Ancient Egyptian Astrological Amulets


I’ve remembered two “past lives” (actual simultaneous) in ancient Egypt for many years now. My first incarnation was around 12,600 B.C. at the beginning of the Age of Leo, I was a male, and 3 higher dimensional or ET beings from 3 different Star systems were present then.

My second ancient Egyptian “past life” was a few thousand years later, and this time I was in a female body, and the three main elder Star or ET beings had left Earth long before this incarnation.

This particular past life memory is from the second female incarnation in Egypt.

I remember having an adult, full-sized, life-like statue of myself that was used as a dressing stand for clothing, jewelry, wigs and such. It was a fast and easy way for clothing to be measured and cut by the artisans who created the clothes we all wore. If you were busy doing something else, it didn’t matter because there was a life-sized statue of you in your outer bedroom for the clothing makers to measure from. When the new outfit was finished, it was placed on your statue along with a correct wig if desired, and the appropriate collar and cuff jewelry. You could then make changes if necessary, by viewing “yourself” fully dressed from all angles. Clever, and a very helpful setup actually.

Another common jewelry accessory that most everyone had and wore was their individual Natal (birth) chart. One’s astrological birth chart was calculated, then the metal and gemstone artisans would follow that blueprint and build one or more beautiful full-sized neck collars that was your personal Natal chart. They’d replace the planets with the appropriate matching gemstones and place them all in the correct astrological Houses around the neck collar.

In other words, your Natal chart was recreated in gold metal strips and mesh primarily, but also with accents of copper and silver metal where needed. Then the matching gemstones for each planet were placed exactly where the planets were at your birth in the correct Houses all the way around the neck collar.

You not only had a very powerful astrological gemstone Amulet that was your Natal chart but, as was always the case with the ancient Egyptians, you were also wearing a beautiful unique piece of artwork that was readable by everyone else.

The ancient Egyptians, and other ancient cultures, were multidimensionally aware and because their consciousness naturally functioned this way, everything they created and built reflected this. It would never enter their minds to create and build something and have it represent only one disconnected thing. No, to them everything was many things, and they were all interconnected and alive.

For the astrologers, look at your Natal Chart and visualize the center hole cut out of it for your head to fit through. Visualize gently bending your circular Natal chart over your shoulders and around your whole neck and there’s your ancient Egyptian neck collar — your living astrological gemstone amulet.

Denise Le Fay

September 26, 2007

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