Orion, Pleiadian & Sirian Beings In Ancient Egypt

Denise Le Fay

I’ve already started my story about how one day in 1984 I had a past life memory come flooding back into this current life and consciousness. My sister Yasmeen Harper, the artist who drew the portrait of Orion above, was present when this happened and we discovered that she too had lived in that same ancient past life in Egypt of 12,600 B.C. In fact, we were twin brother and sister in that life. She was triggered by my memory of this past life and was able to draw this wonderful image in 1984–’85. This poor drawing has survived many rough moves and not been cared for like it should have but here it is finally. I’ll start by describing what all three of these Starbeings looked like in this Egyptian past life.

The 8D Orion was around 6 foot 2-3 inches tall. His skin was milk-white with a very pale blue tint deep underneath. His hair was blue-black and hung thick and straight to well below his shoulders. His eyes were the most amazing deep sapphire blue but the color was not just close to the surface of the eye like ours today. They had a depth that felt as if you were falling into when you looked in his eyes. He had straight wide square shoulders with a narrow waist and hips. Both he and the Pleiadeans’ body type looked exactly like the Egyptian stone carvings of their gods. The Orion’s gemstone was Lapis Lazuli as it most closely matched his home frequency in the 8th dimension. The Orion was from The Sacred Galactic Council.

The 5D Pleiadian was also the same height, weight, and body type as the Orion. His skin was a clear beautiful tan like we get from a summer under the sun. His hair was blond, straight and also hung down well below his shoulders. His eyes where a crystal-clear sky-blue color that sparkled and radiated ancient knowing and happiness. He often wore a floor length cape that was covered in different gemstones. His metal was Gold, and his gemstone was Turquoise as it most closely matched his home frequency in the 5th dimension. The Pleiadian was The Sacred Artist.

The 6D Sirian had a slightly more thick and square body type than the other two. He was only an inch shorter but was more heavily muscled and rugged looking and feeling than the Orion and Pleiadian. His skin was Caucasian but with a ruddy, almost coppery tint to it. His hair was thicker, wavy, and a dark copper-red that came down to his shoulders. His eyes were a crystal clear pure deep green unlike anything I’ve seen since. His metal was Copper, and gemstone was Carnelian as they both most closely matched his home frequency in the 6th dimension. The Sirian was The Sacred Architect.

Denise Le Fay

November 20, 2007


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4 thoughts on “Orion, Pleiadian & Sirian Beings In Ancient Egypt

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you for sharing this, I remember the orion symbol when I first read this article months ago. The blue/black hair resonates, and I remember having come from this realm, or have had associations with these beings from 8D. I used to dye my hair black/blue when I was a teenager and kept it long, not normal for most males in my area. As if I gave a toss anyways, I enjoyed it and always felt at home doing it, besides i’m also very into my feminine aspects as well.

    I’ve had too many past lives being a woman, I figured i’d come back as a gay man this time. I had enough of being a woman, too much repressions, suppression, especially in those old timelines. Never again! Don’t worry I still get treated lesser than usual, so it’s as if nothing changed. Thanks for writing this article, it really stroke a cord within me, as to remembering certain beings. The image you have the 8D orion, looks similar to me when I was a teenager.

    Thanks again for sharing, and your wisdom.

  • I saw the same eyes as you mention for the 8D Orion! In a dream…a very tall being, in a one piece navy uniform, huge eyes…all blue, sapphire and very brilliant and bright…deep and mutli-faceted the way the sparkled. That’s when I realized he was not a human! 🙂 However, he had dark brown hair, worn rather short. I was in an operations center of sorts, and he was showing me all the work they were doing …lots of “people” in front of computer screens and working diligently at something!

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