You Can’t Store That Crap In Here!

After doing ten years of intense and constant Inner Work—alchemical ascension and polarity resolution work—I know that lower vibrating anything simply cannot remain within me or me in it. If some lower something does get in via something I saw on TV or experienced out in the world, then that lower vibrating crap will manifest in a matter of hours as a dream so that I deal with it and get it transmuted and out of me.

“Hey, you can’t store that crap in here. Didn’t anybody tell ya that? I’m serious lady, that shit won’t work in here no more. It’s gotta go and go now!”

Clearly. But this is how we learn, and then learn some more. We thankfully read these things from other people whose job it is to inform us about these changes, these ascension, dimensional, consciousness, body and energy changes. It isn’t until we personally experience it—whatever IT is—that we know for ourselves how The Process works, looks, feels, functions and so on. And if you’re anything like me, you too have to go through these new higher stages and test the waters (and new consciousness tools and other very cool higher gadgets) more than once, make that more than three times. I just have to know some things much more deeply and intimately than other things is all. I can hear some of you going, “What in the hell is she talking about?”  Let me explain a bit better.

The other day I was resting after many hours of book editing and was just mushing out watching TV. When I watch TV I always have a second channel prepared in my TV remote so that, if needed, I can instantly switch channels so lower, ugly, negative or repulsive stuff on TV does NOT get inside my cleaned and cleared head or body. May sound silly but I’m telling you, there is certain lower frequency, consciousness and reality stuff that I simply will not view or listen to on TV anymore; I can’t because it is way too negative and does not work residing inside me and my cleared and cleaned Inner Temple.

Example: The other day I was watching something on TV and then realized it changed programs and I was now watching some docudrama thing about Vlad the Impaler. I thought it looked semi-interesting at first so I was switching back and forth between this channel and another one, not seriously into either show. Then all the sudden the Vlad channel goes into great detail, I mean way too much graphic detail about exactly how Vlad did his impaling of people. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the channel changed fast enough and some of that super-nasty negativity got in and made me very disturbed for two days. Two goddamn days and one night all because I’ve cleaned and cleared my own inner crap and couldn’t get the TV channel changed fast enough!

So hours later when it’s bedtime and I want and need to go to sleep, guess what’s there in my way? You guessed it, Vlad the Impaler and his monstrous actions. I’m thinking about pink ponies, candy canes, happy puppies, kittens, flowers, book writing, any freaking thing I can to override those TV Vlad images, and it ain’t working, and I’m pissed. But, I learned something very important for me at this time which is — Don’t go there cause you’re not equipped to cope or house it like you used to. Okeydokey, fine by me, lesson learned.

There is more to that helpful line about how difficult and painful it can be, and usually is, to go back down into the lower frequency world once you have cleaned up and transmuted your own inner stuff/junk/trash/wounds/stuck energies/emotions/polarity/monsters etc. It not only is disturbing and painful but you automatically will do everything to rid yourself of the lower dimensional, lower world nasty you picked up because you glanced back over your shoulder at it again. I’ve had this happen many times over the past few years now and literally, within a few hours after seeing something very low vibrating like this Vlad program, I will dream about it as the way to quickly clear and remove it from my higher vibrating body/mind/heart/self/world and reality. Fuck you Vlad, not in my world!

“Like I told ya lady, you can’t store that crap in here anymore. It just don’t fit no more now the place is all cleaned up nice.”

Yeah, I totally get that now and thanks for making this crystal clear.

Denise Le Fay

December 2, 2009

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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Store That Crap In Here!

  • Oh man, Denise! I never saw this post before today. I had been wondering what the heck was wrong with me because just so much stuff on television I can NOT watch any more. A couple of years ago I realized I couldn’t stand seeing or hearing the hunting shows my husband watches. To see or hear an animal getting shot and killed would make me want to puke. And this is coming from someone who used to go out in the woods with my husband when he hunted! NO WAY would I or could I do that now. Much to my hubby’s dismay (but he has gotten used to it now) all shows like that are banned from the upstairs TV and he has to watch them by himself in the basement. I tortured myself a couple weeks ago and watched 3 days of news coverage on Hurricane Irene and boy, did I pay for that one.
    And here I thought I was just getting super sensitive in my old age 🙂 Thanks for sharing, loved this post xo

  • EXACTLY!!!

    It is amazing to think back to what I used to watch on tv (or read) and enjoy and now cannot stand to watch. It hits in the pit of the stomach and I (like you) have to change the channel or dump the book. I used to love scary movies at Holloween–it was like a tradition (not the slice and dice kind–just scary Stephen King kinda thing) and now even that no longer appeals. And that goes for people and their baggage/drama as well.

    And, you are so right about having to have the experiences on a personal level. You have hit the nail on the head once again!


    • Theocacao,

      I too have always loved horror and thriller type movies. But now, after all the inner House Cleaning I’ve done via the ascension process, I’ve learned thanks to Vlad, that I just can’t allow certain (real or fact based mainly) type stuff or visuals back inside me and my transmuted inner landscape.

      This Vlad show taught me that it’s more than crap foods, more than lower vibrating people and their ego dramas, more than the assholes n’ idiots in general, it is ALL lower vibrating energies in ALL of their diverse forms. I honestly was surprised by how badly this TV show affected me. It caught me off-guard somewhat, but now I know I can’t do those types of lower things now either.


  • Denise

    You take sensitive to a whole new level! Wow!! But you make a valid point, which I am going to try harder to be more observant about in my own situation.

    I remember years ago watching the movie, “The Ring”. I was always a big horror fan all my years growing up, so don’t tend to get all that spooked all that often, but for some reason, this movie REALLY did a number on me big time. It literally took me almost 2 years to completely wipe the visuals and all over creepiness out of my mind’s eye. Unfortunately, I liken it to the proverbial car accident — once something like that has got your attention, it’s very difficult for many of us to actually look away.

    🙂 Robin

    P.S. I am really enjoying the snow effect on here, btw!!

    • Robin,

      WP adds the snow effect every Dec. which I love too.

      Yep, this Vlad program really surprised me in how it so deeply affected me and how much work it took to then get that car wreck back out of my inner landscape. Horror movies were always my favorites and didn’t really scare me. But things based in fact that are horrific, are NOW just way too much for me. I’ve worked so hard and so long (it’s all in my new book! 😉 ) to transmute this type of lower negative stuff. This whole event really just taught me that I can’t pollute myself now that I’ve reached this level of vibrational (ascension) clarity. Whatever the lower crap is now at this point, it is profoundly amplified and highlighted…unlike before when I had more lower crap in myself. It was a good lesson, but they all are good lessons aren’t they? 😉


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