I Used To Be Psychic But This Is Better!

I was born psychic, sensitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, claircognizant and I could feel/see/read (psychometry) energies when I touched physical objects. Not because I wanted to, but because that’s just what happens. I also remembered some of my “past” lives from childhood which just made things all that much more interesting and interconnected.

I mention this because by my being a lifelong Seer, I’ve become pretty familiar with how all that “psychic” stuff works, how I would perceive higher information, how precognitive events came to me, and the timeline before the event would happen in the physical world etc. I learned how I was affected by other people’s energies, thoughts, emotions and how I affected some of them as well. We are certainly not islands unto ourselves. We spill-over on each other constantly and we do this unknowingly, unless you’re a psychic, sensitive, Seer, empath etc. with Higher Awareness that continues evolving.

Because being this way is all I’ve known in this life, I was acutely aware when my psychic abilities and what I was perceiving began changing a few years back. If a psychic goes through the Ascension Process, what happens to those 3D ESP abilities? They too evolve, expand, and change right along with everything else.

Having “psychic” abilities in the old lower polarized 3D physical world is drastically different from the ways in which I now perceive having ascended or shifted into 5D in a transmuted, integrated, non-polarized body/mind/heart. There’s no comparison between the two actually. It took me some time and major re-adapting when this change began. Being psychic means that information and images usually come to me in very dramatic, colorful, intense and brightly highlighted ways. In many cases it was like having a movie running in your mind’s eye and the emotions it caused me were very intense and dramatic. The things I saw and felt as a psychic were like getting hit by lightning. Talk about soap operas and high drama!

In comparison, the higher 5D awareness is rather bland, very non-dramatic and lacking in color, flash, and all that high-drama of ego-based 3D. Now I perceive things and information as profoundly simple and subtle knowings. I know and I know why, and I know that I know, but I don’t know how I know. Know what I mean?  This is claircognizance. I’m expecting much more evolving, ascending however so I expect this ability will increase and expand into wonderful new ways of perception and knowing also.

I’m still psychic but what I perceive is very different now as well. In my younger years, and this is very common with children, teens, and young adult blossoming neophyte psychic Seers, I usually perceived horrible events, disasters, deaths, murders, planes falling out of the sky and so on. Now I perceive more of the higher knowing behind the events and not just the blood and gore of the real event. This higher-level understanding of the many whys of these types of seemingly negative or deadly events makes so much sense it’s hard to express unless you’ve experienced it yourself. There are no mistakes and no accidents from our higher, non-ego Selves point of view.

ESP and the different psychic abilities and higher perceptions are also changing because we’re evolving/ascending into expanded levels of consciousness and being. So be open to and aware of your old familiar ways of perceiving both physical and nonphysical, but also of expand into higher and larger knowing than ever before.  It is so subtle, so natural, so much a part of you that you don’t always know how you know and that’s perfectly fine too.

Denise Le Fay

August 7, 2009


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8 thoughts on “I Used To Be Psychic But This Is Better!

  • i seem to be stuck in a state of traumatic psychic connections. i don’t see things or hear things but i seem to connect to people and i seem to be traumatized by it. i’m currently looking for a way to remove my psychic abilities but have been unsuccessful with healers. is my ascension pending? do you know who can help or what can i do?

    • meme,

      I’m guessing that what you mean by ‘…to connect to people…’ is something more like empathy? Do you mean you’re now able to FEEL other people’s energies, emotions, thoughts etc.? And if so, is that what’s making you feel ‘traumatized’? I’m assuming this is what you meant in your Comment.

      First of all, you are currently living the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP), and may have been for a few years now. It is something that takes many years to go through otherwise it would kill us, destroy our physical bodies etc., so we move through it in energetic Stair-step fashion over many years and decades in this lifetime. So don’t think or believe that the AP is something that instantly changes you from one state and level of being, consciousness and reality to another like some Hollywood special effect! It doesn’t work like that for the reasons already mentioned. We work our ways into it and it slowly, repeatedly, and now constantly evolves us in rather dramatic ways both internally and externally.

      Because of this natural current compressed evolution everything and everyone everywhere is going through, more and more people have been, are, and will be experiencing increasing higher abilities and awareness, consciousness. You’re becoming empathic is only one of these many different higher states of being/consciousness/reality/life humans are evolving into. You see, when people can actually FEEL other people, animals, other lifeforms on Earth and beyond it, they’re not so eager to go to war and kill others! Evolution thank god. So, as more and more people around the world start feeling other people in ways like what you’ve described, it changes the entire planetary Collective awareness, and in this case that’s about doing any type of harm to anyone else for any reason. This evolutionary leap up into what I call the HighHeart because it literally resides above the lower physical heart that had to do with pre-AP ego-based emotions and feelings etc. The HighHeart is a higher state of (5D, fifth dimensional and higher) being, consciousness, reality and life and this is what mass humanity is currently and naturally evolving into now in our lifetimes. The world stage reflects these evolutionary changes and those people not living it, fighting it and insisting on remaining in the old lower negative patriarchal world are excruciatingly obvious now and this will only get worse as the higher frequency Light Energies continue pushing us all to evolve higher and higher in these lives.

      So, fast answer is meme, yes you’re living the AP NOW and yes, becoming increasingly empathic and evolving into HighHeart consciousness is normal for what’s really going on now. No fear, there’s nothing to “fix” or “repair” or have someone try to “heal”, this is the evolutionary AP and everyone on Earth and beyond is going through it in their different levels. ❤

  • Sweet post,btw…….and a bit of a delayed response on my part! However, I do wish to share that the kind of telepathy I’m presently experiencing is much more ‘relational’, and less ‘informational’ in that old, urgent 3rd-eye-syndicated-TV kind of way that used to strobe all that bad-sitcom shit into my circuitry. I’m (we are) on a different channel now. 🙂

    My radar is no longer being bombarded with sharp and angular images/ sensations/ cathartic knowings. There is now a gentleness, a quiet hum ‘n purr which caresses my inner knowing with much more grace and ease.

    Gone are the days (or daze!) of being the plutonian-clairvoyant dumping ground for all the disavowed, disowned and denied aspects of others peoples orbital unconsciousness just looking for a sensitive landing pad. Now it seems that the ((((knowing))) is much more synchronistic and collaborative, and if it’s not vibrating high, I just won’t “see” it the way I used to at all. It’s simply not on my radar…….

    This at first felt as though my psychic faculties had hitched a ride to some other part of the galaxy. I had previously been somewhat concerned about being “shut down” until I realized that it was more about being telepathically fertile now.

    I’m now understanding that the Phase II telepathy lens is angled toward a much more refined and higher-dimensional vantage point. It’s a more sophisticated dial of ‘resonance’ which I am being attuned to and it’s lovely.

    Also, I think much of that old icky Atlantian psychic grand-standing, power-over crrrrrrrapola got BIG time booted out by those of us ancients who did our Phase I ‘om-work’.

    :::Yay for us!

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ { Tieshla } -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    • Tieshla,

      …”I do wish to share that the kind of telepathy I’m presently experienceing is much more ‘relational’, and less ‘informational’ in that old, urgent 3rd-eye-syndicated-TV kind of way that used to strobe all that bad-sitcom shit into my circuitry.”

      😆 OMG that was so freakin’ hilarious…not to mention a totally accurate description of what being a psychic in lower 3D is really all about!!! Too funny! Thanks for the belly laughs.

      I too went through some big psychological changes when my lifelong ‘psychic’ abilities suddenly began evolving into something very different. Like you so accurately described, it evolves from what far too often feels like some cheesy Vegas lounge act with crap lighting and effects, to something terribly simple and clean and incredibly higher vibrating. There is no more thunder and flashing lightening from On High, and flashing neon signs pointing out some approaching disaster, it is now just a knowing with next to no lower ego-based emotions. We know and we know why it is on multiple levels and it is all perfect.

      I’ve also figured out that much of what this is, is us being tremendously closer consciously to our Higher Selves. The info is just there all the time with none of that lower 3D high drama and emotional drain n’ strain. It really is a serious improvement. 😉

      And you’re also right about the ancient and super-ancient planetary clean ups many of us have done during our trek through dark n’ horrible Phase One. We transmuted soooo much ancient dark shit that it is almost incomprehensible…but then all we’ve got to do is look in the mirror at this point to see the tell-tale signs of our extensive LightWork.

      Thanks for that great and very funny Comment.
      Hugs and ESPAVO,

  • Wow. It’s like a dream I had last night. I just keep seeing a photograph that I took a few months ago in 3D. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t do anything but look at it.

    When I woke up, I knew that it was significant because it stuck out so much in my mind, but I didn’t/don’t know what to do w/ it.

    It made me feel that the future of photography wrested in 3D.

    Great article!

  • Hi Denise,

    This is amazing confirmation 🙂

    For some time I have been telling my work colleague where we are heading in the ascension process, saying ‘it will be fine, this will happen’ etc. She would always say ‘how do you know that’, I would say just a ‘knowing feeling’, I never could explain how I did know….! 😉

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Stu,

      Yep, this is another new-to-us symptom of our resolving polarity, integrating, releasing, and transmuting ascension process. We’re much more consciously connected to our own Higher Selves now. This will only increase over the passing months and years now.

      This is what it feels like to us without that mega EGO as our only filter on reality! And it feels damned wonderful doesn’t it? Just you and YOU with no little jerk in the middle (our ego and polarized intellects) claiming to know everything. 😉


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