Nine Eleven Override

As is typical with the negative Dark Ones or Team Dark—both the non-physical, non-human Beings plus the physical humans they control and use for their agendas—they inter-dimensionally use, steal, siphon-off what is naturally there energetically but they always distort, pervert the energies for their own negative purposes. They use energy vortexes and portals. They’ve used super ancient power spots on Earth where very positive structures and buildings were constructed. They use the equinoxes, solstices and other astrological energies. They use specific numbers (days, months, years) that contain specific numerical energies. They constantly link into, parallel, connect to or tie together past engineered negative physical events designed to produced human emotional and psychological memory imprints and traumas on to current time to continue and multiply their energy food sources. And they always distort what they’re using for their own Dark, debilitating, negative agendas.


I’m not going to spend much more time talking about the decade-old event known as 9/11. I do not want people to drop their vibrations and focus on the Dark Ones (and the physical humans they control) Sept. 11, 2001 attempt to create another timeline offshoot and probable Earth world via the “shock and awe” of mass deaths, destruction, collective emotional trauma and the deliberate manufacturing of and endless reproduction of fear in this country. It’s worked for them all, but as usual a natural higher octave of Nine and Eleven energies is manifesting very powerfully every month throughout 2011—a decade after their attempt to use and distort the 9 and 11 energies back then and again this year. I’m talking about the carefully crafted interdimensional and physically planned event known as 9/11 — September 11, 2001.

They (the non-physical, non-human Dark Ones and their physical human puppets) have a parallel plan in the works now to, as usual, use the current energies of 2011’s 11‘s to reconnect back into their negative 9/11 energies. They’re going to try to use and distort the never before transition into the March 9, 2011, Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld which is a nine (9) day cycle instead of the usual twenty (20) day Mayan cycle.

The 1 and 11 energies arrived on New Year’s Day, 1-1-11 and will continue each month this year. With the arrival of the Mayan calendar’s Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011, this last and highest frequency time acceleration will dramatically shift humanity from the old Mayan 20-day count or cycle into a much faster and higher frequency 9-day count or cycle. In other words, we’re moving into an intense completion phase of 11’s AND 9’s.  Nine Eleven but very positive energies to help us complete all the many past and present cycles.

The first (1) day of each month during 2011 will have an accelerated 9-day count between it and the eleventh (11) day portal, not the old familiar 20-day count. The 1st day is a portal as is the 11th day each month, but now with only 9 days between them. I didn’t know until I read Carl Calleman’s “March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave” article that we will transition from the familiar Mayan 20-day count into a 9-day count—the “Bolon Yokte Ku”—with the start of the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011!

I realize that what I’ve perceived and seen clairvoyantly about the single, double, and triple 1’s and 11’s of 2011, and the Ninth Wave acceleration into a 9-day count, is a bit different from what Carl Calleman is describing. Nonetheless I fully trust what I’ve perceived and seen, and I fully trust what Calleman is claiming is coming with the March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave and shift to a 9-day count. As far as I’m concerned, these 2011 numerical energies and the Ninth Wave energies are intimately connected and working together: the absolute highest octave of the Nine and Eleven’s.


Guess how the Dark Ones and the physical humans they control are going to use and distort the current Nine and Elevens number energies? They’re going to force-feed their monstrous, decade-old “9/11” event and anniversary events down the throats and hearts of everyone as best and hard and often as they can this year building up to the tenth anniversary of it on September 9, 2011. They’re already trying to use, steal, parallel and distort the positive higher octave Nine and Elevens of 2011 to plug back into their Dark created 9/11 event and the fears, pain, lower emotions and consciousness, and endless need to reproduce more fear, trauma and control in the human masses so they can feed and thrive. However, that will NOT work this time but it sure as hell won’t stop them all from trying repeatedly this year. It’s only January 2011 and they’re already working to totally distract the masses from the monthly 1’s, 11’s, and new 9-day count cycle and the 11-11-11 portal and energies coming in November by emotionally, mentally and energetically pulling as many people around the world back down into their dark parallel 9/11 event energies. This is the real reason past horrific dark events are never allowed to leave the mind and heart of humanity; they’re endlessly recycled and emotionally milked by the Dark Ones.

1 & 11 & 9 & THE NINTH WAVE

September is the ninth (9) month of the year and the number 9 is the last number between 1–9. It carries the potent energies of personal and collective completions within a cycle.

Eleven (11) is a “Master Number” and isn’t added together and reduced into a single digit 1–9 energy. It remains 11. The number 11 has to do with integration, awakenings, expanding consciousness, consciously creating, birthing and anchoring the New.

During December 2010 I clarivoyantly saw a 2011 calendar with its monthly pages passing very quickly with the 1 day and the 11 days boldly highlighted in each month. This visual information made it very clear that both the first day and the eleventh day of each month throughout 2011 were powerful energy portals and that something big and important would change with the start of 1-1-11. Weeks later when January 1, 2011 arrived, I suddenly began living what I’d perceived the month before. From my current perspective and personal experiences, the coming March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld 20-fold time acceleration energies started on  1-1-11. Then for nine days after New Years Day me and mine came under more psychic attacks, with 1-11-11 being incredibly powerful and positive. The very next day, Jan. 12th, the attacks were back but using slightly different tactics on me and mine which caused me to become physically sick because I allowed myself to be manipulated emotionally by negative Beings using certain humans in my life to get at me. Now at the end of January, I’m still mildly sick with a head/chest cold and trying to get my strength back before the next round begins…and it will. I suspect many of you are also feeling and living this new compressed energy system and 9-day count well before the official start date of March 9, 2011, plus coming under increased attacks from the Dark Ones because of it. It won’t be like this for much longer so hang in there.

My first thought about this was that I was just perceiving and being affected by this compressed different energy because I’m very sensitive and usually do feel energies, energetic changes, astrological transits, solar activity, planetary changes and pressures etc. before they arrive fully within physicality. However, after reading Carl Calleman’s January 18, 2011 article “March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave” (which I quoted here on Jan. 20, 2011), I discovered that more was/is going on than just my being very sensitive to a new level of incoming energies and reality. I would suggest you read or re-read Carl Calleman’s article to better understand what I’m talking about and why the energies have changed so drastically even before the March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave activation date.

Another aspect of this different 2011 energy I’m finding both tremendously exciting and a bit unsettling, is that we’re about to live through a second transition into another Mayan Underworld or Wave. No other humans have ever lived through more than one of these important transitions—only you/me/us! Profoundly rare, deeply exciting, and rather OMFG-ish intense wonderful all at the same time.

In case you’re wondering why I’m excited and expectant over the full arrival of the last and highest Universal Underworld/Ninth Wave—the start of the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld on January 5, 1999 heralded the insanely intense beginning of my biological Ascension Process 27 days (2+7=9) later on February 1, 1999! I didn’t know anything about the Mayan Calendar “Underworlds” or “Waves” until around 2005 when I discovered something about it online. It was only then that I was able to connect the start of my biological Ascension Process on Feb. 1, 1999, with both the start of the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld, and the tight alignment phase of our Sun with the Galactic Center during 1998–2001.

So yeah, I’m very sensitive to and aware of this last and highest Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld activating fully on March 9, 2011 and how it will, once again, change us and everything else. I know from all I’ve lived, done and transmuted over the past 12.8 years of my personal Lightworking Ascension Process—aka the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld phase—that this last Underworld/Wave is gonna rock us and our world (not to mention the Dark Ones and their physical human puppets and systems) like nothing else ever has or could. Seriously ponder that for a moment but not in fear but in awe, pride and gratitude for being here to live it, be it, help create it and anchor it into OUR New Ascended Earth world and reality.

The Dark Ones and their humans will do plenty between January 1, 2011 through November 11-11-11 to try to distract, sidetrack, waylay, frighten and weaken us and humanity if they can. Their use of their created 9/11 event is high on their list of 2011 tricks and tools so be aware and do not buy into it or allow yourself to get sucked or pulled down into it emotionally or mentally. Simply be aware of their negative stunts and tactics this year and that they’re really panicked at this point because they never though they’d ever have to change. You and I are going to continue doing what we’ve always done, which is to override what they’re producing and Consciously Create and Co-Create over it all. This is a done deal already, but nonetheless you and I still have to climb these last few Nine and Eleven energy Stair-steps and pass through the remaining portals to finally reach the Shift point. By our doing so, all of humanity has the opportunity to be truly free, safe, and unified.

Denise Le Fay

January 25, 2011

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9 thoughts on “Nine Eleven Override

  • I knew the minute the airways spewed the visuals and chaos that morning, that something sinister involving the dark side had happened, and we were being fed lies. Nothing over time has swayed that belief. A few weeks ago, on the anniversary of 9/11, I posted on my Facebook network, what was center stage on my Zen calendar that day; ” Happy Grandparent’s Day”. You are absolutely right, we must focus on the Light, not the dark.

  • Your post is right on from the awakening during 9/11 to the present. It has been a emotional rollercoaster for me as of that day. I have seen friends and family turn dark and I’ve had to shed myself from their grasp. The only light in my life was my husband who is my life guide that I’ve been waiting on my entire life. And the reason I know he is the one other than his good heart and presence is I was born 5-9 and he was born 9 days later, we got married in November and have had to rely on each other to escape the dark negativity all around us. The hardest lesson if anyone will listen to my agreement with you is that darkness does not care what title in your family or friends you give, it can be mother, father, brother, son or daughter. We owe the universe Creation as it does daily and if you have to make the hard choices of releasing those close to you remember life is precious and just because you have a relationship doesn’t mean you allow someone to take over your life,creative energy, creative strength, and positive energy. Everyone is brought here for a reason and none of that means being used, abused, hurt, killed or maimed by those people we blindly put a veil on when seeing them. See every person as a person and let their actions will be revealed to you without interference. Be safe and aware, love yourself and keep Creating.

  • As I read your post what comes to mind is the harrowing and psychically exhausting year this has been.
    Since March of 2010 I’ve been trying to find a job, the one that is ending was a journey into the underworld, but I think I passed with flying colors.
    This is what I want to share, last year people would say things to be as I applied for work that were crazy(made no sense) your too qualified, etc.etc.etc. This is work I’ve been doing for 13 years. I am down to my last week(s) of money for rent,food and utilites. No family.
    Last night I applied for a job that was perfect. Enough hours to pay for essentials, rest, and put my Spiritual work in order. I have Never had trouble finding a job, never.
    I walked in tonight and their was a message, “my daughter has decided to take the job” Lost it for about an hour.
    This is probably the 40th job I’ve applied to since March of 2010.
    Like I said the reasons were a times crazy. After Jan11, 11 my conciousness changed so much I could see the flipping and flopping of the light and darkness occuring in front of me.
    Normally, I couldn’t even speak of this for my life was a nightmare. (I don’t fear this energy a long as I remember,WHO I AM.
    So the new outcome I acknowledge was is taking place (even in dire circumstances) and stay in my power and my center. This has only happened since. Jan.11th.
    This is Very Big, I am a water element, but all air and fire, so I usually jetason out to the middle of the universe and scream, do war dances and curse everything within the universe…for allowing me to go through these 2 years of utter hell.
    I don’t no how I’ll make it, but I’ll get up tomorrow and start the journey again. No rage,no fear,no anger. A very new me. Hoping I’m sensitive enough to feel the energy that is facing me which is usually the case. It is this new found freedom in pressing forward that is caring me along.
    Friends of this site…if I can leave all behind and keep walking with nothing in sight accept my power and Center so can you.
    I can’t believe there will come day when it will be over, but I know it will.
    As I have told my friends in the past I am going for my healing and going out in a blaze of Fucking Glory.
    Love to all,
    P.S. When I’m walking I might feel exhausted and many times crazy, but I’m still walking becuase I know where I’m going.

  • thank you Denise! this rings true for me as i have noticed an almost ridiculous amount of 9/11 references just over the past few days – and i live in europe. the word manipulation rings true too and i’m grateful to read posts where you call it all out like this (like every post!) because i know the weak spots in me and mine and still forget being messed with or manipulated as a possibility for what the f is going on some days. i know i’ve taken the hard road, the do over many many times road here in this life, but i do take heart to have learned this about myself and to get super alert when i’m at an exit/change point (like i am right now) and i do feel encouragement like gwenn reading and sharing with you here denise and all! love, em

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