Goodbye Old, Hello NEW & Better!

This is a topic I’ve wanted to go into greater detail about for the past seven years that I’ve been online. It’s a complex topic simply because life now is wildly complex, and it’s going get worse/better over the next few years. The topic has to do with how very much different nearly everything is today compared to say 10, 15, 25, 50 short years ago. And I don’t mean strictly externally, but internally, within humanity in general.

Consciousness is and has been changing, evolving, shifting over just the past few years. Because I’m 57-years-old, and, because I was born a ‘psychic’ meaning a clairvoyant, clairauident, empath, clairsentient, plus also remembered many of my ‘past’ lives from early childhood…my conscious perspective of this current world reality and the people in it is slightly different from most people’s. I came into this life, as many Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds do, knowing that I’d entered a very dark, hostile, polarized environment with humans who’d totally forgotten who they really were. Physical humans whose egos were the only tool of perception they had at their current disposal! I was scared shit-less needless to say. The real ‘monsters’ to me were the humans; the violent, heartless, unaware, egoic monsters, greedy, unthinking, power-hungry, patriarchal world that cared nothing for higher heart and soul. Humans whose real god has long been the male patriarchal intellect, and all else was considered by them to be lowly, less than, unstable, untrustworthy, delusional and so on. Talk about prejudice! My gawd they’ve hated and suppressed the best, highest and most creative parts of themselves and everyone else. How sick, how sad, how dangerous but it’s finally ending now.

Put another way, I’ve always been excruciatingly aware of the state of humanities consciousness. As a young child (the 1950’s and 60’s) I could naturally sense what level the ‘sheeple’ were and were NOT at! It was incredibly disheartening and frightening for a child who did remember a higher way of being. But that is the price that’s paid for carrying higher awareness/light/consciousness into a lower vibrating world. You pay very close attention to everyone and everything and keep your mouth shut until it’s safe to open it…if ever.

I’m sharing this only to help people understand why I know some of what I know. I know because I see it, sense it, feel it and with more decades behind me that were lived in the Dark Ages prior to the beginning of the Shift/Ascension/Age change/Dimensional/DNA acceleration, I really do know how much humanity has already progressed. People are so, so, so much more aware today than just 25 short years ago! If you’re only 23-years-old now, you don’t have the personal experience of having lived completely within the Dark Ages to know this in your young bones. But I and other elder Lightworkers certainly do because we’ve existed many decades within nothing but the old lower energies and consciousness on old lower 3D Earth.

Spirituality – psychic abilities – consciousness – knowledge.  These things were profoundly different ONLY 25, 35, 50 years ago for the simple reason that people’s consciousness was profoundly different back then. When consciousness evolves/ascends in really short, intense, and highly compressed periods like what’s been happening on Earth since around 1987, external reality naturally follows those changes in consciousness. This fact is more obvious today than ever before and it will be much more so in another 6 months, in 2010, and we’ll enter another higher level entirely at the start of 2011. So trying to use the past old tools of perception and belief systems that worked for humanity 25, 50 years ago simply won’t work today. Even things like psychic abilities—clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, clairsentence etc.—are currently evolving and changing because peoples consciousness, hearts, DNA, physical body and energy bodies, brain, central nervous system and much more are in the Process of compressed evolving into something entirely different. So what worked psychically 15, 25, 40 years ago is not what is working today nor tomorrow. Be very glad because the NEW is so much better!

As I’ve said before Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds always reincarnate in much larger numbers during the Cusp years of the astrological Age change. They come in in greater numbers to break up and transmute the old, and then house within themselves, the new astrological Age energies and consciousness. It’s these TRANSITION periods when one Age is passing away and the new one is being birthed that are so difficult and wild. Add to that everything else that’s happening besides the Age change (a complete shift/ascension from one dimension, 3D to 5D and everything else), and it’s no wonder people are freaking out. Bottom line is that the High Heart and imagination is returning to humanity now and that alone will change ‘reality’ and consciousness. When 2011 starts things will take-off again which will propel humanity into even higher, faster, less dense and vastly more Heart consciousness than ever before. Use the growing NEW tools and don’t focus on the old ones that you’re currently outgrowing faster than kids outgrow their clothes and shoes! Welcome to the real NEW Age and much more humanity.

Denise Le Fat

April 22, 2009

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