OMG it’s the “END TIMES”!

Oh, it’s the “End Times” alright, but the real question is — the end of what and who and why now isn’t it?

It’s the “end times” for the non-physical other-dimensional negative Dark Ones controlling and running Earth and its species. It’s the “end times” of the Dark Ones using physical humans to carry out and enforce their non-physical desires and negative agenda’s. It’s the “end times” of the Dark Ones endlessly feeding off humanity as their primary food and fuel source because they don’t believe in Source/The All That Is and therefore believe they need to use certain other lesser beings (humanity) parasitically to receive the energy and life-force they need to survive. It’s the “end times” of the Dark Ones multidimensionally trying to kill, attack, destroy, wound, stop or derail the Volunteers/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers carrying Light on Earth.

It’s the “end times” of Dark owned and operated humans sucking the life, money and resources out of both humanity and Earth and demanding we the people pay for it all, and be grateful that we have what little we do now while they frantically figure out new ways to take more from we the people supposedly in the name of trying to balance or fix a bogus money system that’s unfix-able and needs to go now anyway. It will and soon now.

It’s the “end times” of mega egos being force-fed to the masses as the latest “hero”, the latest “super star”, the latest pre-teen “super star”, the latest hot “sex symbol” etc., when it’s really about how much money a few people can quickly make off their newest super star before they blow an emotional fuse and publicly melt-down in a few short years. It’s the “end times” of humanity being convinced they need other people to adore, hero-worship, fixate on, project upon when they themselves are the real prize.

It’s the “end times” of lower frequency and lower consciousness people deliberately being kept in positions of power and authority in every system around the planet. It’s also the “end times” of the global media system force-feeding humanity controlled information (to support lower frequency consciousness and produce lower frequency emotional energies) that’s forced upon them by an inter-dimensional hierarchical system and so on down the line.

It’s the “end times” for all this and much more in every country and government around the world. It’s the “end times” of mountainous piles of negativity, greed, lies, deliberate distortions, manipulations, elitism, a lock-down on consciousness, manipulated emotions, global corruption, darkness, negativity, warring, violence, bloodshed, polarized consciousness and everything created by it and all that perpetuates these lowly negative things.

It’s so easy for Americans to watch our TV’s and see the leaders of foreign countries who are corrupt to the core, greedy to the core, heartless, bloodthirsty and will kill their own people to stay in power and keep their greedy stockpiles of money they’ve stolen from their own people for decades. It’s easy for Americans to see this in these corrupt and vile leaders of other countries; it’s going to be vastly more difficult and painful for Americans to see and admit to how totally corrupt, how totally Dark and negative every system and the majority of leaders in America have been and still are. It’s time for the Revolution of Consciousness to happen in the USA and it’s going to manifest very differently from how it’s been in other countries.

To people in other countries these foreign egocentric greed monsters—aka leaders/dictators—are easily seen, but here in the USA, Americans have been so profoundly manipulated mentally, emotionally, etherically and physically that they actually believe they’ve been “free” all along. As they continue waking up to discover that the USA has been and is far more controlled and less free than they’ve been brainwashed into believing, many will FINALLY rise up and rebel like never before.

It’s the non-physical and physical Dark beings and humans controlling, running, directing and depleting humanity and Earth that’s ending now. That is the “End Times”. Be strong and keep your High Heart Consciousness focused on the positive end results of this intense 2011 transition phase for us, humanity, Earth and beyond. We’ve worked so hard and long in multiple lives and dimensions to get to this point right now so don’t give up during the final fifteen seconds of this Grand Transitional Process.

Denise Le Fay

March 25, 2011

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37 thoughts on “OMG it’s the “END TIMES”!

  • Hi Denise,

    I am so glad I have found your site. So many things you have written resonate with me so much, explains a lot of what I have been experiencing over the years.

    Experiencing the attacks from the “powers that were” is something that is so hard to explain to people that in the end many of us just keep quiet about it and look for the answer from people like yourself.

    I certainly believe we are in the “end times”, my thoughts have been, up to this time, the dark ones bring out the heavy guns and attack us through our friends, family etc. I read somewhere – “In the end times they will reclaim their own” – my experience (literally) of this is a persons dark side will come out, no matter how hard they have tried to hide it in the past. Sad but true.

    I too feel this dark time is now passing but I am often reminded that they aint going without a bit of a struggle and its wise to recognise it aint quite over just yet.

    I learned a lot from Karen Bishop many years ago and passed this knowledge on by way of my website – – as I know many around the world are going through the same things I am experiencing, this is my way of spreading answers for any and all that are searching.

    With your permission I would like to put many of your articles on the site also – with links etc back to your blog. To be honest, I find I am some how blocked by putting my own thoughts and feelings down on paper and others, such as yourself, do a much better job of expressing what I want to convey. But at least I have a vehicle to get the message across the world.

    I guess I do my part with the tools I am provided with, in the best way I know how, to reach the most people I can.
    We all have our part to play.

    Many thanks for your knowledge, it is so very gratifying I found you,

    Love & Light

    • Derek,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS Derek, I’m glad you’ve connected too. 🙂

      Of course you may quote my articles/posts at your website, just please include my copyright notice and link at the bottom of them. Thanks.


  • Steve,
    Thank you for the link and info on the conference call. I love the chart he gave – it is printed and on my desk for easy reference. Thanks much!

    I found a blog, actually through a link on this site, you all may know about it but it is a great resource about earth changes, etc. It is:

  • Thanks Denise. I have been experiencing Ascension Symptoms for years-and yes, lately they have changed. After reading your post and re-reading mine-I realize my problem was (not “is” b/c I’m already changing) having “fear” over “not having fear” – does that make sense? I gave up trying to explain to the few family members that ask how I am doing-they just don’t understand why I’m not working a 8-5 job and I can’t begin to explain it. It may seem a small nuance-but I’ve been struggling with the fact that I was not overly concerned about my situation-as from old world point of view it looks pretty shaky, but everything inside of me says “you’re doing great, keep following your intuition!” This feeling is still foreign to me, but just being aware of this helps a ton. Thank you!

    • Debra,

      That is you getting familiar with your NEW High Heart Consciousness and how it sounds, feels, functions etc. Many people are currently having to make this shift out of their 3D “rational” heads/intellects, and into their still rather illusive 5D High Hearts because it’s the NEW brain and Center for humanity.

      I’ve heard that there really is only two frequencies, two energies, and they are LOVE and FEAR. If we think of them both as frequencies and that we have the freewill to choose which frequency – hence reality – we want to exist within, then this makes a lot more sense plus makes it that much easier to exist exactly where WE each want to. You’re doing just wonderful and you know it from your High Heart Consciousness. 🙂


  • I think the most important thing we can do is divert focus to the positive and influence others to speak out in our personal lives.

    I can’t speak for others, but when I get involved in fighting these fear-based control systems, I get burnt out and wound up in the fear.

    Its important, at least I think, to understand where focus goes, energy flows. Moving ourselves away from these systems mentally is important, because it helps tremendously. These corrupt systems are not going to stand anymore. They are built to fall by design. There’s not much reason to drown ourselves in them. At least that’s what I was doing. I’m glad I can see this now so I know what to do with myself when I get stuck.

  • Denise,

    I would like to thank you for your Ascension Symptoms list…it has been a great help to allow me to not panic when some odd and unexpected physical or emotional manifests. For instance, a few weeks ago I was out running errands and visited my rather constricted storage unit. While shuffling through boxes, I had the sensation that the top of my head was going to blow off. My initial reaction was that I was having a stroke of some kind, and then I remembered your list, promptly stopped to breathe and get centered, and I returned to “normal” (whatever that is!).

    I continue to feel blessed to have found your blog, and am grateful for your wisdom and insight.

  • Debra,

    Dr. Calleman posted a detailed explanation on his site last month.
    (cut and paste into your browser)
    Hope that gives you the information you seek.

    Debra, and anyone else interested:

    Dr. Calleman is also hosting a conference call this evening regarding the completion of Day 1. From his invitation:

    The purpose for this call will be to have an “Evaluation of the First Day of the Ninth Wave and a preliminary outline for its continuation”.

    Conference call dial-in: (424) 203-8075
    Access code: 822940#

    Everyone is invited.

    (Denise – sorry if I jumped the gun on this!)

    Oops…I suppose posting the time would be advisable!

    Sunday, March 27. 6:00 PM PDT

  • Can anyone explain to me the 9/18 day cycles we are going through? I need the middle school version 😉 And when did they start March 9 or 11? If so, thank you very much.

    I am in such a mixed state – sometimes feeling great and others not so much. Tons of trouble sleeping – I am quite literally buzzing (mostly in my head) till 2-3-4 in the mornings. It does not seem to bother me the next day as I thought it would (the lack of sleep). Just a couple of months ago I could not get enough sleep. I am becoming very impatient as having much difficulty living/surviving in the old. While I deal with others very little (I’ve become a hermit) on those occasions that I have to deal with others, it is difficult for me as I feel like an alien in this world – well, I guess I am. I have lost most of my friends and family and no desire to “work” as I did in the past; but still need to pay bills as I haven’t figured out this one yet – I guess it has to do with changing belief systems which I am working on. Got to a point of just not caring – which has been good on some levels – I’ve seemed to muster a courage that was long ago lost – when you don’t care anymore about what others think there is a sparkling freedom that is found. Anyway, I know I am here to help others through the ascension process; as a Star Seed I have been working on this since as far back as I can remember, I just didn’t know it then. But it can be difficult to go through alone, so I appreciate this website so much. Thank you Denise and everyone else here who shares information and their own vulnerabilites – it helps tremendously.

    • Debra,

      Just as I was beginning to get the hang of the old Mayan 20-day cycle it/we evolved into this super condensed 9+9 or 18-day cycle! It’s a great sign of humanities continuing ascension/compressed evolution, but I too am having some difficulty in grasping it. Really it’s just a faster, more compressed version of what we’d always been living and cycling through before the transition into the final and highest Ninth Wave phase. Time really is short now in 2011, but we’ll adapt to this NEW level of being and energies.

      Everything you’ve said about the current Ascension symptoms you’re having are the identical symptoms I’ve had for years and still am…and so are millions of other people. Remember in my 2011 To Do List article I wrote for the start of January 2011, I mentioned that many more people would suddenly be triggered or activated with starting the Ascension Process because of the start of the Ninth Wave (March 9, 2011). I also mentioned that those of us who’ve been living – often just barely! – with numerous Ascension symptoms for years already would also experience NEW ones and/or changes to the old symptoms etc. This is very much what’s happening now.

      Yesterday (March 26, 2011) all day I had another of those harsh Ascension-related Energy headaches that hurt inside your head, in your skull bones and even in your scalp and feels like your head/scalp is bruised and sore. Then in the late afternoon I suddenly had an intense pain in the bridge of my nose and could clairvoyantly see/perceive that another alteration/upgrade was happening in my Pituitary gland within my brain. At this point my face went slightly numb while I simultaneously felt mild pain in the bones of my face and upper teeth. It was a weird, and thankfully short-lived, side effect of the changes happening inside my brain and Pituitary. Within twenty minutes of this happening I HAD to go rest and instantly fell asleep for three hours! The changes/evolution/ascension that our physical bodies and brains (and everything else) are going through now in 2011 are incredible and highly compressed.

      The sleep thing I’ve just given in to and sleep whenever I can and to hell with everything else! If I only sleep for three hours a night…fine. And if I need to get out of my body during the day due to these intense physical body changes and the energies causing them and have a nap, then so be it. I fall asleep during the late afternoon now often because the whole sleep/wake cycle is changing along with our brains and bodies and consciousness. No fear okay? Just go with the changes and know this is the NEW “normal”. 😉


  • Denise, you are right on.

    Americans who are sending millions upon millions of dollars to other countries for aide are ignoring all the families that are living in Tent Cities. We are in denial about our lost freedoms………we have no idea that we have our own Tsunami going on and that America is moving into the direction of becoming a 3rd world country.
    Higher education has gone back to belonging to the elite.
    My heart is heavy and I feel somewhat helpless to do anything about what is happening. I suppose this type of breakdown is necessary in order for us to embrace a better way of being.

    • Althea Gray,

      It bothers me tremendously too when people (Americans) are told they need to give money to help others somewhere else in the world. They feel better about themselves because the collection plate has been passed and they gave some money when called to do so. Now they can go about their lives as usual because they gave money blah blah blah. I was so angry at George Cloony when he organized an event to collect millions of dollars for the Haiti earthquake. From the latest images I’ve seen of Haiti, not one dollar made it to where it needed to go but into the hands of the corrupt over there.

      Like divorced dysfunctional fathers and/or “deadbeat dads” who’ve married into or created a “new” family elsewhere, they often don’t want much to do with their own biological children from that point on and focus entirely on the step children and/or their new children with the current wife. The USA – aka the patriarchy – is this same way; they ignore their own ex-wives and biological children and fixate on others elsewhere because it’s what THEY are currently interested in. Whole countries and systems function like this and no one seems to notice…until the Revolution of Consciousness that is. 😉 You are exactly correct in saying that this “breakdown” is, as painful as it is, necessary so that something higher and vastly better can take the place of everything that’s currently “falling” everywhere. Out with the old negative, dysfunctional, greedy, inefficient etc., and in with the NEW positive.


  • Interesting, that’s a very charged message. I’ve been experiencing more powerful
    positive evolultionary changes in my own life in the past 3 days than I have in about 2 years.

    Needless to say, I’ve begun to realize changes happen quicker for one when one changes perspective.

    I’m very eager to see these changes happen for others as well.

    • John K,

      Congratulations, but hang on because there’s a lot more of these types of mega changes coming. 🙂

      And you’re 100% correct in that when we get out of our own way and let these Ascension Energies (solar, galactic, cosmic, astrological etc.) do what they are to us, our bodies, our brains, our consciousness etc., then the pain is less and the transformations happen much more quickly and easily. The only thing that’s needed at this point with this Process is an honest desire to evolve into a better, higher way of being and perceiving. Nothing to “do” really at this late date but surf the Energy Waves as they carry us into the NEW and not “fall” into lower frequency fear.


  • Hi Denise & all,
    I found your blog only just recently as I was looking for more info on the 9th Wave & transitioning (so I’m still quite new to some of the terminology).

    I feel this post resonating with me, and I too have felt a certain energetic uneasiness over this past week and I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

    And although I do feel this certain instability, I do at the same time feel an even stronger hint of comfort & unity. For me, a long-time meditator, I have now been feeling my 3rd eye & crown chakras opening over the last 6 months or so, and am now able to feel other people’s energy and other fun things like being able to feel the presence of angels/spirits & occasionally other departed souls. What’s been really interesting as this new opening has been happening, is that irregardless of any outward chaos that I personally or my surroundings (immediate & globally) may appear to be experiencing, I seem to almost ALWAYS be able to feel the presence of these angels/spirits near me.

    I just wanted to share that with all of you…that in the midst of what may appear to be difficult times, there are energies & spirits that seem to really care about us, and want to help guide us through our difficulties. If anytime I feel my energy scattered, I can now easily center myself and ground myself, as I allow this sense of comfort to envelop me.

    And if I could offer/suggest a simple exercise…as I’ve become more attuned to feeling others’ chakras & energies, I’ve become very aware of how powerful our breath and intention can be. If you ever happen to find yourself in a very scattered state, just start following your breath, and imagine/visualize sending your breath to different areas in your body. With your breath, you can control the energetic flow within. Send your breath/energy anywhere you feel uneasiness within. It’s very powerful!

    Glad I found your blog and look forward to following along when I can 🙂 Namaste,

  • Thank you for your post Denise. Whenever I feel like I’m crazy and at the end of my rope, coming here helps. My heart has been screaming at me for the past year, so loudly that I can’t ignore her anymore…I think I’m starting to understand what it means to follow your heart and not your head the latter of which I’ve done or been told I should do for most of my life. There was always something deep inside me that said otherwise though but the people around me made sure to kill that voice, or at least they thought they did:) The last few days have been hard, and I feel guilty for saying it, but it nice to know that it’s not just me…I’m not going insane. I’ve been sad the last few days and I know why. I’m not fighting my feelings anymore. The goal is to just feel it all the way and heal and hopefully move forward.

    Heart Hug (I laughed:) Never typed that before)


  • Hi Denise and all,

    🙂 You mean that:

    • I/you/we can travel globally and locally for FREE… no need to suck up Mamma Earth’s blood (aka “oil) source just to go from here to there… all because it’s the “end times”?

    • That I don’t need to fill in tons of immigration paper-work (that would take MONTHS to get back to me as to whether or not it’s an okay/approval) … JUST to prove that I have the desirable work-skills at a certain level… that I can speak the local language and to prove I’m not a terrorist yada yada… all because it’s the “end times”?

    • That I don’t have to get a job or go to college or get married (against my will) just to live in a chosen country because I just want to LIVE…. freely and with no need to pay bills because it’s the “end times”?

    • You mean I/you/we can share freely our creativity/labor of love to anyone we so choose… because they/we genuinely LOVE the end result/”product” from our dearest High Heart… for FREE… with genuine respect, gratitude and appreciation … because it’s the “end times”?

    • That because we live in our High Hearts which genuinely respect every being on the planet (human/animal/plant/tree/water/air/fire/soil etc) … that empowers ALL… that we need NO laws/regulations/rules/lawyers/paperwork/etc etc etc… all because (and with many a million thanks) it’s the “end times”???

    Whohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Let’s PARTY!!! 😀

    Now being that I’ve been raised in the Christian ways all my Life about the “end times”… basically it’s the apocalypse: the End of the World… with fire and brimstone coming out of the sky… with millions of golden chariots pulled by many white horses carrying angel-warriors… slaughtering every non-believer on the Earth (who have survived this far) in sight … wiping out all human Life that are non-believers of the ‘truth’… so that the god-king (aka Jesus) would rule the Earth to have a thousand years of peace for the faithful/aka believers. Or something along that line… but fuck that I’m so glad it’s NOT gonna happen that way. 🙂

    As I look back I used to dread such a day or night would ever come into this 3D realm (according to the bible … no one knows the day nor the hour the “lord” cometh)… and wanted another reality that is much more freeing and humane. That was 10 years ago.

    I’m SO glad there is ANOTHER reality that is the “end times”. How ironic. ^_^’

    Love you all and hang in there. I’ve been irritated and grumpy since Friday and completely understand those who feel the same.

    Hugs and Kisses to all weary Light warriors
    Lou Ann

  • Thanks Denise and I absolutely agree that the ‘end times’ are most definitely here. Although I have followed your blog for a long time and have been playing my part in the ascension process, I was just curious, if there was any particular news event or a personal knowing that triggered you to write this post yesterday of all days.

    A brilliant post and what we’ve all been waiting for! Thanks for the clarification.

    Much gratitude,

    • L,

      Like everyone else, I’m eyeball-deep in this Process too and struggle, suffer, occasionally get down emotionally and/or frustrated from time to time etc. I’d written three posts and deleted them all because they were reflecting my pissy, frustrated mood way too much! 🙄 Then finally yesterday the Collective’s energies I’d been feeling (and try to not be too affected by but often are anyway!) eased up a bit and I was able to write this post quickly before the next event happens and churns up the Collective again. That’s a partial back-story about that post.

      The other aspect of this is that I’ve known in that non-intellectual much deeper I just know sort of way, that with the start of 2011, EVERYTHING worldwide would enter a highly intense and compressed final phase of the old lower patriarchal world collapsing and exiting…while simultaneously the NEW higher ways, people, consciousness etc. would begin manifesting. Lisa Renee’s Guardians called this process “The Changing of the Guard” which is very apropos.

      In a nutshell, 2009 was a wrap up Phase One of the Ascension Process (the start of the Eighth Wave in Jan. 1999) year for us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers. 2010 was an intense year of us being the first groups to have massive changes to our bodies and brains in preparation for the NEW (5D “Unity” or High Heart Consciousness and Galactic) energies that would be arriving in the last couple months of 2010 (and throughout all of 2011). 2011 is the year of repeated 11-11 portals for us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos and us coming increasingly online energetically with these NEW Galactic Energies/Consciousness month by month – along with being in the Ninth Wave energies and the newly begun Revolution of Consciousness within the masses – while the world and Earth do the same. Once we reach the triple (3 – 3D – physicality) 11’s of Nov. 11, 2011, we and Earth will have fully arrived in this NEW, and the old lower patriarchy planetary rule will permanently end (the “End Times” for them and that level of reality in this world). 2012 will no doubt be rather wild, confusing, and very exciting in how much positive change will quickly begin around the world for All.

      I hope I expressed all this adequately and thanks for hanging in here with me through this amazing ongoing Process. 🙂


  • How can I not judge, and thereby simply become the changes I would like to see in the world? If one seeks “all is one”, a forgiveness rationality can become similar to a “My mistake” mentality of the One (he he).

    My surest lessons come from my mistakes, and a unique, individuating self-generated-self-compassion that arises from creating a love from nothing-to-love. If I had not read your post, and you had not read my response, and the dark evil hidden in minds had not hurt… then it could not become that “the experience is given because we needed to read it.”

    I have much faith now that you are correct, and speak for me and for us all. This is a long coming phase ending.

    I am afraid and hurting as if I was the dark evil myself. I ask myself to please forgive me, and trust in… well, whatever, whenever.

    • James Hoppe,

      “I am afraid and hurting as if I was the dark evil myself.”

      That was one potent, honest, and deeply wise statement! We all feel this to some extent because we’ve all participated in the insanity to some extent. However, don’t spend too much time or energy beating yourself up over this; just acknowledge it and forgive yourself and KNOW that you/me/him/her/us all will and are doing better every second now. This too is an important aspect of the Ascension Process and the beginning stages of feeling and expressing “Unity” consciousness, or as I call it, High Heart Consciousness.

      As far as not judging…I never said anything about that and never have. I strongly believe we should feel the anger, feel the judgments, feel the frustrations etc. because doing so helps us to literally move emotionally and energetically beyond them to a more neutral or again, “unified”, integrated place. To heal we’ve GOT to feel and then we can let go of and move on to new territory. 🙂


  • Dear wise woman lovely Denise,
    I so needed your message tonight. Pain has had new meaning the past few days (body pain). Ok, another 15 seconds, I can put one foot ahead of the other for a few more seconds.
    Thank you dear Denise. Positive thinkers out there, please see the lovely pine tree I received for equinox in the ground. I have part of the whole dug! That a good start.
    Thanks everyone.
    Bless you Denise.
    Be peaceful, Gwen

  • Your post was right on time and accurate as usual. After getting let go of my job late last year I held a grudge against these people that was hurting me spiritually. Today something said turn in, say hello and leave on your own merit. Wow what a relief, just saying hello, seeing those who were always joyous and that the dark one hadn’t changed or were going out of their way to put on a different face was enlightening. Energy sucking comes from near, far, past and present as long as we continue to grasp at whatever we feel we should or were told, brainwashed into holding on to when it should be Love. Another note that confirms your saying that truth is being shown in different venues and those that pay attention or see them either are awaken or reject it as false was verified by a movie I saw a month ago that is still on my mind. The Deaths of Ian Stone. I overlooked it for months thinking it was just another stupid horror film made to justify harm being brought to people by lost people. I was wrong and it is directly in line with what you are saying that Love is our only weapon against Dark Ones feeding on our fear, hatred, and sadness. It doesn’t matter which world we find ourselves in when we remember our purpose and Love; they can’t hurt us.



  • Thank You. Your post today has greatly assisted me in explaining to others who are in fear of armageddon that the ‘End Times’ is actually something to look forward to. Bring it on. Thanks again Patricia.

  • Your words echo what I’ve been feeling in my heart and throughout my being for several years. Our system is broken and corrupt (which came first? the chicken or the egg) and with each passing day it seems more folks are awakening from their media-inspired hangover and realizing just how wrong things are in our world.

    Sunday begins Night 1 of the Universal Underworld; we’ve nearly completed the first of the 13 “steps” before the dawn of a new consciousness. As we ride this final wave, the illusion of chaos abounds (and will increase in the coming weeks and months). I was having a conversation with a spiritual friend just the other day…she was trying to figure out what to do to be at peace in the midst of all this “turmoil”. The key, I shared with her, is not to “do”, but to “be”. Set the ego aside (the “I’ve got to DO something” energy), and follow your heart, your intuition…it will allow you a comfortable and easy peace and you’ll set an example for those with whom you come in contact that will calm their spirits as well. And in those moments when peace eludes you, just remember that there are potential lessons to be mastered in every experience.

    What an honor to be alive at this time, participating in these events as the Universe transitions to its next, glorious state.

  • Hi Denise

    Can you elaborate on why you feel so strongly that now is the end times? I understand it is coming, but why now? Has something been revealed to you?

    • dailygreatness,

      Breath and re-read my post okay? Thanks. 🙂

      The “end times” (I don’t exactly know what that term means to Christians) have been coming – especially since the start of the planetary Ascension Process – for many years already. It’s just that now in the first three months of 2011, the shift of whose in control of the planet and humanity is rapidly changing from the Dark back to the Light. From this point on there are certain negative things, events, stunts and so on that the Dark negative people will not be allowed to do any longer to humanity. Their time is ending; their ruler-ship and control over humanity and Earth is ending now, and that is the real “end times” for those Dark beings and the people and systems they control to control all of humanity. That is what’s reached its “end times” now throughout 2011.

      I was watching some movie on TV the other day and there was a country-western song playing in it. I don’t know the name of the song or who was singing it, but one line in it really jumped out at me because it was so great. It was: “…weren’t no dark till something shined…” And isn’t that the truth! Until the Light returned here recently, most people haven’t even been aware of how profoundly dark its been for so long on Earth.


  • Hi Denise,
    it seems you wrote that for me, I am thinking about giving up all day long. Realizing that we were all puppets in a theater or game made in a way we only loose. I had my heart broken all my life and in the last week I could see the dark people who was around me, making everybody around me to be puppets and hurt me all the time. It was a stupid game, everybody was fooled. And now who will fix my heart? For what? I dont have stamina anymore. Sorry about the sadness and about the English… 🙂

    • Lya,

      I know how difficult, emotional, painful, frustrating and depressing it’s been for the past couple of weeks. It’s been hard for me to find something nice to say here when all I’ve been feeling lately is the opposite.

      However, I know that the more sensitive and empathic one is, the more difficult it becomes when the planetary Collective is in turmoil, when the planet shakes and spews, when people around the planet are in elevated fear/grief/sadness/pain/confusion/anger, when global governments and systems are collapsing under us and our belief systems…the more we FEEL it all. If we let it we become pulled down vibrationally by what other people are feeling, thinking, saying, and believing.

      This is the nitty-gritty test phase for all of us who are very sensitive/empathic to learn how to be a “Keeper of the Frequency” despite the chaos, insanity, violence, fear, lies etc. all around us. WE have to learn to maintain the level of awareness and energy we have to date and NOT “fall” ourselves because of all that’s going on in the world…and will continue to throughout 2011. No easy task if we slide out of our High Heart Consciousness and frequency. But if we remain in our Center or the eye of the storm where it’s calm and safe, then we continue doing the Energy Work we’re supposed to at this point within the Ascension Process.

      Be strong and know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Know too that it will last as long as you (me, all of us) allows it to last in us. 😉


  • For the past few weeks, I feel like I have been holding on by my fingernails. Things are moving so fast and furiously that I hardly know how I will survive the next change. Last night I slept with a big chunk of rose quartz on my heart chakra. It helped. (Poor rose quartz is now resting quietly in some salt, waiting for the skies to clear so she can take a nap under the moonlight! ;)) Right now, holding on is hard to do.

    Denise, I appreciate your blog more than you know… you are a calm port in a chaotic sea. Thank you.


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