The 39-43 Age Group & Ascension

I know many of you reading this are in the 39–44 age group and are either just entering your Uranus Opposition transit, are smack in the middle of it, or are completing it. The astrological Uranus Opposition transit happens only once in our lifetimes and this period has been called by society, the mid-life crisis. It is indeed a transit of intense and sudden changes or crisis, but if you are a person who has already been living the Ascension Process, then your Uranus Opposition transit (transiting Uranus reaching the exact opposite sign and degree to your natal Uranus) usually becomes something vastly more potent than just the urge to buy a red sports car or get a divorce! The “crisis” runs much deeper than that and is a very important coded trigger event.

I’ve found that most First Wavers and many Second Wavers were coded (before incarnation) to have certain major astrological transits—such as the Uranus Opposition—propel us into even deeper levels of ascension related transformations. They were periods in our lives where we automatically were triggered, activated by our Higher Selves to shift even further and enter a higher level of our personal missions and service work as Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Forerunners etc.

Besides the Ascension Process, the once in a lifetime Uranus Opposition transit is a powerful, life-altering tool to make personal transformational changes that would normally take decades, if not multiple lifetimes to accomplish. In other words, I believe that the Uranus Opposition transit has been meticulously located in YOUR life within the current Ascension and dimensional shifting Process to better aid you in making these evolutionary transitions. I’m not saying that this whole process is any easier because of this, but that your Higher Self has carefully crafted and designed your living through this Ascension Process with as many safeguards, additional astrological transit triggers, backup plans and spiritual booster rockets as you/me/each of us needs to make the evolutionary ascension jump.

From higher non-physical levels we don’t care at all about how painful, difficult, unattractive, crazy or even dangerous this Process is. We’re here in physical bodies on Earth now to get the transformational evolutionary job done and the rest of it just doesn’t matter. Of course down here in the misery and stunning, beautiful brilliance of The Process itself, we feel a tad bit different about it all, which is typical so don’t beat yourself up over it. My point is that many of you who are age 39–43 or 44 are also living through your extra important Uranus Opposition transit where you and your life are probably right in the middle of one hell of a big multidimensional makeover! Just know that’s what it’s there for and let go of whatever is making you crazy or feels like is suffocating you and your soul now. This is the time to let go of whatever and whoever in your life that’s not moving forward as you are. It may be a job, a mate, a home, a career from many years ago, but if whatever it is is not in alignment with your Higher Self’s spiritual agenda, then know it’s time to kiss it goodbye and let your Uranus Opposition transit help transform you into the new higher and greater version of you.

Uranus Opposition symptoms are very much like Ascension symptoms so it’s hard to tell what’s causing what. I experienced many dreams from 39–43 that were very archetypal, powerful and personally insightful that helped me greatly to better understand certain aspects of myself and how I was changing. Know too that Uranus Opposition often triggers kundalini energy risings which, during the Ascension Process, feels like repeated hot flashes along with plenty of other rebellious emotions and deep, inner crazy journeys through your as yet unresolved lower, stuck junk in your Inner spiritual trunk. Uranus Opposition forces one to excavate all of your lower frequency, stuck emotional and energetic stuff within yourself, and the kundalini hot flashes are the Alchemical Fires that literally burn away your past density and help get you really free to enter another phase of your life. So hang in there and let The Process do all it does, even if it turns you a bit wild and weird for a few years! That is the Uranus Opposition energies transforming you while also living through the planetary Ascension Process, just as your Higher Self planned all along.

Denise Le Fay

April 18, 2010

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5 thoughts on “The 39-43 Age Group & Ascension

  • parachuteless, leaving behind that which i have grown to know in the last 8 years of my journey since my dark night of the soul, wide-eyed, 40, what the frig is happening aaaaarggghhhhh. thanks for posting this denise, your blogs always manage to bring me Home and calm me down.

    • souldiaries,

      Oh sweetie, I know, I’ve been there too. Uranus Opposition is a big Life Initiation transit that sets us off into the decade of our 40’s, which is VERY different energetically. This is the time where you will indeed dump everything in you and your emotional body that MUST go now so that you can enter the second half of your life with a clean slate…body, mind and heart. It’s really a very great thing even though it’s tough n’ scary at times during those transit years (39-42 or 43ish).

      Hang in there and just go with the changes and deal with whatever is in you that requires healing/releasing now.


  • I just wish to add that many younger readers, those who are approximately 18 to 21 years of age, are experiencing their first Uranus Square. Here’s a great article by Bil Tierney, titled Different Drumbeats of Uranus Transits. It describes the effects of the First Uranus Square Uranus (Ages 18-21), Uranus Opposing Uranus (Mid-Life Crisis), Second Uranus Square Uranus (Ages 59-65), and the Uranus Return (Ages 82-84). Enjoy!

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