Our Hands Are Tied

CB024921 Occasionally I zip into a couple of forums I still enjoy visiting and posting on, mainly to see what’s what out there with people interested in similar spiritual and paranormal topics. If I run across someone asking about something specific that I’m personally familiar with, because I’ve actually lived it repeatedly myself, then I’ll sometimes post a response. Otherwise I don’t post much anywhere at this late date for the simple fact that I don’t fit-in. Plus, most people don’t pay much attention to what I’ve shared because they can’t relate. At this point in the human and planetary ascension process, many of us new Earth Angels can only offer what we know from having lived it ourselves for years, decades, and many lifetimes when someone actually ASKS us. Sound familiar? What does this remind some of you of?

Remember the old Free Will don’t interfere rule? The higher frequency beings (Lightbeings, Starbeings/ETs, Angelics, Masters and Ascended Ones etc.) will be there for you IF you ask them for help, guidance, greater understanding or insight into something. They simply will not interfere with your spiritual journey of learning and growth, unless YOU ask for it. Even after asking for it these higher vibrating positive beings would ONLY offer you suggestions, hints, guidance or symbolically point out the Way to you. They never make demands or order or flat-out tell you what to do. Lower negative entities do this however! Remember this important difference. This No Interference rule has been a longstanding spiritual rule and many of us new “Earth Angels” are currently discovering that this ancient spiritual rule now applies to us.

A couple of things that make it more frustrating and seemingly difficult is that everyone living the ascension/evolutionary/shifting process are not all doing it at the same time, level, or rate of growth. To do so uniformly is impossible because each person is unique and at different rates of transition, focus, frequency, adjustment, re-wiring, individual soul work, ability to transmute, polarity resolution and so on. Like kids in school, all in different grades due to age and/or abilities, there are many grades or levels for each child throughout the school. It’s the same thing with the ongoing ascension/evolutionary/transitional process on Earth now which is perfectly normal.

Another difficulty with this is that some of us are currently farther along in this ongoing process than many other people, and because of that, there is a rather large gap between awareness, expanded understandings, old lower egos and other people with vastly less ego due to their earlier (and ongoing) ascension work. Again…frustrating for all concerned to be sure, but more so for those of us who only want to share our larger perspective and learning’s with others in the  lower stages of this process, especially if they’re asking questions and want to know. But now we’ve got to wait until we’re asked before we can more openly and fully offer our individual wisdom, suggestions, learning’s and guidance.

I remember 25-30 years ago hearing higher beings telepathically talking about me, and it was very obvious in a couple of cases that those particular beings at that point in time, where frustrated with my lack of higher or greater understanding. In another case around 2001, I got in a mildly heated argument with a young female ET from a slightly higher frequency (the grade above the one I was in at the time) because she got frustrated with my inability to instantly grasp what she was telepathing. I snapped back at her and told her I’d be very happy to switch places with her and SHE could be down here in lower polarized Earth physicality living through the early horrific stages of my ascension and transformational work. She backed-off instantly, I cooled-down instantly, and we continued on with what we’d been doing etherically and telepathically  moments before. My point is that this frustration is nothing new, and like that great line in an old song goes – “…one mans ceiling is another mans floor…”. We’re all at different stages and levels within this huge transition, this ongoing ascension process, this time compressed pressure-cooker shifting countdown to 2012. Because of this, we all should learn to listen more carefully to what each other has to share from personal experiences and the knowledge gained from them. Most people with a higher perspective can simply see more of the larger overall picture.

escaped-angel Recently at a forum someone asked a question about a very specific anomaly she was experiencing. One person replied that they would pray for the person who asked the question. Another person said they had a medical problem and should go to the doctor. Another person claimed it was possibly another anomaly causing the first anomaly. Other people just wished her well.  This is pretty typical from what I’ve seen on almost all forums over the past seven years, some of them vastly worse than others. The point is that now more than ever before, there are profoundly huge gaps between people’s understandings and belief systems over all the strange physical, etheric, mental, emotional, ascension symptoms, anomalies, energies, personal experiences, awareness, time anomalies, compressed living and just about everything else. Why? Because of those grades in school again, those varying energy stair steps that each of us are vibrating on now and how that affects our current perception of reality and situations. The old black/white with nothing in between dualized thinking, simply does not work at higher levels (or grades in school). We’re currently ascending into more multidimensionally aware beings once again and the old lower frequency perceptions, consciousness, belief systems, religions and polarized thinking is now rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs.

Back to the original point of this post. Unless someone specifically asks for information, possibilities, insights, guidance, or personal knowledge, so many of us Ascension Process Volunteer “Earth Angels” now have our hands tied and we can’t offer our knowledge. This is frustrating for us because we only want to help others with what they’re currently going through, but unless we’re asked, we cannot and won’t interfere or even make suggestions. This is why I created TRANSITIONS—so I can put information/Light that I’ve experienced repeatedly out there and others who are meant to find it can pick through it to see if anything fits or works for them at the moment.

If other people on lower stair steps of frequency and awareness (grades or levels) don’t believe or can’t relate to what others are currently experiencing and discussing at steps further along in the process, then it would be decent if you allowed other people the room they deserve to perceive and feel differently than your current, more limited perspective. Higher reality and consciousness is so much more complex, creative and beautiful than negative ego and Duality consciousness, whether you can currently conceive of it or not. I honestly hope that soon you’ll be living this too and just might need to ask some questions yourselves. There is nothing more wonderful and wiser than giving others the room and respect they deserve to perceive reality differently than you currently do.

Denise Le Fay

April 12, 2009


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5 thoughts on “Our Hands Are Tied

  • Hi Denise
    I like the hands are tied blog Its more me than you know except my feet are tied as well i am trying to get to read all yur stuff when i can

    The Best OLan

    • olanfromorion,

      Hi and it’s nice to hear from you. Are you Olan as in Stu’s friend, or are you another Olan? Either way it’s great that you’ve said hi and commented here. 🙂 I hope you find the Orion ET posts interesting too.


  • Denise,

    Your last reply has just answered something I asked you about my experiences 😉 Now it is clear, thank you my friend 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


  • Stu,

    It is another lesson for us to learn to wait…and wait some more for others to ask us for suggestions or guidance. This relatively new situation for many of us is helping us to be fully conscious of what I call Higher Heart. Real higher Heart understands and knows the whys to many things; things that seem at slightly lower levels to be hard, painful, difficult etc. High Heart consciousness or awareness (aka 5D) understands how important it is to let others go through their experiences, their stuff whatever it is, without interfering. It takes a lot to not interfere even if what you want to do is to held make their journey slightly easier and faster.

    But again…most times that call isn’t up to us, so we wait. When we are asked for suggestions or knowledge from our own personal experience, then we can dive-in and offer up what we know. It is hard…this not “doing” when its been such a big aspect of oneself. We’re all growing, learning, changing and that’s really great. We’re building up our new wing muscles. 😉


  • Hi Denise,

    Oh how I can relate to this great blog my friend. My hands are indeed tied, it is hard to watch people and events and not say anything. I hope to offer some guidance soon.
    A waiting game, I will just have to practice flapping my wings……..

    Love and gentle hugs,


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