◘ Comment Rules

  WordPress has what they call Comments on their blogs as a way for readers of those blogs to write something, if they want to, about what the blog owner writes about in his/her articles. Comments allows an expanded and oftentimes deeper level, more intimate personal discussions about whatever the blog owner wrote about. What WordPress blog Comments are not is an open public forum.

For a number of reasons Comments with LINKS in them will no longer be published at HighHeartLife (HHL). Also, Comments by people trying to redirect my readers to other web sites, blog sites, online groups, forums or anywhere else will not be published by the owner of HHL, which is me. People who write Comments here that are promoting anyone or anything, including themselves and their products, will not be published at HHL. Why? Because I’ve been attacked too many times by people when I didn’t allow them to use me. If you want to promote someone else and their material, products, beliefs and writings, then get and pay for your own blog or web site.

And, if you want the adds from companies and other people to not be intruding on your blog site constantly and annoying your readers, then you’ll have to pay extra every year to have those parasites removed from your blog as I do at HHL. See how widespread and accepted as normal this parasitic behavior is and how it costs money annually to keep outside sellers off of your online blog and web sites? The more ugly and disheartening aspect of this is about those individuals who write Comments here and then attack me for not allowing them to do whatever they want on my blog site.

I am sorry that so many people still don’t have a clue about what HighHeart even is, let alone common courtesy and simple respect, and because of that I need to create notification pages such as this to keep the Comment reply’s on topic and those discussions, focus and energies on the Ascension and Embodiment Processes that I write about.

Denise Le Fay