How Do I KNOW That?

Over the past few years, I’ve been aware that how I know things, how I’m accessing information has changed dramatically. It’s not the old familiar ego-based consciousness, it’s not narrow left-brain intellectual thinking, nor is it even intuitive or psychic perception. It’s higher and much larger claircognizant Knowing of things. It’s not linear left brained thinking, it’s Higher Mind, HighHeart Consciousness.

Being a lifelong sensitive, psychic, Seer I was fairly familiar with how my mind works, how information comes to me and how my mind fiddles and analyzes things. If you’re sensitive/psychic/clairvoyant etc., it becomes highly important that you learn to discern what are indeed YOUR thoughts and feelings in comparison to picking up OTHER people’s thoughts and feelings. I’ve made the mistake of assuming that certain thoughts were mine when actually they were someone else’s, so, I’ve gotten familiar with how my mind works and how I deal with incoming information and so on.

Because of this I was a bit more conscious of my consciousness. When this began changing a few years ago I noticed it immediately. I just knew/know certain things with NO previous knowledge about it whatsoever. Now that sort of thing really makes you pay attention to what’s in your awareness, coming out of your mouth, or on to the written page! It makes you ask yourself, “How did I know that?”

I’ve discovered it’s due to my being closer to my own Higher Self now. Because of this I’m able to access knowledge/Light/information which to “me” seems incredibly vast and amazing. Sometimes I can grab all of it in those few moments and retain it long enough to externalize it to someone or write about it. Much of the time these higher connections with vast amounts of Light/information that my Higher Self has always had at its fingertips, seems to me to be huge chunks of higher knowledge that I often have difficulty expressing at this slower earthly rate. Frustrating sometimes and yet, I know that at another level I DID get it all and often, it isn’t even important that I express it.  Higher knowing is knowing without any emotional excitement (ego) about it and/or needing to share it with others. This type of awareness comes through the High (ego-less) Heart and not the mind in the way we’re used to thinking of it. It’s an instantaneous knowing something. I know how weird that must sound to people who’ve not as yet experienced this, but when you do, it’ll make perfect sense, in an unthinking way.

I know this is a new way of perception for those of us who’ve been living the ongoing ascension process and it will become the next primary way we all perceive. High Heart awareness that comes from our being vastly closer to (and more aware of) our own Higher Selves and Source. It’s the beginning stages of us perceiving within 5D well beyond lower Duality thinking consciousness. Triality or Unity consciousness, where that higher third aspect point is your divine Higher Self.

When you find yourself knowing certain things and not knowing how you know, know that you’ve transitioned beyond the old lower 3D linear Duality thinking and awareness, and have arrived at the edge of a larger, higher, 5D way of Triality perception. Hello Uranus, hello Aquarius, hello more of ME and everything.

Denise Le Fay

July 3, 2008

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2 thoughts on “How Do I KNOW That?

  • Hi LB. Yes I really enjoy the Groups term “triality” consciousness. For years I’ve been inwardly seeing and sensing this huge transition from the 12 to the 13. Also a transition from dualized, black/white, good/bad, male/female, us/them type of consciousness to, “triality” consciousness.

    Now that we’ve resolved the majority of our own “karma” or polarized, projected lower vibrating junk (emotions, fears, traumas, hates etc), that duality thinking (2 or .-.) naturally evolves/ascends into “triality” thinking (3 or /_) where we are much more unified with our own Higher Selves and Source. Gigantic baby steps! 😉

    Because knowledge or information (aka “Light”) does not come through the ego any longer, we often can’t imagine that it’s still “us”; it’s so UN-personal, so NON-egoic….it’s just Light or information! Really nice. 🙂


  • Perfect timing Denise on this, just watched Steve from the Group talk about triality thinking! 🙂

    I may have had this, but not yet realized I have! 😉



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