Electronic Interference & Water

As soon as I began the physical, biological Ascension Process in February 1999, I suddenly became profoundly sensitive to all the horrible manmade electronic energies and chemicals pouring out of everything. It became like living with screaming white noise and static hissing constantly. It’s exhausting, debilitating, frustrating, confusing, and it mentally and emotionally burdens your whole being and nervous system. Much of that was and is intended however. Welcome to the very low side, the very negative side and consciousness of the early energies of the new Age of Aquarius, or Atlantis Part II as I often call it.

It took me a few times before I noticed that when I was in the shower my mental clarity instantly returned. I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that when I was covered or submerged in water, it stopped or discharged all the manmade electronic interference. I could instantly focus mentally, I was calm again, grounded and able to think easily and clearly again, I was able to access my higher expanded awareness effortlessly, and the endless static and white noise attacking my nervous system was stopped. Water, blessed water.

This reminded me of the business with Positive Ions and Negative Ions. Years ago, when I’d have to drive my car for over an hour, I’d start to feel this unpleasant, nervous, erratic energy building up on the metal of my car. It was Positive Ions, which aren’t so “positive” to us actually. To deal with this I’d turn the garden hose on my car and water it down completely; that would discharge the Positive Ions and replace them with Negative Ions. Despite the wording, Negative Ions are the nice feeling ones, like when it rains and makes everything energetically feel so relaxed and great.

But in our world today, with all sorts of unseen electronic energies bombarding us 24/7/365, it’s very debilitating trying to survive it all and that is where water comes in. Get in the shower, get in the bathtub, get in a swimming pool, get in the ocean, get in a lake, just get in moving water. That will help tremendously with discharging that lower negative energy interference coming from the many manmade devices, the ones known and unknown, that you’re saturated in just from living in this high-tech culture or ours.

And if you are able, after you’ve gotten clean from the electronic energy assaults, then get out in Nature if you’re lucky enough to even have any of it near by. That too will continue to help you override all the unhealthy, un-balancing, unnerving, unsettling, scattering, disabling energies coming from the man-made electronic devices.  There’s all this talk about the war on this, the war on that, etc. There is and has been a war on humanity via these nifty high-tech tools, gadgets, devices that have a very negative effect upon us physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically. Of course we don’t hear much about this however, not that many people would even care. And so we’re bombarded constantly by the energies coming from most of these devices and wonder why it feels like we’re living in a frantic slow motion nervous breakdown.

Water. Nature. Water and Nature to help cut through it all and be able to think, focus, discern, intuit, sense, and create on your own once again. Imagine how wonderful it would be for you to just be able to telepathically communicate with whoever you wanted to. No cell phones, no cell phone towers, no satellites, no unseen energies crisscrossed like invisible prison bars harming all of us constantly. Free telepathic abilities, totally harmless and natural to higher vibrating people or—cell phones and all that goes along with them? And that’s just cell phones!

Denise Le Fay

November 27, 2008


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