On March 7, 2023, Saturn entered Pisces and will remain there until mid-February 2026. It may be helpful to read or reread my March 1, 2023 article below.

With Saturn’s March entrance into Pisces, I felt another acceleration of the Universal Ascension Process begin. Life and reality have again been ratcheted up faster and higher in frequency than it was before March 7, 2023. My life has been a secession of one external expensive thing after another and another breaking and needing to be replaced or repaired since March 7th. Internally, my physical body continues experiencing changes caused by the ascension acceleration that Saturn entering Pisces activated. Some of these looks and feels to me like my immune system is struggling with bottom-of-the-barrel purging of old negative DNA disconnections and body blockages, plus embodying another more complex, higher frequency Triality layer of NEW energy templates, codes and internal systems.

My body has been feeling and looking like it needs a lot of rest and recuperation because it’s been going through so much physical work and energy Work due to this latest ascension acceleration purging/embodying/evolving. Despite the additional self-created aches and pains I’ve caused myself from recent and continued landscaping with a lot of river rocks, I feel the entire internal energetic, physical and spiritual structures and systems being quickly evolved into higher NEW levels inside my physical body, and more.

Since March 7, 2023, I’ve been acutely aware of my entire physical body being Divinely energetically, physically and spiritually re-templated, re-patterned, reconfigured (evolved) for greater current and near future compatibility, comfort and creativity with the higher, more complex Triality Light frequencies energy template of ascending NEW Earth. As a First Everythinger Volunteer this began for me in October 2022 which I wrote about, but it was fully activated March 7, 2023, for all of humanity.

Saturn in Pisces now is the end of “Church”. Pluto in Aquarius now is the end of “State”. 

Saturn in Neptunian Pisces now is the start of you being able to safely and directly access and become more Divine Self you physically.

Pluto in Aquarius now is the start of you and I KNOWING much more about us, each other, non-human, non-physical Others, being Individually empowered, sovereign and self-governing from Triality and HighHeart frequencies, consciousness and being.

This Saturn in Pisces transit at these levels and frequencies are more NEW Codes for ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth. Because Saturn has to do with holding physical reality and structures in place for humanity to incarnate into and live, learn and create within during Great Evolutionary Cycles, this transit of Saturn in Pisces from March 2023–February 2026 is exceedingly important and significant. Remember that the ruler of Pisces is Neptune.

This March 2023 through February 2026 Saturn in Pisces at these higher ascending NEW Human, NEW Earth levels transit needs to be understood as another expedited way that global humanity is currently being:

  1. Divinely liberated from ancient and current negative distortions and limitations done to their physical bodies, DNA, consciousness, spiritual energetic ability to directly connect with higher dimensions, realms, Beings, Light and LOVE.
  2. Divinely evolved into NEW energy templates imbuing individual NEW Humans with greater conscious spiritual unification with their Soul and higher levels of being and awareness etc.

Because I’m capable of clairvoyantly Seeing these things, I instantly Know claircognizantly what the images I’m Seeing mean. There are no linear words, no lag time instructions, definitions, messages or information involved. There is See it/Feel it/Know it in a split-second. And sometimes there’s just and only instant Know it.

Perceiving in this higher way allows one to See/Feel/Know a large quantity of higher Light information in a split-second. This will increasingly become the way more NEW Humans will directly, personally, individually perceive higher frequency Light information themselves. They will access it directly, which means a whole lot of old, tightly controlled reality is and will be changing drastically and rapidly! This is a profound improvement from the disempowerment and control that’s been accepted as the norm for thousands of years. Real “disclosure” is automatically coming because humans are currently being evolved to naturally withstand sustained conscious direct contact, interaction, and physical existence in and with higher frequencies and much that exist in them.

Saturn in Pisces during Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process is currently pushing humanity to Cease & Desist letting themselves continue being disempowered, controlled, owned and operated, and duped by negative people, governments and politicians, religions and religious leaders, aliens, entities and so on. Humanity has reached the March 2023 point in the evolutionary Ascension Process where Separation, Duality, Duality consciousness and reality, and any form, level or type of disempowerment is no longer allowed. NEW Humans of NEW Earth are empowered Individuals that take full personal responsibility for themselves and are energetically sovereign meaning entirely non-parasitic in all ways.

This is another reason why some of us who’ve been making this evolutionary CHANGEOVER shift for years already, typically feel exhausted and like we don’t have enough gas in our physical body tanks every day. We’ve been learning how to Work and exist with being increasingly energetically non-parasitic, meaning never taking energy from anyone or anything other than our Divine Source Soul Embodied Selves. Practice makes perfect First Everythingers so keep it up and know it gets easier the further into it you progress.

Saturn has to do with holding energy structures in place physically, and in this case in transiting Pisces it’s forcing the full removal of ancient and current distortions in humanity’s physical and energy bodies, consciousness, and ability to evolve spiritually with no religious middleman or woman controlling, disempowering, or directing them for their negative ego reasons.

Think of the many paranormal TV shows of the past twenty-five years. They’ve been slowly introducing humanity to all sorts of supernatural realities via weekly TV entertainment. Since the 1990s, more and more unaware and disbelieving “If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!” consciousness people have been learning about life after death, ghosts, hauntings, haunted people and places, etheric realities, positive and negative aliens, UFOs, alien abductions, demons, entities, cryptids, the 4D Astral of old, and other dimensional beings and aliens etc. that have been able to enter our frequency reality and affect humans, take physical Earth resources and more. These past few decades of paranormal, supernatural TV shows and movies have been slowly introducing the patriarchal unaware and hardcore disbelievers to expanded physical reality and its connection to and interaction with numerous multidimensional realities and inhabitants. One that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watch unfold the past couple of years is the TV series, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. There’s much I could say but it’ll be more fun letting it run its course and see who learns from it, who doesn’t, and who gets played some more by certain humans and non-humans.

Some Side Effects from These Compressed Evolutionary Changes

There continue to be a wide variety of truly strange and weird but always educational supernatural anomalies from our being in this intense and constant “upgrading” of our physical and energy bodies, consciousness, heart, HighHeart, spiritual selves, physical, etheric and beyond lives and realities.

I’ve experienced this particular phenomenon multiple times over the past ten years but it’s always a shocker when it happens. A few nights ago I’d gone to bed around 11PM and while lying there relaxing in the dark I suddenly heard a loud smartphone ring once in my bedroom. This unusual sounding smartphone ring startled me because it was in my bedroom a few feet to my right and up in the air, and I live alone. This very physical sound that wasn’t physical but etheric, was followed by a rush of etheric shapes and beings moving quickly close to my head and body lying in bed. It was like I got bum-rushed by a cluster of etheric things and possibly one or two dead humans. If you can See, many sense it and intentionally come into your space to get your attention for a variety of reasons both pleasant and unpleasant, positive and negative.

A week or so before this I experienced, for the umpteenth time, some negative being intentionally induce one of those run for your life from a rampaging human murdering monster nightmare. Same old shit I’ve Worked my way through for most of my life, so I learned long ago to wake myself up and exit these negative dream creations. As I did this, I saw with my physical eyes a shadowy humanoid shaped non-physical something hovering four feet away from my head in the upper corner of my bedroom. I knew it was what had created this nightmare and was observing me asleep in it. Once I woke up and saw it hovering there, it disappeared, and the rest of the night was quiet and peaceful. I shared this only because I want you to know that these types of old negativity still sometimes try to suck whatever they can out of you energetically. No fear, no drama, just greater awareness and responsibility.

Earlier this month I lost time during the day to a degree I’ve never experienced before. I was physically in one room of my house doing something and next I became aware of being in another room seated and had absolutely no conscious awareness or memory of what happened between point A and point B and how much time had passed. Believe it or not, this unnerved me far more than an etheric non-human screwing with me in dreamland so I’d produce an emotional horror energy elixir it could feed off of.

This anomaly at this time showed me how used to being in control of my daily linear reality and physical actions I am, and that I should get much more comfortable with everything being more fluid, flexible, unstable (lower consciousness interpretation), free and creative (higher consciousness interpretation). In other words, be as psychologically prepared and emotionally unruffled as you can when reality suddenly glitches, skips, jumps, stretches out, or goes blank for however long it may. No fear, just greater CHANGEOVERS from us increasingly embodying and existing on ascending NEW Earth. Some have referred to this as different numbers of “days of darkness”. It’s not that, but how we may briefly perceive these massive shift changes into greater NEW Earth and greater NEW Human states.

Days or weeks of what feels like severe compressed areas in my spine, typically at and/or around the entire HighHeart areas of our physical spines. This side effect is fairly common every time our HighHearts are expanded some more yet it feels like they’re being painfully compressed. Also, the familiar HighHeart (center upper chest in front and/or upper back and spine areas in the back) sudden pounding, thumping, movements and pains. These HighHeart expansions feel like they radiate out in all directions from the center upper chest and/or center upper back spine areas and affect other muscles, ribs, shoulder joints and so on. When this happens there’s a lot of fairly quick energy, physical, electrical evolution happening in our bodies so it’s best to be physically still and as relaxed as possible and let the metamorphosis do more of what it must.

More physical eye and physical vision changes since March 2023. Once again seeing what looks like a white mist everywhere while you’re awake during the day and/or night. This side effect I discovered during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, was one of many indicators that I and reality were in flux once again. It indicates for me that I’m in energy transition between the old lower what has been and the NEW higher what’s becoming. The white colored mist sometimes makes it difficult to physically see things clearly, but it’s often short-lived or ends once the latest energy stairsteps have been traversed.

More physical eye pains, infections, dryness, and visual inconsistencies. The ongoing evolution driving energy and DNA changes the Sun transmits is and has been received by us through our physical eyes (and tops of our heads and hearts) via the solar Light, solar flares, CMEs, storms, winds etc. Remember that much is energetically transmitted through the Sun to evolving humanity and Earth and all else, and those Light energies are changing, evolving our physical eyes and vision and our higher vision. I often physically see and clairvoyantly See things in the ultraviolet frequency range. I expect this and other things like being able to hear and feel infrasound will become more ascending NEW Human normal.

Because there’s zero separation between what we incarnate humans go through and embody and what ascending Earth goes through and embodies, Earth typically experiences increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions at the same time we’re feeling extra sick and achy from another NEW template layer addition, Ascension Flu, greater physical Self Soul Embodiment, higher frequency Sun transmissions, and very potent astrological sign changes carrying brand NEW Codes we must quickly embody. It’s all the same business, Earth quaking and spewing or us quaking and spewing! HighHeart it all because of what it is.

Expect the strange, surreal, supernatural and ever-expanding Divine to increase the higher, faster and deeper we ascend into NEW Human, NEW Earth frequencies internally and externally. July could be extra interesting I sense.

Denise Le Fay

May 23, 2023

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