Negative Energies On The Move Again

Last night, June 14, 2008, wasn’t very pleasant. In fact, it was rather awful because there was a large free-floating mass of “negative” energy searching, hunting for people and places to latch on to. Over the past four years I’ve experienced this phenomenon a few times and it’s taught me much. Last night was no exception, and despite it being a long and unpleasant night, it was also highly insightful. Once again I experienced how this whole thing works and why both for myself personally and the masses.

Every time I’ve experienced this during these ascension years, the lower old “negative” energy has been slightly different, slightly less compacted and focused and with much less personality. This was very obvious last night and the “negative” energy was nearly impotent in comparison to years past. The shoe is on the other foot finally and the Dark isn’t happy about it!

Last night the space up above the town suddenly went dark and ugly. You can feel it, see it, and sometimes even hear it as it moves through. Last night it rolled in suddenly and began searching for like-frequency people, locations, buildings, animals etc. Actually I found this extremely interesting, because when this “negative” lower frequency energy reached where I physically was last night, it triggered off some of MY old past wounds caused by “negativity” working through some other people. In other words, last nights roaming, searching, “negative” energy resonated, vibrated, at exactly the same rate and frequency as these old wounds of MINE created by other lower vibrating “negative” people in my past. Amazing… this “negative” energy found and activated MY old wounds caused by the same dense, lower frequency energy from years ago. Because of this I got to relive these old wounds (one more time) and in one case, my old hatred towards a few possessed people who attacked me years ago. Like attracts like and like resonates with like and will find and resonate with that frequency every time — old unresolved traumas and wounds included.

Layers and layers and even deeper layers of stuff, of “negative” junk, in all its many forms to be repeatedly dealt with and released. Transformational work, ascension work, is rarely a one-shot deal! Nope, it’s something we have to work on many times at deeper levels and layers within ourselves and our multiple bodies before we get all the infections and damage permanently flushed out. This work used to take years, then months, but now in many cases it’s down to hours thankfully.

I believe that what I felt and experienced (again) last night was the beginning of this particular new process. This higher frequency energy is literally pushing the old lower world “negative” energies out of its old stomping grounds…humanity and many locations on earth. Both of these different frequency (higher/lower, faster/dense) energies literally cannot exist in the same higher vibrating space, in higher vibrating humans, now that so much ascension work has been lived. Every time I’ve experienced this ON THE RUN “negative” lower frequency energy, it was because we’d reached yet another slightly higher frequency and space ourselves. Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. I’ve/we’ve waited and worked a very, very, long time to be exactly where we are today. Be proud, be excited oh weary “System Busters”, because another higher phase is arriving now.

Denise Le Fay

June 15, 2008

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2 thoughts on “Negative Energies On The Move Again

  • Hi All,

    Yes it’s getting painfully clear when we’re shifting again, as ANYTHING that’s not vibrating at the SAME rate (within/without) as where we’ve just transitioned to, is just one big pain in some part of our bodies and/or selves! Doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, who caused it, if we caused it etc…it’s simply unbearable at this point. It’s gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!

    This current transition is manifesting for/within each of us and I know you both know this already. There’s been tons of HAVING TO LET GO OF business going on again, which, makes me wonder what the Summer Solstice (2008) will be bringing in ❓

    This Process is speeding up and compressing and it will continue doing this. I have a tendency sometimes to get lost within one or more of the phases within the Process of ascension, but eventually I remember what’s going on, and get back in the Energy Groove again! 😉


  • This is quite timely as usual, Lapis; as I mentioned in a previous post on the forums, I’ve been experiencing some old self-esteem and body-issue wounds that I thought I’d left behind in middle school. The jealousy and resentment were there, as was the self-defeating attitude. I felt that I was energetically consuming myself!

    In the midst of this, I discovered and listened to a channeled message I had previously downloaded from The Crimson Council on my iPod and intuitively knew the message was aimed at me at that particular moment. Synchronistically, it had been recorded on my birthday. Tobias introduced the energy of the great psychologist Sigmund Freud, and he described how Freud had entered the near realms upon his death shortly before World War II. Freud had committed suicide, and he was tormented by many things–especially by how he had not gone deeper into certain aspects of his research, particularly something Tobias called aspectology (i.e. different parts or aspects of oneself) fearing the reaction of his peers. I won’t go into this because it is unrelated to the point I’m trying to make. Freud wandered these realms for a while and encountered the souls of some of those patients he had attempted to treat with psychotherapy, and he began to lose faith in what he had done in this lifetime, with this aspect of himself. He was in his own personal hell, and I could relate to almost every part of its description.

    Yet there was hope, too, because eventually Freud called out for help, which any soul in the near realms can do. I’d describe more of the channeling, I don’t think I can improve upon the original.

    Thanks for another great post!

    Lazuli/Balsamic Moon

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