3 Star Glyphs & A Key Part 1

Back in 1984 three other-dimensional Starbeings I knew from a past life in Egypt around 12,600 B.C., blasted their way back into my life and waking consciousness. I’d had clairvoyant/telepathic contact with the Orion and Pleiadian off and on since age 5, but what happened in 1984 was different. It was full-blown reconnection with all three of them making as direct a link with me, my sister, and my Mother as was possible for all of us back then. Evidently it was time for a fully conscious and functioning bridge to be build between the three (3) of Them and those of us here in human form again as “Starseeds”.

I’ll never forget the day it happened. My sister was living with me and my 10–11-year-old son at that time. She’d been reading a book and called me out to listen to a part of it. While she read me this paragraph, I suddenly had a past life memory come crashing into my mind’s eye. In an instant I had numerous scenes, knowings and emotional memories from this ancient Egyptian past life with 3 Starbeings—one from Orion, one from Sirius, and one from the Pleiades.

I interrupted her and excitedly started describing everything I’d just remembered and was still seeing. Here’s where it gets interesting. Part way through this, in mid-sentence, my sister interrupted me and finished describing a past life scene I’d been telling her about! In other words, my remembering triggered her personal memory of having been there too. In fact, we were twin brother and sister in that Egyptian past life. I was the brother and she my sister. (We often travel in small family packs like this when we reincarnate.)

So there we both were, suddenly filled with memories and emotions of this super ancient past life in Egypt. That alone would have been fabulous but there was much more actually going on behind my sudden remembering. The same 3 Starbeings that were in Egypt in 12,600 B.C. when my younger sister (this life and twin sister in that past life) and I were there, had reconnected with me, and then her, that day in 1984. That was the real point behind all of this. For them to create a conscious reconnection with both of us and our mother. When we shared this experienced with Mom a week or so later, she informed us that They had contacted her a couple of times in dreams during that time period too.

We both spent the rest of that day and night talking our heads off about everything we’d remembered from that past life. The next morning a strange phenomenon had manifested in a corner of the living room. Up at the ceiling where two walls connected, there was a definite three-foot shadow or darker spot that looked like the area was warped or distorted. In other words, a portal had been made by Them (the 3 Starbeings) and it remained clearly visible for many months. Psychic vision wasn’t needed to see it because it was that powerful. They’d literally created a portal between the three of Them and with us inside my little physical apartment! My son’s friends would come running into the apartment and stop suddenly, look at the living room and ask, “What’s wrong with your wall up there?” The portal was that tangible. I’d just tell them that it was a weird shadow and left it at that. Other adults would look at it but not say anything.

A few months later my sister was giving a class at a local metaphysical shop and this one night I got to attend. She’d directed the small class into a simple meditation and then afterwards we were supposed to draw whatever we had perceived. She had supplied us all with drawing paper and crayons prior. Well, the 3 Starbeings took full advantage of my going into a meditative state (something I usually didn’t do) and they were right there with star glyphs or symbols, telepathic messages, suggestions and a few precious gifts.

After we’d come out of the meditation I frantically started drawing as fast as I could because I was concerned I’d forget the complex images and information They’d just given me. My sister knew something was up because of how wildly I was drawing. Crayons were flying right n’ left! In the end, I had a page full of symbols and stellar glyphs from the three of Them. Here is the original I drew with crayons that night in January 1985.

What’s funny is that in 1984 I didn’t even know where the stars Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades were in our night sky! Every time these 3 Starbeings would make clairvoyant/telepathic/etheric contact with me, they always stood facing me in this same diagonal line. The Sirian was always to my left and slightly back a bit. The Orion was always in the middle in front of me and a bit closer, and the Pleiadian was always to my right and closer to me. They always stood this way and at a slight diagonal. I knew it meant something, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what.

One night months later I asked my sister if she knew where Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades were in the night sky. She easily pointed them out to me and I gasped out loud. They are positioned in exactly the same way the 3 Starbeings always stood facing me during our conversations; Sirius is at the far left, Orion is in the middle and the Pleiades is on the far right side and all at a diagonal across the sky. And so, the Star Glyphs or Stellar symbols at the very top of my drawing are of SIRIUS first on the left, ORION in the middle, and the PLEIADES on the right side.

[See A Lightworker’s Mission for more information and illustrations.]

Denise  Le Fay

October 17, 2007


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  • I’m trying to leave a message for Denise LeFay herself, I don’t know if I’m doing this message in the correct area for her to see. But anyways I recently was reading about ur link u have on the brain rewiring and stuff and for years I’ve been trying to find a explanation to what the hell is going on with me. It started back quite a few years ago with really weird things happening,it scared me so bad I ended up be admitted to the hospital due to a nervis breakdown. Lately my expirence has intensified and I can’t really reach out to anybody well because it’s so weird and I guess people think ur crazy. My bed has shook for many years mildly but has intensified to shaken much worse. It feels as if I have to swallow constally and if feels like my ears pop all the time but the really weird part is when I wake in morning I feel something traveling around the back of my eyes and I’ve seen flashes of busy light for years when my eyes are closed. The best way to describe it as if there was a snake traveling thru my body,I feel it moving thru my head,down my legs around the back of my eyes and when I swallow it’s as if I push it further down my body,my legs hurt bad when in my legs. When I’m my head I do have pressure or pain on top of head at times. But weird….I have felt something jump on my bed many times. Than I feel all this and my inner body trembles so bad. I hope u get this and can message me back. I want this to stop. I prey everyday.

    • ‘The best way to describe it as if there was a snake traveling thru my body,I feel it moving thru my head,down my legs around the back of my eyes and when I swallow it’s as if I push it further down my body,my legs hurt bad when in my legs…’


      What you’ve unknowingly it sounds described very well Bridget is what’s commonly know as Kundalini Rising. Kundalini is often referred to as a serpent like energy that moves and pushes its way through us and our bodies (up and down and back up numerous time in our spine and chakras and related organs) transmuting throughout the Physical body, Mental body, Emotional body, etheric body etc. — and this Process takes years and is directly related to the Ascension Process. Kundalini activation is currently caused by the Ascension Process and it has to do with energetically clearing, transmuting and finally permanently neutralizing and removing the vast majority of each of our old unprocessed, projected, ignore, suppressed etc. inner emotional (primarily) and mental issues, or as I often call it all, our stuff. 😉 We all have our stuff, our past emotional wounds, fears, hates, unfinished issues, projections and so on, but once the Ascension Process begins with its Kundalini activation, all of our stuff MUST be dealt with finally so that we can be free of it on all levels. Why? So that, after all that Inner Work that Kundalini Rising causes, we can then begin to embody a much higher frequency of Light (and eventually Love) within us, our central nervous systems, our body/bodies, our Hearts and so on without it frying or destroying us in the Process! Normally this Process takes many, many lifetimes of Inner Work; in this one it’s taking only years and some of us are really getting our butts kicked by the Process! It just is what it is and we all do our best throughout it all. 🙂

      Now… the other side of all this is how the negative beings and entities etc. (I’ve called all of the Team Dark) react to what’s happening naturally to each of us due to this Ascension Process. Typically, when a physical human begins to “wake up” and evolve due to the Ascension Process, Team Dark (TD) will do whatever they can to interfere with that process. I won’t get into all the reasons why but just say that they’ve never wanted humanity to “wake up” and evolve because they’d loose their power over them, so, they interfere, they attack, they derail, they do whatever they can to stop or slow down your/my/our natural Divine spiritual physical evolutionary process in these current lives. Your job with this is to override all of their stunts and attempts etc. and just continue living and transmuting as you already are. The Light of the Process carries us along in this. Don’t let the “monsters” stop you no matter what.

      I’d suggest you read through most all of my older articles here about the Ascension Process, Kundalini, Inner Body Vibrations etc. so you can have an idea of what you’ve been going through and will continue to. No fear, just big improvements and plenty of change. 🙂 ❤

      Denise Le Fay

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