After all the waiting and waiting and more waiting of Fall and Winter, the emergency brake has finally been released and we’ve got forward motion again. Boy it was a long difficult period and I didn’t always cope real well with being put on Cosmic Hold for so long. I understand the whys of it but it was, nonetheless, a difficult period. But now that we’ve got forward motion finally, and within the new higher cycle, I’m seeing some things in a new light so to speak!

One of the things I’ve personally been having to deal with and totally release now is my lifelong habit of functioning within stealth mode. Now to the people born after 1987 reading this, this may make no sense at first so hang in here with me please. By stealth mode I mean my being born 56 years ago into what was a totally Dark controlled planet. To survive that and not be constantly perceived by those vibrating lower and darker (which was the majority), I learned very early on the fine art of not being seen or sensed by them. I learned how to exist as a Lightworker/Starseed living within in a dark controlled world, decades before the higher Light was going to arrive in full force. I did this by flying under the radar, by existing within stealth mode, doing what I was here to do until it was time to seriously do what I was here to do! That time arrived for me in Feb. 1999 and I’ve already talked about it.

But with this recent forward motion that Spring and other energies have brought in, I’m seeing how long and to what an extent I’ve lived in my stealth mode and all of the side effects its caused. More casting off is required of me now so that I can fully “retire” as I’m so ready to do. It’s funny really because it feels like I’m coming out from some dusky confining dark hole in the ground, out into the full light of day. I’m free again and there’s nothing to fear and constantly override anymore. Nothing and no one to have to be in stealth mode for. I can finally let my wings open up and have a good long stretch in the higher dimensional solar/stellar light. Shake yourself off you cramped, exhausted, ol’ Lightworker because we’re there finally.

I’m making a point each day now to be aware of NOT being in any form of my old lower world stealth mode stance. It’s not necessary any longer but because I’ve done it for so long, I’ve made it and some of those side effects a part of my identity. I didn’t realize to what extent trying to exist but create the smallest invisible footprint possible at the same time, would effect other parts of me. But they can gently and lovingly be released now as I increasingly return to what’s far more normal. It’s time for me to unfurl in all ways and create as large a energetic footprint in everything as I’m naturally capable of.

This post is for not only myself but also for a couple other special old souls I love very much who, like me, have spent many decades trying to be small and almost invisible when they’re really huge magnificent beings. You know who you are.

Do you know how great this is going to feel finally?

Denise Le Fay

March 27, 2008


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