The DARK Raging & Screaming Overhead

Today’s been another rough day for me, extra physical pain with more daily life frustrations and stall outs. Mercury is still retrograde so this doesn’t surprise me much but what did surprise me today was what I heard, what I felt up in the sky overhead. I’ve heard and felt this before but it’s a difficult thing to be aware of and still try to go about your day as if every thing’s just fine.

A few months back most of southern California was on fire for weeks and weeks. I posted about this and how horrible it was physically, emotionally and psychically. I was actually physically safe in an area right in the center of all those fires! The fires burned all around where I live and the air was un-breathable and dark for many days but, I was safe.

What I heard and felt during the time of those SoCal firestorms was some very unpleasant negative energies and entities in the air up overhead. I could hear nonhuman screaming and twisting, lashing out, rage and hatred up in the sky over most of SoCal. It was like a flock of Harpies going mad in the air above southern California because the fires were purging all the current and past negativity or lower vibrating energies that had been here for hundreds of years. The fires released all those lower energies and entities and so they flew around up in the sky overhead for days and days, raging and lashing out.

Well, I heard and felt the same type of thing today and it always surprises me; it shouldn’t but it does. What this tells me is that we’re very close to making another huge shift or Transition to the next higher energetic level. This phenomenon increases it seems every time a large group of humanity reaches the point where they’re ready to exit and move on to an even higher vibrating level within this higher dimension. And because of this, whatever negative or lower energies, entities, consciousness, thought forms, emotional energies etc. that are still around get all worked up and lash out desperately because we’re leaving and they and that lower energy cannot follow us. See me grinning?

I’ve worked and waited a lifetime(s) to see and feel this so I hope you’ll indulge me this moment of calm joy over another great separation between those of us on the brink of shifting now and this old lower negative everything.

I’ve experienced this same psychic phenomenon a couple of times many years ago when I finally got myself free from a negative entity. There would be a very loud audible shock wave or repercussion up in the air above my house. It sounds like repeated gunfire way up in the sky above you. It’s a powerful psychic energetic break that reverberates up in the air overhead when the disconnect finally happens. This current phenomenon is the same type of thing but on a larger permanent scale. We’re ascending/evolving and these lower old energies/entities cannot go where we’re going and so they thrash, scream and lash out wildly. Maybe they were created by us hundreds or thousands of years ago when someone murdered someone else or harmed another in any number of ways. I don’t know for certain, but I do know that when I hear, feel, and psychically see these old entities it means we’re on the brink of yet another very vast shift within our ongoing ascension/evolutionary process.

So please do not focus on what sounds like horrible invisible demons up in the air because that’s NOT why I shared this. I did so because I know what it symbolizes and that it means something profoundly wonderful. It means we’re leaving, we’re moving on again, and it means we’ve gone so far in this ascension process that we’re existing well beyond all of this lower negative and Dark stuff. Smile happily and wave bye-bye to it/them all.

Denise Le Fay

February 14, 2008

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3 thoughts on “The DARK Raging & Screaming Overhead

  • Thank you, Denise! 🙂 I think that there is a third. Only a matter of time — and Lightwork! — and I’ll be rid of it, too. 🙂

    I really appreciate this site as it has helped me wake up and prepare for what is to come. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.


  • Nikkoale,

    Well done you and congratulations! 🙂

    There’s often a loud audible shock-wave of energy sound when we’re finally able to break the connection with some negative other-dimensional entity whose focused on us…which really means they’ve been attacking us! Every time I’ve heard this break or disconnect it’s sounded like loud gunfire overhead. But it’s an etheric (psychic) sound so typically other people don’t hear it physically and don’t know anything has happened.


  • I learned something reading this entry. About a month or so ago, upon awaking, more in a lucid state than awake, I heard two loud “cracks” — like the report of a rifle. But it wasn’t a rifle. Now I realize that I had freed myself from the influence of two negative entities.

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