Channeled Information & Discernment

At this point we’ve most likely all read something that was “channeled” by someone. There seems to be so very many people around the planet now who channel either an entity, an angel, higher dimensional being, Starbeing, ascended Masters, Jesus etc. I find it interesting however that not so many people “channel” their own Higher Self’s profound knowledge.

There are a small handful of people who channel higher dimensional beings or more accurately, a group of beings, that I totally trust for the simple reason that I can discern if the material is distorted or not. My personal experiences, plus my Heart and gut tell me if there’s higher level truth in that material and if there are any distortions in it. You know what I’m talking about; that immediate sense that YES…that IS correct information, accurate and real higher “Light”! And also the opposite sense when your gut and Heart are repulsed and feel ugly and dirty immediately listening to or reading some channeled materials. Parts of your body and being know immediately that something is very wrong with that particular channeled information and it’s doing everything to let YOU know it as fast as possible. Pay attention to this built-in tool in yourself that’s not in your head/mind/intellect.

Because I’ve been a psychic/sensitive/empathic/clairvoyant/clairsentient since early childhood, I’m pretty familiar with deeper level sensing and perceptions anyway. Because of my natural psychic abilities and experiences with both polarities, I knew early on that I personally would never allow another higher frequency being or entity to “channel” through me. Here’s why and it’s also an important clue about many people (certainly not all, but many) who do channel material but with distortions in it.

I know how difficult it has been (prior to the start of my Ascension Process in 1999 I mean) to remain vibrationally high enough, long enough, to hold open that higher level awareness and connection to faster vibrating higher nonphysical beings, and then to consciously remember all that you’ve received and/or perceived from those beings at that level. As soon as your consciousness slows back down again to what’s currently considered “normal”, you start to lose or forget certain information that minutes ago was utterly amazing and life changing. It’s one thing getting oneself up vibrationally to reach some higher dimensional beings and information; it’s another thing to remember it all after your decent back down to everyday awareness and a lower, slower frequency and dimension. Our ongoing Ascension Process is greatly changing this however.

I also know that great amounts of information are being given to certain people (via “channeling”) who do not have highly developed spiritual, psychic and/or intuitive abilities and perceptive tools themselves and therefore cannot discern the very materials they’re channeling! They believe wholeheartedly that the information they’ve received is indeed “Light” from a high and positive source and that there are NO distortions in their channeling’s. In other words, many of these people who channel information supposedly from very loving, higher frequency positive beings of “Light” and “Love”, are not actually doing that at all. They believe, with complete honesty, that the materials they are channeling are indeed higher-level information and undistorted truths. In my opinion, as someone who actually can tell the difference energetically, I know that much of these people’s channeling’s are greatly distorted and coming from a much lower energy level than they’d ever believe.

With everything that’s been going on with humanity over just the past 10 years—3D earth reality, 4D astral plane bleed through or rather invasions and outright possessions, ongoing energetic and consciousness changes plus the ongoing ascension process – lies, manipulations, cons, huge distortions and clever traps from every corner of physical 3D, 4D astral and even some negative beings within lower 5D, have been profound. They will continue to be profound too until there’s no more humanity to be able to lie to and manipulate.

We often see this tactic of inserting some real truths into a whole bunch of distortions and flat-out lies to distort and confuse the people listening, reading, and/or viewing the material. Today it’s called “disinformation”. Be it political, be it channeled material, it’s an old trick to ensnare people and keep them dis-empowered and fooled. Sadly, it works more times than not. So what’s the solution? Personal, individual discernment! We’ve got to learn how to feel, discern, and perceive on our own again. To safely walk the maze of distortions and lies all around us, we must learn to use and trust our own inner ability to discern. Learn to use and trust our own inner gut/Heart/bodies to discern and read energies. Doing this is more of a body process than an intellectual one, which is why most people have trouble with it. They’ve been taught to distrust their other finer, higher perceptive tools and abilities and rely only upon their intellects. Guess why?  Reading energies and discernment happens using other tools of perception like it or not.

The next time you’re reading or listening to or watching someone channel some information, try discerning what they’re claiming is fact and absolute truth. Try reading those energies the channeler and their information is giving off and pay attention to how your gut, Heart and physical body react to it. Pay attention to those other portions of yourself that are trying to communicate information to you that are NOT IN YOUR HEAD! There are so many, both physical humans and nonphysical entities, who are doing their best to keep humanity stupid and dis-empowered. Many of them are doing this through certain people who channel and are unaware that the messages they are sharing, selling and preaching are really from the so-called “enemy”.

I won’t name names and I certainly am not aware of the majority of people who channel both honest, accurate and undistorted material and those who channel lies and distortions mixed in with a couple truths here and there. What I am willing to do is share some of the people who both channel and don’t channel and who I perceive do NOT currently have any distortions in their information. But of course, it’s up to you to learn to DISCERN on your own.

  • Barbara Marciniak who channels a group of Pleiadians
  • Tom Kenyon who channels The Hathors
  • Barbara Hand Clow

I’m sure there are many more, but I’ve not personally discovered them. If I’m supposed to, I’ll be led to them by my Higher Awareness as usual. Learn to discern because it’s rapidly becoming a much-needed personal survival and sanity tool during these evolutionary ascension changes and TRANSITIONS that humanity is going through.

Don’t you honestly want to be able to tell if those ETs and that UFO up in the sky are real or not? Don’t you honestly and personally want to be able to tell if channeled information is indeed true and undistorted or distorted or just not true? Don’t you want to be able to discern or read energies for yourself and no longer have to guess whether someone or something is telling you the truth or not?

Denise Le Fay

August 9, 2008

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2 thoughts on “Channeled Information & Discernment

  • Stu,
    I forced myself to read through a very long channeled article the other day and it went on and on and on…..and I kept waiting for some real, helpful information, but it never came. It was all full of ‘filler’ material; what these star being looked like, how old they were, which corner and level within the Universe they came from and so on. There was NO helpful or real “Light” or educational information in any of it. It was great if you only wanted a physical description of those particular ET beings…..which many people do….but there was NOTHING else of a higher quality to any of that channeled lengthy information.

    Then there’s so much out there that’s about 75% lies and distortions but it’s what a lot of people want to be told! They want to be ‘saved’ and not have to do any inner work or growth themselves. This is really just more religious thinking dressed up in ET/UFO form as the current ‘saviors’. Sad….

    Unless a channeler is able to HONESTLY read energies and tell who/what/where etc. their channeled info is really coming from, they and their readers, are at the mercy of whatever lower entity/beings is telling the tales and weaving the deceptive promises. And these lower frequency beings/entities can read the channeler with the greatest of ease and use whatever it needs also.

    The gut and Heart are wonderful tools that tell us so much about people/things/information like this and we’ve all got to get familiar with how ours speaks to us.


  • Another great blog my friend 🙂

    I feel I have been using my heart and gut well in various situations since my UFO/ET contact started back in 2001, maybe that’s one reason why I had such an intense period of sightings for 3 years…….

    Steve and The Group, I get the most feeling of connection and ‘Home’ from them 🙂

    Love & Hugs,

    LB xx

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