Retired Egyptian Lions


“The sunlight is warm gold everywhere and the scent of lotus blossoms float invisible across the Royal Houses’ Garden area. It’s they’re favorite place this time of year. The elder retired Royal military Lions. Most of them come out here after early morning meals to sleep and heal old bones and wounds under the bright Egyptian Sun.

I love walking through the Royal Gardens after they’ve finished morning meal because they’re so fat, happy and sleepy. They all lay about under shady palms, beside garden pools, and in the cool soft dirt deep under the flowering plants. These retired military Lions lay wherever they want, anywhere within the Royal House and Royal Gardens. It’s their right after a dangerous and hard life of service to Egypt. Many of them have pulled men and chariots over long hard miles, fought the enemy and drove them back, many of them have lived and died for all of us. They are sacred beings who hold a very high place within our world, and when retired, they come to live the remainder of their days within the Royal House and Gardens. They are much loved and respected by all.

One of the old Generals is laying on his back with 4 huge paws facing Ra as if giving feline praise and thanks. After watching the General warm his furry belly in the Sun, I go over to cuddle and tousled a bit with him. He rumbles soft and deep in his throat as I lay my upper body across his chest and sink my nails into his deep thick fur collar. He stretches his front paws up straight, hinting to make sure I scratch good and hard in each armpit. I tell him how much I love him, and he yawns slowly and telepaths back, “I know, and I love you too.” I make sure that each of the Generals armpits and forearms and muscles get a good scratching. I give him a big hug and telepath a little sacred prayer of gratitude to him. Another purring rumble comes from deep in his throat as he drops off to sleep to run free of his tired old physical body.

As I make my way through the Gardens, I see another of my favorite elder Lions lapping up water from one of the many ponds. As I head towards him I telepath how exceptionally handsome and golden he’s looking today and he stops momentarily, glances at me and blinks slowly, turns and continues drinking. That was a Lion “thank you” and an “I appreciate it” gesture.

I sit down and wait for him to finish drinking. He walks up and gently rubs me with his massive head, knocking me on my back and then straddles my body so that the water on his chin drips down on my face. I laugh out loud and grab handfuls of tawny mane to give him a good shake. He pretends to not notice all the water dripping on my face and holds his regal fixed stare at something across the Garden. Wise and clever old Lion. He finally moves over so I can get up and I throw myself across his strong back and hang there as he carries me to an area under his favorite tree. He knows I’ll pay attention and not let any of my body parts get underneath him as he lays down.

As he finds just the right place and direction to lay down in I throw an arm and leg over him so I can feel him breath. He lays there staring deeply into my eyes and I into his. He tells me how much he enjoys the Garden and I tell him that its his Garden; it belongs to all of the Great Lions. He smiles his eyes slowly at me and for a moment I see him pulling a chariot down a wide packed red dirt road with the Nile glittering silver in the distance. I lay there with him listening to the sounds of the Garden, the fountains, his rhythmic breathing and his heartbeat thumping like a sacred drumbeat. All is perfect at that moment.”

That was just one scene from a past life memory from my second incarnation, this time in a female body in ancient Egypt. When I have time I’ll try to add some more memories from both past lives in ancient Egypt.

Denise Le Fay

October 2, 2007

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