3D Lead to 5D Gold: Living the Alchemical Ascension Process

I’ve often called the Ascension Process the real Alchemical Process. As far as I’m concerned that is what ascension is — actually living, dying, transforming and transitioning through the multi-layered alchemical process of transmuting one’s inner personal lead into gold. Doing so naturally propels one into a new and matching higher vibrating external world and reality, but not in one big dramatic leap, but many smaller Stair-steps so there’s repeated short phases to adapt and adjust to what’s just changed, again. Many, many, smaller stair steps within this whole process because we wouldn’t survive it if it all happened in one big theatrical Hollywood like blast.

Symbolism and metaphor are so much more romantic and magical sounding than actually physically living that whole process right down in your body, guts, ego, mind, emotions and deepest inner self. It’s fun to talk about alchemy, to study books about how it might have been attempted or accomplished in the ancient past, to imagine, fantasize, to intellectualize about the rare and daring men of long ago working quietly, hidden away in their secret alchemy rooms. I was deeply drawn to that old symbolism myself when I was young.

It’s a very different thing however when this alchemical process actually begins within your physical body and being and you don’t know that’s what is happening to you… happening within you! It is not romantic or magical, it is profoundly painful, confusing, repetitive and oftentimes frightening and multidimensional in its overall and seemingly unending Process. There’s nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, inner and outer shaking, physical and emotional pain, ultra-sensitivities to everything, nightmares and psychic attacks, multi-layered and repeated egoic dying and releasing involved in this Alchemical Ascension Process, and there’s no intellect involved whatsoever. It simply happens and there’s little time to sit and intellectualize over what feels to you like you may not even survive it! This is a higher comic and galactic agenda and has been for years now; dense, 3D frequency Lead, alchemically ascending/evolving into much higher frequency 5D Gold, and this Process is available for everyone on Earth now if they desire a higher way of being and existing.

There are plenty of periods within the ongoing alchemical ascension process when you simply cannot think or focus mentally from your old familiar ego-self at all and that is a huge aspect of you that’s being alchemically transmuted into something vastly higher. Don’t panic during those phases where your steel-edged intellect turns into a lump of blubbering, unfocused confusions. Just ride it out and Let Go Of as best and quickly as you’re capable of because a better and higher way will automatically replace it. This is not an intellectual, carefully planned out, vegetarian, meditational, yoga-type of process. It simply begins within you, and you just try to keep up with it, survive it, and not be a total jerk idiot during the whole intense process! It’s hard work turning Lead into Gold after all—and dying but remaining IN your lower frequency physical body and transmuting it while you do it! Tis the spiritual evolutionary season for it however so take advantage of the rare but potent higher evolutionary energies and go with the transformational Alchemical Ascension flow.

Denise Le Fay

February 15, 2009


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3 thoughts on “3D Lead to 5D Gold: Living the Alchemical Ascension Process

  • Hi Denise,

    I can’t wait, the joy this will bring. What an amazing time this really is 🙂 I will just spin along in my own way! 😉

    Love & Hugs,


  • Hi Denise,

    Another wise and brilliant piece of light. I wish there was some sort of device to show how much lead is left and how much gold I have! 😉
    It’s funny, I am surrounded by many people everyday who probably don’t see much change in me, but you my dear friend being 1000s of miles away can see the change 🙂 You will always have a special place in my heart for helping me to see the way and find ‘home’.

    Love & Hugs,


    • Hi Stu,

      Try not to focus too much on those who don’t spin at the same rate as you currently are. 😉 I know very well how frustrating, painful, and down-right lonely it can make you feel but it won’t always be like this. We’ll have plenty of company sooner than later. Feb. 2011 will initiate another energy/time/evolutionary increase (by 20 X ) which will cause everyone to morph once again into higher vibrating beings. The last time this happened was Jan. 1999 and one month later my ascension process began. I know that this next increase will do so much more than that last one…which is really saying a lot!!!

      Hugs and Love,

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