Entering the Second-Half of the Ninth Wave

greenfield2This is a short note about some of the big changes I’ve sensed and clairvoyantly seen since July 5, 2011. I figure we all need some good news no matter how small after what we’ve been through in June 2011! Actually, I was rather surprised at how dramatically the energies changed from the repulsive fourth of July mentality and first half of the Ninth Wave, to the very next day—July 5th—everything feeling like the adults were back and the lower silliness was gone for good.

Another thing that’s changed since July 5th is that I’m clairvoyantly seeing things out in the world that I’ve never before seen or sensed. Example: today while driving to the grocery store I clairvoyantly saw a large, maybe ten-story building superimposed over a physical gas station. That’s not all that unusual actually and is something I’ve seen in past decades many times. It’s where something will be physically built years or decades in the future and I’m just clairvoyantly seeing that. However, this vision was different, as were the other things I’ve been seeing yesterday and today.

The ten-story building I saw today looked like no building I’ve ever seen on Earth and that’s what’s important about all this. This building looked ethereal, otherworldly and off planet. I couldn’t even tell you what the materials were in it, it was that different and otherworldly looking. It looked and felt to me like a non-physical bleed-through from the fifth dimension. I can say that because I’ve been to and seen a few different locations in the fifth dimension (and above) in past years and decades, and this ten-story high building looked and felt very much like some of the stunningly beautiful buildings I’ve clairvoyantly seen while traveling in 5D. So what makes today’s vision different from my previous visions into 5D and higher? It was here. I didn’t travel “up” or “out” to a higher dimension and saw it there, the building was right here in our world, our ascended 5D world!

Welcome to the very short second half of the Universal Underworld/Ninth Wave! Despite all the ongoing and at times near crushing Ascension symptoms, pains and misery we’re still experiencing, this is a very important indicator of how close we are vibrationally to literally bumping into other fifth dimensional Beings, ETs, Lightbeings etc. right here in our ascended Earth world. To hell with “disclosure” and the BS con job of endlessly waiting for the patriarchal government to finally decide to confess to the world that ETs do indeed exist! Are you going to continue waiting for others to define reality for you or are you going to get with the real program that the Ascension Process is and live it yourself, see it yourself, experience it yourself all on your own? New responsibilities coming for more and more people throughout the second half of the Ninth Wave; are you ready to do it yourself, or are you still waiting for some external event/events and/or governmental or religious people to continue defining reality for you?

My Mom also clairvoyantly saw parts of an etheric humanoid Being next to her in the grocery store today. And for the past two months the non-physical activity I clairvoyantly see in my house and bedroom (and my cat sees too and oftentimes gets spooked) has increased tremendously which further confirms that we and Earth have recently moved once again—vibrationally and physically in space—and this time it’s well within range to be seeing (and soon interacting with) other 5D Beings, buildings, cities and who knows what else.

There’s been many times over the past two years that I’ve wanted to write about how much positive change I feel and am acutely aware of in regards to the Dark Ones and their lowly, negative energies disintegrating all around me and our ascending Earth world and reality. So far I haven’t been able to adequately express how vast, how tremendous, how divine, how incredible, how wonderful the changes are so far…and we’re not done yet either! Suffice it to say that by our entering the second half of the Ninth Wave phase on July 5, 2011, we’ve progressed far more than we realize yet and are already existing within range of other positive fifth dimensional Beings. So-called “disclosure” has arrived because we’re existing within a high enough 5D frequency range as many of these other Beings.

Keep your High Heart Consciousness on the high goal no matter what lower craziness is going on around you or what fears and insanity spills out from the planetary Collective during the second half. We’re there now, and then we’re at the noisy, crazy, overpopulated grocery store, then we’re back again and so on. Some more stair steps to travel first, then we’re there constantly. Oh, and expect the unexpected from here on out, and don’t panic when you see something or some etheric Beings, Starbeings, or ETs while in the cat food or toilet paper isle at some store or wherever! Just pay attention and enjoy your personal ascended version of “disclosure”.

Denise Le Fay

July 6, 2011


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31 thoughts on “Entering the Second-Half of the Ninth Wave

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  • hi denise – sorry to bug you as have already written comment re stuff but i would like to know if you can think of any reason why along with odd physical happenings for the last week or so i have had frequent moment when i feel like i can’t breathe as though my whole chest is constricted and am also having odd feelings of faintness or that type of thing – i wondered if it was some specific thing you might know about or if its just something i am doing on a personal level – whatever it is its a bit of a pain!! i don’t smoke but feel like this is how heavy smokers might feel all the time !!
    love susie

    • susie,

      Over the Ascension years I’ve many times had the feeling that suddenly there wasn’t enough air, enough oxygen in the room I was in. I’d suddenly run around opening all the doors and windows trying to get more air in the house/room/space etc. Thankfully this anomaly only lasts for a minute or so and then everything feels “normal” again…whatever that is now! 😉 My impression of this anomaly is that it’s when I’m (we’re all) taking another step up those energy stair steps. For a few moments while we’re in another of these transitions we sometimes perceive it as there not being enough oxygen to breath comfortably. Of course there are numerous other symptoms too when we make these energy and dimensional transitions like hearing strange sounds, feeling altitude pressures and changes, seeing lights and other anomalies.

      From what you’ve said it sounds like you’re experiencing a combination of what I’m talking about plus maybe some old lower Heart chakra adjustments, plus some HIGH Heart (which is higher in our upper chest area) activations or adjustments too. Intend and visualize your physical lungs and heart, plus your upper High Heart energy, easily expanding. Remember too that our physical lungs do a lot of purging Ascension-related work (and so do our livers, kidneys, skin) and during these intense phases of purging (because we’ve moved up a few more of those energy stair steps) our lungs just hurt like we’ve smoked thousands of cigarettes even when we don’t smoke. I’ve felt this many times off and on over the Ascension years.

      No fear…just more transformational changes in us all. ♥

  • Hello Denise,

    Thank you for your answer, I needed your confirmation on that particular let IT go!
    Yesterday, I had an interesting experience with you/your energy, I’d like to share it here, because it made we smile/and these days that 🙂 doesn’t come easily to me.
    I was giving a massage to a client (that’s my 3D job) when you/your energy ‘checked in’ to the session. I heard myself thinking:’ I should be giving a massage to Denise. With all the symptoms she is having, she need some help and support.’
    And then I realized ‘you’ were there already. I really can not tell if you ‘checked in’ first, or I was the one ‘called’ for you?
    But, your presence was unmistakable, and you actually ‘stayed’ for about 10 minutes or so, it wasn’t just a quick ‘check in’ this time. So, if you felt ‘hands’ on your shoulders and smelled lavender/oil/, that was you and me having a session 🙂
    It was a very uplifting ‘New way of connecting’ for me and I’m hoping it will get even easier and clearer as we leave 3D behind us.


    • Eva,

      This sort of 5D Unity Consciousness or High Heart Consciousness is only going to become much more “normal” for many of us. I didn’t intentionally drop in on you my friend but we may have needed to connect in some way like this now. Gawd knows I’ve been having an extra difficult time lately with intense body pains, head and skull pains and pressures and more. I know many of us connect with each other while asleep (out of body) and this is probably expanding into our awake times too now as we embody more fifth dimensional “Unity” Heart consciousness. 🙂

      Thanks for caring ♥ hugs,

  • HI everyone…WOW… this is my first everything … first transmission of Transition .. though not my first of anything else…as I was driving this noon time down the street I was noticing how my vision was fuzzy …and not that could not see the street .. but everything was not connected.. I am not a dreamer.. however 2 days ago I woke up in the morning Distinctly remembering my riding between 2 dolphins with an chain link sort of covering.. oddly enough I mentioned this to another friend (editor of our spiritual magazine) after I told her of my dream .. she stated… she didn’t remember dreams either that for the past few nights she had been dreaming and that her dream was the same the same night as mine..I keep letting go of everything in my home…I have very little.. and last month I felt it necessary to pack a bag with the basics and I carried this bag with me every time I left the house….and here I am in the last 72 hours meeting with a group of 40+ people I was involved with in a spiritual group when I was in my mid to late teens..and we all want to get together in the first week of September.. one woman noted… this is meant to be because we all have been apart for 40 years and now connected like one with few words…I notice the presence of energy next to me and touching me always and I see some type of force space like an aura at the edge of my periferral…. I have (always) lived with a large tree in my picture window.. its my mother my energy source and protection … the tree has been noted as 300 possibly older (we know) as I sit next to you and type .. I feel light headed… which happens often these days..not sure what is next and I am sooo excited..!!
    I feel I need to connect..I keep saying Source I’m excited what’s next. I keep letting go.
    I also started a radio program .. not really knowing.. but knowing what I wanted to do.. and in just two shows I realize I must pinpoint my direction and message.


  • Hello Denise,

    ‘This process is also greatly helped by each and every person whose been dealing with their own inner lower stuff/junk …….’

    my question is about those people they don’t/wont/can’t deal….
    Since July 3. I’m having those kind of people coming into my space and dumping their junk on me. And once again I’ve found myself transmuting the lower vibrational shit for others. I’m VERY frustrated by it and to be honest, I Don’t Want To Do It Any More!! After a decade of transmuting dark energies from this planet and humanity, for the last few months I felt like finally I can focus on my own process, I actually started to enjoy to Be. I want my focus on the NEW!! I feel that my old role /transmuting,cleansing/ is OLD and if I keep doing it, I’m not moving forward into the New.

    So, my question is, Can I say NO? Can I say I’m DONE? Can I let go of the old program and not to feel guilty about it and not thinking : who’s going to get rid of the remaining lower energies…?
    Are we done, Denise?
    I’d like to enjoy my New experiences with the New, and this ‘dumping shit on me’ is just not helping me to do that. 😦


    • eva44,

      Yes, yes and more yes! You don’t need to play janitor any longer for other people this way. You need to reinforce your NO TRESPASSING energy barriers to prevent these types of people from expecting you to make them feel better. It’s time for them to take some responsibility for themselves and their actions etc., AND it’s time for you to take more responsibility for yourself, your health and well-being, happiness etc. (I wrote an article a while ago titled Lightworkers Learning How To Say NO). There comes a point when we must learn to say NO to others which forces them to grow.

      You just don’t worry or focus any more on the lower junk because it’s not what you’re supposed to focused on now. Your desire and need to release this is correct and appropriate so let go of it and move forward into the NEW new. 🙂


  • I just discovered your blog from a link on Kauilapele’s blog. I am so glad I was lead here!

    I totally relate about moving on from waiting for the media/government for disclosure! That really resonated with me. Sometimes I feel like the guy at the end of Star Wars where he is trying to get to the small spot on the death star, “Stay on target, stay on target…” I am frustrated with people saying disclosure is just around the corner. Let’s get a move on what is important, our own inner knowing which leads to our own ascension!

    I have not seen any entities or buildings, but was just thinking yesterday about how recently I can go out in public places like stores without feeling the negative energies as much. I was wondering if it was because as we are ascending, we are separating from the lower energies. I have always been empathic, and going into crowded places was often hard.

    Also, I don’t know if you understand dreams, but I have been dreaming every night that I am supposed to be teaching again. (I stopped after 15 years of teaching music to stay home with my kids.) Each time, it is a different subject in a different situation, but I am always unprepared and full of anxiety over the situation. I hope I am not telling myself that I am not ready for ascension! (I am sure I still have work to do, but I hope I am not in danger of “missing the boat!”)


    • Mary,

      I have not seen any entities or buildings, but was just thinking yesterday about how recently I can go out in public places like stores without feeling the negative energies as much. I was wondering if it was because as we are ascending, we are separating from the lower energies. I have always been empathic, and going into crowded places was often hard.”

      Hi and I’m glad you’ve connected with TRANSITIONS too. 🙂

      I’m glad you mentioned how you can feel the energy improvements when you go out into the world. It has been much, much less painful to go out to do the necessary things each month (grocery shopping etc.) than it was two years ago and before that. This is due to the transformational energy work the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Path Cutters have been doing for over a decade. This process is also greatly helped by each and every person whose been dealing with their own inner lower stuff/junk aka unresolved, non integrated, un-loved and projected aspects. When one person deals with their lower issues and stuck lower vibrating energies, they assist the entire planet and more which makes the Ascension Process unfold faster and easier for all.

      Add to this the endless higher Light Energies pouring down upon all of Earth/humanity pushing all to evolve/ascend now and one can feel and even see these huge positive changes on Earth and in much of humanity already…and there’s plenty more to come this year! 🙂

      Welcome Hugs,

  • Cheri,
    the same thing happened to me about six months ago when a reiki master was working on me. I became aware that two other people were working on me – another master and his student . The master told him “I will do the first forty minutes and you do the last ten”.
    I was so shocked that I opened my eyes to see only the corporeal reiki master standing there who was oblivious to my experience. I didn’t feel I could tell him as I’m in Scotland – we’re a practical race to say the least – I wasn’t about to tell anyone around me!
    To be honest if I’d read your post a year ago I’d have been very sceptical because I had no frame of reference for it but now it is such a relief to find others having the same experience.
    About a week before that happened a voice beside my ear said “it’s a thirteen:thirteen vibration”. I’m still not sure what that meant but I think the two are connected. Perhaps Denise can shed some light?

    What a relief to be able to articulate these things without fear of ridicule or diagnosis of madness. What next?!

    with metta Kit

  • Something so cool happened this morning in keeping with this Post.
    A chiropractor (net work energy work) was working on me this morning. He stepped out of the room and as I was waiting for him two beings not physical were working on me. I knew they were aliens assisting him. They had very long fingers, I was not afraid, they were talking old energy from my emotional center, I trust him enough to know he would only bring in advanced beings to help.

    • Cheri Evans,

      🙂 Excellent and thanks for sharing your current experience with us here.

      I have an illustration in A Lightworker’s Mission:The Journey Through Polarity Resolution of a 5D female Starbeing making some etheric adjustments to my pituitary gland with her extra long index finger right through my eye and skull. (No pain at all.) It was the middle of the day like your experience and I was awake when she and a male Starbeing made themselves known to me. This sort of thing happens far more than people would guess…especially with Starseeds/Lightworkers/Path Cutters etc.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  • Hello Denise.

    I am very much in tune with your post and have been feeling myself slipping in and out of 3D into 5D a lot lately. I very much appreciate your very positive messages.

    This is the first time I have visited your site. I am interested in purchasing your book “A Lightworker’s Mission,” but I would like to order it for my Kindle.

    Any chance you can arrange with Amazon to offer a Kindle version? I travel a lot, so it’s better if I can load up all of my books on a Kindle to take with me.

    Thank you for all you do!



    • Desiree,

      “Any chance you can arrange with Amazon to offer a Kindle version?”

      I’ve been contemplating doing this and probably will as soon as I can afford it. Because I use a publisher where I own my books and book covers, I however am also the person who has to pay to format my book/books into this new format (or any others) that electronic book readers will accept. (And so far the royalties from these types of sales is so low it’s pathetic!)

      The publishing world is frantically trying to catch up with all the constant new technology and books becoming something bought, sold, and stored in a computer device instead of that good old hardcover or paperback we all grew up with! I’ll try to save enough money to be able to have my books formatted for sale with these types of devices. Thanks for asking. 🙂


  • Denise, thank you so much for this post.

    Since, 2010, I have been seeing and hearing with more clarity and intensity. I see bright shining lights flashing in front of me at various times and places. I no longer need glasses to read. I hear wonderful music, conversations and yet there is no way to explain it because all apparatuses are turned off.

    I am 1/2 a century young. Most people who know me, tell me I am getting younger, yet I have not had any work done. I feel completely different, and so healthy. Also, I am led more to the Truth via internet sites (I would normally not discover on my own), meeting new people who are bringing me new messages, etc…

    It is good to know that I am not losing my marbles 🙂
    There is more, and for now I will keep this short.

    Blessings to all,

    • LeslieE,

      We’re led to websites, books, teachers, people, places etc. exactly when it’s time for us to consciously connect with the information and energies of those other things and people. My Higher Self has done this type of higher steering for me many times to, when the time was just right for me, connect me with very specific information that confirmed what I’d already been living myself.

      One of many aspects of “Unity Consciousness” is that everyone is/will be clairvoyant and telepathic and no doubt empathic as well. The Brain and Body Rewiring (those inner body electrical-like vibrations/buzzing/mild shaking we’ve been feeling for years now) is what’s allowing us to increasingly come online so to speak with the NEW 5D energies and not fry anything in us. 😉 And the more we come online with these new higher 5D energies and consciousness, the more we’re going to be clairvoyantly seeing, empathically feeling, knowing without any linear thinking involved, and telepathic communications with higher Beings and the other ascended Starseeds/Lightworkers/Path Cutters/Wayshowers etc. This is happening already and has been over the past couple of years but is now (due to all we’ve gone through so far in 2011 and reaching the midpoint of the Mayan Ninth Wave- July 3-4 2011) increasing for everyone no matter which stair step they’re currently standing on.

      Glad you’ve joined us here. 🙂

  • Hi Denise,

    I thank you for giving this divine feedback, it certainly helps me a lot and I also think ascension is foremost important and disclosure whenever…. I too have asked to be released of old karmic issues and let me tell you it is painfull, out of the blue everything from head to toe hurts… and I know this is it, …. I have asked from my guides to give me guidance. Today I was asking for more and then your message appeared…. Bless you and much Light and Love to you..

  • I wholeheartedly agree with you about the whole disclosure mentality. Have you noticed it’s mostly the men who get focused on that? We know what we know and I don’t care what is said publicly, if people have their minds closed no amount of disclosure is going to open them, and if people have their hearts open, they will see and know. And the focus needs to be our own process of ascension, the clearing out of ego and moving into an enlightened way of being and living.

    • Linda L,

      The left brain mind/intellect and ego has been one huge trap for everyone but especially males because they’ve been more conditioned (brainwashed) to trust and rely upon the left brain intellect and ego self only and to forget about the right brain and the Heart. At least some of us have retained enough right brain awareness to bypass this clever Dark designed and perpetuated trap to perceive much more. The Ascension Process and Brain/Body Rewiring process guarantees that everyone will now be free of this old negative trap and enslavement of consciousness.


  • Thank you for your post Denise, I have found it very interesting and it has answered some of my questions. I too experience the hearing/visual changes (and now will pay more attention to where I am and what is going on around me.) I’m pretty sensitive to energy changes and will often feel sick in shopping malls if I have forgotten to ground myself. Your comments about the visions was also very helpful, as over the past while I notice imagines that sometimes appear and other times disappear.I’ll be driving and I will see a car that wasn’t there a second ago, or a car will be behind me and on a stretch with no exits it will disappear. As well as objects, or I will see something in my peripheral vision and then it is gone. It has happened so many times lately that I’m actually starting to look forward to it. Anyways thanks, great post, most enjoyed.

    • Linda,
      Yes the dimensional and consciousness borders aren’t in place as they’ve been all our lives prior to the start of the Ascension Process (1987 – 2011, 2012). Especially now that we’ve entered the final and very short second-half completion phase (Mayan calendar) of the past 16 billion years! We’re literally expanding beyond the dimensional awareness borders (especially 2D elemental realm or dimension, 3D physical realm within linear time, 4D astral and archetypal dimension, and 5D integrated Unified High Heart love and creativity dimension now) which means more and more of us will be perceiving “reality” in new and expanded ways like what you’ve described and more.

      The easiest and shortest way to describe this is to use the word quantum instead of the old familiar 3D linear and separated awareness and sense of self. We’re beginning to perceive and clairvoyantly see and feel that we’re effortlessly weaving in and out of linear time space and the level of consciousness that went with that dimension and “reality”. Now more things, people, higher dimensional Beings/ETs/Starbeings/Lightbeings, buildings etc. will come floating into and out of our perceptual range because we’re not imprisoned within such rigid and narrow consciousness borders as we were while in pre-ascension physical 3D. This dimensional shift and the expanded consciousness that naturally goes with it is giving us some time to familiarize ourselves with existence in a much, much larger playground. 😉 Fun stuff indeed!


  • Thank you Denise, I have been telling myself not to feel bad about it, but still was a bit. Your energy and support is deeply appreciated, love you!

  • Thank you Denise, I needed to hear something positive. Things around me have been shifting and shifting again. I have been going through many tests lately(Big in the sense I would have just turned and ran just a few years ago)
    It has to do with the lessons I took on this life time and “they” coming back to visit to show me how far I’ve come.
    Yesterday’s was profound the deepest fear in my being. I stood by a tree today and the tree showed me the greater truth. This information was given becuase I was ready to hear.

    I am writing a piece called the Warriors Sacrifice, what I had to go through before I could begin to ascend. It’s called everything as most people know.
    It’s like passing through the eye of an needle. The letting go brings it all through, now I walk with wonderment at what’s being shown. I welcome the intergration of the 5D.

    I have been working this week with what should come next, as you said.
    It’s funny I suffered so these last few years, not because of me but because I had learned to fight to stay alive very young, without this ability I would not have made it. This I know for sure.
    However, when it was time to drop the weapons and cloak, the sorrow was greater then anything I had ever felt and I was ready to go from this immense pain.
    Then everything started changing my Core self knew the truth and the reality began to take shape.
    Now comes the hard part going back into the world of duality and teach at a level I was mean’t to teach.
    Last Dec.I thought I was losing my mind, you helped so much…I believe what you say the 5th dimension is beginning to move us into the reality. Who would of ever thought I would see these days.
    I am so ready.
    Blessings to all,

  • Hello everyone,
    Its great to be riding the wave into the second half, things are getting very interesting! I’m pretty sure all of the disappearing things in my house have something to do with dimensions merging. And its not just me now, its happening to my husband who keeps track of things like a hawk. I would use my kids as an example, but they lose everything anyway 🙂
    Now I am curious if the changes in my hearing are because of all of this also. I have always had very keen hearing, but the past week I can hardly hear what people around me are saying, its like there’s some kind of buffer between me and whoever I’m talking to, its so weird! And it doesn’t seem like they can hear me either. I’ll talk in a regular voice and nobody responds, I practically have to yell to get across to someone. I kept getting the feeling that it was because of different vibrational levels, but wanted to know if anyone else is going through this.
    One more thing, last night I went outside and visualized any remaining lower vibrations within my being leaving and returning to source, and then today I was so damn grouchy. So much so that I yelled at my 20 month old, and I have never done that before. It felt very uncomfortable and for a while I was wondering what the hell was going on and then it dawned on me that these were probably those energies leaving my body, so I went outside, asked one of my trees if I could have some support and sat there for awhile and relaxed. I felt a little better, but I’m very tired now. I was talking to a friend and she said its probably possible to release these energies without actually feeling them, but I’m not sure about that. How do you all feel about that?
    Well, hope everyone is enjoying the ride, hugs and love to all of you!

    • raven333,

      I’ve experienced the hearing thing too as well as the not being able to see clearly when I’m in any slightly lower frequency place or store etc. My vision’s fine one minute and then I enter a store and literally everything is blurry and slightly out of focus from my perspective. If I go into a REALLY lower vibrating place – like my post about going to DMV and not being able to see anything in there! – it’s very difficult to see and hear anything in those locations. You’re correct about these anomalies being about “…different vibrational levels…”. We’re learning for ourselves how to consciously FEEL and recognize when we shift or change energy levels even just a tiny bit. It’s important info to know and know well.

      When we consciously ask or intend to transmute things within ourselves, anything can happen and usually does! That built-up old energy comes out of us and we’re usually repulsed by it but that’s just part of the Process. Don’t feel bad about this at all and well done. 🙂


    I can feel your difference, Denise. That’s good enough for me!

    I also believe we have progressed much farther than assumed. Yesterday I actually laughed out loud that David Duke, Grand Wizard, was trying on running for President. Normally that would have sent me to ale and back. This time I saw it as both prescient and perfect. The Crazies are scurrying like rats in a rainstorm.

    Thank you for the very uplifting words of encouragement and wonder. These are The Days!

  • This is just the most POSITIVE writing I have heard in a while.. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We are all going through so many changes our selves. Namaste

  • After all that you have been through Denise, all these years, hearing that you feel things are starting to look up gives me hope. Thank you! Sending big hugs!

  • denise

    I can’t believe this I just post under your section questions and answers a dream I had yesterday (last night) about buildings .. the elevator and the buildings were so high tech the elevator was crystaline wow 🙂

    can’t believe this amazing … i dont know what means… but there is something as i dont know why this dream caught so much my attention i didnt feel it like just another dream..

    light to you denise and thank you xox

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