stairsteps, arghhh! The same with meditation, nothing happens, I’m doing my “routine” and I may as well be sitting quietly, navel gazing. And I’ve been having some real problems with the idea of “we’re all One”, actually always have had, but couldn’t put my finger on it though I’m happy to say I was very close to the explanation you have given here. It’s the same with the word “co-creating”. I don’t “feel” the idea of co-creating with 3D Earth, I feel co-creating with something much, much bigger for the benefit of All. On another note, I’ve had three instances of solid deja vu today, that we have done this before, we’re doing it again, and the Bridge feels a heck of a lot more sturdy than it did on the 11-11. On 11-11, it was a bamboo bridge swinging with no railings. Today it’s a solid boardwalk with “fridge handles”! Must have something to do with the 13! Thanks again, and Love to All Here, B.

      • I thank you, Denise, for bringing another piece of information to “light”. I was telling my Mom on Sunday about the meditation the Sunday before, and how I didn’t really ground afterwards. The truth is, I haven’t really “grounded” for a long time. I naturally dissociate (from past trauma), so it’s made “grounding” after doing anything in spirit all the much more challenging. I’d grab a piece of chocolate afterwards and drink water. Lately though, it’s like you’re saying. I can’t even think of grounding in the old way anymore. I said to my Mom, “It’s more that I’m trying to adjust to so much light energy pouring out of and through me, and with anything new, it takes time.” So I thank you for putting my experience into words.

        If you find this too off-topic, or not right for this area of the forum, please feel free to delete this next part.

        Last week I had an amazing experience. We’ve had a problem of this young couple breaking into our building’s 2-machine little laundry room, flipping the machines, and stealing quarters from the box they’d rip open. Last Thursday, I caught them in the act. In that moment, I felt what I can describe in two words: Strong and Clear. There was no thought. There was no hate or revenge or any of those feelings, only “Strong and Clear”. It’s a long story so to sum it up, after my telling them “You don’t belong here. Go away.” and trying to push the guy out of the doorway so I might be able close the door (no luck), I said clearly, “I’m now calling the cops.” I did, and they left.

        For so many years of my life, anything to do with police was a frightening experience. Thinking of calling for help for even a neighbor would cause me to shake and tremble inside and I would be shedding tears of fright afterwards. Last Thursday, I not only called them, I said I would speak to the officer when they arrived. I didn’t tremble. I didn’t fear. I spoke clearly, wrote out my witness statement. The officer even thanked me for calling them about this. My neighbors were in awe that I did this. And the whole time I felt “Strong and Clear”.

        I feel this was my Highest Self coming through and showing me, undoubtedly, that there really is nothing to be afraid of any longer. And it wasn’t so much on the 3D level either. I felt (later when I wrote and thought more about the situation) that my Highest Self was speaking to “the darks” that were hijacking these two humans (as much as it was to me) that This is My Boundary, and you will Not cross it anymore. This is My Home, and the Dark will no longer mess with me Here or Anywhere!

        I hope it’s ok that I shared that with you (and everyone) here in this post. It was just such an enormously potent message that there’s nothing to fear anymore, and that the Light is drawing the line on our home that is Earth.

        Bless you.
        With Love and Light,

        • ” I didn’t tremble. I didn’t fear. I spoke clearly, wrote out my witness statement. The officer even thanked me for calling them about this. My neighbors were in awe that I did this. And the whole time I felt “Strong and Clear”…”


          Yes, this is exactly the sort of Inner Knowing that enough is enough now! This is the same reason behind my recently changing my Copyright Notice. Same thing exactly. You can also see this same business in the recent elections and people simply not willing to take the shit anymore or enable the monsters anymore etc. The Light has tipped the scales and is totally running the Show now and more of us are feeling and responding/reacting to this and are letting the rest of the world know what’s not allowed here anymore. This is just the beginning of this too as it’s going to quickly spread around the world. 🙂 It’s about time!

          This is you, me, all of us learning now how to “ground” into 5D Light. 😉 See how it feels and how easily and naturally it works, it flows? We “ground” into our High Hearts where the old lower junk may not even enter. A long time coming but it’s finally here and will now only expand, increase, and change everything and everyone.

          Gratitude ♥ Hug,

      • Thank you, Denise, for the tips about “grounding” in the light. Not wanting to ground to 3d these days, I have been wondering how to best visualize that.

      • Denise dear,

        The more you talk more about what this Oneness is going to be really about… the more I realize my own daydreamings have been all about that too. Been daydreaming about me and us feeling each other’s emotions/bodies/angst/pains/hurts/joys/thoughts/sensations/etc like we’re one body of Life for about 14 years or there abouts.

        I canNOT believe (well… that ol’ surprise-emotional button is somewhere inside me somewheres) that all this time all the things that I’ve been daydreaming/making up stories about in my head have the main theme of Oneness… for all those years. Or was it my Starseed Family communicating to me in this way this subtle … all this time?!?

        All this time….?!? 😯

        ♥♡♥ And much MUCH hugs of immense gratitude for your bravery to even write such things that you write about Denise. If it weren’t for your writing… I don’t know how much sanity in my tank I’d have left… if you know what I mean. The time will surely (and inevitably) come when you’ll have to end this writing, for sure. And when it does… I do hope ALL of us here have finished off these Soul Ascension Contracts… be free from it for good and go forth unto our new adventures of 5th Dimensional Living.

        Lou Ann

  • To quote Denise –

    “Ascension is an individual thing that’s earned energetically, Alchemically by each person because it must be this way.”

    I was reading everyone’s comments and realizing how we each have earned our ascension by bearing with this long process of struggle, not only with the dark forces, but also with our own stories of having transmuted so much in our lives to get to this point. I have also become weary and tired from the long journey and some days it’s a challenge to stay the course. But with the passing of the 11-11 mark, I feel some relief and hope, after weeks of worrying and fearing the other shoe will drop. I was telling a friend tonite I was going to pray for all the light workers in our group here in salt lake city to have hope and faith, instead of fretting and worrying. And my prayer was answered with this story of the light beings helping Denise and her mother, and how they felt residing in the 5d space, if only for a short while. This remarkable event can happen for all of us now – we can expect miracles, and know these light beings can protect and help us too, and that we are not alone. No matter what struggles we are having, we can expect miracles to pull us out of 3d limitation and into that 5d energy. Thank you so much for renewing my hope and faith in these miracles. Sunny (SunnyMae)

  • “Hey Denise! I just came here because I cited this post in one of my own just a short while ago, but only in a linkback/pingback. I gave the title only, and directed people to the site here through a link. I hope linkbacks are still okay. 🙂 I do want people to come *here* and read!

    You are not alone. Karen Bishop insisted on the same thing. I totally get it…”


    It was a very big and difficult decision for me to finally change my Copyright Notice in an attempt to at least make it a bit more difficult for those who quote some of my articles at their blogs and let their readers write negative, incorrect, and oftentimes downright mean Comments about me, my actual experiences, my perceptions, my knowledge etc. I’ve endured and ignored plenty of negativity from some people on some different blogs and forums for years, but it’s late 2012 and I’m done with it. People will continue to perceive incorrectly and still have the egoic need to publicly correct me and/or attack or insult me. I’m just no longer making it easy for this to continue by allowing my articles/images to be quoted elsewhere.

    You’re right in that people can still — and I hope the people like you do — simply add a link to TRANSITIONS, or a link back to which ever article they’re talking about, and/or a ping-back. It’s this or I stop writing, which I’ve considered numerous times since 2011, but there are still things that need to be said so I’ll continue until I know it’s time for me to stop writing about these topics.

    Thank you for saying what you did about this and for understanding why I had to make this change now. And yes, Karen Bishop stopped writing for this reason. The Light takes beatings just trying to help others out of the Darkness they don’t even know they’re in.

    Gratitude ♥ Hugs,
    Denise Le Fay

    • “The Light takes beatings just trying to help others out of the Darkness they don’t even know they’re in.”

      Oh, Denise, what a true statement, thank you. Many of us are so weary and yet we keep on keeping on. Bravo to you for staying in the field until we find ourselves in another one in alignment with the love we hold. You continue to be the wind beneath my poor old worn out and bedraggled wings. 11-11 was not fun energy, at least not that I was aware of. How strange that our “up” times are few and far between and yet we carry on. We are stronger than we realize and I carry you all here in my heart. Love, B.

      • Well said Barbara, thank you, I wonder what keeps us going, maybe it doesn’t matter. It sure does help to have Denise and this space to affirm the path. Much gratitude to Denise and all. Heart hugs, Gwen

    • I feel like you set a good example for everyone by doing this Denise. I also feel that we are so lucky to have your blog and what you write. It really is unique.

      I see the sacred space you create with your writing, and I see all these little miracles that come because of this space you create with your postings. The healing that reaches all of us because you have created a healing space for us and hold yourself like a rock in the middle of this huge storm.

      I am not surprised you are attacked viciously at times because you are creating this beautiful space that does help us move closer to the light and that gives us hope when there is little out there. The negatives do not want that, and they do feel threatened by what you do and create, so yes, they are going to attack anything that is of the light and that helps us transcend them with healing.

      Thanks so much for what you do Denise. Smile. What else can I say. Smile. You are a sacred soldier that sacrifices herself all the time with this blog. Thanks for this.

      • Thanks Caroline K., this “rock in the middle of this huge storm has and does occasionally still get frustrated, wounded, and angry but that’s MY stuff and MY learning and I use the heck out of every bit of it all to master becoming neutral. 🙂

        Thanks again and ♥ Hugs,

  • I enjoyed reading this Denise and I can relate to so much of it. It made me cry too – tears of happiness at the angels who helped your precious mom 🙂 I live with my mom too and even though she gets under my skin sometimes, I adore her and always will. I protect her as much as I can too especially when out in public. It can get pretty scary with those darn vampires, robots, and zombies out there as I call them. 😉 I always know when she’s been attacked too. She instantly and out of the blue feels ill, dizzy or feels faint. I’ve seen my mom struggle and suffer with going out of her body and becoming cold and numb. That’s when its at its worst and thankfully hasn’t happened in quite a while.

    It’s so cool that we can share these things here and not be told something like “oh you watch too much TV” (which I really don’t) or “wow, you have a vivid imagination”. But, I also know that we are very protected just like you and your mom are. And in a way it makes it all worthwhile because we know we are from another and greater place, the same place where the angels are because I’m starting to realize that we are angels too, ok maybe just mini ones. And in truth nothing will ever or can ever harm us. I’ve come to this realization because with everything that I’ve been through energetically and have endured psychically, it’s something that an average person just can’t do. I will continue to pray for all of us lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, crystals, rainbows, earth angels in this world that we be forever safe and always always very protected.

    In love, light & peace always,

    • “…because I’m starting to realize that we are angels too, ok maybe just mini ones…”


      OMG that was the cutest line I’ve heard in a long while. 😆 And you are right, many of us are indeed not only “mini ones” but all different sized ones. 😀

      ♥ Hug,

  • Hello, Denise and all,

    What an amazing story, Denise.  I'm glad you included all the details, as it's important to know everything so we can be prepared for what is to come.
    I'm so glad you and your mother have each other.  The companionship and ability to suss things out together must be valuable beyond words.  And, as someone who has had asthma attacks in the middle of nowhere, far, far from civilization, I appreciate how valuable it is to have someone around who understands what happens when you can't breathe properly.  Coughing is one thing, but when you go into that pass-out mode, it is really scary.

    I’ve been really out of sorts lately. I think I’m starting (continuing?) to be affected by these big weather events– and there have been several of them lately. I’m in Alberta, so I’m fairly near the earthquakes on the west coast, but I think I’m feeling the stuff on the east coast as well. Today, I was in a fog all day, a little dizzy and hardly here. I guess maybe that’s what you’re talking about, being in two dimensions at once. Aside from being terribly uninterested in 3D things these days, I’m finding it hard to focus on it at all. Migraines, aches, and sinus problems are back.

    My family, who I’ve mostly left behind, have reared their heads once again. My mother is calling me pretty much every day, but I don’t answer the phone. She had a health scare and I didn’t respond and I can’t get involved with the drama. When the phone rings, I don’t feel much at all. I sometimes feel guilty for being a bad daughter, but I just can’t go backwards at this point. The message I got from my sister about my mother’s condition was so full of accusation and judgement. I’m not interested. So, so many people have fallen away. A friend in another city is awakening, but is so far away, but I feel what he is going through. Is this High Heart Consciousness, then? Being so connected that you feel everything? It is so exhausting, then. I’m trying to be upbeat, but haven’t got the energy. Trying to focus on the northeast and the oil and gas nonsense here. Doing what I can.

    Big love and hugs to all!

    • “… I’ve been really out of sorts lately. I think I’m starting (continuing?) to be affected by these big weather events– and there have been several of them lately. I’m in Alberta, so I’m fairly near the earthquakes on the west coast, but I think I’m feeling the stuff on the east coast as well. Today, I was in a fog all day, a little dizzy and hardly here. I guess maybe that’s what you’re talking about, being in two dimensions at once. Aside from being terribly uninterested in 3D things these days, I’m finding it hard to focus on it at all. Migraines, aches, and sinus problems are back.

      My family, who I’ve mostly left behind, have reared their heads once again. My mother is calling me pretty much every day, but I don’t answer the phone. She had a health scare and I didn’t respond and I can’t get involved with the drama. When the phone rings, I don’t feel much at all. I sometimes feel guilty for being a bad daughter, but I just can’t go backwards at this point. The message I got from my sister about my mother’s condition was so full of accusation and judgement. I’m not interested. So, so many people have fallen away. A friend in another city is awakening, but is so far away, but I feel what he is going through. Is this High Heart Consciousness, then? Being so connected that you feel everything? It is so exhausting, then. I’m trying to be upbeat, but haven’t got the energy. Trying to focus on the northeast and the oil and gas nonsense here. Doing what I can.

      Big love and hugs to all!


      I can certainly relate to what you’ve said here and I’m sure many others can too. The energies and emapthic 5D Unity or High Heart consciousness/being/reality is increasing in more and more people now which means everyone is and will be FEELING both Earth and other humans in ways they haven’t before. It’ll take some adjusting to but we’ll all get there. 😉

      I too have had some family (and Lisa Renee has something similar with her Mother and step-Dad and their health problems last month I believe it was), wanting, needing help and/or to have things remain the same with me and I cannot and will not do that for anyone. It’s not my spiritual job to do nor am I capable of doing so, just as it’s not for all Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos to enable the negative and lower frequency past to continue now. We’re here for just the opposite reasons, which many people honestly don’t understand and/or are emotionally able to deal with for their own reasons. Keep moving forward doing what we’re here to do now and the rest will work out fine. Really it will.

      I know and you know that the BS and emotional manipulations from some family and/or friends or whoever, is exactly that — BS and old lower frequency, parasitic/vampiric, manipulative tactics that most humans are very talented at! The trick for us is to consciously wake up to all this of course and then not allow ourselves to get manipulated back down some of those Stair Steps again where we will be fed upon by whoever we let do it. I know how harsh that sounds but that really is how harsh and horrible the old lower reality has been for everyone. As we exit it, a lot will try to grab us and/or manipulate us emotionally, lay guilt-trips on us etc. in an attempt to keep us at the level of reality/energy/consciousness they are. We…can…not…so don’t beat-up on yourself over these lower frequency distractions and tactics that are increasing now.

      I’m also having to deal with (again) this same sort of problem but with the public (the larger human family) that reads my articles on other blogs/forums. Because of what some people have been doing for years to me and what I write about, I’m currently having to change the ways I’ve allowed my articles to be quoted and used on other blogs/forums where I and my articles are often thrown out to those readers like red meat for the unaware to attack and insult and write nasty Comments and/or forum posts and all because they don’t understand what I’m talking about! Sound familiar to everyone? Well, it’s simply time for me to make it a bit more difficult for these types of blog owners and forum members to use and abuse me and my life experiences and knowledge I have and present in my writings for free to all. This is the only reason why I’ve just changed my Copyright Notice and not allowed my WORK to be quoted elsewhere. The larger human family…what a pain in the ass/heart/soul they can be to those of us trying to help them all. 😦

      Yes my dear friend and fellow Lightworker soul it is what the early stages of “Unity” consciousness or High Heart feels like. I am sorry it hurts so much and I’ve avoided this topic (and still am because I’m talking about all of this in a Comment instead of an Article!) for a long time now. But know that as we evolve and adapt to our being in these physical human bodies and FEELING the literal connection to Earth, animals, other humans and all life on this planet and beyond it, that this FEELING others pains and fears etc. settles down within us and becomes more easy to deal with from a much higher level of awareness and being. We adapt and adjust to it in other words. I know that because I’ve been a “psychic” my whole life that I’m a bit more used to feeling and being affected by other people and their thoughts, emotions etc. But this is becoming the case for everyone whose ascending/evolving now up into High Heart unified consciousness. We as individuals will naturally adapt and adjust to FEELING the Group. The higher dimensionals and other beings have done this and now it’s our turn to do so in these human bodies. 🙂

      Thanks Cat for giving me the opportunity to talk about all of these issues, including my own personal ones concerning the change in copyright and why. You are loved and recognized.

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Standing and applauding

        Denise , I have always wondered “how in this insane world does she do it!!” and reading your comment to Cat I have answered my own question. You are to me the definition of “loyalty and respect for oneself and unification” I truly admire your courage and discernment (quick at that) with your website. This is why I always stick to your website and come for reference aside from it being my cyber spiritual home. Thank you for this website and everything you put into words for us. Like I’ve said before it always feels like I go to mom when I come on here 😉

        (I recently decided I would start my own blog but had torn thoughts as to doing it, clearly I know now not to because I don’t have half the patience you do!! Lol with dumbasses who’s head is still I the toilet!) you can take that off if you’d like…

        Cat, I am with you and I agree with Denise as not doing those things for others. I live with my partner and he is still stuck to 3D ways of doing things he is highly manipulated which is sad because I see him struggling to make a change which he doesn’t even understand, and although I love him and truly care for him I accept that soon we will part, apps I do now is enjoy my time with those I love, I have been able to detach and blind myself of people’s shit that once use to bother me. Recently my aunt in central America had a conversation with me about her wanting to come to the US failed marriage kids grown and she’s alone NOW the amazing part is I haven’t talked to this lady in years shit I don’t think I ever have however for a sec Im listening to her feeling her sadness and already think of ways to get her as if I could lol then it hit me “ur being manipulated snap out of it” cut the convo passed the phone to my mom, my dad was there which is my aunts brother, he starts looking gloomy, and shares how he stresses every night and looses sleep over his finances, he was laid off after 17 years so he’s been on edd since feb of this yr and he goes on and on about his stress, I say dad move in with us he says ” no I don’t want get older then my time!” I says what? So I’m agin because I live in a rural area where I find peace and I’m away from all his shit that once hindered me? Of course I said that in my thoughts LOL I said nothing. This is a man who I admire so much because he is such a light never speaks about stress and all this mess so clearly again TD is at his best I see it manipulating HIM and it bothering me his remarks ALL this in less then 15 mins, 15 mins of this gave me sad guilty and selfish feelings for 2 days, pain in my legs and hip, my partner almost gettin fired from work since he stayed and cared for me since I’ve been in bed unable to move, just today I was able to get up ( my partner takes me to the restroom, my 13 yr old helps cook and clean and my 3 yr old constantly reminds me ” stop crying get up” she’s a warrior alright) and so I’ve been having talks with TD and sending them to their good hell hole, my boxers Liam and Doba are the sweetest dogs ever and for the past 2 days she’s been growling and barking and looking at me straight in the eye! Cat,ET me tell you they will try and bring you down any which way possible!!! So I know what you mean. Imagine all this! Hugs to you and don’t bargain anything for others, keep steady my dear friend!

        Oh and so Recently I’ve been seeing lights and glows and shadows and those squiggly things that look like worms and I see in things closer then they appear!!! What’s the haps wih that? I flinched because I saw my headboard about to fall on me!

        • Hi, Enita,

          Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I know plenty about manipulation– my mother has been hand in hand with Team Dark for as long as I can remember. I see orbs and glowing lights and shapes all the time, too. Some are otherworldly beings, I think. Others, who knows? 🙂


      • Hello, Denise,

        Thank you so much for your response. It took some courage for me to talk about something (my mother’s health) that most 3D people would instantly condemn me for. Thanks for understanding that I just couldn’t go back to that space. Over the weekend, I was in pretty much a catatonic state (that’s exaggerated, but I really had no motivation and felt low) and I’m realizing now that I’m likely feeling the condemnation of my family (they’re one and two towns away) and the obsession/stalking of my mother trying to control me. I have always been empathic and could read other people’s emotions as if they were my own and could check in with people at a distance, but this is something new– where I’m not checking in at a distance yet can feel these things unconsciously. It’s a bugger. I guess I have to step up my defenses. Oddly enough, a friend who is spiritual but very 3D and grounded in earthly things and who had not contacted me in nine months has shown up again, but it’s more of the same stuff, so I’m just going to let it go. I don’t need to feed her ego and be beat up and she always gets me riled up about nothing and doesn’t listen. Oh, well, another one gone.

        I’m glad my message allowed you to state why you changed your copyright policy. In light of what I’ve been going through recently, I can completely understand. We are not allowing ourselves to be beat up upon any more.

        I also appreciated your message to someone else to ground in the light. Like many others, I’m dizzy and whirling a lot and grounding is difficult. That was the best advice I’ve had in a while– it really helps to look forward to the light and not ground back where we’ve come from. I’ve been feeling like I’ve aged 10 or more years lately and that my body is completely falling apart. My throat feels strangled frequently. I hope that this means that our bodies are just falling away to become something else. And, if it means an exit point is coming, then I’m okay with that, too.

        A song has been going through my head lately. I thought it was called “Take me Away” which felt really good to me, but it’s called “Pocket Full of Sunshine”! Love it! I will just wonder around with my pocket full of sunshine and wait until I’m taken away! to a higher place!

        And the solar eclipse yesterday was great! I felt better than I had in a long time.

        Love and big hugs to all!

        • “I also appreciated your message to someone else to ground in the light. Like many others, I’m dizzy and whirling a lot and grounding is difficult. That was the best advice I’ve had in a while– it really helps to look forward to the light and not ground back where we’ve come from…”

          Cat & All,

          Yes, there’s literally no old 3D ground under our feet for us to “ground” into any longer! I’ve been watching it slowly break up via the Light since January 2012 and by August 2012, all of the old Darkness that was the old that we “grounded” into has been completely and permanently replaced with Light. Since Aug. 2012 when I look/view clairvoyantly down below my feet into 2D and the Earth’s 2D Core, I see ONLY brilliant Light everywhere which tells me that we/Earth/this timeline etc. have indeed shifted out of the old 3D operating systems, blueprints, templates etc. into a different space/timeline/dimension etc. that’s of Light and not overrun by the Dark in any way. This has been an astonishing thing for me to clairvoyantly witness unfolding this year…

          My Mom has had a hell of a time too with “grounding” over the past two years. She gets really tipsy, dizzy, spiny and basically ungrounded by the big, potent Energy Light Waves when they arrive. I’m affected by them rather differently so I’ve not had a lot of that tipping over and/or walking into walls sort of thing to the degree she has. Because I’ve watched her struggle with this, and worry about her falling and injuring herself at her age, I was a bit more aware of this problem a lot of people have had and still are having of trying to “ground” into the old lower 3D space/energies/timeline etc. in those old familiar ways we’re all used to. As I’ve been observing since Jan. and totally since August 2012, that old 3D ground no longer exists…and we don’t want to be trying to “ground” into it anyway! The way we all need to “ground” now is into the Light, into our High Hearts, and into our 12D Shield energies. When I do that I’m instantly a rock of Light! 😉 Seriously, it’s amazing how potent this new method of “grounding” into the Light and our High Hearts really is. Incredibly empowering.

          I am so proud of you for so many reasons. ♥

  • Denise, thank you! I can’t stop reading this:

    “…a protected space of nothing but white Light and two amazing Lightbeings, zero sounds, zero interference, zero humans and human interference of any type such as thoughts, energies, emotions etc., zero Team Dark interference, zero crap of all kinds”

    — and then I smile.

    And yes, it’s horrible to be back, I barely understand how we all manage to wake up every day.
    My heart goes to you and your mom, thank you for sharing with us, I hope you both feel hugged and loved by us all. Loved reading about the light so tangible and close now, it shall be permanent and solid very soon for each of us.
    Lots and lots of hugs,

  • Hope this goes with this post because I have a question. My very dark father passed away in June. for the past 2-3 weeks my mom has been seeing him a lot. I asked if he says anything and she said no just standing if front of her. She said he looks good and happy. Could this be real and he is able to come through? Some one mentioned she may be having a mental breakdown of sorts. I am not sure what to say to her about it so I just said he was watching out for her and to ask if he has anything to tell her. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am to close and protective of her because of the hell he put her through that I have a difficult time seperating my emotional feelings to be detached enough to know what to do. Thanks so much.

    I do have to say the shit thing is sooooo funny because of the crap I just went through with my septic system.. I remember as a young child growing up on a dairy farm and walking barefoot thought the cow piles and then clinbing up into the water trough to wash my feet. Don’t know why I wanted to share that. Peace and love to all here.

  • Saying “thank you” for this hardly seems to be enough…but I lovingly and full-heartedly THANK YOU Denise! I had this beyond time and space event recently while out in nature and didn’t fully understand it until reading your article…and it was all part of a three part unfolding around my concern that perhaps I am not “there” yet…ie…have not cleared enough, or meditated enough… that I won’t make the leap…cross the bridge…and the profound sadness and anxiety I feel in those moments…trying to do more…be more.
    I had a dream, followed by my time in nature, and then your article…and I got a very clear message…when I was in the complete loving place…it was an EFFORTLESS transition. When I am in the loving…I am already “there”…I know that now…thank you so…
    When I lost all track of time, everything was BEYOND beautiful and I could see everything in new brighter colors and all sparkly…all of this happened while I was fully loving on a tree that survived last year’s forest fires and honoring it and it’s wisdom and strength …I was in a state of complete loving, with my dog and this favorite beloved tree and it was SOOOOO amazing. Thank you, thank you…thank you…for presenting this story…ALL of it, and helping us all in the process to better understand our personal and collective journeys…love to you and your mom…

    • Kristal March,

      Welcome to 5D High Heart consciousness. Let your concerns about not making the Ascension go because they’re totally unfounded. You’re experiencing the Shifting out of a lower frequency into a higher one already and this will only expand.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • That was such an entertaining story, made me want to cheer when the light beings saved the day! Have had unusual interest in bansnnas the last three days but did not see them in white light. Am still losing the black clothes, sunglasses, makeup, hair clips, replacing everything that is black with lighter colors. This brightened my world. Also, Energetic Synthisis site has been down for a while, does anybody know anything about that?!
    We’re in the fast countdown lane, things are getting so fast and compressed now that it won’t be long; keep feeling like we may be tricked somehow or something, so hard to stay positive and not worry. Denise you may qualify for insurance called the PCIP, pre-existing insurance plan, for people who do have pre-existing conditions and have been turned down by other insurance plans. Payments go to the Natl. Finance Center, very good insurance. Website is Thank you for sharing your stories and bringing everyone together! Let’s try for that inner peace with unconditional love for all life…

    • ” Also, Energetic Synthisis site has been down for a while, does anybody know anything about that?!”


      I know that Lisa Renee and her partner have been working long and hard to totally upgrade her Energetic Synthesis website. A few days ago the new site went live and it’s much improved from her old site.

      Thanks for the other info. 🙂


  • Hi Denise!

    Reading this post has taken me back to a couple of experiences I had as well when I just had my oldest daughter. Now, I don’t remember if I have shared before on here or not but I will now lol. In 1999 in november I went to pump gas, I had kaylin in the back seat in her egg (infAnt car seat) she was only 2 1/2 months old. I remember I went tongue cashier and said something like “20 on 12” the guy says there’s no car on 12??? I looked and my car was rolling down the hill into a very busy intersection, I ran and what remember was everything stopped I didn’t see any light like you did but it was slow I felt I’d never get to Kay on time! I ran into the street and I turned left to see a huge white van coming towards me somehow I fel on my knees I remember not doing that on my own and felt a shove, as I fell on my knees the van (which was the ONLY car moving) and my hands touched the van I closed my eyes and for a few seconds I didn’t see anything nothing but I felt helpless and I just asked “please not my daughter” and so unopened my eyes and I saw that the car hit the light pole I ran to her, opened the door and she was smiling no tear in her eyes not a sound!!! And then I heard everything people talking, cars honking and then a women said ” here let me take here before the cops come and take her from you!” I said NO! And remember that I asked someone to get me a coke to calm my nerves, a nice couple came over and said I will park your car on the sidewalk we will stay with you until you are ok. It was intense and yes then i didnt understand a darn thing! Now it makes sense! I had to pick up my husband then which is now my ex husband and the couple drove me to his job something about them I just knew I could trust them. When I saw him all he had to say was “why we’re these people driving our car” and how irresponsible I was to not put the parking brake at the gas station!!! I remember putting the brake on AND as I was walking to pay i looked back the car was still parked!!!! Denise ever since I was guided to ur website it’s has been nothing but a true learning experience. I still don’t know much of much but I do know that my family is always asking where have I been and why am I distant, when to me it feels great! Team Dark is trying really hard to seperate me from the truth in every which way possible it must be challenging for them as thy cant come close to the light as they would want too.

    Now, the crazy thing is that I have always been challenged with my daughter, I has always felt she is being taken away from me somehow. It’s very weird.

    Thank you for this Denise so much. I wish I knew why my daughter?

    -oh as usual I get messages from music and movies. I just saw poltergeist and boy did it opened up a lot!

    Hugs to you Denise.

    And I hope now all is well with mom! Hugs to here too she’s a strong mom Alright!

    • This is an inspiring story Enita–a seat-of-your-pants story. I cried when you said you were on your knees and asking for your daughter to be OK.

      It’s amazing the amount of crap we’ve been through as beings trying to make it to the light in this lifetime. We are really so strong to keep surviving and going on. And, for the first time in a long time, I feel like some sort of light and hope is really leaking into our lives, and we are going to make it, like a crack in the egg of darkness that surrounds us is letting light in, and we are opening the doors that have imprisoned us for so long, and now they can’t stop us. And we can begin to let our light shine now.

  • Denise, I always look forward to your articles and insights but this one has moved me so much that I wanted to comment.
    I have also been feeling the opening of exit points and making it very clear that I am in no way shape or form interested in accepting any, even thought the road is sometimes rough and painful. I have such admiration for your mom to keep on keepin’ on doing the hard work that life is, especially now. And it was beautifully heartening to hear of the Lightbeings coming forth and literally holding your mom up so you and she can continue to learn and share your knowledge with others. How fortunate you are to have one another in this journey.
    I hope you both continue to feel healthy and well and that the “shit” won’t get you down.. 😉
    Much love to you both-Jessica

  • Oh God! That was a most long and wonderful story, thnx a lot 4 sharing, I find myself under a bad sudden gastritis that has stopped my spiritual yoga and meditation practices almost completely and I was wondering if is coming out of the dark forces, anyway I had so much pain the last more than 2 years now, than I found myself not able to feel nor visualize the Divine Energies, but kept on calling and talking with the Divine Mother/Father all Creator, with the Divine Mother Earth and the Divine Father Universe, now I find myself able to feel this full of love Divine Energies when I call on them! But these almost 3 years have been the most dark in the pain energies from my life even wishing to die as the pain was unbearable strong, had to die in my forties but it did not happen after taken Amrit (having my spiritual Sikh baptism in India) which is also my name and my longing to take it 4 many years, finally I got it and my destiny changed, here still I am….., much light and love & thnx for sharing.

  • Denise, I wrote my comment too soon, hadn’t finished reading your whole post before my previous comment. How incredible with you and your Mom at the grocery store! THANK YOU for sharing that. How inspiring and I am so glad you and your sweet Mom are okay and made it through. Goes to show when we choose to be or stay here and are committed to that, there is support for that. Yes indeed there is and thank God.

  • Thank you, Denise, for yet again bringing it all together for us. My heart is with your Mom and it is so good that she knows what’s going on. And how brave of you to follow that “GO” command without hesitation. I could see you and your Mom every step of the way with your tunnel of Light and the Angels at your Mom’s side. The shit thing is wearing thin and if that’s all Team Dark can come up with now, I’d say we have done our jobs very well indeed.

    Speaking of shit, a few nights ago I dreamed yet another “toilet” dream. I walk into a public washroom, two (duality) toilets plugged to the top, and this time, I say, “I’ve had it with this shit. No more, this time I am not going to clean it up,” and I walk out. A beautiful blonde lady — yup, dressed in white and glowing — passes me and goes into the washroom. I think oh, no, poor woman, she will be disgusted and I wait for her to come running back out the door. But, no! I hear two toilets flush and I am way impressed. This “Angel” went in and did the job. I felt such relief, that the shit was being cleaned up by another, even if only in my dreams, though I know we are doing huge work during sleep. But to have two Lightbeings assist you in broad daylight, how perfect, and I agree that the veil is coming down fast now. I only hope I am as brave as you and your wonderful Mom when my dreams become reality! Thank you to everyone here, we’ll get through this, and as for me, I’m planning to be “out of here” on December 22nd! I can’t “see” myself here in 3D after that. Right now, most everything I do around the home is for “the other woman”! Love to you, B.

    • “The shit thing is wearing thin and if that’s all Team Dark can come up with now, I’d say we have done our jobs very well indeed.

      Speaking of shit, a few nights ago I dreamed yet another “toilet” dream. I walk into a public washroom, two (duality) toilets plugged to the top, and this time, I say, “I’ve had it with this shit. No more, this time I am not going to clean it up,” and I walk out. A beautiful blonde lady — yup, dressed in white and glowing — passes me and goes into the washroom. I think oh, no, poor woman, she will be disgusted and I wait for her to come running back out the door. But, no! I hear two toilets flush and I am way impressed. This “Angel” went in and did the job. I felt such relief, that the shit was being cleaned up by another, even if only in my dreams, though I know we are doing huge work during sleep. But to have two Lightbeings assist you in broad daylight, how perfect, and I agree that the veil is coming down fast now. I only hope I am as brave as you and your wonderful Mom when my dreams become reality! Thank you to everyone here, we’ll get through this, and as for me, I’m planning to be “out of here” on December 22nd! I can’t “see” myself here in 3D after that. Right now, most everything I do around the home is for “the other woman”! Love to you, B.”

      Barbara & All,

      After checking all other poop possibilities 🙄 , I too thought it almost funny that that was the best the Negatives could do after our Lightbeings assistance encounter. All of these things — the poop spots on Mom’s carpet after the Lightbeings experience, your VERY wonderful and accurate “dream” message which is I sense the same message I perceived through these two Lightbeings helping us — being able to come in now and directly help us exhausted Starseed Lightworkers! That is what’s telling now for all of us and your “dream” was a message about how they can finally come in to where we are now (because we’re almost across the Bridge and in 5D) and actually help us “flush other people’s shit in public toilets” 😉 (aka transmute other people’s junk/stuff/duality/lower frequency residual emotions and energies etc. etc.), and/or assist us in some public parking lot when help is absolutely needed and so on. This is such a wonderful sign, clue, validation for all of us at the ends of our ropes exhausted Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers that we’re almost done and close enough today to “Home” (5D and higher) that Angelic-like Lightbeings (not Starbeings!) are showing up to help us in whatever ways we need assistance right now. Amazing and so, so, wonderful to finally be within frequency range (that orb of influence I’ve mentioned before) of the Expiration Date/exit point from the old 3D patriarchal world and timeline etc., that we’re able to have face-to-face interactions with some great beings of Light such as what we’re having now. Expect a lot more of this sort of thing oh exhausted Starseeds/Lightworkers on the Bridge. Like I’ve always said, the Starbeings/ETs aren’t going to come down to 3D to help us, we’re going up energetically, vibrationally to where they’ve always been all along. Wonderful times ahead. 🙂 ♥


      • Wow, Denise, what an “up” response in every sense of the word. You know, I’m so slow on a lot of this stuff, I never got that my dream might be the same idea as your two Lightbeings, so thank you, and as if I needed confirmation, for the past few days I’ve been singing the only two lines of an old song that I know and they are, “If you turn to me, I’ll turn to you”. I can’t find this song on the Net, but just now I was walking back from the local store and a car with a window down turned the street right beside me. What do I hear? The music to that very song! Talk about “wonderful times ahead” for sure. Thanks, again, Denise, for showing the way. I so hope others will not be shy to tell us of their experiences, and though I’m still fatigued and hurting, this is getting fun! At last! Love, B.

        • Hi all! I had to reply to this B, I can’t emphasize and agree with you that indeed it is getting fun. I too am exhausted, fatigued and I honestly am always finding things, people situations funny now. The way I use to be the struggles in which the dark dances alone in, yet I don’t lose sight of those that aren’t where I/ we/ us are (stair steps) and I do constantly gaze in and vision those who are just starting to ascend with us in the end of all, I keep that hope candle on all day, all night on! Let there be light!!! There isn’t anything in this time where I am not learning anything and we should keep strong.

          I too always sing a tune can’t figure out the song and then bam! It’s on all of a sudden somewhere near me, usually on pandora since I live in the desert and stay in most of the time 20/7 since 4 hours is my outside max hahah oh man that’s funny!

          Anyways hugs to you B and all keep strong stay in the light my friends…

    • Barbara,
      I had almost the same dream, two dreams in one night, in one it was like yours, another cleaning public toilet task and I just refused to, not anymore, enuf is enuf. The other dream I was having to sail a big old ship full of unaware people into safety thru stormy waters cause the captain was too drunk and not caring, and I also had the feeling of… to hell with this, get another to do it, I don’t need to anymore. Oh the relief 🙂

      Thanks Barbara and Denise for the confirmation, old contracts are done. Time for the new and I too feel what’s coming as simple and loving, such as… why not just say yes to all I love? so simple and supported, no more doubts and judgement and heaviness. And as Denise described, so much more. I so hope for healing too, for our bodies in need. It shall come.

      Cheers to all anywhere on the bridge and thank you for the company!
      Much love,

  • Dear Denise, thank you for sharing this with us. It brought to mind how lately when I feel interference or negativity wafting my way from anyone trying to hook in or take a crap – as I feel it come in I say in my mind to the energy coming in “No, thanks. Don’t want any” and it goes away, seems to head it off nicely. So yes, sharing your experience with facing that woman in the waiting room and saying no to her B.S. helps me understand how well what I’ve been doing rejecting these energies as they come in is effective and a good action to take. We have the power to command our space and do not have to be subject to these attacks anymore but have only recently been strengthened in this ability. THANK GOD we can do this, it’s so needed. Bottom line we make choices in the now moment and when we feel the unwanted energies waft our way either in person or someone thinking negative about us from afar, we make a choice in the now moment to say “no thank you, that’s not what I want as part of my reality so I do not accept it”. And so it is.

  • So glad, Denise, that you and your Mom made it through. What a harrowing time you had! It’s helpful to know how quickly we can go from 3D to 5D in our physical bodies (as long as we resonate). I feel that Team Dark left those reminders for you of who they REALLY are! (shit disturbers)

    I hope this is the end of the nastiness for both of you now. Denise, I applaud your courage and strength and success at keeping your mother safe, with angelic help.

    I hoped that Team Dark was being extinguished by the increasing Light but last night I had two dreams where I was attacked, once by a hungry mouse (which tried to take a bite out of me!) and then by a Doberman. Before going to sleep, I had meditated and consciously drew in more light that evening, something that I had been putting off doing. That Team Dark decided to attack tells me I MUST keep meditating and drawing in more Light. And remember to use the 12D shielding..

    Thanks for sharing your story – and to all the others here, too, sharing experiences. It’s incredibly helpful.

    Lots of Light to all,


  • Denise,

    Denise, thanks so much for this post. I am so glad the veil is lifting and your experience confirms this. I will be sending love and light to you and your mom. All of my aunts/uncles/parents/brother have died since 2000; but I was fully aware that they did not want to go through the ascension process. It was difficult for them (and me as I helped take care of several during this time) without the ascension symptoms added on. I can only imagine how difficult this is on your mother to be her age and having the normal aches and pains anyone her age would have – then add to that the ascension process. As well, difficult for you under ‘normal’ circumstances – add to that the ascension work you have been doing for so long. I know things will get much better soon for all of us and I will always hold you and your mom and your cat with loving thoughts.

    Thanks so much for all you do to keep this forum going. I count on it more than you know and I know everyone else here does too. Blessings to you and your mom, Morgean

  • Denise, you are just SO amazing and it is an honour to have connected with you. I feel this EVERY time I read one of your posts and I am so grateful for you. What an INCREDIBLE, funny, touching, amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it-please thank your Mum as well and give her a hug from me. My thoughts and love are with you and your Mum. Take care…and I wish you NO MORE shitty carpets (hee hee) and an ABUNDANCE of MAGIC BANANAS! LOL! Thinking of you and sending you love, joy and smiles, Kathryn xoxox

  • Wonderful that you are both being helped, beautiful. I hope your Mom is gaining strength again and you are allowed to give love and support to eachother as long as needed.
    I would think the possible exit points or choice to leave you described must be done at a higher self level for some of us, as I would have left in this last year had I been allowed. I really do admire your bravery and tenacity in choosing to remain when given a choice, awsome.

  • TY Denise, what a poignant story – intriguing; and your relentless courage to handle these dark energies .

    Denise, i would love to know: why we have we been inundated of late with messages affirming team dark was conquered – virtually inoperative, how this dark interference tie with our soul contracts?

    I have heard that once the process of transmuting our form has begun, it is difficult, and even dangerous, to try to stop it for there is an inherent protective/safety mechanism.

    about how far I and my Mom and many of us actually are on The Bridge out of the old duality patriarchal Earth and into the new ascended Earth world right now.

    I guess we are now virtually smelling the finish line and in particular wrt what the 11:13 window will generate, our 4D template, bridge as well as our portals have been consolidated due to the efforts of the ground crew (

    moeZytheoWI: the simple fact that you are on this forum, reading associated articles ties you to the LW family.

    Lightworker: Star Seed, Blue Rays, Rainbow Warriors, Unconscious – Unclassified.

    Star Seed: 144K – Blue Rays, Rainbow Warriors…

    Blue Rays: Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow…

    Rainbow Warriors: Ascension bridge/portal builders, Gatekeepers, Wayshowers.

    1st Wave: +/- 1950, 2nd Wave: +/- 1990

    Inthelight – divsy.

    • Thank you, divsy. I finally did admit to myself I am a lightworker after being on here for months and also research as to what it means, including taking a silly quiz, “are you a lightworker?”. Hee hee.
      I guess I had some notion of what it was or wasn’t for me. Anyway, Love to all. Hold on a little longer.

  • This is making me feel way less crazy. Every time I go into Wal-Mart, class or work I am immediately EXHAUSTED. Things go blurry, I feel weak enough to fall over ( and being a waitress that is not a good thing!!). I can’t get enough sleep to make up for all the energy that is being, what I feel, literally drained from my body. Its also interesting how all of this is happening more and more as I am consciously trying to think positively about so many things.

    Not to mention the other day one of my professors came into the classroom and all of a sudden everything went a shade of grey and blurry except him and my notes. I could see a distinct dark aura radiating off of him (I do not usually see auras) and he started to tell the class of the horrible day he was having and how nothing was going right and he just needed a minute to himself. He left and went to the restroom for a few minutes and once he returned everything we back to “normal” he said he had bumped into a previous student and it had significantly cheered him up.

    Everything has been coming more clearer and being felt more strongly,

  • Dear Denise and Mom…I know what you’re going through, there is no way to understand your story, only if you have had a similar situation. I can only say to you and Mom is God bless you both and may all the Light beings always be with you, if you will like I can send Reiki Energy to you both…

  • Thanks for this Denise. Smile. This hit the spot. My heart aches for you and your 83-year-old mother in these situations. I send a prayer (I don’t know sometimes if that helps or not at this point) and some love. I am 61 and profoundly deaf the last decade or so, and struggling myself physically and in other ways. I am not sure how I would cope with a mother, too, because I have no other family, but it all has a rhyme and a reason somehow.

    I don’t know. I seem to be one of the developmentally challenged people when it comes to the light. I have been working at it most of my life, but, for whatever reason, doing it at a turtle’s pace. This year I have thought that there is no way I am going to make it into anything higher at this pace, and I’m struggling every inch of the way. But something seems to be happening more recently; I hope.

    I feel like I have so far to go and the time is upon us, and if it comes suddenly and at a fierce pace I will die (not such a bad idea sometimes) and/or go insane. And I’m laughing, but what else can you do? Cry, I guess, but it’s easier to laugh.

    It seems so insane sometimes. I think about your mother paddling her legs through the light, and the three shit spots. Doesn’t that just sum it up? Does the three have any significance for you?

    I about had a meltdown in Walmart the other day because I was picking up some batteries in their TV section and got overwhelmed with the incoming energy. All the TVs on. I know there was something blasting out of the speakers even though I’m deaf, and pink and purple plastic and Disney World everywhere. Too much overwhelm.
    I started to get a migraine and my vision was blurring, and my eyeballs twirling in different directions in my head.

    Most of the time I live on the edge of a national forest and near a few Native American Reservations. I recently moved out here to be in the middle of nowhere even if I am old, and, suddenly at one point, a neighbor appears on the scene with a bunch of buddies and a travel trailer right next to me and is the epitome of obnoxious with a night pole lamp that would serve as guidance system for any incoming alien ships from the next galaxy it is so bright. Apparently I didn’t get far enough out of range. Laughing.

    • “Most of the time I live on the edge of a national forest and near a few Native American Reservations. I recently moved out here to be in the middle of nowhere even if I am old, and, suddenly at one point, a neighbor appears on the scene with a bunch of buddies and a travel trailer right next to me and is the epitome of obnoxious with a night pole lamp that would serve as guidance system for any incoming alien ships from the next galaxy it is so bright. Apparently I didn’t get far enough out of range. Laughing.”

      Caroline K.,

      Oh dear gawd…been through this myself and it was HORRIBLE. I am so sorry but we’ll try to get them to move to a more appropriate place asap. Be safe, be strong. ♥


    • Oh Caroline!!!! I LOVE your hilarious description of the night pole lamp!!! How amazing you are to still retain your sense of humour! I recall someone posted about a similar situation a while back and someone else suggested sending HOT PINK very feminine Goddess energy at them and how they became uncomfortable. I have used this with feral, fighting neighbours and it shuts them up instantly. It’s AWESOME!! Might be worth a go! Hang in there! I’ll send some pink Goddess love at them as well!! Smiles, Kathryn

    • Caroline I found your story touching my heart. Thank you for sharing it. Keep love in your heart and I am sure positive intention of all kinds help Denise and her Mom. Sending love to you, hugs, Gwen

    • Hope I’m not commenting too much but I just had to say I totally feel for you. I want to live in the woods and that would be such a bad situation if I found my peaceful spot and then something like that moved next door. Here in my relatively quiet neighborhood, we have pretty obnoxious neighbors that always occupy the house directly accross the street (different people over the years).
      I can’t stand malls or shopping, ect. Haven’t been able to stand it for quite a while now.
      Also, I feel the exact same as you regarding the turtle pace! It seems like I would have swift progress in some short time over the years and then get totally sidetracked by team dark!

    • Dear Caroline K.,

      I wanted to speak to your concerns about “not moving fast enough/moving at a turtle’s pace”. You are where you’re exactly meant to be for you. I don’t believe it’s how fast you’re moving, or how much work you’ve done. I believe it’s all about your intention. It’s been your intention for years to work within the Light. Each one of us has our own purpose within that work (as Denise has pointed out eloquently on another article).

      For myself, there have been a lot of times of frustration over the years. Been receiving Disability for just shy of 20 years, therapy, inner work. And in those years there have been so many yearnings to go out and do energy work, to write a book, to help others, to have the energy to be social and meet new people. And over and over I’ve had to remind myself of what I’ve been truly capable of.

      I avoid Wal-mart like the plague. The florescent lights and noise and oozing feeling of hopelessness can be too much. I completely relate to that.

      I recently moved from a VERY noisy apartment (paper thin walls, domestic stuff next door all the time, subwoofers coming from downstairs till after 2am, children using the park outside my bedroom window for recess 4-5 times a day screaming). My new apartment was so very quiet; however it came at a cost (I think Dark Stuff to mess with me… of course!). The night before the inspection, the upstairs toilet hose completely cracked and (I receive housing assistance) my bathroom and hallway flooded! Never had that happen before! Then I had a lot of agencies telling me they need a copy of THIS paper NOW and that paper YESTERDAY. And then in the midst of that, new physical pains started happening. Still, it’s the quietest apartment I’ve ever had; I’d like to move to the “country” (so to speak) except I have no car (just my own two feet, the bus and a friend).

      The past six weeks, the past month, heck even the past week have been I-N-T-E-N-S-E! It seems everyday I’ve been bombarded with an amazing new thought or way of seeing (either with my eyes or energy-wise). I sometimes wonder if my body can handle it, and yet I do my best not to worry. I accept that things are happening as they are meant to for me.

      I still hold out hope that I will be able to help others in the way I perceive/want to. However, I’m also allowing for the possibilities that I may be able to help others, just not in any way I’ve been able to “see” yet. I also have to remind myself that I’m helping others everyday, wherever I go. I smile at everyone I see. I remain open in case someone needs to talk (strangers even). I do small things like lend a neighbor a new dvd to watch that I got, or sharing leftovers with them (I live alone with my “spirit/familiar” cat). Even when I’m at home and don’t go outside for the day, I have to remind myself that I am doing something… I’m reading. I’m learning new things/new ways of seeing things in the changes to come.

      Please don’t be too hard on yourself. I know I’ve been hard on myself a lot of the time, and I’m doing my best to practice what I offer to others. There’s no judgement either about where you are. There is no comparison. We all have our own unique journeys, and every one of them is important.

      Denise: Please let your Mom know she’s in my thoughts (you both are), and that I’m glad she’s ok.

      With Love and Light,

      • I love ya Chrysalis. I am so glad you got to a better place. I think sometimes the negatives visit us when are finding a better way for ourselves. They have a special extra for those of us who look to the light. Either when we get there or before we get there or after we get there.

        I drove cross country in my 12-year-old car with my cat to get here. The place fell through that I thought I had lined up to live in when I was on route trying to use a VCO phone plug in, but I wound up in a good place, much better than I expected–a tiny little cabin all to myself.

        I thought I’d lost my cat at one point because I stayed in this motel that was like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie when I was driving out here. Trying to do the move on the cheap. I slept with my clothes on and a pair of underwear over my head, and a piece of plastic under me and some of my clothes for the cat to sleep on on top of the plastic. I had to go to a CVS after I got out of the “horrible” motel in the morning to ask for help for someone to call the police because I’m deaf with no phone plug in, and the police came and wrote down: “You didn’t stay in that motel did you?” I’m like: “Yes, I did. And I think he took my cat while I was packing up. I had her in the car before I got the suitcase.” I can’t even talk about the experience itself. But, as it turned out, my poor little “Sweet Pea” was crammed under the vacuum cleaner with the rest of the crap in the back seat. She was afraid.

        I finally got her acclimated out here, and she got loose one night, and the coyotes ate her. I loved that cat, but I got over that, and just more and more stuff. I’ve had a lifetime of it, but the last ten years have been particularly choice, especially these last few.

        The roads here are bad, and it is a miracle I make it with my little car, going on 14 years old. They are dirt roads with rocks and ruts, or practically no road at all. I do it with pure determination. One night my car got sucked into the mud during a blizzard. I can’t use a cell phone because I am deaf. I walked three miles in that blizzard because I knew I needed to get home to feed and help my new cat–or freeze to death in the car. I thought I might freeze to death or die, and I didn’t know if I was walking in the right direction because it was at night–the flashlight died. I have vertigo because of the hearing loss, so walking was hard in the snow and mud–at one point I thought I was going to have a diarrhea attack on top of everything else.

        I had a stalker out here the first week–I had four sheriff’s deputies out here staying during the night for a while. Yeah, in the middle of the wilderness. I went out at one point with an aluminum ball bat and a ginsu kitchen knife stuffed down my pants to tell the stalker I had had enough of his crap, but I couldn’t find him. I don’t like being a victim.

        This is the good stuff in the last few years out here. I don’t think anyone would believe me on some of the other things that include: one alien abduction and one attempted one (yeah, there are UFOs out here–my first experiences), satanic attacks (I thought I would die at one point, and the bed I was on was rocking like a bucking broncho; it lasted the whole night).

        I used to be an activist, so I still have a computer out here (I am able to get electricity and phone, but only have wood heat and no conveniences at all), but I still love it. I got involved after moving here in trying to support and find sanctuary over the computer for some government project people that had been horribly abused. I was attacked astrally by “men in black” (I know, it sounds surreal until it actually happens to you and scares the crap out of you) and with government technology (first experience on that, too, and I don’t know what else to say on that). They fried my computer–11 compacitators, impressive according to the computer guy. My phone was tampered with (yes, out in the wilderness, unbelievable) and I have had problems with it since June, no service at all for two months at one point, but no one else is having problems; and in the middle of it I apparently had a heart attack (I have lung problems and chest pains anyway, so I didn’t know I had had one, didn’t feel good, but that’s nothing new–I have a rare incurable disease that caused my deafness along with other things: Wegener’s Granulomatosis), and the medical aspect (I avoid going to) is not great up here, but they did tell me I had had a substantial heart attack when I had to see a new doctor after they did some tests to get some prescriptions filled. There is more, but what the heck. I’m laughing.

        I have had all the dark shit I can handle in the past few years–not that I didn’t have it before in my life, but this has been a particularly active period. They have really gotten on my nerves. I have surrendered to the light more recently and said, now it’s up to you because I have done my part all these years. I feel like I AM getting help now. On days when I feel awful, there is light there for me to carry on. I can’t deal with the medical aspects any more. I’ve spent years close up dead in intensive care and hospitals–still not dead–and I’ve had enough of that, too, so I happily accept all the lighted help I can get. I made it here, and I am not moving because of dark forces. They can pry my dead body from the cabin bed, but I’m not moving otherwise.

        • Caroline K. Thank you for holding the light. You are a brave woman. Keep you light bright and I am sending you tons of hugs, Gwen

  • Thank you for this story! I was so caught up in it, I cried when your mom was being helped by the lightbeings!
    Could you elaborate on what may be in store for those who are not lightworkers? I don’t know if I am, much of my life I have been spiritual since childhood but have been sidelined by team dark. I have always felt different from other people. I have felt changes happening around 1997 but a lot of changes since 2009. However, I have some fear (I really try not to!) that I will not go. I really want to! With all my heart, I can’t stand this place anymore.
    I look forward to reading your blog and all of the comments. Thanks again. I will look for majic bananas on my next (horrid) grocery trip!

  • Denise… what a wonderful story. I’ve had some “other world of light” experiences over the years, too, and it was so shocking when I returned to 3-D, that it nearly knocked me over backwards!
    I’m 80 years old, as mentioned before, and 2012 has been extremely tough, painful and exhausting for me, too. Since this summer, I’ve had the feeling that I’m not going to “be here” after December 21st… not necessarily dying… but “going someplace” entirely different.
    I write my online Newsletter several times a month, and my computer is getting pretty old. I’ve considered buying a new one, which I could easily do financially, but somehing has kept me from actually making a choice. I have the sense that I may not be “using a computer” anymore. However, I did end up getting a new one, and it arrived today, and looks like fun. I thought I would have it if I needed it, and if not, well somebody still in 3-D could use it.
    My eldest son, today told me that he is “not making any plans for after his birthday, December 21st.” He doesn’t know where he’ll be or what he will be doing, and is not concerned about it. Just “knows”.
    Time is already merging past, present and future into one experience for me, and I keep “seeing” behind my closed eyes__ colorful, moving faces of people I’ve never met, and also locations of lovely places in nature and charming village scenes through which I move. Higher Self told me I was experiencing “forerunners” to telepathy… I’m seeing things through the eyes of other people I’ve never met… but will.
    What a wonderful world full of marvelous experiences await us! Can hardly wait! Hugs, Marilyn

  • Denise,
    I am glad to hear that your Mom is doing better and is choosing to stay and finish her contract. I know this must be tough for both of you, thankfully you have eachother. Both of you are so blessed to be on the same path together.

    I loved your story and I have noticed more and more that when I do have to go out into the 3D world and deal with low vibrational shit, when I step outside it is brighter and there is no sound—it is so peaceful and calm and sureal.I know that I am shifting at times even while driving–there is no sound unless I have the radio on. It is quite extraordinary. And when I do arrive wherever it is I have to go~ I white light all in my path, the entire building, the ground, underground about 3-4 feet. This is what my HS has suggested I do now for a few months and I really dont have any negatives messing with me since I started doing this. I used to have all kinds of altercations seen and unseen or extremely frustrating experiences that seemed to take forever. Now–nothing. I always use the 12D sheild too.

    I so resonated with your article REPORT FROM THE BRIDGE. I keep re-reading it cause you put into words that which I cannot. I feel so floaty all the time and still sequestered. I so want to be involved in the higher vibrations of the world but cannot find where I belong. My HS tells me it is not yet time to BE anywhere and this is frustrating to me. I have been actively searching for a job since March and nothing. I somehow exist but God only knows how. I feel like I have no purpose here and I am in an in-between state. The ascension pains have been gone now for about 3 months. I was in a terrible state one day and could not take it anymore and I just started crying and talking out loud to whoever would listen to me that I could not endure any more pain and what good was I doing for anyone on my hands and knees in excruciating pain–more like screaming, anyway, it took 4 days before I even noticed I didn’t have any pain anywhere and to my amazement it has stayed that way. I am so grateful for this–so grateful to know that someone is really listening. I am still exhausted tired tho and I can’t figure out why because I am stuck in this house without a car during the day.

    Anyway I can feel that the energies are different and we are almost there–wherever there is. It is so nice to know that you are feeling better, at least well enough to write again. I appreciate you for all you do, your wisdom and guidance has been a life-saver for me many times. Take care of yourself and your Mom. Love, Light & Peace to you both, Valerie

  • Dear Denise, Sooooo very thankful both you and your Mom got the help you needed when you did. You are amazing and so is your Mom. Thank you for having the courage to heal and share with us. Team dark is putting up a major fight, they don’t want to change or grow for sure. Exhaustion continues, your posts and comments keep me going some how. I fell about that time in October, but didn’t, still here asking more light and how to ground it.
    I admire the courage of our four leggeds they give so much and have to handle the changes too. Thank you X 1000.
    In gratitude, Gwen

  • wow, denise, thank you so much for taking the time to write all this down for us. these are deeply extreme times and i’m experiencing so much SHIT from Team Dark along with this very high-dimensional not-really-here feeling. can’t think well enough to describe anything in particular, but just want you to know i’m still here, still with you. i was told my the unseens today that we need Extreme Faith to get through this stuff. very physically painful and oppressive lately, and yes, their nasty tricks.

    so much love and gratitude to you, always,

    • arishantia – karina,

      It’s always so good to see you here karina as you’re in my thoughts and heart often. ♥ It’s SO time for this negativity and insanity to end…and it is so please hang in there.

      “can’t think well enough to describe anything in particular…”

      I have this same problem often and it’s why I don’t write as much as I did before 2011! 😐


      • I echo arishantia – karina’s words. Thank you, Denise, for this reassuring post. Truly affirming too, as I have sensed these ‘probable’ exit points often as well.
        And I, too, want to just briefly ‘chime in’, been a hermit for a while… dealing with severe space weather effects, and the silliest/ickiest dark attacks – so it’s good to be confirmed by your experience. Whilst not fun to deal with, it’s still somewhat positive I guess to be amused by their antics that just seem so desperate now, mostly. Not that there’s any less of the interference. Got to be so vigilant for the constant manipulation attempts. It’s tiring. Will keep the faith and hang in there. Thank you, Denise, for your unwavering High Heart presence.

  • Denise, your words explained so much unexplained in my life, and I thank you with All I Am. There have been segments of my life, sometimes weeks at a time, when I know I am existing in 5D and all around me seems surreal. Then the hard “bump” back to 3D which feels as though I am being torn apart, where I find myself once again, slugging through the mud. Thank you, thank you! Your words were “spell binding” and gave me so much hope that WE are so close to our Committed Goal! Dear God, what a relief! Namaste. Amy

    PS I just ordered your book, “A Lightworker’s Mission” which I am sure will help me to connect the dots on so many “odd” occurrences in my life that just seem “normal” to me. I have lived my entire life, not knowing what is what, for one of my Main Lessons has been trust. Now, now it is time I connect the dots and get the many “light bulb” moments! OH! How I look forward to reading your book! My middle is “why” and not to know…..well, it has been challenging to say the least! Thank you!!! ~A~

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