Ascension related Headaches, Head Pains & Pressures

I’ve had another round of those unique Ascension related headaches recently. It took me a while to discern this ascension symptom only because I’ve had headaches all my adult life. Headaches from the vertebra in my neck being out-of-place constantly, plus twenty years of migraines, so I’m sort of a headache professional at this point.

But then the Ascension related headaches arrived a couple of years ago and they feel very different from any headache pain I’ve ever had. Another clue about them I learned is that nothing, and I mean nothing, makes them go away or eases the pain. No over-the-counter headache medicines, not even ice packs, not sleeping, resting, not moving, vomiting, absolutely nothing. They suddenly arrive, they hammer away for a day, a few days or a week, then magically it’s gone as quickly as it arrived.

Another aspect of these Ascension headaches has to do with our Crown chakra doing whatever it does when this happens at this vastly higher level now.  All I know is that the top of my head and skull hurts and feels bruised, hot, and sore to the touch. The upper half of my entire head inside and out (from the nose up) feels strange, larger than normal, a little disconnected or spacey feeling on top of the rather severe headache pains. Other times it’s just intense headache pains and noise sensitivities.

They’re strange pains like invisible laser beams that you feel and know exactly what angle they are entering your head at. The pain of them also moves around inside your head which normal headaches don’t do—at least not that I’ve ever experienced. Ascension headaches are about higher energies doing things, changing, expanding, merging brain halves or the Brain Rewiring Process, upgrading the insides of our skulls and the different brain glands; the pineal, pituitary, thalamus, hypothalamus and whatever else we have in there that’s rapidly evolving and activating so we’re multi-dimensionally aware 5D beings.

brain glands

When I have one of these four or five-day-long ascension headache sessions, I think of things Barbara Hand Clow and some others have said about the tiny crystals we have inside our brains. I can almost see these activating and evolving now because we’re simply at that stage within our ongoing Ascension Process—not to mention our two brain hemispheres being Rewired back together so we’re whole-brained beings. I suspect we are simply going to be feeling  head and brain pressures, pains, headaches, and other strange sensations as the old lower Veil between our two brain hemispheres vanishes and we evolve into whole-brained crystalline beings. May 2010 Uranus enters Aries which rules the head/brain. Imagine Uranian/Aquarian energies in your head now! Know that our brains/consciousness are and will be changing, evolving in extraordinary ways and rather quickly.

I know this isn’t a pleasant topic but because I’m so familiar with headaches, I was highly aware of how different these new Ascension headaches feel in comparison to old lower world so-called “normal” headaches and even migraines. But because they hurt and there’s not much we can do to make that pain stop, it can get unnerving after day-three or four and your skull feels like it has multiple invisible lines of light literally skewered through it. It does! Fear not however because the pain does end and know that more major upgrades have happened inside your head and you because of it.

Denise Le Fay

October 17, 2009

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22 thoughts on “Ascension related Headaches, Head Pains & Pressures

  • Hello, I have had temporal throbbing in my head for the past few years which can be quite debilitating. Worse when I exercise or get angry or stressed. I feel worn out when it comes on is it part of ascension symptoms do you think Denise? many thanks for all of you’re help and books . Much love Jude

    • Jude,

      Does this head pain remain in one place every time it happens, or does it move around your heard? This is tricky…

      Are you female? Are your hormones “normal” (whatever that means!)? Are you perimenopausal? Menopausal or young and still menstruating? Don’t feel you have to answer me publicly if you don’t want, I’m just asking because female related hormonal imbalances can sometimes manifest as migraines during the menstruation years/decades.

      Another thing you might need to check is to go to a good Chiropractor and have your spine/neck adjusted and see if that helps or reduces this head pain. The fact that it gets worse when you exercise and/or get angry or stressed makes me think this is a more physical situation than an Ascension Process one. Or, most likely, it’s both and the one is amplifying the other.

  • Denise,

    I JUST landed on this page… moments earlier the phrase “ascension headache” came to me, minutes beforehand I’d watched the trailer for the upcoming documentary about synchronicity, Time is Art.

    I’ve been experiencing these sensations for a month now… describing them to myself while realizing the difficulty in explaining to anyone else. I looked up the term, and landed on this page – and now greater sense has been made.

    I’d love to follow up/connect if possible.

    Thank you!


    • Martin,

      Please keep reading the articles here that speak to you, as obviously, your Higher Self is nudging you to know more consciously now. 🙂 Read and get familiar with the terminologies used by most with this Ascension Process so the info will make more sense to you. I’m glad you’ve found your way to this information now.

      Denise Le Fay

      • Denise,

        I’ve just found your page and read this article. I have this type of pressure on the center of my head from three years now after a Vipassana Meditation Camp. Since then my body passed through painfull episodes and the doctors told me me everything is ok, even if I felt panic attacks, fever in my head, pressure, the sense that I will leave my body.

        I’m feeling better lately, but the pressure is still there. I’ve observed that when I get angry or I’m nervous, anxious this pressure is stronger and stronger. Also when I go to church or meet a priest – my head seems to open. When I go to some places, my head opens too.

        What I know for sure is that I am a little scared 🙂 I pray to God to teach me about all these events.

        Can you help me to understand better?

        Warmerst regards,
        Laura (from Romania)

        • Laura,

          Our Higher Selves and/or our Ascension Angels or “Guides” etc. lead us to information at the exact moments when we’re ready for it. Welcome to TRANSITIONS. ❤

          I hope you'll spend some time reading through my old articles here under the category, Ascension Process/Symptoms/Kundalini because there’s a lot of helpful information there that I’m sure you’ll relate to and benefit from.

          It sounds like the increase in pressure you’re feeling in your head when you get angry, nervous or anxious is caused by an energetic restriction from having those lower frequency emotions and/or thoughts. You see, as we continue living through this natural evolutionary Ascension Process, whenever we feel ANY old lower frequency negative thing, it now instantly registers in us and our body and heart in greatly amplified and unpleasant ways. Lower and Higher frequency energies cannot co-exist in the same space together without there being some pains, aches, pressures and other unpleasant side effects. This is what you’re feeling and why your feeling it.

          The opposite is true too. Because you trust your church or priest(s) you’re feeling an expansion in those cases instead of a restriction due to fears or nerves etc. See how this works? 🙂 I hope you’ll continue reading to find more answers and insight here.

          Denise Le Fay

  • Hello dear Denise,

    I had two 3-month periods of intense headaches, crown, temples and above left eye. And many more shorter periods but all in all, since 2009 I experience headaches almost every day, almost all related to ascension, glands, rewiring and stuff.
    I’ve been three days now with this acute pain on my left temple, right in the “hole”. Do you have any idea what this one is about?
    Thank you and I am sorry for you history of headaches. I’ve had lots and I mean LOTS of body pains all my life, including headaches, so I understand.
    Have a wonderful day. ^ ^

  • Hi Denise,
    About a week ago, I went into a deep meditation. It was so peaceful, easy and pleasurable. I went so deep that I was thinking but I could not hear the words in my head. Just peaceful, positive silence. I got this weird sensation like my mind was was three inches bigger than my skull. I snapped out of it at exactly two hours. The longest I have ever done a meditation. Two days later, I get a terrible headache. I get migraines once or twice a year. I rarely get headaches! The points of pressure of pain were where the spine and skull connect. I also had pain on the back of my skull exactly where my third eye would be. There was pressure behind my eye balls. I ate and it didn’t help. I took 600mg of Ibuprofin and it did not help.

    I asked the Goddess to please tell me what I need to do to get rid of this headache.

    This is what she told me to do and its worked twice so far.

    Lay down and relax on your bed. If you use healing stones, hold them in your right hand. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Place your hand over your navel chakra and direct energy into your chakra as you think, Relax, Open, Heal, Calm, and Cool. Push these thoughts into your Chakra. Keep mentally repeating these words and feeling them. Stay at this Chakra until your gut instinct tells you to go your Solar Plexus Chakra. Do the same thing to every Chakra as you go up to your Crown Chakra. By the time you get to your Crown Chakra, the headache should be better. Not completely gone but very manageable. I still get that weird feeling but less pain. I find I can sleep good at night.

    Also Orgasms will help too. Remember that Kundalini is very much a sexual energy as well. Tantra is all about this. Today I reached orgasm and my headache was more manageable. Just that weird feeling and a slight ache. I have been able to focus better.

    My Kundalini Awakening Happened nine years ago. In Early December 2012, my Kundalini Rose to my Heart Chakra. It immediately began working on a blockage at my collar bone. When I got the worse Headache, My Kundalini rose to my Throat Chakra and immediately began working on rising to my Third Eye Chakra. Ive had milder headaches for 5 days in a row now.

  • I know this is an old post, but I wanted to comment anyway.
    For several years I’ve had these headaches. They are very very painful and they seem to appear for no apparent reason. I take aspirins or other pills and they help me diminish the pain a little but it doesn’t go away completely. Then suddenly after a few days the headaches stop.
    I always thought these pains to be quite weird. Doctors don’t seem to find the reason for them.
    I had not had any headaches this year, until the night of December 21st. I was awaken past 5:00 a.m. with a throbbing pain on the left hemisphere of my brain, and it lasted most of the day.

    I never thought of these pains as any kind of “energetic symptom”, because until recently I didn’t even believed in that, but the fact that the headaches started exactly THAT day at almost the exact time winter solstice was occurring (I live in Mexico), made me wonder.

    This year (2012) was very challenging to me, but more importantly I had this wonderful spiritual awakening, that has changed completely the way I see life.
    Maybe I’m crazy, but somehow I don’t think it is a coincidence I happen to have these pains.

    Could I be having Ascension Pains? Or it is just me imagining (and hoping) things?

    (Sorry if there are grammar mistakes, being Mexican, English is not my native language)


  • I am not a very spiritual person but I have noticed that anytime I browse conspiracy forums or articles I have a sensation in the top of my head. Not sure how to describe it, it just makes that area feel very vulnerable to the point where I find myself physically putting my hand on my head as if to protect myself. Last night I read a bit about celebrity doubles and Floride and I’ve had a headache at the top of my head since. Is this a form of ascension or is the sensation of fear (about conspiracy) making me vulnerable to negative forces? I’d really appreciate any input.

    • “I am not a very spiritual person but I have noticed that anytime I browse conspiracy forums or articles I have a sensation in the top of my head. Not sure how to describe it, it just makes that area feel very vulnerable to the point where I find myself physically putting my hand on my head as if to protect myself. Last night I read a bit about celebrity doubles and Floride and I’ve had a headache at the top of my head since. Is this a form of ascension or is the sensation of fear (about conspiracy) making me vulnerable to negative forces? I’d really appreciate any input.”


      We have Ascension symptoms and because of them, because of our evolving awareness, sensitivity, ESP etc., we ALSO are becoming MUCH more sensitive to any and all lower frequency energies, places, people, foods, locations, events and so on. The two things are directly connected.

      Because a lot of online sites, like some “conspiracy” forums and numerous other places, attract lower frequencies and consciousness not to mention outright negativity, the more sensitive you/me/each of us becomes the more difficult, painful, frustrating, dense and miserable it is for us to go to certain places that literally vibrate more densely than we do now. Grocery stores, WalMart, gas stations etc. make me feel horrible and have for many years now so it’s not only online places/forums etc. but physical locations also.

      When your physical body gives you clues like it is Paige, pay attention and familureize yourself with the weird pains and symptoms so you can “read” them whenever they happen again and you’ll know that you’re either under attack and/or are having a reaction to being in a lower frequency location. This is how we learn and master these things. 😉

      Be wise, be strong, be aware and empowered. 🙂

  • OK , Here I go…
    So im really glad i found you here. Ive had headaches my whole life and today is the first time this headache wont go away no matter what i do. Ive been awakend for awhile now so now that i know TRUTH , things are happening more. I also noticed a V- shaped indention on my forehead from certain light it goes from temple down to middle of my eyes and back up again.. strange. I live in NYC and its a busy energy place. Im an empath and perhaps a lightworker. Was told my guides are native indian ancestors. When i meditate i see purple or white ball energy… im still new at this but i do understand symptons for accending , its alot to understand and this headache is a bit fierce!.
    Thanks for listening

  • Aug2011: First time that I ever knew of you, from a FB link. I, too, am an unfortunate migraine professional. Hurting bad right now, so keeping it short. Interesting thoughts.

  • Thank you so much. I’ve been having sharp pains in my head – going from place to place- lately.

    I have a lot of ascension symptoms, so I know now that it’s really not a medical problem.

    • Hi Kenzie and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      The “ascension headaches” can be brutal for sure, and nothing seems to help them or ease the pain. They just play out and do what they do energetically in their own time, and then end as abruptly as they started! Hang in there.


  • thanks denise for the reply – like you my back pain is a fairly constant thing but this time it is much worse which is why i asked you if it might be more the earths than mine – but i guess it is like you said – ascension stuff that has to be done in small pieces – my biggest problem is that when i started on the ascension clearing years ago i got fairly disconnected from the way i was getting information – it was like i was cut-off – one minute i was channelling constantly and getting and seeing so much stuff about everything and then it all more or less went – i have hoped that when i have cleared whatever it is that needs clearing – so much apparently – it will all come back – maybe in a different form – but so far it hasn’t. i still feel the energies and i suppose i intuitively know a lot of whats going on but i cant connect with – for example – the ascended masters like i used to etc etc – it is very frustrating as obviously lots of other people – yourself for a start – are getting heaps of information etc etc – i feel so cut-off from it all. patience has never been my strong point – maybe this is something i am meant to be learning!!
    i feel like i have so much i’m meant to be doing and here i am stuck with my weird aches and pains doing everyones clearing for them as i walk around and not getting any of the good stuff. i apologise for the major whingieness of this – i’m not usually so negative – sorry – susie

    • susie,

      I hear you and I can totally relate to everything you’ve said. I too have gone through those long, long phases of where I was completely off my contacts. Because I’ve been psychic from birth, this was a total panic for me when it started along with my ascension process! But, what we previously psychic/clairvoyant/empathic/clairaudient etc. etc. people need to realize is that this is normal for what we’re going through because of the ascension/evolutionary process now. It really, really is a good thing! 😉

      Due to our (ongoing) ascension/evolutionary processes, sensitive psychic people, not to mention their guides, their Starbeing/ET kinfolk and friends, their other-dimensional assistants and so on are also changing and growing or evolving too. In other words, everyone is changing, moving, evolving, ascending and that means our guides and those others that have always been around for us sensitives/psychics/Wanderers/Lightworkers etc. – have either moved on themselves, or they are no longer needed by us because WE are changing/ascending/evolving. 😉 This is what I have experienced over the past almost eleven years now.

      The big punch line to this business is why right? It is because we are ascending/evolving to a new level where we can much more directly access higher lever “Light” or information/knowledge from our own Higher Selves!!! And let me tell you that that is 1,000% better than being psychic. So, this is another reason why we all are going through so much body pains and sicknesses; we are transmuting all of our lower frequency, denser, dark stuff/issues/polarity/and also much of Earth’s stuff too. This inner energy clearning work must happen first and it is, all on its own. We don’t have to “do” anything at this point but just go with the flow. And, on the other side of this process is being vastly more consciously connected with your own Higher Self and its incredible and endless knowledge. There is no comparison to this and being psychic. Be brave and just move through your Alchemical Ascension Process because it is so worth all the confusions, pains, and misery. It does get better.

      Dec. 8, 2009

  • hi denise – dont want to keep bugging you with comments every few days but recently i have been having – as well as really bad face pain tmj stuff – which you talked about – but also really really bad lower back pain – i feel as though i’m clearing something fairly major – dont know if its my stuff or the earths – been a couple of weeks now – went away for a few days and then returned on saturday with a vengeance – any ideas if it is earth related. we are having loads of gales and heavy rain here too which also seems to make me feel v edgy – i wonder if its atlantis stuff being triggered. have just read a lot of your old posts – specially the ones related to picking up dark energies – do this all the time and have to spend each evening clearing it – your comments/writings are so helpful as they confirm stuff i would have no other way of checking. thanks so much – susie

    • Hi susie. Do not ever feel bad for asking questions. I have deliberately set-up TRANSITIONS as a place for me to write and share knowledge, insights, and personal experiences of mine. Having the Comments thing allows other people to not only comment about what I’ve written and ask questions, but also to share their own personal ascension related experiences and also ask questions of me and each other if they wish. I want TRANSITIONS to be a cyber location where like-vibrating people living the ascension process can build a new higher Earth cyber Community and share knowledge and personal experiences. 🙂 Physical building will come next.

      As for The PAIN. I know, I know believe me…I wish I didn’t but I do! Things have changed recently from the way I personally have been feeling physical pains. We have been through SO MUCH over just the past six months (since the Summer Solstice June 21, 2009) that it truly is mind boggling! Plus the 999 separation of Sept. 9, 2009 has really landed us in a brand new place and vibe…which we are and will continue adapting to.

      One of the ways I can tell when I am in yet another energy adjustment or transition phase is that my spine feels like it has frozen solid! It hurts, it feels like tremendous pressure is pushing in on it from all sides, and of course it is highly painful and miserable. After a week or so of this it will magically disappear and I then feel great and light and empowered and creative and happy, happy, happy…until the cycle starts up again! This is simply how this ascension business works while we are IN our physical bodies. We have to go through repeated smaller steps like this otherwise it would kill us. So, we go through little layers and stages over and over again so we can adapt, adjust, and keep readjusting every time it happens again and again. Eventually we’ll be so clear, so filled with light instead of lower dense 3D junk/issues/emotional wounds etc. that the pain will be very minor, and eventually, non-existent.

      So, until we’re all there, we will feel these aches and pains in our bodies as we and them continue moving through these monumental transformations.


  • I’m not usually one to ascribe every ache and pain to an ascension symptom, but I think I may be experiencing this type of headache. It’s not exactly as you’ve described, but it’s different from the headaches I usually have because the pain is concentrated on one side of my head–the left side. Do you reckon this has anything to do with the emerging feminine energy (feminine = left)?

    • Beth,

      I suspect some of what we’re feeling inside our heads in the form of pains and pressures that move around have to do with the “Rewiring” that our brains are doing. This would naturally include integrating both brain hemispheres and all that that will produce.

      The body rewiring process (that feels like an internal electrical vibration or mild shaking) it doing this rebuilding and reconnecting within our bodies, and it too is a huge overall system upgrade. I wish I could adequately express what I see, symbolically, that is happening to our bodies and brains! We are rapidly evolving from one species into another higher vibrating species…literally.

      I sense that the majority of our day to day life situations, physical and emotional pains and frustrations, the struggles and constant adjustments we all are having to make at this point, is indeed, a very obvious and positive sign of how much we actually are changing/evolving/morphing/ascending into Cosmic beings – which are completely integrated beings. 😉


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